Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 19, 1963 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1963
Page 15
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE FIFTEEN Mt WILLIAMS .{•MARKET *f^ mm AJL . ROADWAY HENRY CHERRY-MONUMENT EXTENSION MONUMENT CHERRY ^n J-BROADWAY ILLINOIS AYE. S H IELDS BRANCH ALTOM LAME. INTERCEPTOR OWENS-ILLINOIS INTERCEPTOR WIL.L. 5XTE-A1D AiORTH-SoiJT-fl AR-EA LACLEDE STEEL -LEVEE ALTON BOX BOARD AMERICAN SMELTING C-HAAM3FR AT WOOD •RIVER *Long dotted line running diagonally across map represents the route of the SOUTHSIDE INTERCEPTOR SEWER. South Interceptor Was 2nd Major Step in Plan By FRED P. NORTON Telegraph Staff Writer A 200-foot tunnel will be one of the unusual constructional features of Alton's southside interceptor sewer system along the riverfront for -which the city council awarded contracts totaling $932,610 on Sept. 11. The tunnel will carry the sewer line under the railroad bridge "Y" and the flood levee at the foot of Langdon Street It will extend from the easterly end of Riverside Park into the Henry Street park area. Tunneling for this 27-inch section of the interceptor, engineers explain, will avoid the difficult to impossible alternative of an extremely deep trenching exca- ation and also will avoid breaching the flood levee and any interference with rail movements on and off the bridge over the Mississippi. Drilling Machine Tunneling, it was said by Charles Sheppard of the Sheppard, Morgan & Schwaab firm of consultant engineers, will likely be handled by use of a drilling machine but will also involve much manual work. The sewer line within the tunnel will be enclosed within a tube of steel tunnel liners, about 48 inches in diameter, and the 27- inch sewer duct itself will later be firmly grouted into position with a special sort of cement mortar. As drilling progresses, the steel liner will be pushed ahead of the equipment, this protecting the men engaged in the tunneling job. Purpose of the southside interceptor system is to pick up all sanitary sewage from existing sewers on what is generally the westerly side of the city and convey it to the sewage disposal plant near the mouth of Wood River diversion channel. 4>/2-MUe Length The total main interceptor i s about 4'/4 miles in length from te foot of Grand Avenue, near the water works, to the disposal plant. However, the portion now being put under contract is approximately three miles in length. Already constructed is the mile long link from Grand Avenue to the foot of William Street which was put in immediately prior to the paving on the Alton end of McAdams highway in the W. Broadway extension. Alto completed is a force-main extension more than a half mile long from a pumping station at the south edge 61 the American Smelting and Refining Co. plant tract to the sewage disposal plant. Thus left for construction under present contracts is some three miles of main interceptor line and perhaps another mile oi auxiliary sewer lines for the included Cherry-Monument sewer extensions and the Shields Valley improvements to the south of East End Place at the easterly edge of Ovens-Illinois Glass Co. yards. The Cherry-Monument line and Shields Valley works are part of the southside interceptor system. Varying Pipe Sizea Diameter of the interceptor at Wlliam Street is 18 inches. Size of ; the sewer will be increased at various poinnts along the easterly course where it picks up other sewers until the last section from the east side of the glass works to the pumping station near the disposal plant reaches 36 inches. Along the long interceptor line will be many manholes and many special structures such as '.'diversion chambers." The diversion chambers, mostly at connections with other sewers, are in the nature of separation boxes, and will pick up the sanitary flow but divert off storm water at time of heavy rains and deluges. A sort of Cook's tour over the interceptor sewer map shows that from a special structuure just west of the foot of William Street the sewer continues east over W. Broadway to a special structuure in Lincoln-Douglas Square where it will pick up the sanitary flow from more4han-a century- old Piasa trunk sewer. The diversion chamber there will turn the normal sanitary flow into the interceptor, but it will operate automatically so that when rain deluges occur, or the river is at high stage, the outflow will go direct into the river by the present extension past the locks and dam. Diversion Chamber The diversion chamber in Lincoln-Douglas square will be at a location immediately south of the site of the where the plaque designating the old city hall is located. Charles Sheppard said the excavation may expose some of the foundation wall of the city building. Also to be encountered there will be an old masonry sewer uncovered a few years ago after a subsidence in Riverside park, just south of the old union depot site and near the foot of Alby street. Next, the interceptor line must cross under the GM&O and the levee railroad tracks into Riverside park where it continues eastward through the park to the tunnel site under the bridge "Y " and flood levee. The tunnel location is at a south projection of Langdon Street. Thence the interceptor runs eastward through Henry Street park for about six blocks to a special structure in the city commons — the city dump area — approximately on a south projection of Cherry Street. At a special diversion chamber there it will, pick up the sanitary flow from Central Avenue and the Cherry - Monument extension, which includes two blocks of new sewer along E. Broadway from Monument to Cherry. Farther Route From the city commons, the sewer proceeds past the flood levee pumping station at the foot of vacated Plum Street. The line continues inside the levee and south of Illinois Glass Co. plant picging up the Shields Val- ley interceptor, then proceeding eastward through the Laclede Steel, Alton Box Board and the smelting company tracts to its terminus at the force-main pump station. The Shields Valley improvements, generally to the south of a projection of Illinois Avenue, include an interceptor line picking up the sanitary flow from the Shields Valley trunk sewer within the Owens-Illinois yards, the present outlet of 50-year-old Upper Alton Sanitary Sewer, Bozza- Feldwisch-Illinois Avenue sewer. The extensions and connections require four special structures, three of which are immediately to the north of Illinois Terminal tracks and to the south- of East End Place. Storm Water Ditch Also provided for is paving with concrete of a storm water ditch to the Shields Branch culvert under the I.T. tracks. The flow from the open ditch eventually finds its way through present channels south of the I.T. tracks to the Flood Levee pumping station at foot of Plum Street. The southside interceptor Is part of the three-sided phase of Alton's bond issue sewer improvement program to eliminate outflow of Alton's raw sewage to pollute the Mississippi. The mil- Lion dollar sewage disposal plant is well on its way to completion. The southside interceptor now has reached construction stage. And the third phase of the pollution elimination projects is the east side interceptor, still in the planning stage, and which requires obtaining many parcels of right-of-way or easements. Route of East Interceptor The eastside interceptor, starting at the disposal plant, will skirt the easterly edge of t h e city, with some portions outside the city limits, as far north as College Avenue; thence it will swing westward north of Western Military Academy to a point north of Middletowri. It will include interceptor and relief connections into the Milton and Upper Alton areas and open the way for many local or neighborhood sewer projects. The federal government has made grants of $250,000 each for the sewer disposal plant and the southside interceptor, and a third grant of $100,000 is expected for the eastside interceptor, making a total of $600,000. i Contract Approval Contracts for the southside Interceptor, awarded by the city council to Hellrung Construction Co. of Alton and to Roger J Au & Son of Mansfield, Ohio, are subject to approval by United States Department of Health, said Public Works Director Paul Lenz. A report of the bidding is being prepared by the project engineers, .Sheppard, Morgan and Schwaab and Crawford, Murphy & Tilly of Springfield. This will go to the. federal agency after review and approval by the State Sanitary Water Board. Warns Naturalized Citizens of Possible Draft in Homelands By RAYMOND J. CROWLEY WASHINGTON (AP) - To naturalized Americans thinking of paying a visit to their old homelands, the State Department gives this urgent advice: "Check up beforehand, lest you get aught in a draft." A military draft, that is. The problem came up recently in the case of Samuel Cohen, 27, a Chicago Educator. He went to Israel this past summer to study briefly—but he may have to stay another 2% years as a soldier. Cohen was born in Israel but became a naturalized American after he came to this country 12 years ago. The trouble is, the IS' raelis consider him still a citizen of their country. They are hold- Ing him for military service. U.S. diplomats are working to release him, with dubious prospects of success. The case illustrates the tangled international situation with regard to citizenship. .WMt nationality you are may depend on where you are. The United States, tor example, does not recognize dual citizenship. Once an alien takes the U.S. citizenship oath, he is considered an American—period. But Israel holds that an Israeli remains an Israeli until he formally renounces citizenship and this renunciation is accepted by the interior minister of Israel. Other countries have similar laws, but U.S. officials say the Israelis seem to be "stickier than most" in enforcing them. The United States has agreements wth a number of countries, notably NATO nations, ironing out some citizenship problems. Several countries exempt men from conscription 11 they served In the U.S. armed forces in World War II. In general, though, the State Department advises that naturalized citizens planing trips to their native lands should check with consulates to see what they may be getting into. There's another warning. It a naturalized citizen stays three years in th ecountry of his origin, be may risk losing American cit- To Become Teacher Foreign Student Attends Roxana Under FTA Plan MISSdeHAAN Boy's Lip Cut When Cab Hits Car Rear A passenger in a cab, M. Ross Case, 8, of 2128 Norside Dr., suffered a cut upper Up and chipped teeth at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday when he was thrown to the dash- board'as the cab struck the rear of another car. Cab driver Elmer Wells, 616 Atwood St., told police he was in a line of traffic headed north on State Street and his brakes apparently failed when he had to make a sudden stop. Case was treated at Alton Memorial Hospital and released. An infant ape sleeps with mother for about three years. its izenship. However, be may safely stay aborad as long as eight years If he hops from country to country. ROXANA — Miss Nieskje de Haan of Sneek, Netherland, is attending Roxana High School this year under sponsorship of the Future Teachers Association whose sponsor is Miss Dorothy Abberley. Miss de Haan, 18 , has one brother and two sisters, one of whom is her twin sister. She will study American history, physical education, Spanish and English III, and is in the chorus. At the end of the year she plans to return to the Netherlands and enter college to become a French teacher. She now speaks German, French and English. Miss de Haan is a foreign student of the American Field Service. Her father operates a retail fish market in Sneek. She is residing this year with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clodfelter in Rosewood Heights. FBI Asked to Request Force in Birmingham URBANA, 111. (AP)-The FBI has been asked to relay a request that the Department of Justice send federal troops to Birmingham, Ala. About 85 Negro and white demonstrators showed up Wednesday at FBI offices in the Urbana Post Office. A delegation from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People submitted the request in a printed statement. Among its demands was one that asked that "the federal government take immediate action to forestall future outbreaks of violence in Birmingham by sending federal troops to establish and preserve law and order." New Dodges Shown In Alton Area Friday New Dodges and Darts will be shown at two area, dealers starting Friday. Dealers are Hoefert Brothers of Alton and Gloss Motor Co. of Wood River. The Dodge, pictured at top, features fresh styling, engineering refinement and quality-first manufacturing techniques, according to a spokesman for the manufacturer. The Dart, also pictured, is a family-size compact, which spokesmen say offers greater comfort, convenience, durability and safety. Three Killed in Air Crash in Wisconsin HILLSBORO, Wis. (AP) - Two small planes collied and crashed early today southeast of here, the Vernon County sheriff's office re ported. Deputy Sheriff Milton Guell said that three bodies were pulled from the wreckage but their iden tities were not immediately known. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Sewer Truck Line Study Scheduled at County Seat EDWARDSVILLE — City Engineer William Miller will begin a study to determine cost of needed repairs to one of the city's main 15 - inch sewer trunk lines where ray sewage is leaking into Gordon Creek. Alderman John Merkel said the leak exists in a section of the 15- inch line where a smaller 12-inch corrogated tube was inserted over a year and a half ago as temporary repairs when sections of tile collapsed at the site near the dead end of Hanser Street. The 12 - inch corrugated tube, 10 to 12 feet long, was inserted into the larger line and sealed in the repair project but is not adequate to carry the large flow of sewage to the city's treatment plant, Merkel said. Merkel is chairman of the city council's sewer committee. Approximately 20 to 30 per cent of the city's raw sewage is carried to the treatment plant in the main trunk line over Gordon Creek. The smaller 12 - inch tubing inserted into the main line reduces the flow of sewage about 40 per cent, the sewer committee chairman explained. The large trunk line carries raw sewage from a large part of the east section of the city together with all of the Montclaire Addition, Merkel said. He said raw sewage would spill over into the creek if a serious break or washout should occur in the main line where the 10-inch tubing was inserted over a year ago. The city council authorized City Engineer Miller to prepare a drawing of the needed repairs and determine the cost of work after hearing a report on the project by Alderman Merkel. Youths Who Stole State Car Nabbed in Kentucky BETHALTO — Two youths who stole a State of Illinois car in Bethalto Tuesday night, were apprehended Wednesday in Hickman, Ky., where they were involved in a minor accident. The two youths, a 14-year-old boy from Bethalto and a 17-year- old boy from Cottage Hills, allegedly took the vehicle from in front of the home of Marion Norris, 311 Lincoln St. Morris, who is an employe of the Department of Public Works for the state, parked the auto when he returned home from work early Tuesday evening. When he went to get his car Wednesday morning it was missing. Chief of Police Clyde Tisdel was informed of the missing car, and he in turn reported the theft to Illinois State Police. A description of the vehicle was broadcast throughout the United States and the Kentucky Highway Patrol, when called to the scene of the accident, arrested the two youths and held them for Madison County deputies. China Attacks USSR Survival Philosophy TOKYO (AP)-Communist China says the Russians like to play at nuclear blackmail butyieldin a showdown. In a new broadside against the Soviet Union, President Liu Shaochi of Red China accused "modern revisionists" of replacing the hard revolutionary policies of Marx and Lenin with a soft philosophy of survival. Liu spoke Wednesday in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. His remarks were broadcast by the New China news agency. TAIPEI - An antibiotics plant is to be built on Taiwan.

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