Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on August 3, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, August 3, 1961
Page 5
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Maynard News Volume 1, Number 10 Thursday, August 3. I % | Maynard Scout Troop spends 3 days MAM.. n6Ql MAYNAftD — Jack Ehlers, Paul Thompson, Dennis Berry, Leo Steffen, Ronald Brandt, Donald Trotter, John Parsons, Steve Reinke and Joel Wood, all members of Scout Troop 74, Maynard, returned home Wednesday evening, July 26, from a three- day camp-out on the Mississippi river near Victory, Minn. They were accompanied by David Parsons, Scoutmaster, and James Trotter, Troop treasurer. Besides the boats taken along up river from Lansing they used one furnished by Parsons and a canoe constructed by Thompson. All report having had a fine trip, though somewhat sunburned, and that fishing was good. Transportation was furnished by Parsons, Walter Ehlers and Thompson. A motor for their use was delivered at Lansing by Wallace Steffen. Other motors were furnished by Ehlers, Parsons and Trotter. The Trcop members look forward to more such events in their Scouting- life. Ada reading circle to Sponsor story hour MAYNARD — Thc- Ada Heading circle is completing its plans for the story hour it will sponsor at the Community hall, beginning Saturday, Aug. 5. It will continue on Saturdays, Aug. 12 and 19, from 2:30 to 3:30 p. m. This is for youngsters in Harlan and Smithfield townships as well as in Maynard who will be students in kindergarten through the thiri! grade this fall. On Saturday, Aug. 2(i. there will bf a party at the library from 2:30 to 3:30 for all who have taken part in either the story hour or in the summer reading program for children in the fourth through eighth grades this summer. i /\ n i r L 0 C A L Triangulation survey now under Way in Minnesota and Northeast Iowa A field party of the Coast and in straight line:; have ;,j have Goxletic Survey, U. S. Depart- a place or definite point f'on; inent uf Commerce, is now con- which to start. Thcsr points f, r ducting triangulation survey op- which they will have ••plane ,-,>- cratiotis in an ,,rea of approxi- ordinatcs" are fixed \,\- the roast mately 3,500 square miles includ- and Geodetic Survey, ing southeastern Minnesota and Normally, the rmim.M i. northeastern Iowa. aids comprising the held Approximate limits of the sur- may sta y '" onc> I' 1 '"' 1 ' •-'* "i- eight vey area extend in an east-west woo ^ s but often ii more than ments. Kach lower is aclnallv direction from the Wisconsin a month. This type of ljf ( . j s two in one placed free from eon- state line to Spring Valley, Minn., more a matter of choice than of and from the Wisconsin state line necessity and although it to Simmer, Iowa. not appeal to many home i wn- The 37-man triangulation party crs - il is a wt?l1 M'l"'du|ed life, and lights while th<> inner low- will locate with highest accuracy meaning church on Sunday and IT supports the delieate mstni a network of precise control sUi- children °H to school ihe >ame ments lions establishing the exact lat- as otncr People, itude and longitude of selected Some of the panic determined and marked by a bronze di-k. At night when atmosphere conditions are favnr- ''o.i', oh,,ei vcrs read tin angles I' (ween ihe.=c lowers from instruments centered exactly over i lie hronxe markers and afi'ther tower erected over a third mon- umented point whose geographic po.nion i; unknown. With two ingles ant) the distance between 'In Iwi- Iriangiilation stations precisely known, the exact dis- t'uice hi'tv.'i .•)] these stations anil the unknown point and ilr In,-a 'ion in the resulting triangle are then c< mputed hv Irigon, metry. This triangulation schenv is carried forward over consider able distances. Sites on which Imin/e m.irkers nre placed and sti-el towers ,m- erected are selected several and months in advance hy a n cnti- party naissance party to conform to ipography and spacing require- lact with each other at any may point. The outer tower fcrms platform for Ihe observers the trees and houses. At New books purchased For Maynard library MAYNARD — Books recently purchased and shelves of tii A family gathering in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gusse of Pensacola, Fla., was held Tuesday afternoon, July 25, at the home of Mrs. Paul Lehniger. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. August Gusse of Waterloo, Mr. and Mrs. John Wegner of Strawberry Point, Mr. and Mrs. Will Arp of Fayette, Mrs. Roy Lehniger of Hazleton and Mrs. Leon Wolfe. Albert Gusse is a grand'on of Mrs. Lehniger. Mrs. Orrin Sewell, who has been a medical patient in thc Oelwein hospital for the past five weeks, is showing improvement at this time. Henry Schrader was in the Oelwein hospital the past week tails to height observations can he nr ,'c millions of without the slightest m»>.-"'r. i.l cleanliness spoiling them. On :. me occasions during tin(1 " ir - vlhin « points at five to 10 mile intervals mayor, whose diuirs im-lml throughout the area. The result- appointment of special ing accurate framework of pre- look aftcr sanitary cisely known prints of latitude camp. Health and and longitude is used by engin- ;lle stressed ahovt eers, surveyors and Government else ' an( ' as . a n "' mapping agencies as a basic llot nuti a sing' 1 ' -•• framework for all surveying and '" '"any :.-. .tsons. mapping activities and in plan- Dim.id dnyli.-;!.: ning various public and private 'owors are crecte. engineering projects. More ac- known points call curate mapping of the earth's tion stations win r surface is becoming a pressing 'atitude and V-'ngiuide of a point of lengths u need in this missile age. on tne earth's surface has been Usually the During the past 12 months, the Coast and Geodetic Survey has spent an estimated 894,925 in Minnesota and $1,125 in Iowa for this and other geodetic surveys. These surveys are usually rec- I'he towers are from ,'iO feel high (• • permit oh- a servers to sight over the lops of tl , i<)() stations is five to 10 miles but some have been ;!.") miles apart. Sometime.: ihe tnutv oh) tape me.ismi i. ti-.ri.l and the tliitancf tict'Ai" n I v. a , i !| : , .lafions i ; actually measmed on the ground. The tapes are of a special alloy c< inpn-itioii haying ,-in extreme ly Ici\v coefficient of expansion and are precisely standardised .'iI Ihe Bureau of Standards. When observation; are finish'••I and calculation.-. arc com- .•lete. llashmi; \,t\\\\< n-;i;.f and «ieii even the mobile homes, trucks and lrnt|n>r;ii-y cffice traili I., an- i;oni Kyny trace of tin- par;y i. none excep; — I IK- ...mall l.ron/e ,lisl;s imbedded m concrete or bedr.icl; at certain mkrvals thn.Mghinil '.he area. On each i.. stamped. "Tri- angulatmn slat-, n. U. S. Coast and i Icodi tie Survey, for i'lf'ir- MKitiini write to th<' directiir, U'aslniti'.tou. U. C. ;;•.!;">(> fuu- or impn-;onmeiil fi ,- disturbing this mark." This means thai the prc- eisi 1 lalilndi' anil I, iii;itlide of thai particular point on the earth's suilact- has been deter- 'msied a a. i iirately as huiiia-ilv possible .,nd i.., free to be used by anyi >i:e desi; .n.; to do so Fayette Leader Page 5 August 3, 1961 Fayolle. Iowa Okader P. C. A.~i^ Reach million and half The Elkader Production Credit association reached a volume of S!.. r )(iO,000.00 in loans outstanding to farmers during the first half of 1%1. according to Manager P. V. Dougherty. Dougherty added that this year's volume was only one per cent lower than the record- breaking volume acheived last year. He anticipates a brisk pace in loan activity during thc remainder ff 19G1 due to increased farm michanization, high costs of operation, a trend toward more efficient farm units, and to finance livestock operations. The Elkader PCA makes snort- and intermediate-term loans to farmers in Clayton, Dubuquc, Allamakee, Kayette, Delaware, and Winneshiek counties. .foel Clark of Elkader is president of the local PCA, and Leo C. lierold. Ft. Atkinson, is vice president. Other directors are: Grant I.auer. West Union; Clem Mak>y, Hi rnard; and Raelph Childs, Manchester. sue 1 they have course of this survey, t!u- Chief in.; illness of Party may have check his accuracy, steel largely done with two meter, an electronic i tnangula- developed to utili/e thi speed , •!' the precise light in the precise measurer. ;>nt up to about :!() mile--., distance between ognized by such signs as the sudden appearance of a slender steel silhouetted against the or at ships as well as in Maynard included the following. For adults: "North to Alaska's Shining River" — Berto; "It's Good to be Alive" — Campanella; "A Change and a Parting" — Yambura; "All Our Tomorrows" — Lawrence; "As Others See Us" — Joseph; "Fate Is the Hunter" — Gann; "Peaceable Lane" — Wheeler; "Follow the North Star" — Thomas; "My Thirty Years Backstairs at the White House" — Parks; "Madame Curie" — Curie; "Evil Come, Evil Go" — Masteraon; "The Mozart Leaves at Nine" — Greene; "Flame Trees of Thika" — Huxley; "Light in the Piazza" — Spencer; "Warpath" — Roberts; "Marnie" — Graham; "Half Ang^l" — Jeffries; "Sense of Values" — Wilson; and several mysteries by Erie Stanley Gardner. For juniors and elementary readers: "The Marshmallow Ghosts" — Friedrich; "The Little Train" — Greene; "Little Bear's Sunday Breakfast" — Janice and Marian; "Johnny Littlejohn" — Hmrd; "Sleepy Book" — Zolo- towr; "Clean Clarence" — Fried"When the Snow Is Blue" dorian; "Speedy-The Hook Ladder Truck" — Kurd; Pie Wagon" — Budd; "T**eney and Kittens" — Foreman; "Picture Book of the Eaijlji" — Meyer; "Raindrops Splgph" — Tresult; "A Kiss Is Romid" — Budney; "Easter Bunny IJiat Overslept" — Friedrich; and, the "Encyclopedia of Animal Life? volumes I and II — Drim- Miss Mary White of Muskogee, Okla., a former Maynard resident and teacher in the Maynard schcol, is visiting Mrs. Faye Cummings and other friends in the Maynard, Fayette and Sumner area. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becher of Orange, Calif., were recent guests in the homes of Ed W. Meyer and Herbert Meyer. in company with her son-in-law and daughter, the Rev. and Mrs. Charles Mueller, of Illinois, is on a vacation trip to points on the west coast. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Ingels •entertained Saturday evening, July 29, in honor of Miss Mary White of Muskogee, Okla. Those present included former classmates at Upper Iowa university. They were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Keil, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Keil, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Butts, of Fayette; Mr. and Mrs. Irving Patridge and Mrs. Faye Cummings of Maynard. To meet Thursday Grace Mission Circle will meet Thursday evening, Aug. 3, at 8 p. m., at the church. Roll call — Verses from Gala- tions. Hostesses, are Mrs. John Neuh- ring and Mrs. Arthur Quandt. from the top of the tower. During the course of this survey, observations will be made from approximately 2fi towers located over the various control stations throughout the area. Chief of party, Lt. Bernard R. Borson, states that when not erecting towers or making observations from them the men under his supervision will be camped at the American Legion club which is located about four miles north of Decorah. The entire party arrived at this campsite numbering 91 members, counting women and children. Mobile equipment includes 23 trucks, two supply trailers, two office trailers and 23 privately owned mobile homes. This particular field party is one of a number of similar parties that methodically roam the country, in a nomadic way of life, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf, the Atlantic to the Pacific, and in Alaska and Hawaii. Their summer schedule finds them working the northern states, moving gradually south with the sun. These men are performing the geodetic work of the Coast and Geodetic Survey which consists of several types of surveying operations and requires the highest degree of accuracy. It is the kind of surveying that takes into consideration the size and shape of the earth with calculations checked by the fixed stars. Local surveyors who deal Hejd workshop — The Harlan 4-H club held an all-day wo&shop Tuesday at the Maynard Community hall. The 14 mejnbera present listened to talks by ;Ann Qilmer, Judy Palmer, Chwryl Bodley, Anna Kay Fett- ket^er, Joyce Arthur, Karen Fisfc 'Patty Lundry, Charlene Eri^soiv and Carol Roete. Individual demonstrations we^ give.n by Patty Lundry and Judj|r Palmer. Kay Dugan and Juqjf Simpson gave a team dem- onsjtation on "Tea time tasties". Thijj is Jth'e senior team that will repj¥sen,i the club on demonstration, day at the Fayette county ,fair v COMPLETE PROCESSING FOR YOUR FREEZER MAYNARD LOCKER Maynwd, FELCO SPECIAL HOG BALANCER WILL BALANCE YOUR BUDGET TOO Use Special Hog Balancer during the pasture feeding months. It is formulated to be used in complete rations with the addition of alfalfa meal ... or to be self-fed along with corn. Felco Special Hog Balancer offers you the most economical way to make gains. Youi budget will benefit too — in two ways — first with Felco. Superior Quality and second, with Felco's Lower Cost. CONTACT.,, Maynard Co-op Co. Phone 36 MAYNARD, IOWA DUBUOUE PACKING CO. OF MAYNARD Is Still In The Market For All Classes Of Livestock — CALL COLLECT — 91 at MAYNARD or 1809 at OELWEIN DUBUOUE PACKING CO. MAYNARD, IOWA WASH — 20c DRY — lOc ... DO ALL YOUR WASH HERE — IT'S A BREEZE If you can drop a coin in a slot and pour soap into a machine . . . you will find washing nor* a breeze — becauie, ihat'i all there is io itl We've plenty of washer* and driers, too. so come on in today. Fayette Speed Wash East State Street — Fayette, Iowa BUILT-IN GAS RANGES Enjoy th» time-saving, step-saving kitchen of your dreamt. Install separate oven-broiler and top burner units wherever you want them ... in any material, ct any height. Eye-level controls on oven-broiler eliminate stooping and squinting. Hl-speed top burners are guaranteed for the life of your range. See our complete line of Caloric built-in gas ranges — available in 8 attractive colors with color matching sinks and hoods. . Automatic features work and watch for you THIRM04ET TOP BURNERS make every pot •nd pan "automatic." HEAT THERMOMETER tumi oven off automatic||y when meat Is roasted just the way you want It. KEEP-WARM OVEN allows temperature* n low »• 140 degrees. "— "*~* ~——" CLOCK-CONTROLLED OVEN cooks complete meals for you, even if you're out all day. ROTO-ROASTER rotisserie lets you enjoy a barbecue any day of the year—rain or shine. REMOVABLE OVEN AND BROILER DOOR provide an easy answer to convenient kitchen cleanliness. PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Leader & Theatre — Clifford Hayes, Mgr Phone 266 LIVE MODERN...FOR LESS...WITH NATURAL GAS

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