The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 19, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, December 19, 1891
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The Postvillc Weekly Review POSTVILLB, SATDAT, DEO. 10. W. N.BURDIOK.Bdltor. MnUrtd at the Postofflf at Poittitlt at t$*n4-ttati .Vatt *r. 11K. BHOKAW, Ilia slnglo tax advocate, circulates a petition diking con* grail to Investigate llio tingle tax question. By persuasion, and by tanking it appear that tho siguor n not comniit- tod to tbo theory, lie get* A good many republican! to aign it. We cannot sign anything giving aid and oomfort or prominenco to nny third patty movement, no matter what party it may be. We hare two prominent political par- tie* la this country, one of which, line* their organization, have controlled this country, and doubtless will contlmto to control it. As wo view it tho whole object nnd aim of this parly, like nil other third or fourth parlios, is to Attempt to divide and distract the republican party, always for the benefit of the democratic party. Nobydy over knew them to militate in favor of the republican party, or to accomplish anything for their own party. The prohibition party had in it a single principlo that to tho toniperanco man lookod right, but what has It ever accomplished save the defeat of tho republican party, once in a presidential election, and twice in tho stato eloclion in Iowa? And so witli the greenback party. It bad ouo plausible pica, moro money, and lis object and aim was to demoralize the republican vote in the interost of tho democratic party. Us greutoat success in this slato was the election of Calamity Weller to congroas, to the disgraco and chagrin of everybody but Wollor. And now tho single tax ghost arises among the shadows. As its nanso Implies it is a party with ft single idea, and that opposod to thn accepted views of the civilized world sinoo the dawn of civilization. What is tho object of this chimerical ofl 'ihoot of democracy* Certainly no expectation that tho American peoplo will evor surreadar the title to 'heir homes and go back to the bar- barious idea of no property in land. Not at all. But if a party can be organized through the blandishments of smooth; talkers and writers, like Iionry Goorgo and his lieutenants, •which shall largely draiv its morobcr- .-slilp from the republican party, it will assist groatly in the election of tbo democratic ticket, as did St. John and Ben [Sutler in 1884. Tills Is tho whole raal- tter Jn a nutshell as we viow it. Democrats aro -prominent workors in all theso third party mnromonts, Wut when it cemca to ruling you will find their ticket soundly democratic to tho core, leaving the republican contingent to yoto the third parly ticket alone, as was the case with tlie farmers alliance tickot in Minnesota last year. As for in wo have- no use for third party movemoiUi. IN A NUT SHELL. Tho Sioux City Joarnnl ("rp.) hummers it down and places ii in a very •mall nut shell. The tc-mporanco alliance took* wise and talks about otlior istnos, Mr. Hunter, of tba democratic slate committee geta himself interviewed and emphasizes tho effect of tho tariff, but the bard facts are thnt prohibition and prohibition alone ie what "struck Billy Patterson." Tho Journal •AT*: "What does the late Iowa election signify, anyhow, if not a state disapproval of state-wide prohibition. There sooms to be a doubt in aorao quarter* on this point. There is even assertion and sophistry to the effect that tho election doesn't prove a change of mind on tho liquor questiou. Of course there may bo those—A few —who want to transmogrify the republican party into a prohibition third party —to St. Johnlssa it. That is another thing. Suppose the republicans had scoured a majority or a plurality. It would haye been proclaimed as a verdict for tho retentlou of tho state-wide prohibitory law. Wouldu'lilF Year after year the oxtromest prohibitionists pointod to tho majorities for the ropnbfioaa state tlnket as popular approvals of the liquor laws. Were they honest thenP Oh, but the democrats didn't get a clean majority for their ticket this year —only A plurality. The play is on the word majority, ta it? Neither did Larrabee get a clean majority, but his election was Interpretid by the prohibitionists as an approval of the policy of maintaining the liquor law. What's the use of paltering with the terms "plurality" and "majority?" What difference is it to you whethor you are knocked down with a long or a •hort club? The plurality elub with the Iowa people have knocked down i the republican party is only a little shorter—6,000 yotes shorter—than tho majority club. But ft war a knook-down just the same, and that's the main point." THE HOLIDAY SEA90ST. ft'I- >..«.• S PBIKUBI, who la likoly to bo made chairman of the ways aud means' committee of the house, has had himself interviewed in order to give expression to his views as to what the democrats ahoald do with, the tariff this session of congress. His position is a square back down on that measure. He says there it not time to frame, dtsousa and pass a complete Ui'lflf reform bill aud explain it to tho prfeple beforo the presidential eleotlon, and to attempt it would mean as certaiu defeat to tho democrats as the MoKlnloy bill meant to the republicans. If this session, which is a loug ouo, is not long enough time to enact a tariff law when will there be a session long enough? The next suasion will bo * short session, when everybody oon- «ede» thero le-uo lime to taekle such legislation i and before another long aesslon a new congress will bo eleeled, Whloh is mora than likely to be republican, T4><t democrat* hare otiaraoter* Before another inuo of the REVIEW reaches its readers the Christmas trees will have borno their rich fruitage for young and old nnd the natal day of the babo of Bethlehem will have been ushered in. If thero is any season of the yenr when the minds of humanity should be turned both Inward and outward and be disenthralled from the cares nnd perploxities of business life abovo any other it is at tills hallowed holiday season, that speaks sooloqnent- ly to our better natures. The world of business has many claims upon us which wo cannot divorco ourselves from during tho yoar, for tho edict "Ii the sweat of thy faco shalt thou eal bread" applies cfluctually to tho moot of us, and incidentolly to all, rich/and poor alike. We do not roalizosft, but the fact remains that thn labof of tho rich is far moro exhausting, M n rule, than tho labor of tho poor. While they do not labor at tho plow, ai the forge or at tho bench thoy do labor at tho dosk. in the counting room and ofllco; and while no sweat runs down their cheeks the linos of c»re nnd anxiety como into their faces moro quickly than to tho faces o' the sons of toll. Wo all have our turdena to bear, uo matter what our station in life, nnd thogravo opens to each one of as alike at tho close. Thero is no moro fitting timo than tills to tako an inventory of our past lives aud strike a balance sheet Hint wo may determine whether the general trond of our livos is towards tho bettor or tho worse. If townrdi thn latter those quickly roourriiig B anniversaries should teach us Hint there is no timo to lose if wo would harmonize our lives with the spirit of good that scemi to bs lowerod down frua the bending skies at this auspicious season. This inven tory and trial balaneo should have nothing to do with homes and lands, with notes and bonds and mortgages. Thero is time enough for this inventory at olhor seasons of tho year. At Christmas timo we should invoice our good deed*, not our little doedi, our bonevolencos, not our parsimonious and grinding greod of gnln. We should try tU loast for n day or two, to put ourselvo* on rapport with tbo lifo of him whose birtli wo^ eelebrato, no matter whethor we' boiievo hiui to bo God or man. In either case his life was worthy ot imitation and all com mendation. And the question arises, how can we best eclobrnto Hie birth of tho Naza< renoP Wo answer, by doing to tho boat of our nbility what he did ou earth, which was going about doing good, always doing unto others as wo would wUh to bo dona by. This with most of us is oasy when our own fami. lies are to be tho recipients of presents or good deeds, for in this caso selfish, ncss can be preserved. But how is it when we think of going outside, where nolthor ourselves or on:* loyed onos can personally sharo In the benefaction? This is the test of benevolence. While it is true that charity begins At home it Is oqaally true that it should not ond there. Tho spirit of truo bonovoleaco and charity reaohes outward to the mf feting and tho aad and recognizes tho brotherhocd of man. lu this sense wo aro all of one family, children of one father, nnd henco should be concerned aliko, though perhaps not iu tba lame degree, for the good of all. This is tho plain teaching of Christ, and happy shall we bo If on this anniversary day we shall lay soltishnoss aside and opea our hoarts to tho benign influences of lovo and fellowship, thus culliug down upon ourselves and all with whom we have to do the benedictions of him who gavo his life for humanity, tho low as well ns tbo high, tho poor as woll aa the rich. If we shall do this we shall find that after all lifo may be worth the living evon bore, to say nothing of the possibilities that may await us beyond tho win tor storms of life In the land of whioh we droam, towards whioh every Christmas day brings us one tailestono noarer. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. —Rev. Mr. Lewis, of Waiicoma/f preached two sermons last Sunday in the Congregational church here, Rnv. Burton exchanging with him. The latter has been assisting tho former iu rovivnl work for some timo at Waueo- ma. -The churches will all have Christmas troo entortatn'meuts as usual. Tho children could not get along without them, aud somo of the older ones fool about *ha simo. Mince wo failed to get any lotfks Inst year we aro without hopjs/fn the world. TUB message of President Harrison, lately submitted to congress, elicits praise from all partios except tho most hidebound partisans of the other household of faith. It it necessarily quite lengthy, ns there were a great maay questions to be enlarged apon outside of tho ordinary routine. The relations with Italy and the South American states aatiu'Ally come in for considerable space. Every question, inoluding the tariff, is handled In a stAtesmauliko manner, and if He recommendations wore carried out the oouotry could not fall to prosper. One thing Is oorlaln. If Blaine should deoll ne to be a candidate aud Venvo Pcosldout Harrison the uncontested nominee no American would blush or foel huralllatod shculd he be re-elected t Ho is not a raau ot great pretensions, but he Is A safe man, aud backed by Blaine in tho state department he has given an administration of the widest range of ability and statesmanship that this eou»lry has had for many years, and the second will be better and grander than the first. Should he be the aoinlneo there, are very few democrats but soorotly believe he will be eleotod in spite of fate nnd ih» demoorratie party. Wo may have occasion to speak further of the massage at another time. Wa only wish that the few Iewa democratic papers who are booming Gov, Boles tor tho hoad of tbo presidential tiokot next year could consummate the|r-closlres. Ho wouldn't carry a single state north of Mason and Dixon's line. When it came to that oflloo Iowa would not know him. It Is only when prohibition Is the "paramount Issue" that Iowa hn« any use for a man by the paiuo ot Holes, But for that unfortunate local Issue he wpuhj be to-u>/ *8 d»ad »»the spbyn* In a poUtlssl so,n*e,' Hal* Jusktlje kind pf man that r«pub> lloani would like to tea nominated for pt'wWewt. —Missel Anderson & Gunderson's raffle and danco onme off at Oisian last Friday evening, about icvor.ty numbers being preient. Quito a number went up from hero and more would have gone had the trains run better. John McManus, of Usiian, drew the prize. Attention, Knight el There will bo A spocial mooting of Olive Br.inch Lodgo, No. 119, Knights of Pythias, at their hall, on Friday cv- eniug, Dec. 18th. (This ovenlng.) Every mombor is requested to bo prcsont, as we have important business to transact. Br OUDEK OF C. C. —Tho followlug nre tho officers"elect of Brotherly. Love Lodge, No. 201, A, F. and A. M., for the emuing yoar: E. D. Stilos, W. M; Wm. Kollinson. J. D; Carl Holier, Troas; W. S. Web stor, 8. W; Wm. Molt, See; G. Staadt, Trustee. Installation Tuesday ovon- ng, Dec. 20th. i » » —More' rain fell last Sunday night and Monday than has fallen at any ono time before for many months. The ground is now protly generally soaked on tho surface and there is not liable to be any danger of the wells going dry for tho balance of the winter. But it was a bad backset on holiday trade and the poultry businoss. —The gymnastic entertainment at Turner hall last Saturday drew out a crowded bouse nnd gave good lalisfnc- tion. If we were a young man wo should object to the young l.idios learning to use tho Indian clubs so promis cuously. In after lifo it may give them unpleasant prolieiency in the uso of the broomstick. Tho entertainment was followod by a danco. O. II. & St. P. Excursions. For tho Christmas and Now Yoara Holidays Excursion Tickets will bo sold within a distance of 203 miles for Ono and Ono Third Faro. Will soil Doc. 24, 25 and tl and Jan. 1st, limited to coatinuous panago in each direction and for going passage on date of sale. Final return limit up to and including Jan'y 4th. M. E. TALCOTT, Agt. —Owing to tho steady down pour on Monday ovoning wo did not attond tho single tax mauling. A very small audience was out and the lecturo was deliv. ored. contrary to our expectations, Wliilo we bayo no syrapnlhy with thnt or' any olhor third party movement, out of curiosity we would have attend' od the in oe ting, even in rain, had wo supposod tho lecture would bo daliv ored. Council Proceedings. The council ;mot iu regular session Deo. 4th, 1891. W. N. Bnrdick was elected councilman to fill vacancy eansed by tho res ignatiou of F. M. On-. The following bills were allowed: H. B. Taylor, labor on streots, 11.00 P. Murphy, C. Maikwaidt, ' John Colo, ' self and team, 2.60 1.35 6.JS Holiday Hates. Tor tho Christmas and New Yoar (holidays, tho Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway will niako a rate of One Fare for the Round Trip, between all stations on its lin r, tickots on sale December 24, 25 and 31, 1891, and January 1, 1892, good to roturn until January 4, 1893. iot furlhor information regarding theso rates, time of trains, etc., apply to nay ticket agent of this company or to J. £. Hanuegan, G. T. & P. A., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Galled Home. Tho reaper death has visited the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Harris, of Nortou, Kan., and on Deo 5th, 1891, took from them their eldest child, Mau rleo Eaton Harris, agod nino years, eleven months and twenty days. Maarlce was an unusually bright nnd intelligent boy, of a sunny disposition, always anions to bo a good boy and the pride and joy of the now desolate homo. The parents ate nearly heart broken and all we oan do U to ask them to turn to the all wise Father who sent little Maurloe to brlghtet, their home those few happy years and now has soon fit to call htm homo, where he will join his Graudma Htu-rU and Grandpa Baton aud other loved ones on that bright golden shore whero there will be no more parting. And In It all we can only eay "Thy will be done.*' X — The following tribute to the work of an American magazine ie contained in the report of the seoretary ot thn interior just submitted to congress: "Your attention is alto vequeated to the paper contributed by Mr. John Mulr to the number of tho Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine for Novum tier, 1891; onlillod 'A Klva] of tho Yosemito—the Canon of the South Fork ot Kluge River, California.' It fiunishss-maps of this section and is illustrated by most admirable engravings of tho wondet'fal ectnory there existing; The engravings are ohlolly from tho ponoils of Mr. Charles D. Robinson! These gentlemen, as woll as the editors of the Century, especially Mr. Johnson, have taken a great personal interest in the forest reserve* In California, and aro worthy of great' iionslderaiion, both, from their expert-" once and Intelligence. Tlie magazine article mentioned advocates the exton- eion 9f,,tbe Sequoia, Kstional Park so »s to embrnoe the Kings river region and the K«weah and Twlo Sequoia groVei. Whe boundaries are tbere .set fprth, Tbo subject 1* reoommended lo your IiAW»b|e oen»Werat|on- and action,:" : Tho publishers of tho Homestead, o weekly twenty-four page agricultural paper of Dos Moines, Iowa, edited by a practical farmer, inform vis that they will sond thoir papor from now untill tho 15lh of January, 18UJ, froe of charge, to evory farmer, not nircady a subscriber, who will send his namo and addross, plainly written on a postal card to the Homostead Co., Dcs Moines, Iowa. The copies will be Absolutely free, and will be sont to any farmer to enable him to judgo for himself of the morits of tho Homostead' as a paper devoted to his special interests. On tho 16th of Janury the papor will be discontinued unless subscribed for in due form. The Graphic made Its first appearance on Friday aflornoon of lust weok, aid is a neat aud clean seven col. folio, "patent" inside. It contained a wonderful show of home advertisements, a number of which havo novor, or not recently, appeared in the REVIEW, which shows in this reipoot ns well ns others, tint "a new broom swoops clean." But we are of the opinion that Bro. Medary will And it impossible to hold, sanuy of them after the holidays, as we always have found it so. Whilo we know tiiore is no field here for two papers, and both cannot poiui- bly exist, we would just as soon havo Mr. Medary for a competitor as any ono else, and if wo are to bo "sagrj^ f.ccd*' it won't hurt ns any more to have him do the job than to have any other man do it. In tho moan time we shall be friends while both of ui slay, if wo can have our way. It will be simply a case of enduranee and "the longest pole." In the raoan timo for the present the REVIEW will be found at the old stand, corner of Lawler nnd Tilden ilroels. Bethel Buzzings. Henry Klnss sold his placo of 120 acres to Lewis Meier, Jr. for $6,000. West Grove district's new school house is all completed. J. A. Cook is teaching with twenty-sovon on roll. A. B. Cook has bought the Virobev land of 200 acres, known ns the Mantcr & Millar land, paying $1,000 for tho same. Thero will be a Christmas tree at tho Bethel ehurch on Christmas night. Come one, conic all, and help us have a good time. • I am pleased to say our young peo­ plo moot at West Grove school lieuso Friday evening, Dec. 18th, to ors^anizo a liternry society. All well hereabouts I bclio've except Grandma Iiraiuard and Ezekiel Yoiing- love. Tkuy are quito sovoroly ufflieied and old age commonoeg to tell on them The land, or 120 acres of it, bought by A. B. Cook lies within n mile of the Kluss farm. Seems to me thero is f bargain in good timber land at that prise. Wo have a now school home all completed exoopt painting in Eveitgrcen district. A. B. Cook is the teacher with sixty scholars enrolled and more to come. Tiiore was a pip social at the new West Grovo school house tho llih inst., to raiso money to buy window curtains and othor convenient appliances.. The proceeds were $6.65. How it rains this morning! Just what wo must have! Let It como'. It will be a little hard on our winter supply of fresh beef hanging in the granary or some othor placo lo keep cool. Some things look very suspicious. Especially seeing a young man buy a good horse and buggy saying "wo want to rido alono." Brace up young man and ask her lo tako a seat beside yon. I know how to feel for young'men lu that condition, I was oneo there myiolf. I think it tho great event of n mac's life gotting married, if ho only chooses wiioly. BETIIKL, Iowa, 12-13-91. ElUB. ! Iowa and All the Worid. Evory intelligent paper in Iowa will need a Des Homes' paper this winter that will give completo condnnsotl reports of the proceedings of tbo legislature aud all tho general news of the stain and tho world. The Iowa Stato Rogiiter hns no competitors in those linos, or in practical horticulture or agriculture. Prof. Budd is tho acknowledged horticultural authority of the world. Ht, is doing moro lo develop tho fruit growing' intorcsts of the titate than all other persons, nnd his department in tho Register ii unequalled in interest nod value by nny othor paper, in all roipects tho Register is tho host and most completo newspaper published for Iowa readers. Its subscription price is only $1.00 por year. It can be obtained in connection with ",he REVIEW for $2.10 for both papers one year, if orders aro left at this efllce. ONS TEAR OF COMMERCIAL GROWTH. 1 [Minnonpollt Tribune.] The past 13 months, under tho auspices of tho "Homo Market" administration, havo wltnossed the greatest development of American oommerco iu the natioa's history. The motto of tho republican party bns boon—make sure of tho homo market first and then reacli out for the markets of tho world. That republican moasttres are : not reaching out for the world's markets in vain is evidenced In tho following catalogue of commercial conquests and aids, as, witnessed to in the president's message: Our foreign trado in'. 1891 WAS over $400,000,000 greater than in 1890, wk^ok Wat the greatest in American history.' "* The iiuporte ot 1891 wore $133,528,469 greater thantlie average of the past ten years, ; , The fred imports wore $118,003,387 moro than in 1890, nnd much ..larger than during any othor yoar. The percentage of free imports during tho past- 12 mouths was 48.18, a gain of 13.91 over last year; and for the past six months, 55..17. by far tho largest percentage In the history ot ottr government. The exports woro not only much laiv ger than the imports, but $62,944,021 f renter than Ike exports of last year, he agricultural exports' iooreased $45,846,197; the exports of manufacture!, $10,888,240. Reciprocity has been established with Brazil, Cuba. Porto Rioo and Sail Domingo, and negotiations nro far advanced with other nations.' Our exports to Brazil have Increased $1.807,0»4 during six months of reciprocity. American wheat nnd wheat flour will be admitted into the West Indios After Jan. 1. ' Ame rloan pork U ro -adnittlud into Germany, Denmark, Italy, Austria and Franue. Four new navel vessels have been built, and 24 are under eonetniollolfi'to protect oommeroe in its mission of International extension, , Qoeau mail postofUoe* have been cpu- strni! ted, and arrangement* fre being consummated for 68 new tines of ocean mail service, tofiirthoraid e'otnmerbe ip iuioroign relatipDi,. >*v> • x ;• Umtor stioh »«* ! enlightened- noli#j"i »t puce progressive 'fT »nd' aggressive, •affl .and praollealn»,not inanjr years dajnj pass before the United States will put! •ess the suprsmaer jn3in|»rnatlon >,l' commerce, that she now hpids |o »gri» -Those who travail and are heavy laden regarding Christmas presents be nssisted by roading Iho Christ- rill mas number of the New York Ledger, now jmt issued. Dainty and useful gifts in celluloid nnd leather aro described in tho woman's pago of this number—which is full of stories, iketchcs and poems appropriate to tho merry Yuletido season. Among tho contribntor* aro Amelia E. Barr, Colonel Thomas W. Knox, tho lato Henry W. Grady, Mary J. Safford and Helen Marshall North. The number contains Iwonty pages and has a beautifully illuminated cover cmblomatic of the Nativity. The price is (iye cents. F.J. BECKER, M. D., HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN AMD SURGEON. Ofnoo on Second Floor 01 Parker'* Building, near I'oitofllo, roilrillt, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, PHYSICIAN a suuoaoN, Office and Rciidenco Southwest par •f town. All sails promptly attended J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. •. PBNaiOR BX1KIVBB. Offle* at ro8td»n«e ou Oreon itraet, iMond uoai* Batt ot HOT A UcNeil'i Uatdwat*. DANIBL A. JERALD, '^ercliairt Tailor, Postville, Iowa. All work»warrantod j 0 givo satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. DR. C. H. HUNT, TflG J)€]NTI3T. Permanently locatod in Poitvilic. Office over Waters A Nicolny's Hardware Store, Brick Block. Til. IBBPUBBD. I. J. SXBFBSBD. MtBPHBUD BIlOTlnSRg, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Inanranco Agtnt. and Coll..tori, to prantlca In all tho court! of U10 Ifttta. Ofllco ove. l.lon'l itorj, brisk block. POSTVILLE IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, J0HH B. HART, Proprietor. Opposite - Poatvlllo - State - Bank. Nono but tho best meats purchased. Everything in lirst-clsst shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices ftlwaj s the lowest. FRED. N. BEEDY, :-PHOTOGKRAPHER.-:- And Ooalor P ostville n 1'lcturo Frames. Iowa CENTRAL MEAT MARKET 1 J. P. GILSON, Prop. Having purchased the above Market, of Schulur Bros. I propose to keep a first-class Market In every reaped. 1 shall aim to keep at all times an assortment of the best meats the country affords, and soiling at the lowest living pricos. Having come to Postville to reside I invite a fair sharo of patronage, and shall strive to give satisfaction. WANTED-Salesmen! Looal aud Traveling. To represent our well known house. You need no capital to represent a firm that warrants nursery stnok flrst-ulasa and true to Dame. WOUK ALUjTHE YEAR, per month to the right mau. Apply qulok, slating Age. L.l.MAYACO., Nuraoryinen, Florists and SeoUsm.n, ST. PAUL, MINN. (This house is responsible) 85ui3 L. STROEBEL & SON, — pnoi'Bisi'olu of — Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (IT ABMlTnoNO a UOLTBS'S 01<D 1TABP.) Havo a full line of Hoots, Shoes, Slip- pvis, Rubbers and everything kept iu a No. 1 general shoe store. L A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. , Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done, Evory pair war ranlud. Wo keep 110 shoddy. Jt. N, DOUGLASS, PRM. . J..F. SMITH, V, P, JAS. MoEWEN, CAHII.SK, CITIZENS STATE BANK, POWVU4.E, IO>VA, PAID UrWlTAl, $25,000. Do n General Banking Business. Buy and sell Foreign* awl Domestic Exchange, Aoa'ouots of Farmers, leer- ehanls anduVbers received, and earn fully protected} Interest yrt^ on Tlfye, 1 .Deposits, ,1 |0vei |}S!<iqU W .Kdj-tof Qutsjdo p'ajtles B &V kf%!f)L. ft*J fi Vs^' .''.'.tic- THE DEMAND For our Wmlor Overcoats, Fur Goods aad Suils tho past month has boon unprecedented. Never bofore since wc havo been in businoss have we noon able to show such an Unequalled Lino of Stylish Clothing for Men and Boys. The reason for the great domand for our Merchandise is found in the following faot.«, viz: Our Superior Suits and Overcoats are always what is claimed for them concerning Quality, Style, Fit and Finish; our prices aro never higher than is warranted by their intrimic worth. We havo bouu in business long enough to know that our efforts to provide Absolnto Perfect Heady-Made Clothing is nppreoiatcd by many of the best poo- plo of this suction of country. This shoald bs a sufllciont incentive to others who have not yot fnvored us with thuir patronage. Wo handle Everything worn by Man or Boy. Honest Equivalent for every dollar will be found at our store. In Gloves and Mittens we knock tho stuffing out of our next door neighbor. J. H. GRAY. THE CLOTHIEK. Hoy <& McNeil. a u o o < •a 5* o 0 All War't'd Firoksepors. WITH THE (ING-) AND BEST ST OOK — OF — Watches, Jewelry and Silverware ever displayed in the oity. When youlwant something for an Xmas present come in and see us. We oan please you both in Quality and in Prioe. Reepeotfully, W. J. SANSS <& CO. [AT GRAY'S OLD STAND.] TOKSORIAL PARLOR. NEAK TUB POSTOFKIOK. I cordially invito uow palronago. Give us a trial for a month! Leimi our manner and way of doing tho business. I bellove we can please you. .'. T. PAUKKII, Prop,, Fostvillo, Iowa, NICE HOLIDAY Presents '•-At the- REVIEW OFFICE. WONDERFUL 1 The cures which aro being effected by Di's. "darkey & I'alen, 1629 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronohitis, Rheumatism, and all chronic disessos, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, aro indeed marvelous. If you nre a sufferer from any disease which your physician has failed lo cure, write for Information about this treatment, and their book of '.'00 pages, giving it history of Compound Oxygon,' Via uui 11 re and effects, with numerous testimonials from patients, to whom ^you may refer for still further information, will bo promptly soul, without obiirgo. „% This book, aside from Us gronl, mqiit ns a medical work, giving, as it 'does, the result of years of study nnd export- ill find ft very interesting RAILROAD TIME-TABLES onoe, you wll one. Drs. STARKEY & PALEN, 1529 Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa, 120 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. Pleeee mention this paper, 1m BTATIONBHY. Don't forget, when you wanb plain or tanoy Stationery, that the Review ottioe it) the place to (jet it cheap. On nnd after Sunday, Nov. 32,1891, trains on tho C. M. & St. F. Ry. will leave Postville as follows. OOINO EAST. Passengers. No. 3.... 4:fil p. in No. 4 (night) S:29 a. m. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. tn No. 9 Timo Freight 8:16 p. m No. 11 Time Freight 8:46 p. ra UOINQ WSST. Passengers. No. 1 night a. 0. No. S 10:35a. w. Freight*. No. 10 Chicago Slock 11:05 a. m No. 6 Way ,..4:10 p. m. No. 13 Milwaukee Stock' .5:85 p. ra. All Freight trains mentioned, except No. 13, carry pauengon when y^eriiUd with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor and Cniinar G. E. WHIPP, Agont. B. C. R.&N.R.-R. DBCOIUII DIVISION. Timo Table in effect Nov. 15, U9i Passenger going North... 5:10. V II " " South.- 4:»0. " Freight. " North, 2:45, I\ U J. E. PSKICT A?«»t. POSTVI1XJ5 LODGES- OLIVE BRAKCHU.ODGEMO. 119 JIN laws OF pyrin AS. Me«tg<ni thu aocoudMid fourth)Trl(la7 >T «n(u u each montu. ValthiR brotbr&n in iced ilan^ always w B lcouie. DA1UUB OBB, C. O. Cms. 8 MI.TOI( I K of It & H NOBLE LuDGE No 51. A. O. U. W. Tlie l ^oyal Ancient Ordor of United Workmen meets the Second and fourth Saturday evenings in each month, in tho Masonic Hall ovor tho Brick Drug tore. JOHN WEI.ZBL, M. W. JAMSS Paitrtr, Keeordcr. BROTHERLY .LOVE XODGP, No. 204, A. F, it A. M. Regular mcolings on . Tuesday'.oven­ lng on or before tho full «f llio tiinoii. All brethren in good standing are cordially invited to intend. K. D. STILMU, W. M. WH. Morr, Soe'y. CHTJRCII DIRECTOKY. CONfinEGATIONAI, -R»v. N. Ii. Burton, pat- to,. FroucLIng >vory Buiirtnjr ntl0;:)0 A.M. ond 7:30 r M. Sabbath School, lg;iv.«dl»U]y aftar mcrulHg service. T.l». B.C. E. mitt, ovory Sundny ov»iilnK at 8:13. Tiayar Moot- IUB Wednoadny ovuulut's. MBTHODIST.—Rov. E.JJ. Lookwood, Taitor. l'roachlnt; norvlcca overy Huuday at 10:38 A M. and 7:30 P. M. Babliath School liiinmll- atoly aftor morulng BITVICO . 'J'ho Xuworth I.oaKU 6 evory Ruiiday evening at fi :00 u'eloek. Prnyer mootlni; orery Wedueedny oTtaKaR at 7 :U0 o'oloek. Yon are uarneetly UivltiO. Ooniumption Ourod. An old physician, retired from practice, having Imd planed in his hands by an East India missionary ihe'fin ninia of a simple vegetable remedy for tho upeedy nnd pernio* ent euro of Consumption, Bronchitis, Cntarrh, Astlmin and Lung Afl'eulions, also a po.silivo and radical cure for Nervous IJubilily and Nervous Complaints, nfter having tested its wonderful curat ivo powers iu thousands of cases, lias felt it his duly lo mako it known to his suflVring fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human suffering, 1 will sond fico of dhnrgo, to nil who ilcsiro it, this recipo, In Gertunn,. Fivenoli, OK Engii.sli, with full dircclionx for preparing and using. Sent .by mail by addressing with stamp; naming lliis rapor. \V. A, NOVES. 820 Power's lilook, Kouhostor, N. Y. ..48yl Granite Oemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monu- meuial work for futuro doliverv will ilnd It to their advantngo t icxani'iiio M. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemoto- rles, as ho Is doing tlrst : class work at »A low prices as oan be procured in the country. If ho has not called upon you drop him a oard at Uooornh nnd he will bo pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Granite, at tho lowest possible prlocs. M.V.KIDDER,, 34m© Decorah, Iowa. Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased tho orlginn. Tost- vlllo Dray Line \ am proparod to do all kinds of drayiug promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good toaniB, good drays and oareful drivers always at tho sorvloo.of the puhlio. at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "Veterlaaaxsr ©•arg , eon» POSTVIW.ll, IOWA. Offloe first door East of the Coramet* olal House, Green St., Postville, Iowa A fine set of surgical Instruments. All necessary medloines kept on hand Thirteen years successful nraotluo Oal|sDV«ni^ly answo^o; • ' >

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