The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1927
Page 4
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PAG FOUK lOIA QAILY jdHJAS. F. Mm Snteredi atlth^ ijoli • :j ,|sdcM,pa^- Poitittlct as tterl iTaiephohe Bnnch ExichdnKe ConnectloK 11 Defartrhk-ita) Official Paper City Official tfapei* City W Offlclju Paper Allen' I Prpaa, IrtUnd lola. , Basi4tt. luntyj. iMeHbei of- j Nitloiial Editorial Ai 1 Kintf IreM' AMOClk TKe Kankat Dally t>] Aiidie Bureau of^CIf^ Conareat tlje |igue. ulal Dally Preat Aiboclatlon SUBiSCRlPTION; hATES. , By Carrier jln lola, pa^ \ t ;! and Bassati One Month! ;One M '!ono I BIX TeAr . li BY MAIL. Outilde Allen .K^unty MoilthH: i Threfc Jilonllis, In Allen CoUAty : •'One iTear ; Blx.Morithi^l ., ' Three Months One Month? ration. Worid. City, lAHarp* '.....16 Centa .70 Centa •••V.' ...$7.80 .. .ts.oo .....i... 12 .50 i... 11 .50 J...J2.00 J... 11.26 L....50C Ilir THE DArs NE^'fe. Congratulations are in order llo- lay for Mrs. Margqret DelatiQ, the popular novelist, oh tlie otcas on ot her' ^iOtb birthday. annivjersa ry. Mrs./bejand Js a PeiinBylVan^-bc rn writer, who, early in ho eight: es, went to Boston'to Ilvi. ai^ slice that, time has been a Major figure in the I literary wurld. ;hc first it- tractcd national atti-nliin | liy 1 cr ftory "John Ward. Prna thef." wh cli In u way was the American "Ilib.- en Elsmcre." Story jfollovled itory in swift Hiicciissioi. lid not find her perfect medium of tzpresslon until H I ^'C jvn te "Qld ::hester Tales." and IngI for Doctor Layeiidjur and His {iclghbors. Not a few jf jMrs. t e- and's stories like "the Awakenifig N)f( Helena Ritchie" have i MEMBER ASSOCIATEO PRESS'. ; The Rbgtster. carries Ithe Associated I Press reiKtrt by "tticclili leased wire. The AFSociatcd Press isjexclusively en, titled ip! the use for rebubllcitlon Of 1 ^11 news; dispatches credited to It or I not • otherwise credited Jn thl^ paper, and also the local n^ws pbbllshpd here- Hn. All'rlchVs or republliatlon lot special dispatches hcreHi arejalso rteserved. Bible Thought fo ' Today. When! Christ, who shali s appear, then pear with jiim in glory Is our life, shall ye also ap- .—Col. 3:4. WJ{0:isG, ALL i»JRO >G. For yeans the European powers ; hav^ br(»d j*ar in ChilitJ; h^ve sown • Uhe 'fabre.d;. dragon 's teeti. j Now, I ^'dt one|ar |i )ied ma!n, bi t a hundred ;| ;6i} -A thouBaud armec meii ,hav^ sprulngiip tor CiVery'too I? plaptcdj— Ajrthjur ^:a iner in Canper's ^yeekliy. '\vc fear our jiiniot Senator has not pivcn bis u#Ual = ireful study conKideratioH! to tic situation iii China, of he Woul 1 not: have iragrapji l^q wholly ouU 'Y'jriijen li pi i>t Iliie with! IT liitlon •in Ci Cbinlei iclltiall dynitsiy \vii» overthrow lina liin< lli'at I)<iw<|rH with «.• t I with ihaviT lollowcd' ha' tin the [Arrybo rev the facts uH the above. ever slnde I!«^ll; Ihoic I Bill the rev olutioh a .Mft.r.wHrH. brri'd O B either t var,-) than tli ricjods In tilio Yi Avjth the rifivelopnjent cf events i In Cljinti ktiovys that wi 1; the posjsi- ble :nxccption of the CsnLonese (anc^ thai: thi^ is an excepLion remans in lie iiroveni ev^?ty sorcalled inade up sed follow- (js who have 1 er with no yet army i<i' t'iiina has , 9f tiie liirpd or impr^j ers (if varidiiy war lo been (iRhtioK eadi oj other hr. higher piurpiii e than self- thc Manchu I liy a revo- 1 s been war 1 ititin iwasla ltd the! wara lational significan«;e Jiccause heir discussion of the liveliest sjo- ial problems of the da; been; purje T I • Kurope.dn laVe had I no norc jto. do revolution have bad ngste river. Who hits Webt inj touch bin aggraiidizeiriient. thejr^ ejple at I stdke, nolhi^^ Again I and| jagain jthej [ were fighting in one .„ have bc^n; found • hgljt o'ther arinyi the; next Veasion tliatj theirj carfmander heeii paid ;money to f:^aiu^;hi8 is no prin- but spoils, soldiers who [a^niy onei day ng with an|day, for the Ihad al- the soldiers looted right have found was to be leged allegijmce. !Ar of every atmy have and ileft |\vhj>never; th ^, themselvi's; iwhere 'lolai • had.; ' And it i .s ihc cliandc' oBt loot xjif dll lhait is' i Hpldi *»rs in ithe strugg , being w.-iged for jthe I Shanghai, • The despe i that exij^tsjthefo ha: Hijcb. not! by! "drajgon't by [Eiiropenn po^ser.s. ; dijviiKtatinR hist ^or I tile iinipi^lllng inojtivo i Cnlhe^ie arniy. afpain j HlbJh hut yell to 1 )0, p|f j th n, fit llm OuitoiicHit Ai H'ricaii i;overn|nenf i III! I till) Chi li'Hu le'aderJ tfiiliifii.ei Ic thrown iiln lij'l ;in uni -r in livold tuitions -Hii to arise Khoijld net Lilly tie a j .tjhc jovert n;« was j iina'i^mousj leejed llieca i se all jthe ,1" ' ' 1 rrs Know I liplr'arhiies-jwould I them ovcrijiijght if tn /l jto be piycnino chan of the rich- fnspiring the c that is now jppssesslon of t*? sitQation been 'made eeth" sown liut by the >dt which is iqhind every h the p>m- ved oxcep- oiptf. The IjropoKcd lo lint li neu- iind t?hun- lic c<.|mrll- if th (i Itickcd. rifch Istpriss cilick. ; :Sebator C legre^ leged fact pean piowers the Johg-di-ah»rn wars (among lou ?5 knd grieqdy Chinesje war lords i but H ire'afl talk- car- I his arti^^es akid who natu^rally 1 presume he li wha,t he is iinjtjiibriut. | g.^n'atbr Camper is ^ ryiiig in unusually gi |bili|y. NotI ojrily is he ; i Senator of the tTnited I Stales. hu< ty his bign- tl.inki.n|; stratght. junfoj-ti hiitif jwhen in onolnH . Hlon ure I diictlit^M ,wron| b;f the rich city But y i-e- iiincse! lend^ leave they were to- ro|li the t of cHinese EVENING; FEBRUARY A good many Congres[fnien, pro jibly all of those from Katisa.'i, w •oted for the McXarj'-Haiigen b lid so because they thought thj mght to "do something 'armer. There was no^ >f passing- any other ' l^arm )ill aiid so, although b; :onvinced that this bill in principle or would n ^ble in pracitice, they JThey thus provide themselves w If the bill jgood alibi, aw and works they ci^'n ,say tlijey i,rotcd for it. If it fai hey can say that the l|ann lohlj ist vouched for the; bill roted for it on Uia( scojre. lafe bet; that Presiden i Coolici will not provide himsell" with tl ioi-t of an alibi. . He ashioned idea that a DUghtto assume r^sporisihlllty. loted for becomes hajf an Htatesmlan Writing to the editor! if jthe ll< g- ister an Allen' county fi rnier eii I't see- anything for thj- fanner In the Mc.Nary-Haugen bill ex( epl an ax. "This e(|uall7.a(loi fee," Writes, "H nothing less ihnn'a dlr w |hn ct ax on- the farmer. In my oplriibn he only liing that \ylll|.help t lie farmer itj the ability jo borrow Jio'ney on his crop whfjnj there Is in excessively large hnk and t iie jirice is low, so he can hold it r n|il the price becomes belter, a id (.hat tinie'always comes. You cafi't legislate against supply land' Lhat. and they are undeirjthe cc n- dt the Ainiighly, noh -lcgislaU- hie."i • • ;• ' i I M Jjiand. Climatic condition.! co^t dc- ol "In our prfntshop, where work is rlone for stafoi'purposesi land I hp State^ board pf control; ' the n en ave to learn the trade'biicause no printjers have been sent! to t lis liriso|n for years," says- iOscUr Lee, warden of the: state penitentiary at \yaupun, Wisl What is true in Wisconsin is probably true I in m )st other States. By the very nati re of his Occupation a printer groivs too intelligent 'to becom? a criminal. Only the man who latjks sense commits crime. Do you like the Itegister? patronlfie the men who advertiijc In it and Ho make its publication possible. If the Register carriec no advertIseinents it would have to raise its subscription price to : l.BO a week. Also if it carried no advertisements you wouldn't wai t it at any price: ; "(,'ompared to Aimee- Mcl'herson all the Kansas orators are tailed, chatterlpg nionkeys." Kwing Herbert. The "little certainly did get the man riiawatha! • »ing- <ays dy" from In California the other day tiwo Igolfers disagreed and one .'<hot the I other and then commitcd suicide. ThLs.was attracting loo much atr- tention to California golf courses and so down in Florida when a cpu- ple of players disagreed they fought alduci with golf balls, tees btslng pikced fifty yards apart and ejich player being given two dozen iialls and whatever clubs he liked. | A constable was called before the casualties^ became serious. Hut can't somethlnt; he done to stop the rlVttlry bnlWeon thfsetwo States'? ippe!"! nbf Only! errs n^ hlsj St itement of al- When he -1 arges Euro- with irespbnsibility for J!iitij(>ads the : people jeal- who ides in his nutii led |irt jcationij he is thousand p|eqple vrho have| tip othpr jsourc^ Ition irastd ;rous publi- iiblc to ^p ;ak to many Ifa large than helsupplies tliem. There m. thereMre, a diitble obIi!iat|ion ^o make siire of his factfii ^l •hen lie writes! and to make the tinipor ((eductions jfrom those kept part of informa- rto tliat his rnAeilf niiiy be -ill niutibrtHHitho one imder dincui- hts iitnijemAntM oflallesed -fact |«|y In orro^ tiiereforo' .1 •. r. It is {most HJa. Important and b « da- tra Wholly The Kansas House of llepresen- tailves has passed n resolution ad- vldng President ('oojidge to sign thB MtK 'ary-Haiigen jilll. It you were the President whose advice would you rather have, Jardino's on the agricultural side of thje bill. Melloil's on the finaiicial: and ^A- [nlnist:rallve side, Sargent'k (Attdr- ley General) on the legal phasjes. ind Hoover's on its 'general' economic features.—or the advice iof the Kansas Legislature! 'Getting off the 'train last night ^he porter came up wUh his brush n' I says. 'Do I really needbrusih- ng?" 'Yo' shoah does,; Boss.' he replied,." 'ah's brokel'"—Pittsbujrg 3un,. i; I Coming" in on a train ; one qay at the end of a long trip the por advanced upon us with the us^al inquiry: "Brush?" "Sorry, bro er. but I'm broke." And imme! ately he' was not there at all! PRAIRIE DELL Though Father Time is ages old To me it (ioth appear . | He grows more lithe and agild With each ensuing year. When but a child to me it seemed An age 'till Christmas time. And how the days he'd_ drag a oiig When I was eight, till'I was iiiiie.. But now, before I am aware. Another Christmas on trie-steals; And birthdays he sends -on so fast. They fairly tread each other's heels. .! J. C. Overman left Sunday evening for Las Animas. Colo., for a vfsit with his brother Loren and wife, before returning to his'work at Craig. Henry Walters has been crter- taining the measles the past wjeek. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. McHenry of HiattviUe were dinner guests in the Klink home Tuesday, February 8. . •• I The neighborhood has been jsad- dened by the sickness and death of .Mrs. Kveret Fults. The i bereaved relatives have the s >Tnp !alhy ot the entire community. -Mr. Adams, extentlon poiiltVjman of the K. S. A; C . gave som* Interesting points: in his talk t( the several neighbors gathered a thp C. F. Barth home Saturday ufter- noou. Mrs. F. X. Wlllenburs of Star Valley district and Mr. and .Mrs. Adams .of Golden Villey neighborhood ^were among thoso present. Miss Lt'ona llakcr spent Ti ursr Prom Queen 23. INCOME TAX The lax in d iteii In axpAyeri. portantj many the re«enud divideid" (liearis any- distrihutidn made bi^ holders er proij profits ary 28 resents poratioji there 1 on hand shirehd whsthe* jerty out! a'cci im^ilkted after Febri 1911. lit pro rits pr lor no tax, ma lifes lilen, by] paid in erty. may dis holders invcstei curities dends fair majrkct receipt. Dividends from bjjnd expensi a shar^ A ta:i a eorporatipn stnckhol the cas fiodly nuiiids. 1\ iU al> if)\l iilns! CROSS CURRENTS |X)u siitl mi III do. hiiic lb I (A. <;. S.) s a "iilieiioiiifiioii (toiin- lirt and iioisi-." snys Hie r Father Jiml Son \Vi'...k. wljial iliry suid almiit the trial. the! wh pay ion t 1.k ject to year iii holder dividcnr corpora is suhje earning paid. The rJito poratioi^^ w act 11.'! revenue cent to dar yi-a for the .siilt.sequ a day ;i« lli'>^. eviTvlxxly at yearning to do .soint-- ics'iides what thcy"r<' dnin.i:. ti-oiilile is that most of t 'know what they waiit I those that do know o something else. II) I y on an >nrnis i,i' my •h .ls .Miss Kjrnece K. Itogers, oi' Col- nnilius, 0„ Is only a I'reshnian lit the Ohio .State unherslfj. but she Mas iineen «i the Feb- niar> .Innior I'ruiM bernusie she was «'sciirled by i:.Ienyiiliih f. Monlgoinery.. of Toledo, iObiu, .liniior president. Fever is' like a c-higcer 4 ;• bottom of your fot'it: it the tiii'ie but you hardly iliance. to scralc-b il. day. night, of last- week iii our home, together with .Mabel Kllen Bricker ijelping Allene celebrate her eleventh birthday. Miss .Mctluire gave her pupils a valentine party last Fiidaji after the last recess. A vali-ntine box was opened and valentines were distributed among the pupils and their teacher. After the distriliu- tion of valentines Miss; McfJuiro presented to each of her pupils a little basket of valent^np favors. The visitors who enjoyed thn short program of songs and recitations were: Mr. and Mrs? Carl Overman and .Mesilaines Barth and Howaril. I^andis. Shelton, Kaiifmaii and Kllnk. The .M. I. C. will meet with .Mrs. X. Wlllenbiirg. Wedn<isd;(y afternoon. February 'J.'!.' !M.-inv |i lople think they have an iiack 'of Spring Fev^,r wlien they •e rejillj suffering 'from a bona fiile i-ase I r Voluntary Inertia, j » » » « • Hul fiu) only thing that really teresks 1 .s is thi' fight next Tues- ly. If tl ere's an earthquake be- 1 fore then or the. world comes to ;.-ih end—we'll turn! (Miil lar: .Morril llourhon IS. IsDt FebrUar :',•> yean S. Veterjiii.- Oklahonia. He cai le llarpe. J Ian where i' 1 e a ckicpol-atiqn to Its share act a, dividend ire|» learned by a ico o Marth 1, 191l5,| since profits then ly belonged to tl ei w^hbm they inigl t have bi eu \'ithdrawn without ita :: A dividen I m; y be payable oi ti of curr ;nt' irofi .s or accumulate|d surplus but] it las jn'o legal eXis ence unLil it|Is "< eclared" by a fof mal re.> olution c f the directors the cc rporktioi. The ordinaijy; form ol dividenf is; the periodical casfiT di itfibiitiot of current pro its. H()wev|or. iividends may lie secliriti^s or other proj ;ile.ja corporatioi tribute sjmoiig its stocli seciiritie; lit which it ;has it.s; earnings.- Such i S( are jto ;b! reported as div |y the/stockholde>s at till -vah e oh the date qf must ho distriiguished intc est. which is; a i of tllie c irporation and n( of iis' piofits. abH ders or Ca as Hh < dis is er ."i ai; raiendiJr nt yead .\ler<'e CO mty was the J. C. .Metce I!»2U to 4nn4 .Mii: has bee i t .Mr. .Merer He was i V saw service Mill w iJrew onllv sop 'Of '.Mr. and Mrs the .S.«:th He Ic Funst< i:tl3. and ni leaves o Hel'iiin, th" rare, iion-lnflani- i t >|'fib!e :?as so essential in tlie op- iitloiij of ilie nianinioth dirigible.-; tlielairj. has also found imr rtant uses in undersea explora- ns. j .\s ja result of experimental AVi ^rk tjie pse of the gas in syn- tjielic helikmi-oxygen atmospheres foi} "deroni{pres.sion," or restoration almospherie conditions, ' others performing la- atniospheric pressure, ting caisson disease, ) «-xtend^ greatly tlie •pth of imder-water op- ilivers. normal idiven: c uii|der prr-vei) IIlisH aiid d An aged colored man. gave his lame as GeorgeW'ashington. "Are irdu the man who cut down; the ;herry tree?" he was aaked. "No iuh, ah ain't worked non^. fo' mo' an a yeah." So the old | story Is kradpally dying out. Two' of our very Ablest Editors jiro scrapping over whether school e^cbp ^H should or should -squired )o titko an oath of <iUeK> ance to the IJnited States Which | nerely ahow^i how calm, inrd poace- ul it in in I^anin* thfl«a ilnyN,. and { low little there lit: to fight I . .t.i. „-,.J « about. 4.). tti r , w,,l-!.CL. . mother nar of Hawley Wright. Tannar service.'* Lowe home hnd Mai] of Frs by Rev the Chiistia Sleeper boily. • Inten J. 32.| vldends is ait returns A I S defined Ijy of 192G. the ter n the in money or loth of Its earnings or ribution made bv- income to the. of the dale wljep proierl/ was unqual subject to their :de- {iviilends, in jthe ividual, w^ile e; hands .df an in eniitt fr|im J[I I niirmal tax, are Sul surtax rates for itha li'h leceiyed. A stoci js ni normal; .tax ; p I s f(>r tie reason th^t :th whii!h declares Mhert the normal tax on;th[ mit of which . they an [Of Income .tax on corf neroased by th of ltl2t; from I2'4 fie ienf for the calen d to l.'i'.i per cen|; .vcar 102G, an |rirrl|l .Hen-er. was born Kiiiisns. October aii|d ddpa'rted this iiftf 19 27. ill the age (I 1 moiithsat the U| hohpital, Muskogee his parents to La ften la smail child to i manhood aind iieir has .•ofl ove lisiod, Co. E, 149th Ijnf for Di\ M.i!y 2^. 191S turned June sea. He was! r( over memberlof the iJegion at Tulsa. ! H I nlouri five leloJi. Pari ncis of i Ola men family ot ; t Binnson. Kansas. We cam ot fay a id we will not sa That he is dead, he is just away. With a ihee y si lile and a wave io the He has land! And left Its need theri And you year^: For the c lan van irs n: 'tl leturti. jine your Classified Ads | M,, i« Think of In the lo \ here ! Think of i say. II. ilereii was married! in or of Tulsa, whlcl hpnie'and wh^ bet-n in busindss Wair veteran ami sea. He was i«< Cami .1.5 his loss a wife, sisters: Etta Tan Kans.. Gracb ^ons, and Man Lowe and Elle of f umholdt. The funeri wei-e t onducted at ^th l?afii-ilay! at 1::!0 p. n C. utynolds. pastor : c II chtirch of lola. A. I lad charge of im was made in tli into an unknowi timi n fa of t III s| •ad 4r.R.wiLLiAM3 , ct»^ itf DU tOfnai we. NTEVALE tornn Isaac-1 Feb. :2li lan aijil auent., h: anis Fi id:i ta ke( IJiiite a ifw .lohii Ko? City C- L] Isjaac Isaac li^fchdr a noon. .Mrs. fed .SiiJih in lola Saturday Mr. I the fa rill -Mr. - a Id family isit Harpc .Mr. aiid pre. utio :Hope .wi iirday. ; Mr. Rlchniond 'F"b. 2S.i Viret Sniitili an to Park sisters. .Mr. ai<d M raiiie vi dav. .Mrs. lola Sat saa Irea^iing how very fail U.St |)o since he iingci w)io will alwai's step-Hiid the glad ing as one .«o dear ere as the lovo Of ill as the saiiK! I iy n: * • -> <\ «- • DlIJi • Bjy Edson • • * Shawnee, Oklahoma UNITED FRANK SAYS: THAT} earns ai meat ea THATi cheaper food cos peans hil er thing THAT best fariiiers in that Stiite. anil of ithese 20' mobile. YOU EV THINK * • <!• •:• <r ER sr()P TO * • * B. STATES WIL I LIS an Amer much! in n. Wkito * • '> •> •> •:- •;E.VATOR| C>F OHIO, can w a day elgn woVker 'in: the sanJe (•ns in a Week, the reas6n why living i.s' in Europt is ml because 3 less, bat beta use Eurove to getj along witUiiew- in a'recent co State great agricultural ers \ wen chosen ful sysiein qf gradiing ;as every onej {IS had machine.'j. 19 had electrii^ irons. IG had eleijiric light 'and iibwer 4 owned plants, [owned Irjactors. ^THAT •only farimers in have ele and pianj THAT ^hrougjli a cai-e- Iieing ilu American owne lectric truck farnui the -iV 5 in I trie light jos in theii- parhirs. rkin4niaii as aj for- i cnijiloy- iitest in a 20 farm- n auio- wa.-illinsr ~, and ir rs a re t h< <>r!(! ihut leir barns irkin::nien American are the (inly wage earmh-s on. tin face of tlie earth tiliat riijle to their work in automobiles anij ii.-tejii to grand oi era over their own rallies. If we would all tiuit cviibhing; and jgrouchinlg and do| our | part • • ' ' ' bor on Iiis path- cheering way. we countrv to live. is the bcf favored" by the of the Aln^ighty is no tion sinde the beginnins our neigl would itealize that . this It placi on cartii IjIesHines other^ na-j of lime. (Copyright. 1927:) The Siilvation Army ii on its wbrk in eiglity-tw countriek. | > dilfert.'iit; . 1 CONSTIPATION Th£(t is the joyful cr • bf tHoiisantfe since iDr. Edwards pioduced- Olive ' Tablets, the substitute f ar caldmeL Dr. lEdwards, a pract cjnK-physidan for 20 years and caWnel's ofd-tiihe enemy, dLscovered the fo ifitJlT (or Olive Tablets while trcatinR -pitients for i chronic conslipation^and tprpiq livers. Ollv 'e Tablets do riot c< )ittain caltHnel, just a healintr.^oothinR' -e^etable laxa-. tivc miNcd vith olive oil ; ^ No briping^ is the "kcj n'pte" of these I little sugar-coated, oliv e4:olodcd tab-; ; lets. Tlieyj cause the bowqis and liver' i. to act normally. They m ver force them to unraatural acticn. i i . If you have a "dark brnyn mouth"— bad breath—a dull, tire 1 feelii^—sick headache—torpid liver--constipatiOT, I youll find quick, sure aftd pleasant results from one or two of t>r. Edwards' ; Olive Tablets at bedtimf. j i Thousands take thcnk .'every night ! to keep right. Try them ix, 30c, 60c. Bunions Quick relief from pain. Prevent shoe pressure. • At aUdntz and shoe stores - mScholl's Xinq-pads CA, „ »v BBUGCI^^'CTEBSWauf tot Chl -rhM -tcn piu>«4i Bmd PHI* I D K< 6old< Tnmuic boxes, seal M I MtSi Bllie^ KiU-on. Tate so .Iker. Bar . V • of TOO'' Dranli Ask lor- - <Tll -SB^j-f^S^ VIA IU>51> itl he is just awa.v. Aitams of ..Manhal- rtln. farm bureau' e-ting at U. F. DfV af ernooii. .Mr., Ad o 1 ••R.'iby Cliicks." attt ndedj the meeting, rs 1 isitetl relatives iij last -jvook. helped Clareiw llijbef : Friday afteij i -ind ;<hildreii werjs 1 m ved j last week t vacated! bv Mr. Wilcox.! Charley Hill an cGrcjw's of lAi- und^.v a ternpon. Irs. Ed Williams anA Choppingi in lola Sat Irs. Satu an rdiv. will: have a sal • - • i il his mother wen day to visit hi rs. (rhitwood and Lor Mtei^ \\'4sley| Cbapcl SuiJ 1 N'rirma were ill BIctejhesJHar Beaut] Zemo.for iLci .ngj Irritations[ Piinpl :s aiid BIdtches. ApjlyJiiyTiine No more w )rr>' J bout] ugly Skin Irri| tatioiu. Ifory lucai ha vea clear smootij skin. ZeAio, 1 ho i leasaht-to -usc clea? liquid foi Itc linic, Blotthy Skin-bati bncs D!a khe ids. I ingwormsand Piih' pie*. Uie any time (ietlZemo odw. Ail dniggistshoi^' an(| $1.00. mo KiW IRB F TATIONJI The New (Cfsrktant Viscosity) ' Mow Oil ^50-WS is hew. It is different, jit,- meets^ th(^ new theory of |s4ieniific liibricatibn —as no other! motor, oil ever ha;s done. : !. i •• ••, ; There was one ibig trouble with motor oils of the past. They thirined but. i Ijhe best of them losd t\vo-l!hirds of their: lubricating efficiency before Ithe car had gone 200 miles! : No! one knew w Exjjerts Werejb; wcfc botjicrccl. culty caiised endless trouble rt'plair bills. jiat to do abtjut it. ifilcd .l Motorists This dilutif)n difTi- and Finally tl|ie prcih the lubricatinj,' Standard Oil iic A new motor j 'o A motor oil of —Iso-Vis! . i' This new mojor icni was solved by engineers of the mpany (Indiana.) 1 was developed. constant viscosity oil does not thin out, Itj lul^'ricates the. engine thoroughly —i'tlie thousandth" mile ias efficiently asi the fi^st^ In cold i I weather'as ef^ciently; as in hot! In extrenjiely cbldl weather, Iso-Vis ."Light'^ dhould | tie used." The engii^e is prptectejd completely —and coMste>2 //v^when it is lubricated wiljh Iso-Vis. ThiS; means two importarit: I enefitk to you—; smoother! motor ingand fewer- repair bills. : isorVis is] an jextraordinary motor oil. It helps jyoiir car: to give extraordinary F^rf(|»rmanCe. It gives yoii more than olrdinary motoring pleasure, i Isoi-Vis costs only a few cenb more per (|uart—and a; lot less per rnile—than ordinary oils! Iso-Vis "F" for Fiords.; S^ndar^ C^l Company (Induim) ] IOLA!, KANSAS ui.„

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