Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1927
Page 3
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and-Mrs. JG. Ihiidrin, George j anHI jOmttaa^ JiJebr., are •• Hai -e8 |s ^Bter, MTS\ KorihlWalnut Bttedd -l-WrJst Watcli^ rfebairing Halty J. V. Meidhant. J ianft pptqmetristJ: j Jp.sephi Chebaskej jattf nding the pec^n I WijH.t iRoad show aijd tfl hpliig held the iiitn. home FrJJ^j I -^onie to Pw 51 (Tarlyile Friday, Ifet : Martin mprninp to join ;.\!la'nii. Qkla. Frihij -+-2x4 cord tLTefi C. was' !laj»l Rpjialr Shop, Clanatsey. Ella' Boyeri jail lola bUsIiitjss vis] H.iHajffa land Aona inayj of guests (Ralph tee, la Rc> ha ;a iyacattori Alabama'and othisr Is lUtherA states. Th«jyi exjieft to l |p ;^one al out ten !ddy ilW It on<Je-&?' will jo.tller.| Van' Ho<>z«i;'i j Mr.Und Mrs. M.; P| ihft day ^'Ith frlJeiulH hp ilola niiHlnl'fs Coll 'IBP iioia i>uninvf i iti'H. 28. Qoniplli r ^l 1 Course r jr i> io who (jnroil l^'ippllpH. fiiee t advami Pho. a gojr be gri irdduates. Thrf iNo tuitU i» tn illiW. llroaIwiii-| lA great maiik': to 'ho kjiew him wUl l«'iifn of; the death Krtlf i)(-ofessioui 1 dl pn^i? w)iintry ili b to . anj[| bruthor ofDaTJ" Jolly, i thj Cli'anute uuti y | clu<> } years ago. Mr. iolh i pcildeiii(:e -Mondi'V: • monilis illnoss. bf Mr aispe-^ eweleif is in annual] scliooi Wldhlti Sbutb- whicb fie. exAects td upper k Old |r|iary 2 I. ' Bricjwn l^t thlsl bus] and at ^bere t ley, will itHp to p )ints in |l-i :ni P.ast . Tire] ackson lot Unlontowd BmO. ly JVC osttiins! sheared Mr * c « « * « the Ini tor to^ 1: Justice spenjt In Lai arpe. go wl te $ir>il Secrf to til :Fre4 booMs, iai le»p. Cail 032J. playeis bved io of Bill Joll lepend .severajl yean , pro a L fou • died dt Inde night after i ItoninHire a*' I* • • » In riothesj iipvor expecte 1 tb reftbrfd bV on •. rhore: \/i irom inC« in cldlhes ' —lor we hav« foi ud it You ' [oo, will expjri^i ce a thrill lit finding A OIIK thing you Cleapsim ;s. .Vlilf-fori cieiners Phoiie h t.i i i • Harold of^ Tlfi <liov.- ; til Tujsa tmbibed bdiituess rip. I / wear again of our . Fr^:X)eBton «i^d East atre«, yl>.sti'r(lay on; a : Von t'nii tHill -jMarcli Ueiineat rn Couutor today Iiringi <i<':"'''»'hy and pleasi Mrs.'j Hoy ndllarii of Soiith Cit­ tern wgild-.'i 'irpetl is q lite J U with tie iitriiHii 's at thPi .'hor e of her moi h- jr. i.Mrfi. jW. .Mi Mu phy, 801 Noijfh ilt-ffers^)!! uypniip. ^ —Atiractive |8prl ig Hats, asHott- it|«'nt <[r cotorK for sprl.njr wear In n any Htyips, f<>r AttsHPfi and wo n«• I. of JHllk iin(\ Rtri w conbinath n. \\c Kiii;gPBl Ihfll yob'make an eaij'' Krlp(ilj)ii|. See lour jvlndow djH ;)l [onipuref valu««. ijnlted' Mllliiie .Mr. J. I F. Swng4, Jrl. 416 gjoith AVaJniil istrec't.; returned last iiif ht floni Topeka whcfp he attended the liemoijrutic ^N'aahit gton day b« n- nuet wlilch ^wns h^Id at the J: y- Wawk bolpl. "i 4: I I* for'Yonr )r iit the Piat- also the n' iu.—Uamsa I r. L B. li^AVELL, M. D. ! Special attentlo i given Dia- T eases,of Colon indjRectum. i BJectroiT^e apy and . j Pbyaioth rapy. Office lola Stet i BahkBldf. i Ptones-i-li? , Rev; H. G. Math First iP|resbyterian tained; ihe official cpiiirch at dinner I^otelJKrill i^oom After j al pleasant .rfenjaind|er of|1 the . „ sfcent jin making u j tlie budget 'to be nresented {to 1 16 congregation ipproBcbin ; annual meH- iu cpnside^ing other infit- and 70S. • • s, pastor- of Ijbe church; ent^ boards of at the Kel . last evening, liocial hour evening re R. A. Rogeri is in Chjerry 'ale Kans., this we^' on businpss; —Dr. MoBtgomeiT,' CUropn ^tof'. tola LanndiyBldf. FttoBrlti^' ' >frB. Ada Brock went tb Otiawa today to spend a few days jvit^ Mra. K. Huff. —Joit like Angel Food (kkc, 7aa Hooser'a Bread. 2 for, 16c. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Tipple and son lawrenctf of Stettier,; Alberta. Canada, who have been j Yisiting with thp Charles Tipple family arid with: other jxlatlres, started for borne, this afternoon. ' I —wirlst Watch repairing a bpe- clalJy, J. V. Merchant. Jewjeler and OjptometrlBt W. P. Archer and daughter, ilisa Prances Archer of : Carlyle \ ere busiiiebs visitors in lola this m >rii- ins- J " i • ' ; —Fdr Painting and Papef-hfng- ing, call.Antrim. John Bustard, who hks been spending the two months with his'brdther and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bustard of 415 Sout.h Jeffer- soif'avenue, left this afternoo^ fdr hti»|honie In .Vew Boston, Illin^s. 'Tire iProiJ. PRICE 0 FOIL0WSCA • I THE IQLA J DA1LY.REGI$TE$, L ifools Are Active Both jn ! Rails and Specialties ; On Wall Streetf Today. ^ I .N'ew York. Feb. 23 (API—Easier call money rates and expanding s^eel mill operations provided! background for. another advanbe in pHces In today's stock market. Fjoqls were active in both rai|s and specialties, but they appear^-d to encounter stronger resistancd, probably because several of the! large commission hoiiseM had urged their customers to take profits in the expectation of an early technir' action/ ' ' ' Kan>ia.s Clly Close, Kansas City. Feb. 23. ( til re- _30j(.1% cord tireis. $7.90. itepiiir Shop, C. CnnatHi^y, 110 East'jflckflon; ' Mrs.. Friuik Marks weiit t|» Arkansas City today to v^slt her daughter, .Mrs. J. A. Bi'iisot and fanplly —Dr. Fr^-d Woodbury, jgr4duate foot specialist. Treats corns ions, weakened arches, etc] Xo charge for residence calls. 300. 217 West Madison, i bun- extra 'hone Tfifi Brown Taxi Line has i laced a"Y«IJlow Cab in service.; It nade Its first appearance on the s^reeta today. ,—Trumpet:' Holten, E Flat ther case, 3. mouth pieces, rtiusic lea- rack, like new; used only times. Will sell ifor $3<).00 few less than cost; See it [at thej Register. Mrs. -Mattle Cuiimingf^ returned to her home in Humboldt after a visit: with Mrs. Charles Fieldi . —Orchestra and Pie Suppdr at Cherry Grove Thursday evefiing, February 24. Prof. J. A. Britton. president of the Fort Scott. Expert School, Is in the city organizing a buiJiness college. •—H-you want-to iwy'or btilId-«- liome. The Tola Building & Loan Association will loan y.ou the money, easy terms, no commis- .slons. Organized in ISS.";. Now located Southwest cornei* of square. G. B. Pees, Secretary. . , Walter Cruise returned last night from Kansas Cfty, Mo., where he was called by the death bf his mother-in-law. /Mrs. Fred DeWert .Airs. Cruise will remain over for a short visit with her sister, Mrs. Jason Oliver./ ' ' . —Are: you Irying for the Kolvl- nator JCIectric ' Kefrlgpriuor? Ifs Free! See K.,C Klijclric and PlumblrtK Co. ' Miss Eunice r!aldw(>ll |of Colony, visited junior College hero yesterday. •1 -0. L. CozJ M. O.,! BpMUllrf. Bye, Bar. N OM and Throat • .Mlijs LaVlcn Taylor went to El Dorado Sunday; to visit relatlvea. —Dr. A. B. Twa4ell, I dsteopath. New GlotMf Bldf. Phone 191. Miss Lynditb Geery, who la a^ tending K. U., is spending a few days with her parnetsi. Mr. aJad Mrs. E. W. Geery of 809 feast stfect Close: Wheat -May old $1 May new $1.31: July $1.25. icom. May TM-. Jnbl Tti'ic: M M— : S<!pt j Kansas Clly (irutn. ! Kansas City. F..I). 1':!. ( \P) Wheat rei-eipts 213 curs: 'l- to !<• lower; .No. 2 durlv hard fl.p'AW 1,37'i.; So. :; $1.31Vj'«it.3-; .No. 2 hard $1.324fl .:!7V": -Vo. :! ^l..!ic« i ;:|7: So. 2 red $1.30(f?l.31; j .Vo. :! $1.29ei,31. 'Corn, '/i to 'ic lower: .No. 2 whiti- 71 (ri '72c: .No. 3 «7 'i(?i71«-: .No. 2i yellow 7:!V J #7.'> C ; .N O. :! 7i|f(72'-j<-: .No. 2 mixed 70 (f/:72c: .No. :! iXGr,i. 70c. ;Oats, V J to I C lower: .No. i white 44irj .47c: .No. 3 42M :<r />4r.'i,c. UMilo nniite $1.12ffn.2o. I Kafir, *1.06«il.I7. Rye, i».S%(iT)99',f.c. i Barley. 715»73c. Kansas CHy Hn). Kansas City, Felj. {V. ^. D.'pt. of Agriculture)— rs .No. 1 $19: N'C . 2 $1C.5«: -No. 3 $1 iUS .No. 1 alfalfa very It' mC: No. 2 $18#21. ! US -No. 1 timothy $18: $1G.50: . N O. 3 $1".. I IIS No. 1 Upland prairie $ 2 $13; No, 3 $11. Kansas City Livestock „ Kansas City. Feb. 23 (United States Department of Agricillture^ Hogs 10.000: slow: early t ading on ' light and medium ' ^'eight butchers to shippers mosily 10 to llic lower; light lights. 5 to 10c oft; I big pac.kers inactive: stock pigs steady $11 .7 .Wvl2..^0: top $11.60 on 140 to lt:o pound;; de- 11.60; 11.30; I'nder si-aleii lirdern. .leliiViia for (iuantiinaiiio nialc di'.Milnatlim is uuk^i^wn Hiein<(il im dulllf! iJiigs ulmard. Tli«y rtinu niM're I. at dock at t|ie I'hiliidelptiiu nuNal ba.-je. alfalfa !..-.o. lify $21 No. 2 '.; No. fed ey tiie wks the churph; ^ I — , SJoclal Club cdrd Unarlj-j Thursday, I eb. 2i, at club rtjoi IS. I Cards pr nnptly at 8:10. Pliotio {Mrs. Louis Kchlanger,; 614, or; Mrs.! L. PJ Btov sr, 1198W. Inj i.vlew of [the situation cdn ffonllnii; the jrUy )r fola with ; e- jiird jto the Wiater supply as Inll- chtcdj ip a lieiglst r e^Uoifl^l yt s- t|<rdit.v a great deil Of dlscussi >n baa rirJscn an <l " 'interest m ill thi;re ore attiicb t > the announ( «• iJiinl that, Mr,' R. I. Mather, wtjo A'SJ Ulintietn Cbmnissibner is In fl'hRrgie bf Uioj wate r sytstem. will be sj eikeV atjthe Noonday Luiii h- «o<i pjf jVhe Ghamb »r of Commence ijext' week-anil will preheat a ata eoTcring tli< wkole mat w the bllii:ial p<^t pt TieTi|, inent •iroin •/; 1 i sirable 170 to 190 pounds $ 11.50: light lights, up io 200 to 230 pounils $li;iiifj packing sows '$iui^. 10.3,5. Cattle 7.500; calves 1.000; heifers slow,' steady; sltjughler cows strong: other classes unchanged; choice 1.491 pound heavies $12.75; good heavy I steers $10.50(tt'll: medium sliol-t fed ^rrd light weights numerous at SSdt $3.25; several load.s-fleshy feeders $S.75(fi9.10; practical veal top $12. i Sheep 4.000: Iambs 1» to 15c higher; odd lots sheep, steady; top lambs $1.3.60: others fed lots largely $13.15(0)13.50. ChiroK'* Liveslurk. Chicago. Feb. 23. (V. S. jDept, of Agricultnrei — Hogs 15 ,0iHJ: diag- gy; early lop $11.65;. part loaii of 111.75: aversKing 160 lbs.[: bulk 140 to' 200 lbs. $11.45W11.C3: 210 to 260 11). l)iilclier.4 $ll.:t5i!> ll.GO; few 270 Id 300 lb. welji ^lts $11.25(71111.40: iiactiing sows nibstiy $10.15(7(110.40; lictter gradeKJ slaukh- lor plgH $11.40(f/11.6 (1 :hi'av- weifchtl $n .l5(fiill.4(»: medium $11.2t;(f«. 11 .05: IlKht $11.2.'.'}, 1 I.e.'!: the iigln tight $11 .10ia |ll.6t'..: piuking K (>ws ilO.Onmu.M: Hlaughlcr plg.•^ $10.75: miM. i Cattle 8.000; bPi«t yearlings and! heavy steers $12.25: heavies roiiKb; and not-highly finished crjnditidns $11.25 <fr 11.75; bulk fat steers $•^25 (SlllM: stockers and feeders ire mo-stly $7.25(H'S.50: best $9.25; vcjal- ers" fllMfi 12;00 to, packer^: outsiders $14.00(fM5.()O. I [ Sheep 10.000; desirable ^mbsj at tile U.S. trdntpoil llendersnn sailed fniin liio I .cii^' 'uba. I'ia ^'eijvp irt. It l.,,wlior" .site vviil lulu- so'o su PHYSiCAt Eb EXHIBIT GIVEN Entertainment at I^gh iSchool Last Night IMade "Hit.' Tiie physical training biven last night by tlje g Junior senior unior high, under the i: .Mr.-^. A. E. (;arris(in itoberta Warner, was a rls ofi iigb and tlMIgO es.-*. The gymnasium >tas b^au- jifiilly .decorated in fIo .vers, the (jostumas were artistic in color and . esign 'and .the drills and .dances Were uiinsiidlly well givi n. I One hundred giris dressed i in white bloomers and while middies marched. Their lines wei e slrajglit and every girl was in ptep yith the nni.'^ic. •:l.,uella. a, well known sj a-decided fliii" with lie •xhibilion; direction the and liss (;uc- 1 fH ('i oil ntiiUl r 1) e r •Is ud i: < I) I 4 )l IX' the urgiMit rc( oi many {[l|IIJS I K| [date fur linaiiie Coninii.'*-| T il^ f the City oi I(.l:i. I] noisii- | I U lid cleitid I plettee a j- L Li deal lor cveryljody, and .f _____ ariial eiiforceinenr nf lli" i ,> . , kifii i fid reguiaturn.^ relating >,,iKegister Wil} Devote d.ict of that iKirt vc, iho I Special Edition • to islness w.iieh (a.>ines williin ; ^ Mr All tb aiiiniiuii .M se tar. made gracJL 'ful Slie had liiltle; poippy| I'd. daiigh-j iioys favoi-ite.s M th<- er tiiiie wi ri Mi cam I .iliLl Willi intrijdu til adm exhibition.! attendants. LlUle Mpiry .lane Rei/. ler of Dr. Reid. appeare^. dancing I'ni tip t<»e. It was rathtr unuKual . . to find a child of this ;ige I)l'ing ""i' able Ii>» liie dance. The milk maids and fajriner Were cleVer. They wen! witli the audience. The girl.-; wlio gave a drill Were very attractive. Jr.iitnient of Finance. ; O. W. HOLMES. I). •I lif it til .1 it iin lie -The girfs were well tjained and their ('cstunies were s itiial everyone was big tqnnls Biviiig <.ffici' itrusjed, Iclerk i| miliar col ily e tained. It i.-; said that Ibst n crowd . %vas the larRcst ill I he gymnasium. —Don't fall to see the Hi Vortex Electric Washer It has a nickel-Ilned copper tub;!itiw]ill not crack, and allfali will hot pit the tub, I\.^C/ Electric and Plumb. Co. Mrs. Leo Gish. 602 E. Madison, left' yesterday for Wichita to meet Mij- Gish, who is there on business. k!rs. Lee Nbftzger and Mrs. Reed ar i in Wichita attending the Road Show. / ' • . ! i —Ctdafemina. fenor, had seven re .nra enfcagenents at Elgin, HI. Miments Musical CInb presents hi n with Edna Coates, vIoUnlst, Ei Illy Harris pianist, ' Thursday nlirht, 8:1<1 o'clock. First j -V. E. C^vnh. adults; 3.5c children. ^Irs. A.<A. McKlDstry of Chanute Is visiting in the home of her CO lain, Mrs. f^wrence Berry, 422 N. Walnut Mra. McKlnstry came uij with the R. .\. A. ladies of Chanute, who were guests of tlie lola loiga last night Mrs. W. L. .Marple of. 6O2I North Kratucky I treet returned home last night trod a visit with her | sister, M^s. Edwin BIddlnger and jfa^iiy atj Pratt. Kaus. Bert Reed of .Mont Idja, Kans.. a brother of Mra. Marpie, vho also htfs bee^. visl Ing in Pratt, aocompanled her home logr a short visit before returning to bis home. i • — '• Mrs. Norman'Lowe received the sad news of the deaih of htr broth- .er,.-Morrlil Werceri , ^ho p^aed away at the hospital in Muijkogee. Okla.. February 17. • His body ar- ritred Saturday mornliig frqm his .Home: in Tulsa and w^s taken to the liowe home -where funerll «er- vljces were conduced at 1:30 that afternoon by Rev. J. E. Reynolds. Haator of the CbrlaUai chiJrch, of r <^la and was laid to >est]tii the fl^y. lot at Bronaon, ^aojia^, ^. mostly $13 .i >0(ri:ll|.00; heav $13.25(fi 13.75 mostly; few $12.25(?; 12.50: choice handji lambs held abovej412.50: sheep hre steady; desirablej fat ewet $8.0U'?r 9.00; best held higher; fee( in^ ^nd shearing Iambs firm. Chicago Grain. Chicago. Feb. 23. (AP)}-(^Io[;e: Wheat: .May;$1..39>/«; to %'rf;i,: JUly $1.33',^; Sept. $1.30>^. I Corn: May 75% to 76c: .Tuly 8 I'i to %c: Sept 8314 to %c. Oats: May 44 to Vgc; Jnlv 44 )c; Sept 43J4C. Rye: May $1.05% to $1.16; jiily $1.0.? V4 to %: Sept .IS^c For Finance Comralss! oner.! —I hereby announce thjat I a candidate for the office mlssioner of Finance. City primary election March vote and support will bf appreciated. A. H. HECOX. lanjvbs weiglit-s wei ;htj - iain of Cijim- of lOla. Ypiir greatly rHESTCOLDS VIC Apply oyer throat a id c^t —cover with hot San M1 doth. Ilorville Init H|ets The llorfllle Uiiir .,i| bdrcail- ladies iiiei 'I'm niiiiii Willi .Mrs. I' .Mrs. Syvenid and • .M pave the work wlilili v a; forin and iiialjI«K fimcy-: ,1^ worlt slilehes. The iiekl nurl.iiik • f will he Willi .Mr:;. Auslii north of lola on the firtU Wejlne.-f- day atternuon in .Man Clara 1 lowland will giv! rful iiter- ghf^ seeil ini he |f;y-l,l •lay jilt, ilii- iiytoii s. Clji a^ iiiiikiiif; ' - 11! U!>< ) concern ;.l--iiilii'rs of i«ie ll'-iidei 011 lonbt that (jiiaiiiuiiaino is i|ni!e iit- !r..\j lalii ah( ri'tl car; ,V:t i-.l. gua Fo readi ilolmcs a Candidate. iteresiiug developmetit in, 's: .sjiriilg canipiiign i.s tlu- 1 •emenl published today lIuM IV. Hijit.'ie.s lias linaiiy con- I H ':';s to heconift a .c:indidate for i L -o of P 'iiKiiKro -Coniniissioii-: has bfi'ii ; known for some 1 "^'''^ ' 1! till- frieijd.^ bf .Mr. Holmes ' giiig iiiiii to enter the ra<r, ' '••y-' .s. not until today tliat ite.'!'"?''' ounceil hi.s consent. • ''"'i ni '.U :1 Ih. h-.-i oil Holmes, like the other two , iilales. has been a resident of |'I'"< • so loni; a time and has j cone con.spicuou.sly identified j of vie life tliat he netids noi.-^irtp tion. For many years, un- jliavc beginning of the present i i^^'" tratioii. he filled Ihe oitice crdi ; i)l).<'ji|veil, hiiiLl 'S ..I III n 1) ::r rij o f hi.• thi bed ai- fa\! he ived •m Ir.r)l of c!e:-k. jierforminK all its •••(if ^rtriiitriel ru %v ri(tir 1h ;:t 'the 'to4n, and if ho.sicii •ononi |aMy and faithfully, lliiis ti:<.siir.!nci'<'that in any oilier le could confiiloiilly !)e His long service as citvv-r'.u atnrally has made him fa- | |*-itli the fiiiancial affairs of that he should l)i 10 I lie office of Kinanc |;sli)ii<'r he would at; on In faniiiiar ground. • i.,.;ii For KInaure ('(iinnilssloner. uial. - ft. ll '-reby aiinoiinc<> that 1 am a \\ s'-aiii Idjile for Ilie office of* foiii- (oju llls ^jio^le^ ()f Finance of the Cily of wiil 1 (1 Sliiiir ^;re;illy appri crlal e ' j'jppfirl of (lie voters al the ap- . )•. \ WilU; priiiial les. J. I). ,AKNI-:TT. • M - — • 111 lephoneyoiir Chi.ssified Ads wmi Yard j;t I'l Thai llii-t! they look t HeluW. the .u ^STO DESCRIBED i 'da- liii- inlr h T|-f-• PAG: Floy iMcGIasjha^. A^tei^ds j Sta^e .HuMe Teachers CpuTennon » Lawren cfr—;neasle4 Amoiig^ Stadfjuis. j ^Mrs.iG. W iford) t MORAN. Fe^b. 21.—Mr and" Mrk AValter Cline | r^turn^ Saturdt y afterncon from a few days vlst with .V r Clinics steter, Mrs.' L. "V r. Dow^^, :Lnd familiy at Ponca CU:% Okla. J Mrs. Warreii Veast. of near Parsons." Visited iovbr the week, enjd here vjith hor | brother, I Frank Shoem; ker and jitber relatives. .Miss Thompson of. the iMora^ high s:booI facilty Visited, — the wtek end \ilth Velatives iH Kiiicait. , I Kueb iu Armstrong 'yand moved last w;eek from the, Titpmpi on farm liiortHwest of tow 1 to the Walter Ciine farm «|ast qf town o 1 the ciemteiit highway. .Miss Floy Mcdiashan expects t> go to Lawrence | tills iWeek jwher^ ifamil)' J. I. she will attend teacberti' <ronven lihe lliin.- Istate musi: Whiltj thei^e T^llintojf Them. I>a:lt .-iitveral weeks a.s he [laper <if course I ave the Uegibter lias 1 een at intervals de-scrip tive iiiut 'he various 'iiKfusp la. Tiie>-o ;ir<ii;Ies V onlj of the Kecisd port itta it| oth 11 nior icie.'; ij.rabl ve.!<ijj the «get| of vet the eriiji a IV. .]. i'. Sell, I- them iu the inj r work wliich is Jiey ;have liot li rp(;nlarly .l iiave attracteil cojnment; liowej ter nianagemunt >a! I a I K nai I mif two liiili li' and I .MrH. hi- kv which w tlon/" 'Those' nd, Mi-s. I 1 lowland U be "Kooil .-ind iresent were: {.Mrs. SV VIM ;i ;lra HoVvland.j .Mrs. iLewl and ; children.; Lowisj anjd | Margaret-, Mrsi Denning, Mrs. ton. .Miss Vide-Fetherngill, .\nn.a Fetherngill. .Mrs. Austin. -Nellie Au.stiu, .Mrs. Ilice. Mrs! fiiian. Mrs. Patterson and Grand-j nia Patterson. , | (lea of pnblishinj^ all ifier Avith similar jlliu indiistrjes wliich leen jd<-.-;i-ribed in paper We have 1. veil -Mr; C. H. 1 fl. -Moi. an exiperio ;in Wjlio will givej :> rewijiting the art havo appeared |lar ones about thi !stii($. and Iwe wo or, three week ompleted. Whe iri> ill hand they ert': ^r 'M Ler-! the eeii f . f .•cr. has she Willi be the guest bf friends. Dr ( ,'S. Laraljeth aid family tjf lola vi iited rilatives 1 ere Sjunda; Effie and Oma' Oliphant, aenlo ill the high school. !are ill ^f measlei and while every precaa- lioii h:s been taken tc prevent an epidun ie ot this jdiseasi^ it-is/f#ared now tllat there- has be<ln a liumhi of exiMisure.H, especially among tpe high : chool pupils. . I • ' i .Mr and . M I'H.J ClareiJce Siirith Ifda Isiled Sujuday at thfe. J .Norto I lionit!. i' ; f Wil iier Smith and family Yateis Center, ilrove bver i |}un( afteri 0011 and via'ted k short tl witii nir Smithrs slhteK .Mr?. AVJal- lef Wood-a^id family. • Mr and Mrs. Kd Davis aiid el 11- dreii jvislted; .Mrs. IJavia'a broiler, Mr. Audersbn and'family | in Ida Sniuidy.afternobn. .Mrri. .Margaret Wright has Aot been sn her jiisiial health recen ly but her many, friendsl hope wjth the re urn of; plJEa -sant |weather sjie will sdon be. improved. Blrtftday SnrprW Party. Saturday evening the JLaHarpe Farm] tjielii families togeth btirsland friends m* of Mr and Mrs.'wal a surprise. The«ven antly spent with mu: ii As it was Mr. Cro^ he wa^ asked to 'do and chose Johii Pag both: doing their p UVLU. Ut71U& VUCH ....... lunch was served, rijo ;e who attended were: Mr 4?d ^'''^- ^- ^• Crowell, Mr. Willarcf^r iwell. .Mrs. THREE ^ a ladies of reau and ' irith-neigh- the homo Crowell aa was pleas^ ind games.-, s birthday "ew stunts; a.ssist him weU. A -eil McCami)ioy, -Mr Alice McCambley. Mr Hirires, Miss; Melvjn Turner, Mr Smoot, jjlfss Bessie and Mrs. John Page lis, Mr Steve Weil h Iftine Weith. Mr. and Wallls,: Mrs. Lamb. J Wm .i Newman, .M •. Sweeney, Mr and -• and Mij. and Mrs. J Club{ Reporter ., Davis, Mr. ihid -Mrs. H. Bmoot Mr afjd son, Wil(Miss JOse-- jMrs. :Nelsoni i.Mr! and Mra.i nd Mrs. ^lii. apradley ftl Reeves.—1 KG BAKING POVV^DER SameMrice far over 35 years tor BULLIONS of] BY THE! POUNDS, GOVHRNMENT iGuarantee^ UBElf £NT. - Pnr^ PRYGOpDS-WdMiNS WEAR-MILI I W ERY Northmp BIdgL formerly [occupidd hj James Kid afdson IpI^'S POPULAR STORi:) ^howii|g the Neii^|est $pring Shades in • tK)NT CATCK Let Thia Wonderfji peabiutnt Kmtp YOB 5i« Be qmck-^be kure Deal primptlif with a old. iUse the most efficient, most Complete help. That Is'jHlLL'S, It la! so Ideal that:we paid $1,000,0(0 foi- it HILL'S stops the cold in 1 4 hokirs., checks the fever, opens th< bowels.l/'^rJ tones the entire sy.sti<m. Mill ons now fenjoy It Start It toi ay. !:r .i „-i. I T'S when you get run wn and out of sorts that you catch t aid easily. ! Plsyaafel Keep yourstjlf fit. The secret of fitness is your Btomsoh. Keep it on its job proper lyT^y takipiz Dillingham's I^ant Juice reatment ahd let your invi.i;orated bod;' fi^ht off the germs of coughs aqd cold i. Mr. Jam4e A. Glover of 810;4'Broad ray, Camdoi, N. J.. says:- | "Threeyearsagbtsuffe edfromstooi- ach trouble. I, wq'uld b y awake half the ni(|ht, and monoings would feel ail in and dead tired. Hearii gabout Plant Juice I started urihg it^ md it yfoa nlo timb i>efore I was :ieelm; like myaelf. My Btomsch never giVca me the !ea4t bit of 'tr6uble now. I diep like a tcp, and I awake feeling fresh ha a daiiy ate as bright aa the new day^and have ndi> hadanacheo'rpainintwcf years.'l : ! Thia pleasant tading reooiedy is m&da from herbs, feaves, ^aota, root!,! barks and bloasoms—and nottiun^ elsej. Gently and naturally it w^ stir up yotir duggiih liver and rtimulBte your bowela It wiiFMAKE them do what Natbra in- teodod them to do. >nd your ayateih will be cleaa and vigoro^, jiour blood wUl be imre and rich, your body will be healthy anid full of pep. I t Ask yotir druggist for the cirigjD^ IKUingnan^'fl Plant Juioe,ifar over thirty lytocoiighdandcofcfal .<w« [ PI X ice

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