Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 2, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 2, 1898
Page 4
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To Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Accoun Love that Alter*. " ****l«"<"'ove that altcra when (t alttrntlon finoji." That la one of the mibllmeM lines In all literature. It la the final definition of love By the world's jrreatoBt reader of the human i nd l~, Sb ? kc 'P eal ' e ' Nearly nil women Who truly love, love la thla nublimc way. Men seldom do. Woman's most Rlorlous endowment Is toe power to awaken and hold the pure •nd honest love of a worthy man. When •Be loses it and atlll lovc.i on, no one In the wide world can know the henrt nifony •he endures. The womnn who milTcri from weakness and derangement of her special womanly organism noon loses the power to sway the henrt of a inntt. Her aTeneral health suffers and nhc loses her good looks, her attractiveness, her amiability and her power and premise ns a woman. Dr. R. V. Pierce, of liiifialo. N.Y., With the assistance of hia staff of able phy- •(clans, haa prescrilwd for runny thousands of women. He has devised a perfect and scientific remedy for women's ailments It Is known as Dr. Picrce's I'avorlte I'rcsrrlp. tlon. It Is a positive specific for nil wrak- Dttstt diseases, dlsortfers, illsplnccinents, Irregularities, and debilitating drains pe! cullar to women. It purifies, regulates •trenirthens and heals. Medicine dealers •ell it, and no honest denier will advise you to accept a siib.illliite that he may ffl»ke a little larger profit. * "I was afflicted with kidney nnd 1 have always lind o torpid liver." writes Mrs. I{ Crosaarhlte,ofDiiflhu, I'.rnth o,., Tcxm. •• wiirn I commenced your medicine I \vn* no| nble to atand on my feel. I innl one Mil!- ,>r Dr. Plerce'ii Favorite Prescription nn,l (Ivo vlnls of his 'Pleasnnt Pellets.' I nm now well. I hvlrl BM walked In lour niontln when I cotninrnced Hie treatment; hut in ten clnya I win able to Walk everywhere." fiNMHRSKRV Some Suggestions in Lieutena Southerland's Report. ILLINOIS HOVS (flVll.V CKKIM' The Slnln {'urili llmlrrl Mnn- onin-i- ni Mm, t,, II,„ N,,,,,| .Minim rlinii ,\i Oilier- (;|, 1Mr , ,,r Nnvnl Hi'si-i vi'« Nhmil Hi? )-:>iri>lli.fl r,, r j.-jy,, »>nr» (li'iii'ii Vi'Iioi>lnr 1'rnl.i.. Si.lilln. inini Inn waml, Midi., Inr Tlirlr Ilinvciv. \VnPlllriKton, Die. 2.--.AH«|ptant Sect < Inry .Mien |i rtH made rniln'lr (In- i-epoi of (lip nnvnl mllllla dm-iiiR lhc win wit Hpnln, as (iiin]iili'ii Ijy 1,1, utcniint W. II 11. Boutin-Hand. In chilli;- ,,f tlint ill vision. In Die re/«irl III • stair nf II, mils ciiNily take." |rniid,-i v,-r n others. || i-niiiriiiiiti.. ( | innri> nlllcci ami niMi ID the naval inllltlii thnii m:> other flute, innl Imd tin- hirer"! f" toady I'nr di'i-vlie ,it tin- opei.lnf. of tin Will'. llllnnlH fill -Illsll'-il lllltetci-11 II ('<'!•!< innl 7«!i men to HIP mivnl »ervl All voliiiileereil fi-r tin 1 «nr and si lletiVf fervlie III every Hi-III nf Mill III!' Clll'llll HIHl I'M] nivixiim »i tin. i!,..,.I,,.. TJ]P IlilMil.w reserve* u-e;-e ( nilliillR the warshlpy, 17 belli): . Illdlllllll. till on tile llrecon, 41! . Lancaster, do or: the (Mm Inniitl, thr MnntKiiim-ry, ull the Yale. .~«7 i llH' Ynnkton, 17 the San Fiiinii!- nnil til her*; M ,111, IIIIIOIIK iliiriv uT l At tin' tin-lit nf Jl'.l'l" Plnlei.- liiivlm; mi lions, with a ton ly ' i u,- n tln< :u ...n ii Ol , n,,, Ni'np''rt, si Hi.- lliitvai.l. H:i i, n n Mi- Ni'ivnrli, >• "n . .: ,,,• t)\ P "Th" -Jerir- "tli • - miilntc- . s.'i-v... In much ro- thn mei-- Xpi'l'li'tlec The Kidney Complexion. Tho pnlo. nnllowi Htitiken-nhcfec, dlntressert lonkln^pooployuu no oftun moot are nmicttitl wilh "Kidney (lorn- plpxlon." Their ktdnoyH rero turning to a pars nip color. Hn Is tholr complexion. They mny also have Indigestion, or Buffer from HlonplcniinpFB, rliQutna- llflm, notiral(jia, hrnln iroublr-B, nnr- vous exbntntian and dometlnie-i the henrt nct« badly. Tho (jniitio In weak, unhealthy kid- vB. Ueunlly the nulTerer from kldimy dCBBe.doofl not find out what the .rouble in until II, it almost too Intn, >eo(tuBn the drat Byrnptorns are BO ikn mild BicknoBB thnt they do not lilnk they need a medicine or a cloo- or until tbey find themnplven sick In )0tl. Dr. Kilmer's Hwamp Hoot will bnlld ip nnd Htrotijclhen ttielr wonk and ImiAHod kl()noy», purify tholr d/s- aned, Itldnuy pulsoned blood, clear bi'lr complexion tind soon thny will n|oy bottpr health. You cnn ffet tho regular sizes nt tho ntfr Htopp, nt Mi! and 81, or you may rut prove for yotircplf tho wonderful IrltiroB of this Rroat dlfloovory, <wamp Root, by nendlngyour addrcas o Dr. Kilmer & <\>., Binghnmton, N. , for a anrnple bottle and a book mt toll- all about It, both sent to you moltitely free by mall. When writ- ng kindly mention that you read this >ornl offer In tho Tur,K<iRAPii. •mi: XKMM n Jo loll. ilod 1>y his nrk for the ' In I.nul.ol- eoiup Irreen h/ivfl N.'illnriiil Atbletlc 'hey will llRht th.! Mil.. llRfi.l nf Ilio hoiinl of dl- N;itl il.'tMil mil hank of 'i! 'ft K" Into •ars. Is dead •fiwwttnc MFIrtt-elMi !nnr>| Mo« OompuxlM, FOR SALE. Tn« Dr. Hardy property oornor 6th and Alby it*. Lot 120x120 feet wltli 2 dwellings. A 4-room dwelling on Eaaton street bat. 10th »M IHh its. »LoUBil20 foot, Prloe$700. the rtaldenoa ot Qeo. Klrsoh on Belle street! B rporas and bath room; In good re air. Tot ID-room resldonoe of S. H. Nlohols ot t*ntdonst. Lot 70x170 foot. A flne location. A Ones-room dwolllng (nearly now) with bath roomj heated by turnaoe; InMlddlotown. ~he flne lot of David Doyle on Bluff atreet ^14-room brlok dwelling. ,_ le J. H, Tonsor homestead containing about Otantt flue. 10 room dwolllng (fruit ot all kind. Some fine lota on Bluff street with brlok paving and ieweri no grading, in T. L. Foulda add A flne It-room brlok dwelling, heated with "earn. Ix>tia>xl» feet; flne fruit; half blook Worn Henry atreet. S A desirable residence on Protpaot atreet with 'rooms, Heath with turnaoe. Lot SO teet on Prospect street. A fine property on thonorth aide ot Second •treat, west of Langdon street. . An 8-room dwelling with lot 120x120 feet) flne nit. One Ot tbe finest location In Middle Alton A 9-room dwelling with about IU aorea of and. Fine fruit and shade troea. 1 blooka i oar line In Upper Alton. In* lot on 4th street. .Tertl flne lota on Belle street between 15th | mb sta. A two story brlok atore and dwelling and a two itory brlok dwelling on same lot oornor of fad and vino sts. A good Investment. < fine lota on <th atreet near Mr. Garstaag rwtaraoe. The flne double dwelling of Mr. R, Qarutang Beatod by swam with modern Improvements. A very desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, 91 Belle street, with all modern Improromonts. Tile Plam Foundry, everything complete! In H lo lots) switch oonnectlon with 0, A A Novelty Mfg, Co. property on id atreet IK 4 lota. 4 One Iota In Highland Park, each 70 byabou i.- HI Imperative. rrv. s. i:> (. r mince of^i niitimiii' n.-ivnl the of n hi, h tr llnni'i. iniif.1 not h,. pu,,.,.,! u \« chant nimine nlmie. This hns shown that ,-i eonsldeniMc part of tho rncrcliunt imn-lne will lie dritwn Into Dip sorvlci.' of tlie iinnj' In (nuispari duty, whlpli. of eoui-se, innlnrliilly reduces tlin dims mini which the niivy would hope |o fret UH cnllHlerl men. Were Full of I'litrlotlinn. "AltlmuBh thpse orKurilziitlons, rnmiy of wlr.ifli; ini.'inlioi-H wen" recruited outside the Dftafni'lna; fliiHS. fullud to fully meot tlin remilrenipnts nf tho ease, thu-y were nil uium which the general ffo v. ernment liad to draw at tin; lii'Klnnlne; of the war. Too inueh emmot lie unld of tho piitrlotlHtn dlHpliiycd tiy n nui- Jorlty of the memliers of thess nn,'mil- zatlont), ninny of whom. nlthotiKh they hnd never been to Ben Ijeforo the must knew thnt they were to face nut only the dangers of war, but hardships HI which they hnd nover been HI'CU.H- tomt'd." Lieutenant Sduthorlitiid nays the clauses of naval inllltlii shotilil lie enrolled for five yenrs and In BU.-II cliiHsesi should lie Inclinlecf those who Imvo served In the present war and nil others who nri? connected wilh the sen service nnd not In the regular naval entiil). lisliinent. . I'ltAlSISI) IIV WIUCKI.KH. Ironu-onil,, C'liinpniiy U'lilcli k. rut his InriRiie and then passed it throtii;)) 111? inoulh. Knocking out a lie w 11 ciirried to the rear mid sup- isid to he innrlally wounded. He is hrutiKtit on n ti(in«port lo the Unlt- .'-'tntPt; and put in the LOUK Islmid llej-e lio.«|iltiil. where he remained un July 1'7 until (Jet. 3. He Is now niliiiriillvply u well i, mn . His re- nkiible recovery II.IH attracted much leiitlon In the niPdleiil world Ills :ne jtliiiwc u hie Hear where the liul- icurly ml u in twain. lie was in 1 llrliiK line when wounded and wan iiciflstjiij; h|.« ivoiinili.'it caiJtuln. Me was Mi'lpplnp mi artery In the hitter's lo? wlien the bullet »lrucl< lilm. Ueforo JuilK'' .Mrf;<:i|s of Mnrir.ette, he has applied for a pension, mul the latter will hi" oliilm lo tin' per.slnn depnrt- Trlnl In Lynch Snrgi.uiit lli'ckcr. Atlanta, On , Dec. 2,—A special from Athens, Oa.. says: Private Kelly, Company r, Mi! New York, who wtis shot l.iy Qunrtei-master Sergeant Becker, Cnnipnr.y M. snme regiment. Is dead of his wounds There was a genera! light In c.'ompany C's street caused by ton much whisky, and the friends of teet. Prloa A ill room dwelling on State «tre«t. 1,060. A good f-roim dwelling on Second i treat. Two ^nn >ot*i on Alby atreet: Ike double brick dwelling, corner Thlra an« »lby atreete, one ot the flneat locations In Alton A too* 7-room dwelllngi goad lot and fine r»rvl»w, A »«w tan roam dwelling In Upper Alton, good A good 1 lot »0iloc teet on Baston street. _ Agood brlokdwelllngwIthaU lotslc Middle-' ' Iowa. Convenient to motor Klna looatloa. A ( fond InvMtment The flno reslrteno* ot Albert Wade on Belle Mr*et, with 10 rooms and flnlahed attlo, bath and'waah rooms. Good cellar, Oaa and water •table uu carriage koueo. Lot »s tot ifont, M Poru)» or not, other desirable property not **Airoom'brlek dwelling on William itreet. Price, i*7Ki. • -A Iroom dwelling with a good lota on Fifth ariet, eastof ttldge itreet. Price. II,MO. A food Broom brlok dwelling with 2 lotion A good 7 room dwelling with nne river vlr.w, haatedby hot water. KOR RUNT. Tie two itory brlok dwelling with 8 rooraa.on BeUeview avenue now occupied by J. Moulton. *> A>-room dwelling on 3rd itreet with bath room with modern flxturea. JNew atore room and two <-room tenamenta with bath room; and atreet near Cherry The L, J. Clawaon homeatead In Upper Alton With 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied by Mr. Qeo. LOTIS. Poaaeaalon Klvon by July l. REAL ESTATE, INbURANCE, and LOAN AGENT flOOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. FOR SALB4 building Ipt 60x145 on Liberty atroot Grove and Franklin, for uuo. a farm 8 mllea aouth of Brighton, .—-__cultivation,one-halt good paature, 91,000. A bargain. ; 'Anew two story brlok modern dwelling near ittMjOpnerot Third and George streets. I JA u-room dwelling house with large lot on |Mfioa ttnet aoulh ot Twelfth street. g No. 621 eaat M. Good atreot ooo atory frame dwellln, ' -, torMWO. LotOOxl frame dwelling house and another i, all on one lot In good location wn. Renta for $38 per month: 8-room nxldenoe on mate street on JTVkxIM on Oak atraet between the t Big Four R. K. traoka, aullablo for or manufaoturtng purposes, "on vast side of Alton atroet, bet. tor S800, tana In Jaraey county, halt mil* ttlon by rail or rlrer. bualtieu property, corner lad „_ ata., on eaay terms. double frama italdenoe, new and al ipnroTemonta, situated on Fourth at., i (tra wltti neoeasary bulidlngs naar • -ulUbi* for a <liry, >le a«d profluble business Iroiiwtiod, Mich.. Dec. 2.—Company 11 Thirty-fourth MIohlRnn. of this city, has liuen mustered out. The Kovorn- rnent paid from $10,000 to $11,000 to tin- soldiers. The imj-H as n whole are In good condition and only eluhtoen applications for peiiHlonH were sent In after their compensation had been paid them. A letter was read to the company ivhlch WHS received by Captain K. J. Hates a few duyH a»o, from Ueiieral Joe Wheeler. It rend as fnllown: "To the Ofllcers nnd Soldiers of the Thirty-fourth MfchlKnn Volunteer Infantry: When your country culled upon the tirnve men of the west to rally to the standard which waves us the. emblem of American liberty, you wen' nmong tht> llrst to respond. You Kindly faced the torrid HUH and the disease of a tropical ellmuto. You bravely hastened lo the lire lino In front of Santlnfio uiiJ nobly ,H,J y(lur dll(y nj| heroic snlillers during tills short hut sharp fitmpalRii In which you well pe r . formed your part. Our country was elevated to u leading position among the greatest nutloim of the earth. To those of your comrades whose lives became a BHcrlllco to the cause you HO Jravcly upheld we reverently bow our heads and perpetuate tln-lr memoi-lra n bidding you adieu. with my whole heurt I say, may Oml B |ve you his bleNsInK "D. JOSKI'It V. ..KKI.RR "A1«J. fieri. U. s. A., ComnmiidliiK" This letter bniiiKht i lieer after elu-er for "KlKhtlriB Joe." and he will lon K bo remeinlieriHl liy company II. WOIIK (>.\ I-K.\KK ntKAT\. Ilullef Tlliil II Will He II,,,,,| v \Vlllllll il \Ve«li. I'UrlH, IVf. -.' The work or (|,e peure coinnilswIdiiH is pro, e,.,iiii B rapidly and unk-sH there | M mi nnexp,., led hllch the treaty will tie slmied within ;i week General WeHley .Merrill who h, 1K u rived here from I.,.,!,.;,,,,. I,-..IV|II K wife conv.ilesieiil there, was in enn, tatloll with the Alllerleaii eoniliilM. all the tiiornliiK relative lo the eon, lions and n»i-cxKa.r.v nieiinures In ih I'hlllppliif islmiils Keneial .\lerrltt ex peetH to Hall for New York on lie,. |o und hopes lo roMime bl« duties In c n ||. fornlu or New York until bin niBiit, eighteen monlhs heiiee. Major Hale, of ilencral Merrltf.M stalV who IH now here. hellovi'M the I States, ImviiiK taken tli,. Pbilippi, nnds, will now have no trouble in , liiK the releii^e ,,f the Spaniard;. are held prlnuneni i,y AKU|IUI|I|O Arri.niK Bi'dier say th" dead was merely a upPftalor. Intense ind Jjatlon prevails nmons the men ,..''H company over the sliootlnB. Immedlntely after It? occurrence iVi-MiiK ran hl^ii with tbem, and they made un attempt to lynch lleeker nnd ivere onl.v prevented from cxei-utliiK their design'by thu hurried arrival ,,r the provost suurd. Troii|i» Oil' for Culm. WnAhlngtdn. lift-. S.— Major Oenerul, eominandiiiK at Savannah, has li'lcKrnplifd the war dcpiirtmcnt ns follows i-espeellnn i he departure of the tniiiHpons Manitoba mid Chester with troops aboard for Cuba: "Manitoba, with (Jenerai Snycler mid Fourth Ten- neHsee. elenreii hero nt KM', this morn- Ins:. Chester, with the Fifteenth Infantry left tier fuu-lmnige nix mlk-M lielow tin.' city about th,.. same hour, and Is probably now on sea Bulling- for Cuba. KMo iiilKhl have been at the bottom of it If she had none out the day she started, riinnma still here." Mum Nimnl*!, SnIillei-H Snll. Havana, Dee. L'.--T|H> Spanish tnitiH- port Helria Maria Crlsllna, with (5en- eral Hernandez V'elnsco's Plnnr del Klo division of i.Odc men. has sailed for Spain. The tratiHport San Y^naclo. lutvlne on board the bodies of tho Spanish j.'oiieralM. Kanlm-Hilo and Vent del lley, and the former censor, Carlos Norena. sails on Dec. 0. In order lo complete the evacuation of Cuba before Christmas the Spanish government has chartered several more transports. ,„ le NIIWH rirn»lii|{ in Spniitarda. Madrid, Dec. i.—Advices from the Philippine islands say the Insurgents there have decided not to recognize the cession of the Islands to the United Slates, and that they will resist to the last. It is also claimed that HIP United Stales will require 70.000 troops to put down the rebellion, and it Is alleged that the Insurgents hold 10.000 Spanish prlHoners, whom they will force to serve against the Americans. Airiilniildn u Aftoi- C'nsli. Madrid, Pee. 2,-It Is stated that the government bus retclvecl an Important cable dispatch from tho Philippines un- nouni'lin! that Agulimldo, the Insurgent leader, demands $1,500,000 for the release of tho monks held prisoners by the Filipinos. JllfS. SAMIKKSON MAV (JO FHKK. Allnriii-y guy* || (l \vi|| I'rnve Her HUH- biinil Dli-,1 uf Nil!ill-ill Oiivim.a. Haltle Creek. Mleh., Dec. Z.—W. A. Crosby, Mrs. Sanderson's attorney. Kayo he IH Moinu to clour his client by proving that her husband died from natural causes He will hot say what the evidence will l>:\ but he says It Is conclusive He will also show limv the glass clinic to lie In the stomach, lie hus received from John McTruliii! of Vlcks- Inii-K. Miss., a man unknown to him, a letter KlvliiK instances of suspected '-poisoning eases In that state whl'-h dlil not "pan out." He Incloses samples ol ground glass he found In lof'lee one morning, and he says It oinniiin to tlnd It In sugar and coffee. The croKs-cxainlniitlim of Marie Hob- orison, ilu- M-rwint K lrl, has been concluded . rli Jeff i -1C.m. rue r'rinli. bn^ left N ••diith. II.. will ,;o t., blf mi it. I'III! >'r> pilot! .III'! (lei lii-er. malclu-d by tli Huh. Han Fninelf .1. last of ppe.-mhor John Hray di-d In Mexl 107. At n meet I rectum of th,. PprliiKflold. o. \ r o]iintJlry ]}>t, .lame." Mali! nt Washington. Ind. It Is said trouble is browing between Germany and the Congo Free State toiii'liiiiK the boundary of Congo territory north of Lai,.,. Tantranlkn, r.innle (lurncti M- U S- kldnniied nt (loslien, Ind., while mi her way to Ft-hool. A man giving his r.amo as Charles Walker, nnd his lesldenie Quebec, has been arns|..,l at l.y.nis. Frnnci'. for attempting In rob a hank messenger. Two liccomplli i-s e<--capeil. James Htlliman of Now York hasglven J.'iO.iWI' lo Harvard college to cover tbn cost of land and btilldlngH for a projeet- t'il liarcar.l Inrlrmary. Albert .1. Andrew.-! of Whltewalor, WIs.. Hleil n petition in bankruptcy In the I'lilted Slates ,-oiirt at Milwaukee. Tho llabilltlef are placed at j;,3,/r.6. with no assets. Dr. W. p. K-lnsloc and T. p. names report thnt a volcano IH In active eruption about fifty miles from Alltn City Alaska. " John Cross, n farmer living near Decorah, la., fatally shot his daughter and then killed himself us u result of a quarrel with Ilu; girl. At Sioux City, In.. Krlimmd Pendleton has been appointed trustee for James nnd H. D. Uouge. Jr.. now In voluntary bankruptcy. Liabilities aggregate J.100.000. largely occasioned by In- dorsements. Assets nominal. Fnlluip of Isn't'ii n. SiiH-iiil. Toledo, O., Dec. L'. —Isaac D. Smend. at one time one of the wealthiest men of Toledo nnd known from ocean to ocean as a manufacturer of ventilating and heating apparatus, has Hied u petition In bnnkrupto I" the United States court here. Smoad places his liabilities at $1100.000 so far as lie knows, with no assets. His creditors art- banks and commercial houses In every large city In the country, and debts very from 36 cents to $47.000. Smend was at ono time aole proprietor of the Isaac D. Smead & Co. of Toledo and Kansas City, half owner of Smead. Wills & Co., Philadelphia, and two-thirds owner of the dmcad Foundry company of Toledo. SciKvin-eil for- Wife .Mill-del-. Detroit, Dec. 2.—William Sonusky has been sentenced to life imprisonment upon conviction of murder of his young wife, who had left him on account of his dissipated habits. The woman lingered several week? before she expired. Neffl-oi!* <)o l<t I.lhei-la, Wichita. Kan.. Di-c. 2.—A colony of sixteen negroes has left Oklahoma City for Libel-In. It Is headed by an Intelligent farmer mimed Appleberry, who recently sold his farm on Fork .creek for $3,000. ^All have some money. When yon are fnervcus and sleepless, take Hood'H Saranparllln. It makes the nervoa strong Cand'j refreshing sloop. ' Rheumatism Oured in 14 Hours. T. J. Blackmore, of Haller & Blackmore, Pittsburgh, Pa., says: "A short time since I procured a bottle 01 'Mystic Cure." It got me out of the house in 24 hours. I took to my bed with rheumatism nine months ago and the 'Wyatic Cure" is the oni> medicine that did me any good. Tested and Tried For 25 Years Would you fee! perfectly Safe to put all your money in a new bank 9 Ono you have just beard of? But how- about an old bank 9 One that has done business for over a quarter of a oontury f One that hns always kept Its promises? One that never failed ; nover misled you In any way? You could trust such a banlr couldn't you? SCOTT'S EMULSION of COD-LIVER OIL WITH ; HYPOPHOSPHITES Is just , like such a bank. It has never disappointed you, never will. It has never deceived you, . never will. Look out that someone does not try to make you Invest your health In a now tonlo, some now medicine you know nothing of. 3oc. and $t.oo; ill druggists. SCOTT & BOWNE, Crumlsls, New York. nil: M;WS is nit IKK. y ny good. I had five of the best physicians in the city, but I received very little relief from them. I know the "Mystic Cure 1 ' to be what it IB represented and take pleasure in recommending it to other poor sufferers." Sold by S. H. Wyss, druggist, Alton. Distressing Stomach Disease Permanently cared by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. It is a cure for the whole world of stomach weakness and Indigestion. The cure begins with the UMt dose. The relief it brings ia roar- velona and surprising. It makes no failure; never disappoints. No matter how long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always safe. Sold by 8. H. Wyes. IJVIBine or Mr*. Toily. Albany. N. Y.. Dec. 2.—The defense opened Its case In the trial of Mrs. Margaret K. Cody for an alleged attempt to blackmail Ciporgc .1 lUmld and Helen Gould. Mrs. Cody (cstillcd that the effort to establish a man-luge bet ween Mrs. Kara Ann Drown Angell and Jay Gould In !Sfi3 was not the result of a conspiracy. She first learned of the alleged marriage in Denver, where slip resided In 1S9-1. .She iv.-is employed a.« a detective by Mrs. 1-Merce. who was tho supposed daughter born of the miir- rlapi!. The letters written to George J. Gould and Helen Gould in Isnti, on which the Indictment was based, were not written for blackmailing purposes, the witness testified. Turrlble TrnRPily In lawn, Davenport, la.. Dec. 2.—Frederick Martzen of (Jreen Tree, this county, shot his wife through the head, fataliy wounding her. and then turned his revolver upon bimself, killing himself Instantly. Mna-tzen was 35 years of age. and a farmer. Four small children- are left. Tho cause of the deed Is a mystery. M arizen and his wife were at home at the Ume and the crying of tlu> children called a neighbor to the house, resulting in the discovery of the dylii^ mother and dead father. Nlickl'ul <if .Hull Sfulfii. Alton, lllB.. Dec. '.'.—The front door of the Alton jiostofllce was pried open durlnff the night. The mallsack. which arrived from St. I.ouls late at night and. as usual, was put In tho vestibule, was stolen. The sack contained forty pounds of first-class mail, but the exact contents and_yiiHte an; unknown. W. W. Attar l>onali-» ip-.M.oiKI. London, Dec. 2.—William Waldorf Astor hns donated J25.000 towards the fund being raised at the Instance of General Lord Kitchener to found the C5ordon memorial college at Khartoum for the purpose of educating the Inhabitants of the Soudan. fMtvppn $">.W>t> nnd Jlftfi.WO win-In of tnl.'.'U'i M Mtori-d In HIP InMi.ipi] warehouse on Lewis' whurf. Ilislon, was desti-oyed liy the extremely hii;h tide of the lat<> flnrm. The tniKlees .'f Wellepley colleRe nn- nounci> :i i;lft of $;,i).titw fj-otn the Inle diaries T. \VI!d.-r ,,f Welicsley. Kmp.'i-iir Wllllnm. It is rumored. In- d'trils- In uHie for pii'.illentlon an nc- coiint of his- I'nle.Jtlne tour. The cnndidiiiy .if COIIKI" n.xninn Francis I!. iN'ewlnnds to succeed Senator Htnwnrt has li.-i-n nnntninced In Ne- \-iula. The Alashnn steamer Detroit wan wrecked on Shelter Island, twenty miles from .liinean. The tuetity-seven pas- senRers and the members of the crew were saved. ^Thi> dry Knnds store of ,1. H. Laird of Klrkwuod, UN.. Ivis been closed on ail attachment in favor of the J. V. Var- well company of t'lileiiKn. j fJeorge Jenkins. formfrVy a Imlldlng contractor of New York, hns tiled a petition In bankruptcy, placing his liabilities nt $7H1.;!UX; assets, $.'!:l,7tiU. Utt Urns., brick miniui'tictiirers of PprliiKlleld. Ills., have i?onfessed judgments iiitgregnllni; ST.HOO. -The total liability Is said to bo about JL'0,000. The steamer Coptic has sailed from San Francisco with MO Chinamen.many of them ordered deported. New Jersey's olltrlal count shows n plurality of n.•)!!!! for Mr. Voorhin, the Republican nominee for governor. The piirigreHslonnl delegation will stand six Republicans to two Democrats. The American Society of Mechanical Kngineers began Its annual session In New York with a banquet at the club house of the local society. Tax Collector Samuel L. Flndley of San Luis. Oblspo county, Cal., hns disappeared, leaving a shortage of from $10,000 to .jr.0,000 in his accounts. At a special election In Pennsylvania's Twenty-third district Congressman- elect W. H. Graham was chosen to (111 the unexplrecl term of Congressman W. A. Stone, the governor-elect. • The Rev. Thomas C. Hall of Chicago, son of Dr. John Hall, hag accepted n professorship In Union Theological seminary at J5.000 a veer. : jnu Di,,,,,,, 0 :..-.— -c:::r.£ r ,i;:t cc —. pany of Hirmfnffliom, Ala., has (lied a deed of Assignment. The liabilities are estimated at $200,000. CASTOR The Kind You llavo Always Boiiplit, anrt which hoa been In use for over 3O years, has borne the signature of > nnd litis been nitule under his personal Hiipervlmlou since Its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in tills. All Counterfeits, Imitations nnd Substitutes are but Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment. What is CASTOR IA Cnstorla is n substitute for Castor OH, Pnrcgrorlc, Drops nnd Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless nnd Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its ago is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Poverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation 'nnd Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of .4ii;ei-lc;iu Fruit Ilurrnd Out. Paris, Dec. 2,—The Journal publishes- a decree forbidding the admittance Into Franco of fruit mid plants from the-' United Stales. l)lll|l|ll-|l l),-,ld I,, „ Itl'Sllllll-llllt. Cleveland. <),. Dec. a.-An unknown man about 45 years of age suddenly dropped dead while In a restaurant on St. Clalr street. From a notebook , found In the man's pocket It Is thought I that he la W. N. P,, K( , of j, fl ne "j^ _ street, Rochester, N. Y. '"' Vrulmr Chicago In Coiiunls*!,.,,. Niw York. Dec. 2.-The cruiser Chicago, reconstructed and capable of much- greater speed than when she was taken out of commission over two years ago, hus been placed in commission at Hie navy yard. That „ Tlio quickest and surest 1 3 way is to take Dr. Hell's Pliie-Tai--' 7 lioney. A giiarniitecil cough rein-< *J idy. wholly I'liUke all others—bolter; I a,-Ls directl> on the mucous mem- 1 briines, heals the- lungs mid rCNplra-< Tory organs aud invigorated the 1 ? whole system. * DR. BELL'S i '•Tar-1 i Honey •. contains the concentrated healing ' [ virtues or old und" , tried incdlcinulageiitH, f e.\ triu-ted by a L>ew . scieiiLillc process, 2 | SOo nnd SI. [ Al nil ,!rui!Kl4l«,or tent upon , rierlplol I.IIOL- l,j , Tbn K. K. Kulb!rl«nd . • Bnlltlne Co., Fiduegb, S T The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. THK OCNTAUH COMPANY. TT MUHB*V STRKKT. NCWVORHOITV. i Burlington! BEST TRAINS - .•^^•^.,rif TO |Nebraska,Montana,PugetSoHiip f l»arci*. Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer ALTON TIME CARD (£•' T IB Fmk airf S«K MM» lad Lard, sod asm fictarer »l Saauti. CC* BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also belt of Tata and Chinese Noyeltles oc Hand. Chicago & Alton. 624 East Second at. 306 State ul Try Grain -01 Try Oraln-0! Aslt your grocer to show you a packajje of QKA.IN-O, the new foo driuk that takes the place of coffee Tbe children may driuk it without in jury as well aa the adult. All wh try it like it. GRAIN-O has that ric seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it i make from pure grains, and the inos delicate stomach receives it withon distress. One-half the price of coffo*. 16o and 2fio per package. Sold by al droggists. $100, Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water duriui sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. 91. Hole by 8. U. WjBS. Druggist, 662 Second st.-eet, Alton, 111. rofltabl* business prop, oooupled by good and HSximbrlo* raaldenct, i aoonvenlenl •a) location , on eaay terms. MU4M* at tbe Junction ot Boita and ). 0»cxJ renting property. — - building lota in llunterilowo Ua roUvr Drooeai in A fU about 4.0&0 Ini/blUnw? ILiaJ i Molaai* (or ono-hau the 'pur* building aultiW* (or store 01 '• Wgrtt* »»wbrio* ton. Tickets l»Ut A rilNKION. Nvillirnl, Who \VIIK Iliuj,,.,.,,! Won,i,led al la <'M,H.). flleuonilnce, .Mich, Dec. :'. John II. Bcnei-iil of Fort Worth. Net)., t , Sl .,^ geuiil of tlie Twcnty-necoiul I'nlted KlalCH resuliira, l» In the city on n visit to Ills ulster, .Mm., being furlouKh. lie serwd In the Hantlugi ciimpalKU und was seriously wounded in til.) light before l-;i faney. A .Mans, bullut struck him In II,,. M uie just in low the left shoulder lilnile, and |iasn- Injf tliroUKh the le:t Imie. and ulun K tin A Narrow Escape. Thankful words written by Mm. Adii K. Hart, of drotou, 8. I). "WUH takon with u bad cold which wttltul on my lungsj cough net In «ud finally tcr- minutoQ lu Ooiiuuinption. Four doctors gave me up, uaylng I could live but a short tlmo. I gave myself up to my savior, determined If I oould not aUy with my friends on earth, to meot my absent ones above. My husband was advised to get Dr. King's New Discovery for Ooiisuuiptiou, (Jonahs and Colds. Iifavelt a trial, toojfin «" «{«nt bottles. It has cured me, and thank ood I am saved and now a well and healthy woman." '.Trial boil leu free atR Marsh's drug store, itegular riae SO/«ud «t, - * or price refunded. I.U t' Mo,>|t l)i<it|i-o}-i-il by Mro, Menoniinee, Mich.. I ice. a.--Tile of Thomiis I'ow.-rs of Colfu.v \Vls destroyed by lire, together' with' lidivs and twelve lu ad of cattle. barn was four It Iota i vus Insured In the Dunn County Fiirm- 'i'7s' Mutual company. I'lni'il lur Vlulutiu,. Sun,luy Law. U.-«s,-iiiei-, Mich.. Dec. a.--J u ,| tfl . n a |, v Imposcil a line of j;5 each against An- ust Anderson und Ole of es.slcllle for violation of the riunday .osiinj law. Hoth are taloonkcepurtf. The Sure l.» urippe Cure. Thorn in no use sulTerlng from this dreadful malady, if you will only get tho rljria remedy. You are havinu uulu nil through your body, yeur liver IB out of order, have no appetite, no life or ambition, have a bjfd cold. In fuot are completely used up. Kleoti'lo Hitters In the only remedy that will give you prompt and sure relief. They ««t alrciotiy on your /<lver, Stomach find Kklnoye, tone up the whole system and make you feel like a new oe- ing. They are guaranteed to cure or price refunded. For sale at B. Mnrsh's drug store, only 60C per bottle. Whatdo IheChlldreqDrlak? Don't give them tea or ooffey. Have . HI tried the nf w food drink called OKAIN-0? It la dellolous and nourishing and takes the since of coffee. 'Ihe more ttraln-O you give tbe children the more health you distribute through their systems. Grain-O Is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about on«half as much. All grocers sell It. 16c nod $60 It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm la a specific for Nasal catarrh and cold in the head. This distinction has been uonieved only as the result of continued auc- cosuful use A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drug- KiatR or It will be mailed for 60 cents by Elv Brothers, 60 Warren street. New York. It spreads over tbo membrane, is absorbed and relief is immediate. Texas. The Missouri. Kansas & Texas Kail way Oo. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 8 and 30, with iluul limit of return to l!l days from date of sale. An uxcollent opportunity for hom«BAr>kers, tourist and inveitorH to view /or thomaclve the groat resources of the State. Fo further Information atlOrpgg John I, Williams, 1'. and T. Agl , 10!l N. Broad way, St. Louis, Mo. Pleurisy Pleurisy and pneumonia arefftv quently developed, in o very short apace of time, from n common cold • and, if such an ncute inflammation of the lungs ia not promptly allayed, tho worst may happen. \Vith the aid of i»r. Bull's Cough Syrup, however, you need not have any fear ; for this great remedy speedily subdues the inflammation, eases tho pain in breathing and always effects a cure m ".wonderfully short time. DrBulls Cough Syrup C f)rs. O. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. j Cor. and and Easion sis. Phones 138 and 171, Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Public OFFICE IDE Market at ruuuc. •8:10 For Peorla—''8:47 a"m,~10:05 p m. For Kansas City and tho West-' |8:20pm, «9:60p m. •Dally. fEicoept Sunday. ,•8:10 m, *B.'47 '47 urn, ly. . iSeejoint C. &A. and Big Pour time table for traiua between Alton and Bt. Louisi, | . F. SCI1USSLER,M.D, HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON OFFIOKUUD RBEPDENCK, HOTBL MADISON Tnleohonn too WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer le Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prloetto meet competition, Goods ««- Uv«ra4. elephone 1W. |OMIc« 107 Weit Secoqd Street Between Alton & St. Loufa. LY. Alton For St. Louis. At. Bt. L »i>» Adally ;7aOam * m . 034am .1028am ... ' Sat only. . ex-sun... J.. B ? 8Mp5..::;::::::8fl;$iy y ;: LvjBtLUS For Alton " ' dally. ....682 pm ... 706pm ... 9.21pm Ar Alton firs. B. C. «*//./?. Lemen UPPER AL.TON, ILL. DFWCB HOURB: 710 9 a.m; 11 to 1,«to 8p.m. TELEPHONE 87. Cures Pleurisy and Pnoamona. Dosi-s arc snuill out! plfasnnt to l recommend ft. 1'rlcl ,j ct». Doctor* )fflc« Hours: «• U B. ROtlLAND, DENTIST, nd 1 lo p, Ca.m. to U a m, W. THIRD Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHER. COR .THIRD AND P1ASA BTH , AJ.TON II.J DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager. Attorneys 308 Belle street. w / ir : ~i ' -:.-* .' 10 SfiME- NO SKIPPERS •' -IH'll MK.tT, l)«i.fnmwh - •' '' U. S. NIXON, Architect, and Superintendent PlauBj;and BpeoiaoaUoiu for Work Aooarately Farnlvbed. OFKICK OVSR ALTON 3V VINOfl BANK A LOCAL Disease, A Climatic A flection. Nothing but a local I'l'ini'dy or change of climate will ttir ell (Jot a well-known spooltlo, HlaqiiloklvAbaorboa Ulveii Kolliif «r onro. Opens and oleansea CATARRH T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profiles and Estimate Furnished. 305 Bella Street, Up 5Ulr§. 150pm J20P<n nOSpm Big 3 our, Bat only 840pm 900pm 1181pm Big Ft ..C A A,'daily... ..C& A, dally: . •£*A;d.r ? . 910pm .948pm .1006pm .U88»m THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND TMaf <RRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. BUFFET SLEEPEUj f— •• AMD m ______ i_ FREE RECLINING CHAIB e DINING STATIONS] BY THIE COMPANY.! Granitoid Paving Co. W. &JH. BEISER, Prop's. 813 EMt Sixth Street • Alton, 111. All kinds of Oranltold Work: Bldewalka, 9tepi, rioorlng, etc., done and the beati)uall- J7of "jfterlal and work ntnnUed Or«» bf Bill vlll raoclT* pronpk attanttan oM 710am 800am 10 oe am 1830pm ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent Ml BBLLB STKBBT. Monty to Lota on Improved RBNTB COLLBOTBD. Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAAT SECOND STREET a*aUia«a who appreciate flrat-olais. u| TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. •At MODERATE PRICES, Van are lorlM to otll aod tiMioe a» NtW STOCK OF GOODS Fom >1« by E. M «k ud8. H..Wyi«. ^ FIFTY CENTS, Jwnes Parker, Omr .|i%*, 4 fj,« j' 2 46 pro 446pm 428pm Ot 706pm L«»Te St. L, 741am 821am 1020am 1160am 800pm 609pm 6 &l pm 7GOpm Burlington Route. follows: (Suburban service) Dally Dally ei-Sun it eanday only Daly ex-faun ArrireSt, L •' 1 ™ Dally ei-sun r i Dally Dally ex-Sun Dally ex-Sun Dally ex -Sun I4upm 84Spm £40 0m 6IOpu i- Arrlre Altoi 8 Warn Q tutm 1116am Qj: St. L. K. ft N. W. Through aerrloe. C. B. ft. Q. (R| dge , Tloket Agent. Agent Bt.Ixiuls St. Jx)Ui8-P«ort« 18«. L. 0. *8t. P. Ry.j On and after Nov. IH ( uce tralna Alton an follow* : re Alton tor Peorla-•» w rill l« »a Wpm Bioapfsun •Dally, tBx-Siu. tBun only;

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