The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1966 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1966
Page 18
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Algonq (la.) Det Meinet Thurtdey, Nov. 10, 1966 wink \ditU "MY PAIR LADY" AT THE ALGONA THEATRE SUNDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY IT IS DIFFICULT TO PICK up a publication nowdays without finding at least one article on the high cost of living. Inflation may have replaced Viet Nam as the number one election issue. Food prices, especially, come in for a lot of lamenting and housewives all over the nation are organizing protest groups about them. Down here there's a movement to boycott the supermarkets, but I didn't sign it. Our family has to eat, and the only place besides the supermarkets to shop are the quick-stop "7 to 11" stores and they've always been 5 or 6 cents higher on every item. * * * STILL I FEEL THAT IT IS my duty to protest a little. And I don't feel as if 1 can do this without at the same time offering a few comments. * * * THE AVERAGE HOUSEWIFE, and 1 sure must be one of those, is baffled by economic theory. We look for simple, easy-to- identify villains. That's why so many of us blame the farmer lor high food prices. But I lived in an agricultural area long enough to know that the farmnr Isn't getting all that extra money seeping out of my food budget. In fact, Secretary of Agriculture Freeman says the farmer actually is getting lower prices today than he did in 1947. So I guess we'll have to blame the old familiar bugaboo, the middleman. * * * SOME HOUSEWIVES MAKE THEIR protests heard by complaining loudly at the check-out counter. I heard one of my acquaintances doing this lately. She was just ahead of me in the line and although I'm not telling what I had in my own cart, she had two cartons of cigarettes, a six pack each of beer and pop, a bottle of wine, a jar of spiced walnuts, a carton of light bulbs, some dish towels, shampoo, hair sray, deodorant, a sponge mop THURS.. FRI. - SAT. NOVEMBER 10-11-12 ALGONA A daring master ipy... i caiB-hardBRBd Nad captain ...a flirt who dasplsad (ham both, but offered hanalf sa they could llva. in to Wei; Proton came il a tc I take woman SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12 KIDDIE,MATINEE MATRON ON DUTY WACO PLUS FOUR CARTOONS SUN. thru WED. NOVEMBER 13 - 14 - 15 LGONA NOW EVERYONE CAN SEE THE MOST LOVERLY MOTION PICTURE OF ALL TIME I ram WinnerJtpf 8 Academy Awards 'including Best Picture. "She's so dellclously low, so horribly dirty," says Professor Henry Higglns, played by Rex Harrison, of Audrey Hepburn, who portrays Eliza Doollttle, the Cockney flower girl who be* comes a grand lady In Warner Bros.' Aademy Award-winning musical "My Fair Lady." The professor, an expert on speech, avows that In six months he can pass off Eliia, with her kerb- stone speech, as a duchess at an embassy ball. Filmed in Technicolor and Panavlslon, the Alan Jay Lerner-Fredrlck Loewe musical was directed by George Cukar and produced by Jack L. Warner. The attraction, opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre for a special limited engagement, is winner of eight "Oscars," including those for best picture, best actor and best director. refill, tooth paste, some underpants for her husband, two magazines, some window cleaner, spray starch, a pair of rubber gloves, and a bottle of aspirin In addition to the usual meat, canned food, bread, vegetables, butter and coffee. Her check came to $47.28. "Gosh," she said, "It sure costs a lot to eat these days." * * * THE BEST WAY TO BEAT THE high cost of food is to pinch every penny while shopping. Most of us have tried to do this even before inflation, but it is more of a necessity these days than ever. We low-incomers are not alone in this. A magazine article I read recently told of the favorite economies of some of the worlds' richest people. They are not of the make-last-year's- mlnk-do- another year variety, either. In fact, some of the schemes make us poor people look like spendthriftsl * * * ONE MILLIONAIRE DRIVES TWO MILES to a Bakery that sells seven loaves of day-old bread for $1. Another stews prunes on the stove pilot light to save gas. Two of them save every bit of vegetable cooking water, combine it with left-overs for soup. Several of them complain that their household help won't eat leftovers. One of them gives the maids a couple of days off and then she and her husband eat the remnents so they won't be. wasted. * * * I KNOW THE BIGGEST LEAK IN MY FOOD money goes out in leftovers. In fact, I buy almost as much food with just three people eating one full meal a day here as I did in the happy old days when five of us gathered around the table three times a day. Old cooking habits are hard to change. That dish of creamed peas and the leftover sauerkraut and pork in my refrigerator right now would have made a very satisfactory lunch for me before I started working. But nowadays Father and I both take our lunch; Jean eats at school. And I can't make it into sand- wiches, or palm off another casserole on Father, anything left from the evening meal goes into the garbage. * * * FOR MY OWN BUDGET, ONE WAY OF justifying high food prices would be to charge part of it off as entertainment. I hate to shop for most things; a day on the town going from store to store looking at the latest fashions is not my idea of fun. But 1 love to shop for groceries and especially talking to people while doing it. There are usually several babies in the grocery store and I like to look at them, find out how old they are, and then try to imagine our grandson's development at a comparable stage. Then too, the grocery store gives some services that can't logically be charged up to food. Such as cashing pay-checks when you can't get to the bank, carry-out service, advice on ways to cook various meats, and information on what those funny looking fruits are at the produce counter. * * * I'M ALL FOR DOING AWAY WITH THE "games" at the supermarkets as a way of bringing food prices down, since 1 never win anything anyway. Trading stamps I'm not so certain about. 1 know their economic value is highly debatable, but since all the groceries and most of the gas stations down here give them, I am certainly going to save them. In fact, I have four different kinds going right now. But it does seem a little unfair to the gas stations - they have to give stamps not only on gas, but also on the tax on gasl And I'm a great fan of the 7f off coupons as long as I plan to buy the product anyway. I made 48? on such coupons last week and it made me feel rich. Plus that I got two quarters in the mail for sending in box tops and a coupon! * * * IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THE FACT thai although we make more nowadays, we spend more and we are back in the same old rut - still trying to come out even. But if any of you have any favorite money saving tricks, I'd sure like to hear from you. * * *» DURING THE WEEK OF NOV. 6 through 12, people having birthdays include Jim Pratt, Danny Struecker, Ellen Dailey, Kevin Scuffham, James Everds, Darlene Farrell, Jim Rich, Jeff Rich, Jacque Taylor, Siri Norton, Stephen Schutter, Susan Moulton, Janet Furst, Jim Geelan, Steven Schneider, Dorothy Colwell, Wilma Cooksey, Beverly Mawdsley, Mabel Lane, Pat Dooly, Dr.. J..B. Harris, Dutch Honsbruch, Joan Robinson, Mary Gotten, Jeff Gilmore, Darlene Scuffham, Bill Morck, Jerry Leaneagh, Tim' O'Brien, Richard Tuttle, Grace Chrischilles, Joan Chrischilles, Anne Schutter, Catherine Harris and Craig Knedler. * * *. ALTHOUGH I NEVER THOUGH I'd see the day when chicken was cheaper than either hamburger or hot dogs, chicken is the cheapest meat you can buy. And there are hundreds of ways to serve it, and never mind if your husband complains as mine does, that he is apt to start having feathers grow out of his neck. This week's recipe is.for Chicken Loaf. It's Mrs. Harry Yungeberg's recipe. 1 large fat hen 4 cups soft bread crumbs. 2 cups cooked rice 4 eggs, well beaten 2 cups broth (or part milk) 1/2 cup pimiento 1 small stalk celery Salt to taste crushed buttered corn flakes. Cook the hen until tender, remove bones and cut in bite sized pieces. Combine with other ingredients, top with corn flakes and bake about 1 hour in slow oven. GRACE. 2 Scholarships, $500 Each, Land Bank Offering Applications are due March 1, 1967 for the two $500 Federal Land Bank scholarships to be awarded to Iowa farm boys for the 1967-68 college year, according to Eugene H. Hutchins, manager of the Federal Land Bank Association at Algona. Seniors in high school who are planning to begin study next fall at the Iowa State University are eligible to apply, Hutchins pointed out. Application blanks are available at the Algona Federal Land Bank Association office, 110 South Dodge Street, and from vocational agriculture instructors, county agents or high school superintendents. Applications should be submitted to the Dean of Agriculture at Iowa State University, Ames, he said. Winners will be selected by the College. Funds for the scholarships are provided by the 36 Federal Land Bank Associations in Iowa and the Federal Land Bank of Omaha. Similar programs are conducted in Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming - the other states served by the Omaha Land Bank. "Scholarships have been awarded for the past 15 years," Hutchins said. "The program is designed to encourage boys of outstanding ability to continue their education in agriculture. -100- Holfe's eldest citizen and grand old lady, Mrs. Fannie Grant, marked her 100th birthday there on November 1 with an open house. Mrs. Grant, a petite active lady, enjoys cooking, baking, writing and crocheting. In 1936 a 3-minute Long Distance call to New York on weekdays cost about the same as these groceries: Now you can make the same call for less than you'd pay for this one purchase: movie clock tOBOOOQOOPOOOOOBj) •ill AWli THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Complete Program Begins 7:00. "Waco' - 7:08. "Saboteur' 8:36. Kiddie SATURDAY MATINEE- Complete Program Begins-1:30. "Waco" - 2:09. SUNDAY - Complete Program Begins 1:00-4:02-7:20. "My Fair Lady' ; -1:07-4:25-7:43. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete Program Begins-7:30. "My Fair Lady"-7:53. Yes, while other items in the family budget have been steadily climbing, Long Distance rates have been steadily dropping. In fact, after 8 p.m. daily or anytime on Sunday you can now make a 3-minute station call to either coast for $1.00 or less. Additional minutes are equally low in cost. Northwestern Bell From only one hill, Glen Fisher, Estherville, found 14 of the biggest potatoes he has grown. Two of them weighed more than two pounds each; others were also unusually large. SQUASH Mrs. Arthur Fils, Jr. of Creston, raised a banana squash which was twice the weight of her 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, The squash weighed 55 pounds. 3S SHEAKLEYS ALGONA THE BEAUTIFUL KNITS OP AUTUMN BUTTE SEE OUR EXCITING SELECTION OF THESE GREAT AMERICAN KNITS NOW HERE, NOW, READY FOR YOU TO CHOOSI FROM, THOSE FAMOUS BUTTE KNITS YOU LOVE TO LIVE IN FROM THE FIRST COOL KNIT OF AUTUMN ONWARD . . . TWO AND THREE PIECE STYLES, EACH MOR8 BEAUTIFULLY DONE THAN ANY SEASON BEFORE. SEE THEM ALL, INCLUDING THIS THREE-PIECE COSTUME IN BLUE OR OLIVE WITH TONED.IN BLOUSE, MISSES SIZES. OTHER NEW FALL KNITS, |30 TO $70

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