Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 23, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 23, 1927
Page 1
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Ne. 104, FIGHTING IN [(lUAI! NEAR TROOPS The Weekly HeglsJter. Established Th- I .ilii Liiiily n .KJ-t.r.KKlalillshwJ 1897. Gives Up U. Marirjes Are Withiji 2,000 Yatds of Scene Of Battle Between i Conservatives i , Andllib€i:als. ^ f-d iiv prtiers jss ijeU t y Rear al! Julian L. [La Imei I'klted State? naval - NJffarignan wat irs. iSonie 200 maiine.s ing preparationji!tot|.'iy to t;| er Ith^ -fortress Jivfe stronghplil looking Managui i in fuijihe'r protection encampment anjl:-tli{- gation. the, coastal ahd idterior s of |NI<Jaragu{i r< mailed (juie Monday's trpubli; a Masai miles from ivian igiia A ffew regijla • Soulier with unwiling Con HoriptH and liav iig <Jn several Mesaya Conservative -reruitj^. 1 Thei a brief battle wl icli i.-siilted deaihfi and sev.- 1 m> i injur iniiOcv was qn« ll«'d \*itln'ii rlqesffeping call d oi the s( III. « i small " mini <4iKrupli -jl on in eh squad 1)11 uere.fifMiple ke- o\ hjr U>ma. Co^serv: ih a |orcIer_lo| Sor ilie m ierVativei palidcihen. shf<*t are" lh*re |are protests :IK| enH <)f rnhcd stat«' h'dic newspape distrii)uiiiilK [are p'rotes anjlj st:atcni.?n<s fierv-atjivt' fa'nipiili^ii Fr<d'''IOii of t|i'? inj ardgiiii for. K") . mlsjilon i which PtflSidjsn't.: AilolV: iheji IJhited-Siai. prqpofials for a cbtiniijy will be Nlcjaraguao <-ongi-«-s.- hie ts (jertain tlie • wi th •Di. 4s to In plaij 1,000 U.S.MAFflNE5 ' j TO NICARAGUA! . Quaitiro. Va. F Atlantic coast ii arin dittonarj- force Iffo .' nav Xic ' cd iabdard the loday tor duty in It wiill augraei f th niarines and bl lejatj phargcil with [•ricaii liv*- ; transjmrt KiJo' marine;* and the! .V<|wpori.-K. staiiod. lis next ris islind. S. V. w there of Am :iihe ialso bill I.. ca ihert • ri will embaikfrl. BtlDGET DISdUSSED ii • Jh': tpe absenr* of !y jireipared pros earn (heij |n(!ion-day ; 1 liilh Clidmrier of Cnij mi-r takjt-n AT C. sU>h \ (if Chanibt business. AV 'fiody I'crhani PrtiKident n^asDi A4vi ted his ttmi of |.be -budget w'. i>arVd soon for t t)HT of Commerc Ilia^ h • «(as not up with gt*(MaI I 00 yards mariiijes anM d is in high hilll oveij affar uarinl "Managua, Nicjii-agila Feb. ieCAr Pightjng betweeh Cot servati|.-es ar d I Liberals -withii' 2 ' f where United State ' bluelajclrets are|post 'CtlOUS aft 'T a. I liliiiiojl con- sill^ hjhot ;ijt I- wa n fiv I. Th III; ih lh<'Uli.-i:il iuirfptii iiii.<l 111' naval linK ih^ foiij y"-ait4 3^ 111 (!'<)ii»-i 7.. well a .'-siiiiie] ity, will Tlmriilak. an l(e aiiip corlis (trong. iijiarch irpcrt rt-ady [il tiai ragua. force Ikdtji . a he prot [-plioiil anil propt-: ly. Uatl Hackft iaval tr will 1)| I'ai 20" nio' .• ma­ ilt >iml> pr<-.> V Si v.-jli. i liU H: tlia .• th rovcil! ! NEAR PANIC IN SHANGHAI OVER FIGHTS Natives in Fear as Many Deserters Roll Injto CityLooting Is Expected in City. Washington. Feb. 2.1. (A'P)— Thi- .American naval fonje at .Shanghai is being strengthened by the adiUfion of font! de• siroyer.-;. AtrMailHMgi^ratK.C Four Planes Are Destroyed,! and i.<o^ Is Estimated Ch^er $100,000—JJJo Dflayifi Serijice, Officials jHav* Annj>uniced ! Urds Flying Field here in less i • APj —Near .\i*f<>r elatlinur the authnrtlp I'lir four years (liiToril Oirkoon. former posiniasterj of riftNiield, .Ma^s- ^surrendered at Fort .Sniitli. .\rk^ < I'essjni; an emliezzlement of ^s.mHl. He said he deriiled to riice the mu>ic'' rather than rin- tiniie Ihin-.' in coi'.stunt letir. looting 'Shanehai. Feb. S.:. pani'- prevailed in the u ^tir^ quarter of Siiaughai today as deserters 'and' stragglers from ^ the : broken j_aiiny i-t .Marshal Smi ("hui»ii-Fans co'iilniiL-d to arrlvei in increasing numbers and rumors are that they Were planning a wholvsale of the prize city. ' French authorities strengthened rhe about their ' •^ioi^ which yesterday vas barded by a Chinese'• wa>i '>v|iiih d'^-sertcd .Marshal i ;r '"-e jiiul had Rone over t ("uiitDiiese. The Fr»n<h Va-- sTiiik by five shells and the native section by fi^e morje beta ii-e of defeillve guns and poor Kansas City, Febl 23-!-(AP)—Firje early tfaday destroy- ied the air mail hangar of j the Natipiial Air Transport" Inc., iwhich holds the Dallias-Chicagq contract, with the loss of four plaiies. The totall iostj is estimateid at betwecin $100,000 i and $125,000. i | i ' ' ' ' 'The fire is the second jat a (ch-.t POOR HOUSE lILL PASSEl BYSENATOIS }i^n/ jThei.Vatiohal Air Transport han- Tor ^ka 1 The t ?na |a year.'|Last May 12. th.i daykhei ^^r desti-oyed Wy was built atlh^se inir mail i service was ina igurated.'. , JL . .•r', . i nouse i ^h'e air jmail hangar and plabesj » d^abont JU-.OOO. raised by were endangered when fire de -|,-'""'"''iiption • among business men |>t,Voyed due of the two army haW- Urs. .'.0 feet away, with a lossi of $100,000.; One De Haviland pline, jieveral lilofors. a motor truck ^nd bther equipment as well as lirmv office was destiijved in fire. • 1! • <onces- bom- ship Sun's I the quarter arid aViati (4rt»enthtisiasts here. There ' !w -ill b^' no "interruption j of the air i mall iservice. Spare ,^ •. I planes aW being nished here from j. ' u Th now count their ing. Anj ment tocSay t ,- pal )r U stedd a thel .Molinfl. in., and Wichita, Kansas, j ""4,',^H,-J| ihisjfor catrjflng the mail to Dallas and Chicago ioday. FRMClbEBT billj •onf FOR TOUR S BLOCKED NOW HOUSE TALKS OVER MOTOR PLAN TODAY I T(|TRE^URY^ "r^h:^"";;!^i;,ai:^:n^r:r:!:;;a.^;! Measure to Creat^ U^i-: Qoverniment Says It Has. p^pr firinu over the eity and the shells I fomii Motor RcgistraK [Received Nol Proposal „ No {[nvcstigatioh Will Be Approved Now\Unre|»s f^ecrelarv Kellojfff Tells (iroup It's O.K. mini.Hcratiiin .~>'nai)r^, iiiiiinri hloekVdi action loiiay in: ii;::or lior.ifi .s; propor;:il that llie .s.jnatf lori-ia [1 - lel^itions (uniniiti >-i' s ;(i on t 'liir ^Mi.s siHiini'T in M.xii-o lanil .\i<;!l ;-i:;'. • i_ Takkiis: thevi-w thai llie .Aineri- can f;bveriinit».i!i sii.inlil ho an o[lpc)r!iini-,y tn .-iyy wheihi tliink.-^ silch aj trip alivi.-abb' inl tion boani <i -ii)mjiii.- dii I roni 'as lining , H'-cre -1 and .1 Tl -at .aii|iitli>-i iiKjni lien. OF C. MEET pijy e.snecial- u 'le' time at the was Ij sen's- (•^1nl |Iner(•• :011 of] e tolia he reqi ke fir a, disc must b| tie c nning y* ir. It at • ;sp| :to ich ItfHH expcnditiiresL bn in fiivpr ofj an liuTeake. (AVr the ettl btldget was nec orgjinifeation wen to '•4 It shoijld do In the coining ir Ife ; declared his fall cpmpllKhments of the giave It as his ofinio creasej in dues, II ner ,d»T: to r-ffeci a ;urp wonldihe many imc! tangible anA valiiabi i U Was annolini ed s|oj;pr; Mather will - tJm< of the lunclieon dl .sic |iiKs the water sin OJPlAL REYNO FAlil^; s.iary Idp the 'Cliamb il |that jeijsary ufi oh ifiiiiiN. jiustifjcd by tesiilts hat ('(immls- occnp.y the [next week to' atioii ih lo!a. Nlisis Opal Reyi"ol<y. dmm 'lter of yrt. iabd .Mrs. Ger; Reprnolds of H»r, Jefferso.n ave i .iieo-'r. ceived hrji ^C .s about th ' fa e ;ind lower limbs; last evenii g. V hen sl |ie fell from I tl|e car c rive i by The pills \ff >re" or •wa .vj to the bigh ; cho cxlilbition when the ciijrjt ^d. Opal w IS rt .dine on ^ the JrUiiTi^ng boanli'o ^ thij! !Thayj 'r rar whemi she was /thcow^ b!^<lK jwheel xti tht ;car: leijy. j .Opal i.s on\i i){ caHiei^ girls. m us HURT Poplar Blvff, 'car^fMl inve.stijfatib, [Ma-ion Jackson , fi rnier h^<« sfan, Earl,.?i5..^iere jur.: iyesterday are' being held I wi^Hout ,<Mjn :s!third wif^. w| Ifody w iPe'brUary 15. will entet" lociaiii^K Jack.-ioii TOBI^W and dlsaipeaiml - •^--i'^- rtrodecutor WeKrl^y. 11 po est of t and ission pre- 'hanu said re>k- if lelt pr.'.s!if the thinK.s onths. 1 i In t^ie a<- r and in lii- in 01- <hat h I.l-e>S fell sll-il'. ' 111 spite of the iiu'ident .in the' "Freinli (|iiartiT. thoiisunils of refii-' !i>—> piiireii into it'lrom the native! •Kitloii as the situation outs de be-!' more IMMS,.. . ' i ! ; The Fri -nch eonsnl general :Iodged ; tioni Code Urged! by Secretary Hoover. Topeka • Ktifn.. Feb. 2:!. (.Vl'i — a.protest with the commissh ner ofi^"'""- of r-nr-isentaiivrs today <jOti-! tri foteiK,, affairs as a result of ! *i'lered llie bill enibodyini^ a h..n.l,..:-dn!ent, but he did notj doubt |"'^f".'" *«-hfc - regi.^tr i rh.ii the arsenal was the only tar-.'""^ >;e! and beli,;veil that the bailors ! ^••'•'•'•'^'•>' v.ere n (,t trying to hit ih- French;""'"' ' I oHiesaioii. I 'A .setti |)n in the bill provic .\|'-aiiwhile tlie strike abated ap- J for trans I'r.i iablyr It was esliniat<d that'regislatioii bureau from the of| Ad- :!O.I>( P O of the HH'.UOM w-|'.ichj en strike yesterilay had r> tl. work. The majority of force al tlie prtstiiffice of the se< insjde Ning, was inl- registiajlonj p< d by Herbert I Hoo^-er.l Ih of eommerce. for enact II states of the tinion er o£:ihe iiiotof velijicle ice i-eiaiy of state in Top^ka, to the sta|te penitentiary at Uan- accepted over the i ro- small group led by NWs- From French to indicate! Any i Payment! I [ frhe; jWa-iiinpfon. Feb.; £3. (Al'i Th" ' a .sury Ifoilay said it had receiv- neitheij formal nor informal pro- salslfroin the Freiich goveriiinenl ji wonld indicatf^ France'., intent ioii t<i make payments on tis wir debtij)rior to ratification of the de|l)t fiin^ling agreement. Premier I'dincare lannounced in Paris yes- tejday;that such a ^ plan had been ^illggeste. ; biecrftary Mellon declined today toi di.scusfs the American attitude p;|ssed and s,.i;i t(, | le bill to ab(ilish irin.s and sulv^tiluti state luiiiie at f.i/a .t-. The votH was 23 !<> 12. Midiient: to make, •abaiul' df the ounty farms; and stafe III me optional vviiti Cfil titles !• e.e defea pro ides that all |icr.- Jned 11 county farms be seht tt the state honie. Tlf of he < ;ire and Ireataieiit per: on ept _ihere ftouli by [he f uardiaii of hi;s e-: e (ijjnnly farm fro-n whirh nt. It '.von;!; be a w .'k. -y was'ted on I le mea.-u:e when l.yf.i on. in offering <it t<i make aiiaHdotiril' farms optional, ledared his con: wri ten to" him tlial t to • -nd idil. unfoitui" Car • s a *iriii ;iMJip a|i|[ inf^ir th -j iiiiililiiig of ii)ti.| ijrai t. perist| each I "born* ' } pef'scn w ^s ! ited t ) ia I Set timi: (to depate I hren? atiien of th4 the c nwnts "don" of Inie eointy miitSes. hadi lik to hi! priatl on a KU went back j tests of a a.-id traiisporiatioii services were | weSder 6t Shawnee county, nearins.' normal'operations aijain. | ! .lacksoil of C<vnanche couity. Probably as a result of protest.s ,,;|,ajj.n,anlof the state affairs cOm- towariis treasury he French plan. In other! publirflied •ircles the unofficittl opin-' pap-er|whi| add.n presetit situaiii'm. the adminiJ Vloi-on the (i.nimitte. li a tiKilion and'-r whicli: Senator Mi airtaan. tr. iniiiiire \vh< ary K.ll.iui; desires to ap T^I-lls; 111,' piOpOsal. i-.'-uintiiiii ;viii il.'- la'k'-i 'njllilliil!. '• ^./ w. 'in v.'ii inu th- Ir opi ;idniini.-lraticin seiianii-.j d ihr vi.w that a visit seiialilrial 'ciiMiiilt.— tn tlie (''••:, hy -.•hiiies... ,,„i,|i,. bodies. jPnblie mittpp. which introduced the liill.! i,,^ that i e\e. iiiicMis Ml the < ii.nese <-ity have .j,,. ,j.^jstration of autoinoh les;triinent t Stopii.d. but it was iinder.sto/jli that .,, p-i-nitentiarv would rei ulc Lacour :;vni.ev.raM.eheadin!;s had takeiii place ,,,.,.„„„„ V. He pointed out tliat' thi Freni r it ' Inside ih" iw....i...i«rt..~ ! i .. ... ... . i i . 1 . 1 eheadin^s hail takenj place , , le military lieadciuarters. I j ,p ^j. I'onon! vard«-n DIV the; adding to the execution list iwhich i h|i,.ie ron^missioner without a.: tra- previously iiuniliered put i iitril:- fomenters, til.-- \ Lot a! aiithorili'es of .Marshal rah. • resumed control of the warships her Kiaiigwei an I Kiangkang. jwhich i-ar.fvere .in ihe river al the tinie the I iitlier Cliinese wai' craft opened! ion was ixpressed that the govern- mnet niight be disposed to accept J pajymenti based on the undetstand- • " hey woulil be without de) future arrangemeiitt- Gayet. finani-ial attache of y. He pointed out that | th j FremH* "'"bassy. recently re- n would be ex-officio [ve-| quested i ertain data from the trea- ^\'ci dl-jsu y. bnt tlie exact nature of his ! Hecre is-'isn dies; |.'as not discloseil at prk ; tinie. Ise I TjjE WEATHER iiiirie i-i»iifiiiissiuiier Hiiiiuui ui. some- SOjtlonal compensation.{and that pi 'oilers would do the'clerical wi rshal ^.un ; perfi^rmed bv aj corp.-* of ^ warsbinsi_L. ...!_.,. : Itp; fire ti osi- bav fre-A-.s of tbe Kiangwei and j Kiangkang. were repQrteil to! exit a •ral illle the .•\m-|- < ati republic just at this niisht pniv emiiarrassini: to s^!t- i!.'r -aiMiie!i in its handjling both «f III.'" .Viiajamlaln sitiiaSion and liie .-(intrnv.Tsy with .Mi -i'clco iiv .i- III ami, land !;nvk ihi('iriii:.n- P .iirali. under w!{i(is< • ' ra- ; has X- tliltil.ju.- liie t: i;j 'v.!.nil! be tiiad ujn-nl}.- <;p;i.i-.-d iij 'h.- adi!:ia!j-| t Ion's N.i ;'ra':;ii,.!l poili. xpri-k--d •<ynipai !!v for .ilid t'lle .\il Mary their e gym accident oc- off and the 'ran o\er;her the H agister ^sotiriFBrnrn'^aj^^ave Killed fi^ree'Wwes aharg }fBut Wlo into the ndifte I by aftlebiooh tor t lurd borid loUov the' (irfond stljlje $10, in -M ask of .J wife. of his vxsl:." e Will .isa :;r.ll|:' wtiich inie ties. iean-t]ic.iL'ii!z '<i :}- (iplLisiii.: Ih,' .Vu .ir;i-'iiaii I.-L' +ICOL'^U/CI | hv tl..' I'lijied .St: The H.iialoi; a,l-o ri. cuiini'd a ijery iloil-bi toI snpi MI 1,1 I'r. sii eiit Couliijii.'s policy i .i \v :;rd Me \ic i. SlKJiild US-retan Kelii .-.;K "irn Ihiinitis ili.wii i.M I)).- ri - II I TII ion. ad- I'litij-f raiiMti -etiaK.r. pinli.-ildy vlll ' uiid .'ifi.ike 1(1 kill It '11 th.| sei af<' .•l.inrj , j .\ f,ivrir :iiil" r. p>irl i-. -.xpec ed.; fiHI vlir.h (.nil . ;;•!.- .'it:!!, i half eo isj .iiive 'lav-, r .'iii .-.iiiiir..; iti .'his fs- -i'ln. '>fi|i 'iii<':ii - >ili till- iii 'iv.. iiiirht lie a 'bi'' to -iii 'i 'h'i il by ni.-an-i of a firiiiil'-tef. i. COAL WAC;E .MEET I IS OVER TODAY Mi.-imi. K:a.. Fej.. 2.1. iAI^- hist formality in tlie un.'=ii'c<>« nesoljiations f "r a new (-oal w icojitriii t !'or tlie (••ntral '•ompl-ti- tive field was^ rei -ordei! today wii(m j'jitied the Cantonese itlsi). hut did-not ligure in the! iiardtt'eiii. Ciiins from French ves- .-els had i)> en trained upon the lat; ter two ships during the trouble, bat-di"! not open fire. The rebellious crew;; of the tw-o ships recovered by Sun's forces fled Shore- 1 fljray for nographeils. whose nijnies incre] the lengllj of the sfaiie's pay rol "There are a lot of bankers ftlie peniti^-ntiary who are exp»^ , I a book keeping." he .•iaid. cause I Other liills.will give the legh bom-itni -e an opportunity to decide whe- ''IT.! at 4 p. ni.': lowest last °'>S^^ \'stm-tithex ther penal-labor at either the pfjni- I at 1 i. m.: normal for. today, i ^ t^ntiary or the state reformatory!-'!'' a HutchiDson is to lie usetl in nanufactiire of motor vehicle i-j'rise tag t.. The bill by Senator ;'"^f ^^t -H jthe Senate's stale affcilirs ''.''1 v.-ird as the military authorities i tlie refor^natory r.eceived appro tipproaciied the craft. ' tdday in .Marsha! Sun was report* i to cominittet] hav- reached Shanghai, today from jSecfion .N'ankiiiir. capil'ul of this pro^-ince. ajisailed as a plan to inflii't -Alijih he -.III rendered to .Shaiiliin.g liick iipoi inoiori.sts. but it wi milit.iry fotcts earl'er in th 'llie .Sha(iiiiiigi?S'' took over day. I sriood the the as fiiy a.s a part of llu-ir plaii to . signed ll<ense in his possession bring troops fi.oni the north ^o aid ' wVII as t le license on the Sill.'s' loitering army in Ihj- de-;liicle whi e lie is driving his aiiito- j feu^e of Shanghai against the ap- 1 n^ohile. Jiroaidiing (.'aiitonese who ai'f lln-i |"This s absolutely nncon«ti|u itg up south oti here. j ilipna'l." reclared Kndres of Le»v- The report of .Marshal Siinjs ar-eijworth ounty. a lawyer and Ihe rival here could not be conflrtned I ' ' ' a-i his whereabouts arc a secret. . I I qfj cfinstafiles and Inspector."! to j ry • ' - I into our l|iisines». Fortunately, ijhe CANTONESE TAKE! Ifnited .states constitution pmte ts a. license, tag factory thirteen of the bill wa.^ atttick. It provides that orist must have the d I JP siiijce Ja luary li.jthiB dati last this Relatlv'e humidity at 12 noon . ,, iVei^terda!)-, .=il per cent: 7 a. m. to- •''; ;^. dav. 80 ner cent: barometer ro-; '.IV . , Idiided to| .•sea level. 23..'?.-. inches. - i Sun rifes - ii?, a. m.: s-ts t ;:i"'n p. |n. Roads jind U'eather ENewb^re. A^II cl. cloody. a burW. (Jf pootl. mjajority floor leader. "It Is an f^'' Plirn VCR PAQI? ¥« uppciseilly pression M the insufferable des re | IvU-' V^AOEJ lo GIVEiX TO JURORS NANKING TOdAY "^i^^Jr"!.'"^^^ fate of Ren Rud- ^'7i^Tt lAP.JMir ' pairman-.lack.son explained ijheJR iMelIe|tt. Canton editor.- was Feb. 23. .<AP)-JMar-.p;Jrpose bf ffeition 1.1 is th redice (huan-Fang. once [over i ,hU numlifr of automobile thefts in S!iattgliai, shal .sjiitf l.ird of five of the richest prov-j j^^pi,.!',!' . iiice^ in China, today surrendered' I Nanking, iihe capital <tt hla| , remaining; state i Tsung-Cliang. an in a desperate effort to prevent he ipital <)f;Ki n ttmXJ lUA'DIT to Oneral Chang!"- t/. JllliH MAKK. | erstwhile etfmy.-] FOR HpAVY STEERS! f"' i Shanghai and surrotinding territory I'B*' from falling into the hands of ad- : vancing Cantonese. thf iiolicy committee i.f the V>-'»(V ^Bne Worki rs of .America jourhkd after a finr'e .ind one li a !f ~r«sion. ARMY SUPPLY BILL I IS SIGNED TOD^ ' \V .-";h:iii:on. ' F.'!i. 2'. i .M'.'j- 'The army approprialii >n bill siElK -d tc .da-; by F 're-ident C 'lolidge. Is Belief of Men /; erCoimtyy Probe met rny.^ttM-ious .jac-k.-sun and I.-* found in a .'^hallijiw yrave a is., fir^t « as told, and —(.Ap )-^Officf?r.s today bojrari po.^sibility that |hi;ee wives the Butler' county jjrr^i id M" in the first deirree aid inp the niunltr of Jat k- 7" IfaKe up the y-ife's niyst<-rtio|i:; death. oiind ill lilt, ill all iiiiciin: ilte'd soon alt' iif fn fi.-ld. I >c|'|iis ei.ndilil r»! ard." HOMER RUSSELL IS KILLED IN BORGER Homer Russell, former res : of lola. was killeii .Monday -^r • noon in't an explosion in * ; ziiie in a nitro-glycerin ( a niaga- factofy at Borger. Texas, according to Word received li^re". The body has been .^eiit to Winfield. and ifunei-al ser- vij-es w-ill be. at the MetWodist cliiirch there at 2:K0 o'clock 'toimor- row aftiernoon. Russ<|Jl w-as well known ap an oil niah and well shooter di ring his stay iii lola. He was a riem- ber of the Masonic lodge and the Elks. dent fter ; Canfonl Ohio, Feb.: 2S. fAP),— Kan .saslCity. Feb. 23. f API—T^ie , Canton tbday was armed again.-st' g^j^ highest; p-ice since November 19[2.> j j^antsterJ reported planning a jail w-js paid for heavy steers on t le . delivery loit Ben Rudner. on trial ;Kansa.s; C ty exchange today. Oaelfor tlie niiirder of Don R. .Melietr. 1 loiid averaging l.-ini pounds, nett'd | lately Canton publisher, if he. is coii- $1! J .7,'> a I^undred pounds. lyictpd. ^French Sdcialists Dki^ttd That Ameriixi Exeaite Itatiaii Killers Or Release 7\hem Fi-oin Custody OVER-PRODUCTION IN SEMINOLE ()IL 0n Tulsa. Ok la.. Feb. 2.1. (AP)— Coi;fronted hy price cut.s. 6i tinned tiieir efforts today to r im j association ejjecutlve >n.! yesterday has j »een unable to t lu! solution. over-production w-ell owners the Seminole production and Icon- achj rieldi men a solution of problem wh|!i went forward to bring more tile ground. 54<i far the committee liSiUf f;v<-. appoi ited at the se^sioti hef„f the .Mid-Co liinent Oil and merrily with , rjians nd more crude Gaa committee .•ach rem : Pari.<;. Fob. 2-3- "Siich is the fate of ;the trto^rr ca mot fajli to hear It. Alcola [Sacco and Bartolom^o I r A wa W.IS ' IMIIll day b o! ti! of th Fred'- the B Kince' The dorsiiig n Ihe ; ^OK K.INSA.S—Fiilr fonfeht .and •"'•i Thtorsdaj: not niorh change in tem |i «rati ire. I < la-'' 'fempeiatiire—Highest yesterday .Mrs. .\rnoli Purchl today, court. The of te:«:nil me the s: testifi d til San Franc e.xcefis yesterday 19; i 1st. 2.54 degrees; year—highest .^6: nier 1 action Gets I\ a a Post] Mtedsure \ r 'ould Do A^ay County Poor Fkmis, But It IVVculd Cost Cmnties. Kahs.. Feb. 2:;. lAI ranf. •.VI i-i lahi It. Kii ick rmi ha iTi !i tn <>\ irt s Im I. Trt ][ighail .\ge-HerJld, I' Stan!(J.v. aksoci jte editor, ami H cftv .-llitor. act > 1: ORCE DECREES ^ : r.i'l.r :ts firms a <',iiss:.,n ^f iwj 4Drkl?rv rrri TH '-z-vitive wijil control radio f(jr one year AVV|AKlUl!iD 10 IVyUiand vp'i- tiuf period expires tli i tiommi PI s oil ra< by J de< ITALIAN at; Precipi^tation for.the 24 hours.; i^.'j,!: ending al. 7 a. ni- today, .00; total ITLV vear to date. 1.47: defi- „. L • . I .... 1 1-. !„..!, ^ Hio Jane • ciehiv filler January 1st. 1.12 inch- ' ^. l.c i ' uispai ' nando 80 jper cent; barometer ro­ bes .Vonjiuha nee.- CO ( liyiiat i .Mjiria St. An pusAih Th'- iar. except Sallna. partly , II roads.good except i^'"!'- is'eas. awa. fair; Salina fair to COO on in li < ask t liins. div ie M ,0 Mars'i fr<ihi I ustiii ee.s In. 1 lisco Ci ali.iln .ai was U:i HEAD :Hi^RGES LIB Ala.-. F'!. 2:. rginj: < ! iti .iii .i!; I It in lii'-, :.K-il'.'i I ii>.-(l'-ne iiiiors |-;.-da;.-. L:;.'1|I1 dr:' f .\labaiii.i, Knid Nltix Klaii. at-'a ompsoii. piiiilisil oday's i.ssiie of loled Krdale a.s I whippings'" i!i iiurs.iay iiigiil. DECREES EIGH FlLIBUSTERlN hTEMri Sefialte's Handsl! Tied To- |d4y on Botilder Dam Bill — M4y jBe Killed y time \ya.shington. F«i).|23. (AP) .! 1 iL L il... jThe ^todav-j projn sed to take ^ank of th^ effe<:tive, as well mbst as pi ! e.sqiie, ;oryi _ It before e of the in congrefe.m tii- Ht- tii'- eiit itii tit- ley i atie ; Bn inerd. «liojr( e, non^inuLed as! a the Inlehtiite t oii<mis'>Iuii idge] :ite - noon yesteTi ^y. {"continued. throbgliout the night,! accompanied nieniljfT of Comnterre hi" President Cool- He fri.>ts{the Job the Sen*, refused ip gl»e to (jrus; ; by t(ra ' a (lUOF and w (lesi itti leader htic but futile 1111 of senaorsi \Vo(ill>i of iVnhsrlranla. i Hiram efforts to keep |n attendance, ^nt serenely ^liward today the efljafts of senate* to break it. |! Senator ! to d]un tlie It j wjas directed a I and i vv ' t wo ke 'Coloia^lo River at iMiilder Canyoo. hiefiy by tbe feona- the votes ta i.s conducted nato'rs from .-^ Ailpdrently lacking Mi. ii>;l on to- ill.; r d: •ii Mea ure (ireates Board of Fife to Control Radio j Ffor Period of One 1 iV'eari-VVIil Have j All Power. tort. I: V asi<l.f; I tis lit' r. !, - f • (^ , i, ed dpwp.. ;p) to i::. Ind :ollowed a statement Pr-s-d .i:t « ...l!id'.je today -iipfrovrd. \rizonan came b: dk ith,'--; tile ra •ti- one; I'l |.-ct;s d ' i:reM. ; Tii'! i five w .N. v.. Fei). :2.''.. C irte Were grantee prsou fr'om Captfiip 1 and to Lyndon abelle Keys fUi e Sees.'r in .sup:' f()!l')vv.-d tiie fak nicii was' •.jini; )th casts. It V at .Mrs. Hurch eloped c'h jlO'f to with her ltuslj;iii|u"3 traiism ptain .Marsiiii. f riiy officer. 'Neit|,er ^QS' conlte-sted ^AN NOT ON TO BRAZ . , Harris ro.^frazil. Feb. 23. fAtP)' airplan was itoii'-l Wasjiingt ,1 . Court House. Canton. Ohio, Feb. 1 ! 23. ner indicted for the murder of Don on. I bill afcproio-iat ' exterrr inati (orn l^jrer i're.sid placed in the hands of the jury at 10: J3 a. ml, today. in khii CANTON ARMED \ iVGAINST GANGS! The pendedj state.s to apri^opi; corn b A dm be -r uni appilopn •oopj ! wi [ate t>rer. nistitatio er (rulture HIS BATHER TODAY Failins (AP)—.A. demand that "Amerioatr cap- itjilism either execute Sacco anjl Yanz|etti at once or tlem." was placarded on the deaawalls! of Paris today over! the sigiiatures of'a number of vvelll known French Sociali.sts.' "Six years in the, face of dejj line of ihe poster which adc Ifatally the ladi jpie wi jw;is sa: 'wife w .^interve ' to stop h Vanketti thIT is the flaming head- Italians. were convicted shoe • stam.-es The Idjll b , : - Washini'ton t ui^ this cy so the AmerlcaBs «!'or threatened. Iti several in-j^baiik.-? ijo op laior.' leaders, condemned !to dea,- , , , bvTIfie American cUr.s for a critje \ '"e. murder of a thk- tlid not commit. Ut us de -isf,,,.^ Bi^aintree. Mais., in April, miihd their Immediate execution \)r ! Ift20 L( gal moves to .save them thfir releas* at once." : hav» bee i i in progress ever since. The signers include I.*on Blum, j Slice Ihfir conviction there has leader of the socialist group n i been nlinost continual agitation^ thi^l chamf)er of deputies and Jei n j for heir r^'eas^ among anarchist.s, ; Lnjijguet, jgrandson of Karl Marpc. | cbmjnuni it? , and socialists abroad. 1 A li^all isjmade for a mass meet-' ..^liiericat jdiplomatic missions Ui iniir at tlje Bal Bullie, a hall n ! f]ari». Sofia. Lisbon. Buenos Aire.^ thf Avenije de L'ObservataIre o I aindi .Moqteyedio have been bomb- Chir £Jg(). F. Port talis! J to doa The po wound .vas nol of a dH dan -the island of F say thai Conimar Pinedi) annoui] [is plati'-. the Sai aged in xiii- m wa nt Cioolic -li'-il. Mil., l-'eb. 23. fAPi to 11-year-old quarrel. Ca|vin of Hai riso , I- iwouti'k-d •ihoi H a I t. jith led CHICAGO t -r. r lui leait h tijday ice in h mo luuty froiji the island of Ffr- h ^.-n \v ..-1 Thi ii.iind •iiriiTild h.!i:i- I K t.ida y. •illarri I.T.-i.! f. 'lay ant f'j fhft ll:d Ii. •outh o SIGNS "f =^ wi BORER BIIJL ' ' nuiking iiis depart for t4e niainiand fo • Ih- nres-nt. daiiag.' t()| till? r '!ani> w' ha\]<- be-n caused by h-a JDGR ;ORN Feb. put b. 23. (API— Tj |iig $10.0011,000 1 f the Kurope sinned today ge. tion wlil be •ration with 1 be'ex;.>-i::ed al fund.s to j'jght t of Ih" law w cretary of agiji-. BQY SHOOTS to i all 'thn ; rf -feri -f «i,m.'i' Th- vciif r;! I.-I12th.-j st-iti-.'ii le^^'!h cast, ;J ieadir. tlibit'i(;!i v.itliilr mid:(bl Tlif-n! .\rizj('ni a n s' i re :i'< ci;i{tn)l bill, \V!ii( h was llie; . (introveit'-d aub- •flt vv:t;li by the pies'-pt coa- -d d II tion .•n V jhi Thisj n 29 to 411; sion v«illj have tr, all fiiu-stjon.s. in djsp'it- arid ;e vvhi.-li may be v<diiiirarj!y C;i]n i to itj by tli'e secretary pf rli i i • . ' 'i -ciarvi aw is: (i'-slig"ed al.^-o to pHe- menii to coiiiro! v^ave (,f 5 (,e , . the iiJiijber ami po\»-er ,01° niitrderl Tope ial [ip . I haii' il lim-- St jiroadcasling,; lKe;a bu 'rg Md pI'fVeiL ;itioiis may jbroaq-' Senal^ nd »-.>jc('Ssiv.. disi rimlliatiiifi ; the ant ! radi ss !'.:i. NOT YET LOCATED Lk-h Ifst. .V; f Lii-utl ^nd Wm. whii :!i i -lior. FLIERS ARE Feb.. 23. fJAP) (onants Williird Aj. . Gray or oC theif believed to hav' ked|n^a^ Seaside iPar4 ^Va^ihiiygton. Feb. ' " ' last w-eck^ was | t'!ea.-i fiir appi^oval oft r.-rl.iy ii{ V oi)-'er'.l enate's handk were tied bv a filibuster - that •gan'' when • t !ii> Senate 'met Johnson's bi e bill, it.s Qpii<}nent3 waged ni?' fight vviilJ session w -o [on hours toda ere maile to fore its time •ian.-as. th.- Rii t'lioved to subJi r.-orRatiizatil w his propo opposition di substitute tH« pictur- his- ithe .object ot ing a roll c^;i. before thei aiitoniatica ly : loses Its ^for'ethe senate! by previ- reement at. .=it:i30 p. m. toil dn- Into the ,-; repeated ef- [p^itj the bin Senator Cnr- ijudlican floor tjtute -the pro- >h bill, but he I when' for- vjeloped. K-nator .^shi^r^t. Democrat., ijce up veter- i sought to t ief lesislaiion [p.. ;p) to 4::'. rndiacouraged. Ibnt was vot-: I. forcing anotper roll call,' lotion likewise iwas rejected' (111 a! felony charge :ers . aboard th4 .1 :; diici'ng a three and ir <-rai .'Se' • and ;fJr^y left Mitchel r Langlej Field on Tliiirs were lasq seen flying clost surface; a- thev passed Is ach co.ts guard .station 1 Seaside Park. Wreckag' ig andlaiding gear and ^ | tinct impression fhat w.-re found along th le *n t'.y provid ur .gf -d II tor Hat by the tomm t( a.s.sage of-the liill -by Sena-' imond of Bur ifa^O. SIGjNlATURE ASKED ON FARM IRELIEF i I •' 123.' (AP)— (he McNary- Huug»'n farm relief Ji6li were repeated to President C >olIdge today along the coast by Seniitor Stewart aid ,Repr?i- sentatiV' Coje. Reprul l^kns; Iowa; and Charles' .A. Raw cin Republican con mittecman fn tba^ state. A -ftltfr the <-onfere i <je, Senator .Stewart said he had lio: receive* an iiikl tig of h',w'ihf president i-A-ouId a,ct but had ga InM th* dis- THRIpE PI^NES ATTALCAHUANd Ta! .a'i.nano: Chile. Feb. 2.3. • f APlj elx- i T';e plahe.s Detrojit. St. I^uis ani >ed the warning of 'I soij during p. far.i: Frederick, Sr.. - .\|rk.. was iprobaii tliis m'lrnihg wh hiii in liie risht t»: shi t gun. Frederi have 'oe.-ii beating 1 chair wlieii the h^y iand -.variied iti.; fath REALTOR KlILItS $ELF TODAli (AI' '-C.eorie aid s foi ed < on: id millionain- ca; r. was foaml si in hi-; Sii>artra >-i -tiere was a luill -eh. ad. The 1,.,'| •••ndins the arr-iv ner. STATE BA SK BILL KILLED BY SENAT Topeka. Kan.s he buildings ' were dam ajged. but there has peen no Anur can loss tit life. < I I tors gi - I day l )y I ing cotiimittjec. arai S. to ratty 1 :Feb. 23 (AP) liaior IJeaiiett i r>-<iiiire sta und'-r tir>j dep»)s; livv wa-i killed t ellale bankd a 'ad bani- .\elV-' Y( 1:001 1 -.v -States a in.g in Fran: is; Santiagi \^\LlfATIO> ON K.C.$i IN,APPEAI K .-insn IvO .-'C"»' distri't .-thic-red .•! :de. isi eiijioinin C'immis tii>n f;x» is^uthertl ^ City. iKais.. Feb. 23. YAP) Patit-r.s)n, United States art 'irney. today w-as in- t'> prepare 4 (a appeal iroiij n herd iJecember 31]; last fe the Ihii'irstate' Comrnerce in?truction.s wfjr. tor ;;-n After Adopting of Memmn ;Topp which <4 Atcl litfidayl Thf »-iriole. ii ofj i 17.01 at| Htilc e.'ijiiiiim. Tk. of: tie PantAmerica:!!} II fli:;ht of the Ijiitei! my arrived here tlijs morn III Vsslparais,). ; The Han! o is on :ts wav ii-re frrms ioc fr<"/m I by it :fof the* City railri-jari ra; idopting a valua4 property. ; The from «^he scdici- of thd Cnited States. House Decides fca. Kan tiht.' Hous Feb. li of Repn' ird, infant .«on of [li.son county, has y Nut-tirjg of Rus.' Ipiliblieajtion of 2.50 copie.s i.s' the siuthoriof in .se in c PilT'lVeji I'foi^ li- The pljau to fluej the resolution mimittee o;fthe n appropr jtlon of the .«lat ikinson duijiiig the Jie any per;iOi| Who tllel president was giving the meaBdre earnest : consideHation and "thtiS it was a mistake to believe tlfaX 'his mind was tri;evocabIy made |tip agaSfnst it. I I ' THREE ARE KILLED ilN AN EXITOSION with a mo- alien prop-l DEAfTH SENTTEJifCB .ETS GRiRl^P O. K. ^a. Kans.. FejjJ 23. {AP)—. I/iinishraenf tDiSay received .-oval of the ^einat© Jndl- onnnittee,. wt£cb recom-- a bill prdvidlh^ for revival lleath penalty Id -Kansas for committed a jtlie time.of arv or highw »y Jrobberyi; = |or C J I ! of .Mound Valley is • |ior oi'the me; mx^e. Lite jmprisonment ot; everiy per- • s'jir Convicted for' tl Q third time so was ap- efe, whea4t m Quanar. Tex., Feb. i± (APJ--Aa f;xplo.iio 1 of a 12-in«hj gas ? mala today; was reported tji ihlave killed thre.- ;m4n and injured several others. Tht* explosion oi niil .'s !n<i noon. • rth of town FORMER SHE iFkEE OFC ctirredj tw^b just befora - Hi 1 Miami! Olcla.. Feb. 23. (AP)— I F ]ran ,k, ?iL Waner, foi rner Ottawa county tleputy iiherif. Iwas ifreed I today 'Oil the ctiarge 'i^ed against him several we^Ha ag) sin connect! tion wit^ what the a ;tioniey gen> ' eral'.a i office, alleged '^^as an. organized Imovement to jjrotect animals. 1 i ' IFF ARGES {Today to T¥inti 250 Copies of ihe Resolution 2:3- (AP)4-The re.solu hn witli. *entAtives.hadopted" Ba ie P. WJaJer- Repj-esentative Bjalie P. ^aggener, liter tell c<; unty, isoj the Eridre.s, Republ fair t bi- iry ml'rjt, tl e housei was told house < rilered.the jean, f oor leader. mlgiit -in a menlbeir of ketling association to cot tract rej -ctOd a bill |b>| luce br attenn)| with coilimfttae. The plan by the houije to induce co-opefa^rnve" mar- Wreak Ua theV a.sB<>d ^dn: WSB wi(9 part oC Bro«rn of RpOM caimty; ijadicieryi

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