Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 22, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1927
Page 8
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j Gforgp.Ccj officials of gagH '. hy t^e light' comni Ijoxing |)roK| ywith Cox fl'urffd that tili-krjuH-d u'ill|;:i>l i|ior>- iliati its inniipyJ!) ropiitatiou fur ni.-j jjji' itlihe. ifoi -er Ions SagpM flip til thi'ifi, rhf're'U one!that ReV to fignt. or aet out.' ; .Willi this tliat every ij tbesi tiiroiigh hn. iiarticipudes. )<>miiit in /the led to iirrlv I Fjoyil How Wfl»iiek-'H Clip lioii(. i« exii«j iJunliWy to for .'thf "bout i The fiKht last! nil lit thif inbri- than i>ts jwel-e KiilM y ifeatiuK ,capa< ity i Tickfts for iho aied at trf 'al t\t>ig store qnd J iwijlry; .store BAKER inalliiwin Ciky.: ppciall— Ai celhere ytstord^: receiving lett were: L; Jfilloh l^u! \yaldor spiirl; Elton Ralpli,9''Pf'"'j"i'' lioW unc-e, w [it, ("ox siid: • no Ktalli^B. K the rlliK deiiee, it iJ- usHJired Kht^r will he Ixiilt s At f'liiea|<|,".Iol ornmeie liix tOnimiliipe aiinoiii! •clock Wiih 11 e-sudvaiiH ijaUf 8t irting off th-,il wijy I^ro^able that the lith Jniiv I inin lola in^ irniiiiiiK sterday thill W! fi&lu w.iil lax |of .Memolrial 1 fight «aii ijriif;: .«t6rjp. Co >k's 'j. V. Mf-nhabil's OOTBALL iLETtER TO lOLAN i\ans.. Fell. •bers^--oll the iiani Were a,*ar<*d letters. Thbst 22. er- V. fourteren mim- Wildcat- foorllall a -siecial ciiapel. rs tlie fir,st I aiiitcr.'!, Olat City. Pelk-iBon. iLynd Kleman. Cor| firedbnia. iT t^rslfoi* the .Arthur I Fnlto Ilrigjgs. Scrat ton;] l ^uulopj fJlen M Those .receiving , third time: |ohn| (tiLyj; "Reno l^afhld Read*. ; rfeivinp letten for] 'Ijtaytaion'il Lid kay Abilene: iCdiin He: Cecil r'r.i| receiving seiohd time we^e: 1. Jfelvcrn: Trui^an .Innior Tlion Coetz. Hald'.in [Payie. Parker: : nd ihlilj Those re- the fourth lirne: Wellsville. UPSET.IN KANSAS , CONFERENCE PLAY .Salina. F.-h. •taK eel ^iay HaH : Weslcyan ihere iiixt |s Trai-herl conferpiir RAIRIE pnl iN BIG i I • • •• " I Irldepeitdenr (Alii—The P itoinbany aninj •YJf ILTflO aoie.« iioimty,. Texas Ikie.j The de; liefe' yesterda fIceH. ilr: Co>jdcn pre.sident Korti Worth, vera here Iit -odVicing Isha Jii'Kti iindeveUijeil of fr.| w atJ k.f f low (•fid r .^<s!X-y.-:-:::-.:.;. ^ s<^lluidai;ist< Edvin Wide. pronnnnco| Biieinen, tierinaiiy. by ruuiil isiknown as the Kuickjioliii ISiO. but iiJ or the opiin'on tances. Wide has an .V. .\. and.i.s now'making •'plans u western meets. He is 5 fedl G'i ii rhiit th Ji'.ib-s in 9:"il. is in our ini <lMl. Wid UK siiK I I K - di^ .ViiK-rica r. l)eri(iit fo oompt'le in meets in parlicipat.' in nius'i nf the big «-.i:ji«M-n am; iirpliy. etters Kdgertjon. 1 he for (Special I -Kled tho liuexpt' l.n- ct- ed to is in n Ki'n- niqht and -defea basket bal OIL GO UROHASE lians.. aiiil- Oil lincl-d the (leases m .1. S lis I'Otl! the P and A. -Feb. pii'rcb In jUro (!ft>d !if coniHany from i tHcij*- are: sand ikells 'and acr«'aai' inci Great Qutfidid IPHE signing of J. Washington. can think tie^.ltbe old BolstoiJ ^ajt^n of L^v/isl ^ mover • T|he Washlngloi .baiij greater tjattl ig , iielding it isybbul : i!«'e4n the twoL on Ikri. {Speaker dud lu ihrowlug alf>ue rfefli Itely exce WBsbtngtbn hjav^ little to Ijkk las far as thei [TrlB Sp>aker I y to my way_ if thjat club the be^t ni ijors Speake tblnking. give^ but ^<4d In tb •I doslln In lilt. ter laad Rice ib ri autfield that wojild be bard «»ai It boasts i nusual streng in eitery depaitDieat of p^y In ce I- kht, ooiiiprise i n of qoly oni thkf might po |3Bit ^y be rkied bdi- Red Sdx.combp Speaker add nier cernbd. btii, trio of lod'ajy strength. * standoff b^- the bases, Go^- |RIce are faste did the Red Sd .•ou(se. ougli rot ibiy yle I ar« l, hing lestii Still Has.a^s npRlS .SPEAHEH • •, (uuiei of f on vbeiug tb bow many mo dlay. jl haie le could tij (ilg league isbos if be Sj^edker U gt-ea est outttelder] yeatii. all: pba les «red ^His }u( gm^nt b^s Uo^wlege >f coiiiplete. tberi-ne citci and his 4rin Doje 1 for Its j G.ostlti,. Speaker a dejreiisive tr o U V dlifflcuit tluk i • / I' ' ' : ii.i ,.' :i tbit B.inn to To KImo Kra/.ier, the coliired iMiy nlio i-iireNses at WflJi's Imrber shop, b the jfrsl token »t" sitrini: I KD^ I UL II to liilii. KImo leriliiy. ai'lernoon had hi cyde luirked In front o^ llitflo hoes and J«s- bi- tiie a," who c<in(<in'n-il Priavn S'unni iJi I If has Iifcn rniiii lis will be liis best vi-ar ill (lies tall. lo i-cjcrcc i!ie LcgiiJii siijow. cer taiiily is viTsaliU-. I!csiilj.-s Iwinji ,win. Kans.. Feb. ' .\n inrilution to any hiKb sclioo . Ihf riiifd Stains lo pi|itici|ial the fiiiirtli annual niJay carnlvafi w'liich;will be held here Apiil 2i> Jji and oO. under the. an.sirici 'S| afj i Itaker: university has been extciiil >-i| ii/ IKniil l .,:!-it >n. dirt'ciiir ot' a,lli letics. : Special invitations and iitii- gramsiitn- ln-jtig sent lo the lilg'l .'iclhi.iiij; (11 Kansas, .Missouri, inwa ka and Arkansas, al track nicer liciwf(>n PiJk- \yashburn has been jir as an aildcil alirai li^in of tile golf: and li-nliis nnsbips will lie givi-n cii|is ! A in 'illiber of Jiiuior colleKcs j of Kansa :i and .Viissiiiiri bav>- au'cuily |sigiiit:^d their intention of eiiij-r- ' ing ^(ie< iai features of the caiiii- :;val. i ; IOLA Ilic^H WILL $NTEJt AT IJAKER lola t high siliool will enirr a , stjuad 5it ibe jluker relays, ('..acii I .lolin H ><iiM aiMnnmceil tmiay. As I yet. noi'decision has been readied as to v-lial events \yll be eiiien?d. It is also . likely that ilie jiniior ; ciillege! will eliter a M|liail. SANDWICH INN- TRIMS COLONY one of I lie bl 'Sf light rej.'rees' il the stale. Ceiirge is iiiiilej aiL nni jiir.- wlicn it com.-s to baseball lie 'lias signed as an iin pile fml cine III' l;ie sdiilliern I 'lilnor leggiu ciicaits as anlniniiiii' i'nr file (join ing season. Tile iColiiny lnwn team fell li<'fore the Sanihvicli inn (iiiinlel Jast niglit when the Inn took an early lead aii'l held ii III '•• 'ii •: • game. • Kven with Colony's last period iriisli the jinn smou .ii ,.-aii I'.. Ille end l .'i t :i li K:iriy,in thei first (|iiarter the iii Inn ni^iii steiiped inio tile lead and ran up lour piHiits. Iliiring the .'.ei oiiilj (inarter the locals lagged ' anil oiily made a. and liie sci}re at lliii half stood U to rt with Iijila still iri the lead. At liie shop while he was hiirr eilly Klnssliig^ III* n last pair o- so. Dulslde, liuliirlntf ou the hundlelmr of his bleyitJe, was the first sipn oi sprinjg bnsphall fielder's irloie. KItriO is just a few days of the rest of lola's s|)ortin,:;| lace. In a few days lif tin er cunliiiues) the rest of lo start '(iigging Into forgoti cessi's'to salvage a gllive 1 mask Ihere, and iiossilily I 'd and torn ball' in ordev to oitl the kinks. as ijse ivn II. umniaQed ail ie IJ. Hefd. for low fi Thp boxing contniiKee oi the .Inieiciin l.eirlun eerlalnl r Is g'nUif at thhiBs right. 'Ilck- «'ts iir (lie Itlg fight -sirA .Manb I. nerc placed on snic j>f-, yesterday mornlDir. Last nlirht t9ie' tv more tinin »(»» tickets had sold, i Al tluit mte. sUin d- rjnoni ^nay lie at » prenituqi at .Heniorial hall when the ponif rings. fieorgeCoiCv'.Of .Mulberry, who is II \< nnderstiMMl fluil liusii;e>.s nil n «i lola aije . , parinu: to do snitiPlhlng big for lola Mhen itjcouies to lhi| hasp, ba'l line. II wiiiildn't li^ n lilt surprisiiij; to the writer. If they would get tiigether ami ilonate enough cash to suppbrt a good s «'tni .proievsii »nal ball club here this yearJ .lU.NIOR HKiH Wtl.l, |acts Concerning the Stiir Endurance Run .ill kitids of rn- made by. certain d to dis- }'arehere- enipt There have been ' iiioi's and .statements pronle who have at ronnt this test, therefore w l^'ith .submitting the |ac ;s (jonoerniri.Gr .-ame and nnv staterrjen :s to the eon- ti'ary are absolutely false and anyone who heai-s. any thjini- o|ther than Ihe pre- base. ahead pOjiU- i keath- , r will • n re- erc, a ' laller- • shake PLAY COLONY FIVE The junior high school Aiet Colony Jiiniiir liicli -on the loc il court this atleriiooii. The local: are in ^'oie! loiiitiliiiii anil slioiild be abli III li.indii' tile Colony groii i; CHURCH ijEAGUt TEAMS TO I'LAY (leen ling irst i The .Metliodist and Pre^ ; haskethali teams dash at 7 j lonlglit in the junior big! i gym in the first of a series 'games til decide the dtnrd .; championshii/ of lola. Tit are evenly- matcjied. lyleriiin o'clock schoni [if three outfle t!on to make balls fall'saf the outfield , tchers ; shouljd about this sun • outneld is coi - has dlbwed ub but is fajr I don't kno )|ear8 he Intend^ I eard only pn^. step ajon for three morj; to 1 1 biy tbje of the lant 211 |>f play ijonsU Is uncann jposing l)attei er was a sun r I as always t>ee|i «4ccttr icy I I {and Rice for^ should roa^e or, the; oppos; Coslin Has Improved mHEN Goslin joined the tugton cluhj. he was on the wors'l fielderls I have ever break' into the niaiors ever |ie started after a fly feared for bis safety Tbie fact (bat left tield In ingtoh is a suu territory, bis task none the easier I seen the- "Coo.seV stagger u many !a fly ball during the days of his career, only to entirely or make the catch •jetiaational aV-roba'tic manner However. •Gobliii took his ores good naturedly and reall the defects in'his play, set a lo remedy them lie " has ceede(i In a most enipliatic nei While Oosiln lacks the gruc Tris Speaker and Sam Itlce can go get them In Ibe must proved style Wlash^- ; of seen Wben- bill. I W ash- r lude lave ider ejarly le it n a art• US liuut buc- iiiau Caji Rice Man o' War I CAM KICK, the other inenibe (if ihe trio, is one of Ih« tiuly great outflelders of the Kajme. There is a polish to his play makes difllcull catches look, e and unassuming. Ii goes about hts work In an mechanical manner and set ,I urns in k poor performance, bne ot the most remarkable nelders ih the game, he has but little press-agentfd. due certain lack of c<^lor -.Man o' War." ihe fans i^all Sam IUc<*, ' ?eause otl /great ispeed. It is a deserved nais« that isy Ice. alii^ost om For >ut- I een o a Washington his nhclt- I b in - 1 • of be up- b-ginn oiiy riif -hi -a!id ni4 'ii| i lola !•< ee.led ' li'.'r ofj ter (•< eini'd lead. •ihe lola .Mann. Ililf.ey Si ninii ' 1 laigrijive. IlMlliM "t d through lola's d •fense a tiital of six poinis but ij-a'.-j also [scoring anil sue- in makirig an e(tnal nutu- ]i|)i!its. jln the last quar- lony oiiiscoritil lolaU bijt IllOt ilVer.-OIlle the IllC .Tll-^ ' boy Score: •To; ( iilii|iy iliiiun I lolon post. ' lllllistt; Martlet llricUe llalvea^ Toil Is nu ()!' liii second hall' Cn f hese facts have onr.a|ntl or kiihff Ipnee the pai'ties rnr statements. i We believe that thi f. g. n. g. al^9 f. eim. I'. r. • n. r. g. g- FT. ir. 1 i' I'l !i I 1 r 1 •t II 1 i *t II' 1 i I 1 ( ;. r. i^ It Il M •> II ^1 II i> II' 4 il i| 1 ii II li j' - -1. r, ii 1 (1 Ijished beyond any aiu sti:)n of a doubt tl^at the Star Car is su Den 'or to all fither cars in 01' near it? jp 'ice class. The troubles experensec in this t ^ruellinp" test were sc smal that we wish to jsrive to the pablic the exact tirouWes and will herewith |ist same: within la the tek I The first trouble' came short time of the start of ^^^hen the vacuum line th it I 'uns SANDWICH INN TQ PI The league j f;enev:i AY GENEVA FIVE L'Jandwidi Inn team inS.idej; ', this y« tiin gbl to play tlu leanis ' neva ,t <iwn letiiii for Ihe thinlj ar. Ka(h:has won Cef tini^- fcanu". Enduimp Coiitest Prizes Awa rded on T(»tal Mileage Car Was Driven | Fir.«l rrize §200 Pur hase Cerlificalc—- | I .1. H. Kettermmi, 7U S^nfli Sfri^et fit !9 ,V riiiles.) Si'tond Prize .Sl.iO Purchase iCerlifibate— lit; .Sonih l^^lni U,<t !isi2 miles. arded on Miles Per .1^ t». TIndel. Prizes Ay\ Gallon iof Giis Firsl Prize .S2r) l> Cerllficaie— Two are tied for Ii sf jiri/ej Stanlcj, North .lelTer Vntone I'ayton. Ciilitny. (ii Sffond I'rizc Choice .'flix.'j'i U. Shafer. lola. It. K. i ed on Prizes Award V^jarne First Prize $10.00 CaUline Fiftren l .oitle lioilges. till WiV. Miller. :i|.-. S W. K. lialstoit. III \. Lewis Parker, Urs. (Ilnl Kali, 7tH K. C. IVIersiMi, .TJ.'* K. W. Wiimiick Bin Kilnk. Soi Kalph Heath. 711 S Mrs. II. I{. .Sinimes I.eo llnlgh. ^Il» Son l»r. A. C. Sterlinir. W. T. tianey. «li .i Ilaney FIsk. 4I» Mrs. Tompkins, (;a Seccnd'Prize 5 (iailoti.s Gnif ^Ieuni4- I!. Low man B. 211 West Street soh are tied horlh Ulalnnt nitirFoii j^Vjest Ml i"i Norm .South South Third (S nth Jefferson Sifnth Svr iiniire Knller h Kim llnmlMtlcfi, -North si IHy (H t ^mj miles) i miles)- 20x4.40 Seiherlins Tire :!(l.7 miles) Number of Hours Slept : Rook— or tirst prize (S hours) r^h (S hours I son (fS hours) 'oIlNirn (s hours) .Sycaniore (s honr«<) hours) (S hourJ) (H h lurs) Apt is iHinr Ke|ituri>y Strrt-t hours) s hours) i hours) ) Knnsjiis (S honrs) ours) I (S hiinrs) t.S hours. 3 niin.). T. BARBER Phone 51 the vacuum tank to t|ie fold came and jftopped. •I The next ar^d only (Experienced duiing tjiie i\'hen the condenser jy.stem broke down ca p miss and the motdi find a new distributor installed. The total inotoi- was stopped atj bojth not exceed 30 minutes, So counting" out the thlrt; would leave ll ^i 1> hours tha test tvtochal- the false has estab- ntake mani- t\ e motor n thd ising tirrie or ran during- the dijive ished at:12:30 Saturday/but!the mpt- (r was riot stopped until Monday lyiorning at 7:15, makii a total of 172 I ours arid 15 minutes tht.t the motor lan without any troul)le whatsoever. Iri other words the mqtoii itself made fuithcr trouble diiive canjie ig-nitif|)n the motor stopped ar|d (jondenfjjer that the times did minutes themoi;- wlhich fin- 1 1 Facts mdst lich was siarteid the Monday laiid whicl^ is lupdoubtecjfy the' severe ;test tha|t i :ibly undeil'efo. j di'iven 09 miles iin six teeri The fir^t jtime the i^nitionj coil wei|t i3ad. The |;econd stop was made wh a motoi The - ca jcould was jhours anld thir- minutes of actiial drivingjtiine. motorl wasUtoiip^d twicq-j'The. pinithat holdf^ the va vali'd .sheered oif anil 0thi3} moin^ plelied. At I iprnition coil wie; • was stppij'ed anc the v|e spring-Icjn Jihe |at 99 mi 0s an- iit bad aft^ the rnorn- no time was thei-d any indicjation the driv Picom- )-to-data dri\\^ri 4,0fi9 milbs. ajlli of which i was foi- demonstrating purposes of J , nriost sevf re nature. We a^rain wish i ])ha the .'^ale of tihe motor overheating- and tim<? llid the mo'^or .ftbp other s])eciried above, r EXAMU^INE THIS MOTOR $t no ithan li!^ motor u has piic the fact that tile only trouble enc(|uptered was that men abovei Tlpi,Vmotor:ha.4 been car and is being- it finis|hed these anv removec placed in •oom in the condition in and w i tests rjepairs, adjustrpeints, etc. , . pubijicj is invited td.ini^FJect this Tojtor time. ^Automobile dealers! and nics are welcorne to exarr ine it •eiry possible! way. at ari .Y mecn? in e^ been em- ibried rom our Hhbh thout iThe Allen County Stat KANSAS lOLA, (>lahnshed a Qnartir Capital Stock Surplus aiid Undip^. Proflts Deposits INTEKK.ST i'AllJ ox TI.HE IIEPOSIIS SAFETV DE Oni ury . .30 ,006.00 150 ,06p .O) 1,000,000.00 O.SJT BOXES FOR RENT lom smm IKAY INTFHJE.ST ON WI2 Ckpital Surpki I i s Stock ... .1.... j. i.... L BANK TilME DEPOSITS ' ......$5to0.00

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