Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 22, 1927 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1927
Page 7
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YIDEKTirO iOLA Button factory, Ifowever, ' Sliii^ Most of Its Products I Fiom iCouniy. Doyrn |n t le Daviii Ail lltion thcw? is ;k factor} locatbd which In Uie (jourAe of a year tjirnH iiit a lot of I' ^qrjc; c;npijbyR qiilte !, l^uhclj of men and hat a RPOU- H I Z -d paj'.roll: ail ol wHeli I HIH id^rott licncjfU to jola. iiml Allen coijuty. Some Hio'iplc Willi-aHk wliy uiid bow c^h this factory Icniffll lolu AllP4 (;>upty:wbcn all of II H trbduv: I H ! HliippC(i out of town. Here's how V raijKo bunil^cr of Hi. or trl i^oD ur<!| uiiployed at hi? pluut: tW ~liavp ffmUic3:j ih! timincs Uave^ to liaV'! clothing, UociiJ, gro- d'eries arid: ouaca li) II x iii. All Ifi^se bills tiavie to bb ptid and Ihu carii-Dgs of the irienj Wto wdrk lu IfAe factory, pay tljein? But: what an4 how fides the: l!avt( ry benefit 2 Allen Cou^itl^ri Tjjl^ w-sy: jThesc oUnfUca npt{ only bap to ha,Vc all e; .above tmiigs- twtpd; they cat llstoes, calibagc, ioinati cs, }grcen -•'nfii; and a lot^ of qtlier 'egetablea. ^|n-tberVH ml<k4^|b6ttsands ,or farts of It ciohBumjed tby ithesa -^tlieB, wh!rc if the fictory did exist, th >'S^ famiiieE would not lOfVS 'D lola. I 'es, cutting buttpns is tb^i tra^e d id if Iblk di 1 not) have ;imeV!|>utb[|^ Ikctbry; fbos! families i ^ff^iild in'ovel to towni w lerc sncn : j(i4c|^qriefl ar^ operated. In thaii, j baseViola nicrchaBts wo lid Ipee a' ' t t[of tr^de'iand tfie All(?n county r&crs ^ouii4 Jose fhc sale of a t ot vegetables ian(i n Ilk. Ilca, &nable arguWnt. isn 't i. TTJ IC Bul«cn| Kaqtorjj, I jcated in •XUe liavis ArlHiitlon. m^y i ot attract • much atlQnl|n. but It/ha i a capac .of 76 rcijn, 38 or wioin hav.; «^ady emploirincnl'u^ gc ad pay at ^Uicjprcscnt limc. Kurtier ilian JO^iei 83 ton« of mu8(icl sh ilU which were 'gathcHil from tii«? >oA ot the KBOSho lUvejj. wore: Houflitjijr the Viittpn Factiib- at i2i pe • tori, and ) £bifl VmcaUH Jll;C6U.0u mnro money !4iHtributed tli Allen <oui^y pi'n()lc. ' iJuVlng m' MOM'N POP Pop, welcooUsN'r MAKE THe fWMfenrs •SOTHEYCAM^OOr QUI IJAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS Rngly. iTht,' i :4d but to uftlch Indlvi \ vheri the work of :r(it I! the Uiittoh ittoi Fs |cloi -y ^oed ;397 tonl^ of shcjllH. Homc . of ttcm coming from g\rkar sas. j HOIIH irora Tehnc^flce ami none i from pinlsiana and a few f^om Mlmiouri. I When thi- Hhella ikirl o at th Vplafit they «r« graded! fir't for Mzv. iijind Hp .ccliil. I They 'are handled [Hmall ohe« inafte tht gliding. th<' flnoHl buttoh.'. After! i Ihelis^re,inL in a bjig.tinki filled ;Vlth; water i^nd are soalfdlor ; period of foiiil weeks. ! Tli s iK done ^ risi iiio ^omcVtiat soften jthe; i. ; After j iniy :tcing 8onlc?!d the shells :i e weigh-'stii ttirtg begins.; rip of a, pail of tongs. F.When icutt the .blapk i^eath the machine; Ihto. k bucket. '! once' a *eeK the blanjk.s a e weigh- 1 -a liii-aai^ etidh cutter get 4 pky for hi number ] of blanks I e turns ii mt; .The, weighing is dor e only to I letei^mlne tlU number c f blanks ' (nt £nd doe^ not h?ivp an • bearing ;rn the payroll 'TheI bh nits: are ; rSBhtd, scrs^jncd and- dr ed. when If tiey. arc ready for phjipmi nt. Ii is I ill piece and jeacl miic is »id jaccordlng to his ablll y to turn <mt the worlfJ The ^rice paid for i rutting riinsarom 8=i cc Us to 22. ) xnta pet: grjojss, ISich man is < ;bargcd ^ith pc w;h^le s liclt$ and I ifedltdd iillli the n^n^ber oi iilank.^ -'. in turns outl Each man files and 'iibts his OwniiaW', which, m an av- ;. rrage has to |bc doni abpnl every en inlhutis .i ^ Kighty;ipeir •rerc brojvgli^ |^8?r( Mr. i lire now.! I bis.; city,' ; lerc; and us actlv •dnt Of to lolal the by he it-he Ch pie; an< .-Y .-r ">i Air Wo liiu Ml itlp Mf Mr.\ he cuttrng; ipparapifi lias leoih lolt and .Mr. and Mrs. V. N. Ilart- ike a hand ^^av. The- t-Ater re- /od ' ' "*" solves ripUJiy; and cilts t le blanks | and [Uickly. jThe sheil; ik he|d in the: alls '~-be- k;mpljyps hi! man- J. i) Buchahan.iand they pprmanent rcsilcnts, of iipeiiding: • thcii money taki ig part in tho vuri- _ , ifles of the owi Tlje byiprodMct of he actory is uit^ aA limpoirlant: it em. -I^liis is the.formi cf thq >«i8t • part of ihe jBhoU aftc - the blanks have ^C^oi cut odl. These irfipllB are fr-iJs^cd to «J s ze BuH4,hlc for poul- fy and are jsi eked anil » lipped to nibritet. About hoo tons if '^d hhell Tveto HhlPPCd dii^ing 1928, .t;al -Value of .^2.400. BJcctrlcily isjiised f|tjr-;i7w?r and jtbis, and thiM Is quite a i item in Vferbead expcjnoe' as ca< h cutter ia his indivlflual. iic-ii. A vast ilMint of• T» a ef Is uied I I HO , as a t^ltHm is pifiy iig all (he tiinoi upon ie abells an they ai-e lping.cut. atM^icefl an ixperl to b > a | good iltjef but a n an with avr rage acu- leni' fcan i anjd does | ms(ke' i good During 19?C. 211.12.1 JRross ot ilanks wjrei iroduccil. J lie igros.« I jjiic of whit^h was |$11.$12. The :»ay roll iccprding to th" record in loffic^ for 1926.^ was 10.803.40. _—,^ plant has been ciofccd down put lonce jsince being firsd iperated -. -.917. • i I ,Nite: This U the jeighth.o; a series, pf articled appearing is! the iterahb^t the indisfr"'!* of A Blnjth! will ib^ pu()li.-iL'd at is ^arly dajte -Tel^hono your Clasnfi'^ Ads 9 Ed all (;uy Uowler of liartlesTlllq .Stopiird Hero - Enroiite to Wichita — .Vrs. Emily ; Trew to l'hlruK:o. ' (Opal Mitchell) AiLVnPE. Feb. 21.-Uiiy Uouicr Barllosville. stopppil in l..a- rpe III sh:lko hands with lii-s nd.";. He on hi.s way to Wi;hita to enter the liuspital for trbitmenl. -For Pale: Strawberry plants, bu ilap and AroBia. 2.5c per hunyj drfld:;al80 rliubarb plants, sic per bl^iicb*. .1. ,V. Bauer. rPhone 6fi9. < ; frs. Kniily Trc^v Joft. for Chicago a fgw weeks visit, rtuz DePoint'er ppcnt Snnday wiBli friends in .Bartlpsville. returning' hoinc .Monday morning. Xnt. \V. .1. Waters and son of Fon Siott arc visiting i .Mr.i. 1-U\ Uaiiforth. / :'*nr. '.lolin C'aivpy attendrd tlie cl Hoke sale near KlKniort>. .'fr. anil .Mr.s. Walter lioiiKeH of nate- spent rfiiiiday ni ^h ..Mr.- Kveiis. . : --Snappy sprins patterns jof Wall Pajier JMsf in from the fiU 'tory. Coijie In and let lis show yon .siini- Waters am! DjmlorlU. Ilriigs .lewelry. In- Y. \). Cluu nift Weilno-filiiy. . Hi. nt tli .e honi'> of .Mrs. i-'rank cy. All uiijoyabb' Jiini' wlix Juitl all presonl. .Mj.s. Iltn-y I'eel. , Allen ilavis /anri .Mr:. Will )(l wiM :e guests. :'i 'lie next inci 'l will III? Ii('lil*:il tlx- home i ^f . \'ein C.rtx'ii. Dr. floiKh -KllloIl have sold i1ii (?n;l this spring' in the lollow- Mr. 11. >^mith.' Mr. Ilohb. Mr. ey. .Mr. Olston. .Mr. Stiiinlio. Snider. Mr. .lolinson. .Mr. .\Ioi- n. It is Just pof)!! business to g(><)(ts ol !i fir .ni, tli:il.'is iicrc to and will stand hiMiind what sell. ' fir. and .Mrs. S. I.. .Iviikins of PRISON LABOR BILL IS PASSED Topeka. Kans.. Feb. 22. (AP)f- Tlie house passcil today. .SS to 11. a bill authorizing the of admi(iistratl6n. to labor for repairing a slate building^. The I: passed by the senate. state • board iise prisdn Id erectiijg 111 has beiln but it will legislative: conference agreenirnt about ! timendmen made' ill the house. Ap if catoe from the senate. II; hiiy wojilil have compelleil II; board of administration to pcrniSt u^p'son labor on all piibl \)'orks. But .lacksOn of CpmancI; Aonnty amended if so that loif- vitts ran he used only at stato iij- stitutions and only ih the discretion of Ihe board. ' ' ' FLOODS THREATEN SOUTHWEST dRIiGON were Snni'.''y gilcsis of .Mr. Mrs. GiNirge M^Ic:oiii. Ir. and i.Mis. CUiy^on Ilicks of Hti n!)oldt spent .Sunday niijht wiili the former's parents. '.\lr. and .Mr.-;. W. A. Hicks. I ( bituary—.Mrs. Nora Raper .\k.\11 ster wuK,tioru Augnsf 14. ls.s4. ari( departed this life February 16. t9-Jfi. Shb was married to F. .M. .Mc bar 6. cliifdrcn: (Wad.vs. .lolin. Willis; IVUister May 11. 1902. Her lins- d deptirfed this life Dermeber |l91S. and was buried at this -p. .'Tho deceased leaves seven fin. Lydia and Olen .MeAUister, of the home addres.s of Crnve Spiin,i:s. .Mo., and r .olda McAllister Caldwell of St. Uiuis. Mo.: tw <i Rrandchildren. Virginia an<l Boibie Caldwell; father. .Mr. O. L. Ho )cr, and a .sister. Mrs. Nettie L. .foi es, of AUiertou. .Mo., a sister. Mr i. -Josic N'unamaker. aiid a brq Cit All eh I thcr. W. !l. Roper, of Kansa.s .Mo. The mother. Mrs. ,Mc- ster. united with the Christian rt-h Hi'LaHarpe, Kalis., in'the year 1919 and wjw a member of the Kebekah lodge, at Unllarpe. Th' last iUncss w.n.s only of a few until the critical. da.\s dii ration and not lasi day did it hei-ome Card oi Tlinuki". • The family of Mr.f.l Nora Mc- AH s!,pr wish to thank their many fflfnds for the kindnesses and the bca itiful flowers besiowr/l on them diir ng the sii-kness, death ^nnil bnr- Inl 7f their loved mother.; lT4Ll ]S nNISHES LONG AIR JOURNEY The Markets Ka Kunsn^ City Liif >>(«H -k. hsas Cily, Feb. 22 .1 d?. S. llcp^ Portland, Oregon, Feb. 22. (All) With the Willamette river at flood sfagc and tr.ansportat:iou demoraj ized ••'outh of Eugene.! western in southern Oregon today atleniptpyi to ifMlculate the daimige wrougl: by the worst flood In nearly ye;irs. .\t lw<» points the waters fro4i ^^wollen streams had flooded higli ways tli a depth of,i eight fee Thirty small houses I were swfi^t Into the Willamette i at Eugene , Rivers and at West Springflelil"! ewes G.JFEBRUARY 22, 1927. <aE £,r (HAT'S*TbOQrH- BADCf ABOUT it - rv/As-mtwdxiT) MftS .TVm AwD SHETHOowrrtr of AijrliiilHircl—Hogs.i .S.OOO; slow, eariyj trade mostly 10 to l.'ic lower to shippers;; packers inactive; Hlock pigs stbady $11.75^'12..'i0: lop $ll-.6.7 on 141) lo 160 jiounds; sirah c 170 tb 230 pounds SlLMtfr 11.55 light, lights up; to $H.t:.".; few MO to 27<t pouiid hntcliers ?11.1(''all.2."): packing :.-<iws Jin.oo (TrlO.iO. Cattle. .9 .iM )0: iaivesj l.non: fed generally steady;: medium to and heifers other kill- ind feeders, steer.s aver- steer good slow, ing fully agingj good steer bulk 8.75. Sheh', 4.000: killing I iasses fully .sfeadj-; top lambs $i:!.->0: other fe i lois iiosfly ?i;!.2."iWi:!..'>o: eld lots mixed AearlingK steailyifo weak lasses fetockers steady:; wei.shly around'i poiind.s J11..'>0: year;lings $10.75 i l )ulk fed SS.OOftflO.Sii; vcj.^! top ?J2; stfJckcrK and feeflevs ^l.oO'ir !jf6.25(fr8l.O0. i'liiriigo l,I»estoek. Chi<ago. Feb. 22., U'niled Slates between 40 and 50 persons were taken from perilous positions by lowhoau. .Many farmers south i Depaijtnient bf Agriculture)—Hogs tO,l«m: top Wl.ilO paid for 1 to to ITii) itound averages; hulk desir- aide i40 to 2uo pounds $ll.t;Ofi'i 11.S5; most 210 to 2.'iU pound butchers $lli45(f»11.6f»: few sales 270 to :i(io pifund butchers Jll^lo; odd ibis (lowiiwurd to $11.^5; packing sows $lli.l,''>(7i 10.40; pigs $10 to $1I.S5: hcivyweighl liog.t $11.2.'. '; nH-dlnm $ll .noif/ ll.sii; of Eugene were maroimed. Many ; ij,,),, m .„ji, n .,„; jjgi,, n^,],, li'-ad lost. of livestock were reporte INSURANCE CODE BILL IS SIGNEID ' itn .2:.rf/'ii.!to; Ti.i .eka, Kans., Feb. 22. (APi-i- Tlie new Insurance code bill has been signed by t;o»'emor Paulen, bis office Hiuiouiiced today. The new code will become cffectiv** o|i pMldiratioii in thei statute booli, prohi /ldy in .Inne. I lo.iiO; Cut ,|*12.9'»; sto( k< bulk digm l»:.25; pers mostl slaugli er pigs .^11C(» ll.S.'p. le 111.01 I); best lieavy steers f several loads I $12<'/12.7.'.: rs and fe <'ders tl.'i'tli a.M; Ight steers f9(^\U bulk me- bulls with weight around spom I Igher *e:«offi7: ship- paying upward ijO $1."; u .r choicii vealerk;- to paelters 'mojtiv ni.of)fa l2.T>n. . i ' Shef 'p 17 .1" 0; deHijible lanib^t- $i:i .r >i rii i.i.:io: abovt>- $14: l ^fw e.\ireii; .•\fter affixing his signature t» I $12.2.51/12.60; 11; sjieep oijeiring string to 2."i'- ! higher: cboici- meiiiuiU; weight fat j ewesj $9: innst 'desirable ewes $7.754i !l: feeling;' and shearing lamM $12.50 [?i i:i.l0. two other hills, the governor left last night for Wichita to attend p grand lodge meeting of Kansak -Masons. The other bill.s signelj were ihe Lindsley measure lo r'tl- qjuire the labeling of poisons anil file Hegler bill to increase tliie limit of appropriations, for .ountyj ARGENTINA AOAINST fairs in counties of 20.000 to ^ ' 000 population from $600 to $l,Ot^J annually. ! DE5:iCIENCY BILL I REPORT TO HOUSE Washington. Feb. i 22. I\P)\Carrying a total of $6;{,400.9.">7 tlie Kct 'Oud deficiency appropriatioii bill was reiKirted today to th'c house. I j The measure has a two-fold purpose, the meeting of!deficits that have occurred in Current appropriations, and tho supplying of fu^ds for work that musti be done befpr|c next yenr'.s appropriations beconic available Ululy first.! J ; Appropriations in file bill woulll be $5,620,106 below ttie amOunt r<i- fjuestcd by the budget bureau. TU^ ;najor item of $.'?7.200;000 would be for payment of pensjons, prin<i- pally (hose to Spaii.ieh-Americati War veterans. ! 1 (AI Pill Poi; thb Cat (QLA HIDE, FUR & WOOL ^ COMPANY Get oar price* on ^ POFLTRri A>D ECGS me will come after nonltrr* B..A. JONES till So. Ohio Plione 1S07 prlcei, ,.H @b»e ..16@i8r . ...„-15c . ...ioen *c . ...1G@24' ..i._.i$3.tW iTiiamlHieo. Brazil. Feb. 22. ') -Commander Francesco do M I O , Itiilian aviator, arrived at [t Natal. Brazil at 1:20 o'clock aflernoou -from Porto Praya, e Verdo Islands. EXPLOSION X T ; JUNCTION CITY .luiielifmi City, Kans., Feb. 2^ iAI'i The business ijeilioli Of the c|tv wiis rocked thi» morning by an explosion of gasoline fumes in 4 rear room of tho Parisian cj"an- I ers establishment here. The biiUdr Ing luld e«|iiipmeiif wore badly damageil. A fire that followed the ast was quickly eMinguisheil. COASfoYATlihrOLL , MOUNTS TO 31'NO \V^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNDS packing jsoivs $10''(/ Wiioled liest h-ld weights s S10(J/ eftie «ffll> CLASSIFIED ADTEBTIS. !DiG;|IMV0RMATI05. i! Cf.ASBIP !En RATES I>illy ;ntt« ipor line for conaccutlva InM tions: M Charge Caiih si|c dlir.i 7c «c Tlfrcrtidaysl i. 9c 7c Oic &iy .J ...J I2c lOo M nlr^um charge, 3Kc on any ad. M niniium ftnshi 30r. Ccuntfivft iwordn to a line. PHONE [TOUR CI,ASS1FIBD I : AD TO 18 Mirors In •.advertlscmeuls *linuld be rppo-te4^ Immediately. The Itegt.ster will not l>e rrsponsihle for more t)ian one ln»|orreet| Insertion. Specl:tl rate.1 for yearly advertising. Ads ordered :or six times and slopped l><>fpre expiration will be charged for inljr the !numl>er uf time.s the ad appeared, and adjustment made at the rate eiirned.: | Tl e ndtt'ldual advertl.sementn under th.i foUowing classificntlons are erra ise 1 > in I A t.PHABPJTlCAL, order for lulfk reference. AI ads pre I restricted to their proper qlaff $i(ic&tfon and to the riegular DaHjr Ri <KlBt(« style of type. Tho publishers rcscn 'le the right to edit or rejett xny clas-'^ifled advertising copy. Ar Ad Inker will icladly Hssl .>«t you If d( sired, sol that the copy for your ml 1 1 prepared in such n manner :ta to bjini^ thc| greatest results for you. ! A|NNbUNCEJMENTS Pergenalit Till- ST.vrE-Uorticultural Society rec igiiizes the jmenace to trees of scale insects toi the extent of making l;dws to siiray for their con- iro . |l dO |CU )«totn spraying and trinining, boili fniit and shade trees. ! (;. II.; SUUjin, Peoj)lc'sCafe. I-OS! lur A. T-iPair idiild's spectacles. Re- I til .Sili.V. Jefferson. Reward. \. jMoshi'i;. _^ • ' J- PU ev HI .10 AUCTION—Public Auction {Salunlay at 1:00 o'clock at Bishop's Sailes Pavilion. e|ry U. S. ARMS PROPOSAL s. Feb. L'2.; (API — Buepos .Mr Argentina, reiilying toj President Coolitge's proposal fori a conference o cons dor Iiinita|ion of naval aimamcn;s, says Hit Argentine gover iment j refers to. j await tlie decision of tfie preparatory ilis- armai icnt commissJon which, nieetiig nnd<r League!of Nations auspices at Geneva, has! been studying ^ program for an International disarmament confereifce. * If t|ial Inittative should fail, Ihe explains, j then flie Strayed, Lost, Fonnd 10 AUCTIONS Anetlons lOA P^ijl'lb sAJi ^E n .\TES — Carl lleckepliablb. .Moran Feb. 2:!: Jim (;rdggj Blue .Mound, Feb. 24; Theo. Ja .iJelo'. llepler, Kas., Feb. 25; Ed I 'oi hrin. S<]lina. Kas.. Feb. 26. If inte 'estcd In' any of these sales, write I K. K. Hall, Bayard, Kans., ; for bills, if! you are interested or • are e :lpecling to employ an auc- tioAeeK write me at Bayard, Kas., or telephon'b 6.32. Kincaid. at mjf exfenie. -efereuce is niy work in ihei saletV \ j (500D touring, sex coa - Chevrol Barber Phone ol OAKU^Ntji _ -—25 O; shape; ':{ tudor; fires; shape; Sfudpbalj shapi cars. II USED OAR iHovocotnqsHs; SED gopd h.; C eon Hest t roidstej ;ara.fe, klaud landau sedan, fine 4 Fo 4 td rdadster; '26 Ford cr Fprd dsor Ihevr -pas peveriil oi :)bart "70" Chrynler coupe; Ford touJring4 Co., tJuiik D0aler}i MaxweB 192."> FORI) T( good paint; c evefywar. South J4ffershn. 1927 PO.N riAC like nev and is Mobart^S Jeele WRECKI.'C. I'sed pa^ts. shield. Phono AuloAqceiisM-Ies, lola $2. BUSINESS CORR T ptorago .J lon^ Reasonaole rlites. rroietnlonal F. Lenskl. resldenccL 11 AUTOMOTIVE intomob^ie Agencies dealer .V I'^Ep CARr-ls as dependable as Ihe Sal to buy At line o( els, Co. - good present p|-i.;ed|to sell. Ellis Motor 1 Nor|tli Washington. »ri| AVIIITK have arriv gover: intent momeit will sider a soliit pefha IS easier of reniizi The reply las been i' the Ainprlcai embassy missic n to Washington. eil to <'on- on "less general and tion." elivcred ta for tran«- BOOK DEALERS ELfeCT OF ICERS T^ii|-ka.. K MIS.. Feb. :'2. (AI') — Phil .M,.'Andor.son of .VciWton today was ro-ulecli d nresideiil ' of the Kansn;i Bnol Dealers jiXssocialifm for tic eiKb :h conseciijlivir yi>;ir. A. S. Allen, vice pre: F. G. i )rr. HCI wtary-freasurer, both of Wichita, were re-elcc-ied. The asfiociat fon deddet tci meet again jn To^ieknjiext year. HUDSON-ES.SEX DEALER— CHBV Clip cnEv Clli-'A' who sells It — Dodge nd Service. The best place both dependable used cars, jwo have a complete lopen and closed mod- MOTOR CO. KoLE-r, 1924 IROADSTER lOLE'^, 192;; COUPE. tOLET, 1922 10URINC.. 'II ROLfciT. 1!»22 F. B. Touringi VCjNE; Bl!rriTER-^tb|-t yoiir baliy chicks on and Grow Ppddln. fn oij R.' e. Ml •rhos. Spilt hard Starting ikig Biittc rmilk Chick p sale fit your grocery. TKinney- !• eed Store. • ICS-Pure bred S. t. per loii. {I'homr 996-:;;:. ll'restoii. Ibia K. I. -Jtron/.e. for , Kans., It. 4. iigli^ih straui lioulli, Vi se. J. H. lie F.VR.M H.' Call in Phone 23 XJI-Go.^ bers in. vs. i avoi; VOU.VG M must ha%le reffierences and not be afraid to Tire Reptir Shop. FINANi Money jto lj»aii-j-.Wortgageis 40 FARM reasonable thome. m LdANSh-Qt«ck FARM A$D q rate on or short fkrma flmc. monejr Dea Stedle .Motor CO.; BARGAINS 1^26 roadster; 1924 Ford ledan; several .M^rr Auto Supply URI ir ii Bbyer x4 SURGERY —Medldne, X-ray. Dr. fhon 8W. Ip Wanted—Male AN-f-Wanted at ; once. MONEY eastern and city Terms aijd p^ym^nt rrwcr. 5% R. ItOA,N to prioperiy. atewkrt & EIVE STOCK BY TAYLCTt \!/eLL-iitAif8E: RS—1925 Star liflon:. 1924 lis-, of shape; 192:»j r, good. B.: Ti 11 West Htree|'. ers—PONTIAC ^oupe. balloon sedan, gbod \}\et coupe; j'21 coupe, fine her very cheap NO—Good tires, good con lition Motor Co Phono 23. 212 COUPE-This/car is fully eqiiippciL .Motjor Co. tireii. Parts 13 E TOL'RI.N'G- ires, top,; wind- AutA Wrecking Co. SERVICE Moving, Trjiekliiff, Stonff« : 26 :AN$FER CO.—Popking. distance hauling. Phone IKOJ Berrlces 28 ia: office. 886; JERSEY -yeiirs old Phone 23; SOWS—:! (thestcr iWhites. willidr- row aboui .Marcli l|); weight -ijoo |bs. each. These jar^ pxccpfiona good ones bred tjo taking s*coud ipr County Fiir. Leje L. Moore. 1 (|02 South Sta TJEAil MUtES— And! Iwth aged ivest and :(, south llol 8; PIGGY SOW«—Wi week to e street. white ones and hlai ra good milk cows. Fotiitry andlSiipplies freshen. ly j-egistered hlog hi zc at All Phone 976- gray hor Colviu. ja. Pho. 990- farrow in a hree wec^ks, red on'S. ;k ones; :i tx- J. C. Butcher. I1.\BT CHICKS -Sta We are Igiving lien Starting Food Free chicks cal ideal Star lbs, Web! brooders c; «!{• :.c per bred R. I II.. H. 'Beiitoi.. G;i.-. (iOCKEREll for sale, fola R. HPhnoI. i-ltSGS S. 'setting: Homer T^ 0:1 foriat l-lb ing Food Ihs. of Id.! with each 1 the Hatchery. $:t.5o per I'on u tho!thai e Accredited. k9 iive thCibeHt coal anil Oil Uet. Come iiiid see thjem! Cuiftoin hatching, 1c per egg. IsturdyiCI ick Hatchery•220 West Btrpet; ; CIJSTO.M HATCIliN(3- :!c- per e chick j iiilso IhoroHR ». egKs for settii|g. iKans. S-Rhode! lood oiii^s. Island Re T. S. Kwiil •T, mile bast .McKinley If. R. :i. Jit. cKg.; l|or also iiiotato plaiit^r. lats. lihulie ••70 -11. EGGS-Willi ting. Ph Hnreu. t*' W\iin |me 994-1: EGGS— PlyWnish; Rolks. .>;!.oO liiiii- OYMENT 33 d and reliable. H. D. Bornett. burg, Kans. f-iGGS—Buir RoL -lJ. fot setting. Mr^. W. A. MJ SS. 4 inilts west, oiie north Moiiiu. R. R. [2. pply ih person. 116 E. Jackson. ;iAL rates S|. W4shlngtoh service and A. D. Haw- LOANS^Base city 6%.; Long 111. Cunnihihqim. —Private; and loan on farms Low i rate, to suit b07- Funk. ;EGGS Butf Rnclt. I'or i setting. $1 per 100. 'hone 994|22. ilrs. E. II. Brown. i I * [EGGS—Rof Wyandotf«j liaby chic Hess, Hut] EGfJS—Bai) ing: 120-< IHIGHEST for creani, Qur truck at your service try. Barkc •(tred; will j^iione 944 e comb Silver Laced s. at $5.00, l.'.c eich. boldti K^ns. ks rc'A Uocki;. for liatch- gS Safetj bator. Mis. H. V. 910. Moral! MARKETj—Prices paid eggl^ «phd poultry, and chicken coops are vice to ipick up poul- ProdiicelCo. Pho. 658. .VCUBATOR—For slalc, a good j one. Photic 971-22. .\CUHATOflS -2 1 jcoal bujrning comb R. lolte for Hit-' E. R. V , PAGE $ MERCHANP Artldes tm FOR skliB; %HE.\P—li^rgej elec- ' i trie girage fign. air < ompieaaer^ curb gasipump, and gsr|f'""'*™»"»*' also wonderfiU bargains cars. I Dr. Mitchell. ISarter and Exciiani SCHUM^.N i»IANO—Goddjone •OjW. trade foii good milk i Bollinger, lola. KanS. i Business and Office Cvkiiiaieiit M SAFE—).arge steel tjffjee good tjondition, sell Kessinger Tire Shop. I Washington. Phone 3 TVPEWRIITERS FOR SjV or trade.! Adding ma HI make.' j Public istenogi apher tary a^d • multli^raph Room lU -U./ovfir Glob Fnl^l,! Feed, BALED ALFALF; first liouse wesfc' Fertllfe KAFIR j'onDER—Ic biJnIlc. while .M. B. Lain lit Iast^: 9ti4-:'. .MANUBfe—Well rotted, lawns aind ganlens. J. SI ge'ltools: ini nsed :«1A : win CO. . , Bafe,i reasontrbie. , ilO Ponth Wnes Rent \ any nO- Ivprk ddne. Clothiers.^ —I«ew iS Diami nil ch E. Rpuith,. iiri:h, , | isl Phonp t.! PRAIRlfc llAY-JFcw dtafcks^ ' for. _ bale; 4!head mules; 1 i-ain. -V. W. Edwards. I.aHarpe. . _ - ilonseliold Goods 2KD HA'ND HEATING SJOVES^ ReziiorM aud furiiiturf. igqod as jiew. c'ieap. Kelley Hqf'cl. Miisical .llcrchandfcl i , Si T'RUMPitT—Holten. K Flaj. leather 6ise. :! inouth pieces, i iiibic irack. like new.^ used onlv Fe^v tilheB. Will sell for ?:50.0J» less| iSiep 1) the Register. Seeds,' Plants, Fioifcfs KANOT.V ' SEED OATS4.\t! my farm; 5i)c per bushel. Ifhger. |oIa, Kans. K^ANOT.V' SKKP OATS- Vijd i|rair- ie hay. jcafir fodder.'15 » it. 4'pl.Y .><-iiich Cling-tite drive ^lelt. AV- ff- I'ettit. lida plione. SWEET ICI.flyER— SL -ariftbl. i liev^'- crop. v^ry nice. Walfjorl Strong. -Moral!. i\aiis. SEEDS—iHome grown R Eiijlilih blue [ic lb. See us for fell kinds sfieds. Allen (oButy Ira- Co. yj.; home grown grass. 21'" of field plemetii ifleaned.i l!A mil TilMOTim* SEED—1926 ?2.50 bushel. R s. fiorlli w est llaittiboldt. o^'flowers, ^ Butlchi ler. >- fwes and Phono 539; S9 than cost. S3 \C; O. Bol- I^1- djTop. 15c seed, re- IJ. AVorks. ^Vanted—To Bn* DUMP MED--For CIievioM triick that will hold 1-^ yards lnnnirP !91.'. .Madis4 lii 'JWA.NTE^ 'I'O BCV—Us. di |'hon<- ill.S:!J. 819 North Wash- - do custom ai. ; batching. Kans: per 100. .\ud John F. Hatch ineu- dams. Phone ingtoM nvt-nue. ANOlBa Riximk Without Boiild FXmNISilED ROOMS—.N ni.shed. jiii modern homj Wal'.uit. Phone 1024J. Kooiiis for nonsekeepfaif (Si. E.\TIRE!-D0W.\ST.AIRS -J- Nicely furnishijd. .=i rooms. 2 cic s^ts. pan-' fry. fereene'ii in back pt r ern. clei^e in:, for rent Phone .y>4. FTJRNISHED ROOMS-F (ir |Ii.2:ht hou8»kceping. connecle(j :| also .5 room hgnse. Inquire Bipfeon Furniture Store. ROO.MS-i>'i connecting HKMUS. nished for bousekceping Third. (Phone 12o;:. REAL ESTATE FOR Form^ and Land for I •""M • - ;_ l-'0,-cgg Cypress, hrqoder: single R. ;4gg<.. $^..00 io(>. W. At Hicks. LaHiirpe, iibone 77. FAR.M—20 acrcK. 2 miles (III Krav.jl road[ Thos. F _ji ,;ill ;'V |)j. L :<i.larpe_ ph< Houses for Rent TirUKE jRfjifiM HOUSE lights, cjty water, local $onth Clies^tniit. See .M. 4 KE.VriCKV. S. .iOl-^ b'onve. gariice, fruit. M.'trcli I- Inijuire at drcs!-. i .ijnOO.M HOUSE-I'-nrnis i^d, good [•^•HCtnn.i carden spot- a(nd stJmo fruit, hione I26.SJ. .•ij-flori.M IMODERN-C' rofr^s partly Jiiriii.slie(!. both in go (ion. .'! i)lo (:kK from sqi^ REAL isTATE FOft Brokei^i in, K M I Ks CASH BUYER—For f; r^, ; 160 alcres ot\ larger: give legal number and I lowi.'st. price in l^rsi Ict- tifr (ov. hei's ionly »•; a .'••p , have apartintiit hoiise ajid reiison^e in W:cbit:i I for farm (fron jowner). l|larry iHiilcliiDspn, " Kansa.^. ' . ' ! BnsiiH*ss rPrinjierly for ' FfLLlNC.;STATION—For sple;! do- :!!;g .gfifwi business. Inqi ife J. 'W, Hlohm. li' Oil Stat sj:Ie square. t RESTAURAXTi-Doing gi n'ess; or- will trade for Kid: busi- ind. lAd- dress Box I42j lola, Kan!.{ HoQse^ for Sale i COTT.-VfJE—-Niele 4 room, "itreet:- will' ejxchange -Jirbucklfi ^Uiil ••Estate. HOUSE—jSi^c room mod two lots.- .Iac!cs(>« Realtjl Brown's! Drugi Store. HpUSB-} ble garage, g^od .locati^ii. Reuther4 Five room modern, cou- SBbbrbab for Sal* bjirh tjf gravel. -Miytag. .t» ely fur- 421 S. hi mod-; larch 1. f ur- 22S N. RENT i^rtlieast. tipat^icfc' 1^ 5p.' 77 A at 508 iSchlick. J^is room fc)r rent bpye ad- condi- iiiat-?. ; Call SALE Me R S^fonliurg, l^fel 82 !oh, north paved stock. oh r 1, with I :o.. over 4oIu> SUBUBBlVX FAiat—For fkloi'hieap jor 'foif jrejit- 1205 Soijtb S J. H. EJam, It la. S7 ate.-

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