The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 12, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1891
Page 2
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Tito PostYillc Weekly Review *OB *VlLLlS, SATDAY, Drib. 12. W. N.BTJ»DIOK,Bditor. Mnhrnl at the Postoffleitt Fostiiillt at A LICENSE LAW. FOB CONGRESS. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Now that It is quite gooorally con- cedod thnt the forthcoming lcgislnture will enact a loc»l option liconso lnw provided the terms of * bill can bo ngrcod upon, It scorns both impropriate and proper that the press and people should bo heard as to thoir views'upon tlio moaeure thnt should bo adoplod. And first, to far ai we aro toncornod, we are radically opposed to tho kind of a law outlined by iho democratic platform, mainly from the fact that under the provisions of a law formed in harmony with that platform tho whole of the $500 provided for would go to the county, and if tho incorporation* wero to got anything out of the liconin thii •um of 8500 mast bo addod to tho amount desired for tho town. Thus if wo wanlod a $200 town licenso, which ii low enough, it would make tho total licunse $700. Thin would bo an extortionate licouso for snmll towns, and would tend to defeat the law arid make froe whisky, as now. In our way of | thinkiug the maximum licenie for town* of low than 5,000 or 10,000 inhabitants should be $500, for nil piuposes. and at lomt $300 of thii amount should go to tho corporation where th* laloou ii located. Supposing thoro were live saloons (one-half our proiont number.) This would give a couuty fund of $1,000, which would certuinly bo adequate for any oxponio likely to bo iucurred by Ike county from tho busi- nets transacted hero, and would giro a town fund of $1,600, which would soon give us flro protection and otherwise onabla u* to iaiprovo the town, without direct taxation being rosoited to. It is th* univorsal oxporionca that incorporations aro an oxpensivo luxury if anything is done to koep apace with the progressive spirit of the age. Our school taxes are enormous, the expense of running tho churches is considerable and the incidental expenses of the town government, such as paying a marshal nud street comiuissiomir, grading strsots, keeping up crossings nud keep ing them clear of snow, expenso of council, printing, etc., amount to a considerable sum in the aggregate. If we aro satisfied to go along as wu have been going, with no fire protection and no water supply, porhaps wc can continue to run on a 6 or G mill tax. But no town should bs satisfied with this, wheu it might k>o otlioiwiso with a reasonable liconse." We aro opposed to any considerable •urn going to tho county for another reason. In all probability there would bo but four towns in Allamakee county that would be affuctod by a liconso, This would leave twelve townships that would hava no licensed saloons, and none of tho exponies of incorporation, that would hava all the bcm-lits of tho county lax thnt we would have, and thoy would loturn no county tax from this source for our benefit. This would bo manifestly. unjust, and we beliovo the position is untenable. Again wo oppoao tho law foreshad' •owed by tho platform referred to booauso it does not definitely slate the total amount of liconso Hint may be assessed. Under its provisions a license of $500 must go to the county, aud an indelinito amouut, or nothing at all, as the council may elect, shall go to the towns. This is radically wrong. Tho amount that is to go to the towns should boa* definitely fixed by state law as tho amouut that goos to th county. OtberwiBo there will be a interminable and eternal struggle iu every town whoro llceuso is voted the ono hand to raise the liconse and on tho otber to lower it. At oveiy spring olootion, when oornoilmon aro oleetod this will bo tho only issue, and man will be ohoson simply because of their position on this question regard- loss of any othor qualification. The trainers of tho law should bo oareful to ellmluale all suuh causes of loeal strife, making no local tost oxcept as to prohibition or liconse. This will be a suf- liolently disturbing faotor of itself, and when this is sottlod the duty of the eounoll should be plain and imperative. Those are our view* of a liconso law. Wo should be glad to soe tho subjeot geuorally discussed, with the view of giving the mombors of the legislature an iilon of tho trond of pubHo thought iu tho promlso*. Wo havo not discussed the other provision*, such a* its enforcement, whioli all concede should be stringent, and baoked by an ado quato bond. THB Iowa farmers' alliance protended to be iu favor ef prohibition. If their 12,000 votes had been oast in accordance with their expressed views prohibition would haye been fastened upon the state permanently; but by fooling their vote* away on a third ticket thoy accomplished simply nothing but (he repeal of the law that thoy were sup posed to favor, but did not. When will people loam tho niter folly of third party raovomentsP Had tno 800 third party prohibition votes turned tho scale what a commentary that would hare boeu on ingratitude. Perhaps it •may prove just as well as it is, beonuse it !s time that thlplawwas superceded by something that tho people will enforce. Wc are pleased to soo with what general unanimity tho press is "seconding the motion" that Ex-Gov. Larrabeo be asked to accept the nomination for congress next year. Wo havo not yet seen or hoard from him and do not know whether he can bo prevailed upon to mako tho race or not; but wo beliove', when tho proper time comes, if he is unanimously naked to accept tho nomination ho will not decline. Next yoar wo want the best and strongest man in tho district at tho head of the ticket, and then we can oasily olect him. Wo want to and must rcdoom this district —The town council, last Friday ev- enlug, did just what we advisod it not to do, and what wo think it ought not to have done in filling the vacancy on tho board. It selected a man who had positively declined, and ono who could not be elected if he would, and would not bo if he could. Tho editor of tho REVIEW wants no office in the gift of either tho council or tho people Llko tho provorbial southerner all we want in this connection is to be "let alone." If we decide to serve tin lit March it will simply be becnuso there will bo nothing F.J. BECKER, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Ofilco on Bocond Floor ot Parker's Building, near Postofflco, PosttilU, low*. DR. J. S. GREEN, l'HTSICIAN * »UUOHON, Ofilco and Residence) Southwest par at town. All calls prorepily attonded and Iho statu, and wo can oasily do it if | to do Hint will involve any responsibility during that time. We had enough cursing during our formor incumbency of tho ofilco and havo no dcslro to mix up with it again. we put none but the strongest men on tho tickot. Tho Charle* City Intelli­ gencer say*: Tho Postvillo REVIEW nominates Ex-Governor Larrabeo for congressman for this district. A stronger or more worthy candidate eoulu not be named." Tho Indopcndonco Bulletin-Journal, although not in the 4th district, makes these sonsiblo remarks: "The rostvillo REVIEW «uggosts Hon. Wm. Larrabeo as tho republican nominee for congress in tho 4th district next year, will moot tho approval of sonsible men in and out of the district. Mr. Larra­ beo bolougs to that class of public mon whose reputation rests upon recognized ability and fitness, who need no stimulated boom to exalt their merits, and who aro not compelled lo resort to tho arts of tho professional ofilco seeker to btain recognition. We have boen in ome conspicuous instance* endeavor- ng to fit very small men into large places, aud to construct statesmen out of vory flimsy material, by mere shouting nud vokonient insistence. Wo hail the montion of Mr. Larraboe's name for congress, as a woloomo royersal of this policy." Winter Prediction. ED. REVIEW: -At this timo of the yoar wo become quito speculative as to the "probabilities" of the winter, all J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, o. • . raMiioK IIHIIIB. OfTlc. at reslri .n .e on Green, sMonil hous. Bill of Hoy & McNeil's Uudirui, DANIEL A. JERALD, 'ZMZexcliarLt Tailor, Poatvillo, Iowa. All work^warranted io givo satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest stylos n samples. THE POSTVILLE LUMBER M ©. F\ GLMNTON. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any "building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. desiring »f courso a fairly mild season. According to tho old sign cf the fall equinox, which cam* late, wo nro lo have it oxtrcmoly cold on«o or Iwlco a The suggestion is one that | month, when tho mercury will almost | disappoar iu tho bulb; accompanied by somo of tho old fashioned howling blizzards, after which the wind and the woathor will bo variablo for some days whon it will moderate with south winds. Tho rule is, as tho summer, so in proportion in tho winter, reckoning on the theory that in this latitude wc have but two seasons, summer and winter, so that iho characteristics of their respec'ive equinoxes are sure pointers to the phases of the seasons. Got tho stock barns in good shape, and the exposed collars well hanked and look out for very cold weather about the holidays or when the snow comes. J. DUUNO. IT IS 0RI3P. The long struggle for'speaker of tho house of representatives culminated aat Monday In tho election of Judgo Crisp, of Coorgia. Republicans are well ploased over tho result; first, because Judge Crisp is said to bo a much better and coolor man for a presiding officer than Mills, and second his o'ection will bo a wet blankot on fro* trado for the next campaign. From a domocratio standpoint Mill* was the representative man, far more than Jany other man reprasenting the Cleveland view of the tariff. In fact it coos without .snyiug that ho was Clove- Myron Items. Mr*. Haslip 1* having her house ropsired. Cur school began this week Willi a small attendance. Wo congratulate! Mrs. Haslip on recoiving a ponsloa. Mr*. Jno. Ragan, of Ludlow, i* visiting relatives in Indiana. Mr*. Jno. Smith is having an addition built to her residence. WM. mirniiD. J. I. SUMKSBD. HIIBPHEHD BROTHERS, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Inanranco Agents and ColUoton, Authorised to pnotlo. In »11 tho conrti oftli. •tale. Om «o ovei Lien's stor., brtek block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, J0HW B. HART, Proprietor. Opposite - Poatvillo - State - Bank- None but tho best meats purchased. Everything iu lirst-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices alwajs the lowest. • J.A.HAVIRLAND, Veterinary S-eirg-eoaa., POSTVILLB, IOWA. Offlco first door East of the Commer cial House, Green St., Postvillo, lowa A fine set of surgical instrument*. All necessary medicine* kept on hand Thirteen years successful praclioo Calls promptly answorod J'RED. N. BEEDY. Mrs. Maun has fallen heir to a snug | land's candidate, while Crisp was Hill's fortuno by the death of an miclo in I candidate. With this result it will bo Pennsylvania. hnrd for the democrats lo enthuse on a K. R. Livingood has purchased a I froe trade platform next year, and it large stoek of holiday notions aud asore | takes many points from tho chances of are being added all tho time. :-PHOTOGRAPHER-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames, Postville - Iowa Cleveland's nomination. This contest is the first gun in favor of ropiiblicaa success next year, in that the embodiment of freo Irado was laitl on tho sholf, and second tho hot and protracted light has caused a bitterness that will not bo conducive to democratic harmony. Wo havo no doubt but this will bo only a forsrunner of a session of jangling in tho presont democratic congress that will end in tho total disoomliture of thnt party in the national election next yoar. Dray line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased tho origina. Post­ villo Dray Line 1 am prepared to do all kinds of" draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at tho service of tho public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town WE commend the following extract frem an editorial in tho last Louisville Courier-Journal, tho great organ of the southern democracy, to our friend, Congressman Butler, and the other sil- p r0(| of Ul|| plnco Misg y ftnnio vor inflationists of tho democratic party reo , ntly oaul8 fl . om uisseuri and: out of congress. Tho election Tho snowfiakos aro falling rapidly this morning. It looks as though wu might havo a sleigh ride soon. Miss Alioo Ewing is vory sick at the homo of hor brother, Charles. She is under the care of Dr. Wilcox, of Frank- vlllo. Mrs. F. Hangartner, of Clermont, came yesterday for a few day's visit | 01 ' country 'promptly tloDc. with hor old neighbors aud friends hore. The funoral of John Swenson was largely attonded last Wednesday, ho being heal in high estimation by all who know him. Miss Fannio Press, of Postvillo, lu.s boon vlsiling with her aunt, Mrs. E. has in ana: out o( congress of Crisp has practically retired tho extremists on the free trade quostion, aud now Henri Wntterson retires free silver ns ignominiously. What WILL our f rionds on the other side do for an issuo next yonrP "Our Texas friond may rely on one thing, aud that is that if the foolish inflationists in congress go lo tampering with the silver quostion, we shall be boaton out of sight next year, and will richly desoryo to be beaten. To err in that direction is to sin against light | and knowledge, to rush over ft precipice with our eyes wide open. Then wo shall got neither fiscal rails! nor tariff reform; but another lease of epublieanism, hide, horns, hoofs, tall, force bill and all; he is bliad who can not soo this." Tho farmors around hero have boen yory busily engaged hauling their pro- duco to market, but last Thursday's rain prevented somewhat, making the roads rough again. Elliot Smith and family intend lo start for Orogcn soon to mako their fnturo home. Wo aro sorry to lostt thorn from our midst but it is liko going homt to Mrs. Smith as hor relatives rcsido there. ClIAKlTT. MTEOK, Iowa, Dec. 7th, 1891. Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Fences, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find it to their advantago t > examine M. V. Kidder's Grnuite Work iu Cemeteries, as ho is doiug lirst-class work at as low prices as can be procured in tho country. If lie has not called upon you drop him a card at Decorah and ho will bo ploased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Granite, at tho lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34m© Decorah, Iowa. of Tfli atlaok on Russell Sage, the New Tfmk millionaire, by a ornay crank only demonstrate* tho condition . satiety in. tho oUlei a* w outgrowth of • noaxobUm and socialism. The teaoh ' f«g» Qf »>••• lawless snolclle* breed > .iuttinoh'raokloiif aota., With thorn, no •S CISift ^ tbr Bu«l|fl nihilists,it hannqqi to have inoie inouvy than Ihv i T i,ut vopiijp^ut, The iron hand of 1'AiNTiNu tlio town red shonld be olassod among the cardinal sins. A QEOUUIA plantation has a pear tree measuring ton feet In circumference. No MAN can bo very strong for God who has any doubt about his own salvation. OEOROB W. KETTOMAN, of Penmar, Tlicy Voi-iiot «lio Ilililc. A curious inoidunt, happonod at a ehuroh wedding In Utloa tho other evening. It was a society affair, and 8 o'olook, tho hour appointed for he ooromony, tho church wa3 orowdod With guesta. Tho minister who was to offloiato was there, alio tho groom, ushers and bi'idojma'.dj, but tho bride Was not Ton minutes utter S—twenty mln- | utes aftoi- 8, still no bride appeared, ^'he people in tb.e church woro grovv- L. STROEBEL & SON, — rnor»i »Tons o» • Pa, has Invented an earpiece for the ing impatient. Half-past 9, and sllll POStVlllC 1)001 <IH (1 OllOC btOFe. phonograph. no brldo! The groom wns vory anx- 1 TUB Indopondenco was the first strain- lous. Had hor oournge failed hor at the lost momontP Had'she oensod to boat to navt;ato tho Missouri Ittvor, She left St, Louis May 15, 1610. BiaiUN drank, In 1880, 260,347,100 quarts ot noor— that Is about 150 quart* to ovory man, woman, and child. IN the Gila Va loy district of Arizona Torrltory It Is proposed to plant 5,000 acres of orang <H this fall and winter. ACCOUPINQ to statistics recently pub- lleliod, thoro Is moro Bait consumed In England than In any othor country In Europe. IOWA physicians nro Interested In a dropsical patient wh > has boon tapped 1-11 tiroes, and ijce-, about tho household duties notwithstanding. IN Troland, not Ion; sln-.'o, a young woman while bathing was attacked by a largo jolly flt-h, and s.> severely stung that for llfo wa.t endangnred, Wrrmx tho past throi monthi Injune t'.ons havo boon grvan a:<a n-t tno saloons In Dubuqui, lowa, a prohlb tlon Btate, and not one has been closed. OCT at Arkansas City, Kansas, resides a man who brought suit again -t his wife for alimony on the ground that she was ft strong ond heathy woman and ought to support h'in. BRUNSWICK, Ca., has a tough somnambulist. The story Is that wide asleep lie walked out of a s'ocond s,tory window and toll to tho stroot below. The fall did not awaken him, and ho walked back Into the house and wont to bod again. BABIWRS roport thai halr-dyelng It going out of style. Many "tousorta parlors" do not koep the dyes. Gray throads In a young man's head, ospoolal ly If' his occupation cau bo oonstruod to bo Intellectual, are considered dlsttnguo Tare death rate In Austria In 1689 wiv lnwpr than It bae,b on for ton years Thotota niunbar of deaths was 040,787, being at the rate of ST. 36 -perl mile; the number of births WM,808,85I\ or 8 .441, love him and eloped with unothar mjanP Had her house burned and she perished in the fkvnosP Had tho carriage brolcon down and injured hor? These woro somo of tho questions that ran through his mind, leaving their impress on his face. Eight thirty-five! The bridesmaids bit their lips, tugged norvouoly at tuelr ribbons and unconsoioualy despoiled their bouquets. WaB sho not oomlngP Vague rumors ran through tho audience and the minister himself, used to all sorts of curious things at weddings, begar to wonder at the absenoe of the bride. A oounoil ot war was held and it was deoldod to send anothor carriage after hor posthaste. Another! When the fftote booaroe known no carriage at all had been sont for hor! During all this time the drivers supposed that tho oeremony hod been in progress. In the exoltement the prlnolpal faotor |. had been forgotten. It is needless to say that no time was lost in transporting the bride to the altar, and at 8:46 throe quarters ot an hour late, the nuptial knot was tied and tho bolatod bride and tho happy groom went on thoir way rejoioing. (*T AKUiTllONG tt HOLTBB 'S OLD STAXD.) Havo a full lino of Boots, Shoos, Slip- pcis, Rubbers and every thing kept in a No. 1 gouornl shoo storo. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly done. Every pair war ranted. Wo keep no shoddy. R. N. DOUGLASS, PBM. J. V. SMITH, V. P. JAS. McEWEN, CASH!BR. CITIZENS' STATE BANK POSTVILLE, IOWA. PAID UPCAP1TAL, $25,000. Do a General Hanking Busiuos*. Buy and soli Foreign niul Domestic Exchange. Accounts of Farmors, Mer ohants and other* rooelvod and oaro- fnlly protected. Interest paid on Timo Deposits. Investments made for outsldo parties on favorable tonus. fi{rtki.'.ili ol .Hun aini -tnl». An am ihroe-olghtliHof mi Inch long, carrying n biuMon of ono-si.Nih of a grain, moves at tho rn'o o: one inilo in eleven hours. This weight--n small ono compni'ed lo wlint tho,' Hiimollmoa curl'}". Is eighteen limoa thoir own, In etirrylng.thfs wo'glitIhcy compuro with JV rown fiA'foot, walgUIne; HQ pounds envrylng n Um mid it halt ot lead ti QUI iii. LOI\ID to Jeftei'son City Oonaumptiou Curod. An old physician, rotirod from pr«o» tioo, having had placed iu his bauds by an East India missionary the formula of n simplo vogolabje rouedy for tho spoedy ami permv «nt cure of Consumption, Brouoliltts, Catarrh, Asthma and Lung Affections,' also n positive and radical aura (or Nervous Debility and Ngrvons, OomnlalntBi after having i o Ing. by hell tha resulting ib»tDf .»w64l>LMi iwr «***.-s> Mm wnr «9lort t BriokBl9iikF thousands of q«ws, has felt it his duty to nmk'J it-known „tQ his sunTeving fsf^ 1 QW «.' -AQtuatBtt by this motive and a tower than In IS83. Amoni? the obll- anahaok- again Jn-tww»ty,|,wQ an* a '?» lod wonderful ««•«,, ye powers In >t en born there woro 1,061 boys to A.00U half hours, girls. ^ THIS a«orli»g of the bor«» «f modern annua by the now powder* in use bj j ahped to bo duo to tbofairt that upon gnUioii «|, tho powdopji n«t tnrwia to, B"t on ii vamlmmmi THE DEMAND For our Wintor Overcoats, Fur Goods nad Suits tho past month has been unprecedented. Novor bofore since wc have been in businoss havo we boon able to ahow such an Unequalled Lino of Stylish Clothing for Mon and Boys. The reason for the great demand for our Merchandise is found in the following facts, viz: Our Superior Suit* and Oyercont* are always what is claimed for them concerning Quality, Stylo, Fit and Finish; our prices aro never higher than is warranted by their intrinsic worth. We havo boon in businoss long enough to know that our effoits to provide Absoluto Perfect Roady-Mado Clothing is appreciated by many of the best poo- plo of this section of country. This shonld bo a sufficient incontive toothers who have not yet favored us with their patronage. Wo handle Everything worn by Man or Boy. Honest Equivalent for every dollar will be found at our store. In Gloves and Mittens wo knock tho stuffing out of our next door neighbor. J. H. GKAY, TlIE CLOTniER. RAILROAD TIME-TABLES CENTRAL MEAT MARKET I On and alter Sunday, Nov. 82, 1891, trains on the C. M. & St. F. Ity. will leave Postville as follows. flOIMG EAST. Passengers. No. S 4:51 p, No. 4 (night) X:29 a Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. No. 9 Timo Freight 6:10 p. No. 11 Timo Freight 8:46 p. OOINO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night IJ.10 a, No. 3 10:25 a. Freights. No. 10 Chicago Slock 11:05 a. ra No. C Way 4 :10 p. ro. No. 12Milwaukoo Stock. .5:85 p. ra. All Freight trains mentioned, nxcopt No. 12, carry passengers when ppevided with proper transportation. No. 11 bctweon North McGregor and Calinar • G. E. W11IPP, Agent. B. C. R.& H.R.R. J. P. GILSON, Prop. Having purchased the abovo Market of Schuler Bros. I propose to keep a first-class Market in every respect. I shall aim to keep at nil time* an assortment of Iho best meats tho country affords, and selling at tko lowest living prices. Having como to Postvillo to rcsido I invite a fair share of pntronngo, and shall strive lo give satisfaction. ni. m . m m m. m. DBCOUAII DIVISION. TimoTablo m effect Nov. 15, 1891 Passenger going North... 5 :10. P M " " South. 4 :10. ' Freight. " Norlli 2:45, P. V J. 12. PKURT Agsat. Local and Traveling. To represent our well known house. You need no capital to represent a firm that warrants nurscrv stock first-ul.iM and luiw to name. WOK1C ALL THE YEAli. flOO per month lo the right man. Apply quick, stating age. L. L. 11 AT & CO., Nurserymen, Florists nnd Seedsmen, ST. PAUL, 1I1NX. (This house is responsible.) 35ui2 1892. Harper's Magazine, ILLUSTRATED, Tho ^^n2nzin^ will col'ilirnto tlio fourth Cm- tcnury of tlm Discovery of Amcricii hy ita It*' - rMneovcry, throimh nrti»:k»s Ri>li)Ka inorH tliur- onyh (j.\i)i)Hitt<'ii tlmn linn hitherto hoon mad 1 : of tlic: Itucout Uiiptvcotlwiittiil DovDloimioiit of Our Country, mid ••Hpcclully In thu (trout \N >st. rurticultir titttntlun willtilso liu yivn to Dni- umtic KpiKodfjA of AiiitM'ieiiii Iliatory. Tho Field of tho ni 'Xt Knro])riui Wnr will ho dcBciihcci in ii Korlt's of l'lipors on tho Dnuiibu Troin tli« IJluck Format to tho Illark Scii,"hy l'oultnuv Bijiolow and V. 1). Millut, ilhiBtri'tt 'd by Mr. Millot iu;d Alficd I'III'BOIIK. Arti^liH wi;t nlrio ho ^ivon on tho Wcnniin, AuHtrltin nnd ltnl- inn Arm Ion. illusti.itod by T. do 'Jhulntnip. Mrr W. 1>. HOWUHH will cotitributo a nr\v no.- cl, "A World of Chiincu," chnract <:riHtii ::i 11 y Aiiinriciin. Kupccltil jirominonco will 1 o yi\t-n to Fhort Stories, which will ho contributed by T. lb Aldrich, 11. II. DUVIH, A. Connn I'oy:-... Mnr ^iirut Ibjimul, MIBH WOOIMUII, aud otht-r pup- uhn* writers- Anions tho Htornry foaturrR will ho Porsonul ItoniiuiBL 'oiiupEi of Nathaulol Hawthomo, by his collogo chihsr.mto and lifo-lmiK friend, Hointio Uridi^o, and u I'crrional Moinolr of tho lJrowiifni.s by Anno Thacktray Ilitchio. H07 <£t McNeil. o £ P P* O H o p o rar't'd Firekeepers. ERE WE ARE ! WITH THE AND BEST TOO K™. OF — Watches, Jewelry and Silverware ever displayed in the oity. When yon want something for an Xmas present come in and see ns- We oan please yon both in Quality and in Price. Re»peottnlly, J. [AT GRAY'S OLD STAND. TOITSORIAL PARLOR. « NBAW THB rQSTpTOOK. I, oordltvllv invite now patronago. Give us tv trlul for u month. Learn ourtnaiinor and way ot doing tho busi- neiq. J beliovo wo can plutwu you. .'. T. PAKKSB , Prop., Posivillo, luwa. >ftWl, wings Bent- by mull- by Kerf ^ Mn^\ my, ^NWW HOLIDAY -At th9 WONDERFUL ! The cures whl<-b nro belug effeotsd by Urs. Atmlitiy & P «lnn, 1529 Arch St. PliilacliMuhi*, Pn., iu Consumption CctM'rh, Nuuralgin, Bronohltia, Hhonin sulsii), and »ll ohronio dlsuasos, by their Coinpouiul Oxygen Xretitmont. are imlouii m»rVL'lou8. K yon nro a aullnrer from any -Ui«- onso which your phyaUiiAii has failed to ouro, wrlto (or iiiformailon about this tl'untuium, nud tlieir book of 200 psgos, giving n history of Compound Oxygen. (l» imtui'u and wlfuatn, with numorou* testimonials from patient*, to whom you may refer for still further information, will bo promptly »eut, without obnrgo. *% This book, asldo from il* great merit as a medical work, giving, as It doe*, Iho'voauH of.years of. study and txperi' euro, you will ilnd r very interesting ouo, l ' Dvs. STARKLY «Ss PALBN, 1529 Arch 3t„ Phl'l«d»lphl«, P». : 120 Sutler St., San Frwclftb, Cii Pletso'wintlQn tt^ 1* paper. , ita "^7 Don't foj^et, vaenyoa want RlAio ov-tanoy Btft«o»Qry,tbat t|xa A»vl «w oftlpt) 1« t^a place HAEPER'S PERIODICALS I'er Ycur i Ask BIT •••nla for W. I,. Donsln* Hliosn. r umt far •»!• lo roar I>I«OII nnk r>nr •ml«r t* aend for OKIKIOSM*. nvcui'a tbn n *«Mcr. and cet them far yon. Hr -TAKK MO SUUSTITUTK.UE] 1 00 1 (cj •i at TB hi tho United S3 SHOE e.*nWL^ THE BEST SHOE IH THE WORLD FOR THE MQKEYF It li a loamlan iUo«, wlUi no taasii or TT*X tkr«*V\ to hurt the t *«ti inado of tlio b*«t HMO titlf, ntyl^ and eaiy, and l*#eau**i \t$ maht met* fhoit *f thi* ffrad* than any athir mnnu/acturir, lh »tu*i* kt *4- ••wtd •ho«iooitlnt from $(.W to ^ C4. OtBi OO tloniituo Unml-t«Tr*ii, tit Ca*»1 o*VT %ftmJm iho* «r«r offered for $5.01; cqiiala rrtaci Imported ihofli which coit from *>3.CO to * I".CI. C&A OO llaml -H *Tr«d \Volt tlUma, flu* «K, yti •tyttib, comfortablo auU dura»t«. Tin *)«*i ihoo «v«r offertd at tlili prlc« ; tain* erad* n» «tu tom-niada iho«« cottlng from ii.OJ to <».«. CO 30 fnllco Hhoei Farm«r<. ilatlraad X»» 9vi aud LttterC'arrlorsall wo *r th«m; Cnctjalf, •eamleii, imooth lusldo. IIO&T/ thrao iol«a, «xloa- ilon edn. Ono pair Trill irsar aytar. 4CO SO flne cttlTi nobtttor tbo« _ 3v*Ci this price; ono trial will o-jnYlnte Virtu who want a. •boo for comfort and Btrvlos. tttf> 115 antl 64.OU WorUhiinsnVrj iio« ar* Tery •ironif and duraiii*. Tbcui wko liar* gUau them a trial will wear no (jtlior make. n A ii e | 8J.00 nnd 61.75 school »\ivt ar* DUIO worn by tho buyaeverywhcire: tU*yt«ll on thoTr merit*, at tho lucniAkln^ cnlca ahow. • djfJ | a e 83 .(il> Hrtnd-cswcd *hoa, btsi kClU ICO ]>ODS(ola, Tery stylish;» linportpd »h90Sj 'j)stIn^froni $u0 > to£;U; )onxola, very stylish; aouals 1* r«u«h , ...istliiftfrom ti,w toaa.iw. £mdlea* *X50, 8'J.(J() nnd fit.75 sho« for Ulatei aro the bost flnu UOIIKOI*. stylish and durable. HAIIPKU'S JIAGAXTNK, IIAHI'KK'S WKKKT.Y, IIAKl'Kll'K 1IAZAU, UAUl'lili'K YUUMi PKOPLK, Freo tci nil Kitbnaril) Btatoa, Cuuuda uud Mexico Tlio Volumen of tlio Mn^nLiiio liepin with tho Numbuia fnr Juno iuul Dt'ccinbor of catrli yuur. | begin with thu Niuni/cr curront nt tho timoni rocci]>t ot order. Itouud YolrmuH of Ilarpi'i-'ii Mu^nKiuo for three yenn hnvM, in nont cloth | bimilutf. will he Bntit by niiiil, lioutimid, on I reci'int of CI) nor volutin?. Cloth CtifiuB, f" v | hindinc, . r »0 oonta onch—by until, jmstinv*!. KuiiiittuncfH (hould bo ltnulo by rontefflco I Mouoy Order, or Draft, to in oiil ohi'.iicu of Vi.ii. KowHiMti»ova iivo IK»1 tot-oiw thin mlvertSscnifti.t without thD uxproHH ordor of Harper & llrothrra. Aihlrt !3i: lUurun i liitoxiiEBB, Now York, 1892. Harper's Weekly. ILLUSTRATED. Harper's WooMy for tho oomiiiK year will c< n- t'lin morn (ittructivo feutur '.'H, moio and finer illuHtnttinria, and a great or number of articlcH of live, inteiiHo interoit Mian will bo found in any uthor iiitrioilical. Anions thowo latter will ho a r.erioH of articlea on tho twonty-Hvo greatetit cit- leu or tho world, including live hundrod illimtr i- tidiis. Tho Columbian Imposition, tho Army and Navy, [front public ovents, dibautii'H on land and Bt>n, and llio doiu^H of tho eflobrat'Hl liouxilo of tho day will bo deKeribod itnd illnsti -a- tud in an attractive antl timely manner. Tlio lH'partmont of Amatour Sport will continuu under tho diveetion of Cuiipur A. Whitney. The be t»t of modern writers will contribute short Etorlun, and Hio most diatin ^ulKhed uitiBtK v,-!U mako tho illnKtritt iuiiH. Tho editorial artieH« of Mr. (icoico William CIUUB will rumaiu us an eypoeial attraction. Cant ton.—Soo that W, h, Uouitlei* name and prlo* •« lUunpod on tlta bottom of aach shoo. ,75 shoe for °i W. I*"UOUULAB,, DrookWn, Km, SOI .U nr LUHMAN - & - SANDERS. I WIHD MILLS. HARPER'S PERIODICAL .> Per Year: HAUrKll 'S WEEKLY *M W HAHl'EU'8 MAdA/INE 4 Ol) HMIPKU'S HAZAU I 0(» HAIU'EK'H YOUNU PKOl'LE '2 00 PoBta^o Froo to all subHcribers in the United [ Statoa, Cunadi and Mexico. Tho Volumoa of tho Weekly bogin with tho first Number for January of oueli year. Whoa no time in mentioned, aubacripUoiiB will beeiu with thu Nuiuboi cursont at tho timo of rectipt | of ordor. Bound VolumtB of Hnrppr'a Wookly for thre* years back, in neat cloth binding, will bo Hunt by mail, poutauo paid, or by exprtsn, freo of oxponuo (jirovldod tho freight does not exceed one dollar ptr voluuie), for 00 per volnmo. | Cloth Cutsos for oach volume, suitable for I binding, will bo sont by mall, postpaid, on 1 receipt of $1 00 oacb. Komittanooa should bo made by rostofllce Monoy Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. KowHpaperB aro not tocopv thin udvortiueinnut without tlm oxproes order of llarpor & Brotht-ra. Addrem : HAIU\TIH & UnoTiir.nB, New York. 1892. Harper's Bazar. ILLUSTRATED. Unnior'a Bnzar la R journal for th. homo. It glvn tbo lntr.tintoruiftMon with retsiml to tlm ITuahlons, mill Its muueroua illuatrntlona, I'IUIS dcsiRiiH, ami imtturu-slivct BUI>1)1UIU*J>IUB nro liiillsiieuanlilo nllko to tho homo ilrcuanmliur una tho protoaaloual inodlato. No oxp.uao 1H simrml to limko lla urtlatlo utunctivcnoin ot tho hluboat orilor. Ita blight atorlua, amuBiuB COUIOIIIOH, iuul thoughtful oaaaoa antlaty nil t.atea, iuul ita Inat pau. la Inmoua fti n biultiat of wit una humor. In ita wookly taauoa ovoiythlnu ' a ohulod whioli ia of inttiroat to woiuou. Tho B«rl- alB for 1802 will ho wrlttou by Waiter Doaivnt and William Hlaok. Mrs. OllvSnut will bocouio a, ooutributor. Marion KurlMid's Tiuioly Talka, "Day Iu and Day Out," nro iutondod foi mat- Tons, and IIolon Mnrahall North will aiiooinlly ttddvoas ulrla. T.W. lligolusniiill "Womouaud Mou," will plouao a oultivnted auillmioo. O. P. DARLING. (Successor to Darling & Stiles.) —DKALElt IN — Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shelters &o. In wind mills I furnish pumping and Kl ,o1XtS.i.s' ,,a bot " ,tMl HARPER'S PERIODICALS Offloa and shop first door south ot *** Yonri Hoy & MoNoll 's'hardvTiiro slors, Test- HAnrBifsUAZAB »i oo Tllln luviK HAUl'KH'HMAGAZINB 4 00 Tiiiu, lunn. HAKPKK'H WEBKhy 4 00 HAIll'KIl'H YOUNG PEOPLE i 00 POSTVILLE LODGES. OLIVE BRANOHILODGElfO. US RMQHT8 OffPXTIUAS. Mission th* aoooudand fourth i'ikl»y«T«uln a «»ch month. Vsltlng brethren In good stasv* always w'loome. DiniUB oun, o. o, OBAS. BKILTOH, E ot It & U NOBLE LUDOE No. 51. A. 0. U. W. The Loyal Ancient Ordor of United Workmen moots tho Sooond and fourth, Saturday ovonlngs In ouoh month, In tho Masonic Hull over tho Briok Drug tore. JOHN WIUIL , M. W. JAMS Fiimr, Kssordor. BROTHERLYILOVE DCOBOB, No. 204, A. P. A A. M. Regular meetings on TuendnyJoTsn- ing on or boforo tho full of tho moon, i Xu brethren In good standing are cordially luvltod to attend. K. D. STUBS, W. M. WM, MOT ?, Sae'y. CHURCH DIRECTORY. CONOJtEGATIONAL—Itav,N. L. Button, p »l- toi. Prosoliuig' every Sunday at!0i80 A.M, and 7dW F M. Sabbath Hohool ImmsOlaMj »fi*r mof»i»l(l service. T.P. 8,0. », ussis wery 8una»y evening «M an. Fw« Vest. • \H Wf4n«i0»y •v«nhws. Vostaeo Freo to all aubsorlbors iu tho United , Btatts, Oftuuda aud Moiloo. Tho Volumoa of tho Ilaanr begin with tho first number tor January ot caou year. Whou uo tluis IB mentioned, BubBOilptlonB will begin with tho Number ourrout at time of reaelpt of order. Bouud Volumes of Ilarpor 'B Biuurtor tlir.o J carshuek, in neat cloth binding, will be sor .t y moll, iioatngo paid, or by axproaa, freo of oxpenso (provldod tho frelebt doeB not on. aollur por voluniol, tor 47 bo per volume. Cloth Cases for each volume, suitibla for blndliif, will ho «out by mail, postpaid, ou reeolpt of tl 00 each. IteioittAiieoB should bo mado by Pottofflco Mouoy Order or Draft, to avoid ehane. of loan. Newspapers aro not to oopy thl» RdvortlB .mont without the express ordor of Barpor A Drothors. AddtOBs: HABrxs & IlnoTUBUi. Now York. gel M lift mm M»THOpiSW.-BeT, B,;J, LevkwQoa, j>»Mot. PreaoWiMf vmsn "swy «)n»<layM i9t ,MA v N, w4'Tt9« JP. M ,..^hb»tl» Sojiool Imm.di, Meiy^^^orpr-*)^' 8 - X^" t*fm.^>t0M$£&ty M«WP •'•MS tmnu mM^ng :evorjr»i5».ansiaa» STMS-.. •*

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