Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 22, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1927
Page 4
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mn 1 r PAGE FOUR CHAS. F. SCOtT lat JthiB Iota, HostofflM Second. Claaa' Matter. -Tkleplione U..J..iv.......t8 tPrivate Branch Ext Hanefe OonnectlnB 'I i I i All-D«par menSs) n • MlblallPa 0« I l Official Official Papeir CItyf bf iblar; Papw- City of ^assett Rap<r AlleH Cotinty. Member .of— I, , Nbtfonal Edltdrlal Attt elation. . Kaiitasi Pre** A«s( ilati in. Thfr; Kaniai Sally Uea lua. Audit Bureau vof i trcu itton. in of the, Vorjd. Press Association. Preis dbngress of Inland ipariy Presi IsuikscRiPTidN r U teb. i By Ciirrl. I- in lola. Cas C ty. ^.aH^rpe .•ind Baisett. Onp ^V<!.^ 16 C*nU .•0|.« Month ., 70 C*nt« Olid V«»r', ............J7.80 ' ; BY MAIL Outside An? I Co inty Onn y.Hr ;.. 4 .15.00 filx iMoiiOm f... J2:60 TliroM WJoiilliH «1.60 In Allen poun' y On» ypui- »<.00 «tx JlorilliH 12.00 ThrH iMH"'t'l •' ..»1.26 Oiii- ifoi^tli • ""m BMBI e R A8B0CI Tlici ){ikli<t «T liiirrlt! A880CI ^TE > PRESS. liiirrlm Hi' Aaiiocl«t«l Prt -MH i r<! >ort byi Ltw •lal pa5<-a wire. • Thif Awio 'Ititi-d Prcsn Is ex 'lunlvely-ien, tilled!to tin- U!i* for rep ibllcatlon Of allimiwH dl5 |iatrbeti -rodl ed to It ;or not olliirwiH" crt'dlt <^I In U j I s paper, and ojluo jtlH- lofil ueY,-!i pu i IUI km I hore- In. Air H k I i I s "r rJ-piibllc; tlon of HpC' clal dlsp;i"l<-h<-s h«reln are Hl !"0 '''•'"•rveil. BibU Thought With nien it is mpc not with Ciodi , fir ' yiibgfe are pofjsible.j-M TLWK TO BE OX (tl.UKD. Tlif. chief engine^ Boiirc) of Health, Eroffissor of Sanitaty Engineering at llie ^late t iiiad(>: a report • tlie wat<r niyei -Bitjj, has just upor tfia quality of supplied to ihe various titiea of Kansas that cei tainly does not iiiaJt|ii very icoirt ortaVie readins for the for Today. issfble, but ith God all •ic. 10; 27. — jr ft r the State Ear lEist • Boyce. GOODBTEl GQILS. The "Floating Unlverilty," j jin 'rhjch Kansas has a very jcoiisidt r- 1 ble interest because of'the iaet that 55, Kansas,bo|r8 and jsirls a-e (nirolled on .it, not to mention ec* (lov. Henry Allen who Is a memb sr ( f its faculty, will be repeated ne ct J ear.—but Without the girls! I'o leasbn is given for auandoning tl le (o-educational. character of tie jound the world college ship, but ii 1 wouldn't be very hard to guess. A yliip, even a big ship, iH a mlgh y r arrow which itp be "cri i> cd, cabined and coiifined" f< >r e iphtj months, i And whien 600 bo; s c rid RlrU. of the flapp<|r and cak s< titer age. art* horded ! together n A bat would bi* Die equivalent if abopt a four-liiory hotel 500 fe-t ling and 50 fe <a wire.—well, t V ould be queer if they .didn't pi t li I more lime studying each othi r 1 lan tliey do KludyiiiK their tc; t looks. Th('.nugLstor liivesied.:!! 0 li The Uinnaclo, the daily papi r p ibilshed on'board the Univ(!rHlty s lip, and of which Mr. Allen 0 lltor in chief, jiist for the sake c kieping tab on this iintircly u)iiqiiB :perlnient, and while it ha^.leei OBt discreetly edited; it ! doc sn t ke any unusual degree of persp city to deduce that the mem )eijs .the faculty of the "Univers^it AJfloat" have their hands fu 1 -jand then soiiie. So n^xt year up Kirls need apply! 1 ' •• IN vitK DAY'.S >EW.S. Lieut. Gon. Sir Robert Badenj >weiris 70 years old today, a facjt or'fnterest to the; Boy Sqoiit Id people of IJbla, iloran and LaHarp||and |:dnnot. be [)articitlar- ly fjratiitying (tb HUmbo dt. This report iji deri\|ed'rrim W3ekly tests mailti tlii*QUgbbut the y( ir 192C of the jwatx'r ijh('jfiff:'-fou cities of the :Stal^i w(»ii.h ar; suj plied with and it si ows that the cl( anest wa- ratiag Ij pair cent G ijer C {,nt "good,' surface iwat<'''f' Atcliisori- has ter, j its {supply "<ix'(i(|llent" irj'd! with IVh Kausti.s inp |jliurg ratii^ second, Vherryvale, anjl Topeka 'CityL j ^hirf fouriii, Oswego; fiftji : i i 1 ; . 1. wixth.;- j i I JAnd Itften ;cpine •ni the 2.1th lie S ate wi^i Hum! oldt iti the^ i plate^ (!oldiiy : n' th i bth, lola Ini thii 42Qd, iMJofan In tl|e,43rd, and LaHurpei in h -1 he' (Jther cities ... \U ;49th. Tint filings lln perdentages) of lolu'ond the ti ?arl|y t< was are aa follows: i ;t'lii|niit<;. cjceileht fair 0|. none itlcubtfjif aij Uutnbpldt, ,a7i !cell;cnt fair i, doubtfu 2, IC 'olfin}, e.xci; len fair 14. loubtfil nbne, bald none. loli. excellent 25. gc od'43, fair 24, doubtful i 4. bad iMoran, excellent ifi, doubtful is. -Laitarpe, fair 30.- jdouttfiil ti'sts ^afd coiten teria wUii ablf to per Cent bfi .per cen^ of are bad -44, 4. -, Koojl .33, non^ bad. [r6 ..goocl, 14, nbne. | good' 31, 50, gpod 32; fair 3. ex;cell<|nt good 20. bad is. has '<t on . and the fa^t that rank q the thj; tep^ fut and Jour pJr 'c<fnt at tually c4tta >nlV' calls for the si tl 01 h( or pilirv T 1( bac- loJa scelUnt only 26 me, while |four ;ts yfare doubt-; bad, ibrious icon- Cjicellcnt, the Humboldtl rating, a^d pijr cent, the llffr-renCG due ^Ipnoflt at Ilurjiboll tfi m<lliod of trtati ^Kfij 'are a public wl^, (lUOHll^lj wojild !)<> ilu< «i I h M hwit. I ^luii aii 1h I lie rifpor! Vf. Mdran! w Iriiij, Willie tlie iaK r I.ii;Harpe| would sccjm f-odi this ro- pt jrt jo be very close co the worst In lh«' Slain. It would B(|em as if thi djithl'riiics of lliost towns also I well to take such njeas- nay be prhctl(}ablle to. iin- wiiuUl d<i • utes ti.s prbvei tlib quality of w siiieriition jof thc;whole commilnity aiicl wouldjseem to make It the iduty ol jthe city authorities to submit fcr tiio consideration of Uie people ai a>j e^rly a datj as possible a plan ko remedy, th; sU> ation It ieems a little sur] rising that flje wate^ at Haml^oldt should rate s(, mich' higher than t lat at loia, 'slice ili'ij Neos|)tj river is the supply fcr botli cities, ofl dillferhnce betw Thbre is a lot en {"6 per cent fold rating. Is ,o superior :lt,j or to a !ig;the water toi »!r<afcr IntellJgojic^ on tho H I the work? Which the itc>h iK| furnished If :• urusially close stnldett bif the life oul' haVe not of Gecirg^ .Washiijigtj e^nougli iiew things er which to beWn to have from ifola, a degree itupply of ;ons throughout the world, for Sir Robert who ks the father t ilje Boy Scoilt movilment, which lie fc 1908. He is also distil gliished among Britain's militaiy aders. The famous Incideijt his nJIit'ary career was, ctiurse, the defense' -of Mafekinjg dfiring the Bber war. With a gai son of oiily 700 nieir he held' tl ace against .12,000 of the enenily f^r 217 days, untjl finally relievcil Colonel Plumer. In his mail ars in the army .Sir Robert d^ |!loped as a scout, as a scholar. Idler, and a man. and while h ^avery and resourcefulness maclc m one idols of the British iJeople, ,he came to realize that tli g lories of -peace are far greater tjian the victories of war. Since h tirement frotii Ihe army in'19 li(e has devoiod himself wholly I'e developing of the Boy Scojit rfiovement. brpE lOJA ODAII>Y gtEGISTE R, TOESDI^Y 11 i li V lEYENINGl feBBRUARY 22, ^estdred An lola man, bidding for aymp ii|iy, wrote an out of town friei d t)iat the doctor had given him ojr- ers to .lie down half an hour aft breakfast, an liour after lunch ahil nother hour before dinner. "To hich the friend rc^sponded: "I h id ilot intended to be in lola anyway oon, but I am writing to say thbt ou may now expect me the first f next week. 'And tell your doc- tlor he has a new patient.—if .ip make the same . prescrip ibn fjr me that she has fcjr you I lave long wondered why some legislator didjnot pass a law con- ijelling everj-body to do jupt whlit ou are doing;" It's a hard world hen a man asks for the bread t )f ."lympathy and gets back a Qf common sense like that. 927. .Vis*: BHMll Presil Ml Colony; Fre^ -Ft rnt tenants Cha'ngr- [no: f arn s In This | VIcnIfy. Irs. COLO-S y. Ffeb. went tc^ , Paqla oil L.ueiaa Falls is olfice n< w. .Mr. ai d have. bc-4n Valley a farm year. a nerir Ml working Fostfr's fsithcr, The F last, mething I NEiSNO "VV. |i£.,^Payton) 9.— J. v; Schafgei business- Friday firisc.ol"of Neosho at thelFree- Press -Mrs., rmir eigh|borh near .Vol Id dree Mrs. ha this )rge Wef r. .Mufli -.Mc at fMeifl ai: on I heir dajughljer, iler.son: ijiicl Vfill year. .Mrs. frank Srieecf* has been a ay Hendrix, wh i g in the Pleasan: lod, will move, tf hhcott for thi .lack Poxviers ojf e mioved in witli trs; Grace Hen el|) her farm thi i prog; Mrs les a .\ickel Upper left—WakeHeld Memoml Association —Mrs. Jcksephlie WheelwTfeht * •• - Oli^llsk at site if IVashlngton'.s CROSS CDRREN'I^ (A. C. S.) New Kong calked the "Butch Soiigi" "Butcher arms i^roiind Hoiu'y • • • c'tc-." in New York young ladies* blocjin- arc; being made with flask .s r s incil izq po kets just above the knees and galjters may be purchased v ith decorative little bottles where ihe jewjeled el.^sp ought to be. It lo )ks asjif the conscientious enforc-enient't ag^jnt. is cast for the title role "H^ Wlio gets slapped." •: " ernnienlj I >Me uiorii^t' It ta h> (lAP)- ftn,st, president «i the AJflkeiiel [ilrthpluf-e. XcMver rlgliti-Tiii t ' I ;1 • 1 Washington, Feb. , 22. t S vo of the threti Iiou.-^es ni iM itx- timately identified wiih ;i'orj;e Wa-'lhington—Sulgravc < .M:ii (;r in Kngland, and • liis ' own I ki li..Mount Vernon—have bt '<;n n siored 1 Till! and made .American .sliriues thirl, his birlnpiiice. Wakefield, in WestmOrelanil ('i>i!;ity. Vii., wliidi liurned in 17T!l, remains Ici be reproduced." ; At priisent, a!l; that mar place whVre!\Va.-liiiiK:i)n '.va ip5 years ago is a loin l.v i !in ,an; ll-acri) govei nnuir rtj itlonj. Oulsicie tlie iron fence Isurround.s it, tlie c-rumbled fj tioiil of tlie old li.i- found, togetlic-r witii Lloyd .'^ Wa.shing witli thcj Mrs • 1 Hhodes,; (!has. Jo .Mrs. Kll^a gnest ai^d th Iteious Ijimch] euMne ,Mrs. Ki'tnsa." with hei iiinia fci a v tlie sc-ei Brrtoks ness thfc; the trip fivill to ]ic>a!tli. .Mrs. li. P. Owei ik to be with he who is very lllj. .\ot club held it iUv home cif .Mrs d a Lincoln anc am was enjoyeq foilowihg taking part llolz: pfel, Mrs.; H. U C. II. .lohnson. .Mrs nd 1 rs. J. Vi Schafges wa.s. un invitee, tess servcjci a de' hemp. S. [(Mty wi id a c -onp our- INCOMK TAX nsinjf •rtai.'i Mrs feci rboiiis r tl lie; •. UragmenTs. of :i larfii- wliiu '"(glazed sionijwaro iilaticr i IWverslfled Farming:. Winchester, Ky., Dentist Ki p. Cuiirylwryly scraped at the.decay in 'a tjiountaineer's tuoth. Probing the j large cavity of a molar, he pritid jOnt a tomato seed that |iad gerbiinated there and, had already thrown out a sprout one-eighth of an jiich Jong.—Tl.MK. ! period 17 I '0t."<<>. .Siirli i)la :r 1 Used to bring in ilie IJtnir' at Christmas (i-.i^-.-, ami ]<i hone from siic-li a Ii '-ail win nearby. It is Die hopi' of I III- V Memorial Associariiin, :;s e.\; by .Mrs. Josupaiu" U'liee Rust of Wasliinn'.oii.'llie: j^r .s the ; horn hijiirC si-rvii- i "a wiiicli 1 ;);!!iiia- [ hiell |)I-pC( ll'.S.S .<alt- .^Y rt!' Wire > have tlie mansion r-iirucliiced in a gijn in the' tioni like Sir Harry's definitioi of stone Talking about Topeka: The pb- l^ce up there arrested a man 'f|>r unnine a phonograph in his restaurant. after' 12 o'clock at night. Probably because it disturbs ipembers of the Legislature re used to going to bed at nine 'clock. the water kjheir people. of ;Hih,Country jin ton tpdaV befcire both 1 Congress by Pre^ideiit and whitii.was brbadoist all over the wprl^. to mkke it wcjll worth •your {while tb read it. "The fact that the addres s aii^eai s In fulTln this paper, publshe^ w thin two or ! thiee pours after itl .wiu' delivered, fs anotheij evidence, !we[tnay ,be par- 1 ^' doned [foH rema rking, tbkt the Reg- "latir ik a[ regular newE^aj^er. a rather bn jfou will,find jabcjyt he Fath- jthe .address w(is • de^iverc»d In Washing- Hlousea of Coolidge I •.I 'll the who StllJ talking about Topeka: ^ye| iUf that Harry Wright Is campaign t lOliager for one of the candidates ftjr mayor. Tin; announcoment rouses In us a mild curiosity to now what else Harry Wright does ut manage somebody's political ampalgn. We never renfcniber to uve run ncroHH lils name in any f the Topeka papers exc^-pi In thai onnc'cllon.'InlereAiing (liing about I h that he HCMiniH to ppuy no fa- jorilCH HO far us politloj Is c-on- cjurbed.—mnnagos a Ucrpiiblic-an one c|am||iaign and a l)emoc<rai the next v|itli| eciiial nnnchalunce j and ' sang —and, it must he «|ldcdi with luiil success. As ,a «campaign rjianflger'Harry Wright will dcjservc mipnument—if He ever dies, of \+hiCh' in Topeka there seems to be jmo doubt. leman: one who says: 'tXot least. Sir, this is on me ourse, howciver, his descrip- i of a gentiemati from the The W;iicefi".:il .Man-io] ficupied by . four K-ner OldjCountry. He would perhaps define i an AmenifHan gentleman as onejwjio says: "Aw, stick yer money hacTt in yer pocket—whose hi legger is this, anyway." mou- b|ot- \VaShingi(in>. Built I : i No; 31. •elisions paid by a corporatioii orl ini'ividual lo retired employees foi! .-.ervife^ i rendered are taxabl •. Pefi.«ii)n.-< imill by tlie railed Stales ('•ov-.'rijnieiu larc! also t4U\abIe. eJ- pt .iiroiicleil by tlie revennje (.•f Itc'i;,- wfiieh exempts iMoniils jeeeived as compens;- i. laniil.y allotment's, and allbw- i-ril undtir the provisions of tte r jisk insurance and vocatioi - rel|ahiiil;ation acts, or the World V veli-rans' act. 1924, or as pei -' ii .si ironi the I'nited Stales fcr viiie otUhe beneficiary or ai- < (- i,r 1 >•.- fiHind 1 Wit vi or Pi-fleld res.sud Wright idenl, yc ji ,.;„l ji )!l {i<r ;in the military or naval for^-- or;tlie Cnited States in time 6£ r, pr a.s a St.-Ue |ren:^ioU: for se •- es!rendi!red f)y the; beneficialy aijcitlier r <>r wliich the State s liaK-injp; li pension." |\i;owanc;ej<i whether'paid by tie leijal or- Ktatc Govc-rninetits. i r pi|iv;(le iiMlU'iduals to I'ln*; whr) pepormed lib duties, aji, for ~ mo for bi-ceiiioiinial ,j. 1.' )ration Performed n<> duties. a,«j, for ex- r George WU'^iiini:! '11 jirtt. Fob. aniplf. a wiilow-, in recagnilion 6t I'Xii. i ..eivites performed by her biu- ,,(•-jhandj are rcjgarded as gifts ,,f! urj not taKal)lc. .\ |)oniLs' paid by a State to iis ieorge aijd.i Mr.s. Clian OHarra. Mrs it. P. ()\\en.s! COLO.Nh". who thrt ony Free incliidcHl, to C(ilon.\} job print editing t! Tl;e () •north of of file w to have defective and tlK' Oiiw.sontvas mules lie an ileni); day for will .spei; relative'' The Kc}nsi fully ent ' home Of luncheon and the orat<:d fci i lowitig 1 vilcci gu< .Mrs. Ira Mrs. Lest es ojf he snffe;red Iter ho; cairyiiig out a val Brcjoks has gone t whe Ire she will visi sistjr ar d then on to Vii jsit \-Hh relatives an • girlhood. Mn a prolonged inland it is hope omiiuetely restcire bet his p-eb. 21.—.Mert: Post ars- igo sold the Col- Prc|ss with the goodwill decided to move back id it is said reopen a plai I. He has been oral Herald. Da vson home justl ihas at: ng p > r. Loll ek hteij flU' fire Aya^hingtc.n-.-^ great-grairara(lier. jt i residents who served in the niili- Was ; the birlli|ilai e of aiidjgranilfatlier, and was Of bis own lioyhciod stuclicsl father th^ scene e.s,lal>ll:<h WIJ^FIELD PIONEER: DIES LAST NIG<IT AVlnitield, Kans., Feb. 22. tAIf)— JamesI McLain, 71. who has been a re.^iileht of this city for 46 yekirs, dii-cli Suddenly in I his chair at his hotiie [here last night from heart trouble. He was a c^onstable at the tim^i of his deathj and has beeh a peac^e i officer in | Winfield for' 20 years, j serving several years I as thief Of police. - h'o tnade hiin .-ielf ready to a home HI" ills <<wii. abouij up the I 'linioKH; ai Jloun Klreaily. .Mr;- Kust anj social''.^ an- gathering identical \vi:!i- the Wi family i.r it^ period to u Storing H p- <!olonjal atinoipl the home. ."sirs. Rust hcrselif. with the aid <if II. Artliur Hoo^. Department c hgiueer, found rushed i, hold ROC in- all bnt or siricl. T insnrani: siderahli Ceorg' in the T having s and has at Kans:; fru'-nds Rciy .1. terost ;n i to his p; jgtcni cdnb was delight led iVednesday at thf H. ». Swiekard. Thtj tare 1 Valentine day ere prettil.v dec e o( ca.sion. The fol- we-e present-as in- .Mr ;. H. K. Shumarcl Alrs; John Ressel .Mrs. Roy .lones sis: at; XYille.Vi Dei ton. Mrs. R. .M .i.ri awa had il sa (Is oh th le Dsiwsc tc biij the in ^xcei Wiley. Iio.s. rioii been ha k ('sty t) ri ^les thei rtn tary or nuval services during the war kvith Goi-many does not cun-!r w hile i stitntjO ta.xablo income; Benefits paid by a liibor nnion i•. ' • t V :<> member.-? while on strike are to ' \feriion. j ''C' iii,<"lU(led in the income, subject er a.s-iJ" tax.|of slich members. ! drticles j Am allowaiice paid a retircid ington I'-h-rg.vnian by the governing body in re- "f ('''ipiousWeuominution is tax- tincnmi'- * liANKS ARE CLOSED bravely evcr.v [season bank of tll<^ Potomac. n<<,' The Pink Rag says that the ayor of Topeka, who used to be aJ mechanic before ho was Mayor, piid $1200 for a second hand door f<|r|the city. That must be the door ' the. city the key to which the ayor gives to distinguished visi- fclrs. But why second hand? Did sime visitor carry the fir,st hand o|ie; away? ' , IJLARMON DIES IN CINCINNATI, OHIO Cincinnati, O., Feb. 22. (APy— Jidson Harmon, former governor of Oblo, died todaj-. BROMCv< R\OE.R~ :0F MOUWSMOKe 6i4 OoXi\ T m' ) 6 do. Thi.^ operated and at a not have sc>enis to for tiiree bought ,>ndMranc-< The W( meadow pr. I lolph Uohenstein jdeci led what he will wJis: tl e" ?place formerly by prclfit. ere of -'''^c iincoine. •Annuities paid retired civil-ser- Li War vice employees of the Federal an old "i'ivernniont are subject to the tax platter, and also has purcli'ased a '"j "le ext,ent that tlie aggregate tii>-tilt tabhi saved from the fire' ai^.oiiiit of payments exceed the in 1779. adercigati* i amount wilhheld fropi j The association has been grant- 'ht salaries of the employees. <v) authority lo proceed!with the; i work on the government r .serva-; COURT HOUSE AND tion. and has acquired 70jac- -es ad- i joining it -to develop as al pdrk for pilgrims. It also has purc-h!ased a j strip of land around the If.imih All! banks in lola and the Allfjn gravc.vard.'where, despite years of i fo^nfly courthouse wVre dosed t tieglect, the flowers planted in 1 day iji-observance of George Wash-, Washington's time still b ossom I iiii:U-ns birthday. All offices at !<•'•' t 1.. t . _ _ ^. .1. ,,..._.t i 1 1 IFfktl.k /111 ih\ a ilie ci; lola drive. the tilt- courthoiisic were closc-d wi<h ! K""^' «" i''*' ; thi- exceptioii of the sheriff's office, i cut inljehii P OOR FELLOW! OM HIS HEAD, "ooRFei-ujwi 'T ME.R iitaur «.>«iT .orr. .iff*.. tF A BROMCK' COOLO TfWM HED T EL LW U H -Tv-ie-TTTHPueac'S MlGtHTV, OuE.E,f?, SO SORR^ FER IwA' V-OSeR FERGlTtTU'\AilMMER& CHEER, jr,f7.w.Ll. «>» ar NCA «oiviccM& fiehi. TI>e ^^|iId - i in for- fiSir week south bir th very faij cleared on theiif Ing ur.-; game v\ i/e a cli for ;i serve, f survey!' ejitlmat aino'.int poillldei so the to tali) I oiinly ancl [of ije Jl way iinils arden. Is i|( h{ri' h«at< find a lot or < f a pr| Lee .•^penl 1 arents Miss (arnelt and ma *>f A ' anc ilocal the aiid litosltion. llTetti ' unclaK' s will leave"Sun Tenn., where .sh^ e of months will; . .Mattox and .Mrs hundred jgivefit again \ later the; mom JBad ey wSll be nsed in the sch roa< li^tnal bava hac) more liv roads the 'devil others. B|it th4y ex peel] re and [Is wret-'k life of rural ccimmunlt Norjthcott ank County Line huijch a|nd Suiidav school i effo rts ^---^ [trtiiible with mpd- than tney have hid w himsel;- PIQtA Feb. it.—Fre^ ivilspn was Plqua last Satiirdjay on busin and visit lig fricjnds. I Miss Rose Sicka was a gu 'si li Sunday dt the Hon cj of her fric Miss Ter'esa. Kcjncjii. ' • I .Mrs.••11. H. Koni-ii c:: Parsoiis to speniL a relatives and frlendsi.! Siiechf lleft for Kan ; .Mr. an up from tlays with i Mrs. H City, .Mo. daughter Chas. V p ; few day's imrenta, .Mrs. \Y| last un lay to visit and fakni y, .Mr. «ijd .^ I big uiid ainily. nk- is spemliiii^ in tpw'.u ivlih her gra Kir. ancj .V r.s. Antcni I \V. Umn Went last Til day to Tilpeka tb t the social pital for an exarai sibly an ) of h.!r to Ber as a Benefit AUsociatipn has a finte hospital! le S. I!. A. 1) latioii and ri.>^- i jlor the n-nif>K:iI memb^ [isiis. 'i'hifl service is [of the Seem which certa ^and good d .Tthe oritaiiizal ir orpliaii c' i;ors and triirses. has a hom'e ;f (Iren and aged tnembers of (bt iler located just join o{ 1'opeku its large dairy Ifaijm. j Mr. .'.anl .Mrs.l C larlie Willii and babj .were \ loja visitor.-; 1 "Tuesday. I Uncle William! Gkiognian is t ing pretty well at lifiis writing, i -M. S. liacon wasjalKaii'sas ( tihc first of tlie week on hnsiii j A play, iiititlecl, "jl)eac-on Dnhl «?ll he gi fn under the ui:spii-.s the K. of C. by ith^ dramatic c liext Tueitfay uigiit^ Feb. Si tja sale ajt' .Niemann's :<lo're. '1 is a chu -ch ben(-^"it. Kvcrylx come. , Ten for a m Knights FpK INSURi NjCE City tand FJirm Phone 1-31 or R2^ Rajj' rrivestmer f Co. i jTrs. Philip May tm joj^ jjDO IT ! FJIO.NE lite E S tWirks 1 PHON 65 WEIK^' YOIli l.iC IS CIO Ol T ou Vol U I'l ij.x IM.VG ! i (iOK.S BAD * V r Electrfi aqd Plumb jTiil: if.vino sil^isE i iGniiu^ebmer, Kli 1. burned the last Tron what is thought a ire startecl by a T le day Avas; wind; staijted upstairs. .Mr delivering som sold. Neighbor i ed all the house- lower floor an ro[>in upstairs, it ) n'H had jil.ilOO i i loss will be con of that amouni Kvho recently" bi I J'.Majra farm, has beei s trrjuble with his eye : ing them treatet a specialist. HI ikiHclij concerned, has lisposed of his in^ FoAl Service Station jBaifier & .McCarthy. .ur fin Colony now does {igency and there opening for one from here the five-day stonjers fter if 1 iintf rs .ctill range the lane s in hope of landing a hide fot a rug or neckpiece for their vvoi len IP t np-to-nciw only Henry iW>lls and Herbert Henderson have l;cen ible to hit their targets fc r a kill There are more coyotes t lan iisu: I. .And when one stops to on: ider that the.v'live iii a rather wi 11 s >ttled community he is fori warned that they mnst be pretty sinart to i o it. To get one the huntler. must know more thai \ lo of the ho.vs have m\y to "see the coyoti Id tlieni for a tlislani h la as K. «« in .ucii.e Cc lay. .Mis wrap tlwjm ii string c f cufttomjrs. Funnyj thin abotit it thisj rep )rter watched th buyer cfi new c£ rs amble In an iirchase ancj alsi i 'he fellow's wht) wanted iuseil c: rs and -figure there wjotiUl |he .-jome and Ihe sai^- re and on ^ cas Advertising seemb two of Uhem mo] sales. ISo the to kci double Miss jElsie mats .. L p fa Maple drove, given bj her con June ion. neat suiii of t he soci ii lite ofj They al o staged neva bu {sonic of cated by ^aulfii's I seem lo uermft a I stance a ly more €dgM. Do pfjople. dro\le to llunriK •eting anil initiation of Ccjlniilbiis Tluirs. night of last week. Will Ilein; taking three caiidiilates from In They we -e WJliis i Switzer, .Iijliii | Kipp, .Ir.. and FraiiK Hoeii. | Frank ' llassotli weiit.'iip io Kin- sa.s City last ilonday, - Imyinj;! a load bf cattle lb jiiit in lii-^ it ctj lot. He M'ta njce| bunch, hiaM of white fac;e hdifers. The'F: rmers'i Ujiiion sliipi-ed' a carload o mixed; sticick to the Ki:i- sas City charge of| Will :,la.' with them. I >;ili ii |;iman ync drove doWn lo ;Hc| man's last Saturtla da .v with his sii -te man and family. Henry- Frischenriieyer ily move I Mc Mary Scl onhoff'.fc M are comf irtably; lo Several of oiir the funeral .Tt'f Ow^ HARDWARE &. IMPLEMENTS lOLA-KANiJlAX Jmce/837f marfiet last. .Monday. 1 isolh. wli(> "'.v' lis his thriic rman Itnig •, and sp .'iiJ 1 ill r. -Mrs. -l!iii '.:l ;c- f.iiii- .\Biss ;1, last Friday niorninjr of .Miss S( Drain, ikev. F ;^th4r Dei o:' V;ih« and nih'iv in'to ['line wlicrt iited. ;<eople altj-n^c^ Creek liiii li. Center .Lce^nducte the atteni 1 'ilie service, lance iviis; large. Will Hfiman and his beliier- moving tpe ShCriiJan drillin;; from the Kuestersteffen farm ko bt town t where it Kirk Gas We understand i-> a lochtion north of I will (irili for the J. Co. Mr. and A ake over Henry Ffeld wiU Pic|Ui< HtJtel Ihe firil, of iifXI nic and Mr. move bac! an'l .Mrs A. \ k to thtjir cjwn placed .STOPS cornHix;— VFKY QUICKLY >:F|FE(TJVK. —Here is the jbasic reason w without opiate.q - \^r chlorofor Foley's Foney and] Tar Ci)in;ioi!|iid .stops coughs -so ! cjiiickly and he the distn ssing- caijse.' Because combines the ctirajtive virtues pure Pin > Tar and- other heaiijig iagredien s, togethcjr with tiicr in iifying d >mulcent |effeet of ch^ fresh Ho; ley—a jvaiuable coniliiii tibn. Coughs aiidi throat irri' tions. bre nchial lawl •flu" cou croup /ipasmoilic^ aud tron) some niglht cough; control lei Tar. The Ask for iliicrkt! that .have beei were jolted bac! t freeze biit no f^oon as thct poolk ey were in; agaili to their siimmcT nes C larley Knoeppc anxious to itrga nd pick out a si lak •' iind game pr • «t ah op ion on. it, have III le printi;d, a co lie on Ihe dam and M ' atei that will bo in- | the acreage coverai i ly \t>l> I"-- '11 Pdsitic matter up with tij ptaK. Cliarley shou Kiip lort (or that kit the Free Pres Ottawa with h X was here froi^i a guest of h< Hes Lorraine an Sun] nisinsJ the Hrancis Cox. Tlie 1 c'gis er dels reach out an land "eai. "Ted Ogle and Duarj .Muiray.jafter reading about a cei- taiii car. eath b jught one Satui dav. .And tlie .dc iler could hardl kt enough for hi; r. pedagogue at repc rts that the pla: pchojol and Carlyle iji at Carlyle; made monjey' ancl added tc^ the community the play at Ge the roads advo eglslature. dldn'i broflt in this in uian It does in 4 • ; FOR yoru ((>\VF W K UKIIVKU F PKM'K iJFK i i rli '.I 1 B. rs. he ih ill Seie the New Sijrins: Shirty Pdr Men i ' • n)I|:u- aftac-hoil a haiid :sl.vli:.s ill iir; Dafh.']-)).-^. iii-icfti "I .-i;!.!)*) to ^•:;.ii(). tbiftm In oiur storJs These easy ;riding Lloyd Carriages with so^t corduxoy ptaddinlg and resilient "baUdKin" tires protect Baby from iolts and jars afd^ fill Mckher's faiearit with pride jffcirds ches. LIbyd hoom Weaving does awny with loose enc^ and knots. a b|eautiful|sii^th surface tn ancl his daipt)| cJothes against tearing. The Lloyd is aj wonderful baby carriage inirestment. In eve y upright strand a steel center), an exclusive Lloyd" featiu-e vtiicli gives uniformily of weave ancl durability, obtainable at a fiaaxi- .wtL : : L I.. I _rLti_ . .Il Tl 1 w li- able price 'on|y because of which weaves !30 times fastei) jthc patented Lloyd Loom p|-oces« than human han.ds. $16.20 A. R. S at protecrts &iby against sera; We are stioWiiig the latest deiigns, the most pbpcdar finish43 and color effrrts. Come in and sic them toda^y. i , 1 • •" . PricesillangeFrom. . TO $40.00 EEPER FURPiJItURE CO /

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