The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 12, 1891 · Page 1
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 1

Postville, Iowa
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Saturday, December 12, 1891
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rVBUMMMO ITBT SATVBDAY W. W. BTJBDIOK. TBMOi: 91.00 Ptr Tw, Btrlotly fta AdTuaa. Th4 Bmt At—rtiti*t Medium tc track th* fntr north-taittrn counliei. Offlce Saalaweel Ceraer Lawler tad Tllden si Elf* IhtfoitriUeglrpUtr. ADVaRTiaitTO RATBa: Ttaa. W. N. BcmoiOK, Editor and Proprietor. INDEPENDENCE OUR POLITICAL CREED; THE GOLDEN RULE OUR MORAL GUIDE. TUUB: 11.60, IrPuD IN ADTAWNCB. XIX. POSTVILLE, IOWA, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1891. NUMBER 39. Imki... I weeks.., I month .. I months. I month*.. t monthi.. 1 r«r 1 la. 5 Mi II f la. II M> • N too too in t 00 4 00 4 m o as «oo it oo 4 In. IS OQi 18 OiH Meal tool 11 7*1 II M M B M MM 4100 ' eol. 111 I0W MM MOD is m 17 00 A Qt i.' m mm m> m m m Bualnrn card! not axotwllnn (In UaMila, tx-- gal advertisement, at Irgal ratosAdJartJea- •"«'« Inserted with na spevifle turn waiT, rmtai.he 1 until ordered out an? -haVna far aT ooi-dlnelj. AH bliu p« r ablr a»si»srl»\ ODOM.KBS whisky will not havcrcachcp ts highest BU cress till it ilrunk can be bad without n stagger. Francis Cms, Ueltiiin couml at Amoy, China, formerly United States con»ul, was married to Florenco McGowan by the bride's father, Ktv John McGowun at th* British consulate ut Ainoy lint month. The occasion was inado a holiday in Ainoy for Mr. Cass, besides being prominent in diplomatic circles, is the lending merchant on the China coast. ME G.MDNKS8 <V GOD. Rev. T. DoWltt Talmage Delivers a Thanksgiving DlBOOurao. Whs Edward M. Field is not the only child ol Cyrus W. Field who hits brought sorrow to the father's heart. He was not tin first to become insane. Alice Field, the sec osd daughter in a family of seven, ban been kept in a prlvalo retreat near New York for more than twenty-five yearn. Another daughter, now the wife of Jumps Bruyn Andrews, is said ut one time to have betrayed alarming sympton* of men tal collapse, but sinco then Bho has happily married and there H no present nispicion of her mental FOIIIKJUW. All the well-wuhem of Mrs. James G Blaine, Jr.,—and thpy ore legion—are hoping that tlin Into Mrs. Lily Mnc.lester Laugh ton retm-mbi r. i| Mrs. Blaine in her will. Mrs. Lnughton was a connection of pretty Marie Minim* , nnd it was under the former's chuperonugo in Washington that lovely Muiie Kevins hnd the misfortune to meet "Jimmic" ljiuine Mrs, Laughton was very fond of tier young relative, and as Bho vas enormously rich, it is possible she has left souie practical token of her uffection to young Mr*. Blaine. The an nual income of Mrs. Lauguton was something liko $100,000, and out of this abundance slu> bus probably made some bequest to the pretty young creature who naa suffered so much. Their is b-jt ono hoir to the enormous fortune left by Mrs Laughton, and that is her daughter, the child of her first marriuge. who's now the Marquise Ptdrosu. ExGoviiiiNOH HoAHl) tells an uuquse- tioncd truth when he declared that "every pound of oleomargarine is a choat and a fraud." It certainly is as fur as the aC' tual consumer is concernoj. Not ono person in a thousand ever suspects that the article used by him as butter is not butter in anysense but n creasy compound, ui artificial mixtuie of unimal fatK and hemicals bearing no more lelntionship to oow butter Hum browned peas to genuine coffee. This oily hodtru-podge is an imposition, Tuu hotel keeper or reatuura teur may perhaps know tho true character of the substance wheih ho imposes upon his patrons ris buttor, but the Utter uro ignorant of the deceit, and it is they who have the bet right to know the truth Mr. Hoard aigues against the oleoinurgU' rine humbug because of its injurious t fleet upon the dairv interests, but the general public's) special concern is of that per tonal natuiM which revolts at sham and to which the wry thought of substituting for the pure p'od .ct of mi oleaginous counter fei. of questionable ingredients is repulsive in tho extreme. THI official figures of tho vote in New York show it to have been about '200,000 smaller than the vote for governor in 1888, but 140,000 larger than the vote for governor in 1885, Mr, Flower received 582, 894 vrteinnd Mr Faesett 533,935, making Fliwer's plurality 47.034. Flower's vote was 67 000 le » than Hill received 8818, while Kassott foil 97,000 below Mil er in the same year, ulthougli Miller ran almost 20,000 void below Harrison Flower ran 7,082 votes ahead of Sheohan while Vrooman had 6,621 more votes than Fatsett. One candidate on the democratic ticket tad a larger plurality than Flower, —Rosendu'o, - tho attorney general-elect j while on the republican ticket the cundi dates for lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasmer and state engineer received more votes than Fassett. The socialist labor candidate for governor receivod 14,651 votes, moro than half in New York and Brooklyn, while the prohibitionist receivod 30,858, only 2,800 in these two targe cities. The prohibition vote in Now York Bet-ins to be a flxi d qurntity, for it was 80,21)1 in 1886, and 80,867 in 1888. OXRTJS W. FIELD. Ono of the most pathetio spectacles which the American people are called upon to behold today is that in whioh the tener ble Cyrus W. Field is the principal figure. The father of the Atlantic cable, the progenitor of elevated railway traffie, a nan whose glorious enterprises will make his name forever honored, has been lying very, very low broken-hearted, penniless and longing tor rest in the silent grave. A week or two ago he was prosperous well and happy. The bride of bis youth was by his aide to comfort and •are**) his ohildren were, a* he supposed, in joyous circumstances, and he himself felt secure in the possession el great wealth, and was deeply grateful for the blessings and honors which Bad so long been his. la the short time since that period of happiness was upon him bis lovlug wife, the lender and faitbfu companion^ fifty jeuri, has pawed away) fail eldest ion, the father's pride and hope, baa gone down in the maeUtrorn of stock speculation carrying bio own and his father's fortune with hint and himself become intone, and bis daughter and daughter-ln law, tbe latter the wife of tho ruined son, are supposedly on beJs from whioh they van •over again arise in. Ii(k Crushing and terrible have been tbe domeatic oCSlotlou ^blonbliTe tbui with overwhelming iwllt- MH and in ttuoutag*uoc«*slon corn* upon thii old man, forcing blw into* of nroaliiUoA lwm*bfel» it Wouili^rrul OooilnnHs of Gntl In Matting I'ruvUInn for tho HustAiiunos and Comfort of All of llln Creatares. The following dlHCOurse was ilcliv- en>d by Hev. T. DoWitt Talmnao in the Uri 'oldyn tnbomacle, from the text: I', 'iu,La mill nil cattlo; croopmir thtnKH nml fly- liiK fuwl; luth yoancr man anil nmkli'lis; old mon anil nhlldnm; lot tlftm prnlso tho nuino of thr Lord.—Psalm erlvlll., 10, VI and 1:1. What u nceiio it was when liistThura- duy at tlui cull of the president anil gav- nors, this nation assemlilcd to chant Hie prnixes of God. Hut the day was ton short lo celebrate the Divine good' IIOSH of such u ywnr. Tlio sun did not rlso ovor Itrooltlyn until oneinlimtebe' fore seviiii o"clock that morning, and It fcot four o 'clock mid tliiity-flve minutes that evening. What n sinntl Kpuco of timo in wliich to mediate upon twelve months of bonufnetions. So I mid to that day this Sabbath morning service, anil with the fruita and harvests of the earth still glorifying the pulpit and the galleries, ask you to continue tho ro- nenrsM of tho Divine goodness. lty a sublime egotism man has como to appropriate this world to himself, when tbe fact Is that our race is In a small minority. The instances of human life, us compared with instances of animal life, arc not one to a million. We slinll enlarge our ideas of God 's goodness mid come to a better understanding of tho text if, boforo wo come to look at. the cup of our blessing, we look at the goodness of Ood to the irrational creation. Although nature is out of joint, yet even In its disruption 1 am surprised to find the almost universal happiness of the animal creation. On a summer day, when the air and tho grass are most populous with life, yon will not henr a sound of distress unless, perchance, n, heartless school boy has robbed a bird's nest, or u huntor has broken a bird's wing, or a posture has been robbed of a lnmb and there goes up a bleating from the flocks. The whole earth is filled with animal delight—joy feathered and scaled, and horned, and hoofed. The bee hums it, the frog croaks it, tho squirrel chottors it, the quail whistles it, the lark carols It, thn whale spouts It The snail, the rhinoceros, tho grizzly bear, the toad the wasp, the spider, the shellfish have their homely dolights—joy as great to them as our joy is to us. Goat climbing tho rocks, anaconda crawling through tho jungle, bnffalo plunging across tho prairie, crocodile basking in tropical sun, seal puffing on the ice, ostrich striding across the desert, are so many bundles of joy, the.y do not go moping or melancholy; they are not only half supplied; Qod says thay ar« filled wttli good. The worm squirming through the sod upturned of plowshare and the anti racing up and down tho hillock are happy b.y day and happy by night Take up a drop of-water under tho ml croscojie, and you find that within it thero are millions of creatures thai swim in u hallelujah of grliiilnoss. The sounds in nature that are repulsive tc our cms are often only utterances ol Joy—the growl, tho croak, the bark, the howl. The good Ood made theat creatures, thinks of them ovor, and will not let a plowshare turn up • mole's nest or fisherman's hook transfix a worm until, by eternal deoree, its time has come. God 's hand feeds all these broods and shepherds all these Docks and tends all these herds. Ht •woolens HID clover top for tho oxen 's taste; ami pours out. erystalllno wateri In mossed oups of rock, for the kind to drink out of OH his way down the crags, and pours nectar Into the cup o) the honeysuckle to refresh tho hunt' mlng -blrd; and spreads a banquet of • hundred fluids of buckwheat, and leti the honey-bee put his mouth to any cup of all the bunquot, and tells tho grasshopper to go nuywhero ho likes, and give the flocks of Heaven the oholoe ol all tho grain-fields. The sea anemone, \ half animal, half flower, clinging tc the rook In mid-ocoan, with its ten< tacles spread to e.aleli its food, has the owner of the universe to provide for it. We are repulsed at tho hldeousuess ol the elephant, but Ood, for tho comfort and convenience of the monster, putf forty thousand distinct muscles in IU proboscis. 1 go down on the barren seashore and •ay: "No animal can livu in this' place desolation;" but all through the sands are myriads of little inseota.that itip with happy life. I go down by the marsh and sny: "In this damp place, anil In these loathsome pools of Btag- mi ut water, there will bo tho quietness of death," but, lol I see the turtles on the rotten log sunning themselves, and hoar tho bogs quake with multitudinous life. When the unfledged robin* are hungry God shows the old robin where she can get food to put into their pun mouths. Winter is not allowed to come until the ants have _ granarled their harvest, and tho squirrels have filled their cellars with nuts, Ood •hows tho hungry Ichneumon where it may And the crocodile's eggs, and in arctic climes there are animals that leys, which run nmoog>lhc hills; they give drink to every beast of the field; tho wild asses quench thlr thirst." Amid the thunders of Nlnni God uttered the rights of oattle, and said that they should have a Sabbath. "Thou Shalt not do tiny work, thou, nor thy cattle." Ho declared with Infinite emphasis that tho ox on tho threshing- floor should have the privilege of eating some of the grain OH ho trod It out, and muzzling was forbidden. If young birds wore taken from the nest for food, tho despoiler's life depended on tho mother going free. God would not let the mother-bird suffer in ono day tho loss of hor young and her own liberty. And ho who regarded in olden time the conduct of man toward the brutes to-day looks down from Heaven and is interested in every minnow that swims the stream, and every rock that cleaves the air, and every herd that bleats, or neighs, or lows la tho pasture. Why did God make all theso, and why mnko them so happy? How ao- count for all this singing, and dancing, and frisking amid the irrational creation? Why this heaven for the aniraul- oule In a dewdrop? Why for tho condor a throno of Chimborazo? Why the {Utter of the phosphorus in the ship's wake on the sea, which is said to be Duly the frolic of millions of insects? Why tho perpetunl chanting of so many voices from the irrational creation in earth, and air, and ocean—beasts, and all cattle, creeping things, and flying fowl, permitted to join in the prals? that goes up from seraph and archangel? Only one solution, ono explanation, ono answer—Ood Is good. "The earth is full of tho goodnoss of tho Lord." 1 tako a step ihlgher, and notice the adaptation of Wio world to the comfort and happiness of man. Tho sixth day »f creation hnd arrived. The palace of the world was mndo, but thero was no king to live in it. Leviathan ruled the deep; the unglo tho air; tho lion the Sold; but thero was tho scepter which thould rule all? A now stylo of being was created. Heaven and earth wore represented In His nature. His body from tho earth beneath; his soul from the Heaven above. The one reminding aim of his origin, the other speaking of his destiny—himself tho connecting link between the animal creation and angelic intelligence. In him a straugi commingling of tho temporal and etor- aul, the finite and infinite, dust and glory. The earth for his floor, and Heaven for his roof; God for his Fathen eternity for lils life-time. The Christian anatomist, gazing upon the conformation of the human body, exclaims: "Fearfully and wonderfully made." No embroidery so elaborate, no gnuzo so ilelicato, no color so ex- quislto, no mechanism so graceful, no handiwork so divine. So quietly and mysteriously does the human body perform its functions, that it was not until five thousand years after the creation of the race that the circulation of th« blond was discovered; and though anat omlstsof all oountrles and ages havt been so long exploring this castle ol life, they have only begun to understand it Volumes have been written of th« hand, Wondrous Instrument! With II we give friendly recognition, and grasp tho sword, and climb tho rock, and write, and carve, and build. It constructed the Pyramids, and hoisted the Parthenon. It made the harp, and then •truck out of it all the world's minstrelsy. In it tho white marble of Pen- tellcon mines dreamed Itself away into Immortal sculpture. It reins in the swift engine; it holds the steamer tc its path In tho sea; it snatches the fire from Heaven; It feols the pulse of the sick child with Its delicate touch, and makes the nations quake with its stupendous achievements. What powei brought down the forests, and made the marshes blossom, and burdened the earth with all the cities that thunder on with enterprise and power? Four fingers and a thumb, A hundred million dollars would not purchase for you a maohine as exquisite and wonderful aa your own hand. Mighty handl In all lta bones and muscles and Joint* I learn that God is good. Behold tho oye, whioh, in its photo- graphlo gallery, In an instant catches the mountain and the sea. This perpetual telegraphing of the nerves; these joints, that are the only hinge* that do not wear out; these bones and muscles of the body, with fourteen thousand different adaptations; these one hundred thousand glands; theBO two hundred million pores; this mysterious heart, contracting four thousand times •very hour—this chemioal process of digestion; this laboratory, beyond the understanding of the most skillful philosophy', this furnace, whose heat la kept up from the oradle to the grave; this faotory of life, whose wheels, and •plndles, and bands are God-direoted. If we oould realize the wonder* of our physical organization, we would be hypoohondrlaos, fearing every moment that some part of the machine would break down. But there are men here who have lived through seventy yearn, and not a nerve has ceased to thrill, or a muscle to oontraot, or a lung to breathe, or a hand to manipulate. I take a step higher and look at man 's mental constitution. Behold the benevolence of. God in power* of perception, tiounil m keenness of nostril, tho eagle in far-reaching sight, the rabbit in quickness of hearing, the honey-bee in delicacy of tongue, the spider in fineness of touch. Man's power, therefore, consistent not in what he can lift, or how fnst he can run, or how strong n wrestler ho can throw—for in these respects the ox, tho ostrich and the hyena are his superior—but by his reason ho comes forth to rule all; through his ingenious contrivance to outrun outlift, ontwrestle, ontsee, ontbenr outdo. At his all-conquorlng decree, the forest that had stood for ages stops aside to let him build his cabin and cultivate his farm. The soa which raved and foamed upon the race has become a crystal pathway for commerce to march on. The thunder-clond that slept lazily above the mountain is made to como down and carry mall-bags. Man, dissatisfied with his slowness of advancement, shouted to the water and the fire: "Como and lift!** "Come and drawl" "Come and holpl" And they answered: "Ay, ny, we como;" and they joined hands —the fire and water—and tho shuttles fly, and the rail-train rattles on. and tho steamship comes coughing, panting, flaming across the deep, lie elevates the telescope to the heavens, and, as easily as through the stethoscope the physician hears tho movement of the lung, the nstroaomor catches tho pulsation of distant syBtcmB of worlds throbbing with life. Ho takes the microscope, and discovers that there are hundreds of thousands of anlmal- sula living, moving, working, dying within a circle that could be covered with tlie point of a pin—animals tc which a rain-drop would be an ocean, s fire-fly lasting enough to give them light to several generations. You see that God has adapted every, thing to our comfort and advantage. Pleasant things for the palate, music for tho oar, beauty for the eye, aroma for tho nostrils, kindred for our affections, poetry for our taste, religion fot our soul. We are put in a garden, and told that from all the trees wo may cat except here and there ono. Ho glvei the sun to shine on us, and the wateri to refresh us, and food to strengthen us; and tho horbs yield medicine when we are sick, and tho forests lumber when wo would build a house, oi cross the water in a ship. Th« rocks nro transported for our foundation; and metals upturned for oui currency; and wild beasts must give ui covering; and tho mountains must b< THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTE'S. Tim Apochrs in Arizona are reported to be on tho warpath. FnsD B. WIIITHBV, the well known young railroad man, died at Omaha. STATB SKNATOK KELLEH, of Sauk Center, Minn., bus invented a costrivarce tor plowing by electricity. Al.t 'hose injured lty tho explosion of a bomb in the office of Rustcll tinge, Friday are doing well. TUB United Slulcs training i-hip Mon- ongaliela has sailed from the Gibraltar for the West Indies. JosrAii CAHPKNTER, who has just died at Grafton.'.W. Va., claimed to be one hundred and fifty-nine years old. UNITED STATES TIIEASUIIEII NRHHCK- En has subniited his anual report to the fecrctury of the treasury. NAVAI. APPOINTMENTS: W. H.Jones, iiii-diciu <• sp ct ir; Frank Anderson, sur- get.ii- 1', \V. llj ,m, lieutenant. THE death is announced nt I'hihidclphi of William C. Allison, president of the AHifO 'i Cur Mnnufmturing company. KX-LIEUTKNANT GOVEKNOK James N. Johnson died near Columbus, Ohio. He was lieutenant governor of Georgia dur:ng the reconstruction period. GOVEIINOU-ELECT FLOWER, has decided to re-appoint General Porter adjutant general of New York. JUDOK JAMES M. COKKINHUHV, one of the oldest members of the Cleveland bar, died Sunday, nged 73 yearB. THE board of St. Joseph, Mo., has consented to put American flags on the public Bchooln of that city. CitAHLKs T. MCCOY, of South Dakota, will probably hti made governor of Oklahoma. TrtK Cinidian Pacific will build a double track from Winnipeg to Lake Superior. CHAUNOEY DEPEW objects to having tlie Columbian exposition culled tho "Chicago world's fair." He says it is a national enterprise. PKOUIA, III., is exscieted over the dis- overy that n Cbinese leper has boon conducting n laundry in that city. The leper has disappeared and is believed to bo in Chicago. PAUL DKSLAAJJEL, the grcnt orator of the French chamber of deputies, whoso recent speech on the liberty of tho press nude such a sensation, will York on thn 15th. the proposition that the state purchase the railways. A HUMOR is current at Constantinople that a fresh plot has been discovered Bmong tbe officers of the army to depodo the sultan. Two cable cars collided at Paris Monay morning, owing to the inability of a driver to release his grip from the cable. Both care were badly wrecked and twelve people were seriously injured. THE secret consistory is fixed by the pope for December 14, and the public consistory for tho 17th. The pope s decision to create two cardinals was quite unexpected. Mgr. Sepiacci is to be ono of the new cardinals. TUB McCarthy] ties hive decided to take eeisive steps to Hecuro the Paris fund. Justin McCarthy and Timothy Hcaly have begun action againHt Munroe. the banker who holds tho funds, to decide the ownership tbereof. TUB strike of miners in the Pas de Cnl- ias district of France, involving 40,000 men, is over. The men agreo to return to work, pending arbitration of the matter dispute. THE snrprcmo court judges of Chili havo unofficially notified the government that tho constitution does not countenance the prosecution of the civil Buits against the ministers of Galmaceda's cabinet and tbe uiembciB of his congress. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. sail for Now . , . . , . . A , „ , THE swine pluguo is currying off hogB tunneled to let us pass; and tho flsh ol in Kreut number in Scott and adjoining the sea come up in our net; and tin counties of Iowa. Ono f armor at Walnut birds of tho air drop at the flash of oui Qrovo lost fiftv guns; nnd tho cattle on a thousand hilli Qov. CAMPBELL returned lo Columbus, comedown to give us moat For us tin Ohio, fr-m Cnic.i^o Wednesday with * peach orchards bond down their fruit, very sore throat and high fever, and inland tho vineyards their purple clusters modiutoly took to his bed. To feed and refresh our intellect tei XnR budgjt committee of the German thousand wonders in nature and provl- reichstng has votrd 900,000 marks to bo denco—wonders of mind and body, devoted to providing a proper German ox- wonders of earth, and air,and deep anal hibit, nt tho Chicago Columbian exhibition ogles and antitheses; all colors and in 1893 sounds; lyrics in the air; Idyls in the Tint following Wisconsin postmasters field; conflagrations In tho sun sot; robei havo been appointed; W.J. Browu, Alto, of mist on the mountains; and th< Fond du Lac county; J. Hurtlelt, Attica, "Grand March" of God in tho storm. Green county; M. Zimmerman, Peck, Bay- Hut for tho soul still higher adaption; field county, a fountain In which it may wash; a lad EDWAIVD M. FIELD, senior partner of derby which it may climb; a songol the failed firm of Field, Lindtey, Wetchers endless triumph that it may sing; i crown of unfading light that it may wear. Christ, cama to save it—came with a cross on His back; caino with spikes in His feet; came when no one else would como, to do a work whioh nc one else would do. See how suited tc man's condition is what God lias done for hlml Man Is a sinner; hero Is pardon. He has lost God's image; Christ retraces it. Ho is helpless; Almighty grace is proffered. He Is a lost wanderer; Jesus brings him home. He is blind; and at one touch of Him who cured Bartlmuus, oternal glory streams into his soul. Jesus, I sing Thy grace! Cure of worst disease! Hammer to •mite off heaviest chalnl Light for & Co, at New York, bus been sent to Uloomingdalo insane Asylum. OioHOB Wit BATON ALLEN, better known as 1 Lind Kill Allen," the author of tho Homestead Act, died at Columbus, Ohio, Sunday night. TUB daily arrivals of congressmen at Washington keep up the interest in the speakership fight. TUB commission of Don Emilie Puyo, Chilian consul general at Sau Francisco ban been cancoled by the Chilian govern' inont. SECRETARY Nom.E Saturday decieod the long contested caso of the Las Vegas grunt in Now Mexico, which will, it is thought, opeu to settlement 5,000,000 acres, SECRETARY PROCTER attended tho meet thickest darkness! Grave divine! Devils - mg ol tne Cll bi liet Friday for the last timo scoff at it, and uien rejeotlt, but Heaven nm i [ 00 \c official leave of his associates. He celebrates itl severed his connection with the war de I wish you good cheer for civil and Uiirulient s.imrduy afternoon religious liberty. No official spy A „ uttacumenv for »16,000 has been is watches our entrance here, nor does SU ed against tho property oi the Colonial armed soldier interfere with the and United States Mortgage company of honest utterance of truth. We stand Great Britain, in favor of Bird S. Color, here to-day with our arms free to of New York, on an assigned claim, work, and our tongues free to speak. THE new cruiser New York was BUO This Blble-lt 1B oil unolaspod. This cosafully launched at Cramp B shipyard in pulplt-there 1B no chain around about Philadelphia Wednesday, in the presence it There is no snapping of mui- ° E Secretary Tracy «d other.?"^-2«»J«L ketry in the street. Blessed be God \gXffi*8?*' that to-doy we are free men, with the r UB 5f ew y ork wee kl y bank statement prospect and determination of always Bnowa a decrease ef $1,018,725; being free. No established religion; | oaRS increase, 85.161 800, and a specie Jew and Gentile—Armlnian and Calvin- 1st—Trinitarian and Unitarian—Protestant and Roman Catholic—on the •ame footing. If persecution should eome against the most unpopular of all the sects, I believe that all other denominations would band together and arm themselves, and hearts would be •tout, and blood would be free, and the right of men to worship God according to the diotates of their consciences would be contested at the point of the bayonet, and with blood flowing up to " m bits of tho horses' bridles. For mercies temporal and spiritual let eonsecrated lives bo ottered. Wherever God's light shines nnd God's rain des oends, and God's mercy broods, let the Thanksgiving ui'lsol God MlftvUhly clothes that they can af- tt f u f i rftn „ ort , n -„ th ^ out : ford to walk through snow »torma In the ^riSSiiJn. ' "JiT finest sable, undermine, andchlncUlla, ^ZS^JZ.™*?^** H^hS^aMmU^hk-l^mrahha^k day-dawn, and lifting into your mind of the oolor of tbe butterfly'*, wing, and tlngea the cochineal, and help* the mTB ie r io U1 , linklnir ta»tw of >ii «^ S. «ale the fXi ita awilt wing ti£ ftUndr ° d ' ft » <1 thlB ft thous.and-a. «indW it. antlerl? the roatafleet theohlrp of one bird sometime* wake. fool 4 ^.&r ^X»{Ubi£K »wW^ B t of voices, or the thrum binder, that goes forth to gather the harvest of tho past, and bring it into ^he present, Your power and velocity pf thought—thought of tho swift wing and the-lightning foot; thought, that putepoedf) tho star, and olroles through goodn*** provide*, them for the defense tl the animal*' rlghTs." Yea, God in tbe Bible announce* Hi* •are for these order* ol oreatloo. He Mgra' that llo has heaved up IbvUfloa tion* for tJtejr'de^ ^M^^^kf^^ ««fiwy««». m Nvolgb» ;; wprtdir^ fSWSf^^^^^^JP. ftp* poising amid r<i^mf'm»l>^i i - if*^$1riffl.%ttMw*W» ! at ove, tot i_. a tntt of «Jgno»ette. ithen the o&ttlQ e)r, 14i grow for: the,, the; •WfMB.0,, aeadei increase, inoreose of $1,2S8,600. Tho banks "hold 912.863,625 iu excess of the requirements of the 25 percent rule. SECRETARY JOHN T. DICKINSON, of the national world's fair commission, says that the report that he had resigned thai position to accept tho general managership of a railroad in Texas and Arkansas ' wholly without foundation in fact. FOREIGN. TnB Vatican is making ovrtures to tbe powers to protect Christians iu China. M. LHMONIEH, president of the Inter national League of Peace, is doad in Paris DOM PEDRO, the dopnsed empetor Brazil, is seriously ill in Paris, SEVENTY-FIVE miners were killed St. Etieune Sunday by a mine explosion TUB commercial treaty between Gar many and Belgium has been concluded A DISPATCH, from Sunderland states thai a fire in the drinking shop there Taursd<ty burned three women to death, FRANCE, in view of the situation China, has urged tbe powers to take immediate united uotion. TUB Standard bank, at Melbourne, Australia, with a capital of 95,000,000, sua pended Friday, REBELS in the province of Jehol, China, , . massacre between 300 and 500 Christians. Been at variance Government troops march uuou and defeat the mother or the rebel.. Bloying _ the other ANOTHKB report has reached Germany that Euiiu Pasha is marching toward Khartoum with an army of 9,000 natives. INFLUENZA is spreading rapidly COAL A DOLLAR A TON Mr. Edelmann, a Polish Inventor, Claims hi«, Can Produce Co il for That Price. An Article Which Will be Supprior to Either Bitnminous or Anthracite for Fuel. Lifirnito and Certain Chemicals Form an Article Perfect as Any Ever Mine t. MANY hundred tons of coal were destroyed by fire in a dock nt Duluth. FOUR men were killed in a railroad accident in New York city. Two scows were lost on Lake Michigan, and eighteen men are thought to have perished. THE Spifls wagon works at Sterling, I., were burned Tuesday night, causing loss of 9100,000. THE steamer Eastern Oregon was de- Iroyed by fire while on tho dry docks at Olympiu, Washington; loss$180,000. FIIIE destroyed seven buildings in the business portion of Blair, Feb., Friduy, causing a loss of $75,000. BUILDINGS at Miskegon Heights, Mich., wcro unroofed Friday by a cyclone. The damage is estimated at £12,000. THE Des Moines cotton mill burned Saturday. The mill employed 150 hands, vuluo of tho properly is about $150,000, largely covered by insurance. THE entiro plant of the Lincoln Paint and Oil company of Lincoln, Neb., was burned Tuesday night. Tho toss is $90,000, fully covered by insurance. THE Grand hotel, at Leadville, Col., was burned Tnosday, a sick uueBt named Maltuaws perishing in the fluuios. It, is believed that the tir« wns incendiary. THE Western Norinnl college burned hursday, at Shenandoah, la.; loss $50,000; insurance 928,000. FIVE men were blown to atoms And several buildin«s wrecked by a dynamite xplosion in New York. THREE colored children were burned dive near Kosciusko, Miss. Tboir mother left thorn in the cabin and was in the field picking cotton. NINE men working on a bridjjc near Helena, Mont., wore carried down by the collapse of the structure, and tbreo were killed. CRIME. Many inventions nro in tho field. Another inventor has come to the frobt wiih an invention which he believes will rival even those of Edison's, and bring to .nan- kind generally a degree of benefit which will be in direct inveso proportion to tho woe inflicted upon the individuals commonly known as the coal barons. What he has :o offer is no leas than a scheme to manufacture a coul wliich will bo superior in its results to either bituminous or anthracite coul, to]which the world has been so long accustomed to look for its chief supply of fuel. So many vast conceptions have been already brought to tho attention of the public only to end in disappointing failures that ivory now great scheme is apt to bo rcuftrded with suspicion. We havo not suffered from the aeely motor project and the many plans for navigating the air, to say nothing of tho many ideas for submarine crafts, without having our confidence in Buch mutters seriously impaired. TUB NEW CLAIMANT. When I had satisfied myself as to the plants which would best serve my purposo I made a study of them until able to extract from them the very qualities I desired. N« sooner had 1 dono so, and mndo an effort to combino the various re- sulU obtained, when, presto! all disap peared together, 11E STUDIED NATURE. "My next labor was to discover some system of preventives which would obviate this inexplicable and disastrous evaporation of that which I had obtained from my plants with such unremittent toil. One year and a half ago I succeeded in this endeavoi, now I have enough of this power obtained from my plants properly mixed with the lignite to produce a million tons of coal at an average cost of 91 a ton. . "The matter I obtain from the plants 1 reduced to a pulp, which, after having had all the moisture extracted from it by being placed in a number of revolving boilers, is again tali en in hand, and, after being hardened, is reduced to tho power ana mixed with the powdered lignite. The precess includes a method by which tho chemical compound and tho lignite are submitted to a process of 150 degrees Fahrenheit in a largo room." Mr. Edclmaun claims to have already purchased a large track of land in Texas comprising six hundred acres, which bo says is rich in lignito, and to have received an offer for his invention from one corporation there which agrees to take 300,000 tons a year off liis hands.—N. Y. Herald. CONGUESHI'O.VJLI.. MONDAY, Dec. 7. Senate. WASHINGTON, Dec. 7.—The senate galleries were crowded with spectators to-day to witness tho opening of that branch of ... , . congress. There was an unusually larao 1 he new aspirant for undying famo and number of now senators to he sworn in, incidentally for the millions of money cjuutiiig up toventeen without tho senator that are aitondint upon great discoveries from Florida, neither tho name of Call which are world wide in their uses has at least tho courage ot his convictions, and his ideas ore entitled to respect, sinco they aio backed up by the fact that tho department of putents at Wa»hinfcton stands ready to issue him his patent papers us soon as ho lias effected his arrangements iu Boveral foreign countries to obtuin similar right there. For rcoions known to patent law and which will give him tho sntno rights in many countries ho winhos to secure his pipers from the several governments upon the sjin« day. For this purpose the in- vemor, Mr. Albert Edelmann, Bailed for nor Davidson being un the printed list. At noon the vice president took tho chair and tho session opened with a prayer by Chaplain Butler. After this the vie;) president laid before the senate tho credentials of the new senators, thn resiKiiatiou of Senator Kegan, of Textu,, and the appointment by tho governor of that stftto ot Air. Chilton. Other credentials were those of Felton (California), to fill the vacancy cam-ed by Hearst's death; tho resignation ot Edmunds (Vermont) and the appointment of Proctor, an 1 the credentials of Call and Davidson, each claiming to bo senator from Florida. After the lat- ICuropo on Nov. 18th, upon tho steamer ter two wore rend Harris moved that tuoy Teutonic. bo reforrod to the committee on privileges Mr. Edelmann claims for his invention and elections so tho question might bo dn- that it Will enable him to manufacture his cided in tho light of u thorough uivestiga- coal at a cost of only ono dollar per ton. tion. Ho naked that they bu laid on the Uesido i he exceeding cheapness ot the new table. George said he would not object to article Edelmann claims lur it the merit this request but that tomorrow he would of being absolutely c.dorUs* und capable insist that the senate h<id both facts and ef being burne t wi'hout Muoko and of be- law be'nro it and ought lo proceed at once ing consumed so uUerly that it loaves but to Beat C ill us tho legally elected member, one per cent, of ashes. After a few remarks the matter went over. Mr. EJohnann wus born in Warsaw, When the credentials of Senator Brico, Poluud, 1822, und was educated at the Senator-elect from Ohio, were presented university ut Dorpat, one of tho provinces Senator Shoim in said: "Beforo tho oath of Livonia, on tho Baltic Sea. He gru'lu- of office is administered to Mr. Brico 1 de> uted I hero us a civil ongintcr, und tin made the grand tour of Europe. In 1852 he wtnt lo Australia, the voyage from London to Sydney occupying six months. IN a flight among drunken negroes in Alabama ten of tho number were killed. Two mon were arrested in St. Louis on suspicion of being connected with the Gletidiilo express rjbery. AN Oregon editor was murdered by a railroad section boss, who promptly kills him-self. Joriir MOMANUS was hanged Thursday morning in Pennsylvania, for the murder of Eugene McGinnia, Feb. 21, 1890. ROBUKHB bound and gagged Mrs.|Elizabelh Tiinmons, 79 yoara old, of Tranquillity, Ohio, and stole 93,000 Becreted in her house, sun to say that a largo portion of the citizens of Ohio contend tbut he was not an inhabitant of that Btate ut the time of his election und was therefore Lotelligible ins FIRST INSPIRATION. [°'LT t i in } b r B T ly i ?," ox ' iminin ff th <> In Australia Mr. Edelmann devoted (of fw H 10 ' 1 tb ° r ° !"* ? eVOral hinnelfto his profcsiion and spent his »'tho history of the govoment and some time in building railroad* and n other ?- E t"«ni. most iiiiportuut ones,) engineering enterprises. In 1860 ho first turned bis uttention to tho di.e ivory of cheaper coal, asd simo then ho has de voted all his time und money to ihatpur suit. In the first place ho argued that it was a well known fact that there exists upon the surface of tho globe a what may bo called lignito, lined, lignite is a ccal formed at a much of them moat important ones,) I am entirely satisfied that Brico is entitlwd to bo t.worn in ou tho vritnu facie face of his credentials, which are regular in form. I limply givo this notice, however, so that being sworu may not he considered any waiver or any misapprehension or misconstruction if tho peoplo or legislature of i „',:<„_(iOhio should assert and provo to the sutiB- largo qiuinlily of facUon o{ the g9mltetuat Urico was not a oriony uo; | the timo of his election an inhabitant of Ohio. But I make no objection to the later period than either bituminous or an-1 „„„„.:„,. • , „» >. '• thraciio coal, and therefrra without these * ^'.^rin^'n?*^.-!- «in-t»^ f«. chemical proprieties which would enablo I lh ? 8WC . a "»B >. n °* the newly elocted (or it to burn as well as either of them, and THK chief of police of West Dululb and which, then fore, render* it practically ,.i !,„ii,.„ A n i,i„ n ^ „ ara usoless for fuel or other purposes the sergeant of police ot Ashland wore arrested at West Suporior, accused of assaulting and robbing a Chinaman. SPECIFICATIONS have been filed by the Shoe and Loathor Bank of Auburn, Mo. in ita suit against; the bondsmen of ex Ca?hier Percival, showing that Percivul's stealings amounted to 9187,455. TmiBB men have been arrested at Cen tralia, III., charged with burning four barns and two bouses, One of the men i T. McKibben, an alliance man. GEOHOB E. BARH, a proprietor of the hotel Warwick, at Springfield, Mass., shot and killed his wife Eometimo Monday night and killed himself. UUAIILKS BIBSOW, convicted of felonious assault, narrowly escaped lynching by a mob iu Indianapolis Monday night. Tuesday he was sentenced to twenty-one years in the penitentiary. TUB Bellu Center Ohio bank safe was blown open with dynamite Friday night, The burglars securod 91.000 in bills and $300 in aiiver. UNITED STATUS SENATOR JONES und John W, Mackay aro sued for damages in conneotion with the management of the Consolidated Virginia mine , cbargea with fraud. TUB head of Isaac Saw toll, who was murdered by his brother Hiram, has been found ai East Lobonon, Me. Thia will robsbly establish the fact that the mur appointed) senators was thon proceeded with. Ilouae, There was no meeting of the house. Drying Aaplss, That this lignite would, in centuries to come, develop into a fuel which might bo utilized exactly as well us that which was already known bituminous or anthracite An Australian method of drying apples coal waa a source of pain and vexation to ii thus described: There is no doubt that Mr. Edelmann. He could not sleep ut the artificial process of drying apples is niglr, from MB continued study of the tho most expeditious and makes the beit problem, lie was actually jealous, ho cutor where a little sulphur is used, but at says himself, to think that a peoplo a the same time the sun-dried applet have thousand years houce would avail them- the best flavor, and aro beat for home use selves of that which the world might uso on that account, The apparatus is sioiply to-day could ho but solve the problem of an ordinary table 12 feet long (but it can effecting by chemical processes that for be made of any size) and 4 feet wide. Th* which mturo would take centuries. tide boards are put on nearly flush with top. One feature of the arrangement ii A OLBAM OY LIOHT. tnat from tbe tw0 end , , ou oan drftw ou f A ter a study of many woary years Mr. two long trays of the whole length of tbe Edelmann believes that he niw solved the uble wilh | eg8 at tue end to , upport them, problem whoBB solution he haj so faith- th u« increasing the surface to nearly three fully sought, and is satisfied that he IUIB time ,_ Around the top of each tray or found a process for transforming this drawer is ft Bma u ledge taeked on to keep worthless ujnitemto coal, which for all the slices from fallinir off. Over the top purposes IB equal, and in many instauco.', superior to either anthracite or bituminous coal. In other words, the inventor believes that by tbe mixture with lignite ot cert tin chemical bodice a coal is produced which is as perfect aa any that was ever mixed, and this lignite, he claims, wore it allowed aro a tew light movable rafter* and a ridge pole, and there is a light' drilling covor which fits over them and ties around tbe table under tbe drawers, BO as to cover up all secure at night or if a shower comes op. Two other drawers could be made if required, to pull out sideways. With the aid of a corer, parer and slicer, you can ,, , , , I Ul't UI « LULL, , UHIW RUU HIIWI, J «-* to remain in the earth, would require a get through a great many applea in a ahort thousand years for its transformation into|fo mei ttu 3 t u0 oores NUD B^B can bs S; ^ _ Hiram trom hanging, as there is no death penalty in that state. "A BIOII JOKE." perfect coal In his technical description of the pro- UI.UK TO A MURDER. Hermann Kraals Under Arrest lor Killing Mrs. Leggenhager in Chicago, CHICAGO, Deo. 8.—-Tbe mystery of the murder of Mrs, Leggenbager und her BOD, a couple of weeks ago, was partly oleared up today and Hermann Krantzis under arrest acoused of being one ot the perpetrator* of a double murder. Tbe police and ooroner have as to whether son suicided after .... or whether bolh ware murdered by a thief er desperate debtor. Today when tho inquest wop about finished Krantz betrayed nervouBnesB upon being questioned about throughout France and Germany. "The his financial relations wtth Mrs, Leggen- dou th ra te at Hamburg is 280 above faa hager, as well as his movements ut the weekly average, time of her ieath, The probable method A TRAIN on tbe Orolgrais'i line in of murder was brought to light Bu B sia was derailed on a bridge and four «tt tMdiaoovery of a robe in tho room ,, W8 W ere hurled into the river below, where the bodies Jay, and it is believed killing twenty-three persons, the mother and-aonjirere smothered to OHIMMH rebels massacred 800 Cbria- death, Kraal* la tjhe husbaiid of the dead tians,' A general massacre of foreign woman s itepdftugbter. The poli e residents it apprehended, we invMUgating the wberea- TUB suit of Lady Russell fpr a judioial „2mL„. M vS % ii. bro,h W' »eparaUonvfrom Ew| R«»»ll, opened ^!&^.•^^'.»lr , #^'S? , .••- S? vi ^ Tuesday,,;Jn her, majesty'»high court of -'4W^'^fc>*!*•*•»!»'• luetic^ • '-^v", Wm'M^iiW^^ u m^m^^'- <'toiim1rm.m* state that the rebel ihj Pi mo*ej Wfcibjojhej ,^b™,olfl» t^W9$mm ninerfejd. flommitted eulolde, follpw. t Wmmk «!««NrP *'ii ;v + i&. erwaa committed in Maine and save | cera alluded to the inventor sr.)s:— ' To oxcomplisb thiB result tbe lignite and certain chomical bodies (which have first bien reduced to a powdered condition in order to permit of thoir perfect commingling) are placed in moulds and subjected to great pressures in machinery ox pressly constructed for the purposo, and trom wliich the moss oomos in the shape of what are termed, for want of a bettor | name, 'brickets.' Thess brickets con be order that| as for used for furna os they would be in the neighborhood of eight inches in BUH (either square But it Wa« One that Did Not Pan Out as "dmartj" Kxpeoted. A young man about twenty-five years old wai sitting in tbe waiting room ot tbe Eric depot the other day with a year old na aUfirlfla: 7, \ D L * JT * VL ' ii *° wou, HU tuuj BIWUIV uw ug WW »i|Ja ui ryTthat baby t. hold r^i'£~ they will spoil, norshould th.y have any ,tto«.e about herbag- ^^i^^^.ji aff«W»ttS4 attontion. Bye and bye a waiting paaaen ger walked over to him wilb a smile of pliy on bia face and queried: "A woman gave ; - 1 while she went out gage; didn't she?' "Yes " '•Hal' Hu! Ha! I tumbled to the fact as soon as I saw you. You expect ber bock, 1 suppose?" "Of course, "Hal Ha! Ha! This is rich. Look ing for hor every blessed miuute, ain't you"" dropped into the bucket and fed to tho pigs; or they will inako excellent jelly if vou are so disposed. Tho slices must be stirred pretty often aui when quite dry hung in scrim bags for a month or more, when you can press tbem into dry casks or boxes, and you have then a good store of wholesome food for home use. Cure must be taken against raia or damp, as in hot weather fruit is more apt to spoil than in the cooler and more bree/.y atmosphere of the following months: and you will find the morning tbe best time to gather and slice the apples, as those cut in the afternoon are more apt to spoil. . Apples should aot be too green when sliced, as they are apt to be very add and require more sugar as well, and they should not be too ripe or into this sbai e (square or oblong) is that tj>«v w iH not chip off or become broken in any manner like ordinary coal; in fact, the immense pressure exerted in forming thorn tends to make them even harder than ordinary lump coal. "A desideratum about lignite is that it is found near the surface of tbe earth, and K .. consequently the cost of mining it la re- lanoVi—ruii v, a i I ductd, and at the same time the supply 1B laugh—hal bal | nrflotiott i lv inexhaustible. The chemical out of windfall*.—0, J. "I think she'll come back." "Well, thiB makes me laugn-nai> »»' I waotibaily inexhaustible. Tbe chemical hal I had a woman play that same trick | gXa S are ..lso comparatively ine* T„ „ fV,i «J„„ I,. ™ oatiieg usea are HIBQ coaiparimveiy wex- oa mo in a Chicago debot once, but no ^ Dtive 80 that th i, coft | ft 0I tu i„ 'compo. atuck. You re Btuqk. You ve been canba mimu f A0 . UM S mor « oheanlv thari ripe can be made Farmer. A Chamber of Barrars, Th* tptrtmtnt to wblob ths aabsppy wratck Iscondnwt »y lusammslory rbtamalUm la Indeed * chamber pi horror*. Appalling are ths tortures Indicted by this agonising complslot, ana thos* emdured by persons sufltrlag frost milder forms ot It srs severe enough, OUUnste as it I* la it*' raslnrs development, it Is surely remediable at th* outset with Has tetter's Rio ouch BltUrs, *a Infinitely u<«r at well as mon sSectlvs remedy than ths poisons often used to subdue It. . . . „ - . n .n„ .'„.„ n,„|C»nu° manufactured morn cheaply thai I Always should it be boras la Hlad * J*ot* d for a hay teed. Better,.torn the |, tb Bituminous or anthracite coal can seeking relief from rhe B m»u.m, ttMjfc conquerable In the Incipient stags, it IsnMOBV stnbbom but dangerous whsn fully developed, ei socountof Ut tendency to attack th* vital ptrta This comtderatloo should ItML to ths ssrly adoption ef cuwtlv* .wwarM. Th* BUUrs wfll overooms stalarlal, kldusr, d/tpepUc aea »U»»M Ua**l«> . - • • James Bobugbt, brother of tbe city „„,.. clerk at M*nnntto, died in that city, ipentl aged 88 yean. Bis remains will be taken world I to Askeaton. Wl«., for burlal,_ ^f'O^nm^lmr'mx^nit^Mxmiii, the element* of teat heiW,' gw a»u M to, afarmer'L.„ W . ^ Vlw «9*.0ifw fwUBf ti°JN!*4.>ftJ. .m*. md the greater degree. , . , bad bw hand severed at the wrUtwuhan in hli vexation be crowed Uw room and . ''These ihweivigftttons [ eoaduotad sx« in thehandaof. her wtw old brother, kipked a dog irW*,a farmer had Had to principally in the forest* of Ruiila, Ger- Ono of Mr.Ktor'i beit horse* dropped one of the «eat» with a piece of olovbei many and qther European wunmw. a» dead In the harnei* while driving wM llee—N. Y, World, weir a* l« v ifrioa and &nth AjMrfoa- the ohjjd to the doetor- bingover to a policeman and 'make ^ J be produced"' akip you, before some reporter get* on _,, ' MOBB FI.AINLT DESCRIBED"Oh, iho'il coma baik," replied the "Besides being an engineer, lama young man, a* be looked anxiously all skillful ohoslet, and. long years ago 1 around," noticed that all coal is formed largely of "She will, eh? hal hal bal Joke grows vegetable matter and that the soil nas a richer wd richer. What wike»youlUin»ma«n9tio power whioh draws in heat, the'll comeback?" ' Having come to this oonoluston 1 "Because abe't my wife and thin i* our I many years in traveling all oyer the world I - - • • in the gearoh plahw .wbwb contained I A alx-year-old. daughter of Nick Kiyer,. "• ' "'•*' - living»mile''north ot8e»tonyl||f Hi!

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