Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 34
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 34

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1972
Page 34
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Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Aug. 23, 10,2 In and out of area hospitals Si. Anthony's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Eleanor Moeckel, East Alton Mitchell Slack, 21 E. 17th Nancy Bone, Venice .tames Sauerwein, South ftoxana Louis Stahlhut. Moro Mrs. Virginia Young, Wood River Mrs. Mary Kramer, Wood River Alonzo Edwards. 1003 Alby Mrs. Maylcne Kosterson, 1121 Wallace Mrs. Mar. c ha Frankford, Godfrey DISMISSALS Mrs. Dorothy Golliday, Godfrey Mr. Pearl Harrison, 3503 Omega Mrs. Jean Burgess, Wood River St. Joseph's ___ ADMISSIONS Sherman Cravens, Brighton Mrs. Charlcne Croquart, East Alton John Eagtny. Hardin Freida Edwards, 905 Market Mrs. Bcrl Ferenbach. Dow Leo Foster. 510 Stowell Roy French, Medora Aden Lamkin. Warden Marion Manley. 124 E. 14th James Moses, East Alton Keith Toby, East Alton Mrs. Leona Webb, 604 Milton Ed. DISMSALS Donna Chilton, South Roxana Cllnnette Eaves, 1302 E. 4th Joseph Geisen, 2707 Tulane Mrs. Mary Gill, South Roxana Mrs. Becky Johnson, Wood River Willie Johnson, 1419 Monroe Mrs. Rose Nurnberger, Brighton John Sears, 608 Belle Mrs. Faye Stanley, Edwardsville Robert Thuerkoff, Bethalto ' Shawn Toler, 1508 Central Mrs. Lillie Wicks, lf)35 Esther SLacey Womack, Laton Alton Memorial ADMISSIONS Clyde Yates. 1955 Brown Delancey Smith, 904 Milnor Tracey Borjard, Rte. 1 Michelle Taylor, East Alton Monica Ralston, 3306 Henrietta Richard Evering, Fieldon George Sweet, 3812 Horn Mrs. Maxine Roach, Brussels John Buettner, 212 Hy Vista David Hartwell, Wood River Harold Dillion, Brighton Mrs. Mary Miller, S721 Franor Mrs. Minnie Carver. Godfrey Hubert Phclps, 122 Boynton Dwight Davis, Godfrey Marietta Travis, Godfrey Delbert Allen, Dow James Lewis, 1105 Beaumont Mrs. Ann Kunick, Granite City Mrs. Sylvia Johnson, 2118 Humbert Ralph Willis, Bethalto Mrs. Beulah Taylor, 2523 Bostwick Mrs. Frances Black, Brighton Mrs. Ora Kohle, 1308 Spaulding Dirk Camp, Rte. 1 Linda Nealy, Edwardsville DISMISSALS Mrs. Vickie Deck, Godfrey Mrs. Florence Hakeem, Marine Mrs. Maxine Sauerwein, Bunker Hill Douglas Coffler. Godfrey Rose Huff. 107 E. 7th Anthony Joynt, Belleville William Turner. 703 Fairvlew Mrs. Colleen Patterson, Edwardsville John Rilbnick, Caiiinville Mrs. Mary Douglas, 224 Shaw Cecil Tindall, East Alton John Mikoff, 2613 Plainview Ten-ace Nita Holford, Eldred Margaret Stuckert. Dow Freeda Raisner, 3402 llillcrest Arthur Harte, 1203 Milton Half /ippman, Godfrey Anissa Sisk. 1921 Orchard Orval Lay, Wood River I lichael Gruen, Medora Larry Depper. 600 Williams Roland Dhmd, Brighton Mrs. Rosalie Zimmerman, 452 Bluff Orena Galnn. Roxana Wood River Township ADMISSIONS Mrs. Rosie Stagers.. East All on Frank Pilgor Jr.. East Alton Mrs. Doris Hughes, East Alton Mrs. Mildred Darr. 321 Elble Mrs. Euln Taylor, Cottage Hills Felix Losleltcr. Hethalto DISMISSALS Mrs. Nora Dyer, East Alton Mrs. Holm Rnid.slinw, Alton Clyde Forbes, AH on Roy Ford, East Alton Gregory Wall, East Alton Deanna Brooks, East Alton Boyd Memorial (Carrollton) DISMISSALS Jesse Hn\cn, While Hall Lucy Mahoney, Carrollton Edward Kirbnch, CaiTollton Mrs. Carol Benx, Chesterfield Mrs. Duane Orban, Medora Jersey Community ADMISSIONS George While, Jerscyville Leo Hooper, Dow Gary Laird, Grafton Addie Hudson, Kane Eugene Coleman, Jerseyville Nyle Lynn, Jerseyvilte DISMISSALS Marilyn Jones, Jerseyville Ethel Schumann, Kampsville Vorn Me Kain. .Trrseyville P.'iul Me Adams, Jerseyville Rose Herman, Dow Howard Chandler, Kane Carlinville Area ADMISSIONS Pauline Stewart, Carlinville Elizabeth Anderson, Carlinville DISMISSALS Leo Gunn, Carlinville Si. Francis (Lltrhflr-ld) ADMISSIONS Lisa Veghcr, ,Worden Dean Vephcr, VVorden Cnlhrvino Hhodes, Mt. Clare Susan Swan, Glllespie Ruby Sllghton. Gillespie DISMISSALS Knlherine Dragovich, Mt. Olive Martin Stampick, Mt. Olive Hetty Voyles, Mt. Olive Lat'ey Wright, Sawycrville Gladys Wayman, Gillespie St. Joseph's (Highland) ADMISSIONS Mrs. Lucille Hovey, Edwardsville Howard Knecht, Edwardsville Mrs. Marie Le Due, Edwards vil'e Donald Chatham, East Alton DISMISSALS Edward Knecht, Edwardsville Howard Knecht, Edwardsville Paul Lawfon, Edwardsville Robert Riggs, Edwardsville J a in e s Stevenson, Edwardsville East Alton village board OKs first reading of new tax levy First day at school blues Benjy Barker of Dallas, Tex., took his first step to attain an education when he entered the first grade at Longfellow Elementary School. Benjy's recorded expression about the whole tiling was some what less tlian that exciting. (AP Wirephoto) Steelworker chief sees no change in Duncan attitude There is no change in the atmosphere in negotiating with Duncan Foundry officials than it was five years ago, Buddy W. Davis, staff representative of the Steelworkers Union, said after • one 2-hour session Monday. Davis said he had suggested that items agreed upon five years ago also .be agreed upon now, and that other items be taken up in an effort to speed up the negotiating process, "but company officials want to see what the union proposes," Davis added. He said that he will submit union proposals to St. Louis attorney Leo McMahon. chief negotiator for Duncan Foundry and Machine Works, and that the proposal will be taken up at a meeting Aug. 31 at the Stratford Hotel in Alton. The company and the United Steelworkers of America, Local 2749, have come back together at the bargaining table after a series of National Labor Relations Board hearing and appeals court rulings have certified the Steelworkers as the bargaining agent for Duncan employes The company had appealed NLRB ru'lngs that the stec-lworkoIT. had won enough votes of the employes to b e e o in o their official bargainim; agent. The stoolworkers had called a year-Ion;.; strike during Iflfi?, and during the earlier part of that year the company and union had boon at the baraainiiv.! tabV in sessions in the mayor's office of the Alton City Hall. Negotiations wore finally broken off when the company kept challonvrine the right of the steehvorkers to negotiate for the employes. The series of NLRB hearings and court appearances ended this past April when an Illinois appeals court ruled in favor of the union. Since that time, both sides have been reviewing the history of the situation before going back into negotiations. Giicagoans indicted CHICAGO (AP) — —A federal Grand jury has charged nine Chicago-area persons with defrauding the American Oil Co. of about $100,000. An indictment returned Tuesday charged Travis W. Allen, 44, of Chicago with possessing several checks payable to retail service station owners as payment for credit card sales made by their customers. The checks had been processed by the American Oil Co. Credit office of Chicago. The nine persons were accused of forging the station owners' signatures on the checks, depositing the money in various bank accounts and then withdrawing the funds after the checks had cleared. The indictment said the mails were used to open the accounts and deposit the chocks. If convicted, each of the nine faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $1,000 fine on each of the IS counts of the indictment. We Lease Fords For Less! Pick >our cur or truck tiiul we'll lease it to you at roclf- bottou) cost*. Ord<-r 1973 Models Now. Come in and get the facts! FORD i MrTMOiVlB 0>MK im*j FALS I-ORD AL'THORI/KD l.LASl.\Ci SYSM-M HUTTON FORD, INC. 1371 Vaughn Rd., (Rr. Ill) Wood River 259-4200 Last year Cycle magazine said Suzuki made the best 250. This year weVe made it even better. Better handling, lighting and durability. 2i hp/6500 rpm. 19.4 t't./lbs. of torque. 5 speeds. PE1 ignition. CCI automatic lube. 5-way adjustable rear shocks. |~~j^ Primary kick starting. Why settle for anything less? ALTON MOTORCYCLE SALES i^UU I-. liiouUuav The first reading of a tax levy of $367,684 for 1972-73 was approved Tuesday night by the East Alton Village Board in a special meeting. Second and third readings will be at the board's regular Sept. 5 meeting. The levy is divided into $85,000 for general purposes and $282,684 for special funds. Included in the general area are salaries of village officials, police expenses, sewer department, public buildings, general administration, lights, gas, elections, licenses and the building inspector. Special tax funds include garbage, playground and recreation, streets and bridges, library, Illinois municipal retirement fund, fire department expenses, civil defense, community building, insurance and police and fire pensions. Total appropriations for the .special funds are $529,884 and for general funds, $468,470, a total of $998,314. The balance over the levy figure is made up through other sources such as state income tax rebate. The tax levy must be filed with the county clerk by the second Tuesday of September. East Alton's next village board meeting is Sept. 5, the first Tuesday, and Mayor Frank Keasler said the levy ordinance will be given its second and third readings at that time. In other business, the board voted to prohibit parking on both sides of Berkshire Boulevard. That ordinance Ford buys motor hotel CHICAGO (AP) - The Ford Motor Credit Co. has purchased the O'Hareport Motor Hotel for $5,744,836. The sale Tuesday was ordered by the Circuit Court to pay off sonw $8 m'Pon in debts, including a first mortgage of $5,707,893 held by the Ford Motor Credit Co. Sheriff Richard J. Elrod called the foreclosure sale !ht largest in recent Cook Co m'y history. Construction of the 18-story hotel, located four miles from O'Hare International Airport, was completed in 1969 at a cost of about $12 million. It had been vacant for seven weeks. was given all three readings Tuesday night. Also approved was the low bid of a St. Louis flan for a 16-inch wood chipper lor the street department. Successful bidder for the machine was H. M. Denzler, at $4,495, plus $100 for installation of a safety switch. Only other bidder for th« machine was Key Equipment of St. Louis, at $5,795. A new contract between the village and radio repairman William Guennewlg of Troy was received and turned over to village attorney Francis Manning for study. Guennewig, whose fees and work in other villages and in the county came under fire early this year, offered the village rental and service of a base station, four police car radios, one scanner, three Ispern radios and 11 units for sewer, fire, street and civil defense use for a total of $300 per month. Also received was an official census report from the U.S. Department of Commerce, giving the village's population last June 6 as 7,665, including 691 in the annexed areas of Rosewood Heights. The special census was needed so the village could receive state funds based on population. OPEM DAILY 9:30-10, SUNDAY 11-7 WED.. THURS., FRI., SAT. uto Discount Savings INSTALLED FREE' SAVE 9.77 to 12.77 GLASS BELTED KM200 2 GLASS BELTS & POLYESTER CORD PLIES/78" SERIES BLACKWALLS fitt IIFlACIMlNl WUMlH 10 DATS Of NKHASI » •AnilV ftOVli MHC> llVf. AFTfl K OATS Wf KrlACt T:i| •ATTtir * OI'ICTtVI AND CHAKI YOU OMIT tOt tHf «1100 Of OWNII- SHIP. IAUD ON THI KCUtAI HUWO PlrCI At IHI 1IMI Of HTlltN HO- tATEO OVf I IMt NUMIEI Of MONTHS CUAIANtftO. 48-MO.GUARANTEE 12-V BATTERY SAVE 7.88 TO 15. ON A PAIR OF KM20,4-FyLL-PLY NYLON CORD BLAOKWALLS Reg. 19.94 Ea. -6.50x13 For Plus F.E.T. 1.75 Each Reg. to 25.44—4 Days Sizes to fit most 6,- 8* cylinder U.S. cars. 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