Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 22, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1927
Page 3
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,< KC (tl: illmsH of abpindiiUis. 31: ill' jar (lie line 1 ! dctiiarttiK'tit naiiBay store k in' llie Kasl Jaekfibn. r. .HiKl Mrs C'lii-sf and lay nfcht fui T R 'o Craiidd V. iu-^l tali Antrii •Mrs. Carritj Ifiiii .Sv";»men- HIleot. •uiHJks alio ami hr'jileft liiit. i .s <t><lify. . Udlliil StoplKMi .'iO . Ja f;i/fiii Ic -fl Sa Xiis to spoiul la tlie country ii ilfv. , 1)1 lep< cy ;()f fiU Souili kvtio fclli son e iiki' Ihi; bone ; ii rtt-il not wcjll CIiiidr.Mi's hUii , iill jioiors. |I .."i )l III Miiriiicrv. .\ir. anil .Mri. It. In |n'io|H;nrtriin.-,ii, j< ((I lioar ilarr>; ] -i-Tiwt like iVaif iloozcr'H Anj ol Food Ckke, j Brca 1,1 2 for 15c. ! . -.M. I.. ;i-)nes !l'"ra'iuis of t'ulpnj vi.-|lors in loli'ye jlolb Laundry -f -Dr. Montgbmcrtf, Chlroprac Phone 138. E ldg waiic stort- in .VIo- Iraii and art- : prep'ring IMinbtirp. Texak. live, now with Mr^. B'S M Ll(ilin Kfv .ser ai ... . . . I'l M[, LSoiitli rott<-nwoV'd%ircot. iwMi; formerly I: t>Ii.innon Hanlitiarcl Koiniimr li 36 [alih! to ugaiii after ba8 at md rap^'rliaiiK- Report8 • eopiing from Ajrtcsla. Xow .Mexico, to I. M. FirHdr nay that M6l W. Fuller, lila sob.: who IM l^iuK Ireatnientii forOttiari trou- Irlft there, is able to sft up i part of each day and is Kettiug along ^K. JTiKO. Ti ehiict'ly and on the road to rapidj pauatsiry. Pro p. • rectivery. ~1 will be In my office ,i 1 the \ afternoou.s only trom 1 to a. .Mrs. Philip S. Ray. lor ail apes ;::.7.">. Udwai; .• SleeiuT dripv alls., last ni ter. .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank .VcwUn of; Lone Kim were shoppinR in yesterday and also, calling fricndi. —Come to Pie Supper atj Carlyle Friday, February Itrnth ofj -Mbort Jacob Coop, aced A. X ciwrL^ months and 1 lies east and I unjboldt. pas .sci hnxpital at five ort [lay. who li one ihllc i I away at J •flock hist THis lOLA DAILY RBGtSTEB. TU ^ yjans, ed lour np. The funekll servitc!willl lield at the Sle. per Servki' Rlioni tomorrow morning at 11 '|<rel\Hlv, conducted by thf! Rev. .1. <'.it;ritfiii. aa old friend of the family. Til • l>ody will be taken to Morris. Uli- nfi«, on the 1:37 Santa Fe torimr- riw aftertfoop xrhere bnriai will take place Friday. of dm.s (eve- be GUESSPU AREAWMDEQ J. M. Kettermalilw A ••7i_Li_. Distance Made oil ins on pier lip. j — Kr«>>h t'ountrj- ep»f«<' \W\ (iaiish-; Fayette .Smoot, the little ter of .Mr. and Mrs. Harry S^ioot of i near KIsraore.' who has^ he iously llljof nephritis, is lola; iraproving|. uu I at An- .Mr. J. ..M.-KetttvmanJ 714 South .Sirtet. won the *2Uo'pulvhase ter- tifii.ate. oflcrtd as firil IJ. T; Barber. Star dis !he one who would coljie nearest iioot of iivvhi.h -Uare Uevit" \Vi rner drove | PHsvut; by tho house, reeeivii^g iiie n bcr- ill hii hour eriduiance drive p hdre jili^ioriiy of 63 voles. If prty teadily Whiih ended last fatirday. Mr. I fiphti opposed tho meas^ure. '. • Kelternian'.s wlas isyii miles, f i [' j Old Eulate B. Anderson of 3or> South Sycamore.' retur led yesterday from St. ,lqhns ho.splt il where he \ ent a week agp to hav; an operatic i performed. He is getting alont fine and will soon be able to ic out. —Orchestra and Pie SiiriXr a! Mrs. Ray Wilhelm. on Stare Strt*!. is (juite ill thi with the r !u. iNVarner drove 2.69J mi! Soiilh'Jirize wont to J. ; O. (i. Second fTiudel. 41'5 \voe!< '^outh Elm street,' wli).* guessed • miies. h Stanley I.K'e. XoHh Keiit and i'"!d .Xntone Pay dancbteroi C.aijielt srent-vc,.^!, i- f"""' l»l'i<e in dnv with -Mr.s. 1.^'ila Wcasti ..f jP-'Uon of gasoline South . Walnut street. .Mr.' K-nt /-'i''^-^'"?-''H^ miies per Mr. and .Mrs. Curti.i ytoni C n trie r Cherry Grove Thursday February 'H. ild .Miss .Maildc I we re biisiii terday. s.s cJor. L 's I.a lie liajve tti go to they aj-e ster. Mijs. Kexfser of :;1S Mr. Lane at tlie [ilnyed [»tori?. I Ibthrs i •(• ill rlotlies iinant ]• lor wu iiii|Vi> iliiiiKl il. Yon i <io. will exp"rii!n<e-a tiirill .•11 ' rimling so niitliing yi.iii 111 vi-i- expi'C ed o wear a;;;iin ; |•<,•^,tore'^ -ly (he of our C\\ afi.< ngs. .\l)l«-«. Ill lleuniTs I PI one 10.5 « • .r s- Mris. All).>rl:j, Fort Scott. .1./ II. I Biirger is in Coi corilia, .Ml'., wlitire he went the firKi of thi week to attend the funeral of an uncle. He willrcturn tonioi row or Tlnir.sday. —BrlsCoI (t'onii.) I'nts*: frnilnu's siiidlpucn demantlrd jifter eMTOir." Hwir hftii Th|iirij«ln} iilidtt nt First M. E. rhnrrhj Hored »iy .Momciil.*! .Musical .•ening. went on to Chanute on business. Mr.; and .Mrs. Fred l)«:it|m. .Mrs.; e.\a( t amount that agiil. L"^ec;)nd prize S!;;i!erj K. R. wli Ceorsie .Taiber:'. Mrs. \V.;:ir --toM' -".^ per gailoji. and .Mrs. Chan I)ento(i!oi diove to Inilependencv. iii};ht to hear Harry l-iu-i ^lilkeson ofj fa' .III loiiv' Fi!;t< n persons ti' n-; lii><'i,- l''-'"" i''- Pnessing t[ .J. • iiMiirs Warner slept ;l " • ' Tile I ojiiiilete iisi; of I EVENINCi. FEBRUARY 09 \Numher2 mmm aFGASCITYE (COutinued fmm Page 1) teant ;committee ; today killed a ji!l. iii^ready passed by the tienate. [ |^.,rr^il.T^»ch th!<ii, would have created-^ Che of- . f^ee 'of icounsel for the hank Thje 8<ott bill to: provide a .state P'n'^toij of $1.2.'> a. day for every ^ b ind.^ilndigent person reccivi d the i ..riTo i^PPr^iil of the house comiaittee 1. 1''^'" ^^V on pbWlc welfare, i • ributor, to!) j i . i_ •jThe hljl creating a state l)oard lo cuessiiig the tjumbdr of mllesijloj rt^late beauty "shoppes' was P whi<h -Hare Uevil" IWdrner drove | PHssed; by tho house, rceeivit^g tlie 'l.< j^-iiizatiou of Siin< piitiii -ei b.J .Ml* t-hows. jiroiios.MJ in ay mot'on rew of Wyandi: " rtj(eiy*jl the approi'|al o lalxir; tiommittee. Jeflerson. Colons, tie<l riileage per[j. JTHe' senate passfd a|id selnt to' '.• contest, each; gallon, the! Wdrner aver^j goi s to i;. (5; i totaling *l'.«!Ht.o:>.;i,l(i for tilt Dselguess wai , ^'t:,,^ ,,j,„:,! i,..>,ti.,jti„n..:. TIi iTlie' senate passfd a tlie hoilsTe without i^y or cliangr- th^ eomliwui p'rop>:I|i)ion biil making com . r l^Mui Mdbt In .iud{l «rnin Pi •fe.«'4nr .tl^ndprthalll |ifnk(>r. f;.1s ( ! of IV. c ter loon IIK lie ii U P. 11 iitic .ri! te ciMinty, tire house OPI'f^ pen allot (lien IS five ap- niore 'Mr.--. .1.. C. land !ier dangiucr. .Mrs. i Walton of Rorgcr. T.>\a .Mfindav uii tlii; home of .M Oliiislr-a'd. **roln.! m.''ny ir'eiKis <>f • M leni'orVi'^''•''•"•''^"n *^''l '"' ^"ny that -his (:>nd!lii;n is not tcdav.. spon- Mrs. R. .\. fiorsuch. ilaugl ter of .Mr. and Mrs. O. Q. .Marsh if :2oS Sbuth Buckeye street, is her; from her home in (Baldwin. Kans.i for a short visit with her parents. —If you .want to buy or h liUI a home. Thelohi Building, & Loan Association- will loan yon it lie money, easy terms, 'no co<iiniis- .•iions. Organized in 18SS. located Southwest corner of s (J. E. Pees, Secretary. ..Mrs. Craie Deikrr. wlm confinvc! to hr-r home sini f her on account of illness, to attend the meeting of tHe Ka-!- ern Star last' night. I proprililion totals JTIfi.l'Tl.S.s for Cirsit I (!,;,., nlloted liv th'-• icgislat'nrc . t- number w : two years ago. • ' .v ftei- the driv|. ! . . !these is givefi ; ; i. Mr; Barber-s "a-lf ^^emetit JM '^^^ tliis issue. Kach oni t i.iile.<t.i!ils guessed i'.\;ut ieiictli of Jinn! i Vi'rilayv lii" m 1 iiin |i-| l;'ki II liy :^ lli;it W^iiiHr drove t) !(:ir;i <f-i.-fi:i; iiithoiicii it \\ .. all<r miies iiail In "'• i I'.ifliire o,' a coil lailsei as been lifi'iii- .as ;ib!.- stoj). Prior to this ?tar sel a now r a ' Tile niiuty-iine niileH wi-rc lovcri'd in 15 hoi rs l-'' llliniltr-. ; Tile record for a Im !milo nmiii low gi-ar is a triflil nior.. III.Ill 7. iiours. of •S w, le tb .vas' as •n .1. - ! • ""Ily'-^ •i*»"c liours4 rher .slept- hin in low same caJr » . P. .lacUson has receivei: > J tographs oi' scenes in and •'I Catarina. Te.xas. siiowiiig ih« t-ianii some of the farms. Tlii ,»! sc|?ne shows Mr. and .Mrs. r.^licks and their home and a) - 'bu.siness house of Kzra Harbe • former ^itizens of lolu. —^Try It once—you will hjive: no Van Hoozek-'s Bread .Mr. f. n. Huff, one r)f tie Kcg- isforsold time slanil-Iijs in K!s- more town"hi ;i. am! .Mr. Matt .lohii- so;i. (>ne of the sniistanlial itiz-n^ i.f Savoiibnrg.. wen- in loli today »{ow ' anrl. niaile the U.-gi^tfr :i ijlcasint luare. I ^i^"''. They repotted that the fa::ii- jfis ill tliei" pui t of tlic conhiy liail inoiic'ii with ninili iiiiciest tli- aii- lioiiiK '.iiK 'nl of tl:f bis' ))r /.cs :nr the five-acre Corn f:,e!ifs a;r! \\:'-y think a namljf r of ((tiniiciii irs will '•nt«'j the conte .--l borlio(xi. INCREASE 1\ I I'lnsjitlcratioii of Ihe Parkei- i-r primary liill was poslpor ( verv siK>;'i-"" satiate until £ o'clock Tbnrs-| terminateil''lay ai'tifrnoon lici;:!'ise ilie liemo- Iriveii. Thi- !<jraii<;; jl'uembers wanted to tlie early I !fi' Wfishincton Day cliil) l4s ficiilty thi-!ti''liis afi'^inorin. The li U r ^siicli iij'iwi VH'. did no! take a lioliilli OIL PRODUCTION SHOWN [dto- near town city Brady [so the i)olh I -il)r. . <;. iPllttc piione. ; Mr. and .Mi| t!y Ui( :;il N Chan i^isit with -A Liliviu. -i-.Siun-ial H:.(s in all c weik. K.iwa day' i-ii^onte tJLp- Ihtjj l«ni-n>iCity. f j irtli Svcamorb st ite Sunday for .a .s r, and .Mrs. Be Mr. and •who live a mi ia-t of LaHdrpo. Ill" birth of Vlionl ibey because ji<r cniiiient tlujr. name, al laiiouship between Lai^bcth. Sura us. phone til'tJ. n. Lilwin and ^am- eet. lort iinie liowiQi; of brani ijlors rds'.V .\Jrs. e and all illinery. a Ml ve n: of Chai; hous' 0scar .lolin one-half no Kans.. annoi^i: iihorn Feb. med L. P. .1 tfieir rocard nte surgeon :i'There is-no the two fa mi P. o:, pint'} Tbiiisdaj, r<Jbl :.'4, at rooms. Cardrt: in )iiiiiily a' PJionc Mrs. Tj<»ilis tiiihlapger. orj.Urs. L. P. .^lo\^-r, |119SW .ji' ', , jliri and Mrsi F. rei'iiHy takeii intil Ifsrycy Sk'orie. nfj tl! I-' w ,r 13-year-hld s&A S .I Real lie IJBVe liieir home Detroit, -M ch., of a lately dc-, iiised sister! of > rs.! Beattie. and III ibriiig liliii up as a j^embc • of family. ; —Trumpet lli-r: case, ji riikl like, new, i| tinicK. Will siill tiiani cost; Scq it Hollienl, E Fiat, mou. sed only for -$:5(».0t» ?:n<lo.-inir ia. chjcksfor renewal. W. B, (iay audi family, how Mr Uvinig in Hefiryt! surely f.ould fts the JRegister n«w^ trom oiir H*me Town. Oood {lil.l iiola:-" ' • • ' — :!2x4 con 'Repair iShoiji, ^•.iCan.-.tsey ndi family, a. lOkla.. Wjiite: not do wi^liout; ^fc jdo enjoy the il ' tir • IM East Ja'ckton. inihe verv c insidirahle uumbet of lola people v ho d^ove down to ' (lepk'udence last nl K/irry Lauder, i gdt tlieir money.! fiutj ,V. not see the ireUl entertainer his best, lie for three dais w that{he had I lie voice to ill the wav h(s |l'?s weie tht] l.fgK iiii the V orld. sjiclCH c-as/iiookvi ibrH canes* deiU er ithe p4 »p put over! his progdram; jie IIS laljy does. Bit' re.; th" flint lest nnjl bin croi ked ji m Harry Jiii hix intectlloiiR. it; liatt rtlHprbven an few of lilsKongM cliu.tkle, and tiiiii',^«; and i . fill il little n .or^ t^an an.hour jiudtielice wh eh iiail had a g lod -1 I), .Hrotchmab. wlf'. XiJ !*a of $100 .ono-to |idbw ptHiiJFnljno.wn^.SpIdle iifil ('lull at theRegi iful his Mts. A. K. Irving went lo .fop- Ini. Mo., today to visit her brother. Henry Sugan'. ' , . For Finance Commissiolner. •—I hereby announce thiiti I 'an? a candidate for thb office i of Commissioner of Finance of tfcei City of ill tl.fiij !;• !?h- [ — \ ' ^ .I.iy lle.^ser of l.lie Ajiaiiis •|.Hes.-~er mortuary, arrivi..! Imnic liiis afternuoii from a tli:>-»' wc.-k'i bn.'-iness visit in Cedar Kapid.^.'la.= - Kre-li Cfninfry eggs lili- :it .Vn- derMin'"* (-rocery. ' I Arthur Waller.s, .Mi.-.s' 'Carrie Waiters. Daniel AValter-^ |ai:d Mr. and Mrs. .lesse Eberi tnotored to Wichita today to'attend the Soatli- west Road show and sclibo! wlilc:h ' is being held there Febriiiiry I'.'-:;'). Tii!-:r. Okln.. K.!.. ^.il. !.y ;.) ituTi-.'.s' (1.! 'p!I tile ..•it!:.ent ;.rra. Ill <Hli'h' iua'.^ .•^i^niiiK^I' rat .• ;>r<ii;u<'M.):i nf shiiw-:i a .aiie ia;iti.i| ; ! !)••, ^> cei.;' ending Ki leM. '!:iiiy aVi -.a': • fur 1 •".'iriia:y 1-. ! Cas .li.^ ^;:>> i^-!. v: av-.-rii-:.' iii;r.;a^.- t'.j- ; ua^ uiv.-u as; 1«. 'la ()M:.iioiii.»'> iia:iy •,!'•> I'.il'tii'i; inert a -iv .i I 'l .Tei •.vliil.. Seiniiiolcs li.iily ^ P 'lt i;'ria-e..i 2i;..: lo li,: proaching primaries. J. D. AE-SETTi Mr. and .Mrs. Wail-.M- I 7i'S South Cottonwood M to Clianiite Siuiday to ta municipal hand corner! . Wise of ee! Went I !;e in the liich w:is lola, and shall greatly J p'preciate i given in the afternoon; i^i .M«-m"r-i the support of the voters at the tip-' iai hall th 'Te. They isj on. th-; Ice 21. iHn- for Miss Rachel Hiller. who visiting with Mr. and ^irs] Retry of Bronson. was ii' f lay. enroute to her hiinile' peka. has tieen Ralph highly "o: the entertainm -Miss Vivian,. Saffron .Mary WebsK-r' rcturiieil ! evening froni a week (ii lola to- ! Kansas Citv. I in To-I J i Miss .Mice Murphy of ; I.laho. left todav afit-r a .'^i -ul: !lt. >-ry onii- las; 1 vi >i; in Mr^. .Mary Thomas letjurned to ; with !ier mother. .Mrs. Job y'f|.iier home in Cliilicotlie. !.Mo.. la.stjaiifi taniiiy. night after a visit of jwij monlhs ' • ill tile home of lier daiigliter. Mrs. •0. E. Oliver of US .North Cottonwood street. i . For FInanrp roniniN .oiimer. — I hereby aniifiiince that I lim a candidate for Dienffice of Coni- mis^ioner of Finnncje. Cit^- of lola. primar.v election - .March !>». Your vole .-ind stijijiorl will b<' ::r"'ni!y apprccialed. A. H. HKCfljXi i;. W. Tonipklll:.; and -Mi;-. ,|.(|i!i .Siilloii of Mejverii, Kanni. .were over Sunday guests of their hrotjh- cr, J. A. Tonipkih.H and family. ;! IS fin from wi.stfin. piort vi -ir I .Mnr:ihy t liiniiii^ Mr. and .Mrs. W. II. .[• liiisoh of Princton. .llo.. who have li>>e|i vj^- iling tile lormer'K iiroUi" T . f|r'ii (.lobnson' ill L .Tlliirpe. ;mi -oiiil; jrelatives in lola. left ti <!.iy for ir home. Tiiey'are mi tlieir •way Iioiiic from l{an;;er Te|i..ii. 'where iliey .>,pc!it the wilier. .Mr'. Miirl Miin-. r of .-it vi...iliir.; li 'T liinl 'T. .Mr; ti . .'iiid taiiiily. Mr.'; Ciian Ileiitnii Mrd ^ . ^ fi A A ill. <''>loiiy todav after a •lul ^l5 ,•..^*i1f"• ^S','*""*^*- son. Kie.1 |)e„.,„i and Mr Now Globe! BIdg. Phono 191. ; ; ... :nn. Nlr.-*. H. B. Spencer anil little si(n. Be.nnie. returned to Piitshiirg. K.v.. today after a visit Wfthjiiier pjir- nnts, Mr. and Mrs. J. jT. Hnl«lt!- ^!''- Arant if 924 .North Washiugtbn •"'-favenuei = , ' ' " ilea- isic few lless iter. L. 'Cox, M. D., Specialist. Eye, E^r, Nose and Throat I Sydney .luleaon of OttaUa was; a s. iSU.nO. Tire ght to hear the wortH unhappily ladi been In iiJi hronchiti liiH jiikcH and liiK ON- the j illed Memdrlul mi) with the !all fhi- gib* In- Sir .of hey bed SO nor business visitor in lola Mrs. 0; T. Peterson of Jefferson returned yestejdav iro|m j Council Grove wjierc'she has be^'n visiting the'pkst'two wej'k.s. D. G. Minesingur <veni to Ralr- tlesville on; the noon tijain on a short business trip. .-e^terdily. IsiVi .\orthi'"-' ''""^•'^ i^'"-''"! •"I"^'- —Tir. Fred W'ooabury.j .loiin V.'Robert.-, of tli .M;i.<iL Siorc, lift III in III. tlic early Santa Fe for-I>i on bu'siness. County Attorney Kciini was in Durlingtoii, Kans., business. Dan P"ry say.-' lie had : tion to attend the Demmr wow ut Topekii this!eve liid iiot accept- for thtv re Lmii:. i Cur re^iirtie.] |.i Willi lie; Dej||;(,ll, Rii'i'lris rniii;;! on n-as t;:t\; 111 Fojisl tiidav'oii n invila- itii- pow- iliiii:; liiit !isoii that graduate foot specialist. Treats cirns,' bnn- ions. weakened arches; et<*. Xo ex<p charge, for residence calls. Phon' 3f'0. 217 West Madi.-ou. / K. F. Burnett, diitrltitf freight agent for the Shnta Fe. Of Joplml was a business visitor Ir lola this ; Mr. Bnrnett njcently I'e- liistrict Two <>reat Orsilion'.. .••| have heard two ma|ternie(-es of oratory in m.".; life." jetr .Mr. R. E. Wight.'of i5i'."V Sohtli more, as he strolled, into ist<;r office thi.s afrermv was by Edward Everett The at rktii ^yca- R. X>iie Kee- mornlng. lleved Pj E; Taylor a* freight agent. .Mr. Taylor was traiisferreil to Tulsa. I lit ham at bin ! i: ¥. L. B. LEATELL, jH.;D. * PboBe«—l47 and Special atUntlon (Wen ; Dla- «ase^ of Colon and.Rpctum. Electro-Therapy ind Phynlotherapy.! ! Office lola State Bank Bldg. TOB, wmee. Illinois, in'.lahuarj' ofil-«";'i, and llie <ither was l)y Cajlviu Coc-; lidze over the radio in my home; to-lay. .\nd-I heard the one as clearly as I did the othei. , "Both orations had the .-ame .^iih- 1 ject, C .i -orce Washington.' coniiii- iieil -Mr. Wight." "but Ever -It c;!lle<l his let'ture 'Washington, the B-^a- con Lignt." and dwelt on the i ''-al side of his iharacter, w lile Coo-. • lidge talked aiioat M'u.-'hii gron. the business n;a3. the man i f affair.s. Both of them were w.)n'. ?rfiil :i<l- drosses, but as differen as two, sp"eches on the same sul)j.i< t well ! could he."; Mr. Wight will tell an;bor!y wlio a»ii< himthat th" address of President CoolidKe. prdnii'd in nil in to diiy-'n Register, -I* In its i.M'i Dm: 'l'i< ill |iriii(-ii\-'ll.if •I.! ilaii criii'e '.! -rci.-e ry i:i ov- r'a.- w .e • D ;: .ill Til.- .lail a.nil. ;:.;e VV: i.;.V; 1 i -i-. jchi-niies would be made ' iji sotini'I of iMe sl.-Kc lio.-ird o (ill Ion!; anil the -Ijiie. l .'Xt 'cOtamlj^sien. nnd-r !>ills iniro l>V Ci-rl senate, cioinii-.itt ii lion.' >fea<N of Ml.' fiv.- s'.tt ..|'io}L;il! in^'it i:ri(ins would ;:;niri:iter| frora the projiosed • V\i!i!r Iv!'.\'oiiid li-* <-<';'ipi>sed 01 ••i|.-i'. • •n-ien'. -bill ition 1 aii- iiru'.- Cac- iit o -:!H iihm ii !l Ills w C! t; •ek Till iV C (le2| Mr 1927., (.Mrs. Ru'feell [nal n.-itni -II. ( inals. ^hlb grr two !TY lad T. at t ,\. F. HoIten> Feb. tl.- \ es were prt-.^ril r. institiite Friiday tie home of -Mr;. 1\'. C and ctivtf iiunt and -f w Iwas ser --t f^r cont' /laijigh-\frs. Lacy iCornell, left Sun- Rev. .Miry 5>'.'hitt.,,^^..^. •„•„.„ Rronson where she T. I -w^orker. was ^.j,;, amJth^r daughter before to htjr home in Fort [gave an t'.xceptifi talk. .Mrs. president, lea-, the seventh jde girls from ionr si SODf which Were i -ciafejd. rile: comn;itiee j ;e srrveil ntreshmenfs. :iic-h ivas started a- mj loscd with tiie def. ing next month at .Mr.s .1. E. (;iff:n. njeniliers iii gei till ilother'.'^ added about fi mtiniie onejiiriv meinher II !-t|. ir-irv ^ o • l.i m [ling Weill ahd y moved , his fa Xo: man property Ail! win bold an at the home of :ipsdav, Fe1>. T-'.. }krs. Edward Ru ernonii. p. il.uil.ii it 'hall Every . T'ne day was e i;. Edwai! friends !in lola: Sunklay jjft- liM'Nilv th 1 -Mrs ited s. r.d- '. A. will meet at Lhij 1^ in the andita^iuxi Feb. 2.'>.^ of PittsiWrg ilU liiidy w.elcome. iectur-j o I World Pedee Fri- ight by {ev. .Maty jSibljitt ijoyed |by a good audijencel !\V. Barktlr ha.s rented 8he school Friijay ilenden- speak. * * * b^* * + • * * * ^ I •• :. il > * B?AL ESTATE TtJA!»^EBS * * Issued DallSL frijih Office of* lola Abstrltiit Co. • PAOT. THREE «-••• * + • * .* February 2 I.; 1927. IbfrJ Cokel y aiicl [.May Cokeley hisjw fe to Ch: rIoti|elH. Slate.s. lot \i a)id-.'! ft. off .\or I Rus.-^5i:i farm -sotith jof 1 1 lo<5k Ic51a. 82501 \ ti 'wn ind expee^s to move h re soc |i. Elizabetji Odell. who' vls- veral weeks with her'" nat- E. de- ani! 'HI; |i liuch in •fli. ated i4- Th.:- erpi Day. t',*>n iitly as; r-'turnjn.s Stott. Mis w-re s Dorothy and .Morlf ISi!:.da\.' i- ern a NOT :i,I V:t jlinner ghests let} HoUen..' ASiNLUCKY s lain- ! trjv-a .1. hTon^pson. |»idow, Neville friiompson. singly and Montd iisJip Itft Edwin X. Oiffin Thompson shifjle ThOTnpson. lot 12, ilijck S. Sunny- sidf- Add. to Icjia. SpCijOO. xtllie E. Thom^.s-(jn. single to Ifdvsiri; Thoriipsion. lock S. Sunnyside Joseph Fitzpatr.ic r.dward Fitzpatrickl oi 1^ 1-24-17. also lot ' V acre? in SE."!4. 3 I Tiomas H. Bowl E. Kefele. Com. Xi>> cjor. of NE. '.. of : X. 40 rods E. 3.-?t) fi AS HE BELIEtV^ED's W of said x (."iSOIfti to beg. cont Sioiix City.'lo]iya. Feb. 22. (.-VPV— F.iiirt en years ja.go a hank lat Mt. Oiive. lil..-faiipii, and AI Jtihnsbn, Hintnii. Iowa, despairing of j)btaiii- ins; tji.- jn.oili) 'hjp- had on (leposit. or una: Re the ; imiuil •iell i inter all- hlrs. '.- znovijd iiway. ently !lo! nson learned l|ankhad !ie|opehed. Hi! y "and ifoiind his deposi St. now tjutalcd ?'i0.000 Ijhat made , with ,'less. except 2(] sidf. S425.0t>. ' lieria O. Brown. forci E. Murphy am! iLetha Murbhy His wife, lot ;2, bl iLEi Parks, sinkle to Ed c. 2-2f-17> 10| SW. }A. 2-24-17 Ilaxks. loi; 4, in SV :>i -re3. also lot '3. in o-^i acres, $1.00. Nellie Parks, sipgle. to same, acres off west s tie; of lot .2, in SKV..|^ 2-24-17, Sl.#. I l^ide of tot 3 oi«s 10 and 11 ,V(^. to lola, II. k. iunmarried to SE. H of XE. 2.- c^ntg. about -2i|-17. $1200.00. isj single to R. ^t. E4 oC-SW. EJ '4. '2.1-24-lS, 40 rods tn 'J. XE. k.i.'vr- t;. .'5 acres, more ic. off South \tIdow to (jlif-^ ek 10, ,Iola, II. -i.;i!>.--ri;it : .-t.i'!i-y ^ '111 , liili.-nil. -. Mi-I' ru-i- ii:li.r - lij • !as; f .i 'ir lo I--;- :ipp- :• • j - !iv. rii^,'.-. 'ii'l ^iVO['('^'ffi ''\'',J>o'ik r'':^ili;i-- : -i-inld l-e (-iia;)i.i-i-il o!' th.:• •!:•• -i.-i'.' .-!;i;ieri:ii.-ni| l.'v \ • •'.•) ••-iniritideti!. <-i!y ^ rrii!;;'. aii-i unti OT'I-T per 1''• linl ii:'-e<. tif lie appoint i;!.. --•live: nor. 'Ill to IS. ; v.,;ir Cla-'iificd Ads Gornpuny DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S WEAR-MJLLINERV >;<ir(Iirni) Klik.. lOLA'S POPULAR STORE orme^ljj oiciipied by ,Iaine< Hicliardson The Nfew Frocks Rfuntdxc) f}i( Al P'ljiiiljtr I'rii'.-s. A Remarkable Sh<iwi!ng SJPRINti ::lt:irjs, ph -Mrts, li-iilis aiitl Hundreds of Sm^rl St.vle; l*opular)y I •l^^h*' pricf mt siibsiq^ptlo! •niaper for :j goml m.njiy *| .Mrif. .\nna Olmittoail ilnd daug!l;i- te^ RttendKKj.the farewell receptl^ji Rlren for Mh afld Mifo. Ftny Harl Ing at tho .Canlyle <hiircli Tuesiltjy evening. If worth j I of the i eeki. i FURNIIrURE REFIMSHLNG ThrasNi- Auto Paiiiters Vbone lT:alnnt 161 riced- to $6^.75 Thp collect ioH witie range of occ4 .sioni<—'.s m trirjimed port.s cbal.-^— .^-Hklancl ka.<ha inetl.styles -4beltLHl ^iivd tailcrcVl 'nv 'del.<—di'e.<.s coat.<—fi|l' tlie most fa.«hll)naWle ne ^v mjitorials. cover.< a need.-^ and a r t- f u r .\^o Ihv Black ^falin and Bkiok K^sha Coats Which arc* very populir. SENEKER'S $12J5ito $ I-'f I ry tn-7.',Siirii'K -^'.v (i>l'''irin;r i-' I'fpr'slTif i'^riiililt- ('iii ;i" Mid (wo-pi'-ci!! nijoduls I lift;'! it!atiirc lioro'.l atinj.'.-, dr .'ipf ( li'i'ip.;,';. I>i;tlnn mln-oitli'iy. I Or \V»)m'<^n and .Misses SiMs 1 I lo 50

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