Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 1, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1898
Page 2
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BY THBTBLBORAPH PRINTING COHPANV. THURSDAY EVK., DKO. 1- NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. ^ffil^Sl*^^^' for the winter supply of ooa I for court farm. house, county jail and poor were received and to F. W. bids was awarded off tho o put ™te~nded"improvements on the 8U to twrtTO insertions IUTKB or A: "upwlnoharrt month, Sl.M I" (Benin thereafter. LIOAI. ADVSMISUIO lnob e "'° and 50 centi IN COLD. \ NEW DISCOVERY WHICH WORTH THAT MUCH To Any One Afflicted With Pile*. The Pyramid Pile Cure, the new, painless remedy which has been so remarkably successful in ourl«g every form of piles and rectal d sesees. UStEfl tO HAfURE Backaches, Headache* and Nervousness are Messages lor Von. attend- Improved and now am enjoy- good f" 11 Ind. Nervine THE death list of Saturday's and sfcr^v^rj: H-riirW"' ."' "">« '" any previoug atorm_ uTbelnTImade"by loading !n Indiana, where • Boss OroKer » spending some time, to throw IB to 1 coinage from the party p^orm, and thus invite the return o S 0 und money Democrats, without Whom theyj8a^o_nolhlngj_ eljoM^BBlrnleTsare work- details of the treaty. The ^iSsHsat^JKS sasss^-Sa"**® inual 'meeting AN Democrats Oroker Is ernment under the anspie ica. od crooked.^ » g «|£ P.^ tDB luriu vi i/is wo WM« i— , ». j« « — recently been placed on sale at druggists and it Is safe to say that wnen its extraordinary merll beoomas fully known, there will be no such thing as surgical operations for the cure ol this obstinate aud common trouble. Mrs. M. 0. Hlnkiy of 801 Mississippi atreel, Indianapolis, Ind., says: 1 had been a terrible sufferer from piles for 16 yeara and no remedies benefited mef until! saw sn advertisement of tbe'Pyramid Pile Ourei - gj»* • package, also a package qt Pyramid Pills and used both porting to directions. I was astonished at the 1m- me late relief obtained and now I honestly believe the Pyramid to be the only certain cure for piles. That you may realize how bad I was I will say that I was confined to my bed and went before the college physicians here who Bald my case was a new one to them and wanted seven or eight hundred dollars to undertake the areat pain had brought on iVebo 8 nbett e r n «nder So tood only hnoiiinltiff to d. ON THE move. We keep constantly on the move to •o- We cordially invite Grandest Assortment of you to call and fnspect the greatest work* of the noblest minds Gibbon'* History oi Christianity. R<tM>hner'4 Force and Matter, n In the race riots In South In which tbe Tolberts and driven from their nomee. The indictments aro in the United States courts, and aro i with .the interference who was an employe floe. cure. of the post of- When you (ire nervous and sluep- lose, take Hood's B ar8a P 8r! '% atr , " makes the nerves strong; and gives refreshing sleep^ MINNESOTA'S GOVERNOR. g piles and f feel that I cannot praise tbe Pyramid Pile Cure enough, aSr,,^ ^tfr.f^^tffittt - but about qo inn In Alton or Ht. Lou IB can compare with them In value for the money. We Import our foreign goods and buy direct from the factory In this country and in many Instances retail our goods at ICBB than wholesale stores ask Tor them. For the convenience of our many friends we have opened our Toys on the ground floor 317 Bejle street, and are now ready to wait on yon and urgently advise all to come at once and make their selection. We W&*^^V&%& ffatWonwU°£e n r°onS?cou]d j «^W not wait on yon with satisfaction to 1 aprmgfloia, o, ourselves and yoursejf If we tried ever BO bard. Nothing has ever been attempted In the TO|Y line on so grand and complete a scale In Alton and we ttiiu vviuK'"™ t _.i» n.,tlt t.tin nraam times the pain in my u»u* «»„ y -.-;;•-- -,p ep ??^ a ytn?nTu 0 n y dor^sU>Tp-™»e r nd- ed \f i me to euro kidney trouble r.nTKm- 1 But 1 thought | and feel in era) years I weighed pounds, now I weigh perfect health, . . K This seems to be the universal testimony of every sufferer from piles who has ever tried the Pyramid-, it Is the safest, most painle«s pile cure yet discovered; contains no opiate, mor- pbine. cocaine or any poisonous In- Kedlent whatever, baa a soothing. heaTlng effect from'the flret application, and tbe moderate price places it "Tthls the reach of every one need inn treatment. The Pyramid Pile Cure !a sold by druggists at 50o and »l ~er naokage, and the Pyramid Pills at hone you will not wait until the cream of the stock Is picked. Come early, you have nothing to, >oa,e and everything to gain, HOPPE'S TOY 610RE, ort Worth, Toxns, RATES, r. A. return *M. C 4 A. $24 ling ton Kou e CHINA STORE, 110 West 3d »t. MORO. Cloth $1.60. ; Visit to Ceylon _ COT on. post 8yo 'Sns^s^^^^^ t ^_ ,tlons by Peter . Cloth, ocial Contract , 288 ages, with im cloth', 76|»~. He above book, will be sent, post pold, to »jrl_aare«s on receipt ot price. Any Book Supplied. Corre i pcnco solicited. ADDHESS Frederic Dah^strom, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. MASTER'S SALE. SUM of Illinois, county of Madison, SB. In the Circuit Court, October term, A. u., 1888. In Chancery. Emma Pauline Medo and Hatt'o no«» Ubglven that by virtue o, North atreot onehundro and ^y-tovr ^ feet deep oft the north end of ... jii of .ale—All cash on day of »»r. 3&ffm^ttp,psg& ISroVaferf SattWhlM '•SK sdb&*««B5 L»vi DAVIS Master In Channory. Bol. for CJD plalnantB. MONTHLY SUFFERING. York lawyer, it la fluid, «>>» b ° "P" pointed Ambassador to England. Ohoate ha. the material in him or a flrBt-olaas United States.Senator foim the Empire State. HlB presence in that body for six years woul'' S->* it a standing before tha community, and a wealth^.' thonRbt and ability, it has -rt-fiadfor yeara. Obauncy Depew would be a good man for Ambassador. Ohauncy would entrance our Britisn couBins with bis bright and witty oratory, and his pretty compliments to Proud Albion, tho mistress of the sea. Ohoate for the Senate nnd Depew for AmbaBBadorjwouldjuUUill _around. OAFrAiiTUeneral Ramon filonco, commander of the Spanish army In One*, left Havana, Wednesday, for Spain. Before his departure he gave out an Interview In which he took a more cheerful view of bh country. Baying that tnere was new life and nope for Spain, and that BUS will DO rehabilitated. While believing that the war against Spain was unjust, Blanco expressed no bitterness against the United States, and hoped that the two countries would become frlendB, never again to go to war. The Captain General Bays Providence gave the Islands to Spain. If this be Bo.evideutly He took them away from the Spaniards because of a failure to provide good government. Blanco says that Cuba waa a burden to Span-. The cost of its insurrections wore greater than the revenue rocoiv- od from it. Altogether the ex-CUp- tain General of Cuba takes a hopeful view of bis country's mlHfortunea. UPPER ALTON, Mrs. Maltby, of Jeraeyville, is visiting her daughter, Miss Nellie, at Martha Wood Cottage. Mr H. Waters, of Champaign, Bpent yesterday with Dr. and Mrs. Day. MlBB Nellie McDanlels, of St. Louip, has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary MoDanlelB. Elinor, the 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mandeley is very Bl llev. T. H. Marsh, Jr., of Oarllnvllle, IB visiting his parents, Rev. and Mrs. Tl B_rs. H™RodRers la expected home tomorrow from a trip lo the Snutn. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Yenney are home [ny pl lbe bnr '*" be - r? " e - y v"™""; brother. - -lp; ia "Hnnmt .loins" I,lnfl, a, S»y e * c i >-er Rns! n Si'litler. John Liud of Minnesota Is Uio firaS citizen of Swedish birth to bo elected to the position of governor. Mr. Lind wus born in Smaland. Sweden, in 185-1 Hiicl arrived in this country »n_18<19 with bis puronts, who sottlssl '^ .'*==•'•hoc county, Minn. a'be.I.iwl Wmjly acquired n ho"".-.JK!i and started Sc P? ouau co till and plow, and it was only a low months after their settling inQood- Pyramid Co., Marshall, Mich-, 'or free book on pause and cure of piiuu. „ Bates to Southern »na Western nnw In effect yla the C. A A. R. sUiTconneollona, C ~~HEAP EXCURSlONS-To thoWest, Northwest, South and Southwest will be ^un via CHRISTMAS GOODS We have ever shown. Mexican Hand Drawn Linen, German Spachlet Work. Battenburg Lace Work, Japanese,China hand-painted Opal ware. New "Cyrano" Chains, Pocket Books. Hand Bags, in a greet variety of styles, aid Rodgers andGallet Celebrated French Perfumes In bulk. Peau D'Espagne, Vera, Violetta, White Rose and Jicky. RiCH LAMPS^THESE, inv Light «hc Kiitrniipe to the Nf« York Stnte i;a(ilt«|l, The slectiio light lutnreg at the en- trauoo to tn6 New York stnto oapitol building at Albany aro probably the finest iu the country. There nre 80 Ox- tttrBf in snven different designs. Ihey are all o! 6OlUl brunue and ooHt $00,OOQ, but as the iiewcapitp} l>ui!diug is »« imposing pile, wiilch has coefc no leei than $23,000,000, the ornate lights nre ne f inappropriate. Tho accompunyitig illnstration gives you some idea of how «uo these |ampa f)»o. Tb'.s csrtlsvijnr flxturp JH {ilioflt \f\ foot in helsht »nd BtoiidH uu tho first landinaof the Bpproaoh, iacing a similar flxtnru ou the other sldo of thn IniHlini!. These two tiro the only onea ol their kind, nuri ura by far the largos) and most elaborate fixtures of the lot. The Hoinnuosque style is followed at every point of the design. A cluster o| th'rco brcnxa-fOBts is anr-mpuiHed h.y 4U inenudewnt lights IncloBecl iu 19globei oi"gn)nnd glass", five on each post ct the Rico and Jamaoa via Tarnpa antlne rofltrlotlon aKalnat have been ralno^ and tha re transportation yjlUi ave il yl9? at an early dale. _ orpart\ciili\r8 G,Norrla, ' — Wefnesday. For rates, address J. B. Thomas, Agent, women are troubled at monthly UAer- val*wlth pains la the bead, back, breasts, •boolaenMides Wpssndllmbi. Bat tiny need, , death of Mr. Yonney'a MrBJohn Spaulding, who hna boon These pains are symptoms of dangerous derangements that canbe corrected. The men- •tjrwsl (unction should operate ^sinlessly. pukei menstruation psinleis, and tegular. It puts the deli- 4Mle nenitraal organs In condl- Why will any woman suffer VOtttb after month when Wine ofCarduiwlll relieve her? It eosts |;.oo at the drug store. Why don't you get a bottle <o-dsyf vice, in esses requiring' directions, mddreis, giv- ptons, "The ladles' Pepartmeet," The Medicine Co., Tenn* , le visiting her Bi'ster, Mrs. Yerkes, returned to her homo in DeoaturyeB- ^President Jesse, of the Missouri University, who was to have spoken the college chapel, Friday morning, has written that he will be unable to keep his engagement, ur. w. «. May Held will speak in his . "The Christian Physician from 8t Mr dP Ma n r!on Christy and son, Hugh, have returned from a hunting expedition in Bond county. The Woman'B Club met yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs, John Leverett. The attendance was good, and the program fully up to the Uhualbigb staudnrd. Interesting papers were road, and the music was especially line. Tho following numbers were presented: Piano solo, Mrs. C. B. Uobland; puper, "Dresden," Mrs. Ohas. Day; vocal solo, MlBsLola Brasher; duet, Mrs. Ronland and M!BB Elise Lcverett; paper, "Wagner," Miss Sadie Lathy. Charles Walters, one of the naval reserves, came homo this morning. His parents weru not expecting him, and were much Burprised when ho walked in about breakfast time. Charlie has been on board the repair ship Vulcan throughout Its long strug- ale to Bftve the Maria Teresa, and saw the unfortunate Maria abandoned in tbe storm, and helped in the second attempt to raise It on Oat Island. The Illinois boys on the Vulcan weredls. charged Monday at Norfolk, Va. 1 he father of a Chicago sailor gave them a banquet Monday night at Norfolk, andihe citizens of Chicago welcomed tbtm similarly when they reached to JOHN UNO. hne comity tluit young John met with nu ncoidont wliioli resultoil In tho losa of lilH left arm. TliiH misfortune tnvnert out to be liiH fortune. He hurued the midnight oil in study und made wonderful progroEfl. In 1870 he got his license OH school toucher nnd tnught in Now Ulm, which is today his home. Ho outorod HID law depArtuient of >h« Minnesota StiitonuivarBity, from whioh he wns grnduated iu 1878. He hnB BUloo praoticnd iu Now Ulm. In 1880 he wo» pleoted to congross »s « Uopulilican aud \VH9 ro-olootud eoverul tiuiaa. Lliul became later a froo silver ndvo- oatonndln 1805 was tlie silver oaiidi- datu for governor, being defeated by Joss thnn 4,000 votos, although Pres}- deut MoKiuley carried Minnesota by nearly 64,000 plurality. At the outbreulcof tho SpauiBh-Amor- ioau war Lind onliHtod and wnBBppoiut- ml qunrturnmstor SBrgonntof tho Seooml Mluiiesutu voluutoor rogimont. While in camp down Huuth, Llud was renonii- natcd for governor by tho parties in op- portion to tho Republican party ana was olnotcd on Nov. 8 by a majority ol 18,000 votes. John Mml is n typical Swede iu appearance. HiH hair iu bloud aud his eyoH blue. Ho is slight of build, but straight as un arrow. Liud is not au orator, but his nddrosses carry conviction. Ho IB populnily liuowu in Minnesota an "Honest Juhu" Liud. II. A. Wctzi'l nf Detroit ri-uently pre- Boiitcil thc> obKcrvatury "f the I'nlver- Hlty (if MU-hlKHii with u VHluuble cast rfprcxiMilliiK the vlslbli' surfaiH- of the rnoiin. U IH a iiemlHpliert' uliout two niul 11 Imlf feet In dlninetor. The mountains, craters ami hollows arc repre- •enliMl on the rant by alight elevations and depressions. rtcr Michigan Nebraska homaToreg SCROFULA It is Foul Blood's ment Advertise- St. Louis, >NNOR TryOralo-OI Try Oraln-OI rooer to show you a i, the new food your Tbe ohUdw may drintft without In ioryaswelJ as the adult. All who try It like It. QBAIN-O has that r cb seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is wake from pure grains, and the most WW eirowp f * . lt Uhout . One-half tbe price of coffee. -_«»« 860 per package. Bold by all •" drug$lsts, But It Is Soon Cured by Hood's Sarsaparllia. Yes, Scrofula, If anything, may bn called '10 advrrtiuviutmt of foul blood. It la thfe acourijeof tho world — ofluiiblve, painful, doljllltutiiiB, Htuhboru and well nigh unendurable. Outward applications do not euro, they only drivu tho dllllculty to new (juarters. KuiolllontB may pulllato, thoy cannot nholiHh tho ovll. There In but one sure way out, und that is to ulluiiuate the tnlnt from the blood. There is one remedy that can effect this, and it la tho only one that, BO far as wo know, has almost invariably succeeded — even where the system has bceu poisoned by long years of taint, and the ravageB to bo repaired are tremendous. That remedy IB Hood's Bursapartlltt. Bead this i " My daughter was alBloted with Impure blood. There were running scros all over her body and they caused her much suffering. We trlod medicines that were recommended as blood purifiers, but oould not seo that they did any good. A friend told mo about Hood's Bsriwps- rllli» and 1 began giving the glrUhlsnied- Joino. Tho result was thst she wan perfectly cured after taking a Jew bottles. Bho bus had no symptoms of scrofula doren since thut time." MA»HOT* M. SMITH, BoulU Mtddlouoro, Maw. pa'ma It the best-In f apt IU« One True Blood Fur Ww. EI.KCTIUC WQHTS AT ENTBASCR TO YOIIK 8TATK CAPITA.. AI.UANV. eido aud nine on the midtllo pout. The largo globe tliruotly in tho ncntpr and higher thun tho otlifcrH baH nliovo it a bronze aaHle, with wingw out»trotobf)tl, the diatuuce being three feet from tip to tip. Tho figure of tho onRlo and the atate oont of arms at tha baxo of tho fixtures Bra remarkable lor their detailed construction, exhibiting a degree of porfeo. tion not often attained iu bron/.o work. Tho latter partiouliirly is auid to ha a well nigh perfect piece of workmanship. A siniiliir desiyu is plnooil ou the other Hide of tho fixture, Tho wbojp BfTuir weighs very nearly a ton, and when lit up sends forth a blaze of Boft, white light which soeuiH to envelop the entire (structure. Mini Laokii AlieiiU, Tommy—Papa, why don't men weal their watches outside like women? His Father—Thuro's nobody to look to for better OUBB, my sou. iu c«se of theft.—Jewelers' Weekly. THE NEWS IK BRIEF. A dlBpatrh from Unifisel* afflnng that Comti- Kenlliuinil WU!B|II Enterhazy ha# emtarkftl ut Hoitonlam fur the United S'uleu The Fourth Tennessee? regiment has left for Savannah en route to ClenfUl- goa, Cuba Louis I'fuul. ot Dayton, O., made ft bet with H friend that he oould drink a quart of whisky. Pfaul drank thi whisky and won the bet, but lie died. The'falliiT of the Urltleh Household cavalry died the other d.iy In the p»r- ton of C'upMIn Uulke'.cy, who was In his 84th year. A negro boy living nrar Butler, Oa., •hot nnd killed Wesley Walnwrlght and fatally wounded H. L Cooper and John P. Jonosi, white nu-ii, who, having a warrant for the nrrcst of the boy's father, attempted lo enter the house. The St. Louis committee having the matter In charge han decided upon a celebration In 1TO3 of th* JUOth anniversary of the iniiTh.iBi! uf r.oulslana territory from Franco. The war department Is preparing to muster out 20,000 to 30,000 more troops. None will IHI bruughl from the Philippine* unless they aro rep'uced by others. Usneiral Lord Kitchener appeals to .the Urltlsh public to subaeribe £100,000 to found and maintain the Gordon Memorial college ut Khartum, with a view of educating the Budaneae, Pit Forming Oxygsn. Dr. Bell's Plne-Tar-Honey cures coughs and colds and soothes the air passages, It heals tbe bronchial tubes and strengthens the weak lungs. It builds up tbe tissues and enables the blood to receive its proper supply of oxygen. Misses Minnie Truitt Leslie Campbell, of St. Louis, spent several days with MiBg(e and fceah SUis. _ Hiss Annie Hastings, of Upper Al- uisop. m.,Doo. ton, IB Bpending a few days with her cousin, Mtea Bessie Gere. Mrs. Mitchell has returned to her home in Kansas City after a pleasant visit with • friends. While here she Ticket Agent, made BOine Bubs^ntial improve- Tnew B»a r r KPe to ty the church will Boon be one of the many improve- "Eronlellrt °BlBhoff' will close his series of meetings this week. He expects to have the soloist of the Big lour Qaartette, of Shelbyvllle, to assist on Friday evening. Herman Kabel bad a horse killed and a wagon demolished by a tram in Bethalto, Tuesday. MloB Pearl Roberta an,d. brother spent Sunday here the guest of relv The Court of Honor will have a special meeting Saturday night to initiate three candidate^, Sjoo Reward $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that spipn«o has been able to cure in. ^HU atagea, and thatlBOatftrrh, Hall's Catarrh Cure IB the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken internal?, acting direct- lv upon the blood and mucous surf acea df the system, ttoreby destroying the Foundation of the disease, and giving tho undent strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing Its work. The proprietors have BO much faith in its curative powers that they otter «100 reward for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, GODFREY. Messrs. Paul and Herbert Uender- Bon, of Missouri, spent Thanksgiving as the guests of Mr. F. Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. B. Irish and child, of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Taeo. B. Bates, of Bast St. Louis, and Mr. Beauchamp, of St. LonlB, formed the merry party that spent Thanksgiving at Mr. J. !\. Ferguson's. Mrs Pauline Roberta and daughter, Miss Pearl, P-.3 Muster Leonard, have been visiting in More. Mid i .Mr.o Waggoner is spending a few days in Alton with Mrs. John C Mr'. John Hurley, of Piasa, spent Sunday at Mrs. Helen Waggoner's. Mrs. M. L. Roberts, of Qillesple, has been visiting her granddaughter, Mias Pearl Roberts. ... Mr. and Mrs. John Lock,, of Alton, ate ThankBRiving dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Wtn. Younir. . Miss Jennie Waggoner, of Rook- bridge, and Mlts Lou Waggoner, of PlasS.apent Thanksgiving at home and were treated to a very pleasant surprise party on Friday evening by their host of young frlendB here. The Laoies^ Aid Society met Wednesday with Mrs, Harry, Kellenberger In Godfrey for BiOll. full Mrttou'iara'ipp&'tb O. Q. Morris, AK«mt. AND RETURN 92.80—The C. & A. thlsrery ] Saturday, Deo. 17th. unters-Rates to epeoined points \nAj.b,.na, Next Hamilton, to Your Wife , C. & A. R. B. IB arranging a at rtar- lin ielr vea«ol» T "0 CITY OP MEXICO-Personally Conducted Excursion-Will be run by the C. * A, R. B. and connectlors on Thursday. Deo. 15th. Special train of Pullman cars through without jfiango with aide to Guadalaiara, Gusna- uata and Slonterey. Round trip rate only.810). Forpart\ and reservations apply to O. Agont. The Burlington's Through Car Seryloo-Pal- « aoe Sleepers and Chafr Cars (seals free) to Kansas City, St. Joe, Oraaha, Denver, Bllllnga. fc 1 F or California Tourl» a~The Burlington Route has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, personally conducted (by a Burfmgton Route Agent) overvVednesdayf om St. Lou's, and Tnurs- day from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los AngclOB and San Francisco. The route Is via DeSver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin un-- dershirt and drawers must give wa to heavier weights. Where will 1 buy? you say to yourself. I 'don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will 1 know? Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Alton. Will you help us-p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores If i is not the best, bring it back and get your m ney. This j-hows the confidence we have in our underwear. Ask 98 per cent sui shine throughout the year "our Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlou- 1 ra. Moineacekers Excursion ai very low rates "via Big sneolned points fn Alabama, Colorado; Florid*, Georgia, Idaho, Indlat i Tory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, igan, Minnesota, MlMlsilppI, Mli Bsourl, raska, North Carolina, North Dakota.Okla- aToregon, South Carolina, South Dakota. noaaoB Utah Vlrelnis, Wisconsin and Wyoming!' TlokeU wllfte on sale Nov. 16th, Deo 02ff, Jan. 3-10 i Feb. 7-21, March, 7-10. For full Information apply to G. H. Hamilton, Tloket_ Agent., H omeeoBkors' Bxourslona. — Upon certain dates ot October, Noyember and Depember, tho C. & A. will selloiourslqn tickets at greatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arliona, \rUansa., Colorado, Florldaj Georgia, Id^io, H The Outfitter. 633 East Second Street uri, MeorasKa, «»•» mo^iw; Nortu Carolina. South Dakota, TenneMee,, Tex as, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In rates are ot sufficient Importance to merit tho attention ot prospective travelers. For particulars call on O.G. Norrli, Ticket Agent ' ,\\. MAHONEY, NSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Two-at rj double brlok d*elllm 10 roomi V-'roora frame dwelling on Fountain it. U-room brlok dveUlog on BeU« i it. TIMES AR[ GETTING HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO 5AVE HONEY. GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED ! &S? Sf a the finest Dongolaand Genet Kid that formerly Bold for »M* pair, he iizeo are small we are closing them out at $1.75 a pair. ™" but Jne-etory an all day's sea- lire of Main itrMt. Big money iw^torj B-room framedwBlUng oa BluS Z6-acr» tract ne&r EdwardiTlUe woialng. One jtory e-room brlok dwelling, cor 4fh and Ta'c're faim. » miles .ouftweet o( |. Brighton. Two-story brlok itoro, Mo. Ml Belle M. Slitv-aor* farm, good brick dwelling and It imc barn , Jciicy county. Two-«torj' brick rtore, No. 511 1 Belle «»• Twr.-otorv B-rcom fiatEe, alate roof dwelling, I u a "I P™ acrci ot land. Bonania for pnr- "6*e-itory l-tocm frame dwelling, cor. Albj ™T Jo W Bwlot?on State itreet.lnorth of BluB .t the finest Dongoaan BB the iizeo are small we are closing them out at $1.75 a pair. ™"JJ • ohance in a life time. First come, first aerved. Come early to avoid the raj*. In addition to this great Bargain we have 7G8 palre of Ladles' H gh Grade Bbom that formerly sold for 82 50 to 3.75 a pair, We are closing th6I AH UndVo'f MeS's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all BtyleB and widths, Shoes S. A. Overs, Storm this sale. 8-ilory brick building s.w. oor, not«l «BI! O.rooir Plan Quit toughing y enough, If you take Dr. Bell's Tar-Haney. It cuts the roupua and allay- tho Inflammation so that there is no inclination to cough. It soothes thebronohlala, and is strengthening to the throat and lungs. All good drugglstajsell It. _ It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream BaJra la a specific for na- Bal catarrh and cold in the head. This Motion has been achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane es can be cured by ealing treatment it will be mailed y Brothers, 08 Warren street. New York. It spreads absorbed and in the nasal passages can e cure y this purifylne and healing treatment Sold by druggists or it will be mailed for 60 cents By El ren street. New over the membrane, is relief is immediate. iuilat noon's; t * 8 . ImrrnonlouKly WUU ooU'» B*ri»par(lltt. The three year- old boy of J. A JohnioJUf Lynn Center, III., U i Bub- lent to aOToheflf croup. Mr. Johnson lays h» SwtfoUa fHat the timely use of y ohamberlaln's Cough Remedy, dur- inn a severe attack, saved his little boy's We. He Is in'tbe drug business, a member of the firm ol Johnson tf that places and they handle a many ptrtent medloines for throat and lung F diseases. He had all these to chose from, and skilled i pby- sloians ready to -respond to bis call, bu seleotedHbis remedy for use In b s own family at a time when his child s Hfewasln danger, because be knew It fa The superl«!o any other, and fam- oni the country over for it" cures of orouD Mr. Johnson says this Is the best selling cough medicine they ban- it gives $$$«*$. faction In all oases. Sold by B. Marsu and S. B. w ^l____ === CASTOR I A F or luftati utd Ouildren. llw KM Yra Hm Always Bought BtftTttht NOTICE OP GUARDIAN'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE. State of Illlnoln, County of Madison, 88. By virtue cf a decretal order of the County Court of tho «o nly of Madison, <n the State of Illinois, entered at too November term, A. D.. luiju of «Md oourt. on tha anplloation.pC_Bar- real eBiaiu, ueiuit|jt«.ii "* «.— ?":^ --- • -:T "' L The undivided two-sevenths of the southwest qSarter of the northeast Barter of section i No. ,', n nm in township No. seven (7). north. ranB^So. ten CIO), we., of the Third Prmolpti Merldan, In tbe ciounty of Jersey, In the BUto of r.llnols, subjoot, however, to the dower rights therein of the widow ot Charles A. Herb, deceased. I shall, on THE THinTV-PlUiT D\Y OF DECEMBER, A. D,, 1808, At tho hour of 10 o'clock, a m.,ofiald the north front door of the Court House, In ihe oltv of Alton. In the county ot Madison, In the itato of Illinois. 8el' all Ibe Interests of sa d minors, in and to the said real estate, at public vendue, to tho highest bidder: Terms ot Hale— One-third of the purchase money to be p?ld. oa»h In hand, and the ros due n two equal payments, one of which shall be payable In six months, and the other In twelve roonthi, from the day ft said s«lo, with the oDtlon to tbe pure aser to pay all cash, at the d£y of sale. Ho purohaser to «lve notes with r roqnet Rubbers, greatly reduced In prices at PFLEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. y o sae. approved personal security, tor any deferred naymoDt c r payments, and a mortgage on the premUessold. to secure the payment of the urohaso money. Provided, however, that no will be ireoflv d for loss than one hundred ty ($170) dollaw, for Interests of DON'T MISS THEMOOELS Sacrifice Sale Cor. 3d and Piasa sts. OuardUnof Kdlson O. HiTb and Harrison B. iJUNNKCUN AND LKVBBKTT, Attorney*. If you have catarrh don't dally with local remedies, but purify and enrich your blood with Hood's Barsaparilla. ioiinB4ortUshss4U»|i Ons u«», U osaui mrss *•»••»os«»»i »«s wssk JOoenWi tMIUon*! times itns >sts, otih down. FOR SAL.a Distressing Stomach Disssss Permanently cared by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonic. Invalids need suffer no longer because this great remedy can cure them all. Itftaoure for the whole world of stomaoh weakness and indigestion. Tbe cure begins with tbe first dose. Tbe relief itbrings is marvelous and surp'WDjj' It makes no f allure t never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your cure Is certain under the user great health-giving force. PI and always safe. Bold by 8. B. W) ss. ADMINISTBATOR'B NOTIOB. Eitate at Dunlol W. CoUot, deceased. Ttoundw»lime4 baring been sppolnt** A4- of the estate oil DANIBI. W. CXJIXBT, late of tbe county of ttoduon and BUto Q« 11U- noli, deoea^T^jre^l j 10 ^ li - inutry lens, anuary n»« IDS olslmi rcquMtM sststs srs ' m»nt u> tas Dtt«4Uits1Bijk HOTEL MAWSON, A. t-

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