Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 22, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 22, 1927
Page 2
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fclxqiJiNAti;!* OF TUB .'herdjoiiiithe ^ei ,'hen idling on tl VthScd neither gjuil -Ofor Uesp cable 8ta es—one-Mhe i ^he CinclDnatUil o Lbq I Whom envy-dared not il!equea£Ucd thcinime " • •-• I -trfn,, ! ,• To make juanblu!|h th| oiie! — Lord Hyrons Bonadartc"! Mr.. : nill Mi«- t JJL'rmini d iJio ui< ni rjer'j: division Jilihsifiriarjl socitTj riefll e G y s e? hr^—tie lafit—the •Wfest. ' liate, k Washing- Mlsslonitrj [l K. f tl I a 1 th Ode .'ic swas but 1 ! to Napoleon liripti;|n •Imrcli arty llisi II I K I I J i Soiltli .Sytaino Tlie nii-iiiiiijrt 'in . finest w .is taken: unU pt ^KondiVijj; iii iiiijjibV'h wi! cH .in liji' im-i nun givun for ilijj^jiinsii ^in.-ir Spodtr .(md r'Aif ron)irijiM Mni 'ui 'ii I :irK. n. \K Sn llh }'reil S!<<;le. i.Mr K Ilr. and Mr.s.'i). H, tUl.Uoviii. Mr. ini c r, iMr. and !Mi |S .j Mrs., <'arrii> Tli'm) 'BlUiiik.; .Viis. (). (' I:cKitia1ll' ('liarJ -sj yno)di> and A. Wolf. jjlr. and MiH.'calry khafjer. )\Ir. and nil .CiiiiDiTr Wi )i II I lentM t\|;rv ltJandl <Ml! (Ill irie <JU<'K I! H ' :jt '111 ^t 'v. iind Mrn. |l. ((on. .)iuin|i' ifriffilh, Oilr. ed oin •K;| pajrly K land Mrs. irgini:^nl M MH Sice Mr.-^ lit. J IIS. illlanlis. njs? p('j<»hfiVmi"i M-oinpoiiinK: iresebi-p \\\ul oilier *t' iiileii.sJtj- held jjfir usWniTs Irnn-sM.M'tl" Ilpjir Ills i^un M|nrni|ii!; (all 4'oiii|)ollinK: iinofrrairi' Tliursdaj! £l ^liii'reh nu^cr \' ' " I••• ]{4^0 <ifi (iit .CIi:i|iLef„ Uqllihiuii. .McefH I Mrtil I). T. Pe !«r8 (|n w ojf theles-soii. "I^i< yiBBteiiday ; afierhooii of Furistoi) Cliapteh-. I clety. in ithe lii ^in4 of • drick, 312' Watft-so^ ' The lo.vts coVerild ••• .Sir .s. for SI a WE .S». ^ye repose ead glows loryi h|!<i|uu Uliains ••n- »f Mrs. Bert !. Woman's Ihe waist-line" tr home at «ijr^<;l. nt Of each iiiilcjJ! cori-e- h th"' inch- rii'inls wi -re lindKei. ihilc" wt ^re incs played rcffesli- voij.-^ were L'hezem, of Gas, Orval Tompkiijii, 4f bm. Carl Tonipkin^. of Gas, Ja :k' litchell and Fred Mitchell, of L i!] I'arpe, Xarl Peterson, Paul He^H. 4f Humboldt. John Haberbpsch. iildred. John Copening and E|i- ijiene Henry. ^iiitdii}- Diiuier GnesUi AJr. and Mrs, Pliny Elliott THE 101 Eaten lO^amHki A DAILY REGISTER, TUESDA Y J V ENINGJ afad ivcrii: Tim and .Mrs. Anderson. . Or. Har- rufrt Kry- COhlent/.. fVlls.s Karh Tayll>r anil soji. caret and i.Md Ir K.I at djolssohn's Lif({. ter; "Conipositions Mrs. O. C. IJalKarno. j| "Choipin." .Mrs.. Gecj. .1. •,'Chopin (r^mpositiin.s/ -RemsbWK;! ''Projir; ni JCL B. ;(!riek: "Herlpoz. iMajor! and !"Uszt" .Mrs ie*by. i ; ! Mrs.,John I'.rar.ei Jed sevyai; Mendel ^ions wliiclli added jiroBraiji. The no.xt nieelinjj pL in" the home of, 817 East Jiickson a .-•i "'. ' ! • '> K. Si liijstallatloil Inistailaiion i;er ,, held labt jnislit -al san Issoli ,wi| .Mrs ienu nioii th(: Eastertt Star niet -ting fd nelh- y0»4 andlMfs.;!' non. JVlji'S. inessin .Maeha jifi 'striet jinsiruetressL wa , - ai^ce and there werte vi jcnt froiu ^.'ebsliii pall SdvonjnirK i and .M (|ran. • nibnts: weni serived at tflic ) h Til. i<<»ros,l?i (hill I 'roKriiui Book rcvlows wefe gifveu fur th prog rani 'yifsicrdny of Ihe K <iri)sis clfi homo of; I.t. K. Sijutli OillOiiwond Mrs, l\ AV; Shei Ahne rilrrj.'Jiies i • , Baclielor." ; Mi^ri.lD vli?weil ' ICilith Wj -Froino;"! Airs. D. f, the bipRraiihy of K Millay: iiidi cnaeiHiij K ng .iiirt (he TVo tl ^e sanii? Taifthtyres!. Koenic 'phj.ved- a jii lis in cliarge inantlcists." the nieeting jelphjan So- .Mr^ C. B. avenue, vjere:' "Men- Lloyd Car- he Piano," ,: "Life of Trombold: .Miss Mary iisicj." Mrs. i,lrs. ,1. O. J. li. iSow- anil play-\ ebmposi- intftcst! to the tre will rhe n. artfj .Nil na H .S|;i flon, "KainJ Princes •Mr.-*. M. I^njcr. Billed he meet "qaltlei Ilynin of ijhe opien'-!) Ihe program Tl! vqtcid $|fl.Oii to live Y Chrjsliii'i .Nssocirtfi(^ of] ro ^lCije in lie spedt f 5. tii!.s. ^Irs. as C. A. jistcss isling w<ir<? Si ^rv «)il. . j jrhe licxli meetin M )fs. C .i M.l Lanier. Sw |igK <j inid ri i The ipicii ber.s prei^en G.i E. Pec!^. Mr.s.i\V. ' MKf. K; .\y. .Hagliii Flf>i:en0>. ilr-;. I), I. Dil. Lutiv- lilnli. .Mrs. Mrs. ni '.X^. I ,anier. i.ihngBll<)rev Mrs,i 1 ma. pi ll, XorUiri Norder' n.' ivus. F. .M Ernii ^elli Mrs..F: - Ml;S. Ri Ul -Shields. ,Tllonia-sl .\krs. Ill I - Ti W. Kinle. :Mrs. aild .Mrf; R^giutcr e. M. Cor ('ikrWerslPa riy The jRepister ci rrii Bfsven in all. eightoe i of| .no, I'rej UK. II il. Ira Mr 1 p. ner 1 luHt night al o thej Kel(o siejjack by! Mr. cjri^nlalion ant. iiMifls Uu icll. fisey. Mary Madeline s, i Lillian Kiitls. uii'rei bjinqueli J •Sil|unr.!i| jlnh and. taK Thdaire.afterwai^ds ' Hott in' ^'Forlorn Hiker Oebrge! I- AviillanJs. • jjianagtir ijnd his ahsis Fl^da, ^lOliinson. Th.eyj wfirc:' Artna Atrts.j aiaxline Mitcli -IkTilcheil, Opal Ueyhol Hal-t.l Btai> Hoerhlnj. Illith Hoern- Irigj. (jK^rirJudo fSreen. Ki thiHorton; B|3ululi Llmferman. "wilfa Gorrell. Ffanqes Ansell. Ven An Lp^'is.'' Margaret; .|6nc iGrecn.l (if'Lalfarpe. Fen LaHariie. Oeprgfr Pit^s. 1 Bon, rieoiiard iSutherlani ^lenzifji ^^oble Tr(jutMi-in Jcck, Wi lard Trout |'in4 tValter.s. Rav Gi-egpry tVolf. iPhmii) -Millie. . ^rd. >Val ;er Fickie, jHol: •ftdrig, ilRobert Doina^d.soji. WaKei- .Maudlin. iloeri|5ng jr.. .Tames Fremont .V IlPiir Ills hi ail YirKi nsitives of jlaughter. Rose Mario Elliott. ..eavcnworth; Mrs. M. J; Lake afid Mrs. Satnuel Elliott, of Savonbu •iml Mrs. H. C. Jewett wereSi^n- ilay dinner guests of Mr. and M |I. E. Elliott. 524! East Jackson a^e- lue. Mr. and Mrs. Pliney Elli lind daughter, wiio spent the wee nd here, rcturiied home Suncljay iifternoon. : : •:• • •:• :n(i>rluins Tri.An]tlo IISHioiuirj- tjliih = Mrs.I Anna Olinslead entertain I lie mcinbers of-1 ho exeeiitive <:oi niltee of (III! Tri-Angle MIsslona Miciely nf the Firm Christi: I hnrcli Tuesday evrning jit ilinncjr. mil the work of Ihe coining nioiilj t as planned. i • • •;• •IJiiern 01' llwirls" \1 (olli'Ke of Kniporinj Th)' Kansas Cily Tunes of tli iljite carries, the picture of .Ml ( lyicc Kwlng. of Ibla. who w; •owned . "iiiiecn of ^hearts" wi I ipriiiiriate'cere'iiionii's In the art iiiial ^ipring festival of the ('ollcjlf If Kinporia. Miss jlOwing Is iiior. i recks who' have been studyii|g itizcnship «t the city "V." shon 4e bej March Tromboid. ie.s i were Oidei^. of • Mr. Ken- lOuise •Cuii- I, of Sliirk]. in attend itqrs presl , hronsoni, Jtefresh meetin Id in th inpson. ;!:; niVieweil Perennial letUirly ten's "Etliin tihnip read f^t. Vincent jplay, "The Meriis." h.v Mrs. R: K conipnsl- Ivrpngold. idenl.'pre- The^ song. Rep iblie.' e nil inhers niiujg W<jman'.s Ihe junior )r sijeial iictivi- tt was the freshmen Is PK.UM' OF (JKKATPIMCK. Knipiiria Ca/.etic: The spirit. 11 alriotishi. the desire to be goi itiaens - sho'wii by tlie class r bo*u Lyii a ehallehgo to^ iiallvo Americans in Empoi^i and Minty. rhese men were fighting for ight granted to Americans } ii-ih. And 1 the word "fight .sed advisedly. T_\ie cl;iss met o'clock at night.'after the mijn Itad worked .hard all day. Many th© points discussed were ne'w llo the men necessitating close a't- tontion and hard study, a thii g 1 ard to do after the jstrain :of a lay 's work. |But they iitnck it out. ere nearly perfect ini attendanc|e. learned their les.sons well • aid lave passed, or are ready to pa hen time limit is up. their (t.\arainationsi for full citizeuRh|p tjights. To Law'reneo Duffy, their teach- r. and one of the busiest mdn iji Emporia, great credit must j o Ipr starting the class and dcvo > ihg his, time. free, to the guidanie ijf these men in their work. Duf >- l|>aclijes in- the high school, direc 3 Scouting in Emporia, handliri l|oys work and docs athou.sar d Und oiie things for the good of mporia bpys and men daily t I e'took time out to help theie I len. a social service not to TJe ijassed ovcV: wi'^toat comment. But his reward came wfeen. ill t le close of his examinatipn aiijdi S ranting .of his final papers. Gust' I agedas, standing erect and witii ;»| new light in his eyes cxclaimeoJ 'in pfoud to be an Americaii tizeii. What a ^ick in the slats this niust have given the clylng klux-| s! And how proud Lawrence Uuffy must have been at that mo-: II ent.. His pride was something i)'o' n cfc rich man could have'ho'iifelil j o' Duffy. It was the pearl of great P 'ice., Virgiiii.'i's chainpioti pie-cali .lames T. Haker. NI. of Roam! Placed edge to edge, tlif apple pies lie'.-; consiiiiied in Ihe past ".',» y - Ht .iHin <if •eiir —wonld ext irs juilil from almost, any place to pri^cti- eally any other pliicei-by land. sea or air. (What places have yi/u'.'l .lini works in a saw mill and for luncheon—having |]ii.'|.sed only lour days work anil as many pies Jiiice JS!i7. He limks foruiard to destroying thoiisaiids more. Number {(Cuiillnued from Page jl) laws, banking ilaws and | other similar enactments.'" Tlje system of organized effort that I provides college cst.'nsion work, the farm buieau and its" planj of county agents with their far reaching raiuiflcatiomj tl at effect jail fines of rural life was care- fulljf and clearly explained 1 y .Mr. Gwin. "Jhc extent to which the work, enters into country lile and the yast total, of good it doejs was ^ marvelous surprise to the resitlents oC his audience, plan by .whitih intensive mental work is carried to t dividual farmer was exploited in detail and examples cited, st ch as buying and selling or exchafiging.' seed. feed, live stock au'd business dealing among fa shown to be iiumeiiaus and ly'growing. ' The Farmer Boy. Why. of we jail know him. Roy (!v Olio;of theni. He places his in ihat foitndation. This g I ion I of furiners is gmiil foij yeaif< aiiil varual|le eoiinsel a vice; bill' he. is, ciilitleil tii : Thi'iibiiy needs the Job aiii) • •u.^li it to <i siii:ccssfiil plan iiiaki- legislative effort, no i how I well 'meant look like II deserted • hen roiwt on the biirnyard fence.; The' incr effort to give Iho iKiy a ch:« stiri<ly meeting with success farm. In another geiieraiii l!ili> «vill liini jj,tiil town buy go to Huh fariii for wisilo success. The prniliKalily of nature po,siling lime at inaccessible where il can not be used to the; most needed of the I for the iirodiiciion' -of.' b ke. \ (^rops :iiid ' the biggest -hog best dairy ciiws that folio\\| pointed out. And sciciitifii coupled with business furnislie.s the iticeutivo; an plan to organize farm hii've| lo get the lime from the hill the ^soil of the fields with amazing results that iiior ai> becoming extinct along] urban The cjxperi- le in- other niers. |rapid- oiirse ill is faith iier.-i- loiig III ail- rcsl. will .-mil laiier I! old ;iack .ising 1 -e .Is ill Ihe n the will ami and iMipils of the higli school Fri- afloriiooii. .Mr. and .'^Irs. Glenn Win ersiAide •of (Iriiiley were bus ness; visitors here Friday. • ! (;ei ;r;;e Blcviiis wa; taken A ^od- nes.iay to Hcthany h ispital, Kansas ('ity. for an np-Jralion, .<Irs. Blevins went up Thi rsday morning to lie with her huiband. -Mrs. Leon Jarrclt nill enter ain her bridge dub Friday aftenmon. Mr. and .Mrs. Guy -Cox v ere euUrd lo I'niontown >y the d« ath Qf their sister-in-law. .Mrs. M. ro.\. • .Mrs. (Jeo. Woodaril is, repo te'l quite ill at her home in the .<< iith pai-i of (own. . Miss .Mable Hatch i n ilc- lornls apply etulmcnis iiiiper and was data sajgai.ity the Imi'iits < onto such gages with buzzards, "for want of ipro\jender to pray upon'. " . | t The farmer"is in the court lonsc. not as defendant in a force osiife «nit but in his own office <n the' ground floor where his bu.slnesK, i individually and eoUectivel;' receives his own attention, in in organized way. I Ili.struetive and valuable infor- niution was given by .Mr. Gwin with bis niovie.x. liiit Hollywooit did not furnish Ihe actors. They were Kansas hogs and sheep .stepping out to show themselves n the natural. Which tells that even they have heard of Hollywoiid. INDEPENDENCE GOLF PRO PIES reported the sic'Kl list. • Aliirrti .Maiiskii Failk Tliiirediiy on inisiiitss. ___Tj[ie .Meniori:il roail fund ^r iws ' pji„'l \^ftv each d.i.v. The fund.s are to be:|,.!]v was used loihelp hailil a hard surl ' roaii toihe ccnieterv. YATES CENTER Feb. la.—Mrs. A. E. McCuJlougjh III .Mrs. A. R. .M.'.Culloiigh anil liildren of Neosho Falls spei |j Thiirsdiiy in Yates (Jciilor visiliii| l^ionds. .Mrs. '.Stanley JJcott in sorioiisljy witb the flu. Mrs. W. C, Mills is in"" Tulsii Ok I: II be with lar<lh lU. Iiverc: Mrs. Aniierson. Mrs. A. F. rlinghouse. 1). Kelley. Florence .MiiCarly. T. K. ilrs. . JiW. .Mr:s. C. \V Shej -woQji. .Mrs. C. G. K lenig. Mrs. II. \Vishajd rs. ijorly- whoiii are sell. Lola Onct^. i' Lennie Clark, of s. Herald Nel; Harold j Richard ' Charles Clarence iChejrles Howert liems- 'hrfcty. Ralph I'il.siin, Russell • 1 •"" for a few days vi.sit with he jiughter. Mrfci Paul Franklin an Mr. jFranklin^j Filty iieignborB and friend aimed ,and k;arrieil out a com ete .snrpribo on Mr. amj Mrs. [;on .larretl jiud Mrs. Mary Hot y Wedriei »Uay evening; at lliei |r me in the siiiilh part of town. Fuiiei^al'servh:cs were held Fri| di y afternoon for .Mrs. S. C. Kiii| b ado. who passed away Feb. 1' after a lingering illheHK. Roy Solan^cr went We'lncsd; Wichita for an operation. II IS-been ill for several months. Miss KnP) Aiiguslino is still .iiiil alilc to return to bcr school. ^yor^ op account of illness. The many-friends of .Miss Nellih j-ain worU deeply, grieved lo leari;i her death Wednesday afternooi iliov. Father Dei gave a very in |-ej >ting \taJk before the teacher 5 More Days of Our February Clean-up Sale SPECIAL FOR TOMORROW $3.00 Silk Crepe de Chine Scarfs, Special $1.69 $2.25 Rayon Silk Scarfs .Special $1,39 Look At Good Spring on; ludt'pendence. Kans.. Fc I (APt—Bill .lolly. :;:!. golf P; w;i-< in -Nefi ^ho; siiiial at the coiiiitry cluli died this iiiorniiig at a local r several bom in Scotland 'i'*-i served overseas with Ihe 'can forces during the World weok.s 'ilju ^'ss. I He iiiieri-; War.! Those ers Yes and I^ok How. Reason iiblc in )[*rice .00 $6.00 $7.50 •ofes- i here, lii)s The vanj n^;west simrs in ilic ticw colors- Rose, Beiifd^ Rose C\ilf:^Parchment and othei: • 'uatiom. )U'W colors dud comb Phoenix Hosiery $1.00 Photenii: Hosier} $1.50 Hundr^ of me fhm^s Priee^ At Uiipprtq^ ^c^piifig^ Thij {[)ntiniiou.s. groi^th of i this Nat on-wide Institution o£ I Department Stbtf^ and cjpe- ciallyl the large e.<tpansi6n that is being, made tljis Spring, is cecatlng truly remarl^l^Ie op- scllinj^ . I to , associate themselves with '. this Company and train for fu; ture jCo-partncr ; Store Manai sets. II • -j . i Thruout the United State*. I the J. C. Penney Company I^tony are acclaimed/Af/nend : f)f ih'e\ peopU—exercising in the i fullest "^ay a buying powee ! that givc5 large savings to the Th s growth is directly the i result I of that liberal apprecia: tipn b^f our Service which the tl has shown in our opera* riuring the last twcntv-five publit tiohs' years Notion Needs I^bi-Dre4sinakeri ; Penitnap fustenera, 4Q and Ey«$, i 4c Ever Ready ' 8c TIuBiblai. 4c ! PaBiiB|ud Soapi, Hook^ • ComttOB 4c ^ Si: (And Many 1 Others. Seizing Needs Our Own Brand GofdiEy. NMdtat Peoimyid Darning 4c Different Qoalitief i Penimaid Laws Btaa Tafa, I 8c and |l2c Blajel: Lawa Bia. -^ap*. SC ' Faal |Color , BiaijTap., • I ^ l ^iaflTapa, ' axtf^ fine. ninmings .Camit^I. Tapa, 8c Mercerized TriiaiaiBg. scalloped 8e Pup|l Gold ^^Si^fely;Pin.J ftc I F if>»h 3afety P.M. fic i '51: Nati <|f> Wide Bra«» Pia^ 4c PinlqiUi 'fea Aprons! QF Pdre < jum Rubber bri( ht colored rubber aprons —two-tone ^ edge, a,nd flower trim- Inriing.'Low- priced. 49c S^tapy Goods In Price list! wh f n I la] ikin Th;y Euj^ It by the Bos "Penco-Xap" buy sanitary our Store, re priced, the box )f eight— Qm ^Jotions Buy Them Now shields, pair. |23c H«kWa "Petlfef Bob Pantr er Bottie ^ater Tight One piece r^d ni bber; neck vulcanized to-bottle. vo-Quart size, value of values. 98c 99 Oiiro^nsEjecia)brand pure gum rubber baby pants. Several sizes, each. UtUtrMats the thing to lay an your 4wt ... kltcI«Mi ritfor. Ill niuny ai- Iran he lolon. She 'I»x-27, Frir A at a bif saving, only Sr^eres l:L=.:^li.te:-..i .kiJfe .i LJady-Lykc Bra*-, sieies &re the favorite gjuwents of thousands of worn ie n. Priced. . 49c to 98c acker'sSliippoo Are Lupud Thil sham- i poo leases i the hair- soft and glisten~i ing. Easijr to usel Good] Jiaj bottle—: priced. 49c Pen-I-iNets | Tlie Ideak Hdr Net Hair which last! In ca]> shapes,:c]publp an;) single mesh; iii all shades. Ou - famous Pen-i-neU are priced, each. 8c Cclty Powder Unexcelle4 Coty! powdeij is the favori world Note oiir low price, Only, s face 89c tool dmbreila^ With Fancy Handles Valuer dxe- Cottbn fast" -cover with I woyei> tape edge. —^mber t^p and f er|rule. Each, low-pjriced. ^1.98 CojFnpacts and Rouge 'I'lfe-Jur ^inplers 39c i i' !. i'uty CqmiiactR 89c Cnlj Rftuge 49c Uuuhic <'onn»ncls.iLwsc Powder and! Bougie' 0 49c jhrr Cnmiiacis- Lunlchepiji j Peaioiaid 1 18x52 i white Ramooa Clotty. I a. ^1 G p o d - lookihgset*, »l-36x36 -»ii. cloth; and four napkins to- ^atcb. Sfet Table 3cai|fs Rmdy -cto Embrqiiiler Each, in. size; s^tamjfca on Fad? Powdersj^t a ! Saving t vtj'fi JriiH-e Powder- Thred Fhiwers Face Powder ' face PowdcW l« Trrtle L QTC bt(! PonineiQn, >fniOiuii I-ace Powdeij r'aee Fowdeil Beaut}, Fn«v ...J i .:49c M«U»4linclKaee Powdctj 89c Talcums, JuO\\f{ in i j 'Price MehnpiV itoriitrd Tali n'lu tiik .Venn^-n: IjuUtiiin tor 1 i^u>'^iSi: .VaTl.'l Talir-nni Powdci l_-15H-* TfarH IfliMvers Taleui li Powder !' ' Ujer Kl(.n Tuli-um I'o PompeljiriJFragraiice title Ifh- I Soaps ani(i • ^hampoD ruJienrji S»ap ... U 19e Pm-li«?c's Tar .Soup 1 - Ufc Pure Olive Castile Soip—fk- Lu.\ 'I'oilet Form Son tl-.-.V Arabiiini I'alm Soap _ i — Ic Lemco Coco Hariliviit . . Soap 1 .4 ---IC Coco Fulini Hani H liter Soup I. I ; — it Lux Flake- Form, snnill Slzt .1. •: .iL .lOc Lux Klake Foniu larg'.' Klzej-.J -i.lJ- 23e Toilet Gooc ^ l^X^>WX BK.V.MH Hind's Honey and Alniund uud 4..49C :-.49c Creani^ large -size - HInd'.s Honey and .Uni Cream; snuill size PiMupelap Bay Cream Boniti^lau fold Cream Pomp^n^f MtLS-siige'Crrjajn 49c. Nymfiuiii Clean<>lii4^ Creani Pottd*!< Vaniiiliiug C'rcaioi .2,>c I'ond';^ Cold Creani -_L.^--25c Tlitec' Flo.wers CleaiiHin|r, CreUjui ^ j_ t9r .VeulJiplatiinu !>mail sip ^ItK' Vicb'siVaporuli. med. Mbte 69c Vaifolihe^Petrbljeam Jdllj- 8c • 19c w.jraic l.Ok: .L .88ic .L .89i; LioL^rfne! PepoxWni of Hydrogen X-Bajcin |Uepllatury Pij Ean de (|iijnlne Hair Tonfc L...:._-„-^ , Cotex Five Minute Set .tiavis JToIlet Water - Ij'OrMen ^haying Neejds - ,Bmsbi»k 25c alid 9Sc IfiHlsifrs: Aqna Velm AJS9e Uiliraiji 's Sharing Cre^ large size - ... iW^s^'s Mjig Sharing! iSharing^ Credni SOr. ! Talc for Met l.SSc jlfwineij 's Eazor Bladcjsj MHetifi Blades Yalet Mnto -Sfrop Blad Tooth Paste 4nd Brushes Ipa^tt Toith Paste I'tipecv Tooth Paste p(pso)d^n4 t<K»th Pa.ste Forhan'h Tooth Paste i Smalt (flze _.- |-|-39ci Liiitariiis rCoott Pa«te.L43«c CoIgate^s ^ootta Patife |:42rK: jl'rophflactlc Tooth tln^li • eH, adn|| slie L-L* Proifj^ylartlc Tooth Bni H Nc<s cha«'» slw Other Tooth Brushes i :„L 23c -i -5c J.38C, s: 39c j-3ac t39c M39c Giitex Se|t Hif^icuring \ Eyer>p)«ig if or «| fine jimniciiie ift Ihome! (tjitex spells quality! Thjt set, priced. ^i^-ji'-'

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