Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 27, 1961 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1961
Page 2
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LrUbliihed In 1914 Z3=7 NATIONAI SDITOtlAl 61 SI l *#'6"t" 7A e 1i/mvi, Subscription Rate* -1 tt.r..t.er Chattin' With Stonev CreeA Bottom. Comments •We w*d * U* tint wfli *Jkr» Tj»ter» \& mat i cuiiid ^te r p.. t'.„<-«-c set-tly _r. Fsyf't Ivwa, cntr --t.-r.rr E-ttrt-i it P'jr. Oif~t i: Fsy*-"* Z"vt Ui r-.i't»? ,.-t«.r Art tf lLt~±. I. IF?* Editorial Comments--- Our Deteriorating Main Street '. per*t."..r. With B •*'•-;-'•• -l sptnvtrt' f ar- on . .'. ..*• FiVf.tt to l. „: Tr..i dt >ti ."v.*. • r. eVt t tmtd '. f m:z to t.ot rtptr : ..£* to coop-5»s curV.mer - : with -5. V.'e wotiid also . opportunity to t.-. Mrs Bill D.iley 5; promotion for the - "it V. '<: tot; k<y . we •. with a • -.operates • take this Mr. fend recent •'. tte Lead- Jiy J<<-'ib<-n tieooa.o and an abl'- iiV -:.!o< k n jlri'.oni -t i S fa; he h ;r. no' p Jbli'Jy or f>;iv:«t<-f>' V.nn-ul- tdgtd & ;,y .j-;, J /O.MOi'- ;,<>•• ty as an Iowa A'ij J tc) ';ro:.t Jri'om'- Tux. V.'<- <io no' an'J jihall not. ceate an'l ')< -.;\t on thi.'i paitirtilar tubjcet. '/'in. it not a v/ainini;, bill an advance HM)1! JHI ml-.e 1o Idp I'.ai in;V'i anil III'. "Old (iiiaiil" liacki'i.-i. Visited in New Mexico Mi. and Mr:i. Carl l(. Millie MIIIIII, funnel Fa.yelle I i-Milcnl.'i, rcliiini'il In llii-ir linini- in Indc- pi'tiilcnci' last Ki iday, ffill 'iwiiij; a IWII-WII'UM visit Willi Ihi-ii' non, (.'liarli '.'i, and )ir, family in Albu- (|U<T<|IH\ Nl'W Mexico, Wluli' Ihi'i'c tlii'y limit Irip.i to Cii 'i'inls, N. M., llii' uranium (.'ajj- itnl i .f llii' world, Acoma Indian )'u"Wo, HunU, y<:, Lit?. Veghs, filori'ta fi;ij>tl>.t Azu'rinhly, S«viral jioi»ilf| of n,U'i'-zt on the old ><• 7 I till Ih" /''-'OX coun- iiy, .Sandia C.if/A. Hi Xi .i: Rocky Moon' am -., arid al note- v/oMliy attar'tion. in Albuquer- 'ii'-. /ri'l'J'J'd v/'-r<- vi^.i'.s v, the Cmvr.ity of W'-ti Mfczio, Old Tow i,. and !h>- .V'-v/ Mexico State Fan 77i'-;/ :.o;i, Char J'.-:;, is now a !i'< Ian"- fiuohnty man in Alb -i 'i >• I'i'n: and ii publicity dir- i "to; for tb<- .N"<"// Mezioo State Fail'. 7 nv youniv r Mittlfrr-.tidth have !;ii"<- d.-iught'rrs, Marilyn 5, Mary Anri»: .'i, arid Msrgi'; one arid one- da if y-a; . of ajji.-. Rot «s Mr:. Uary/in Htlrnrichs of M.'irichf-.'iter had a large clirster of io;.'.'i in the front window of her farm b.rne recently. The rose |jii:>h outside grev/ through a crack between the upper and lower v/indov/s, and the cluster of ro::es bloomed inside. t 'V *.'..-i'. *.f ; ".'":*. iV* cf >. cit; '•_: " K.: ' 'a-.--.il. S-j -raj ^t:?- —/.in »=:*» hive ir-jzz. VXAL i-*jr.%r-.t. —t ,i ~r i -:. /a: ^-..f- '. t':.:..: i '.->-• — „i- -.IVr V. tHr .** c T"-* !-.-. -.•- F - r s.t " t' *. ' ii: it- r»ttr_r _|r' til — -ijty t"_ tTts Jt T '*r! th^fi-t C -f5- ':. -~><? *•-*.! art —tr-tj-.i •vs.tt f; '.i .Tj'.'r*': ".-t'l'ii. i.t •».*.j!t rr. »'i>1 t»f t! v. t .rr: v* i: .-v. : c -.,tT • w r.i'. .: ; "B .-t-rtr,. w t 'r.irt i c ?rt'~ s ftirr-*r 'X'.rrit.—." ir^i ;* M .v.'.t|v-^r:.- ^ttt; —:-. Z t.VcVt i t.1 :.bt — .tt'*. ;p;:r.t '.".-me fes- itt= — &r»d t^-;i-i.t til tr. The patriot.-..', v.-a: a huge ttittesj. aad we tt••. more tiaa 4.5C<0 readers <i - ..t week, which ^ a !BT cry 1 rr. the read- enh:p two years if. We h&p* that t.v: ttted read- trti:? whl md_.-.-e !t.-r.e of the othe? merthanu tt ti ^e advantage cl thty hoer.e tt'-.r. paper, :<v that fjstoirjers t:.e a:ta ntsv what thev ~;_.,<_• to offer' LOCALS _^rc .tr. r.t.^ or. i.if.'ri v. oe Mr Mr_ ar.d Mrt. Kt-waxd Kobtru ETJC L»or.r.a fc-td Mrs. Harry Ran- cah .tf: Saturday on a tnp to Svji.-i I>aJ:ota. They will vait tr.e Fred Pe.tz's a*. Custer: John ar.ti "A'oodrow L*ewt*jts at Ix>dge Ptle. Italp- Bergi of Hettinger Lyle l>.-v.-tens at Camp Croo/c, aJtr.g w;th other relatives. They also plan to attend the I>ayj of '76 at Deadwood, ^rvi Frontier Days and the rodeo at Cneyenr-e, Wye. They will visit White Hon* ranch in Nebraska on the way home. —• — Mr. and Mrs. John Solomon attended the funeral service for her brother, Ben Erickson, at Wadena Friday morning. — • — Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Buckmaster, Mrs. Mar;e Solomon and daughter DeJorei, left SaUxrday for Bohvar, Mo , to visit in the honte of their sisters, brothers and aunts, Mrs. E. J. Rohbins, Mrs. Lily Williamson, Walter Stout, and Rose Bridges of Bolivar, and Amos and Tempy Stout of Pittsburg, Mo. —•— On Thursday, July 13, 21 friends of Barbara Miner held a pre-nuptial shower lor her at the Farm Bureau building. —•— The Misses Amy Leigh and Margaret Paine were hostesses at a dinner for 12 Friday, July 21. The dinner was honoring Mrs. R. H. Ogle of Phoenix, Ariz., Mrs. Euge»e Smith, formerly of Reserve, N. M., Miss Grace Meyer, who is leaving for a year of study in Europe and her sister, Miss Agnes Meyer of Boxholm, Iowa. —•— Mrs. Don Vandersee entertained at a Stanley party at her home Monday evening, July 24. —•— Mrs. Hans Prehan of DeWitt is visiting at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, the Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Walcott and iamily tor an indefinite time. —•— The George Reed and Don Vandersee families picnicked near Tripoli, Sunday. —•— Mrs. Ida Lookabaugh of Independence came Thursday to visit until Tuesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walker Briggs and with other friends in town. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Briggs and Mrs. Lookabaugh, with Mr. and Mrs. John Solomon, enjoyed a picnic dinner at Garber, and in the afternoon were callers at the Cecil Thomas home In Guttenberg. Mrs. Rolande Gray spent Saturday and Sunday in }^Jxome of her sisters, ZaUia Tegim*!*- and Mrs. Elinor Schnw of Sumner, A dinner and" supper gathering, Sunday, *t the home of Mr, ana t: ir.r. it htr>or:r.g t.-.e.r ii .c.r.:-.: artd farr^Iy. the Cr.ir .ty Ei ..ty= tf Iowa Falls .*.-.-»: were ipe.vi.f.g the week-end her partr.ti .-.trite. Those p(«MM were Hr. and Mrs. Artey SVJiMbesm zr.6 tnznily and Jesse Johnson of Waterloo: Mrs. Maggie Johnson and s-on Billy of Sumner: and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Miller and family. Mr. and MXT. Jantes Miller and family, Mr. and Mrs. David Bnggs and family, Mrs Mar;, 1 Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Overhus, all of Fayette. —•— Mrs. Gwen Mason and family it-f Genoa, 111., visited last week a: the Peter Fa user home. — •— Jesse Johnson of Waterloo is spending this week at the home of her grandson and family, the James Millers. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woold- ndge and daughters, Connie and Barbara of Davenport were Wednesday night and Thursday visitors in the parental Lysle Wooldridge home. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Goddard of Bridgeport, Conn., came Wednesday, July 19, to visit her mother, Mrs. Charles Potter. —•— Mrs. Stella Lund entertained her grandchildren, Pamela and Jeff Englehardt of Marion this week. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Paul Heth and Clemence were Sunday guests in the El do Eckhart home at Arlington. —•— Mrs. Naomi Hanson has recently returned from a visit with relatives in Des Moines, her son Billy in Ames, and son Robert and family in Moline, 111. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Streeter returned home Saturday evening from a week's visit with hex brother and sister in Wichita, Kansas. The Streeter children, Lee, Kim, Randy and Julie, stayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roberts while their parents were away. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Henderson and family of Cedar Rapids were visitors Sunday in the Streeter home. —•— Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Homewood and aon, of Hawkeye, were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. R- Whitley. Mrs. Ed ShdtoiTof Volga City is staying at the home of her mother, Mrs. Lorinda Morf for an indefinite time while recuperating from recent surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pratt and family, of Waterloo and Barbara. Reese of Cedar Rapids were Sunday guests in the M. E. Reese home. C. E. Snuth*of*th£ local Masonic lodge, conducted the Masonic Itraveside service on Sunday at Maynard, for the burial of Harry E. (Jim) Antwjne. Court Actions CiTii — Pi.rr.-r: Mtrr ..r .i r .o^.tal, V.'t ; t Vr.;tr. v: p.totr. and Pr.v.l.; Mart..-. A:- ,r .t J11 J ; 40 B-tr.r..'.- S-e N.tn.ar,:, v ; . Jarr.es *J*t^«:ii~i> N - 1 rr.t r.r. lJ .'«"Or :t Hiy - Lar Pipel.r.e Serv.te. r. Arch McCo.T.r, • Cor.t ) Ir.t WJi. m'.. ar.d oo-U. B«i t»rk K Chicken vt. ert Chicken (Divr -rce;. Fayette County L'^rn'rx-r Co. vs Mrs. George Wa;^nner (foreclosure of mechanics hen; Lucille Lowe vs. Jacx Crius-e 'promissory note) J724, int and costs. Big Value Super Mart vs. Edward and Arlene Lee (transcript £54.22, interest and costs. Criminal — State of Iowa vs. Norman Ernest Bliss (OMVD. Fi' lowing .i an art .cie which was brought vt the Leader of- f-cfe by a person •ur .K .ttv.-ri. and -A ritten by an ajtr.tr unknown We are ta>.ir.g the ^t -v .-.y A p-ji>- .-;h:r.g ;t, however, otvaji-e it pr -ttittly r:its tr.e .ta*. or, tf .e head w.th many p^-tplt m tnese L'n.tei States. Ptalm To The Welfare Stale Tr.e government .: rr.y .-hep- herd. Therefore I need .-.-..'. wvrk. It ailoweth me to -ay down or. a K'.'t 't! jt>o. It leadtth rr .e btt.de ;t..l fact. r: ei. .Ar.d destroys all rr.y in.'.ia- t .ve It leadttn rr .e ir .tt the path ol a parasite for polit.t -s sake. .And, though I walk t.-.rojgh the valley of laziness 2.-2 dt .'.c.t spending. I will fear no evil for tne government is with me. 3". prepareth an ettr .trr.jt uv .p-a for me by appropriating the earnings of my own grandchiid- r en. It filleth my head w.th false s-et -irit".'. My insufiiciencj' r-ns over. Surely the governmtnt should care for me all the cays of my life here on earth! JVrtfS 1 **io« <S-wc}; in a foot's paradise, forever. —Amen Fayet 'e Community school &:< ri'ir.g at a lesser rate -.0any • .th «-r scho'>! distrK.'tj., -,<- jr.-'etsan: increase :•. for a) arm o.i the r-art of r o pe:'. y - o w r, e r t a •/. \t a y e r •,. ••y tax reJ:"f if. a d<-ar sub- d, bit ?.n far noUidy ar.yrhinu SKHS1I1LK .' Til'- ft'-pubJicana are itiiity a:: the Uernocral':. 7.0' onlv thmj; many i :f the "Old (} laid" have done in to ^ct croc- odi!'- Icai-i in their eyes iiltrl Muy, th'i'- mii .'it. (;'• a three per rciil ali"; tax, with one per cent earmarked for school aid." An we have written before, I hey even d'ij; oj; the three per cent Kiilivi tax /-orji '.e out of "Hill" Murray';; j .i>lit ]cal garden of ineniorieu, and then lip -toer] quietly away, leav int! the unfortunate corpse exhumed 7'hi.% Itejmblican "(>U\ Guard" jiet theme that u three per cent sales tax is "the only way to piojierty tax relief" is the outstanding political damn- lie in Iowa today. There COULD and thouid be an Jowa adjusted grots infitme tax. The base .should be the exact same as each citizen's federal income tax "net". But in consideration of the state aid to schools factor, the personal exemption clause should be distinctly but not deceptively revised and re-phrased. A icvised income tax in Iowa, conceived in fair minded political courage, could and would give property tax rehei where relief is NEEDED The formost consideration should be ABILITY to jjay. NOT ability to contribute to the "Old Guard" political war- chest The poorest of the poor are already paying enough sales tax They pay from three to -:x and two thirds per cent on those many 15 cent to 30 cent small item purchases. We have respectfully and sincerely tried to present this "ad- jtisted gross income tax" subject t > trir State Representative 'when; we regard as a nice gen- Letter to the Editor Dta,- Sirs, I wonder if the people in Fayette appreciate their beautiful picnic grounds at Klock 's Island. I have never seen anything more beautiful than it was last Sunday, July 16, when our family picnicked there. It is surely a city park to be proud of. MR. AND MRS. GORDON LAUER are pictured above follow- Mrs. Will H. Barnes ing their wedding Sunday, July 16, at the Grace Luiherajn church Osage, Iowa in Fayette. The couple are now at home on a farm near Hawkeye. New Cars Licensed MiUard or LaVonne Nelson. Jr., Clermont, Ford; Kenneth Anderson, West Union, Chevrolet; Milton Smith, Oelwein, Studebaker; Howard or Ltma Landas, Fayette, Ford; Joseph or Gayle Oison, Clermont, House Trailer; Leslie or Cleone Chensvold, VJtfsX Union, Ford; Rueben or Gloria Buhr, Oelwein, Ford; Darling and Co., Alpha. Ford truck; Charles Swans, Oelwein, Ford pickup; Zlias or Pearl Pardee, Oelwein, Buick; Howard or Arlene Green, Oelwein- Intemar tional truck; Carl Palmer, Wert Union, Chevrolet; Wesley Smith, Fayette, Ford; Edwin or Ella Schmidt, Oelwein, Rambler; Gerald Wetlaufer, Oeiwein, Ford; Oelwein Chemical Co., Inc. GMC truck; Donald Jensen, Oelwein, Chevrolet; Edna Logeman, Oelwein, Ford- Licenses to wed William Lee Richtsmeier, 19, Oelwein, and Barbara Jean Stone 19, Oelwein; Charles F. Weidemann, 23, West Union, and Carol Jencks, 17, Hawkeye; Gordon A. Laut-r, 20, Hawkeye, and Barbara Miner, 21, Fayette; Ronald James Rogers, 19, .Fredericksburg, and Wanda Kay Hegland, 18, West Union. Two 4-H delegates Named to attend Conservation camp Jane Copp, Hawkeye, and Tom Lynch of Waucoma have been selected to represent Fayette county at the State Conservation camp, July 31 to August 4. The camp will be held at the state 4-H camp near Madrid, Iowa. The purpose of the camp is to help 4-H members who are interested in conservation expand their interest and experiences in tids fieM. Jane is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Veuner Copp of Hawkeye. She is president of the Alpha Clover Leaves 4-H club and is presently county 4-H vice president Tom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lynch of wa'ucoma. He is presently vice president of the Eden Livestock 4-H club. We've Gome to Stay ... Your Peoples Natural Gas is a little like the pioneers of old, in one respect.... We've come not for just today .... but for ten thousand tomorrows as welL And, we intend to build our business on a rock-ribbed foundation of service and integrity that will endure through the ages. All of us here at Peoples Natural Gas want to play an important part in the progress and growing economy of Fayette and the surrounding area. This is our home, too. If we can help in any way to make H a better home, we hope you'll invite us to join with you in getting the job done. PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Leader «V Tbeair e — Clifford Hayes, Mgr. — Phone 266 LIVE MOPERN...FOR LESS.„W1TH NATURAL OAS

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