The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 10, 1966 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1966
Page 15
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WASHINGTON WASHING! ON-For lOOyears, the Democratic party has had two faces. In the North it has been the party of the underdog, the people. But In the South, It has been the party of the wealthy, the landowners who wrote the laws so that the poor - white and black alike-had little Voice in their government. For most of those 100 years, the Democrats also were the minority party, while the Republicans - wealthy and conservative - wrote the laws and governed the nation. When Franklin Roosevelt was elected, the Democratic party began to change. It became the majority party, by winning over many Republicans less conservative than the old-line GOP, by expanding the functions of the national government to include all the people, by awakening more interest in government by voters generally, by shattering the myth that only Republican businessmen knew how to cope with national problems, by lifting the nation out of the worst depression of this century to the highest prosperity ever known. Under the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, the national party has been chipping away at its Dixiecrat members and forcing them to accept changes, to moderate their views, to give up their stranglehold on Congress. And the people of the South have finally begun rejecting the oldtlmers such as Rep. Howard Smith'of Virginia, who refused to accept the inroads of progress. jiiw There are still many dlehards around, bat their numbers and power are decreasing, -o- -CHANGING TIDES- While the Democrats have thus made great strides In meeting modern needs, many Republicans have been taking the opposite course, Thus while the Massachusetts GOP put up a Negro, Edward Brooke, as candidate for governor, the party of Abraham Lincoln in the South put up segregationist "Bo" Caliaway for governor in Georgia. •--.'. And while New York Republicans backed Nelson Rockefeller for another term as governor, California Republicans picked Ronald Reagan, far out on the right wing. Thus, from Georgia to California, the Republicans have lined up with extremists and racists, tarring themselves with an anti- Semitic, anti-Negro, anti-foreigner coloration while Eastern Republicans have given Increasing support to candidates with liberal records such as Rockefeller, Case of New Jersey, Cooper of Kentucky. This means that the Republican party in effect has picked up the double face the Democrats are now dropping. It also means that the Republican party's hopes for regaining the national leadership will face very rough going. For the white backlash sentiment so evident in this year's campaigns and election, and so catered to by the GOP in many contests, may not be a major factor in future elections. But the stain'on the Republican party In the South and West may be. . o- LBJ*S HEALTH- For more than three years President Johnson has been working too hard, but not much can or will be ddne about it. He is awake and working in bed at 7 a. m., is at his desk by 9, never eats lunch until 2:30 or 3 p. m., and has dinner, when with his family, at 10 p. m. Unless there is a state dinner, he seldom leaves his desk until 9 p. m. No other President in this century has set such a pace, And, for a man who has suffered a massive coronary, this pace would seem almost suicidal, It apparently proves, however, the statement of his doctors that his heart wound has healed completely. His subsequent health problems have not been connected with the heart. By the norms of Presidential behavior, Johnson should now slow down/ .It's doubtful, however, that heVill do so. He is a man of compulsive work habits and he cannot change. He is also a man of great ambition. He is determined to carve a record which will stand alongside those of our greatest Presidents and he probably will continue to disregard matters of health and physical safety. It is quite conceivable that Lyndon Johnson will not serve out his full timr in office, but it is inconceivable that he will stop working so hard. . - o- - BIRCHERS INFILTRATING MORMONS The confidential flies of the John Birch Society contain some very significant letters showing a plot to Infiltrate the Mormon "The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; thy steadfast love, O Lord endures forever. Do not forsake the work of thy hands. " — Psaims 138:8 When your world is plunged into darkness arid despair, do not believe that God has deserted you. Raise your eyes, acknowledge that the purpose of your existence still remains and seek through faith the strength you need to . perservere. However dark .the night may be, it shall give way to . the sunrise . . . and you must look up to see a sky of blue. Read your BIBLE daily and 00 TO CHURCH SUNDAY These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: ROY HUTZELL - DIST. Gulf Petroleum Products 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE P!«k-yp and D«livf ry Phont 295*2827 — Alqpna, Iowa ZENMR'S Clothing for Mf n and Boy* POST MOVING and STORAGE local & long Pi»tanc« Phone 295*2275 - Algona, Iowa PHDNEER HI-BRED CORN CO. Htrb Htdlund, Production Manager P*rry Colllru, Exptrlmtntol Mgr. METRONICS, INC. 0, I. Hormffi "Syptr ERNIE WILLIAMS John D««rt Farm Equipment Highway 18 Eait - T.I. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver — Mawy-Ferguion QMC Trvcki - Flr**tont Tirt» - Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Yowr Fr!»nd-B»fort and Aftor tht Fir* ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Yowr Frltndly IH Dteltr •* 295-3501 IH Tracton - Truck* ~ Farm FARMERS SIRVICI CENTER, Inc. Mf rton Ma, Mgjr, COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18* 169 KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayn* Fttdi - Wt Buy Eggt and Poultry 216 W»»t Statt Sfrttt, 295.5206 IENNIE B, WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 |, Hickorl St. - Alaong, Iowa SHUTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE «Tht $he« Stert That Takti Cart of Your Fttt" Til. 295-5371 Iowa front HISIOM'S SCRAPBOOK DATES AND EVENTS PROM YESTERYEARS Th* Armistice ending Wofld War I wa««lgned, November 11, 1918. The "Unknown Soldier* wa* burled In Arlington Cemetery, Noverber 11, 1921. The Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod Harbor, November 12, 1620. A disarmament conference opened In Washington, November 12, 1921. Federal troops quelled the "Whiskey Rebellion" In Pennsylvania, November 13,1794. President Roosevelt proclaimed the Philippine 1 Islands a free Commonwealth. November 14,1935. The American Federation of Labor was formed, November 15, 1881. The United State* and Soviet Russia established diplomatic relations, November 16,1933. President Roosevelt and Secretary Hull received Japanese envoys, November 17, 1941. Friday, when she left for Minneapolis where she has a position. Weekend guests at the Cecil Thoresen home were their daughter and family, the Willis Bahmaims and Todd of Cedar Rapids, their son, Piul, student at Iowa State University, Ames, and Mf s. f horesen's sister, Mrs. Minnie Jensen, Algona. Em 11 Larson entered the hospital at BsthervlUe for major surgery Tuesday of last week. His condition is reported to be very satisfactory. His daughter, Mrs. Francis Torine, has been Thursday, Nov. 10, 1966 Algona (la.) Upper Dtt making frequent trips there to see him. The Francistorines and Larry were guests at the wedding of Susan Studer, daughter *f the Herman Stiders, Sherburn, Minn., and Robert Nagel, Bakersfield, Calif., son of the Howard Nagels, Sherburn, at Sherburn Oct. 29. ' Mrs. Floyd Montgomery attended the Christian Workers school at Emmetsburg Sunday, and in the evening attended the school at Spwcefc Mr* aadMrfc* Virgil fofcngm, Mrs. Taff. Bertram the aft The met at Johnson •*•• •" " • 'I Maufl attended i,aSs>. j .../onien's dlOT ! of Mr i. Mmffl jf'sday wift Me« members answering roll call. Mrs. Dettmer Thompson gam the lesson on the Tama Indian*. They also discussed a civic project. GOT FAST church, whose members hold the balance of political power In Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, the Rocky Mountain states, and in Southern California. One interesting letter, written by Joe Ferguson, head of the John Birch Society in Arizona, is addressed to the Mormon Church's general authorities urging them to study and analyze the John Birch Society's philosophy because "the lives and souls of millions of people rest in your hands." The John Birch magazine, "American Opinion," carried the photograph of David 0. McKay, 93-year-old Prophet of the Mormon Church, on its cover in order to give the impression that he had endorsed the John Birch Society. For this the Birchites liad to apologize. However, the Birch Society's struggle to win over the Mormori church is continuing, led by former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson. Benson is one of the Twelve Apostles governing the church. - o - - GRUESOME EXHIBIT BARRED - The reason why the autopsy photographs of the late President John F. Kennedy have not been made public is that some horror showman wanted to set up a traveling museum of gruesome exhibits regarding the President's assassination, showing the actual photographs of his wounds. Chief Justice Wavreni flatly refused, and consigned all his clothing, the exhibits, and the photographs to the Justice Department for safe-keeping. ; ' -o- • > • t - DIPLOMATIC GRAPEVINE''- VAN'S CAFI Junction 18 * 169 The American Embassy 1 'has 1 heard that the Russian Olympics coach, Gavril Korobkov, has been fired — for the same reason that American coaches often get the gate. His track and field stars haven't done too well lately .... U. N. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg has privately chided Afro- Asian delegates for not condemning the Chinese nuclear tests. He asked whether they would have been so quiet if the tests had been conducted by the United States .... It isn't being advertised, but two of Moscow's big three - Chairman Brezhnev and President Podgorny - have canceled plans to visit Paris next month. Only Premier Kosygin will keep the December date with President de Gaulle. The Chinese problem apparently will keep Brezhnev and Podgorny in Moscow .... President Diaz Ordaz of Mexico has informed the president of Honduras that it would be a great mistake to hold the Pan- American summit conference .next spring, that it should not be held until the Viet Nam war is over. Too many Latin American crowds would demonstrate against President Johnson and the meeting would be embarrassing, the president of Mexico said. - o- - AHEAD OF THE NEWS The arrest of 20 "Minutemen" by New York police this past Sunday on charges of conspiring to attack left-wing camps in the New York area bears out revelations about the Minutemen that Drew Pearson has been making for four years, We have warned that these self-appointed "grass roots guerrillas'! were actively planning to take the law into their own hands and be the judge, jury and executioner of any Americans who do not see things the way the Minutemen do. And detailed time and again how the Minutemen were collecting arsenals of machine guns, high- powered rifles, ammunition, and other military weapons of destruction, and were undergoing intensive training in their use, just as the New York police have now confirmed. We have also reported that some of the leaders of this right- wing extremist group have criminal records; and many of the leaders and members areiied in with the John Birch Society. For example, on Feb. 12,1962, writing about the California Minutemen, we reported they "claim that 800 of their members in Los Angeles own machine guns, and that each member has a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition.' Further, we reported, the first of the California commanders,Troy Houghton, had been found to have a police record, including sex offenses, while another, William Colley of San Diego, had been arrested for indecent exposure. Several Cubs At Swea Get Their Awards SWEA-EAGLE - Cub Scout Pack 53 met Oct. 20 at the Swea City school. Cubmaster Rev. Julius Peterson was in charge. Den 4 opened the meeting with the flag ceremony. Singing followed with Den 1 leading the group. . Den 3 entertained with a skit, and Cubmaster Peterson then presented awards to Mark Peterson, Craig Dontje, Larry Sanftner, David Maus, Brian Wasmoen and Jerry Wegener. The meeting was closed with Den 4 retiring the colors. After the meeting, Den 5 led the boys in several games. Roger Linde then showed a very interesting film on his trip to South America. The next pack meeting will be Nov. 16 instead of Nov. 23, as previously scheduled, due to the Thanksgiving holiday. - o - The Everett Rippentrops and Evelyn were Sunday dinner guests at the Gene Rippentrop home at Truman, Minn. In the evening, the Homer Henriksens and Dwayne Rippentrops, Ringsted, and the Gene Rippentrops were a,t the Everett Rippentrop home. 'fyrs. Waiter Magnusen went by b,us to Denair, Calif, to the home of her daughter and family, the Everett Honnetts, to meet another daughter, Sharon, who was to drive back to Iowa. The ladies arrived at the Walter Mag- nusens on Tuesday evening and Sharon visited her parents until Year-end Bonus ... Xmas Cash SAVE THEM They'll Compound Good YES, it's easy to spend holiday money. But if you limit yourself to a small purchase, save the rest here, we can help you buy something really big later on. Your money will be safe, earn top profits and make your good fortune even greater. Make year-end cash the start of full financial independence. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. . /.x' .' Mipi ciu brio . . . All Accounts Fully Insured'to $15,000' Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 —ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp of Washington, D. C. '67 CHEVRO Impala Super Sport Coupe—a dean new sweep in roof lineu. Now thai you've seen all the. daring new things our stylists did, get in and sample some of the safest, soundest ideas on the road! What you feel is as new as what you see—thanks to all the fresh thinking that's gone into the way it rides, steers, stops and looks after^your safety. It's got a remarkable new road feel —beginning with a ride so hushed and gentle you'll feel like calling this the '67 Shhhevrolet. The steering is as much as 10 C "J easier. And you'll find the stopping smoother, too. Everything new thai w We put safety features on top of hp Turbojet V8 and flat-cornering safety features. For example, an '- Tr ~ J " :t *~ energy-absorbing steering wheel atop the new GM-developecl energy- absorbing steering column. A dual master cylinder brake system with warning light. suspension. You can order it for either the Impala Super Sport Coupe or Convertible. Of course, there are all sorts of new , ., , . custom features you can add, too, belts front such as tape or FM stereo> But j f you find so much that's new a bit too much to remember-^ drop down And there's a new SS 427 perform- *- ->-!-•- »-•« *-i- - <*~»~ ance package—complete with 385- to sure. to your dealer's and take a drive. It'll all become unforgettable. / Xow m win Cbwnitet clealtT's, KOSSUTH MOTOR 108 SOUTH HALL ALGONA, IOWA

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