The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 5, 1891 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1891
Page 3
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ftt Postville Weekly Review. PfKXMU ETIRT SATURDAY BY W. N. BUROICK. T1BM8: $ 1 .bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. Sheet Mmiu at W. J. Hanks A Co's. of Sausage at Hart'* -All kinds Meat Market. —Mr. aod Mn. Frank thankigWing at Sibley. Hlnton ipent —Who will bring u* a cor* or two of greon oak wood, C. O. DP —Walter Chrlu changes his advor- tUcment to-dsy. Read it. tttr- hai —Mr*. Lucas »t© thanksgiving kty under tho parontal roof. —Largo quanllllos of lumber gone out from our yards this w«ok. —Mr. and Mr*. John R. Mott wsro to start for tho Pacific coast yesterday. —Will Roblie Is getting bit home well along, and will soon be linng at borne. —Poultry is eoming in lirely and prices are good. There are a number of buyers. —The Warner Comodr Co. is playing to delighted ntidienaes^at Waukon all this week. -Mr. tad ,Mrs. E. K. Hurdick will go to St. Paul on S.iturdny to tako their residence. up —The tirst number of the now paper will be issued on Thursday of uext weok, Dec. 10th. —Violins, Banjos, Guitars and Ac- cordeons, at Lowest Prices, at W. J. liauks & Co's. - Trent Orr dropped down on his family and friends yesterday morning for a brief visit. —Best Standard Oysters, per can, 25e. Best Standard Oysters, per quart, 30c, at John Thoma's. —Miss Cora Strike spent last Sunday at Xow Hampton and Nashua. Shu rvports ,i splendid time. ' —Mr. and Mrs. Henry Webb put in the time and ether good things llianks- g"iTin K " week at Rockford. —If you want wood laye worti with nae or any of any teamsters. P. J. BaccHB*. Dra»man. —G. S. Tuttle has sold bis farm in Grand Meadow township to Edgar R. Young. Consideration. #2,0O». - -Our Huliday Stock is moving swiftly. Come and make your selection bo/ore it is too late. Your* truly, W. CHBISS. — Remember ttv: X. P. S. C. E. social at the Cong, chuich this (Friday) oven- iag, and give the young people a benefit. —ThatJ man is^inSIuck M»ho;has no stock to feed this winter. Iven a horse or a cow is a constant reminder of the poor house. -Mutton at Hart's Meat Market. —Music Folios at W. J. Hanks & Go's. —Bulk Oyster* at Hart's Meat Market. —Yesterday was one of the gloomiest days of the season, but so long as a little rain fell wo will not complain. At Gray's Old Stand, Watch Repairing a specialty, and all work fully warranted. - Levi Armstrong Is In Chicago this weak buying more goods for the Post- Tills and Waukon clothing stores. His* Anna Boston Instructor on the piano and organ, Poatville, Iowa. — A carload of choice New York apples, mostly Baldwins and Gicen- iegs, just received at John Thoma's. 0. li. B. 0. with Mrs. John Sanders noxt Meets Wodncsday aftornoou —Joe Ueucher of tho city dray line has 7* cords of dry wood which he will deliver promptly to anyone wanting it. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, X'eicher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville,.Iowa. —The grip seems likely to have another run this winter. It cortainly will if we are to hava an open winter. Fruit! Fruit! Oranges, Lemons, Apples, Grapes, Persimmons, Bananas, Pomegranates, Quinces and Pears, at John Thoma's. If you want a gift Don't wait for Kris Eringle, Just go to the social And you'll get a JINGLE. Horse-Shoeing. Jio hit and miss, but a good job every clslWr and prices very reasonable. Titos. SnokTBiiu. -If you are in need of any Boots & Shoesiget the beat for the money at Lnhman & Sanders'. —Aug. Meier marketed a hog hero last Friday that weighed 73". lbs. It was a monster, though n perfect hug, and could stand aod walk as well as a smaller animal. —The Waukon Democrat says that the "Co." of Geo. J. Helming A Co., clothing merchants at Waukon. is Co. Treasurer John F. Dougherty. It makss a strong team. —Otto Helming made us a pleasant call on Wednesday evening, while on his way to St. Paul. He is one of the progressive young farmers and fancy stock breeders of Ludlow. Poland China Pigs For Sale. I have a few more Choice Poland China Pigs for sale. Those desiring any of them will do well to call early. 87tf G. W. HABHH. —We sell the celebrated Bissell Carpet Sweeper. It makes a useful and appropriate present. Every one guaranteed to give satisfaction or money refunded. W. CnRiss. — WaTregret to s«o that Conrad Thorns, is i 0 so feeble health, and hope k« may spesdiiy be better. He is able to be out bat little. —John Moctsch, Heury Casten and Klein tfc Lukenbill are entitled to credit and thanks for cash on subscription since our last report. —Timothy hay seems to be firm at $9.00. We have seen the time whsa we wUhed we coold eat bar, but not io». Potatoes are cheaper. —The Soekford News has suspended and <n:>vad to Manly Junction. Reek- ford U a larger town than Postville, but two papers could not live. —Poultry bought nnd sold at Hart's Meat Market. Nearly a Quarter of a Million Names. The address of every farmer in each county in tho state. For sale In quantities to suit purchaser. Just tho thing for business man. Correctness guaranteed. For terms, addross, THE TELEGRAPH, SOwd Dubuque, Iowa. —J. I. Shnphurd and family have returned from Washington ns far as Alexandria, Minn., atflr* settled thorn permanently. it seems the Psuilie coast did not agree with the health of either himself or family. We hope lie may tiot only have health but prosperity in his now homo. THE Nliw GERMAN CHURCH, Completed and Bedicatod. —It Is probable thai some man will be appointed councilman al the meeting this evening to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of F. M. Orr. So mo one should be appointed who is likely to bo elected noxt spring, as no ni/.n would like logo on the board just to lill n three month's vacancy. —We regret to learn of tho sudden doath of John Swi-naon, which occurred on Monday evening, from peritonitis. Vie hnd been unwell for about a month but was in town on Friday before his death. His family will Toseive 93.000 from tho supreme branch of the United Workmen. Postville Steam Mill. The undersigned having purchneed tho Postville Steam Mills formerly owned ana! opersted by Hiram Dreiser, is prepared to do Sawing, Planing, Grinding Feed, {scroll Sawing and Turning. Sundiiy, Nov. 22nd was a notable day for thu Ucrmnti people, not only of Postville, but for miles around, It being the day sot nparl for the dedication of tho elegant now church which lint been in course of construction for tho past two years. From tho first stone In the basement (o the top of tho spire tho nim was lo hnvo tho best mitl most substantial structure that could bo built. According to tlm first contract it wns to have been completed a yoar ngo, but it was found to bo too great a work to do well ia so slim t a lime. Thu baso- ment rnals on a vory llilek course of rock from Williams' cjnarry threo ftot and a half brond, which gradually diminishes in thickness until the lop ol the wall is reached, where it is two feel thiek, and all of the best selected stone. Tho wall* are amply able lo hold a solid three story brick building. Thti di-aiin.iiona of tho main building we 84x42 font, bat with tho porch projection the building is just 100 feet In length anil 4S feet in height. Tho tower is; 120 feet ia height from the ground- The building is a heavy frame vencorud with lirick, and cuvorud with tin shingles. Mr. Schutle had tho aonlract for the building. The internal work was done ns follows: The plastering by HaiBlet Bros., of McGregor. The frescoing by Mr. Jones, of Minneapolis, anil tho other iniidu painting by Nelson Urns., of McGregor. The altnr.and pulpit were madu at t'hitrles City anil thu chairs, which arc vary corafurtaiilR twenty inch opern chairs, 350 in number, wore fur- at reasonable rates. Planing and j nished oy Tbos. Ksne & Co grinding, Monday of each week. Your patronage solicited. K. D. STII.ES. To Old and New Subscribsrs. All new subssribars payiug $1.10 in advance will be credited to Jan. 1st, 1)193. and all old subscribers paying up to tho day of payment and 91.50 in advance will bo credited lo tho same ttrao. Our object is to have all subscription*, so lar as possible, expire Jan. 1st. Heni'O this premium. New Lumber Yard. Great wonderment of the times! Lumber sold cheap in Postville. San-! dcrs 4 KaplT krep on hand in their! yard a gineral assortment of all kinds of lumber, including the much celebrated Arkansas yellow pise ceiling, striight grain flooring, finishing, moukUd casings, corn»r head am! baao blocks, etc. A share of tho patronago is solicited. SxsDiJtl & KAPLKK. Jingle Sociable. List to tho call. Ye gentlefolk* all — And again be up and doing; On next Friday—one w»ek You're invited to seek The home of Mrs. MeEwen. On December elevon. From five until seven. You may have, if a dime ye>u take, A good wholosome supper Of beans, biscuit and butter. And a slice of cake for the palate's [sake. of Chicago, at an jxpento of §500. Mrs. Fred Thoma contributed n beautiful terra cotta baptismal fount at a cast of $75. The stained glass windows ware from a Minneapolis firm. The town clock that surmounts the church wns mttde in Michigan, at a cost of something over 9500 and thu chime of bulls, three in number, were mantifantareci in St. Louis. While there are but 310 chairs placed in the church 'his doss not represent the capacity of the building by any means. On the day of rloilicalion it is sstimatod that fully 100 people wcru present, and this number can be quite comfortably accommodated. A furnace costing ?250 i» placed in the basement, but like all other hot air furnaces is causing some trouble to manage successfully at all limns. The total expense of the church has not been definitely arrived al as yot. The building committee will nia*t to-day, when the exact amount can be ascertained. All indr:'jteil»cjs has bean paid except about $700. Tbi» will be a very light jurden ou so large and able a congregation, and they will not b« lung in raising it. This is tho largest and best church in tha state owned by that denomination, and is lite only one having a town clock. The business men and citizens raised the necessary funds to buy the clock ami one bell, we believe. The erection of this church, more J. W. WARD & CO. Special Sale of the following goods with a Ili.l.sal. Mter on Fries:, Whioh Are UNMATCEABLE Remember the Days and Dates. The goodB are the following Staple Articles PRICES CUT una m TWO ! J ARMSTRONG- & HOLTER, THE RELIABLE CLOTHIERS. ESTABLISHED IN 1883. ... .. . , ., . . . . i ! than anr other cause, has tended to All are invited, bo: h married and single, i So remember the date, tho place and : faiso the prico of iand around Post[the JISULK. 1 viile. It has brought largo numbers of 1 wealthy Germans here, and Ihey all —It pays to buy the be&t Rubber Goods you can get The Boston Rubber Shoe Co's are the best. Luh man & Sanders sell them. —Mr. aud Mrs. John R. Mott came on Saturday nigbt and surprised the old folks at home, who, with their many friends, extend heartfelt congratulations. Misses Clara and Hattie Mott attended the wedding. J! Ton Arc in Need of anything in the line of Hatches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Optical, or Musical Goodc, Sheet Music, Albums, or Stationary, do not fail to call on W. J. HASHS & Co. —About thirty members of the X. O. IT. W. attended the{ funeral of Mr. John Swsusun on Wednesday. He was buried in thu Minert cemnlery. —If yoo want any Framing done before tha holidays briag in your picture* aarly. We have Just rccadvud tho finest Hue of Mouldings nvec shown bars. W. CB«ISS. Short-Horn Bulls Tar Sals. Four pedigreed short-born bulls for sale cheap. One is eighteen jnonths old. the others yousger. Three miles southeast of Postville. 13m<J P. CUSCOSAX. —Wo arc gked to, see that one old democratic ^friend, Geo.; Pearson,, has Impros»d in health and hisf hearing' ha* also improysd. He was entirely duaf foe some days. —Suhuler Bros, have sold their moat market business to * Mr. Gilcon, who has taken possession. Goo. Sehulcr will remain for »time to learn Mr. Gilson tLa ropew. —A thorough Business Course, in~ eluding S-hortusnd, i» give* by Prof. Breakanrfd|pi at Decorsli, for only #6.0fr!n addition, to tb» regular tuition! feOa»niontb, —Don'tffailto loosrintolh* Wtmxw offics befbrctyon bujr youtr Cbrtetma> presents. Wbateror w* wilt ti* cold: attemper than svwr beforo. Albijm» and. dr*wsing;as*«e' awsty dawdv —Mr. HI O: Dayton, faforas* U* by- postal oavd that w* witfe th* othw county pagers max!* w error in tho •mount of school feud' «n> hiradV Ifc aboultt ba*«aM*J $M ?9tf? lusttttfo* •0,872 Z& Hotica: Thers will be a Basket Sociable at the M. E. church in Hardin, Wednesday, Dac. 3th, 1801. Puce of basketa Sfic. All sere cordially invited. BY OUDB» COM. TAKE NOTICE: I By a recent order of the Board of Supervisors, all persons owing taxes on Poll or Personal Property, are \ requested to calUat the Coonty Treasurer's office and make FULL PAYMENT of same before the First day of January, 1832, as after that date collectors wilt bo placed in eaeh township in the county to collect the delinquent taxes above mentioned, together with the fee allowed by law for the collection of such taxes. All taxes on Personalty prior to the taxes of 1837, will be received without penalty. Those taxec MUST BE PAID, and it behoovec all delinquent* to bo prompt in the matter and make settlement with the County Ttcasurer within the timu specilUd and thus save themselves unnecessary costs. want a home within reneh of this ela- gaat house of worship, and thej are Killing to pay more than anybody else for lands in this vicinity. Tke rosult is that nearly every farm that is sold is sold to a German; and it will not bo long before it w ! il bo a rarity to find an American born farmer in this section. There is no more honest, indastrious or thrifty class of ciiisen* anywhere than they, and we congratulate them on the enterpriso that baa built up in Post- villa the tiaost church of their faith in all tha great state of town. —For the annual baoimtft and business meeting Iowa State 'traveling Men's Association, to be held at Ues Moines, Dec. 3rd to 5lh, tho C. M. <& St. Paul H'y will sell excursion tickets at one lowest fare for the round trip. Will sell Dee. 2nd and 3rd, good to return until Dec. Tilt. M. E. TJLCCOTT, Age. "Wood Waxttadl Sealed bids for furnishing that whole, or * part of - eevcnty-ttve- ewrd'* of grsen, body oak wood, to be> delivered, as larrum »' Creamury, will be received by tha undersigned up to Dec IQth, 1801.- Ecxiso* ORB; Sea. MJUOUOBX- &ALL—3AWTEJ&-A6 tha residence of toe brtdo'*6rtlW* brother,-in Grand MendW township, on Wednesday, Oba; 2nd-,. Wftl, hygevev Bmy- ttoi-Mv. Chas. Ol HaHi. of Poatvilfe, and! MTs* Mary Av Sawyer,, ot Ctar- motiU You Can Ssl the Best For the Mossy AT; No. 1, Special Sale Men's Ready Made Clothing, Suits and Overcoats. Commencing Oct. 30th and lasting 30 days. No. 2, special sale Ladies' and Gent's Knit Underwear. October 30, lasting for 30 days. No. 3, speoial sale 160 to 300 bolts absolutely Pure Silk Ribbon, worth 40 to 75c per yard, will be sold for 26ic yd. Sale lasting till all 3old, No. 4, special sale 500 boxes Imported Iced Wool, at 20c a box. Sale last 30 days, or till sold. No, 5, spocial sale 2 50 Ladies' Jackets and Misses' Cloaks, bought of a manufacturer who failed, at 50c on the dollar. Sale last till all sold. These goods aro all new and latest styles. No. 6, special sale 25 yds. Best Standard Dress Cal jco for 1-00. Sale Saturday, Nov. 7, lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt. No. 7, special sale Pepperell R Sheeting, yd. wide, 6c yd., worth 61c to buy at wholesale. Sale Monday, Noy. 9th. Sale lasts One Day only. Each person limited to one bolt. No. 8, special salo Kerosene Oil, Best Quality Water White Headlight Kerosene Oil at 10c Gallon. Sale continues 30 days. No. 0, special sale Kerosene Oil. We will sell you the Ilaine Kerosene Oil, which is the finest high test illuminating oil in the United States, and is sold for 16i to 18c a Gal. at wholesale, and retails at 25c a gallon by the Drug trade. Wo will sell you in 5 gallon lots for 75c,worth 1.25. Sale lasts 30 days. No. 10, special sale Oil Cans. "The Pan American" 5 Gal. best Galvanized Oil Can made, with Pump, for 1.35, worth 2.00. The sale lasts 30 davs. No. 11, special sale Oil and Oil Cans. "The Pan American" 5 Gal. Oil Can with Pump, full of the Be3t Water White Headlight Oil*, for 1.75. And full of Ilaine High Test Oil for 2.00. You will surely appreciate this offer, when the can isjworth 2.00 without the oil in it. This strikes hard on competition, and they will cry: "HUMBUG;" "SWINDLE;" "IT'S A LIE;" "IT CAN'T ?BE DONE;" 6cc. But we will give $25.00 to anyone who will prove that the Oil and Cans are not both just as we represented them to be. 13"" NOTICE:—All goods advertised for Special Sale will be sold for CASH ONLY at th« prices named, and NOT:punched on the Premium Tickets. MEK'S CLOTHING. Men's Fisc gray Hair Line Cassiruera Suit, only 6.00, worth 8.00 to 10.00. •• jJarc Plaid Cstsimsra Suit, only 6.50, worth 9.00 to 10.00. •• '• Casak Urowa Cassimsra 8uic. only 3.00, worth 12.50. •• Fancv Plaid Wor.tct Suit, only 7.30. worth 11 00 U> 12.00. " " ,•• Gray and Brown PUid Oaasi-tere Suit, only 8.90, worth 11.40 to.IS.00. Taia is a splendid suit. " " " Gray Plaid 4 ButUn Cutaway Suit, splendid, only 9.50, worts H.00 to 16.00. •• Plaid, Fancy Woven, All Wool English Worsted Suit, esly 10.00, worth li.00. w •* fay and brown plaid All Wool Back Soit, sample enclosed, only 11.10, worth iS.fO. There is no sach thing as matching thia price. " - fancy dars gray All Wool * Button Cutaway Suit. 11.50, worth 18.00. This suit is ss good as gold asd will wear lixe iron, and saves you a goad many dollars on one suit. " " Gray Strips Cassimere laek Bait, made of all wool and, silk, only 1J.4Q. worth 1S.00. " •* All Wool F.nglish Corkscrew Worsted, heavy weight, only I9.M, wank 18.00. This ia one of the most elegant of suits. •• Blue Plaid Silk Mixed Koglish Worsted, only 13.00, worth 18.00 We will put ia all our beet lines of Fins English Worsteds, Silk asd Worsted Mixed, in fancy plaids and stripes, for 16.00. werth 10.00, ia cither sack or cutaway. The Ursatcst Bargains in the United States. MEN'S OVERCOATS. Meu's Fine ftrnwa Plaid, extra value, only 4.59, worth 6.50. Blue Fur Beaver, splendid value, only 4.S0, worth 6.50. " Wool Cray Cassimere. Tha best 10.00 coat In the country, sell it at 7.00. •* " Brown Mellon Beaver, fancy plaid Used, only 9.00. worth. 13.00- to H.00. » " Fur Bearer, silk eord bound, chgantly mads throughout, welted scans, extra quality, only 10.00, worvh 15.00 to 18.00. " " All Pare Wool tfeltOM Cloth, tailor made, splendid lining, guaranteed all wool, for onlv 16.00, worth 15.00 lo 18,00. •» All Wool English Corkscrew Worsted, only 10.00, worth 1*.00 to 10.00. These goods arc exactly as rsprascntcd sad many of these prices arc less than wholesale and cannot be replaced f ir tha money, nor bought of any other dealer in the United States at. thaw prices. The. abo*c list is only a few of the large stock wc carry, and gives you a slight idea- of what wc can save yon. 3FJCIN"> IS BELIEVING and Wi WANT YOV TO 3EX ear sUek. Some take advico and never give it; other* give advice and never take it. You can got all you want of it for nothing, and what you get for nothing you aro not apt to esteem very highly. Throw the advice away if that is the way you foel about it, but don't rejoot a good thing when it comoB your way. We make it our buainosti to hold tho loful by keeping ahead in PIT, MATERIAL AND PRICE, Whatovor else happens, you can make up your mind to ono thing —there will be no mi«take about tho fit and in all othor respects wo will guarantee to give you porfect satisfaction, v .Our stook of READY TO WEAR eii©f unci Is of superior material arid workmanship in all mzoa, and the stylea are adapted to the age and to suit tho, most critical. We invite special attention to the great bargains we are now offering in SUITS, OVERCOATS; UNDERWEAR. OLOVES AND MITTENS, ETC. Our long Experience as Clothiers and buying strictly for oash in large quantities, (for two stores,; onabloa us to secureevery article at the lowest possible prices and we give our trade the benefit of it. Our increased gales prove conclusively that thf trade appreciate the Low Prices wo aro naming, and we small continue to break the record on prices. yet w« Please Examine These Special Prices! Men's Goat Gloves, double palm, oil tanned. Men's Calf Gloves, patent wrist, welt seam, California tan, Men's heavy gray, random mixed, Shirts and Drawers, Men's extra heavy, vertical stripe^ wool Shirts and Drawers, 85c 60c 30c 45c We want your ntrade. and will make it pay you to come mile* to tintde with its. Be* sure and see us before purchasinfc; FUR COATS. FLOUR! FLOUR! FLOUR! The Celebrated Sioux City Brands! Bakar* Flour,. ABxaoe* Half Patent Flour, —4uuon> BterU'ngttiflev prmnV- Wtinty surveyor of Clstyt^aWoatyV tftftf my old? Mttlsnr oft SfegiNSMtV «*« dftWrttsf on. Tmjstf*y mghtv <Jftf 6*tf U#» ftot- *" •"V -MSI AC tb*ftavraw offioa may bo found ohcrtaar audi 6a«li{ptiitmoi» boards,. <awrud«av.M(lio^^dIa-de^lhR^ tbt> fafflattt&mw. omtdmmad: plsiyibg card*- Al* vetrjr dtaiy for the ball, day* W« now haw* fbit' am* oomplat* .stMaiotfsebewlJSiWJBTrusiKt'itt tft* V'cmy fvlU* sflttoot*ati(fWl) h sail thaw ait tb« lijww*solicwE bonrtf prices; W» «l"sn> eaww stblbtifaoto (rfalPsolwoI.' snppIlH* 1st tti» r <)wc «t {trf«*« iVriotrfraffstoK*; Perfect Full MyatfoBigix it- 1 £>6>y«t Sack IJ2® per Sack 1.25 per Sack I.35per Sack l>i5 per Sack Mtto* over $0 ttmm item i'w ttt« Woflil ^'wlict ^ftiif'iturjr fofamtiw SroQam footha uubt waathcr. Buy ynar Plaaaels. TTaiisrwnav, Shoes anrt Ovaraliooa oair. W* Mil Uua Bustaa Subbue Shoe Cc's Eubbars and Overshoes. Tlicy ar» tb» hast maibK All Wool SWrtmg Elannd» All! Wont Bad Shfcttngr fhuu»al« Plaiit Dcesa UaoUs, Efnani Grtwh, Bautgcr IX. SUoatlnifyactt wtdtf. j Haastod Coftae, jflc ! TcastCako*,-, ••• ^| Blva Rallnu. Oil Cans;. I Mao's ¥wr#r»hirt»„ Himaiserohfcfii,. Ox' Boy^stMicteiUv tu^b.! A lUtbman .&awtl 'Bi'a Corsets 20u per lb 3 paoars for So 3c lb. paokages I.Mcncb 38a saob 30<r#paii» IOeapaiti hartley cyffllbv Vfw BfcbaRlsofr JkSorenssv SlaaShuwi "Bhay twt|i» Wen ?!t«'o^an*Wcatri'oa;SbosoWWJSA. W*8a^*wto£»wan*ifijt«om. Wc an* rccaWinjr a Urge stoclr al Pur Casts, and prices will ba lower than any aompcliwv. Call and sac for yourself. LADIES' CLOAKS AND JACKETS. Ladles' Fur Besvcr Jacket, for - 8.00 " " " double br*sstflrf. silk loops, only 3.50 " flnc wool Bearer Jacket, double breastad, only - 8.75 - <• " " " '• wide silk facing, with light Astrsehan fur trimming; far only -• 8.00 " ffne all wool Twilled English Worsted, double breasted, silk faosd, f snuino AsWsohsn fur trimmed, only - 11.0* ne> Light; Colored Camera Hair Jacket, double bfcsstei). full fsnsdi with silk; and wM« hair seal collar, with, continuoua wide front fsoing to boctom wfth hair seal, only - 11.30 ** beat quality Imported 1 Worswdi Jaeker, full vest front, and one of th# »«r host quality in- market, for on ly ~ I*.30 All 1 the aboT#Jackotei*re'worth from 1.00 to-AOO more. PECTSB JJLCXXVS. Ladles' fln« Seat Wnsh Jacket, well' m«da and' lined throughout, only 7.SO, abeap aew.00. ffnn Seal Pinch Jsaker. double breasted, Hair seal loops, genuine silk lined tfirnughotttv «n% 9'.90, wortlv 14.00 to M:00; j — due StlW Seal Plash Jacket, imported; stock, heavy silk- lined tbronghoot, etnbrafderett front, facing, toe- most eJeganc Jacket, U.30,, worth 30.00. The goods are going' fast, Dom't wait too long; you may he too late to secure the Greatest Bargains you met saw. Thanking yon, for past favors, mod with a determinate to merityotir pato»Eage iit the fotore. ire remain, VewyTrx&yYomii POSTVDLLE, IOWA. A CORDIAL Invitation is extended to all om' patrons of Postville and vicinity to visit.our Store and seethe Mammoth Stock of aE kmds of Fiimi. tore, Carpets, Rxigs, Curtain* sad sll kinds of HOLIDAY OOOOS, We are here to please you and wfll try our utmost to give you Ooo^ Ootids; evtlivijs^ Prices. " Come sod se#u* If you doitt Iwy, you wHtJto tretsted courteotistr. To^^Vsiy Truly,

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