Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 1, 1898 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1898
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StXTY-TttlRD YBA& .Mnarjr (4, I«M.)» ALTON, ILL., THURSDAY DEC, i, 1898. TEN CENTS PER WEEK ••^* l *^^ M '"^!^^?M i gB'* > ^«M^^ __^.-- ' —-r.-jr;jiBr-i-niLLiiuijuir:i«.ljL_lJi:_--Ln.-_ _. •L.-.L-.II-,... i. n"- - ' i IIIIJIMII JJIMJ^ ^ ^f..»rW*i»^iMii»mim>»«»a«g^ ----- - fr.iL....j.___j_i_i^__jjmj]jBjj;iMi *MM«N* Give the People a Chance to Patronize You-You Can't Expect them to Come to Your Store Until They're Asked, Try the Telegraph* ^ J ^ J __^_^___ J _^_ a _ 1 _jl i _, M _^_ l _ 1 _ ai _^ _ _ ^ ^_,^^_ J ___^_^--_-__--__-_^^.»..^».»ia^^^^^M^»I^^^MM«MMMMMPM^*MI^*^>l»M«MaMl-»^^«M^ . . CONDENSED MILK. ; \ TAKE No SUBSTITUTC for* THE "EAGLE BRAND 1 THOUSANDS or MOTHERS TESTIFY TO ITS SUPERIORITY. 0 "iKFAItr HEALTH"sCNr FREE. N twV OR K CMMNIIO MIIN Co. N.V. ft ' Howell's Carpet House has home fine new pattenis in Carpets, just the latest things out, and the prettiest to be had. Rugs of all kinds, Linoleums, Oil-Cloths and all kinds of seasonable household goods we can show. Orders for Carpets should be sent in at once to insure prompt delivery. A. J. HOW ELL, 117 West Third Street. THE HOLIDAY SEASON IB at band at Marsh's Drug Store. You will find Cigars, Choice Perfumes, Hair and Cloth Brushes, And mnny nlber beautiful and useful things. We desire to call attention t-j our New FALL AND HOLIDAY GOODS, And invite you to inspect our lin* of Beautiful Rockers, Parlor Pieces and Desks. Our stock is more complete and our prices lowei than ever before. For good goods at low prices deal with the reliable and old established furniture house of J. SllTTER & SON 210 .Vfr. Third Street. Licensed General Superintendent and Meeoanlcal DraughUnMn. DATBMTS —To «mr perion wishing to obtUn Lett«« Patent on new Intentions or ImproTemeoU r dMlcni, I wnlJuonto drawing! and ipoolficaHoni and make application (er patentee, soa W. THIRD STREET, Third Floor. J. Bauer & Sons FURNITURE, Undertakers and Embalmers. Second Street. Opposite City Hell. Alton,_lll. Fire and Water-Proof ROOFS te- Gravel ^ Composition as. ROOFING MATERIALS Manufacture* nf JOHN M. SELLERS, of r i Louis, . Drop a po»tal W oi call OD E. C. MACK, Corner Sbleldf »«* **»""* Streets Electric Power. We are prepared to contract for Electric Power at Low **1f'$V*now of any manufactrer who s seeking to- cation a$H" him to correspond with us. . ElStflc Motors can be used for njnnlng Elevators; loperatinl ^1! kinds of machinery; pumping water: In fact "any mecr,a.nical application, call On us for \-H_I . A '• Incandescent tights Electric Telephone 93 'rightful Loss of Life on the New England Coast. MORE THAN 200 PEOPLE PERISHED. 'amongeri and Crew ol the W rooked Steamer Portland, All of Whom Were browned, Numbered Over 160 — The Shore Strewn with Wrccki, anil to Make Matter! Worm Another Northwest Storm 1* Sweeping tho Coast. Boston, Dec. l.—News of the losi of he Boston and Portland Steam Packet •ompany's steamer Portland, oft Cape Tod, and the death of more than 1BO lersons, comprising the passengers and rew of the steamer, and news from iltherto unheard-of ports In Cape Cod, flowing that at least a score and a half >f vessels were wrecked along that ihore with the loss of twelves lives, has come ae a dire climax to the pre- 'lous report of disasters resulting from !a turd ay night's storm. There are still ither places to be heard from on both Ides of the cape, which have not been cached by train on account of wash- iuts and which are cut off from other means of communication by broken wires, blocked highways and shattered bridges. While the total loss of life an not be estimated with any degree of accuracy, It IB known that more than 00 persons perished. This estimate Is made on the basis of only one from each crew reported missing, and each f which would Include at least three, while the larger schooners would have even or eight men aboard, Fifty-Six Vessels Totally Wrecked. From present reports It Is known that fifty-six vessels have been totally wrecked, while forty-nine are ashore vlth hardly a chance of being saved. Of the fifty-six total wrecks, barges not Included, forty-three craft aggre- ate 12,202 gross tonnage. Of those" In perilous positions twenty-eight aggre- ;ate 7,169 tons. The stranding of the big English liner Ohio and the ocean ug are not Included In the estimate given, nor many of the big coal barges ashore In Boston harbor. :he position of these latter craft Is now dangerous, for they are exposed to the northeast storm which has started In lere, and which promises several Inches if snow at least. A brisk wind of twen- y miles an hour Is blowing from north northeast. These conditions will ;reatly Interfere with the work that is >elng done at points where vessels were wrecked, as the sea Is running high and he snow Is thick on the water. The number of schooners which have been driven ashore in fairly safe berths or damaged by collision or dismasted can be reckoned by the scores and many of them are likely to be Included n the list of total wrecks before the day ends. - Five Victims of the Portland. Five bodies have been recovered at Orleans from the Portland. The vessel was wrecked Just north of Cape Cod. fhe wreckage and a great "many bodies are drifting south, possibly as far as Nantucket. It Is thought that the northeast gale will bring bodies In. The entire cape Is patrolled. The body of Dudley Freeman Is the only one Iden.|fled as yet. It will be shipped to Port- and. There appears to be little apprehension for the safety of the steamer Gate City, of the Savannah line, In spite of :he report which reached here that a Ife preserver bearing the name of the steamer had been picked up on Cape Cod. The steamer Chattahoochee, which ias arrived here, reports having passed the Gate City at Montauk Point, L. I., at 8:30 Monday afternoon, and that there was nothing amiss with the Savannah liner as far as could be ob- ierved. The storm was over at the time the Gate City was seen by the Chattahoocee, and In all probability she Is safe and near her destination, Savannah, Ga., by this time. SNOW DBIFTS ABOUT GOTHAM, Suburban Traffic. Blockaded—Long Island Lines Again Suspended. New York, Dec. 1.—The storm which began Tuesday night with rain, followed by hall and snow, blocked traffic In the suburbs Wednesday and delayed It In the city. While the storm had none of the severity of the blow of Saturday and Sunday, coming so soon on the heels of that utorm It Increased the difficulties of Hi? fi.uatlin. Even the " lines vuffeud, and many persons were obliged to walk long distances In order to get <'owrt.iv n In Brooklyn, In the Bronx ami In t', e borough of Queens there was a ivp<?i:il ,n of the annoyance and illsrcinfrri of Sunday. The main, lino of thi; Long Island railroad IB ueuln blockaded, and on a number of Us locul brunches traffic Is suspended. A train is burled In a snowbank at Mlr.eo'a. The trouble was aggravated by a high wind, which refilled the cuts made through the drifts that resulted from Sunday's storm. I'assed u Wrecked Schooner. New York. Dec. 1.—The steamer Leon, from Port Antonio, reports having passed the wreck of u schooner in latitude 37.41. longitude 74.24. The •chooner was without masts, and her hull was well down In the water. Her name was not ascertained. IllonliiK Signals for Help. Lynn, Mass., Dee. 1.—An unknown three-masted schooner, heavily laden, Is In distress In Nahont bay, off Fisherman's beach. She has been blowing horns for help and the Swampscott life Raving crew has gone to her assistance. Did Not Sink n-llh I'ortland. Portland, Me., Dec. 1.—H Is learned that L. F. Strout, first pilot, and B. B. Dcerlnn, mute, previously reported aboard the steamer Portland, were not with her when she was ^wrecked. Charged with Kor_lni[ TlukuU. New York, Dee. 1.—John Cagney of Jersey City was arrested at his home at the request of a private detective agency, which had u requisition from the governor of Nebraska for Cagney, charging him with forging railroad ticket! on the Burlington and Mlsioui'l railroad. Boyoncl the fact that the forgeries are said to have been committed during the Omaha exposition, the particular* are not known. uvwum • Arnica naive. The beat wive in the world for oote bratteo, sore., uloere, ealt rheum, fever •ore*, tetter chapped hand*, ohil- blalna, corn*, wad all akin eruptions and positively otvei pllw, or no pay required. It li guaranteed to give perfect aatWaotlon, or money refund- ad, Prloa «fl cento per box. Tor eal» B. Marih. Alton and Upper Alton When safferiDR from a severe oold and your throat and longs feel tore take a doee ofl IFoley's Honey tbe soreneaa relieved, a fee 11 n g, a n i and Tar, when will be at onoe warm, grateful healing of the parur affected will be experienced tod you will uy; "I feela*ogo«d. U hit. the .pot'" ItU guaranteed. Bold by B. M»r«b and 0 B.WyM. RoVAL Baking Powder Made from pure cream of tartar. Safeguards the food against alum* Alum baking powder* are tfaegreatot mcnacera to health of the present day. HOT*. MKMO fOWDtBOa. POLITICAL BOW AT CHICAGO. On* Mnn glint to Death and Oilier* Receive Had Woundf. Chicago. Den. 1.— The election of the Eighteenth Ward Republican club re- lulted In a pitched battle In which a icore or more pistol shots were fired. one man being killed and four Injured. Charlt-s Latlmer, a bricklayer residing at 111 West Van Buren street, was killed. William Mahoney, a detective rpm the Desplalnes street station, was shot In bnth nnns and side. He was aken to tho county hospital and will •ecover. John W, Landers, a laborer, •esldlng at 91 Jackson street, had his finger shot off. L.. J. De Sourek, a laborer. residing at 427 West Adams street, was shot In the left leg. He was taken home. John Prince, a Jan- tor In the county building, was shot In the left leg; taken to his home at 171 South Desplaines street. The battle was the result of a feud of long standing between rival factions for the control of the party machinery n the ward. It was fully expected by joth sides, apparently, and preparation was not lacking. NEWS FROM THE KLONDIKE. It Will lie Some Time Before the Gold Seekers Are Heard From, Victoria, B. C., Dec. 1.— It will probably be the end of December or the beginning of January before any news Is received from the men who have chosen to spend the winter In the rich gold- aearlng creeks of the Klondike. So say those who arrived here on the Cottage City, the last of three steamers arriving here to leave Skagway. The other steamers were the Danube and the Queen City, which reported very rough trips. The Danube reported that the Excelsior, which left Seattle a few days ago for Copper river is on her way back, her boilers having collapsed. The Yukon below White Horse rapids Is frozen over. Norman D. Maeauley, manager of the White Horse tramway. was nineteen days In making the trip from the rapids to Lake Bennett, a trip that under ordinary circumstances Is made In two or three days. About BOO men will winter on the creeks In the Atlln river country. Burke Disbarment Proceedings. Cleveland, Dec. 1. — President J. M. Henderson of the Cleveland Bar association, Issued a call for a meeting of that body at I o'clock Saturday, when the verdict In the disbarment proceedings against State Senator Vernon H. B. Burke will be made public. It Is expected the verdict will cause a hot fight. It Is stated that friends of Judge Dellenbaugh will be present In force. Any attempt to adopt a verdict which In any way reflects on the Judge will be resisted by them for all they are worth, It Is said. They will Insist the verdict be a conviction or a simple acquittal of Burke. _ Judge In an Innane Asylum. San Francisco, Dec. 1. — Judge Charles Ben Darwin, for many years one of the most noted lawyers of California, has been committed to the state Insane asylum at Napa. Judge Darwin came to California In 1849 with an ox team. He returned to Iowa In a short time and filled the positions of city collector for Burlington and district attorney of Des Moines county. He was atferward Justice of the supreme court of Wash Ington territory. Magowans* Proposed Plea. Cleveland, O., Dec. 1. — The hearing on the motion of abetment on the Magowan Indictment case did not come up before Judge Dlssette, as the motion to set aside the Indictment has not yet been filed In the clerk's office. The Ma- gowans will put up the plea that It Is not a crime for a woman to take her own child, and for that reason Mrs. Magowan has committed no crime and the Indictment against her should be set aside. nought Hie Clruut Knuterll Distillery. Peorla, Ills., Dec. 1.— Jacob Woolner has bought the Great Eastern distillery, but Is non-committal as to what he Intends to do. J. B. Greenhut be lieves It will not be operated as a distillery. The Standard Distilling and Distributing company recently bought the building, and dismantled It, and then transferred It back to the owners because they could not get the land. Kitiiiori of u Miners' Strike. Masslllon, O., Dec. 1. —President Willlam Morgan of thu district miners or ganlzatlon has Issued a call for a convention of the miners of four counties In Massllion on Dec. 12. This call, coming just after the meeting of the na tlonal officers of the union In this city, la causing local operators no little alarm, Inasmuch as the air Is filled with rumors of another strike, Secret Passage Under the Tiber. Home, Dec. 2.— A search of the vaults of the Cor.lnl palace for possible anarchist arrangements to blow up the antl-atmrc'lilnt conference, which Is meeting In the palace, lad to an Interesting orcheologlcal discovery of a secret puBnagu from the Corslnl palace beneath the river Tiber to thu precincts of the Furnese palace, where theFrencli embassy Is located. Crack Cycllut Kills Uhnielf. Watertown, N. Y., Dec. 1.— Fred W. flantcr, 22 yf.ara of age, the champion bicycle rider of northern New York killed himself ut his home at Pamella. Canter's wife died In the morning whllu giving birth to a child. Her husband took a rifle and went to the room where hla wife's remains had been laid out and .hot himself. Death was Instantaneous Halter's Answer to Ouar. Uurlln, Dec. 1.— The details of the new army bill, Just published, show tha Prussian peace contingent will bt> Increased by 11,424 men and 2,850 homes The Buxon contingent will bu Increased by 2,073 men. Hurr Eugene Hlchter, the radical leader, cnlls thli "Germany'! answer to the czar's disarmament pro. posttl." __ _ DrJBull's MoUwwrTM. "a>"i<<-% ful remedy will uv« your child'* lib when ttUcfced n Case the Army Is Increased by Congress, VOLUNTEERS WAST TO (iO HOME. Senators and Htpre*tntnttva» Receiving Numeroiift Itcqnc*t« Tor tlie Munter Out of ItegtinenU—Orent Improvement In the Health of I ho Army During the Past Two Months—American and Spanish Cntninlaftlmiers Discuss Treaty of Peace, Washington, Dec. 1.—If congress early In the session should make provision for the Increase of the regular army It Is quite probable that none at the volunteer regiments now In the service will be sent to do garrison duty In Cuba, The troops first to be sent to Cuba will be composed largely of regular regiments so far as they are available. Plans am maturing for the muster out of as mnny volunteers now In service as la possible. The demand of the enlisted men to go home and leavw the service Is growing greater and greater every day. This Is true In nearly every garrison and the arrival of senators and representatives with requests for the muster out of regiments of men In the regiments has largely Increased during the past three days. Regulars for Manila. It Is well known that the volunteers at Manila desire to come home, and the war department Is considering the question of sending regular regiments to replace these volunteers as soon as ar- rangements'can be made. The regulars who are available for this service comprise those regiments on the western coasts which saw service at Santiago, and there Is a disposition to have them recuperated and recruited to their full strength before sending them to Manila. A great Improvement In the health of the army has taken place within the last two months, as shown by the last reports to the surgeon general from the field and general hospitals. The hospitals at Chlckamauga park have been emptied and abandoned. The same Is true of the division field hospitals al Camp Hamilton, Lexington, Ky., and Jacksonville, Fla. Hospital Train Idle, The hospital train which has carried nearly four thousand sick men from the various camps, to general hospitals Is now lying Idle at Washington. The general hospital at Port McPherson Ga.. has only 200 patients remaining and reports 423 vacant beds. The Jo slab Simpson hospital at Fort Monroe has 400 vacant beds. The general hos pltal at Fort Myer. Va,, has S50 vacan beds and only 162 patients remaining The hospital at Fort Thomas, Ky. which recently received the sick from Camp Hamilton reports 371 In hospita and 103 vacant beds. OPPOSED TO EXPANSION. Senator Hoar IH Against the Acquisition of the Philippines. Worcester, Mass., Dec. 1.—Senator Hoar haa announced himself as positively opposed to the acquisition of the Philippines by the United States.- In a communication to The Gazette he says: "We have not, so far, any news which Is absolutely trustworthy of what they are doing In Paris, But If the report Is true that It Is proposed to buy Spain's 'sovereignty of the Philippine Islands' and pay $20,000,000 for It, 1 do not believe that such a treaty wll be agreed to, and I don't believe It ought to be agreed to. Spain has very little sovereignty In the Philippines to sell just now: and I do not think the people of the United States are In the market to buy sovereignty just now or that the constitution has conferred on anybody the right to buy any such commodity. The constitution was framed upon the theory that sovereignty Is not saleable. Ths people of the United States have conferred upon nobody the power to make such purchases In their behalf. We have acquired territory, either vacant or so sparsely set tied that there was no people capable of governing It and no form of a nation al life. We have, also, In one recent case, acquired a territory where the original germ of national life had perished. But neither of these precedents applies to the Philippine archipelago, with Its millions of Inhabitants." DISCUSSING TUB TREATY, American and Spanish Commissioners In Session at Paris. Paris, Dec. 1.—The Joint peace oom- mlsslon devoted two hours and a half from 2 to 4:30 p. m. drafting the three first articles of the peace treaty protocol, dealing with the cession of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines, upon which the commissioners agreed In principle. A general discussion on the other articles followed, but no decision was reached, and the joint commission adjourned fur tha day. The Spanish Instructions to Senor Montero Itlos, which were drawn up Tuesday evening, were to request the linim-dhilc n-losisc of the Spanish prig oiit-i'H In tin- I'htllpplnc Islands, to nego tlate navlBnllim "'-'I 'iirlfT ndvimloKea THE EXCEUENCE OF SVKUP OF FIGS is due not only to tho origlimllty and ilmpliclty of tho combiuutlon, but also to the care and skill with which It Is manufactured by BcleiitlQo proccsse: known to the CALIFORNIA Via Svitui* Co. only, and we wish to Impress upon all the importance of purchasing the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALiroiiNfA Fio SVBUP Co. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless Imitations manufactured by other par- tiea. The high standing of the OAM- roitNIA Fio BVHUP Co. with the medical profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Byrup of Figo lias given to millions of families, make, tho name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of iU remedy. It is far la advance of all other laxatives, M it acts on the kidunys, liver and bowels without irritating or weakening them, and It does not gripe nor nauseate. In order to get it" beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Company— CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. •AN FBANCWO*, teL MVUTUM. Kr. ID Pain? In tho Book 9 Then probably the kidneys. In tho Ohomt? Then probably the lungs. In too Joints? Then probably rheumatism. No matter where it is, nor what kind; you need have it no longer. It may be an hour, a day, or a year old; it must yield to Dr.Ayer's Cherry pectoral piaster Immediately after applying It jron feel its soothing, warming, strengthening power. It quiets congestion; draws out Inflammation. It is a new plaster. A new combination of new remedies. Made after new methods. Entirely nnlike any other plaster. The Triumph of Modern Medical Science. The Perfected Product of yean ol Patient Toil. Placed over the cbeat it is a powerful aid to Ayer's Cherry Pectoral in the treatment of all throat and lung affections. . Placed over the stomach, it stops nausea and vomiting; over the bowels, it controls cramps and colic. Placed over the small of the back, it removes all congestion from the kidneys and greatly strengthens weakness. For sale by all Druggists. J. C. Ayer Co, Lowell, Mass. in the Philippine' Isfanijs In favor- or Spain, to obtain a ratification of several treaties of commerce with former Spanish possessions, and an arrangement of the debt of the Philippines, and If possible, of the Cuban debt. The government also agreed to refuse a ratification of the protocol of 1875, Natives Form a Republic. Manila, Dec. 1.—Reports from Hollo state that the natives of the Vlsayas Islands have established a republic. In some of the Islands the rival republics are now at war. Dlanco [.eaven Havana. Havana, Dec. 1.—The Spanish mall steamer Vlllaverde, with Marshal Blanco, the former captain general of Cuba, and his suite on board, left this port at 1 a. m. National Municipal League. Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 1.—Tlia sixth conference of the National Municipal league began In the assembly rooms ol the Commercial club . This Is the most Important meeting of tho league since the organization has been formed. Its purpose Is to discuss what It regards B.B the first essential of general municipal reform—an Ideal or model system of government. Plot Agatnit Prlnco Ferdinand. London., Dec. 1.—Special dispatches from Budapest published here In the afternoon papers say that a plot to assassinate Prince Ferdinand of Bulgaria has been discovered ut Sofia. It Is added that numerous arrests have been made. Gold Cominc from Europe. New York, Dec. 1.—Morton, Bliss & Co. announce they have $1,000,000 gold coming from Europe on tho steamship Majestic. Railway Fireman Killed. Red Bud, Ills., Dec. 1.—A freight train was wrecked near Oraville, on the Mobile and Ohio railroad, thirty miles south of here. Fireman Regie wai killed, Engineer Ooodln scalded, and Brakeman Hunt «erlounly Injured. AnII-Halooii I.uugmi. Delaware, O., Deo. 1.—The natlona conference of thu Anti-Saloon league is holding a Uirue days' session here twenty-two states having representatives In attendance. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, and Other Vermin. IT'S A KILLER. After eatiug, »ll vtrmln »eek vmttr and the open «Ir Hence lliii killer l> the most cleanly on eanll. Por Sale by all DruugUta. Price, IS Cent*. NEWTON HANUFACTURING & CHEMICAL CO. 98 William Strwt. New York. HENRY J. KLUNK, mal» «oTB»».Jff»taUtt taf»», m»tal tit anb iloth ra»k»t». tfurlul cob» 0»»iU»m»n ont> 819 »la»» •!*»•». jHotf s ftoverine Pill: The greai remedy fo nervous pros (ration an all nervou ', diseases of the generative or, gam of eithe tt.x, luch as Nervous Prostration, Falling o lost Manhood, ImpoUncy, Nigtttly Emis tions, Youthful Errors, Mental worry, ex ceulve UM of Tobacco or Opium, whic! lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.0 per box by null; 6 box*s for $5,00. MOTT8 CHEMICAL CO., Prop'i, Cletelawl, Ohio For aale by S. B. Wyes. 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Marah and 8. 11. Wya0. __ A Ca»e of Kidney Disease Given Up by four Doctor.. Heaver Dam, O.—My daughter, after beltiR treated by four doctors aod Hi veil up for lost, a neighbor reoom- mended Foley'u Kidney Cure. To- tlity she is able to walk aeveral miles without fatigue. 1 feel we would have loot her if It was not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Bold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyua. Dr. i*6ll'8 Pine-Tar-Honey aoln UH a balm to the lunge, cutting the mucus, allaying the inflammation, heullnt; and strengthening, It will cure n uoii|;h or a cold in one night and oxiillerutoB tho lungs a'gaiuiit we Inception of diueuse. 20o at good drug torus. No ourou no pay. When You Take Cold nothing comes in so useful aa B bottle of Dr. Hell's Pine-Tar-Houey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup Of other bronchial trouble. 26C at up- ta-date drug utorea. O -A.» r Jt' Buri tlu Blgutu* tt

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