The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 21, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1927
Page 5
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THE If- i , DOOGHgRBlT ^ H-«ot^o^' ^SAlXTf i —Jx Ih'kth slrlkes Garrjeti Fol.soin \vJiiI« liaUUAc; it 0 ean Towir, N, .1'. rt 1« flipukhi J i ftrMt hp is a:Hlr |3ke vlctlip, Ihut rivejulgalloii slicw'« he hiii betn Htubboci to dflilh beneath t >.o wat^r. iKi>li <om 'K sxv|iiiinlPK iotripaiiluiis iHii.H jpiartncr': Afra, f elPii narna- hy aiiU Carhn SU a Hlou. U 1 -s ••M .-iliifshcU Hi itiFoJr >ni. jiist iii- furc )iif<. (leatli; |baJ bfLU-ii sianil- tiiR tifit (0 Nei Ba roi!. known ai ,th»; 'copper k: n '>^ni8ia8ia iFijlj-ou .'arrives cfcenfrif s, fVit of the. UeaJ vaMa, .'arrives ini . \-i(k<.:e com- nia.Tid At the i i<i«iest t| <H leanteil that r the daatii we: {lo<< was aj piclia), an Oicuuil knife, aiui that It bad \i\iPM bo. gitt on ihe > bdar*lralk. .h; i irt ii aJsj e^ailisli ;fl that-one : «"royddn,:Jeajrs IsU fa: idcpof curious TjnivesJ Jlsafeta i a engages la|rdiil ;ct. to work on tlic casc-l. jyan IMton. the ilqail iman's nfpHfrw; irrives, and iifjks , Anastasia'5f hs I niay have .the curiocs Frdrif.-li ci ills in Oar- ret fs room, j . i Now (-0 »a ittltli Ihp Story • • ' • u..},_ • •• • CHAPTipi X jVea, of coiiVii ^l"' AiasfssJa said. want them, •jar about the merest ed7'; draiu comiufc . "Ijpnl knows don 't But: ^hero .Kdi i|o^i hf people belBg so "'Heard it onj tiho do'wn 1 here." Dan [Pelton answered. "On the stag^' (toriti ipttoo that bruuc^ht incfronjthQ station. In th* loftb.v as f iarac hroiigh. .At (he;' d^sk as I twrfi^ed to iicar from you. iThe to^^uja are wagsine all afounkl. M- ' "IMa you—did : Ciicy [siig?. st' any hatnesr-"' ' ; ' . "Thtere seem, tb be itatn '^P in the air—lKi> Tracys. who' they? ".Vohscaae, fh<!j{'re. people ' who Blood jby. They only iinew Garry ^li^tl}-, if at aillJ'But iossin tncan.s nothths;. i hivH a (R-tcctlve cn- ^^ged-ptbat Is. lid is not la detective, '^ut 1 I propose: iplmuHcUlm over 'into oue." "Flnp plaij:" wifb .sircasini "VesL: if Is,': You know', Ross, the funeral will be tomorrow." i •'^ies. fiir, but inot exactly u neral, .is it, i<ir'."' ••.Vot wliat it would be if wif were in Chicago. it)ji i dai'.e.iay it'll tlx- dam been 8pe4dlng gan, will will stol istart ) off NORTH of LJAHAR K-eb. IS.—'Mr. ai^d Mrs. Holenian, who havei (he winter in Mich home next week ar d in Kaiuias City to vi iit their daughter .before returning home. .^fr. and .Mrs. J... iKJth in very poor danghter, Mrs. Krok -il .MtCull certainly Rood to go and cari them. all the -s.irvlits my poor unide xWll j Mr. and .Mr.s. K4rl Snvder bav.- road ov-rr.him iFor my aunt , ii„io .laueh.^r \uL,. ^i.,! little daughter, .Mojna Clare., • alleM at .Mr. I. Melm's Moliday, in their way fronii to Kt. Sc-ott. ;.Mrs.!Snyder w better remembered' as .Miss are Their •y is t for is and were .plans to sVay here on the job. \Vli;il (•o you think about it. liossr .\n^ idiav who did for ray unule'T" ••'Xo. i\x. I'ellon. I've no Ide::, .Mr. Kolsoni did have some—well, ji'tone. ; what 1 suppose mlBht bo railed T ••Mien Davis H repairing enemies, si^. but they were not, iiou^^e on bis farm, down here.; I mean ra<n in ChU-; .Mrs. Sibbllt. sftatci speaker, <ai:i. business nieii and sucb." ; the W. C. T. I', and I.Mrs. Ru "Yes, thills! just the way I lookj<;ounty president, t4ok supper at it. Yet he was killed liownMrs. S. I. tJ.ifford Wednesday here. But pshaw, any or all of j Ing. . ; those Chiiago business men might; Mrs. Loose will go to her dilugh- have been down here and no one j tcr's in northern i.N'rtraska kftcr suspect iheJr presence in the | her sale which is next Tuesdby. i The Rev. Mr. Skinner of Savoni burg, has Iwught Mrs. Gate's jilace Dan Pellon joined bis aunt for, in the southwestern j part ofj llarpe and will n^oy<^ here, daughter taught in the Lai City II be •:tlitl his for fisell, with ven- -Ve'v York! crowds on ocean." the beach and in the: daughter taught ih the Lai .schools a few years ago. Mr. Helms and .Mr. Yancy ^tiver- lutKheon, and they sat in the public dining room; quite, indiifirent to the curious eyes that watched them and the busy tonpuco ih,it wafiged in gcstip about them. jeil a part of ;.\Ir. McGrew's 1 ofise They had reached the stage of it he last of the wee W. coffee and cigarets when Roger;, Mrs. Grove yisitejl i her Neville jeanje in!o ilhe ••onm. .ic-{|.Mr.s. Stutevillej Tuesday. .- companijed by Mrs. Val-ion; i ' 71,^ ]„ral institu^! held The dair at once came over to I .Woman's CbrlHtiaii !ald: Halid <f<ilte- iiuconcernj'd at "t Mraiwj you to :kftow b .Nliss Folsom, ' Jils .sneer, h m —Ripga is 111'! namel . .Now,[ban first Sof all. If you 're going |IQ ituke tiiese jrooms Alt (5flrrf'«r-^jnd I thin : jit 's good \ ide^llMp me i fir d. ai other suite, ibr 'me, and Pnjdt nd yjin get' bold ot 'RosH till help is move." "GQoi\. auntir. Ho ilo 1 git bold of; RosSV 'l Th<" Ifiead niafi s fo incr vulct was -summoned. : nd ^ •eme<l will -.j •ins- en '>|URb to jtaii' set i -ice for the present'with the lephe' of bis late , mnstorj- i • i "We've met |>^f>re, : |r. I'ellon." Boss sitld. "thc)U |j ;h not often. And) lin pl«^y to st ?..Y here.ih iplhg 1 may be r>f.jsome li se ia h Iptris Mi$s; Fol: on^ nn <i. It e iillaiil who used I daggjer." J Vsj, we're lail going. 10 do all, call in that ii^," Dan. agreed,' then the>l M thfjmseU'es to thae ive :.Tnd the tabje where .Vi.js Kolsoni iiat !iand renewed their acnuaintauco with Pelion. Dan was gl;ul in talk to .N'cyille. and proposed lhat jthey all go up the, nephew Cnion February 16, b>^ Temperbncc on the veranda, or deck, for a chat. I Iti'^so'l ^f Oarlylo, The others, who ^ad lunched already, .assented, and they went, liolned later by .Mrs. Barnab.v. who had not before,meti Pelton. She annexed him i at once, as she did any availablo man. and exclaimed, admiringly: I declare, the more I see of the Folsoon • family the better I like them! Poor dear -Mr. Folsom was sucii^a darling, and Miss Folsom is truly magnificent. And now. you, 'Mr. Peyton! You're the sou.^ ip27. was well atfendefl. Besides >i|r own: 1 oine m our tate ibWtt of V'ich- presidcnt. Mrs, and Several The lolks. we had wltlJ iui< our worker. Rev. .Mary .'j iiaand our county Urom Mildred. Tlilfl song 'World is <;oing Dr)f'iwa.s 8Un|; by all. .Mrs. Russell cad the devotional period. Shi ireart JoMiua lit-S and gave a ,ery bencUcial explanation, applyii g; the rcajding To the W. C. T. U.. •» ork. She then offered prayer. Tl e song. "t|omc Glad Day." waa sUlgi by all. iOur local president. Mrs. S. I. Glfford. who pT:e.slded and ed In sinking.' introduced Rev. Ma r, Slbbltt. |who laftcr me." Fortunate ic^urse. <hi.s terrible tragedy. I! the jmt^tter of gating 1 jore rooms. ••\Yhat sort of L-bmmi iits do they ^ake in niy libcije, R^^s?" Pelton ^sked, caisuklljf. [as they were at last; b}] tpemsejlvep aim! Ross was unpac ^ng hici new* ma< Kr's belongings, i i ! j ' i "Well. Mr. I^«ljtoh,. t iat:s a hard ciuestlob. jberause I d sllkc to say hard tninjp of!5{(rp Fo sbm, even If thej-"re| oiilj' the-speec h! of others. Biiti hoj w'ak; np^: liigh y! spoken of by ;inany: sir." /' , [ i "Yet jfew 'doWjn here Unew htm." •;'.Mor<>. than jyju 'd. iljink. sir. .Many aj man knjswf hin or knew of; himjwljio has op y s; id so since hcLslgo^c;*- i I. ': . , ': "^iou liked jhim Ro^s " ^ "He V.*as a; Kniod master, sir. . Striet. ndeed.j ant' Insfetont on his o >d .eVs being learned-oiiti to the let- atid fi^r, and lib- igave a splendid a work and duties ofl La- His arpe HARKEt Away Many Traders Are ForiEctehded W^k- Endttqliday. Feb. 21. (AI FAHi MJAJr. K. XWi. fiuarier of section 15r25-2U, Mailniaton. and Mr. >>'. D. Fronk of t$alem loinship. who owns N. '.ij l^r the .V4 V. and H. ^ of NW. 14. i iifc^icm i!!(-25-l9. afks about the .sfjill survey of their land, 'i \yi'.h the exception of a very ini; II i'lc'jp on .Mr< ji^ronk's south- ^et^t corner of his land, both par- cjes land. Is all Osvegp silt loam, fcnolwii tt'r I "while a«liy land" and i^iru. '••>'('-""" j n,;..ji.s Mitie and organic matter, many traderV away for an I xt.-iidid^j,,,^,.^.^.^ Sedg« Ick clay loam wiek end -h)jliday, speculation, for ^ ,^ ,^ jj^e .ihutb of hem and this rert land differs fJ-in their land In as much •'iji.s ft hasi btenty of 1 me. Both .Mr .Miner's i^rtd .Mr,,Fronks the advancd' slowed up ijonsider- ably today, meeting incre; sed rc- ':l*tBnce thiough heavier profit t.-^Ing aiii' bear selling. Offer-! iiips s?ncrally were fair!*- ( -With! kell ab-! PUBLI^ every Bishoti AUCTip.N |5ati rday 8 Sales PUBLIi: Sji Comm luitj Hec'kefaliattle. Grtgg Jagclol Coehrin. Selm interest : write w >.j "I .-j i.V"",'. ^'iland need different ireatmeint from sorbfcd, considering'that lie mar-; ijhe land " kot has just .completed f'Uir weeks! 'rJ ,ev , stleadily risins p ices. ' j^erimcnl ster. tbe ress oh the lor Hnofhpr «ii«t#.r'" !••"<» -uti luiijt-h oil the Wodao 's Y"ef !,^;::.ts'died .vears 4-! ^^Sl'^'l^J ^^^'a"! K ^Sl '^o a„d^my..a,rnt and uncle l.ave .""kTl! r ^i-ty ^ruef ^J^ils wl .ch Incept. If!i;-rbri:\i ^^-„sfe l.ver. statesman and ja ministek- of r a de- Renewal <if the call moAey rate at A per cent,-despite th| deficit in reserve shown in the ii ')Uso stattmeut last calmed any fears of a te|iii)orary credit stringency. ' Baldwin i'.pproacbed >JLithin a tew points pf the 20n nnirk pre- dii.-tetl for the stock when jihc (-ur- r-.-Ht advance started a few weeks »go. Canadian Pacifi to the highest price in ov caOe. . • j ^ tills showed sisiis of Iiei part wi'h some of tbe hiiyinp. Motors failed to make niii"-!i j roprcss. '>i5t some of Ihe accessor; ; shares rei-ordcd gopd-gains. /' Willi* few lexceptions. r.i Is were quiet during tbe first hal of ihe seiision, but they gathered strength in (the early afternoon whe 1 a buying movement i <levelop.-d for th< shjircs oi the so^xallod "Hil roads." ageht ba Jc -learing j tan>J; is t Saturday.! benefit o ^i one is of others. I .thinkl crossed isi)!?;''"^''' land and Ibain. he it a poiri er su;)-|peri„!cntf ^gent on riilmco Lhe'«t 'N -k. Chicago. Feb. 21. (!'. S. h.-rt. of .Vgricultifrei.-Hogs. .->ri .oo' : generally in to l.'ic lower: io[i il2.1o paid for l .iii to; 180 poniid weight; bulk IIU to 200 pounds %\\Xx^ pni-king sows $W..iO«i lO.B.'^ weight slauHhter pig.« ll..s.i: few u;) to $12 .00 :1 weight hogs |11,H)@11.7.^: 111 .60© l'2.t >0; light $11.6,- tlfcht light $ll.r.ui6ip .l0: , cws $Ui .2;»i 10.73; s^Iaugli $11.25lB 12 .00, Ca'.tle. 22 .000; olnlng thehx on tbe south! liould bothj visit the' ex- Robert Fer- arm wheije our county experiineilt plots, as the le same and what is of heneflt on the these exp by puc cjiunty ageij lireclatetl ' be. Every armer inj t'e the sbi£ priments made t are not ap- as much is they should tionee expcn in tbe nctlons Blue Mij He pier led E. for bills. If y are e: peeling or-tcltphoiic 602, Kincald. at n|y e. y sales. TICE I ROJ .—Auctioneers.: We stjll anythi ig. an rwhere, janytim e. Phone at our expense.; Mors n phone (160^;' L iHarpe ilhbne 61 >. AUTOMOTIVE i the county survey of his f his land I is Oswego silt hould know i^ ami make to investigate the e.x- made b}[ our county the Fernca^ix farm. .N 'b doiilbt our ctfiinty agent has maps ill res nits his office that show the f^f e .Tperim(jnts on this his office will.! A USE0 the ddaled Sales ! nd jcrvi cc. The best plat to buy goo I. de icndablc used car i At prtsent line ofj els, ptioed Co.. 2B» N 1 HUDSON'-ESSEJ fnrrti. antj a visit to We of immense value to one if. he i^ sure iif the kit^d <if soil bis lirji^ is cliniposed of] <rtir jwliitei ,-uKh land j The most of \¥- niaile from Ihe iTliayer shales which occupies ffie jlatgi' • - •• itiir j C' if iijiidfr iljnep ill vfitN llH t ||o8SibIy ?n<!e it is white asliy land. Wher- st part of r i CO II lit y. The ii all hut ilie center the »-enter o Ihla lime rock: is covered so |<if tlie county !e shales that no lime can reach the surface and 12 .0 .'i: rtiost 210 to 250 pour rl butcli- i-vi-r ihe.s.> l.,anc shales are spread ers Sll.SOfi 11.83; bulk 2."i t to .•?•») <"er the Ic^Ia lime in thin forma- pound weight largely $11..-| ifhll..i.'.j I onj the character <jt the soil is strong thariged Utfonce to t>edgwick clay $li.60 <?>i l^ara,. anfl the sand,| silt, clay and heavy l^mtj content is entirely different medium fiiMl i in ij^any cases | is so sudden @12.1(J: ' sjnd jabnipt as 10 canse wonder, packing! I -^'1'- o*>V farm is| all Sedgwick er pIgJ':Iayi loaiuljand just across the coii- •ciete slal)! north ofltiiy land it is most c -taHses are! ^^iwego silt loam and while lime •Alidad to my land will not do it ice. South Bud Aft«nik >bM8 for Sale OAKL.\f<b shape: ludor; tires; shape; Studel^keij shape, cars. wje won 't talk of it, shall we'J Fir the gospel who stands firm! for ybu' must lia've some rela.vaii< n | ju.siice. purity aud a clean nation, from the nerve ^traln and sorroft-'Th<^y gave her an offering of il.'i3 )f the occasion ' to help defray Ih-r traveling ex- -Thaf'-* just it, Mrs. Hariiaby " ;ienses. After th.- benediction jlhey "UU, cJiH mo ihey i!I adjourned to met -t at 7 ::!0 in lo.'- i-venlng. Tlie ev«ining sesslonj 'Glad to. Suits you. loo. How gan by all slngins; "Count on Will .Mrs. Valdoii Is looMng." .\trs. Ru .ssell read the first P.- •('armelita. Ve.s, she's in greit,and offered prayer. .\ !fol>m thlK si'mnier. You're stay-i violin solo; wa.^; given by" .Miss f.Ma- the be- Me." f-ilni beautiful Ijot y re lOli -^Public Auctic n at 1:00 o'clock jit Pavilion. . Llii D.\TES—Kinca Safle. Feb. 19; CaH WNAffCIAl, PAG EIFn^El JFARM LOANsj-OnlGk icrvicelud i reasbnible rat^. A.| D. ^Hav' thori»?.j 213 S,j 'Wfa«htogtoii.' | FARU rate.oii lAND CI termsJ or Bliott time. : MONEY TO liOAN—PriYatle land east«ri money loasi oii farms and - c ity property. ' LoW. rate. Terms and payment to. suit jbor- rcwer. Stewart |& Fnnk. I : Doka, eata. Other Fets 47 prps—1 pups. Additioln. BI>ACK 1.^00. : Ku-nsas : LOIANS—Baaei I, city l<«inj: M. Cnan? LIVESTOCK ^uH hlooeled BiUton 'buR L*on ISchell. East Lawni Habes. Cattieu Tel^cl^ I 48 M.A.RE -L6 years O\A\ weighs .\lfre<t i Rogers. Lone Elm Artlelesj fy- Ha FOR SALE. CHE.VP -1 trie gat-age sign, air curb also cars. gas pump, iuid ^d^agc^(bpls: wbnderfnl. barges in Dr. Mitchell. .h:!*i iarge jel^c- fqmpressor. I^rtcr and ^xch^hgc ed SCHUaiAN PIAXi tradii for good Bollihgbf. lola. Bdsliicss aad SAFE^-;^Large steel good condition, self Ke8s1ng<jr Tire Shoii AVas^ington. Phone (M8|;e COW—1 olsteini ,1 years jold^ giving I '^ :;allobs of milk, bee 1 freiih 60 days. Sbouldj rmake a splendid! cow in another year. Pi iceid.^right.' Phone 192. i i WORK TE.A'.M^=-Two good ones, one mire 3 years old; iine set jloran Feb.; 23; Jl \% und, Feb. U ; The i. Kas., Feb. 23; Id ICas.. Feb. 26. If ly of theiie sahs. H|ilf. Ba.vard. Kan u are Interested Ito employ;an am ite I le at Bayard. Kai erencc is my wo*k R— whl |i opin and closed mod to brth sell. Ellis -Motdr Washington. Seyera ilobart- Paklaiid •24 Fordi '24 '22 '23! 3 as dependable : sells it^Dodfe have a complei —Sales and Ser Whikc Motor Co.. 21 Wasjhingiton. Phone 180. GOOD CSfcD CARS—1923 St^i toiirin :. gfjod tondition: 1921 E: ' .sesi c< achj beM of shape; lO'l Chevn let road net. good.' B. Barhci Gajrage 2ll West strcrjt Phone 515. h- riealrrs—PO.NTIAC [landau sedan, fire roadster; '26 Foild; Foijd toupe,: balloooi; Hudson sedan, goojd' Chevrolet coupe; 4-pa3s. coupe, fir other very chcajp teele .Motor Co. work on: on walkin jrncss.i 5 ham: ir plows; one gani; plowjj .1. C. ButcherJ DUROC , boars. ; of lolu 12 .10. f 4 •lyle. K GOOD nc.«s, \\1 TYPEJW^RITERS FOR or tfade. Adding mj make. . Public; stenoi tary and mnltlgfaph $.ALE.—I^ent ichines. any :rapher. lio- iwbrk ,d<ne. Roonji Vt-l\. oveij filclM Clothiprs. tnel. Feed, FertOiiicrs BALED ALFALPA^LeWis E.Jto first CHL'.NK WOOD—Dry. rank alive Earl one wide tire wag^ w tire Wagon :itwol HOOS-l-Bred sows W. H. FILLY41 yeaijs old. w r- sale, tins. and fall! 1; S. E. Rdss TEA.M— >VORK eight 3200 lb-.; ten tons baled alfalfa Dennin;.'two miles north i street -oad. MAM house west Diaitiond chuf-ch. delivered, iAlsrf or dressed; Mbnfort. KAFlk FODDKR^lc iondle. while it lajsts. -M; B. Latais. Plionc ! 964-? RE- -Well rottei lawnh and gardens. iijfHce I safe, rcasoiiablc. 110 Soiith i3. • ' 5C sh. jgood. \ J8.25 ifat capons. PIi(ine :for flowers. .JC. Butcher. Ling, 4 miles westl I ''R-^' sale: ram. I about 11. ;Car-i Lallirpe. HIK HAY--;Pew 4' head mules: A. W. Edwards JERSEY} HEIFEPt -.Vicd years old. jusA ireadv to Phone. 23. i ! taldhg County ght 400] jare exceptionally- second South State sdrei TEAM MULESJ-; both abed. W. '•west and 'i south Whites. Will far-^ 1 bar-, o abbiit! KA.vq farm !Se«ds, Flantis, Flbirers 63 T.f SEED; o; .OOc per bushel M. EJ! ''"Btf. {lola. Kans. m state.I pj..^,,-,^^, 4 SEED OATS • • r ie hsjy.lkafir fo 'l ;uer, 1 line- two "-'neh pilng -ti.tejdriv^] freshen.! Pcttit. lola phonb. SOWS—j'. Chpster irow a'l^ut March 10; we: ' lbs. eacjh. Th«^se good ones bred lio registered: hbsj prize I at Alleu[ Fair. jLcie L. .Moore. 1002| t. Phone 97fi-12.i SWEliT} CLOVER—Sc^ crop] very nice.' Wa -Morain. Kans. SEEDS-rHome grown l.b.: grass rlf fi. home grown. E I, 20c lb. Id; seed gray horse,;! Colvin. aVii!. nd R. lola. f?hb. 990-21.11 BABY reed. S PIGGY SOWS—jiVlll farrow in a week t(> thrc^ weeks,! reil oues. i white ojiies and bjlack one."!; 3 e'x- !«ra gooil milk icows. J. C. Butcher. B.ABV comb ilottrs. LaHar USED ChrysJir coupe; Ford tiurlogs. CAR HARGAI.NS — 19i Billck Sheep <h<ib'e. lambs jto .-liipiHTs u|i.varil I0 .?l.'f.SO; best Mi '-'Id above Ji:;.9ii,: ihbice kiii(!s in Vglit siipiily: bulk F(lRD ?>P. lob, bjitJ .Mol Pli lingr "As long :is you will be kind to inie." Why.; ton little rascal: I [believe yoli're a flirt!". rii- .McGinnis with .Miss- Elva Yan- rey accompanying on the ptano. Miss Clara Parlasciiliind .Miss Lucy doj'ury sang a duet "'Let .Me Help jJ>ome One.'Today." with Mrs. Hqlde- •.'.•oiolcd lainbij 94 I pounders ,«li.i>oftn..iii; ti:(.7.V®i 2 .311: elves $7.50 $8.73: feedini^ /f?lJ.25 for d Lsib-' of! .\grici;lt Pelton was a flirt: so much .so. • man at the piano. Rev. .Mary that he-syid frivolous things '.titli-! bitt gave an address which, out thinkitiR, and alwa.vs without! full "f force and a wonderful Dies- j weight.^ to sh meaning. It was second nature to; sage ami,was well received^ Afany pUiJn Saturdajl him to I conipllment women. and'Hresent exi/res.ied themseIve^ young or old, he used the same' being well pleased and jenlight jargon, j > ^ by her message. Mrs. Sihbitt But, he suddenly bei-arae aware^ David to represent the W. C. T. I'. h .-it a sort of council was about to 1 n>o*'*nient and Goliath for th« al- Iconvene. Anastasia, intent on herK 'Oh"'' nicotine and trime, sho4ing as 'to j 15i- under ned light liE;ht li ook ter,. But jus ^ eral- ci^oilgb," •'In mbhey .•'That, yes. :sir.|and mailer was, fo of time off aii Jilso in the vacations aud. .imusementSh. iWb<-^n.r ho bo out hij hc 'a bid roe diiilng.': t bath- iscU go out for a "hit pP an "I s4e. And yi|u Were jng' tb^ morning he Was J»i''eil 7" "Vcs. far. I w ^nt n so- 1 after he dIdJ and 1 took ci re to le out and dressed In time to b- h<>re wbf^n cam.^ liuj SbplLyot oattae todjay. hut r how Goliath came I but with'. so who stay -with HiWi. always Oh! £ wish inore of LaHarpe wi ohe ptrrsujl. had found TIte Riggs in .his usual corner of the dcelc. and sue pounced upon him. drag- cing the rest of her flock with her. . ; - • \ow, we: must talk,": she .de- Icreed. f'We iare secluded here,'and I have jgathcrcd the ones 1 want Who is this yOung man. ni-jy !l dsk?" ' ;. Imarks.jiat woll h^ l^en insuf-, j^^^ '^li 's bitt^no^edl ferable in another. She looked, be- \ i>pnediction iiignly. as she spoke, on fllobin | ip,^^^^ j,,, remlember Sears, who had only a moment be- 1 ^-^ „f fore paused : to speak to Riggs,' i. ^ r 1 |wbbm he knew. j This is Mr; Sears," she was' jtold, and as Robin was about to pass on; Miss Folsom laid a de- jtaining hand on hi.s shoulder, \ "Please stay,'.' she said, a little j prremptorily.. "'Sow arc ihcison of | the .Mr.j Sears who bought tiaggers much threatening arjray and David with God's people with his Jfive smooth stones. She named J his weak common five ^inoolh. stones: trdth. courage, risk^ jpatrtotlsmiand purity. She took each separately and told its valuep^how It could win; for our heavenly Father is cpruinly on that side and those |«-in. puld mes-: the .MirCh lOLA HIDE. FUR & WOOL COMPANY Get bar prijces OB POCLXnT iAfND EG(JS . Ife nlFI come afl^r. poaltrjl. the auction last Thursday | 'H So. Ohio utr ' . • • , B. A. JO at Yes. Miss Fol;;o!n: does that in-' Itcresi you?' Robin rcBpiondcd. j One of .\na3tasi;t Folsom's char-j Bcteristics. and of her;! besetting sinr. wan a quicknesa io , take otfehse. plj.*-. . j .She did so in this Instance, and^ Ithlnk.?mj. l d. lUo = dip, r*-!""**!. shprply: hink my amt would o'.J"ct .i Very mnch. Will you be good f :! i enough to grant me a short luter- vlcw?" ES F&one I1S07 3|ie :can se>- by visiting the- shale j ''own, nioiijid .<outh of J0I4 that is being j t'arthy ii.-^ed, for brick and (cement, again ' ington. It Cimcreto and .Miltjr<'d. also west •If Ibla a.iroi -s the r ver and north j 1923 FOjRD , . of iJie roiul there an thin layers of : Rood p few extreme_U..,g«i..|,. tUt have pro-' "ver.vw il2.2';'f» J;.'.7.-.; < boic i:{..".o: heavies: mostly sheep steaily: f;il .30: best held .-ibov. 1 sirable kind. teitil d thif l.iino oest neiu ;'!J"v-frh forming flat toi p..d lambs strong,-«l.....^, varying from a fJeuJ ac sHales beneath, 'd Hevations , L -res to a South 1927 PO K.-nwis CJty I.i»p>fork- Kan.-as Cityl Feb. 21. i C. S. Dt-pt re I— Hops. ll.r.iMi: was : slfiAv: • de.sirab|e light and |nu-diuni ppi'rs ."1 to.J'.ic IDW.T 's pai-ker ninrket; 10 i).i<-kcr.s goin}} 25i iow^r: st f?12..-.0: lop pounds; desirj SiloOlSll.UO; $ll75: few $li40(ff 11.43 ;| CrlO.75. (fattlc. U.t •A Friuay '.-i average: to 23c IjiWffr: bij: .slow: biddiiis; 13 vo K:k pig.s' steady $11.73 J11.73 (111 14(< to li'i'-i iM:iviTsilv s li; .1 s^iuare mile or rnor»' in extent, if-these elevation: were .sraash- ! iij> by Mime hiigf force and sub- 11 to years of alternate' actions • a r and water-tht re.-iilt would' t!if sjnie a.s oui jsoil that wt-i iil jwhitif ashy, land, i (Jil F.-bhiary 24 al the Chambers tionimirne hiiv.- jb*en asked to ] iivej >i representative at Law- [ Hobart tint ly. eff like nHw ^d • "70" r ,adster: 1924 Fot J > CoCKEI ELS-Rh^de Islaiid. Reds.' i for sab . Kood ionbs. T. S[ Ewing,! Dea TOI RING—Good tirei nechanltally, ue V uaianleed, : One-thlrji nee easy terms. Mi: or 'o.. 212 S. WasH one .ss;;? Toq car Boy rsoi; STIAC C WRECK I'sed p shield Phone steers and fit hij;hcr; desi Showing full go'^d yearlin other killing stockers and strong; good (•able weighty; steers; advance: medium to' ps and heifers slow;!, classes unchanged;: feeders steadv to' W.jiO'^9.35: ing «12.73f;l ibl? 17o to'2:'.l light lighta PIO. to 230 j packing sows Iiounds r. Kansas, wherje a flood con- i nieoling will lie; held at the \ to discuss tile flood con- )f the Neoslio rIver and others. | CORR 100; np to r]r. ^rthur E. Morgan of Ohio and poinuls iKtiiijel wj. Mead of (the Cniversity- 110.23 1 of \Viscohsin, will he the proml- ;; i rient: speakers. Io<a Chamber 1 of ; calves 1.00"; ftd | (*ominero^ should bring back a full cows 'strong to- 13c i report. ! .1. Ci .NORTON'. Anto Jljcc^rl^s, Tires, Parts l4 tola .A] 82.1 .! ANNOUNCEMENTS SURGE lY F. Lei skt reslder ce. .Man-.-Vuto Snppl|y era. - EGGS~l?lymout.h Rocks. s::it>0'hiui-; (RING—Good tire in good conditio^ ler .Motor Co.. 21 Phone 23. Jl 'PE -This car I [is fully equipped] Steele -wotor Co. DGE TOCHI.N'G rts 3:!xM tires, top, win<t !uto Wrecking Co Bl^I?|fESB SERVICE HICKS— - Kinney, 5 milc£ i orth; I 'ij east ofj Phiiiid CK^ Supplied \ 49 plement Co. ^ee us Allen Wanteld-To mr Ptacks ; for it' ewes and! Phone 530, TS—At I'niy ' C. O. Col- Sxvi pi -atr- .|t. 14 ply belt. AV. H. (trifled. ;irew.- Iter" Stiibng. ^ed Topi! 15c Ijlite jfofiall kinds County Im- p^, must bcf BrOf 'rY—Wantr Phone 1443 W. DC .MI^ BED— ^or Cuivj-o'lct truck that vrll hold I'ijyarls of gravel. Inqua-e|913 East .Mad ROOMS Al^D BOARD .Mr^. i.i.l f. Mc- 68S La State At-'credited. •' " of Ideal BABY (JHICK iWe ard giving t,!en ILs. Starting Food iFrjee with leach|lOO i chicks galled for j at thej Hatchery. Ideal StartirigiFOod, $35(1 per 100 .'lbs. Wp have the! beat cbal and oil jbroodeip oa thie market 1 " land sea them. Custom, hat per egg. Sturdy! Chick 1 .'220 Wekt Street. lola R.l "• isch^l. ^ .mi KGGS— i ting. ; Buren. 'Phone ! KGGS—!• W, A. per 100 Bnnvn 14-21. larpe. FCR.VJSIIED. ROOMS-f |v.ircly furnished, i in modern hihnie. -421 S. Walt^:(i Phniie 102|.| Come in; jhing, 4c; alchery,: Kyojn» for Honnftofptng ! CT E.\TI^Ei DOW.VSTAIUS .Nicely furnished. 5 rooms, 2 closets, pantry, screened in back porch, modern, iclose in; fdr rekl .March 1. Phone .>54. ; 1 i siin. FUR.'^lSHED R 06 MS hou.^fkeeping, cfhtitH rooiJi house. Inquire nitiir^ Store. 4 "For light ted: 3 Bryson Pur- ROO.\^S—i! connecting e east .\fcKinley """'V?—*' <-^inK rooms,^ lur-. if -^1 nisherl for housekeeping. 228 N. ' ' 'I ThirL Phone 130:;. '• .'bite W.vandottjp for set- 'hone 99-J -12. E. [K. REAL ESTATE F OR RgNT i| Fafms and Land f iilred; will do ciisloni ^ hatching. uif rtock. .Mfiss. 4 for set tin.?. .Mrs.;' liiiles wet^t. one; ii FAR.Mj -20 acres. 2 miljeit northeast on si-javi'l road.. "Thos Lallypt;. _LaHarpe_; ; north ^Ioran. R. ., EtUJS -Butf Riick Phonic I Honses for Refc^ ;: THKKk KOO.M HOC; •i|94 i • lor set'linc tl: ''S'""!- '"' l2Z.Mtl IIJ| ^"""1 Chestnut: See M I.VCCB.\rOR—For sale. ,<i(ie.. Phone .''71-L'2. ' Mellcliie. X-ray. D Ph! nek: office; 88C| heavy buying steers 1 averaging ajjound' 1.:100 pounds $11.00; bulk fed steers JS.OO^Ti. I0.50: » bulk butcher cows i3.50Ti-6j73; • toti -tl2.00. Sheep. 6.'i<HJi; iambs generally 10 sheep and feeding! top Colorado Inmbs fed lots mostly Jl.-{.».ti! Person *elp TflE'ST-^TE-Hoftilnitural Society j fpcognizes the menace to trees of F.VR.M H-VNj to I l.'ic lower laiiihs steady tl^.uO; other */li3 .4ii; mcdjium wooled wethers ale iriaects to the' extent of mak- I'.i;' laws to sprayj for their con- roL f do custom spraying and ^litnming, both frjuii and shade ree."- O. H. Sutton, Pi;ople's Cafe. JTeedin? .•lO, lanibs offer- ^ For profqpt results tise the 1 Classified Co ;umn5. ...X^SE^S—Dark rims^ wlih bows; l!>|y<!k case: lost this week. Phone >fiT~ Vfiir child's spectacles. Rc- iirii to Xtl N. .Ictrer.?(in. Reward. i X Mo-^ber. . W. G. lyle.. Phorie 9KI-32 , Solicit^ ist.ind 11 Write Box to b—Wanted, by; month irafl ha; GE.N'TS—Wantt^d ]shuckiifg Bjlove p "(ider iraitedi-.Hale YOC.VG .M.AV—Vantbd at: once must hiye refe encis and; not bf ifrairl o Vork. Apply in person; Tire R-jpaiij Sht p. 116 E. Jackson Can YMENT f m le not-th Car LilWANTED TO BU^Vr nis8*r? [1 io sell ne« - andj milt:, will thriij^and bushel; Ivtlaniif-, Iowa. NO.N'E BETTER—Start yoiir iiaby;! 1 C east C dor Oraysor. .'• ' I' tie and KE.N'TCC'KY. .S. ::01-fSix room honsi. garage, fruit • i for jrent '.Man-1 1, inquire at > above] ad- dres.- iHIGHEST .MARKET—Prides -paid i : for cream, eggs^ and |ponUry.;: ; Oar truck and cbickenj coops are! at youri servicie ^o pick, lifp pouI-U luHiM HOCSE—Fun try. Backer Prodijcfi Coi Pho. 658.; hK-aiion. garden spot frnit.j ^'hone 1268.1.' chicks in Tho.s. -SJouthat-d and Griwing 1 B itlerniiHii I Puddin. for sale at yoiur a good: , REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Starting B«i|ink<.s Property f| Chick; BRICK BCILDIXG—TI^ story, -at McKiUneb FeeB Storb. 1 grocery j- 212-214 |.N. .lefferson. rooms; fur-,. •f-:-Eldcfric ated a^ 50S A Sclilick. ished. good land some. <»r.SaIe '82. exchange. .•Vgpnty .i ifeETTI -VG EtiGS-ll'ure ;brk 3. C.J ; Reds.-*: .00 per! lOf). Phone 996-:!.^..' r,..-,,. i ,J„ ,, . Mrs. M. F. Pr»sto 1. lold R. 1. i ^^I^M^-^^Tr^P'"^ The R. ii j Th'imjpobn YOUNG. HE .VS427p English striin \N'hite ' ^ghorns, milej souths ' BootI jlaD Box 112. lola. Fiains. nes.s:ior will trade for-land,''"' Greenhouse.! .L 1 i H .j. F2^rm<i and land ftj rISalei 83 nanted -4 -L4Testock hogs. I JJ MERCHANDISE irtfcleJfdrSa^ CHU.NK WOOD4i -FV)r sale,($2 ..36 In timber or $3,25 deliveredL A. J. Swinfor 1. Phbiic!- 51SJ | FLOOR Ii goleum.-^ and up. CGS—Lit some i9x Henncng 50 —AH kinds cat- C. Butfcher. =1= SI oIcMtns iind ron- si ?ip8 for |3 .<W :fer's Fiirn. Store. or fo .1. H. COTT-ick-^Nice 4 roo streeq Arbuekle Real Estate. HOUSfeM-Six two lot.« Browhts JDA.VFAR.M -Fi r Irent. - 1203 : Elam. lola. iUonses for Sa will eschangd rootn m (|la; or! win busi- 1 Ad- r5;-iale theap,. iilth State. A. Si ill. on liavcd- 1 j fjjr stock. bdern. with •lacksoh' Reapiy Co .;;over Drug Store. HOUSE—Five roojn n; ble garage, good location. Reuthcr. Heins Spring 8t«k« — OM CMTks , Cnponk -..i.-.-l fidernj cou- ' _ ' Joho bay tiic ta Uan af priecsi !T:..7n- -i^..l7|g.£0r s L 16@1»c 13c . All . 17r KSTl *-'ourse -he will." Tlte Riigs i GrMB Horse Hides: ..'.1.—41 «<;! Hides, eaeJk — 1-^— ..$100 Gr ^aJi Prbduce Co. Kait KitBrae; aad Eloi Phone answered for hith. and a, little wilderetl. Robin .<»at down.: With a-i^iesture that seetned niuR the real of her crqwd f"nearby seats. Sflss Fol.soci. ..sit directly in front of Robin., bej A fire of°4]ue«tians. " ' (To Be'CooUuued) »Je-i to! |:'.'.ij l!ani Attain snspirltB seeias to ihU' OB rrpj -dori .Sfon. BOMHV ther. Read the next rhai^iter. —Telephone yoiir Classified Ads to 18.

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