The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on December 5, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1891
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Tto Postville Weekly Review KMffVILLB, flATDAY, DEC. B. W. K.BUBDIOK.Bditor.. CONGRESS. Mnhrid at the Pottofltu at PoittilIt a$ i$»n4-itasi .Yait*r. Alf ABSXTBD|iPO»ITION. The latest nnd moat nbeurd position of tho prohibition extremists is that if tho prohibitory Inw mint be repe»led tlioro rutist bo no license lavr iti ill stead-, but absolutely freo wliiskoy; as to liconio an evil in wrong; and if it I* right to sail it at all it is right to make it as freo an any olhar traffic. Wo nro astonished that anybody in thi/i day and ago should promulgate such doo- trino, aad especially thoso who pose as temperanee men. DO they know what they are saying? Do they know that * free' traffic puts liquor into every grocery, rostuuraut ami hotel, and may put it into every store of every namo and natiireP Do they know that if it is froe and unrestricted it may bo sold or given to children, drunknrds and everybody clso sevon days and nights in the weok, making It if possible, jiint a little worse than it is hern under prohibition? Tho position of these men and newspapers reminds us of a spoiled child, who declare* if he can't hayo everything he wants ho will destroy everything ho already has. Theso men do not seem to consider that tho vast majority of the states of this union hare doclared for license instead of prohibition, nnd are living under it to -day, regardless of the '-wrong" there is in it. Kelther do they consider that evil is still in tho world, although moro or less efficient means have been exerted for its extinction for six thousand years. The aamo argument would tear down tho churches and sot aside all moral roforuis because' a[ majority of people haro Not yet accepted (tho faith, nnd probably novor will. Even n majority of tho '•heretics" don't want this done. Nearly all of them concodo that no matter how many .fnliacios may bo wrapped up in it, tho world is bettor for Christianity. If thoio were ten hypocrites to one genuine christian Christianity would still bo a good thinf for the world, and it would still pay to hold aloft tho banner of the eross. And the same is true of temperance. The stato has repudiated prohibition, tho majority of the peopio belioring that it is not the bo^t way to deal with tho quostion. But in deciding against prohibition they lmve decided in favor of high license and local option. This gives overy community that wanted and could enforce prohibition, prohibition still; and to those localities whore it was not and eould not be enforced it gives rostrnint and curtailment of tho traffic, as well at a relief to the lax pnyors. In all tho "opinions" that wo haro neon cxpressod we never havo soon a sound argument adduced why Crin- nell, for instanco, whore prohibition has always bocu enforced, should doinand that Postville should havo prohibition; whon practically no effort hns over been made here to enforce it. ij is a Rood thing for Grinnell, porhaps. Lot it continuo to have it. It ha* fur eight years proved no poislble good in Poktrillc. For the same reason wo •liould be" allowed ' b to try'high liconso. And of course all other localities in tho state tho same. If, as stated, high license is as impotent to control it a* prohibition, what harm is there to tost it nnd see? If it shall prove to be true it is a matter o( but short duration to change back to prohibition, and if thit is douo, after a'-trial of license, prohibition will then bo enforced. The demand that tho republican house should stand for resubmission is .equally absurd. That wn attemptod two years ago and the thou democratic bouse prevented it, jest as tne demo­ cratic,SBUAIO will now do. Ail such talk is bosh, and only intended to stavo tho matter off two year* moro, so as to give everything to the democrats. The republicans in the house must not pose obstructionists again this winter, if they have any regard for the future of the party. They are in a position to dictate the term* of a liconso law i but they must not haggle about resubmission or free whisky. «l I', I M.M.^U.. m SHA/IOR ALLISON was interviewed in Chicago on hi* way to Washington. He admits that prohibition boat the republican party in Iowa, and thinks tkat if tho democrat* aro really sinoure in their desire for local option and high license It is Tory probable that the republicans will not stand in their way. But they will be ecpeoted to present an acceptable bill. Bo thinkn that tho matter will be so dlsposod of that the republicans will easily *uoooed next year, both in the state and nation. Ho is of the opinion that Mill* will finally be oltoicn speaker, and think* he •hould be, as ho mors nearly represents the view* of hi* party on national question* than any of tho other candidates. Hi* *elootiou would moan a square issue next year between protection* and free trade, and this is what Senator Allison desire* to see, lie also thinks' that both house* will pas* free coinage hut that the president will veto it, A t«w wester* republican **aator* are favorable to it, which will doubtless enable It to pass that body. Promotion MdHmlttd coinage rill te tho war' or* of the, republicans noxt year, andthe/willwfa; • ';, »^sjse »»*3s»WR*9 »*«saw, ' TB« florn crop of low* fof 1891 is, a* "- reported by the P*tion»l department of tgrlouUure, NtdWMWQ buili*]*, At ;»* iconte •> bu»tii| thil crop «IOD« it worth 962,ai1 t m6fqi^h\vijam then the ••otto uplMie P'Vlib goid and' •liver,, vl tba Valted -'^U* duriftj; fb« :p'«f ' ^ ! iQibep.i:etly'gooflovldeuoe tbit Congress will conveno next Monday. For the past ten days tho domocralio hesls havo been assembled in Washington waging a rcdhot warfaro oyer the speakership of the house. Tho light hns been hottest between Mills, of 'fox- as; Crisp, of (ieorgis; nnd Springer, of Illinois, with McMillan, of Tennessee a good fourth, still* is said to rcpresont the ultra frog trade wing, and the election of any other man will bo a cold blanket to the great democratic campaign plank. Hut no matter who is elcctcd.'sponker the democratic house, with its 145 majority, must go on record, not only on thu tariff but on the silver question. It will not do for thorn to play thi rolo of obstructionists trr. y at tho forthcoming. *e*sion. .tust frame and pass such a tariff bill > .id such a silver bill as thoy wish to go before the conn- try on next. year. Tho people will •xpoct nnd will demand this at the hands of the majority. Last year, with a slender republican majority, the republicans met tho issues squarely and framed and passed laws in accordance with their pledges. If the democrats seek to evndo or postponeo action now it will bo attributed to cowardice and will insure their dofeat much more certainly than a courageous coarse would do. To 050 a slang expression tho democrats are "in. it," and they must show their baud. If they aro iu favor of free trade, or a radical reduction of the tariff, they must say so. All bills relative to finance must originate- in the house. Hence their duty pi plain. If thoy reduce the tariff generally thty must restore tho duty on sugar and repeal tho bounty. This will bo a tender subject to handle, but lliey can't ovado it. Altogether tho democrats In congress have n rough and rugged.road to travel during tho, next fow months. Thoy aro between tho devil and tho deep sea. Tho republicans have been In tho same lix many limos and know how to appreciate it. The only difference is that tho republicans havo always stood up to tho rack manfully, while tlte normal condition of the other side of tho Irons* has boen to object and to interpose dillatory motions. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. THE BIGHT RING. It seems that Indiana U taking the load in the ttlaino boom, strange as it may appoar. Last weak a "Plumed Knight" club was organized in Mntieio, Ind., with a membership of 300. A dispatch to the later Ocean says: "A numbor of stalwart republicans held an enthusiastic meuling in; thu city building last night, and organized a Blaine club, thought to be tho first in tho union formed for tho campaign of 1892 boaring the namo of the I'luniod Knight. Tho club is pledged first to the support of the principles of republicanism and then to the suppoit of tho grandest living oxponont of thoso principles for the proiidentixl nomination next year. Every somimeut favorable to protection, reciprocity, sound monoy, and a fair vote and honest count, was lustily cheered, and there was general agreement that no factions are rocogniztd but ail era republicans. A constitution of- the following declaration of principles was unanimously adopted: 'As republicans wo believe in the protection of American industries; in maintaining tho host market fur farm products; tho highest romunorntion of labor; tho host dollar in tho world; liberal pensions to old auldiers; protection to American citizeas at homo and abroad; reciprocity with foreign nations, as inaugurated by that matchless statesman, James (4. Blaine, for the exchange for such matorial and products as aro not brought into competition with thoso producod in our own land; the right* of evory citizen, white or blaek. to east one ballot and to havo that ballot honestly counted. 'Wo Hgrco to oxert ourselves, as far as our inlWnco may oxtond, to secure tho nomination of tho Hon. James G. Blaine for president of tho United States at tho republican national convention to be. held at Minneapolis, Minn., Juno 7, 1892.' " It is generally concodod that Blalno will bo nominated by acclamation at Minneapolis next Juno unless ho shall poremptorily decline. Tho testing is so intense that nothing else can possibly proyent this. And still we think it is very doubtful if ho will allow his name to bo used.' If he docs not there will bo no opposition to President Hnrrison. We commend tho platform of principles adopted by the Mnncio olub, nud whoever may bo nominated the party cannot do butter than incorporate them in Hs platform. If Blatno is not nominated his priuoiplos must be adopted as the guiding star of the oampalgn. Thoso priuoiplos are invincible no matter who may be nominated.' —It was summer yestorday—it is win- tor to-day. by a inrgo majority. —Tho social sonson lus again oponad, and neighbors nnd friends meet nrouud tho well filled board to talk of their joys and sorrows. Wo havo boon fortunate enough to be present at two of theso gathering* of Tate, one at J. S. Mott'sand tho other at Goo. Redhead 's. They wero both Tory pleasant occasions. —A wreck on the Burlington road on Tuesday delayod the north bound passenger train five or six hours. A stono hail dropped off of a construction train •n tho track, which ditched the passenger engine and demoralized the train considerably, though no one except the fireman was hurt, it wes a narrow esespo. —Tho following notice regarding tho desth of John Swonson was handed us yestorday: •'Jehn Swenson was born near Christiana. Norway, Feb. Will, 1846. He was married to Oline Olson, Dec. 27, 18G6. He csmo to America in 1871, and residod iu Post township, Allamakee county, Iowa, until tho time of his death. Nov. 31, 1891. aged 45 yoars, 9 months and 17 days. Ho loaves a wife, ono son, three brothers undone sister." List of Letters romaining uncalled for in tho postoffico at FostvilU, town, Nov. 30, 1891. Par­ lies calling for any of tliom will please say "Advertised:" Jsko Hoover, Amanda Haslip, O. A. Jacobsou, F. M. Kooutz, t'rank D. Lambiu. L. II. Larson, A. M. Meyer, Nellio McKiuley, Julia Hyan, E. S. Showers, C. F. Wiuship. POSTALS:—Charles Myers. JAS. PziiRr, P. M. r m J —Wo are sorry that somo of our roadsrs did not understand tho meaning of tho word "peer," ss wo used it la»i wook. If they will consult Webster's dictionary they will find tho word defined as follows: "Peer n (first definition.) One of the samo rank, quality, endowments, character, or tho liko; an equal; a match; a mate." And in this sense tho word was used. Wo novor draw invidious distinctions botwoon ladies. We think too much of thorn all for that. IT is wonderful to see w.ith what facility otuv.deniteratlc friend* champion the Australian ballot in localities and stfttos where, it is not needed,, or whore the laws nro already adequate to insure: a free ballot; but in sootions where everybody not only knows but concedes that there i* no prutonso of a freo ballot,.aud a«:» result the democracy Jst 'overwhelmingly in tho Moen- daut.wh dp not hear a whisper about tH« A,visU'&lie>n ballot. >Ve are perfectly willing that evory stato in tho union ehould adopt, it—in fact we would like to see it * natlounl law. And further wo have no objeollon whetoyor to its adoption la lows, alone, although it would oause a great deal of unnecessary trouble and annoynnco here, But whet seems *o rjdloulon* is tho Idea of tho democrat* In Iowa being such •ticklers for the system whore it 1« uot particularly needed, and so unalterably opposed to It where It is so sorely needed. It would at loait have a hotter look if this agitation had commenced somewhere,in,the south. —New that they havo an or^'an of thoir own we expect of courso that some of our doinoorat ic friends will lenvo us. W* eannot expect to hold thorn all, but wo ought tt gel enough republican subscribers who havo not taken the REVIEW to make up for this loss. Wo wish right hero and now to thank tho many democrats who have patronized us in the past. Whilo running a paper of thu opposito political faith (vo havo always tried lobe fair with thorn and as a result thoy hare dealt liberally by us. - December is tho month for settlements. All businoss mon especially desire to "balance the books" by Jan. 1st. In fact it his beoomo necessary iu tho business world to do this to maintain credit. In this respect printers do not differ from othor men. They also havo bills to meet. Collections have been much slower than usual this fall although crops and prices haro both boen good, and as a rosult we all nuod mouoy. All favors in this direction will bo vory thankfull rocelved at theso headquarters. TUB Twin .Cities of the north, w b|go havo b««n .trying tu oat each "other lip (or •evere! yonre, ere phyiug into each ,ptner» hjupdi ]lke sucking dove* on' thy convention question. And the best of It. l» ^mo^raiB nod r«pnb)lo»n« »re Mould, be, nud bewtisf it ifio wjs liopi' fit. Friiil will get ib« doruoq^tltt «g«. Sir*. Baldwin Dead, A telegram from Kansas on Wodnos day brought the sad intelligence of the death of Mrs. Baldwin, mother of DUY id W. and the sistors, aftor a short illness, from pneumonia. She will bo brought back hore for interment, perhaps boforo this paper goes to press. The family wero on their way to Toxas to spend tho wintor, and had stopped in Kansas for a short visit, when Mrs. Baldwin wn* stricken with the dread disease. It is a sad cuding to what was hoped would bo a pleasant trip Our sympathy is extended to tho bereaved in their great affliction. LATBR:—A despatch says that the body will not arrive until Saturday evening. The Mott-White Wedding. Wo quote the following aeoeuut of tho abovo montiooed affair from the Woostor Volco nnd tho Temple Court "A vory pleasant homo wedding took place at tho residence of Mr. uud Mrs. J. M. White, of Wooster, Ohio, on Noy. 36th, at whioh their daughter, Leila Ada, was united in mnrriago with Mr. John R. Mott, Mr. Mott U a graduate of ComoU University nnd has sinne boen prominent in Y. M. C. A. work, being college secretary of the International Y. M. C. A. committee. The bride is well known in Woostor as a young lady of sterling qualities and substantial education, having graduated at Woo»tov University iu 1886. She has oTor been held m higliost esteem by her niany ooliego and city friends. Sinoe leaving sohool she has held imporlnet positions; first in the Collegiate Institute, at Gonoseo, 111., and Tator in tho Montioollo Ladies' Somluary, at Godfrey, 111. Miss Anna Whilo and Miss Abblo mil wore bride's-mald* and Mr. J. C. White and Mr, 8. D, Gordon, of Cisve- land, completed the party. The beau liful ceremony was impressively performed by Bov. W. W. White, of Henia Theological Seminary, a brother of thu bride; Mr. S. M. Say ford, of Boston assisting.. After the newly wedded qouplo had received the congratulations of all pros- ont the wedding dinner was announced and all prooeoded to observe thanksgiving over a number of excellent courses. A valuable array of presents wero to bo soon during the afternoon, tho gifts of many friend* of both bride and greom, klr. end Mr*. Mott left on the even; ing train tov the FeoihV eoast, whole they expect to spend several:month*. Mr. Molt hopes to spread lite work among the coast college* which ho has already done in tbo eastern colleges.; His »ddv«t)» boforo tho Young Ttfen'i Christian, AiBPplfttfan *t tho M, K, ohur< , li!} , !l". 0 '"T 0 «V'«KO June made totf htnWn'fttt'e In Woostor, • fi ' Vlfo 'fcoAtp 'irom »bvo»d were; 1^ Gordon? Ojevoleodi' tu« Mlf*M ;^nWii MtSStNO LtUXO. Tin: fashion for mon to wenr wedding rings ts (r.-nt'y on li.o 'nerca'o In ttiiR- 'and. Tin; ciiglnoi of the lar c o~<\in r .ioara era malco about 2.V.>,o:)3 m 119 In crossing* tho Atlantic. Ir Is estimated t' at a thru nn-j Infant." aro sulto-. at.-d Iu licit by the r |u:rents. In Loudon, eve y year. A win s'l.V I an M«ir hlef tl>d, without folding, over the taro Is 11 com, lolo s !- cmlty a a nst, sui.'ocallou from smoke. A TOW.I In Knpf'an'l, Slflddaw, ' 11m- brrland, stand* tinl no as a towns'.In of one luii?o and 0110 .'oiitary male adult liihub t.-iiit 1 .• s cstimved t';a" there arc :t."i,n-.'0 sypsy clill Ir.-ii of school a^e, of whom 1101 two p.-r cent a:o abl: to writ! or read a nontoncT. W :,ir..s aro longer llvod th.r.n mon: r. ifwiiiii of twonty may nvpoet foriy Iwo yuars moro of life, and n man of 1U0 .am•: aR.i only thirty-nine yoars. Opinion farming Is qrltn profittibli- \.i Australia. On 0110 farm in Port Au gusta tlion aro to-on hundred bud-., worth ono hundred • ollais each. T inn; yoars astn a lake In '.ho S'o •. B<>Jaw dirt- IUL , mar, ( an., wliTh was moro than a in lo in etrctimfer nco. dlapi-carod entirely from SUMO O-.MISO. Tiir: .Inpaius • ar•• fond of warm Latins, and often tak.' th.-m tti- a to.o >orat .r - nr hlKhaslto doaios 1 nhrenhoit. • Th >y look like tolled lobdtor.i as thoy <::. e.g.: TIIK I 'iiainplon hiittor-pro.tiioln« i ow of tho world Is named Kuratlsamas, and h-r record Is nine hundred and fort.-llvi pounds and nlno ounces of uuit .ir In oa- year. THE life of a lo'omotho cranlc pi u whl-:h Is al-i-oA tho lirnt thlr.:r abjict an onglho to wear out, Is i-0,nii • railor, nod tho llfo cf a 33-luch v.h o Is bC,7.1 mhes. [ Mn. QoT:ictt\i.t; o\ Kow York owni tho only cenuliio (uirl p.-rfo t lody h -i;o 11 1 ho world Tho -nt -Tslii! relic is about -Vi 11 yours o .d, aad wai ir.'fd ii. KliiK Solomon's 'iV,, p 0. Tin: work of a man's u-v.rt In tw.-nty f<ur hours cmoania to 1 u 1 ft l ns t.ui; is. If llni In nit's fori-o for :w- ntv ;ti:i: hours wore yath T -.d inluon.: siroko, 0. lift, It would sun'.uo to lift Ui toiu on. foot high. T ;K. v .ro.ieeU>d r .o .v way v.p '.!>.• toat torliorn Is Inter-stiiii ei-g 11 ..WM '" le- rai.s will cO::so at t.-.o. iiaso J ! the "i;ir,;ir •oaf," and tho as •on - , is t> h :vc"o .1 plishod by a succi-si-loii of eli.vntorj !,-uti. ono point to I '.iioiher. Or tho unv-.t itpp.i ulLmsof oloctrlcliv tlioro Is no end. i.T.lcnrs are ti.nv i.^in, tho electric motor as a bread-n.lsor, and aro thus cnab.crt to do in four or Lvc n.lniltos an amount of work that v.-ou': otherwise ro-.utt'o t.oarsof la or. T.u: mon employed In the Gormu- factor! s in which fin-'ikclcss (vjw.'.or 1 mcnu'acturod havo boon provide I will, rubtor mascs to protect thr.m from the funics thrown oif by tho chi.-m.crji en l^r'ng tut) the compos.tlou or th> p/v dor. To « KAI> an In^rlptlun on a si vo coin, which by mu'h w.»r n:i« b.'tmn wholly obJtcratid, put the'ln tlie fire; when rod hot plucu tho coin up.iii it, and tho Inscription will pl.iju y ap pi ar of a groonlsh lino, but will poar as tho coin coo a. ODDS AND ENDS. Dam not staud to reason—Tho Judge. THE::E aro 31 millionaires In Do:.vor. WA.VAMAKEK, I. T., I.M acolorcdlady postuiastcr. TIIK C -ar has throe fots or police to natch over him. CHASO.'S for tho worse^—Contribution, for tho heathen. As aged Chtnose lepor was found In a tont noar Fresno tho otlio; 1 day.' JUSTIN S. M-mmi.!., tho fathor of tho Souato, is now 80 yoars of aso. Phillip'* Pacific Coast Excursion. For the above named oxcursiou' the Burlington, Cedar Kaplds and Northern Hnllway will run n Tourist Car evory Thursday .from Albert Lea, Minn., to Columbus Junction, Iowa, connecting with C, It. 1. & V. Pacific Coast Excursion Tiain, nnd this car will go through without cliango to San Francisco. For rates nnd gonornl information apply to any agent of this company, or J. E. IUNKF.GAN, Gen. Tk't and Pass. Agt. Issues He (,,5 Wp&o o 02 o2 y-a a gdMgS'i-'ia W »S S'2.» w Pfi ^rtaffO CO BHEBIFF'S SALE. STATE OF IOWA, ' F. J. BECKER, M.D., PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON. Offlco on Bocond Floor of IMrkor's Daltdlcg. nosr 1'oitoOlco, roitville, Iowa. DR. J. S. GREEN, nirsiciAx* sciioiosv, Office and Kcsidenca Southwest par of town. All calls promptly attondsd J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, V. •.PansiOlfUXAMlNBU. Orftct at retidanto on Oreon iftraek, iMood home Unit of Hoy AMcNell'l Hardwaio, Allamakee Co. By virtue nf a Bpnclal F.xoi'-ntioti, ti mo ilir^utsd, iieuod b;< tlin Clerk uf ti;« DUviii 't Court of said eouuty, in f .-.»"i' of II J. Clark and against I'urmlila S-.illions and Jaku. fltilltons, I have lov- U'l upon and. will sell to the highest bidder, at. pnblio mu-tion, at tao front door of the Cuuri Houmi in Wttukou, in salil oounty, on tlm ISth day of December, A. D., 181)1, tU a o'clook, A, M. your interest In and 10 tho following ilosoribod pi'iipjrlr, to-wlts Tho N. 1 of N. )R. \. s'eeilon 19, Twp. 9Q, ranx» 0; E. J S. K- i of N. K. L section 8, Twp. DO, rsiijfii 5; S. B. purl W, i 8. J5. i H. K. J, sooilon 8, Tit p. 96, range*, nil HAtod in Allamakee uunnty, low*. Taken and levied upon and to be sold to satisfy laid writ of oxouuUou rtud alt anoi'uiiig oosis. Dated at Wauliou, Iowa, tilts <Kh tlav uf v November. A, O., 1801. J. 11. M1MKHT, Sheriff, By OTTO UA'OBN, Deputy. DANIBL A. JEKALD, '3yEercliaxLt Tailor, Postvillo, Iowa. All work A wa r ranted i 0 giro satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. ws. inarnaao. 1. 1. luarniBD. BttEPHlItD UHOrnURS, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Inmriknco Aucuti and ColUttort, Authnrixod t<» pr«<rtic« In all thn conrlf of WJO •»*to. OlTloo ovei Lieu'i itoro, brick block, POSTVILLE - - IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market JOHN B. HART, Proprietor. Opposite -^Postvillo - State - Bank. None but tho best meats purchased. Everything' in first-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices alwajs the lowest. J.A.HAVIRLAND, Veterinary ST^.rg'eon., 1 'OSTVII.I.IC, IOWA. Office first door Kast of tho Commer cial House, (Jrcon St., Postvillo, low* A flno set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practice Calls promptly answorod I'REU. N. BEEDY, •A**—> •.-PHOTOGRAPHER.-:- And Dealer in Picture Frames. Postville - Iowa ©. F. GLMNTON. A complete and fall stook of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures -from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. GTEX ©THIN Gr ! Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origina. Post­ villo Dray Line 1 am prepared to d<> all kinds of" draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. (Jonil team", good drays and careful drivers slways at tlio service nf the public, at fair prices. All kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. WA»TBD—Salesmen.! 1 i ' •* s 1 t Looal nud Truvoltng. To vopvflMM out' >yell known houio. you peed, no o^pUsa.'tovept'oseiK A (irip- (|,»t win-- r»pU qar««ry fctpuk Ui'Hieliw* and trite to u»uie. 'Wo»K ALL THE YEAK* PittBUiiIgh'andHsv, W, W(iU <Jffcd YEAH, light miui 9100 put lUOIIlit lo lllil Apply ijtiiok, ittllug ogo Granite Cemetery Work, Iron Penceo, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monumental work for future delivery will find it to their advantage 11 examine M. V. Kidder's Granite Work in Cemeteries, as lie isdoin" tivat-elasHwork at ns low prices as can bo procured in the country. If he has not called upon yon drop him a card at Dooerah nnd he will be pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Granite,' at tho lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34mS Decorah, Iowa. »A pamphlet of Information and Kb./, L. STROEBEL & SbN, — rnoPRiaxons or — s Postville Boot and Shoe Store. (vr xausTitoNO * iioi/rnn's OLD ITAXD.) Havo a full lino of Roots, Shoes, Slip- pets, Rubbers and every thine; kept in a No. 1 gonornl shoe store. Custom work and repairing neatly am) promptly done. Evory pair warranted. Wo keep no shoddy. It. N. DOUGLASS, PRES. J. F, SMITH, V. P. JAS, McliWIiN, C*amin. CITIZENS STATE BANK, I'OSTVILLB, IOVl'A. PAID UPCAP1TAL, $25,000. Do a Gonornl Hanking Busluos*. Buy and sell Foreign and Domestic Exchange. Accounts of Farmers, Mer ohants nnd other* received nnd carefully protected. ' Interest paid on Tlmo Deposits. Investments made for outsldo parlies ;on favorable terms. Consumption Oured, An o)d phyiioian, retlrod from pr«o- tioo, having had placed in his hands by an East India missionary tho formula 'of a simple vegetable remedy for tho »poedy «nd perniiv iut onro of Con- gumption, Bfonohltts, Catarrh. Asthma and Lung Affections, also ft positive nnd <rtidi«ft) onro /or Nervon* Doblllty ttnd Net:voti8 Complaints, after imrlng tested its wondorfiil otirtvtivo powers in UioMBitiid" of aasos, hns felt It his duty* lunko, it Kn,«wn to hi* snlVerlng fvl- J«VB,,t lt 4jHjifttQd, by ttils motive Und a diisiro ijft >e )iQyo jnmino jsnfforioff, I will yqjnd IjI'jflftjRltplMvrgo, 1 ,0 .Ml who do»lrq ik.tb \rm 08, ill Qorniaja,, Eronoli, of c I p o c z T T Is a fair exchange in which neither party has any advantage over the other. This is our position with you. We Give You Your Money's Worth _ Every timo you buy any goods of t». We would bo much pleased to havo yon call and inspect tho New Suits and Overcoats for both Men and Boys.that we are opening up this woek. J. H. G-RAY—THE S U. T. K. CLOTHIER. Hoy <& McNeil. o p. O G Mm ELECTION IS OVER ! And we ore eleoted to show the people of Postville and vicinity the finest line of Ladien' and Gent's Watohes, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks, Artists' Materials, and Optioal Goods that has ever heen displayed in N. E. Iowa. Now Goods arriving daily. Pine W atch Repairing n Specialty and all work warranted. Also Sheet Music and Musio Eooks of all kinds on hand, or obtained.lon short notioe. Call and see us at Gray & Co's old stand. Yours Respeotfully, W, J. HANKS & CO. TONSORIAL PARLOR. NICAU TIIK FOSTOmOK. I cordially iovtto new patronago. Give us a trial for a month, Lourn our manner and way of doing the busi- ne«i. I bellove we can please you. J. T. PABKBW, Prop., v Po»»vl«lo, Iowa.' NICE HOLIDAY WONDERFUL ! Tho cure* which are boing effected by Drs. Starkey & Palen. 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, BronohltU, Hheum- nllsm, and all chronic diseases, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, are indeed marvelous. » If you are a suQerer from any dis- oass whioh your physician has failed to euro, write for information about this treatment, and their hook of tt00 pages, giving a history of Compound Oxygen, its nature and effeots, with numerous testimonials from patients, to whom yon may refer for still further information, will ho promptly sent, without charge. **« This book, aside from it* great merit n« a mvdk'M work, giving, as it doe*, tho result of year* of *tudy and experience, you will find a vory interesting ono. I Dre, STARCHY & PALEN, 1529 ^ch St., Phll^ilphU, P«. 120 Sutter St.,, S»n Frenclico, Cat. Plene invntion ihli pnpu'. 4m mmm Don't tQvqrt, wh^» you w»at Rjftiuw ti^uoyStationery, that . . place RAILROAD TIMK-TABLfc3 On and ntter Sunday, Nov. 22, lpui, trains on the C. M. & St. P. Uy. wiil leave Postville as follows, flOIXO SAST. Passengers. No. 9 No. 4 (night) Freights. No. 7 Way Freight No. 9 Timo Freight No. 11 Timo Freight... GOINO WEST. Passengers. No. 1 night No. S Freight*. No. 10 Chicago Stock.., No. 6 Way No. 12 Milwaukee Stock All Freight trains mentioned. <•«•• No. 12, carry p«B»cnj;«rs when pro- • with proper transportation. "•>. betweon North McGregor and Cain: G. K. W11IPP, Aj;ci:t B.C.R.& tf.R.R. 4:M p. n. ll :(l.') u. ri ,. 6 :l. r . p. n .8:J5 v. i„ .1J.I0 n. r. , . 10:25 n. n.. ..11:05 a. m . .4:1u p. n>. .C -M p. ;r. DECOIIAII DIVUK1N. Time Table tn efTect Nov. 15. 1«1 Passenger going North... ,',:io. P K " " South, 1 :10. •• Freight. " North, . . . .2:45. P. V J. E. PlSKitr Agt r • i Aak HIT asenta for W. I.. IJnnslini Stnr f not for onto In your plnco nrU r< > ealor lo (tend for cmnloenn, fcrcmr .. ag-eiicr, mud get ibem for jrun. DTTAKK NO SUntSTITLTE. WHY IS THE S3 SHOE a*Hft &*»r. THE BEST SHOS IK THE »0ilLD FCPI THi il .V It It a eea.inlf «i ilaoc, TTIUI no tAckc or -nx c if to hurt thMMi; iiimlo of tbo heit i'.«o «Aif. will CMJ * ( *iul Ofcauts \r$ Kr«*# mot'* tho** , prad* tluxn any otUtr moini/;io/tir#i*, It i»w#tl A)|(>II » rxiitlur tr»m to CCR OH (icniiiuo llntid-iitvYml, tbi t. >-.>> » • •4 *vu nhoo crar olT*rotl lor 4 J.I>J: »n 1 ii ».'j i*i * .» Imporiid fch^es which cu«t t r -jra t'*.i< to 3.;. c Ct/l 00 Uniul-ScYTod nu .o, I,-... . •i**** etvJltJ), coiiiforUhls »ijit durr .eii#. '11 t c. »Ttr uA'crcd Rt this jirlce ; Birn* jr-- J -t ; ; ^. loni-niA'lo nhq*i contlut; from ti.M to At.uo. C* 1 © 30 I'oIIca Hl.nvi rut-mars. f,f.llrwa.l ./< *V«L 7* I *ni I.«tt*rCtrrUrsjvIt T »t».rtinni: 1 . leAiiilotf, tmui'lh lii»h)e, JJ»*T/ Unto cult-, «;,: ilnn < H 1 KO . Ono pair irll| ft tur & i|5 St) flnn CAll't ii>> t*tl«r iltr,« »»*r c r'vr-..' CJ <2mn thli iirics; 0110 trial riil et'UTi.irs trim rrant» niton for c<»tnrurt MI a c «rTu:«, C»<f» *JS and 83.G0 H'orUh ^JVx*'- O . %ltamn cro very ntnnt^ tntl dur/tiU. Titt.»> wi 1 I*TO yWeu them a, trlftl will rrnnr 110 >. raiWC' H '-' ,, ») nud $11.7.1 ttchool • t Ul^v <0 worn l »y tho tioynpTervnlirre; : on their merit*, mn Um laeraaiUii; f *')»:* th<>*'. G nrrliOtfi t *3.00 Ilnud -^uwrcl iN-c. V wUU IfTO l)oii;(oln, verv atvllth; eijun'.a ;>. l :iiuortoil nlioi's fr)»tin^ from 3 -i.m to SG.uj. w l,adlo»\'i,3(t, S'J.'JO ««d Si.7.^ ' * JIIiBfl««ro(hohost fliwDOIIKOIR, Htyllsitur.i { liu.-i IJautlon.—Ben that W. L. Uouirla*' 11-.M. "• prlco aro sumpod on tlm bottom of such ol W. L. DUUUL«VU, Iirooittou, l£v . BOLD ar LUHMAN - & - SAN DEI. WOT O. P. DARLING. (Successor to Darling & Stiles.) — PKAI.KK IN — Wind Ulills, rcrcpsJanks.Fwl Mills, Com Shellors &o. In wind liillls 1 fiiriilnh )>iiniplng s.n'' ge.ired inilld combined, nnd both steal nnd wood pumping ui'lls. Olilee nnd (hop lirst door couth oi Hoy & McNeil'* 'hnrdwaru store, Pest- Tille, lows. POSTVILLE LODGES. OLIVE BHANCHlLOBGEKo; llt> ANWU'l'S OF PYTHIAS. lfoatson the seooudend rcmrtliIi'ildnyor .uJu u »scb montb. Vslttng brollren In * ltd »ti.i"l always volooina* DAHIUB OKR, O. O. CiiiS. BUSLTOK, K ot U & « NOBLE LoDOE No 61. A. O. V. W. The Loytxl Ancionl Order of United Workmen moots the Second and Fourth Saturday evenings In ottoh month, in tho Masonic llnll over the Brick Drug- tore. JoitK WKLZII., U. \Y. JAMB* Pjntnr, Kseorder. BROTHERLY XOVE tLOBGB, No. 204, A. P. 4 A.M. Regniar moetlngs on Tuesday |oTcn- ln(r on or before tlio full of tho moon. All brothren in good stitnding are cordially iovilod to Attend- E. D. 8TUM, W. M. WM. MOTT, See'y. CHXTROH DIRECTORY. 0ON0BBaATIO«AL ~«sv. N. Ii. Burton, r»»> toi. FreaoUng' every Sunday atlO'.so A, U, and7'.90 I'M, Balibsth Bcbool InilBedUt.lj after morolag sorvloe, V. V. B. O. B. in »»ti •very Sunday evsntonat BtlJ, Fraytr Xtst- lug Wednesday evenings. , MflIH0DI8T.-Rev, B .y. tflokwood, P»rt», - Prfifwhlng services eve»y Sunday at 10 ill A K .MA 7;» F, M. Babbatu Bpbool immsdt. ' aWy after juowtpg servtoe. Vbe Xpwortit Lesinie »v»ry Sunday evening at«iQ0 o'stosk. F»»y »K»e »t )og «x*ry yr «4n «ia»r •v«Msi«*t. »t T i«J o'oMtf- Voa »r«. w»«iMy;iu»i»»a,

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