Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 30, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1898
Page 4
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A teaspoon' , 'fill or two before meals, in a little water, > fives the digestive organism power to as• • Hmllate the blood-making, nerve-toning, *; itrength- building properties of the food. It enables the liver and excretory system i 1 . to clear the circulation of bilious poisons and remove all waste matter from the body. t It replacet worn out tissue with hard mus- S" colar jficsb, and changes weakness and j/' debility Into active power and nerve force. sjf The originator of this great "Discovery." Kr Jt V. Pierce, M. D., is chief consulting f? physician to the great Invalids'Hotel and |f Surgical Institute of Buffalo, N. Y., nt the ii head of a staff of nearly a score of eminent _ associate physicians and surgeons. He has ;- acquired, in his over thirty years of active practice, a reputation second to no living physician in the treatment of obstinate, Chronic diseases. His prescriptions must "',- not be confounded with the numerous s ' "boom" remedies, "extracts," "com- t pounds," and "sarsajiarillas," which a i profit-seeking druggist is often ready to — urge as a substitute. Dr. Picrce'o medicines are the product of wide experience t and deep study. Any one may consult .Uu by mail free of charge. No Less Than Three Expeditions Now In the Arctics. EACH LED BY MEN OF EXPERIENCE Pt*ry, flTCTtlrnn nml IVrllmnii llnv<< ARflln Dlnniiprnrcil Into Tlint MXH- <eHotl» Hcirl'itl ^Vltrrn flip I'oli* I.lfffifN fltrUnn MnrUlnul}-. I'olc hiiiitiii(4 reoiiiH to Inivii lout nnun of it* fupoiiintion. No IPPH flmn llirco wnll known rxjilnriTH Jinvn rrri'iitly ilis- appeared into tliiit, niyHturlnun rofilon nronml the itnrtliurn end nt I hi.' imtUi'x axis, whilo otlicrK nri) preparing to follow. As tlio inotli rc'turns tiinn nftnr tlmo to the caiidlo, BO do thono iutrupicl tpretentlof » »'|ril-oli«« tniur-' aaoa Companlei FOR SALE. <T, Hardy property comer 5th and Alby -tot 120x120Feet with 2 dwellings. 4-room dwelling on EM ton Btroet bet, 10th •lit* Ma. gLot 45x120 fmt. Price $799^*—* Thereslilonoeof Goo. KlrschjMrt!eilestreet; isand both room;jMrBoirrooalr. ID-roomi resldciiiSeof 8. H. Nlohole ot -i^-lon at. taHOSlTO foot, A fine location. K.^tMi'TogafS'welttug (nearly new) with bath g ^n>;hB«ed by furnace; In Mlddletowa. Vibe lot ot David Doyle on Bluff street . 4-room brlok dwelling. , 'The J, H, Toneor homestead containing about 41*crea: fine 10 room dwelling (fruit ot all kind, '\Soma fine lota on Bluff street with brlok pav- 0* and sewer; no grading, InT. L. Fouldsadd A fine S-rooro brlok dwelling, heated with Lot 120x120 feet; One fruit; halt blook --„, nryatreet. 'A desirable realdenoe on Prospect street with rooms. Heath with furnaoe. Lot DO feet on atreet. f on thenprth side of Second "6n*l>f~tnofin5at location In Middle Alton Hroom dwelling with about IU acres of .jd, Pine fruit and shade trees, 2 blocks a oar line In Upper Alton. One lot on 4th atreet. al flue lota on Belle street between UHh I ate. j story brick store and dwelling and a inr brick dwelling on same lot corner of iVlnests. A good Investment. »lots on 4th street near Mr. Oaritang flne'double dwelling of Mr. R. Oaritang, I far steam with modem improvements, wjr desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, til , with all modern Improvements. Foundry, everything complete; In- its; switch oonneotlon with O. ft A. 110 lota; aw! iNi •'— (ovelty Mfg. Co, property on id street. 4lota. ' In Highland Park, each 70 by about (room dwelling on State street. Prior Lgood *• room dwelling on Second street, i One lota on Alby street: 1 brick dwelling, corner Third ant », one of the finest locations In Alton l-roont dwelling; good lot and Dnt i room dwelling In Upper Alton, good i lot Mxloc feet oh Easton street •• ' •--••• i lots In M 'Ine location. . I brtok dwelling with lUi lots In Mtddle- ~ Fi lent to motor lent ___ldenoe of Albert Wade on Bell* th to rooms and finished attic, bath Good cellar, Gas and water je house. Lot 86 feet front. ;, other desirable property not prlek dwelling on William street. ___ ing with i good lots on Fifth out ot nidge street. Prloe , f 1 . 900. "8 room brlok dwelling with 2 lots OD __ 7 room dwelling with fine rlTerrU.w, by hot water. FOR RENT. .... story brlok dwelling with 8 room leW avenue now occupied by J B dwelling on 3rd street with bath modern fixtures. Teroorn and two 4-room tenements room) 2nd street near C>orry >. J. Clawson homestead In Upper Alton 10 rooms, barn and garden, now occupied fi 0»o. Lerls, Possession given by July l. ,on Moulton. THEFJIAM IN TIIKJCF, spirits sook ngnln^beYogiou w j, oro t ho weird njatt^WgRt flnmoR nbovo tho polo. JBUiHnley oomo bnok? Who can tell? Tboro le tbo fata of Aiidroo, or bis supposed fate, vividly before ns. The three mou uow Homowhore iu tho Dorthlnud nro Ponry, Hverdrup nnel Wallman. Of thcso tho first two nro tho bettor known and tbo runullH of their efforta will bo most nnxioiiBly nwnitnd. tiieatonnnt Fonry was tnkon north in that stanoh find famouN Httlo KU'UOOU- or, tbo Windward, wliiol'i wus presented to bim by Htirinswortb, thu grant London editor, Svordrup its oncu more aboard tbo sturdy From. Both Liootonnnt Ponry nnd VVnltor Wolluiau avow tboir intentiou of niiik- iug another dnsb over tlui iuo to tbo pole, Svordrnp lm« iin entirely now Boboiuo. Ho ID going to lot thu polo alouo, but intemlH to attompt tbo air- cninuavigntion of Greenland. Long lie- fore this, if bo linn onrricd out hi» original lutoution, tho Fniin him beuu forced HH far up tbo northwest count of Greenland us possible. Tho daring Nor^ciginn expootn that •wliou tbo season cfTiiH next spring hu will be able to foroo a puHKiigo to tbo nortboast uud so on around the north sboro of Qroonlaud Into tho Atlnntio again. It in a bold plan and one that baa never before bnen nttoniptod. It iu- volvoa not only a winter in tho too, but a battle royal will) tbo gigantio flooa wbioh grind upon tho bleuk, gluaior fringed nhores of Groenland. If accomplished, it mount) tbo discovery of tho fabled open polar eon. In preparation for HH rough and dan- gorons journey around thu northern extremity of Grounhind tho i'nun underwent great altenitioiiH, being, in fnet, a dlffetont VOHHO! now, both in comfort and «ouworthiucHH, to tbo craft Iu which Naueeii Not out, live yeiirn ago to tho day, with tho object of drifting nonius tho pole. Tho original upper deck, wlilob lay low and was all awuHh in 11 mmwny, baa beou oouvertud into tho main, and is now entirely roofed in by a new flush dock which has been laid, whore, ahead of thu funnel and vuiitilatorn, nro situated tho comfortable, roomy saloon, iKyno 18 foot square, with tho oilloors' aabiiiB, six in number, off it, tho library, study, galley and pantry, besides store closets, sail and cai-pontors' room, wbilo intervening HPIIWH have boon filled with oanouH, KlcdgeH and ski, or occupied by tho dogs. Tbo men's berths aro lift in the original quarters ocoupied by Natisou and bis V»knn on brmrd nt (Jhrinlianin, nnd Kg- kimn dugs worn uncnred In Grconlnnd. Thn imtllltliiK of Um expedition In >i|iinlly Roinploto, Hki, iiiiowdhoes, ipnciul nrt'lio cnnood, (liHt nro both Ondgc's nnd (snnnos, bnvn (wen ptnpnrod for UFO on fro7.on Iniid nnd frozen (tea Hid the cldtlilng outfit in bn«ed upon Svnrdrnp'H knowlcdgn of whnt is noona- Kiiry Kniiifd when on the polnr expedl- tion of imta-d, Tlio Krnin left CbrlHtinnln on Juno 2-1, :ii,d wus not heard of until .luly 14, when it won reported to the southeast of Greenland. (Jnpo Farewell wan punsed n week Inter, nnd tho last word received from S'vordriip was on July 27, when he wus getting rnndy In cnil into Disco bay. In n letter recently received from a member of (lie expedition word wns ob- tnini'd Unit the Km in bud stood tho journey well, though nho rolled ruthor violently in the upon onnan and wan nn- ililc to ninke much headway agniiiRt the Riorum, whieli drove her farther north tlnin thny expeetotl. When she got Into the Greenland ice current, sun ihowed all her good qualities an an lea Miter and stood the liutTetings without Injury. Tbo hint seen of tho Windward waa DII Aug. 13, in Hmith sound, when eho ttnnmud to the north, arid tho Hope, the i'eiiry auxiliary Htonmor, started for tho lontb, renehing St. John's ou Aug. 27, Tho Windward, us well as thu Fioni, has had u previous aretic test. She is bark rigged nnd is built entirely with a fiew ot work in tho ieo. Her rigging la irrangcd so ns to make tho handling of tbo ship us easy us possible and givotho crew little work nbove deck. A skillful mariner inignt snil her alone. Oil tbo maintop is a barrel lookout for tho ioo- QMiHtcr. The Windward's principal di- aicnsloiiH are: Displacement, 240 tons; length, MM fcrt; .l-ouin, 28 feet; draft, 1(1 feet. Her hull is Iniiltof threethick- ucssua of oak, thiee feet thiek amidships and thicker in the bow and Kern. Tho ram bow is nnido of solid oak, IS feot thick, protected liy steel. Peary's project, nx outlined by himself, was to take enough Eskimos with him to Iho north to UKU them in advancing hisuiiHesof supplies along tbo northwestern coast of Greenland. As be plan- nod it in hia own words: "As soon ns the freezing of the ioe in tbn great (lords of tlio northwest ocioi would permit slcdgo trnvul'tuo work of advancing supplies northeastward along ,tlio coast would bo commenced, taking comparatively short stages and light loads, so that tbo trips could be quickly nmclo. "AfiHoon astbesupplies bad been advanced tho first stage, tbo party itself would move forward, leaving a cache behind, and as they would bo following Eskimo customs and living iu snow bouses this could easily bo done. "Thou tbo second stage of advance would bo taken up and tbo work car- The Kidney Complexion. The palp, sallow, sunken cheeked, distressed looking people yon to often meet are flfllloter| with "Kidney Complexion." ' Tnelr kidneys nre turning to a p»rg- nip color. So IB their complexion. They msy nlso havo Indigestion, or Buffer from sleephs^iifso, rheumatism, noiiralglo, brain troubleB, ner- VOUB exhaustion and sometimes the heart acta badly. The cause IB weak, unhealthy kidneys. Usually the nufferpr from kidney disease aoea not find out wh it the trouble IB until It li almost too late, becauno tho Mrst Bjmptoms ard so like mild sickness that they do not think (bey need a medicine or a doctor until they find themselves sick In bed. Dr. Kilmer's Hwnmp Hoot Will build up and strengthen their wesk and diseased kidneys, purify their diseased, kidney poisoned blood, clear their complexion and soon they will enjoy better health. You can get the regular sizes at the drugstore,at 50j and 81, or you may flrF.t prove for ycuratlf the wonderful vlrtures of tbla groat discovery, Swamp Root, by sentllngyotir nddrepa lo Dr. Kilmer & '"o., Biughamton, N. Y., for a sample bottle and R book that tell' all about it, both sent to you absolutely free by mull. When writ- Ing kindly mention that you read this liberal offer in tho TEI.EUKAPH. Mrllii'in Will ltd urn lo Work. Mlllvlllf, N. J.. Nov. 30.— Although It hns not been otilrlnlly announced It Is learned from a reliable source that the Krlovunces of the striking glass workers of T. ('.. \Vhealon & Co. 'e plant have been settled satisfactorily, and that all the men will be back at work In a ITInlrl Drinks lllnmjlf to Dentil. Knrlvlllo, Ills., Nov. 30.— Charley Harding, ninny years make-up on the Chicago Journal, was found dead In his room In the hotel here yesterday. Death resulted from heinorrhrtfse caused by excessive drinking. He had been out of employment since leaving The Journal. PrcjioBoil <iri>Ht LnkeB Cunnl. Washington. Nov. 30.— -An effort will be made by persons Interested Iji JaH'. tr'lnapnHatloti to hive the Anglo-American commission to take up the project for a canal joining the great lakes and the Atlantic. A" f Fleshy Consumptive Did you ever see one? Did you ever hear of one ? Most certainly not. Consumption Is a disease that invariably causes loss of flesh. If you are light in weight, even if your cough is only a slight one, you should certainly take Scott's Emuslion of cod liver oil tvilh hypo- phosphttes. No remedy is such a perfect preventive to consumption. Just the moment your throat begins to weaken and you find you are losing flesh, you should begin to take it. And no other remedy has cured so many cases of consumption, unless you are far advanced with this disease, Scott's Emulsion will hold every inducement to you for a perfect cure. All Druggists, 500. and $1. __ . --p* SCOTT & So much depends upon the purity of the blood that by taking Hood's SarBeparilla many different diseases are cured. REAL ESTATE, , and LOAN AGENT |«OOM 15, P. 0. BUILDING. lot Wilts on Liberty ntroot 1 Frajuclln, for <SOO. _ 8 miles south of Brighton, _ iTstlon, one-half good pasture, ,.. ..bargain, r tWO.story brioic modern dwelling near IM of Third and Oeorge ulruets. dwelling house with largo lot on "' soqtE of Twelfth street. frame dwelling No. 621 eas WHO. Lot OOxlJO. Good stroe _ne dwelling house and another *, all on one lot In good location "i. KeoU for 188 per month: 1 residence on State street on 4xlM on Oak street between tho Jig four R. R. tracks, suitable for bet, Jin'Jersey county, naif mile station by rail or rlrer. ^businessproperty, corner and >aU.,on easy terms, • frame Ksldenoe, new and al —nts, situated on Fourth st,, oturtng purposes, do at Alton slroet, M4 proOtable builneai urtet, oooupled by g on cur termi the Junction of Bout and bl« (oritoreot -"•• wwbrlpli , oppo»lt« TO LOAN. TIIK WINinVAKI). {From a photugruph liiliuu off K l.und.J ooniiHiuious. On tlio whole, tho nouom- uiodutiou nod littingu, if not luxuriouu, luuvo Httlo or notbiiiK to bo duuirecl, nud ovurytliiiiK coniicotcd with tlio YOB- BO! toutitUm tci Svcrdrup'aonliii forcmiglil uud Hound, iirncticul oxiiorlonou in nil luuttors nilutiug to n shivi uud au arctic ociuipuiout. The voijiiul's coraplouieut in IU, all told. Bho is provisioned fur 14 ytuira. Toil Hpleudid elk (logs, n largo vurioty of Finn dogs, of wolllsh nppearauow, worn Remarkable Hescue. Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plaiutleltl, III., makes the statement that she caught oold, which settled on her lungs; she was treated for a month by her family physician, but grew worse. He told her she was a helpless victim of consumption and no medicine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption: she bought a bottle and to tier delight found herself benefited from the first doau. She continued ltn use and after taking six bottlus, found herself sound and well, now does her own housework and is as woll as »he ever was, Free trial bottles of this Great Discovery at B. Marsh's drag Store, large bottles Wo and si, M. BOUVIONY'S BALLOON. riofl on until tlio doparturo of the snn. Each of tho brilliant winter uioons of tbo polar night would afford oppor- tiuiitioti for continuing it, 80 that carl; Kpring tilioiilil tlncl tho party imd tho bulk of itHHiipplioH located tit tkonorth- uru tarmiunu of tbo north Greenland urchipohigo, probably not fur from the 85th piinilhil, with onobeR bebind it at ouob promimuit ln'iiilliind. "From thin point, when tlio proper tiiiio*cuino, with pinked dogs, tho light- B8t pouNililu oqnipiiient and two of the bent KsldimiH, tlio duxb for tho pole would bo attoiupted, with strong preba- bilitiuH of it KiiocciHHful teriiiinatiou. " Hut moro novul than either of thoso expuditioiiH is thnt wbioh M. Souvigny, thu ]''rench aiirnuant, in preparing. Uu- (liNiiiuycd liy tbo 15 iiiontbH of gig- nillciuit Hilcnra Hincu Androo nailed awny tlirough tbo nir, M. Souviguy is coiiNtriKiting a biillooii by moans of \vliirli bo intt'iidH to fly to the polo and buck. It is In bo it peculiar looking balloon, with n bug of uiuiNiial Hlmpo. M. Son- viniiy bi'linvcH that Anilrtui bau porishod bocaiiKi! bo liiL'lied u HIIH guunrator. M. fionvigny will not niakuthitt fatal oniis- Bion, and liu cxjiuctN in uoustruot a balloon whiuh will koupiilUiut iuilolluitoly. Tim liuijjtb of (iniu in which a balloon ciin hour over tbo polar BCIIH is governed by tho iriipcrinuubility of tho Bilk of tbo balloon. Tbo great captive balloon whiuh will be ooiiHtructod by Son- vlgny will bo so varnished aud finished inside and out that it will not IOHO over 1 pur omit a diiy of ya», if an rauoh. Ono unique funturo ol thin balloon will bo a emallnr balloon in tho interior, which iu to pruservo tho geometrical form of the balloon. No matter how iniKutlsfuotorily tho wind blows, tho Liu I loon will keep her shape. Thin will make it pobaiblu to inn ploy a rtigo- Iiir Ktocring apparatus. Surrounding this big balloon will bo 12 tmmll bullooiiH, which nro to nmku up tbo loss of gas. Tht'Eo bullooim van bo flllud by iniichinury so that each day au uinouut I'quivaluiit to tho exhausted air will bo pnmpod into tho muuller bnlloons. Thurowill bo live in tho crow buuldcs tlio iioidiiiuit. The expedition will start us HOOII UN tbo balloon i« ready, which may bu suvenil inoutbu. HowAHD SI-KNCK SIN-CI.AIII. What do the Children Drink? Don't give them tea or coffey. Have you tried the nfw food drink called GRAIN-O? It is delicious and nourishing and takes the slace of coffee. The more Grain-O you give the children the more health you distribute through their systems. Drain-O is made of pure grains, and wbon properly prepared tastes like the choice grades of coffee but costs about one- half as much. All grocers sell it. 15o and 25c How to Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks with colio and pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the while until I used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many people.—Mrs. P. Butler, Fairhaven, Conn. Persons who are subject to bilious colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as soon as the first flymp- tomn appear. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diureilc May be worth to yon more than 9100 If you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water daring sleep. Cures old and yonng alike. It arrests the trouble at once. 81. Sold by S. H. Wyss. Druggist, 662 Second st.-eot, Alton, III. Rheumatism uureof in a Day "Mystic Cure for rheumatism and Neuralgia, radically cures in from 1 to 3 days. Its action upon tho system Is remarkable and mysterious. It removes at once the cause and disease Immediately disappears. The first dose greatly benefits, 76 cts. Sold by S. H. Wyss, Druggist, A'ton, 111. SA.MUIUSON MVRDEIl TRIAL. FnrlhHr Crn*K'10x!iiiilnntlnii uf Mnrle Itub- t'l'tRnu, tlio Scrviiiit. Bnttle Creek, Mich.. Nov. 30.—The stmcle of the tlrst Mrs. Hodolphus Sanderson was drapfjcJ Into the trial of her successor, the defendant on a charge of killing the man who was at different times the husband of both, In the progress of the hearing. The claim was made by the defense that greed for what Mrs. Sanderson Xo. 1 had possessed and which foi*ned part of the estate of Kodoljjhtuj. Sa_nd,<M'8oii had Inspired relatives (if the dead woman to Instigate the prosecution against the living widow. The proceedings of the day were confined to a single session. First, the state called Sheriff William Stone to give evidence showing the rerun Ins he delivered to Professor Pros- cott at Ann Arbor were thoso taken from the body of Itodolphus Sanderson. The further cross-examination of Marie Robertson In the afternoon dealt chiefly with the motive for the movements of the witness from the time she claims she saw the glass ground and became convinced the master of the household was being done to death till she told her tale to the prosecuting attorney. In reply to questions the witness said she had not examined the contents of the soup plate in the top of the charcoal range, but had seen it there several times, and It contained the "same looking- stuff she brought up out of the cellar." "Did you know It was glass ehe brought up out of the cellar?" was asked. "No more than that I saw her take that glass and put It In that paper and march down and grind it, and march up again ami put It In the coal range." HATTMi WITH ntriWLARS. Kulliiny Slnllon A(tcnl nml A»«l«lHnt H*» a l.lVC'l.V Kspt'TloilH'l*. Urnml HaMds. Mich., Nov. 30.-l9nni Sohultpf. Rrnnd Hnpiils nnd Indiana stotlr.n iiRPiit nt Martin, nnd his apelat dnt, Atnri-hall Wli-kos, hnil a wild wes Imltl^ with two rolilicrs In the depot .Wlrltfp nnd nnp of the InirgUirs wcr Wotind"il. Tlic r.ilib'fs hnd blown open the depot .info. A Ijurclar alarm rat from the dc; D| to Schulter's lioiise am whi'ii lhi> rohl'iM'S liPRnn work Schulter nnd Wlcke.i nppprued, nrmed with Win cliL'stprs, nnd ordorc-d the bundlti to throw up their hnnds. Inslofid, they nponed flre niu^ n fu?llade of allots were exchanged, Wickcs fell Imilly wounded but wll reco^'er. One of the roliners was shol In the leg. hut lioth escaped. The un- woiind(>il man slolc n horse from farnier'R hum and lode toward Oranc Knplds. When his horse became exhausted he >>to|p another. Both the .robbers were rntdly captured later; one "of them nt Dunn Lake, the other at \Vnylaml. Holh wore tracked through the snow by po.opes of citizens. Hobcrt I.nrollcHo'n lllneup Madison, WIs., Nov. 30.—Robert M. I^aKollette Is In the snme condition BB n week ago. He Is very weak and unable to take any nourishment, the stom- nch belns more congested than the liver. Mr. T.nFollette suffers Constant pain and no visitors, are allowed to see him. Considerable anxiety Is felt among his friends here, and every bit of Information regarding his condition Is cnfjerly watched for. It Is now con- sldernl certain that he will not be able to attend to his law practice for several months. ICi-lm of (lie Olllntt Failure, Topeka. Kan.. Nov. 30.—Two replevin cases growing out of the Gillette failure at Woodbine, Knn., last week have been filed In the United States court. The two cases Involve a total property value of HO,000 and the bond required by the plaintiffs reached a total of $02,000. The first suit was filed by the Continental National bank of St. Louis and Involves a property value gt, $18,000. The other suit jj to «r:isi"J a claim of $30.P"3 S!:S~b"y* Elmore & Co. "''Kansas City. ^>^^x^v-\^^\v^:^\\ ! ^sv^Av\\\\\^xy-;^^-••• • •CASTORI The Kind You Have Always Bought, nnd which, hftS lii use for over 8O years, has borne the sltf|l , and has been made tmdor gonal mii>ervlsl<m slncft Allow iio ono to deceive y«a'fi)i 1 t1ils. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes tt«J hut Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children—Experience against Experiment. What is CASTORIA Costoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Foverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of The M TOT. Have Always Bought , , Hn Use For Over 30 Years. TM« otirrnuii , TT MUHMV rrnciT. NIV> »o»K CITY. You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy oold may lead to pneumonia or consumption, Foley's Honey and Tar taken in time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. A Queer (?) M calcine. Tb«re is a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient, or that it is a cure-all. This honest medicine only claims to care certain diseases, and that its ingredients are recognized by the most skilled physicians as being the best for K'dney aud Bladder diseases. It is Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wyss. How to Prevent a Oold. After exposure, or when yon feel a oold coming on, take a dose of Foley's Honey and Tar. It never falls. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyas. "The worst cold I ever had In my life waa cured by Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy," says W. H. Norton, of Butter Creek, Oal. "This oold left mo with a cough and I was expector atlgg all the time. The remedy cured ine, and I want all my frlonds when troubled with a cough or cold to use It, for It will do them good." Sold by E. Marsh and 8. II. Wyss. It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Balm is a specific for Nasal catarrh and oold in the head. This distinction has been uonleved only as the result of continued successful use A in'orbld condition of the membrane In the nasal passages can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by druggists or it, will be mailed for 60 cents by El.v Brothers, 60 Warren street. New York, It spreads over the 1 membrane, Is absorbed and relief is immediate. STUBBORN COLDS A stubborn cold is easily taken ; it sticks to some people all winter and very often develops Into bronchitis or consumption. You should cure a cold promptly by taking Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. This celebrated remedyis ac- .knowledged to be most efficient and reliable for all ofiections of the throat and lungs. It cures a cold at once. DrBulfe Cough Syrup Promptly cures Stubborn Colds. Doses are gmall nml plcasnut to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 35 cts. At all druggists. Croup, whooping cough and colds are quickly allayed and danger averted by DR. BELL'S PINE-TAR- HONEY This famous remedy will cure an attack of croup in the time it takes to find a doctor. Every home should have it ready for the time of need. It is au infallible remedy for all bronchial and IUIIR alfcctions. 8.'1,1 by drucclsls at Sic.. Hoc. and (1 per bottle or sent direct on receipt of price by Tfco E. P. SiilliciLml loJldn« C;., rrtanb, S;. BEST TRAINS BbraslcaJilonlanaJugetSountl Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer A>| Juter It PrMk u4 S«H Mull u< Lart, u< UN totanr »f Suuift. Sit EAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL Dr. Williams' Indian i*ile .Ointluouunl! i:uru Blind. Bleeding and Helling • DBP11I.-K. It ubsorljslhe tumors, a qlluys ttio ILchlnf at ouvtr. acts '•'•Bus a puultlrc, fives 1'ibtstit ic- • lief. Dr. Williams'indinnl>i!i: O, in- m ' mfint is prepared for PileM uml lulling of tlio privfttrt purls. Krrrjr b.>x i.s warranted. Bv dnu:gl*ts, t»y mail oa receipt ot price, fit) ct'hu itiul *» (M). WILLIUMS W«NUF«CTU«|fiG rn. Prooa. Clovelaui. dblo f)rs, Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. 2nd and Eastern sis. Pbonea 138 and 171. R SCffUSSLEftM.D . HOMEOPATHIST and SURGEON OFFICKUKD RKB'DBNCB, HOTEL MADISON Telephone 100 PANQ SUE, LAUNDRY. .Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Also best of Teas and Chinese Novelties ot band. ALTON TIME CARD 624 East Second at. 306 State Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Dn hi !/• OFFICE SOI! Market it FUDIIC. or»r Alton By. db Dl'nCo. . Chicago 4 Alton. • On and after noon Aug. U, 1896, tralu will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows- For CMoago.North and Kant-»12:» i m, ««:W a-m, »8:47 a m, *10:06 p m. For SprtDgfleld-«12:33 a m, »8:10 m, »8:« a m, *6:S> p m,t *10:06 p m For Peorta—*8:47a m, «10:05p m. For Kenaas City and the Weat-* •« am, (6:20 pm, *>:60pm. *Dally. (Eioept Sunday. fSee Joint C. ft A. and Big Four time table (or train* between Alton and St. Louie.] ° """""" firs. E. C. & H. R. Lenten UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 9 a.m j 11 to 1,«to Sp.m, TELEPHONE 87. I These tiny Capsules are superlic to Balsam of Copaiba,/^S Cubebsorln|ecf!onsand[MOT CURE IN 48 HOURS \^ the came diseases without Inconvenience, . . Sold ty all J 8» Ohtchuur-t -or.t;«n u,«u,^.i .InmiL 'ENNYROYAL PILLS "^ Original sort (l,,l y « rnu l ne . ^ • AFC, AlVKT. rtflijlbl^ LAOICk Uk O\ l for Ollcltuurr V'.fluk Bla-/fk\ UM! GM neu]U«\r 4 ,lbt»a. •oolheis Xquuilmfntiankulni- U*numl<Mla4(*u. At Or>tll«i.«««d4«, fiR. C. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, Office Hoiri: 9a.m. to 11 am, nd t to a, II W. THIRD R8HT VWkT Robbed theGrave A startling Incident of wbioh Mr. John Oliver, of Phllldolpbla, was the subject, Is narrated by him aa follows: "I was In a most dreadful condition. My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated, pain oontlnu- tiliy In buck and sides, no appetite— gradually growing weaker day by day. Three physicians had given me up., Forluniuvly, a frleud advised trying "Electric Bitters," and to my great Joy and surprise, the Uret bottle made a decided improvement. I continued their use for three weekend am now a well man. I know they saved nay life, and robbed the grave of another victim." No one should /ail to try them. Only Mf per vttdftte at U. Marsh's drug store. Mr. N, W, Oeburn, well known at Woodstock, Mich., wae troubled with a lame back. He waa persuaded to use Chamberlain's Pajn Balm. It gave bim relief Iu one nlgbt. This remedy is also famous (or Its cures of rheumatism. For sale by B. Mann and 8. Q. Wysa. Texas. The Missouri. Kansas & Toias Hail way Ou. will sell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. 1, 15, Deo. 6 and 30. with llnal limit of return to 21 days from date of sale. Au excellent opportunity for homesnrkers, tourists and investors to view for themselves the great resources of the State. For further Information address John L. Wllllauia. P. and T. Agl , 103 N. Broadway, St. J.oul», Mo. DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 306 Belle Street. </. S. MXON, Architect, and Superintendent Plans; and 8peolnc*tlonii tot Work Aocoratoly Furnished. 0 I *KB OVBR Al/TON A LOCAL. Disease, A Climatic Affection. Nothing but a local remedy or change ot climate will cu e It. Got a well-known ipoclflu, Ell'S CMBflfe llll quickly Abwrbed Reli CATARRH ief it once. Open* and oleaau* an 1 i'rotooU lh« Meu.'irana. tlontnrtiti tbo Bonne* of Tute and Sra«li. No Cocaine, No Mercury, No lojuriqu* drug. FuR ilia 60* : Trial jlMlM,alDri)gBUt»orbyitall. ELY BHOTl«l£Ra,T& Warren »t. , New York. WM ARMSTRONG. Dealer le Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prloei to meet competition. Ooodi de- Uiered. elephone 1M. Office 107 Wait 5econd Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHBR. Qradnata Ontario Veternlary Collets. Offlw orer The Model it ore, COR .THIRD AND P1A8A 8*8 , ALTON 1LI T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profiles and Estimate Furnished. jog Belle Street, Up Stairs. Between Alton & St. Loula. LT. Alton For St. Louis.^ Ar. St. L < 18am C4 A dally 7 »am 820am BlgFonr.dally raOaS ' ...CIA, dalhr 8 00 an- Big Four, ex-Sun 800am , '" " " 1000am ollam " " Sun. only 934am • Warn CA A, dally ....... .10 Sam RiOpm i,..Blg Four, dauy 140 pat 643pm 827pm 608pm 820pm LvStLUS 708 am 7 44 am........Big Four' 748am C4 A, 1040am Big Fouri 160pm * " " dally..... 6Mp5 ..C. ft A. dally BMBm ..C4A. dally' ...70»5S ..C&A.dally 9.S4pm For Alton Ar Alton 7 810pm iun Bioara 748am C A A, dally ln '""- lg Four, dally Four, Sat only 250 pm dally it**" 0 A* '?"* B otee, n Upper Alton to EaetSt Louis and si Lool. Tersa, are good on any C 4 A and C. C. C. ft St. L.— Big Pour. On and after Nov. 20, 1898, tralu will leave . tralna between Alton and StLottli.1 table (01 Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. lij Bast Sixth Street • Alton, llf. Burlington Route. train* will leave (Suburban servloe) Arrive St. L ?»r ME A MAN cnaa r«n *)* to M.M H Wrss, THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN—— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY ANO THE ,.,,„ PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. WI0NER BUFFET SLEEPERS ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Ml STKBBT. Monty to IMO oa Improved Property RBNTfl COIXBCTBD. Chas A. Strittmatter On and after Oct. 1st, 1898, Alton aa follows: Leave Alton BMam Q 7lQam 800am loot am naopm Utfpm a 46 pm- 444pm jlfflpm Q t 700pm Leare Bt. L. '« am 821 am Dally ei-suu ,Uy ex-Sun er-8un Sunday only Dally ex-Sun Dally ex-Sun 1160am 800pm ArrlreAlto*' •A! 61 pin 760pm Depot, and I from ineot at Lti Arrlre at t 8ui lepot, Qt 8*0 i on street for Unl apart from Lancdoo s thla train St. L. K. ft M, W. SpM^pnT" 14 — r - ~ lyerind point* 704 Mercluiot Tuiior. BA4T fBCOND ATRBBT. •AND- FREE RECLINING KATY C Hfll B CARS DINING STATIONS OPERATED •¥ THI COMPANY. ( SUPERIOR flKAU, ! ^ •' FIFTY CENTS. Junes Parker, TAILOR MADE CLOTHES, r-At MODERATE PRICE3, You are UTIU4 to oaii and *(a«|at «} NBW STOCK OP GOODS Bt. [•t.L. C, *$t. P. On end »tt«NoY. 14, 1W» trains will la fa Alton as follows i *J*

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