Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 20, 1961 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1961
Page 5
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Maynard News Volume 1, Number 8 Thursday, July 20, 1961 Leg/on and Auxiliary Members are installed Reception held for and fa ™ l] y went t., c f . ( i;,r Rap. ... ., . .. ids Sunday. July Hi. to visit will- New Methodist pastor the former's granddaughter, Mrs MAYNARD — Members of the Tom Koranda, and family ami h:>mo of her parents. Emmanuel Methodist church and 1° meet Mrs. Hertieri Schrader Mrs. Oscar Sykes its affiliated organizations held and family, Davenport, for » a reception at the church Sun- family picnic in Elhs park day, July 16, to welcome their M „ , ^ t MAYNARD — The 1961-62 of- Bergman, auditing committee: " L ' w P iistor ilnd w ' ife - thc Rev - attended the 30th \i'!ldn,^'m,i fleers of the American Legion Mvs. David Parsons, Mrs. Suhr, Mr - and Mrs. Herbert Shaffer, lry of Mr .,„,]'M... n ' J auxiliary were installed at its Mrs. Ray Arthur and Mrs. Del- and their three children, Char- st '' ' at pVrmoi i',, <."''', regular meeting at the CommuR- bert Glew, special events com- Icnc, Gwcn and Herbert jr. ^^ ^ ^ \ } ^ w ^ M( . ;in(| Mrs wj]|i;im w . i|foi . gold It began with a covered dish this area who aUl ., uU . (l iru . Uu i Ptl llf Mt-Grct-, r. and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Koelling. Hol)ert Halverson, of Elkack-r, tc-r. Mrs Louie Larsen. and fam- camp also as a councilor (hr the Bridges park, three miles north ily including Mrs. Shcrm Bangert group. n f Maynard, has been opened to .ind three ehild:-en, Alexandria, , the nublic Va "''• () si-ar C. Miehe was taken " ' ,'..,- . l.y ambulant- early Wodn.-sday T)u> park ' whjch Js a new de " Charles. D c -bra and uoris Ann July 12, to the hospital at Houh- ^'OP™" 1 sponsored by the IY.ber;s, Cedar falls, spent the ester. Minn., following surgery countv board, has six new ta- wcc-k of July >.> with their grand- last week at (he Allen Memorial blos - metal P lcnlc stoves, new walks and roads. A well has been drill for drinking water and a walk has been built across the stream to thc north. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Du- in Water' Mrs. Curtis McGregor, Janet and Jimnut , of Washington, came 'I'liesrlay. Jii'y il, lo visit in the Mr. an.' Carl Hall, Lon.n Beach, Calif.. is spending the summer vacation with his u.n-le and aunt. Mr. an,l Ml "" Bl>l ' yl """' iim> ; '^ tin »' wilh ihc- farm work. Twin Bridges park open MAYNAltD - Rii-hard Con.: . -, Oelwt-in. mi-mher of the . .i.veMi c i) u n I y conservation hoard, re;. rt-, that I he T w i n IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE TRY LEADER WANT ADS v r, y T M T V ,- ,, 12 by Mrs Gladys Buenneke as- star; Mrs. John McKcon, citizen- dinner at neon which was fol- Em- Sisted by Mrs. Fred Schwarz as ship; Mrs Ray Arthur, wreaths; lowed by an informal program Ruth and Gertrude Mr and Mrs were Sunday uests of the A. instalhng sergeant-at-arms. Mrs. Ehlers, nominating; Mrs. of talks by the pastor and others. Hugo Dartds all nf O elwein Ber M mans ' The new officers are: Mrs. ~£ l . 1 * rs ' Mrs - Bergman and Mrs. The gathering was also a fare- Walter and James Sleeve West- Marvin Ingels, president; Mrs. William A. Stephens, member- we n courtesy for Mr. and Mrs. gate- Mr and Mr- Theodore- Yminn people fr,;m th Merrill Glew, first vice-presi- snip; and Mrs. Merrill Glew, Dwight Fausch and three daugh- Steegc Sumnev and Mr and »> :iiul ^ Molluidist i-hurdi who dent; Mrs. David Parsons, second lu " ch - tcrs, Delores, Judy and Virginia. Mrs Gordrn Warnke Marion :ut ' :>tti-ncliHK tlu first junior hi«h vice-president; Mrs. William A. . Thc K''° U P voted to serve the A gift from the Women's Society i'»'"P ;lt the pietured rocks, Mon- Stephens, treasurer; Mrs. Delbert dinner for the Old Timers reun- O f Christian Service was present- Mrs - Erma Simpson went to ticello, are John Parsons, Richard Glew, secretary; Mrs. A. F. Berg- ion on Sunday, Aug. 13, at the C[ \ trie Fausches by its president, Waterloo Sunday, .Inly 16. for a Du«nn and Virginia Fausch. Mrs. man, historian; Mrs. Ray Arthur, Community hall. Announcement Mrs. Henry Kappmeyer. Another vi sit in the home of her daugh- Dwight Fausch is attending the chaplain; Mrs. Orland Struve, was made °f the county meeting j,jf t f ro m the Sunday School and -sergeant-at-arms; Mrs. W a 1 1 e r to be at st - Lucas, Tuesday, July the Commission on Education Suhr, Mrs. Walter Ehlers and 25 - and l2f thc statc convention was presented by Sam Holmes. Mrs. Adolph Kuennen, members to be at DCS Momes the same Thc Fausch family who has week. * rs - red Schwaiz md Mrs ' of the executive council. The new president appointed Ai r' a 'o » 1C " ' » . t the foltowing as committee chair- f, llen Schwarz wore hostesses for men: Mrs. Victor Steege, Ameri- the Jomt soclal hour Wlth mL ' m - canism; Mrs. Ray Crowder, finance; Mrs. Merrill Glew, child welfare; Mrs. Orah Patsey, re- lived in Maynard since 1954 will leave later this month for Spring- villu where he will teach the coming year. wenare; JVITS. vran r-aisey, re- — r • habilitation; Mrs. Paul Buenneke, SfllPtV IfinP poppy; Mrs. Delbert dew, pu- JUlel / IUIIC blicity; Mrs. Evelyn Arthur, girls' state; Mrs. Tom Samuelson, J o Up halA III v/ 90 civil defense; Mrs. Lee Oakes, IU UC IIClU J\i\J L7 LOCALS MAYNARD — Students of the Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McGregor and Christine, Jefferson, were Sunday guests, July 16, of her mother, Mrs. Fred Steege, and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Cfeorge Carley Pan American; Mrs. Floy Glew, cheer; Mrs. Walter Ehlers, music; ..,,.. Mrs rfcpnr Miphp Ipuielntiu/.- drivers' education class at the M« Kuennen and Mrf A P West Central Community schccl have received word of two grand- Mrs. Kuennen ana Mrs. A. *. wm sponsor a gafety , anc check childrcn born to thcir daughters —_ =—-i ^-_=:^_.. .... :_-,-,-.r. Qn Saturt i. ay) j u |y '29, according this July. It was a son to Mr. and Marian girls elect to Patricia Carlson, executive Mrs. Harold Cronen (Joyce) at r\£C' f »U chairman. The lane will set up Kandiyohi, Minn., and a daugh- Urncers tor the year on the street in front of the Com- ter to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kir- MAYNARD — At the meeting munity hall. by, (Birdeen) at Onating, Ontar- of the Harlan NRG 4-H club The Maynard Booster club will io - Canad a- Tuesday-evening, July 10, at the arrange for prizes which will be Mr. an( j Mrs. J. Fred Ingels re- Community hall the 14 members awarded by drawing names of turned home Saturday July 15, present elected their new officers those who have passed through a f lei . a month's visit with rela- for the new year. the lane, she also stated. t ives at points in California and These are Joann Harrington, Safety lane committee chair- other western states. president; Sharon Harrington, men include Delores Fausch em- vice-president; Kay Dugan, sec- ployer-employee; Virginia Par- Mr - and Mrs - Henry Schrader retary; Cheryl Bodley, treasurer; S0 ns, finance; Loyce Lenius, pu- and Mr. and Mrs. Erwm Schrader Judy Simpson, historian; and blicity; Barbara Claxton, safety Ann Gilmer, reporter. lane director; and Lois Albrecht, The club also chose Sharon records. Alvin Kelly is the in- Harrington and Anna Kay Fett- structor of the driver education kether -as the junior demonstra- class and faculty safety lane tion team to represent them at sponsor. the county demonstration day. This will be at the Farm Bureau Pmvt-r service held building, Fayette, Thursday, Aug. ra ' cr act viuc ^ic « 10. For Alshouse infant The club will hold an all-day MAYNARD — A prayer serv- wockshop, with a sack lunch, at ice for Kristi Jo Alshouse, infant the Community hall Tuesday, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee July 18, and plans were made for Alshouse, Oelwein, was held at its achievement day on Saturday, the D e i S mg - Wright Funeral Aug. 12, also at the Community home in Maynard at 2 p. m., hall Thursday, July 14. Burial was In their separate programs, in tne st p e t e r's Lutheran ceme- Cheryl Bodley gave a demonstra- tery at Westgate. tion on "A double crusted pie" Krigti was born M 12 _ 1961i for the senior girls and Mama ear , Wednesda morn . Garmer demonstrated "salads of * h Oclwein hos . the..sea» for the junior division. > f', J ^ • she had been sinee Lunch was served the group, £. ' including four visitors, by Bar- • bar*. Schrader and Judy Simp- She is survived by her parents, gg,, her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Alshouse of rkk. — U'^kJ. , Oelwein, and her paternal grand- UUServe fcirtlxiay parents, Mr. and Mrs, Clarence MA'Y'NAttD — Kelatives of Mr. Alshouse of Stanley. and.: Mrs. Harold Steege met at their: home Sunday •• afternoon to TRY AN AD IN THE LEADER assigt in observing the sixth birthday anniversary of their twin sons, Dean and Glenn. Those present included Mr. and Mrs t .'J, W. McGregor and Christine (-i Jefferson, Martin Baedeker and sons, Frank and Allen and Margaret Talcott, Randalia, Mr. and)Mrs. Victor Steege and family, Gerhard Steege and Mrs. Fred Stecge, the boys' grand- motger. COMPLETE PROCESSING FOR YOUR FREEZER MAYNARD LOCKER Phone 65 Maynard, Iowa POLE BUILDINGS TRAVELERS' CHECKS THE "CA$H" ONLY CAN SPEND ! Traveling U iruly cu«- wfepn you cany tear' r otocks. Th«y can c«*h»d conr*niMiilr you go. but only MAYNARD tYHpS BAJ Phone 38 Maynurd, Iowa Notice... We have been chosen by Peoples Natural Ga» Co. to install the natural gas distribution system in your city. This job cannot be accomplished without some inconvenience to the citizens of the community. Please bear with us in our efforts to complete the work as quickly as possible and to hold such inconveniences to a minimum. We would like to ask that parents warn children to stay away from the open ditches and machinery. Do Not Watch Northern Underground Constructors GENERAL PURPOSE POLE BARN 52' x 52' AS LITTLE AS $55.75 Per Mo. Let us show you what we have to offer in the way of money making buildings to improve your farm. Spahn & Rose Lbr. Co. "ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD" Duane Slauson, Mgr. Phone 47 — Maynard, Iowa WHOLESALE Feeds and Ingredients CUSTOMIZED FEEDS CWT. 16% Pig Starter - Grower $3.75 14% Pig Grower 3.40 12<>( Hog Finisher 2.70 15% Sow Feed 3.00 16%- All Mash Layer 3.35 14% Dairy Feed 3.20 INGREDIENTS CWT. TON O. P. Soybean Meal $4.60 $90.00 Solvent Soybean Meal __± 4.30 84.00 Cottonseed Meal 4.20 82.00 6C% Tankage 5.40 106.00 50%, Meat Scraps 5.50 108.00 50%, Protein Blend 5.30 104.00 Steamed Bone Meal 5.75 114.00 Wheat Middlings 2.50 50.00 Wheat Bran 2.40 48.00 Dehyd. Alfalfa Meal 2.80 54.00 ALL PRICES F.O.B. FAYETTE Terms. Net Cash. Prices Effective to July 27 NUTRI-PAK COMPANY Phono 145 — Fayollo. Iowa ! Pardon i WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF BRINGING YOU NATURAL GAS SOON IT WILL BE IN AND THE REPAIR WORK COMPLETED. BE PATIENT AND THE JOB WILL BE WELL DONE. YOU CAN ENJOY NATURAL GAS IN YOUR HOME THANKS FOLKS PEOPLES NATURAL GAS Office Between Fayette Leader & Theatre — Clifford Haye«, Mgr. — Phone 266 LIVE MODERN...FOR LESS...WITH NATURAL GAS AND NORTHERN UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION

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