Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on September 16, 1959 · Page 3
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
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Wednesday, September 16, 1959
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EDITORIAL- U.S. Can Benefit From British Election Now With evident good reason, Prime Minister Macmillan and his Conservatives look forward confidently to the British elections a month from now. And if their confidence is well founded, the United States may also be an important beneficiary. A Labor party victory would be expected to elevate to the vital post of Foreign Secretary the fiery Aneurin Bevan, outspokenly anti-American and consistently soft toward Moscow and Peiping. Such an event could lead to serious disruption of Timet Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, Sept. 16, 1959 Quick-Change Basic Printed Pattern that it is caught with its issues down. On the home front, economic output is high and rising, unemployment is a tolerable 2 per cent, and the British pound is in solid shape. In the foreign field, Macmillan's persistent urgings for summit talks, though occasionally annoying to some Americans, appear to have persuaded finish voters the Conservatives are properly flexible. tJ.S.-British relations which today: And in so doing, they have cut the are still a bedrock element in the' ground from under the Laborites free world structure. ; who tried to make so much of the It has been more than lour years issue of flexibility, since the last Conservative triumph 1 Unquestionably, too, Macmillan at the polls under Sir Anthony has benefitted from President Ei- Eden on May 2fi, 1055. British law senhowcr's visit and the evidence required that another general vote ! of close accord that exists between be held no later than the same dale Britain and America at a time next year. when important East - West meet- In the intervening years, many ings are ahead, reports have come to us that Mac- j Macmillan thus has timed his millan and his party were in trou- election call for a period that sees ble. Predictions were common, at his party riding a crest. Anything various stages, that "if an election less than a substantial victory in were held now" the Laborites October will have to go down as would win. an upset JhsL TyiatuAiL patent Time is Important Factor in Understanding Problems BY MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE \ habit, of delaying his support checks The. son of a divorced mother j 0, " dm ' to make ,1cr ask for ,hcm ' I fell in love with a girl of different! And so for some timp S " R tnnk religious faith and announced his 10 her cabin with what she thought intention of marrying her. v;as seasickness. , . ,, '. ., , . ' One morning as she was reclm- As she told me herself, his moth- • , p and ' wcak m hcr d(H . k er fought the plan in every way chajr shp sajd Mf a , oud (n hf ,,.. she could She first refused to meet sHf „ T1 npvp ,. _ of lhcm he girl Then she agreed to meet considpiTrl my , pplinRS •• And at hcr. but unable lo control her re- TOTAL BATTLEFIELD DEATHS IN ALL U.S. WARS: 602 ' 000 Revolution ... 1812 ... Mexican ... Civil... Spanish-American ... World War I . . . World War II . . . Korea sentmenl, treated her so badly that she was ashamed lo meet her again. She warned her hoy of the misery ahead when his views on duty. God and sin came into conflict with once she new with absolute certainty that she had expressed a protest of profound importance to hcr life. She was right Gradually her realization spread until she saw * hat the intensity of her resent-• TOTAL U.S. MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT DEATHS: 1,265,000 a Research Program To Keep Up Traffic Signs his wife's and would make the nirnt a | thV child who had mar- training of their children an end- , , c ri without considering hcr feel-' less argument. Finally, he quietly j nRS belonged not to him but to married the girl — and his dis- other important people who had fraught mother removed herself disregarded them. And she began from the intolerable situation by (o understand Uie inappropnate- I taking an ocean voyage. nr . ss n f her anger at him. i As soon as she departed, she At her trip's end she became found herself overwhelmed with engaged to the man to whom she memories of other inconsiderate is now happily married people in hcr life. Perhaps her experience may She recalled how his mother, have moaningMor a Mrs F. who who had favored hcr younger sis- v riles. "My daughter who attend- (Last In a scries of 3 articles) the hazards of other roads and thus DES MOINES — In the 1920's, there are few if any warning signs, the nation's road authorities gath- But to move a large flow of traffic ered in convention and began a ai modern speeds, the drivers must standardization program The end: be kept informed along the route result has been the color, shape j to their destination, and message philosophy of sign Multi-lane traffic — where there communications, and a continual, ore two or more, lanes moving In program of research to keep signs one direction — is one reason for and signing programs on a par the new large overhead signs, with the development of automotive | Another sign trend which has re- travel suited indirectly from traffic Some modern trends, for exam- speeds and volumes is that, of ident- ple. include larger signs; a four ifying the type of sign by color, color system designating a separ- A few years ago, yellow and white ale color for each category of, were the colors most commonly signs: reflective materials which ', used on traffic signs. Red, adopted show the sign in the same color • for stop signs in 1954. would have Safety Council. The loll since the and shape at night as they appear | had earlier acceptance if science hrginning of (he automobile era m lnR daytime: and overhead signs and industry had been able to pro- now adds up to more than twice : which are suspended over three or' duce a reflective, non-fading red. four lanes nf traffic. Bed for stop signs was desirable , Signs are getting larger because' because that color is identified with of modern speeds. On today's high- j 'he command to stop. Materials i ways where speeds approach and'were finally developed after World .exceed tin m.p.h. (he sign must he War If which made practical the ! large enough to make its presence red stop sign — which would not \nown At 60 m.p.h the driver is fade, and which reflected red at BLOODY RECORD . . . Automobile accidents took 37,000 lives last year—an average of about 100 a day—reports the National as many as have been killed in action In all this country's wars. 80th Birthday Noted at Picnic SIZES 12-20 • Tlnip* Mirnld >p«» Nmli'Pi WESTS!DE - August Wiehers tor, had once loaned the sister her ed Methodist Sunday school is plan- observed his 80th birthday recent- new belt without asking her per- ning to marry a .Jewish hoy When ly. In honor of the occasion, a mission She rememhred the aunt I asked her how she expected him family picnic was held at Spring who was always threatening her to join in family celebrations al Brook Park near Guthrie Center with God's wrath if she failed lo Christmas and Easter, she said she Those present in addition to Mr. "love" her sister. She remember- didn't expect him to. My heart is Wiebers were Mr and Mrs. Lcroy ed her husband's infidelity and his hoken 1 have lost my child ." Wiebers, Kay and Robert. Mr : and Mrs Earl Wiebers, Judy. .lo travelling nearly 30 yards per second — it would take him only 3.4 seconds to travel the entire length night The extent to which color identifies a message was shown several Wardrobe wonder nnr day, n pure , , and .simple sheath the nrvt rtav, n\ or as indicating a bad dramatic tunic. This beautiful basic; , , • ' ts hpginnei'-PHsv in sow and "loves" But today this does not seem lo misreading of the signs. j mini- contrast of scarf or tip To- Thoughts morrow's nnttprn. Misses' skirt. Printer) Pattern 0 VJ'J: Misses' Sizes 12, 11. Hi, IS. 20. sue 1H dress takes .'l yards .'to-tn <-ri. Printed rltterl Inns on pach pattern be so. Polls indicate the Conservatives enjoy a popularity which might well give them a winning margin of from an to ion seats - » »" J«.v. my brethren. 1 »*&J :B Vtr r V u y &TS r corns, ,U«.H „,.„. „,o „ J „ „f w hen you meet various trials. — for this pattern — add in cents fori as against their present edge of , J .,, ea,-n pattern for maiiinc 1 ci\ i ' r . ' . V"-.i_ . , . s end to Marian .Martin . Dallv Times 0rent faith must have great iirrjiin. 2.--1 Pattern Dppt 2.12 West . IStn St.. New York 11. NY. Print wn vk'> 1 Rlalnly N.VMK. ADUKKSS nltli ol a foothall field or one average years ago in an experiment con- city hlock ducted by Faber Birren. national 1 This does not leave much time color authority He erected a red for the sign to make its presence slop sign at a husy intersection, known and relay its message — | but the word stop was purposely ', especially when the driver is not; misspelled (ops After stopping at looking for the sign. In effect, the the sign, then continuing on their sign must find the driver, rather 1 way. 100 drivers were questioned. - •':V .:"V'V" u""i'-j'"' ' than the driver finding the sign I Eighty-six per cent had noticed ami. .lean and Earl .lr west side. , Tf) mpp( lhis roblcm traf[ic , notning unusua i about the sign. Bir- and Mr. and Mrs. Lobel Buckhn h f (he 12 mch I . g conclusion polnts t0 tne im . and Melha Mae and Alan. * • , h 3 j portance of message identification Des Moines . 1 .. I Mr. and Mrs I .loann and Dick, land Mrs. Ronald Howard Hugg West side: Mr ! and 4 foot signs of today's roads.' Direction signs, those which guide The Labor party's dilemma is trails — Charles Spurgeon. Nikita Has Poor Record to Buck When He Faces U.N. ZONK, SI/.K unci STYl.K Nl'MBKR. Remember Way Bock When By PETER EDSON 1 based on realistic inspection ;ys- NEA Washington Correspondent terns In their place the Russians, WASHINGTON — 'NEA> — .lust demand only banning the bomb (Rudtk, 7niIhL\ Try Togetherness' to Get Your Extra Household Help Is a woman lazy simply because night you might leave your mop- she hires someone to do her house- pmg. waxing, dusting, etc , for the evening when he can help you If home Thursday after spending a | nation's exnresswavs _ th* «im .r A reader of this column, whose he protests tell him the work is week with their grandparents,! highways, or turnpikes or freewavT husband ,s a well-to-do business- e c, j in 8 % be 00 heavy for you Mr and Mrs. Ben Bledsoe, in , These are the roads de enedMo man. savs her husband wont let and y° u navc to have some hel P Venison. Gene and Butch Wiebers! handle a heavy ' her hire a maid even though thev ~ l{ not ,he nel P of a maid ' ,hpn W ' ERP B »PS(S of Mr and Mrs can well afford it because he thinks strongjright arm. Bledsoe from Thursday until Sat housework is a wife's job the driver rather than regulate . . jwarn, or stop him, have reached MII and ,, Mr r 3 u M J S Byron ' lawr proportions than this. Many Moeller, Ida Grove, had a picnic • of tnem are as la as hl h y dinner at Lake View, j advertising signs. ludy and Joann Wiebers caine 1 This- is especially true on the flow of traffic quickly and efficiently, so traffic through color Sign technology has become considerably more complex than our ancestors' forerunners who scraped the bark from trees, broke a twig, or piled rocks to communicate with the travelers. The complexity of signing has paralleled the complexity of our transportation problem. But the basic principle still remains: the forerunner is still communicating with the travelers, and the purpose of his communications Or you might sell some of your urday. jewelry to pay for a maid That Wednesday afternoon callers at She writes "He'll buy me ex- should give your husband the idea the Ed Gerstner home in Arcadia Nineteen Thirty-Four— pensne jewelry and furs — but he tna t you'd rather have help around were Mr and Mrs Henry Volk- Kenneth Schwarzenbach was won't let me hire even a clean- house than mink around your;ens. Shelbv. and Mr. arid Mrs. , , „ " ''"r 1 r„rf"!ir n ii 7mn nf "rs"h a «« nn"fnr" elected master councilor ot Hugh ing woman I didn't mind working shoulders and diamonds on your Frank Schelldorf. Westside how much the Russians really an " aooution ot Lb. oases on lor- ^ OL —„ C TA«M_I„.. „, ...U : »_ ..- .:— want peace and an end to the Cold P| cn soil must be kept moving. They have j is to provide swift and safe pas- no stop signs; they have few of sage. War may be revealed by Nikita ln 'he early f \ years the So- Khrushchev's speech before the '•i 0 ' boycotted specialized agen- V N. Genera! Assembly in New i'i« like World Health. Interna- York Sept. 18. the fourth day of ti°nal Labor and Atomic Energy the session. If there are to he any organizations changes in Soviet foreign policy, this will show them Otherwise. Khrushchev will spout old propaganda. For 14 years —ever since the t' N was founded — the Russians have been obstructing its programs. Communist criticisms of the L'nited Nations all stem from one rie Payen Chapter of DeMqlay at hard while he was getting his start fingers 1 .. ... p . _ . the neneral election last night. but now that I could take things 0| . vou m , Rn , jusf pu , it on the .„'" FA ,™ ?„H 'rS™ i „cf! Nmeteen Thirty-Four- easy 1 resent having to do all of line with. "Vou don't do the jani- wet - e "dinner euests nf Mr and The three candidates who are in the work m a large two story tor work arnund vour office and . J, R r* S ; n °' ?? a thejead for _.hree_ special prizes house My husband expects it to he now tnat we can afford household,^ i ^'VranrKlipS 3 Arc! on "August 26 in celebration of the,r Morions Observe Mrs. Ramsey's 35th Anniversary Birthday Noted At Legion Hall 1 Time* Herald .News Srrvlc*) SCRANTON - Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Morlan entertained at dinner fie Russians even in ,hc Daily Hprald tam P ai en are kept spotless and also expects me h( , ip 1 don't intend to do ihe jam- -"V"*- rf , ranK 01 ™" on AU gusi 2b in ceieorauon 01 tne.r 1 ne Russians even (ireteman and ln „„tnri a m „„.niv ,c thr» uive S . , A \ c i„ dia WeIe afternoon callers of Mr. • 35th wedding anniversary. Guests Security Council un- V Bn ^,. P f llx G,etemdn and ,0 Pn,ri H,n ' s m ^ , dR ,he Ul (s tor work around this house So 1 m ._ d M , s Baup , , lfl( . p Mr *A Mrs n ,. ri p M„ r . 3n . bd.vcotted the til the 1' N took action against Communist agression in Korea The Russians have refused to allow V N missions \n imestigatc (onditions in Hunnary. And the Pussians have (ailed to support any V N. refugee relief or technical assistance programs for underdeveloped countries Assistant Secretary of State Mrs W. 1 Saul Nineteen Thirty-Four— and Mrs Bauer. Mr. and Mrs. were Mr. and Mrs. Orrie Morlan; Harold Schoen- Mr. and Mrs. Leon Morlan, ,Ief- (Times Herald >ew» Servlre) MANNING — The Ramsey family observed the birthday of Mrs. Bess Ramsey at the Legion Hall Well you might try a little "to ar( > t nor ] 0 f catering to a sense- pelherness" on your husband In- | css w| imi ol your husband's, stead of ha VIOL ; the house shminc when your husband comes home at (All Kicnts Keserved. NKA Service. Inc.) principal complaint. It is that the t,-,'..""„,";", n w~~~ ,„ 1 . •. J . . 1 .. , • 1 ancis i). Wilcox, in charce of a es " are now mtoresleri in making the The charge is that the l'nited f \ a n effective world peace or- States uses this majority to the c.-ini/atinn detriment of the Soviet I'nion. To revise it, the Russians have demanded parity in nuclear weapons control, surprise attack, disarmament and other negotiations Noncommunisl nations maintain this Russian drive for parity has of ouier no hasis. There are nine Com- poses munist members in the R2-nalion End Soviet abuse of the veto. Support a [' N peace force Accept international inspection to end the loc iam on disarmament negotiations. .Inin in efforts to assure the use pace for peaceful pur- ,of our friends who have cooks, hirinc help tomorrow r , , m.ids. or both I'm led up with There are plenty of ways that you jah 'n ^rM an i a % nd "' M 7 s /En^;'a fcrson." who*°celebra\ed "the^ 35th 1™*%' ^^JMLJ^^Z iwo thousand spectators witness- „ but what can I do' can get -he idea across that you ( - ampbell werc supper Rucsts ln wedding anniversary the same day: 22?" \*L£,^ h *tt " "*" " the Paul Campbell home Tuesday and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith fn^^^tvr^Tnnnlnt evening in honor of the birthday and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Del- 'V ™™ T ean ^ of John Campbell. , mcr Morlan spent the weekend in | ^ ni ^ P ' dS ' ° maha< Harlan " and Donald Nobiling. son of Mr and ' Indianola with their son and daugh-l n8 ' Mrs. Orville Nobiling, a r r i v e d 1 tcr-in-law. Lloyd Morlan and fam-| Mrs. L. J. Nickum returned Fn- bome from Oakland. Calif He re- i ilv.'who are expected to spend the 1 day from Greeley, Colo., where she ceived his discharge after spend-1 coming weekend in Scranton with j had taken her granddaughter. Mrs. Robert Weber, and two sons, fol- the navy. i Mr . and Mrs. Sherman Kline Jr 1 j™"!, tl f r vi f 1 heret j " fMan " ln g- Mrs. Mary Gebdhardt of Groton, of Sioux Citv spent the weekend }?rs- Nickum also visited friends in S D.. is spending ten days with , camping at the Iowa State Fair i n ! Lolorado oprmgs. her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. ' Des Moines with Mr. and Mrs I The Homemakers Club met and Mrs. John Brockman. The: j 0 hn Hayes of Morning Sun. On j Thursday noon at the City Park. Brockmans and Mrs Gebdhardt I Sunday. Mr and Mrs. Sherman A sack lunch was served. 22 an- visited Wednesday afternoon with Kline and Peggy Hayes who had , swered roll call with "A Place I ed the night horse show and enter lainment at Westside's annual Calf and Colt Show Friday evening The show was put on in an up-to-date show ring erected by Frank Hoffmann. Nineteen Thirty-Four— Inaugurating the tall season, the Women's Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Church will meet in the church parlors at 3 o'clock Wednesday Mrs W C. Saul will be the leader. Lunch will be in charce of Mus. John Clem-! ents and Mrs. E. A. Wissler • DR. JORDAN SAYS * By EDWIN p JOROAN M .D.. Written tor NEA serviet ins three years and one month in his parents Sciatica Nerve Pains Are Result of Many Conditions All too often 1 receive inquiries, 1'nli] more is learned about Ml " and Mrs. Walter Bruggeman visited with them last week, join- \ Would Like to Visit." Leona Brus from people suffering from sciatica what brings about the more oh . *| M™'"^ Out" that Relax the Communist grip of organization. This entitles the tenor on Hungary Beds to one-ninth of the vole, plus neutralist support they pick up Giving the Communists greater voting strength in the U.N would deprive many smaller nations of their voice. Soviet activities in the l'nited Nations have been principally to further the objectives of the Communist world revolution — not to further the world peace objectives of the U N. This has been demonstrated best by Russian use of the veto on 87 different occasions A year ago President Eisenhower went before the General Assembly emergency session to propose a stand-by (' \. police force for the Middle East Khrushchev promptly served notice the I'.SSR. would oppose it. He Cooperate on the unification ol who want to know more about this scure types, it will be difficult to ,j rr Tuesday afternoon they visit- distressing condition Some ol them treat all cases of this distressing ed Mrs Mary Mundt and Mrs have experienced pain for months anf j p ;im ful condition with the de- Minnie V'etter in planning n u ... Hi^ h-.*.., ™. M. A ' 3 " ME HI ' C ? ,MOS,LA ' LHEIR sued success rerhaps in the fu- Q — How did the harher get his , ts rnr | tn k now how thev can , ' , . name? hear u'loncer Some o! them have ™ rp tan bp Prevented by A — Actually he cot It from nnmhr.nss nnd tinclinc as well as methods vet tn he discovered On lions. fynnetl MAKE fRIENOS trimming beards, since "barba" is >r beard. When to get their hair cut instead of all Korea in accord with U.N. rcsolu- Latm'for' beard'"when men began m how are eager for intoinia- it can be cured. 1 wish thai I could tell them Sciatica is a term used to describe pain along the course of the sciatic nerve rather ihan a disease This nerve runs down the back ol the leg from the buttocks to the heel Apparently many dif- lerent causes can irritate the sciatic nerve ;uid bring this pain Some doctors claim that most cases of "snaijc neuritis" are „„. caused by a hernia or rupture of A - Reykjavik is the capital and ,h,> cartilage-like substances which lie between the vertebrae or small I their beards, the barber shitted to | this job without changing his name. I Q — To whom does the term : "lost generation" refer' 1 A — To the men and women who I came to maturity during World j War 1. and as a result of their • experiences in the war and the social changes iollowing it became disillusioned and neurotic ! Q — What is the capital of Iceland the lavorable side, almost all eventually recover or can he cured even though the path may be long Pets-in-a-Portrait only large city Q — In what constellation is the sun" A — It does not occupy a posi- If you know that a family friend tl(> " ln ai1 >' constellation thereby revealed the Communists. recommended you to a Iratci don't want a strong U \. Beginning in l!>4i> with the Bartich Plan lor international control of atomic energy, the l'nited States has made many proposals lor effective disarmament ln 195.1 President Eisenhower proposed his "open skies" inspection plan Two years later at Loudon, America, Britain and France proposed a package plan for disarmament and outer space control l'p lo now Die Ru:..sians have re jected all these plans, which are * Daily Times^ Herald Oallv Except Sundays and Holidays By The Herald Pubilshlns Company 515 N. Main Street Carroll, lovva nity or sorority, it is thoughtful to Noting couples driving in the write a note thanking the person moonlight often turn off the main whether you pledge the group or highway . . . using a fork for a not spoon JAMES W. WILSON, Publisher HOWARD B. WILSON, Editor Entered as second-class matter at the f ost office at Carroll. Iowa, under , he act of March 3. 187a. Member ot the Associated Press The Associated Cress, ts entitled exclusively to the use for republication of af) the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP dispatches. Official Paper of County and City Subscription Rates Bv carrier boy delivery per week $ .35 BY MAIL j tdnoll County and AU Adjoining Counties per vear $12.0(1 1 I 'L'I Month . $ 1.40 Outside of Carroll and Adjoin- me Counties In Zones 1 and i, net vear - ji .-i.nn Pet Month - $ 175 All othpi Mai) In the United Sidles per year.. Simiu Per Month I 2.00 BRI6Hy\CRES »wr »e I Ma fsons *DO YOU HAVE ANW 'INSTANT' MONEY?" bones ol the spinal column This substance is called the nucleus pul- posus Al any rate there is no doubt that many cases of pain in the sciatic nerve have been relieved by the surgical irealmenl of this rupture I'.iiii in the sciatic nerve also may come from conditions elsewhere in ihe body Such diseases as diabetes, certain kinds of vitamin deficiencies and rheumatic condition produce sciatic pain Infection m an abscessed tooth or diseased tonsils also cause sciatica In such cases removal or drainage (if the infected areas brings relief i although many disappointment can he expected. I When the sciatic nerve is siib- ' jected to pressure Irom something i in or near Ihe spine itself, sciatic : pain may result Any disorder of the lower back, lor example, can cause sciatica. Many times a direct cause can not be found Sometimes (he injection of a local anesthetic or salt solution relieves the pain Manipulation, together with other measures of physical therapy, such as mi i .Mr and Mrs Frpri Brockman, Mr and Mrs George Jans and Mr and Mrs Frank Schelldorf were guests nf Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cicrstncr of Arcadia Tuesday for an evening ol pinochle. Gertrude and Henriette Sterner left Wednesday evening for Hammond, Ind , where they are employed as teachers. Mr and Mrs. Ronald Peters of ing Sun with her parents. will be held Sept. 21 at Saunders Mr and Mrs Lloyd Dillavou and '• Drive-Inn. The anniversary song Mrs Fred Dillvou spent Sunday in , wa f sun 8 by Phyllis Opperman, Des Moines where thev visited, Helena Tank and Lola Ahrendsen. Mrs. Dillavou's brother. Mr C. W.; R e S>lda Witt and Betty Opperman -\stlelord were in cnar 8 e of games, with pnz- ». ,.. , „. l es awarded to Naemi Schroeder, Mrs Marv.n Flack who under- ph „ is Q , gh went surgery at the f,reene Coun-. d Helena Tank, Pat Sibbell and y hospital last week, is .ecupeia- ^ ^ ^ meeUng) • ting nicely. (wj(h fl Hal | oween theme> wi]1 be Mr and Mrs. Edwin Buenneke ; held with Alvina K locke. returned home from 10 days spent | Mj . ^ ... t , c , vance of Mr. Hass birthday, and Mrs. Lial Shaw. SO THEY SAY Iowa City are spending their va-1 u,,u l -" ai "•••>"• lf ,„„ , , , , ,, cation with Mr and Mrs Henrv I Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Juergcns. ° l '"'; s '"«uded Mr. and Mrs. Hen- Peters at Manning and Mr and Mr. and Mrs. duels. Mr and ' -y Ot !. 0,r and Mrs ' William °t- Mrs Howard Hugg Mrs. Forrest Gibson and Mr. and 10 a " d ' an W- Mr. and Mrs. Mel- Mrs Car) Hansen, have returned 1 VI " Has,s and fami '.v. Mr. and Mrs. from a fishing trip lo Canada. i ^ Ul " Hagedorn and daughter, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Vern Carnck en- j Bei .' lha Hagedorn, Mrs. Tena Otto tertained at a birthday dinner on' amJ ' )ohn Mundt - Manning; Mr. and We might ns well face it. It Wednesday in honor of the birth, looks like Red China is here to days of Mr. Carnck and Joyce slay They control the government j Guests were Mr. and Mrs Earl ol ihe country and we have got to Carnck of Bayard and Mr. and j deal with them — Rep Charles Mrs. Boyd Heuston of Bagley !0 Porter 'D-Orc', .suing govern-; Mr. and Mrs Clarence Glenn menl for visa lo Red China ; and family have returned after a : Mrs Louie Otto. Mr. and Mrs. Ben- ^nie Otto and family, Manilla. Second Insurance Course to Be Offered I say from deep conviction that week's vacation in Estes Park and this Germany, the new Germany, 1 other parts of Colorado Mil someday he a good neighbor Ca|M. and Mrs Merle Cromwell Poland -- Chancellor Konrad and family of California were Wed- Russell Hart, chairman of the Life Underwriters Training Course for the West Central Life Insur-j ance Association, has announced^ Adenauer on the 2..ih anniversary nesday evening dinner guests at t", lCre w ilV be""a~"course in"the""s"ec o/ he beginning of World War II. , He home ,, Mr and Mrs Alan om , year Lu;rc offered m Car II anybody is looking for any- found, on their way lo New 'i ork ,. 0 [| lnis ,, car body around here, you look in the where they were to board a plane playground And everybody there for Germany f'apl Cromwell will is hoi and lull of beer and maybe be stationed there for at least three ., I igh and things happen — Puerto years. Kican boy describing scene ol two A group of Inends surprised Mrs letn-age slay ings in New York. Barbs pnelors, partnerships and corpora- lions heat or diathermy may he helpful X-ray treatments and special exercises have been used successfully in a lew nf the more difficult, cases P 'UlrHI* hmiK s fm evil Incmls — v\ ii11 h its eve* -I'.i i K it- w n«*n reai-h- iut lo pel the in ciiti that nivi-s iiinif HIK I muic plea - lire lis h;itn gums F.asy In em In i iirlcr [-!<-''-. in im i ii'i '. U M u 7-lCili liix h !| ansft'I i-ha 11 tin n't n ins The course will begin Monday Oct 2ti, and run for 2 'i weeks un- May of 1960. The second year course covers Herb' Harshbarger Sunday evening programming, wills, trusts and tax- in honor of her birthday The guests es ' aild the problems of sole pro• took dinner and gifts. | Merle Brown of Springfield. Ill has been visiting in the Roy Brown The course is open to life insur- We feel sorry for the people who home Sunday evening a family ance agents from any company, worked so hard tn the garden last gathering was held in the Brown The requirements to take this spring and who now find it a bloom- home course are two or more years of ing shame l Dr Ora Carsten was taken to life insurance selling and the rec- Ihe Greene County Hospital in Jef- ommendation of your general A bargain sale is where women ferson for medical treatment agent or manager. buy things they can't afford, but Members of the faculty of the Anyone interested in enrolling is can't allord lo pass up Scranton Consolidated School and requested to contact Ivan E Dull, their wives and husbands enjoyed Carroll, for more details. Ai a county fair an Ohio man a picnic at the schoolhouse The THANKS, AFTER ALL EL DORADO, Ark AP) Twenty-four years ago the El Dorado lire department rescued Harvey Ritchie after he became trap- pod in quicksand in a 40-foot well Recently the department received a note Irom Ritchie thanking the knit ."spw. emi-.n<iiieV I firemen for the work. ,S [ nowY !h lht ' nuw " 1 „, .i, i . i II ., . i L u u • M r Du " will be the moderator. Z\ T . bos ' ial r ! , Ho P" niV V*\? haV ° bl ' C 'i ht>d Mr. Hart has been appointed chair- knows how to bring home ihe ha- .he park, hut was moved indoors ,„ an replacing Jonri ' F | ahert nf ion due lo a sudden rainstorm. .•Mint rtiirt>-(m> <ciuv nsi; Mr. and Mrs Clyde Thomas and fo, ttus, i«.iu..r, add .•> i,„is 0m , way , 0 klH . p vnul . WPIRhl sons arrived home from Falls City. live within your income ! Neb. Mrs. Thomas and the boys remained here for the opening of Jefferson who was elected chairman last spring but is moving to Fort Dodge. oil h patirin loi lsl -class mailing Send In Hailv Times lleiakl J .'lr. down llniiscMo.'d Ails Dc\>t , H< i •. IdS NY C pnT.'t" V 'i ''Vn'iv ' N AMV;'.' H A Michigan judge sent a man to school, but Mr. Thomas returned um:>s. ziiM., I'A TTKKN NTMBKU .• Ja il tor being habitually lazy. May- to Falls City until the completion .11'ST CUT dm Now l«j«il> Alice ;fo„ ue a ji h e ii Dr Bn .iiks N.-cdi,-., i .«[t IJooh ronlains," 1 - we dl1 DLllLI THKKK Kl:l-:K Patterns. Plus ideas galnre Ini niuiic' funiishlngs. fash- !-u n in 88 uniJ s u ^' s \ictiRn .s h' 1 'IVoc net", sea of matrimony, hut those having ( Ohio had measles at the same [ toxieation after police 'caught him hurk wr -nvr-! | 0 f) 0 with a cradle are the ones lime Mother sure saw spots be- 1 careening down the middle of; a hide. There are a lot of rocks in the ol his job there. Five children in one family in OUTTA MY WAY FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Ro- bt-rl Catron, 54. avoided a charge G ! drunken driving, but he was fined $5 and costs for public in- ienu 25 we're for. i fore her eyes. I street Lo his wheelchair. i

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