The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 21, 1927 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1927
Page 4
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VAGE FQUB i . J.J. Second (Prtv *te Branchl ;; • r iv • AM Dioi OfMctal f «|MP Official ^aper Official faper By Carrier bii«: Week Oa»' Month OriAi Tear and KEGfiKR 'SCOTT Bx|:hahKO C9nnect: Of toU. , of Basaitt. Coiint)^ Jn Iria, «aa|Clty. Balssctt. BY MAIU AlMn .County] i ' Out «Id« One! .Tear , 8lx-Wonth!| Three Mont lis .! U In A»«i Pounty One! Tear ^ J. glii iMonttu) ... 4. Th«n Mentha On<j; Month; itember of-r National lEdltorlal Kiinsas Preaa A«a«elawbn. The Kaniaa DaUyl Uiiiiia. Aiidit Bureau of ^rtMl ::RATB8. LaHaiK IS CeiU Ceita Aaibelation. jatloi c Conaret* oflthe WtflUi Inland Djily pre»i| A»ao6lat|on. PHets ' M|I;MBER ASSOC ••• The RoRlflter darrl^.. —j^,- Prfflwj report byi tpiclal Iea» A , wli i. thi; Associated I^res^ Is; exaliis \'«y e i- tlilcdito t ^ip use fo- rcpifWIe^tloo •II nqws aispatchcs credited not otherwise cifSditpdl In thl and also the local neWsipuWUHed _ber' Ri. All rights orj renubllcatJort cial dL"<PHtclic» horelt are nl9p ' Bible Though^for To ^Fciar nol.i little jflock;; iyotirj Fathei-'s gfjod jpleasure Uou itho ki'ngdom.^Luke U SfriLLA C When th« prima making parjty nomlr introduced jto Kani HAXl E JFOR KH nounced'^as ty years of aiantial agreenijint who have /call}* gil a refoni. |experiei4;e there among ren the careful thought jtUat the ^rcatesi !d in Kansas •cfprm. cnt session pf| las it \s !0 Ceit .,.ts. so ....«l.iO ,...«. 25 51c 0 it M paper. leMri^. mi/' fdr it H io glVJE :3: •y systbm oif itions w as firdt as an Aftei} twe«- !s subh thtw ^ matte • prcSent political nei •thy reform of this Barly in the lire the Legislature a b II was accordingly introduced,|liaving. for its purpose the rcfol-ni of reform. It is no secret at lop >ka-* that this bill had the complete approv^^ 6( WHlitim Allen W lit; and ^iodeefl thill he,was the au lior; of'angaod many nf Its prov slois. ' Mr. Wbtte he nomination of )C (indidatd8J At oroey Geosral ir, by tho prl- DOXrr OISORACE THE POJOB. tho Uli before the, legis atwe providing;;for oae 'gna^ state poor ihouse OB tbe peniteotbiry gr idnds to replace all the (nniilry hbs lea in Kansas is a blU wlilch! wiU nenly i,dfl another line of> graft aqdjtaxes to the 8tate ^b ^teet. bni -shonld be defeated. Lqonj county;: for. in- ,stailcc, hae.' a good cbunty thome, Tlie Hcritaga .It «0fit inorethan thirty thoitsand - dollars;' Itl:. is pi^piipped Mrttli elecCrh: Jights.) running water, every modern .conTen- lence. .Why Junk, that farm Where the, poor are well-cared; for-tittd cait them off to the. penfteoitary fcrounds.vhore they with be-dls- firdced?ij In Lyon county v.v' have l;; inmates,, some of whom ure paying pari of their way. They live ia sclf-ijespcct. in ^comfuit, and i-mong their friends. Whv l.brand ;>nverty by taking it (p the pcni- tonlj«ry:,ground» where It will cost more mphiey iind rafford a .lot -of JobA to. a lot of .low grnd)^' politic- iana? . • The hill Is a perfMt example of the kind of a law which .f>iioi»ld not be<enacted.~Bmporia Gatette:^ Here in Allen county; largely through th! success of ti»e county: comn)l«8|oiicr8 in-'findlng a good manager, the county pbor'farm Is self-snmralnjlng, although at times it has as> many as twenty-five inmates. Without exdeption, bo fa/ fiS we know, these InmStes are old people, bat they have friends in ttie cdtvnty.wl^o visit them, noV and thpn, and nearly ^lU of them arc able to do a little work on the farm which they are miich doing than they woiild be if wholly idle. Their support doesn't cost anybody j-anything.; Why nor let them stay her^? Especially why send them to the same place ^hcte the peni-; tentiary is, to an institution where, as a mere matter of discipline because of the large numbers, they would lie prabtically as ioiuch in confinement as' the convicts at the penitentiary, and thus feel that diSr grace \wa4 aiided to poverty? The Gazette is right. The bill' should be defeated. • ! IOLA DAILY REGISTER . JstokDAIlli EViiNI»G. FEBRUARY in, unaltfruhly for f^ qaagrcBil. for" All Governor at |d S^nat ikH at presdnt difovidcd. But - -l>tj rralizcfi jhc ijolly ; Suproiiie tjourt •liialnlance with any Ihfprma tlon .iiy ori character.] J>\ izes also, the! des; conventions where Of nomlnall^R Juilkcn and thd minor" Slate offl<tcrs of e'lictor.s not on<| Whoiiiiin tliti very n iture of thlnl;^ i(< likely' to jliave an|r personal ac-i the through their delegates may write piatfor|ms exprestinj on public questions, nizesithe assinity of] in Ihei present l*w Tl«! wiut6 thd the party council State platform. bill, tlier^forti japproyes, the primary for al^ornejy general] el: thiiT^Senktoi tiyes on the natip: priiiia'ryi ,delegat «^8 to vohtioh are "to b cohnty •convention th the state conven wi the on by direct vot^, in 10,000 pi candidate!) or ks to their capac- r. White *eal- rab|lity of county the people their views land he recog- the provision which makes writer of the) which Mr |:|uld maintaicj governor anq he state tick s and' represeijta nal- district and county C|^flcers on th lo<^l Hicket: At' the time of tht la i county con!> naiued. At the ion leetedi This state conl pitlT tfie .minor s^ate thcj ji^stices of the ^E^reme court and write the party platform. |rhi! measure, mod irate as'it Is even from^ the siani point of the most confirmed snppi rter of t^c primary, was i vot id down in the . Ilou.s(i week. • It Itas now, liovifevef. been revly (•d i in; the Senate tcket: and al IX THE DAY'S NEWS. Nathan L. Miller, who is said to be slated' for the chairmanship of the United States Steel Corporation when Judge Elbert H. JGary is forced by the '^-cight of years to rclln- auish the duties, of tbdt position, is an eminent lawyer of New York who. for tnany years sat on the bench of liiat State and subsequently was elected to tho governorship. Judge Gary, yho is said to be ^e- siroitn of. retiring before itho end ot the'year, is now past So -years of ige and has bcett'at thej hcatf of tho great steel - corporatioii. for more than a quarter of n century: Ex-GOrernbr Miller, ih tbe caphclty oif cp&ns^l. has been Intimately asfldclatW: • with • some' of thfe • latgeSl industrial corporations in America. He is a native of Coortlahd County. N. Y.. and reeeiveiija Aoi'mal sebDca cdiication. After receiving his diploma he taught! school for five years while fetudylng Ikw. ' EAST IOLA RDH^eS hisi mp 21. 1927. q. w. rcsidencd Fourth btredt to George Patee, king todajl Th jril' street. Mrs. li:dga street, two chi Joii^ herj home. ^ill dreii as bookjccep firr I. ' .Miss, Ruth KejiMiek da}f ovcifiiig cia beeki for| H. F. C strict 4s tho rear Some' froipi WSchita where sh u week visiting trie home ail ing soni'. otij loia cir tri heri feeli no placej lure of heri the (;ii!*j idea' shoiihl ta they won truly'tlitjre i The Mobile golfer who pi in.s to drive a golf ball all the way to llic Pacific Coast will get,none <f th s paper's front page si)acc. When he gets through, if ho liasn L aaf alibis to offer—then t^at w NEWS! \Vo'll give him'a strc- II hL- delegates to [are to be ;se- .•ention would oi!ficers iand The State'Senate has refused to confirm Governor Paulon's appointee for State Budget Director, former State Auditor • Nqrt an, and thite only reasoriYor thislrifusal which has appeared in any of the papers is the taict that in his annual report Mi*. Norton criticised certain members of the Senate. Mr. Norton liiSs held the position of budget director for tlie past two years and the presumption i« that he has been a i»)od officer or the Goverhor .wouhl, not h^ve renominated him. Anyway it wbuld seem to be up to the Senate to give a better reason •for refusing to confirm him than that he has criticised certain Senators. It may beibareipr possible that they deserved to lie Criticised. upon the assur- unff on ihL'part of It utor i'arker. of ijyon • u niiiiiljer of liolujc V (it<:(liagalnHt it jindc hfjn.Hibn and woiild l| (ippoijiunlty to The Senate k<:cdrdinkly has madd the :M1I1 a K ))ccia - IcsH will pajss It. before the li^jhoped til Itj xloi'sn't ifo as bj-Ii eve In IIK- far !onvi it c eliuiirialc sbmc 6f tii If Iuu .si^ it at hwly vl „ vmM like-^ biit tionable' features lifiniary law. i The merchants author, Sen- county, that Imemburs had Frauleiii iliida Zimmerman won the prize hn It recent Berlin beauty show and there is talk of i sending her to America. Whereupph her catty sister frauleins protest that, being of the dark Roman ! rather than of the blonde Teutonic type she Is not typteal' of German girls and therefore cannot properly rep resent the fathcriand. The answer a ra<s »PP'*e-[| ^.o„id seem fo be thrft If she were typically German . she would not have won tKe prize. One hiinilfcd aiul t>yo PilKrini landed from the .Mayflower, a ^conj Ing to authoritative record.s ..Ac cording to equally author tallvl rocordH. however, l,Sfi7.S(il <-augliji Ihu very next boat. 1 you I Kma tussll Wc have ti feelliig lli;A Warner must have spent his reading the life of Job. ; • e • • yV telephone operator won a fortune at a caslop. Which fies as "news," we suppose, bi causj she got the right humbcr. * « a • A minister wriUs to a T jpuk i paper bewailing tile fact that :igaij ettes are "coming back" in Ks They will "coine uj)" (to the sho>l' case from under the counter an 1 they will "come down" (in priqe but we don 't understand whit th gentleman means liy "coming hack.] The colloquial m e an I c g oif "chicken" has largely gone Ult of style. Iml at any rate a'klndl friend in tlie poultry husinesk feelfi inspired to offer the fpllowinjg: Sing a song of zippirs Flapping in the bireeze; Silk hose, blue shiiis. ^ lee cold knee.s. | Slave to form and Ifashicnj f'ustom'.s Marlonejttc. Where's y .ir lioasted freedom, Sister Suffragette? 'fDare Devil" Traveled I 2,694 Miles During Endurance T|st. •Dare IKvil" Warner cJmc witliiu • miles of the world 's riBinrd, «ii- dfr similar condltious, i lur t'ndlirance drive diiU which ended at 1 1 his 12i)- in a .Star ::tO p. ih. The annual polo tourpame it fo the Pacific Coast open" chaiApionj ship wjll be staged at Del ^lont during the two weeks begipnin^ with March 11. 4 o glad of an| liangb their vote. order and doubt^ ^ again comcij rtai'niy is tc ill ajiprove it as tl oso whc ntiot systrn rtainly wouM [e most objec the present! of pf Lawrencd doubtless are glad! she University is I |Otated where it is ably that breathe a wish the studenti were not so mucli giyen to journalism the Ihree In I a^ddition to there are;\now t{ piibl^atiinti on th*nilll,—the Ow t lie I love land tb e Ha i^k,—and the ' uM, all (even thi Dpid) preyiiig'^o i thi:! nlerchants of Lat rrence fOr th ch is - ailjycr tising I w;h " Bpiirc?' of reydnne. wliki a tlocli pf birds onjlM . Oread! l)Ut they prob; now and- thc4 as they arc paily Kansai: other ^udeii their onl; Incidental! is being hrod It Is a salie wagep^tbat a lot ot the newspapers and .politicians who are now insisting that for the sak? of his I own' political future the Presidcrnt sh<iuld sign the McNao'- liaugcD 'bill, would be horribly disappointed if lie did sign it. A iiill is before the Legislature to In rease the tax on gasoliiie to 3 cen 3 a gallon. Doesn't the Legislature think we arc spending cooufb pn dirt roads now? MAN KILLS HIS FAH^LY AND SELF Utica. N. Y.. Feb. 19. (AP)-|-A verdict of .Six axurders and a suicide was -given today byCoitoSer O. Al Holdeii, after his inquiry iHto the dea^l'of Mr. and BIrs. Gny M. Taylor and their five children, whose bodies were found In. their home yesterday. i .Taiylor. crazed because of' inability to get work, first stabbed-^fals •ft'ife lo^d»oth and then killisrall ftare^ chUdnmbefora takterhte own life, the'Authorities concluded. SJjiitirday afternoon. lovc-ing a toil of . JiiOl milca and uvrraging 'hj iiiilcs per hour durinj; the total • lupxiMi time. During thi drive he ; vcriiKiMl Jrt'i miles to ihe gallon or gasoline. Following the driyc Vurner slept but eight hours. Thi.s recoril i.s remark ibly goojd 'I hell one cou»i<I<»rs that Wurnflr tarried a! large number Of passcd- ;,erH ihirijig ijir drive und as a coti- i<e(iuence|made an uiiusuhlly lurgjc number of. stoiis. He lilsu liajd tWenty-four hours of ery bati weather to combat. S I 1 j A full list of the winii-r.s of the gjuessing contests, sponsored by n. T. Barber, local Star d istributoij, in connection with Warner's drtvfe Will be anuoiiuced as som as the judges can determine tl e winner from the. large number wlo enteret the contests. i At S a. m. this morning the .same Star that Warner drove ilaried- on oj 100-mile non-stop run sealed in low^ !;e :;r. This eveninf aiirt ,to- 1 lorrow evening Warner will ap- I ear at the Kiite Theate • anil tell! ot his experiences on tlit drive. '* i Warner wav fined $2 .SJiii in po-; lice court at Gas City,this moin-l iiig on a charge of speeding through that city on lils endurance trip. Charitable .\o. 30. tioutributio [IS giijts airtJ deductible wiihiu Hiuita^ and the re^ enue act I deduc­ tions provided i»y of'. 1026. In order that tiofi may be jiade. contjributions to 'a corporation, trust, c( inmunity ch^st, I'und, or founduti )n must mqet several tests. Sucl organizations must be operated ( xctustver ly fori religion^, charitah e, scientific, literary, or educational purr pn .spH, i^r for J Ihei prev'utlon of cruelty ito chljdrcit and animals'. Nd) parti of Its {income n ust inure to| the heiiefit of private ; tockholdr eiis or )ndivldij^lB. :Kvcry church constilues a rej^ ligious corporanpn for tli; purpose oF this! deduction. Contributions made, to a mlttsionary fund, to cliiircli iliuiiding funds, ai d for the beinefltlpf othcjr ,activitii s of the church larw deduitiible. Pew rentsi aakessni^nts, atid! dues paid to churchjj.s are rfegaided as contributions. M • <}lfts to an inllitldual at e not de- du^Hlbl^. but ifimaQe to a chari- Itable organizatlpni. as defined by !thd revenue acti may be deducted ;eV0n tl ^Dgh thp organization dis- individu- any cor- i^anized 'ment of itribute^ the funds among |al beneficiaries. I Gifts to jporatioii or association or I devoted to t le advanc learning are ex?mpf. butions ori gift Contri within <ii he taxalJ L'lilred States, fihe "Oistri^ Mr. D. S. Harder.- diijector of standards and .Mr. James Mosley. •ingineeiing dept.. Durarit Motors. Klizalieth.| N. J,. and .Mr. W. E. 4app. factory representative at Kansas City,* Mo.. Were here this I looming to check over the results \ck Warner's drive and were highly pleased with reconls made by both Jvarner and his Star. 1— Telephone ypur Classified Ada to IS. I ..^ 'JL. made le year l!f26 to the lijmbia. any Statle or Terrj "ppHtical sub^irision (c^ty. town, county, or viljlage), for ••exclusively public | purp >ses~ are d«|ductil>le. A gift, of rial estate to a city to b.> mainta ned perpetually as a pu die park is deductible. • plainvs for deductions for con- tribntipiiB or gifts must be sub- stantiatj'd. Tax »ayers ai e reeniir- edi to iftate iu their returns the Uilmes and addiqsses of each or- ganlzatilin to which a j if t was made, tihe apprcxtmate i ate. and the amount of ihe gift in each I 'ase. 1 • -nFor, prompl Classified Colum S E. GODS! A cKv<£ AKIO A f?ASsL \Wp ON iM -THE \<ri£riSKi») a4 .F0RTHEpif»E>ic tb COUMl'-Tb) A MUNOREO e " ;S KJ \P HAD CAK&i BoXlHAr I KEEp-fi^iMGS, IM.AMO, WOOLON V vs^i \/e Yt UP! results bs. ot Co- tory, any thereof : (tf. P. Bell) Briner, who recentl property at lOS (.Monday) to 15 North • Sexton of 110]| leave |oj>ii wit for Kam^s Cj hudband aiid inakc iexton has' a pt sit^oii !r for a Kansas (^ty Ilowey of 16 eet, returiied :u the Stinhowe |l Spe- " L'j l^ad itlst layt^n of 215 SOuth I pu^th iing a new garajgcJon is premises, get tired of liv their luck' at huill of ^irls d trhr er city. Ijtecen ly iaii •d the experimi iit > of goiiig av ay i rom home; for ajwhile. .\fter a ew lays iii a Strange tjity she! becijinie ' . t • • . - Iigs • homesic i i and her motlier aiil hen mother taat afterall theie was! lik <he ( lihat ke t IU home iind thi t the ity did not appjal to d hoys. tpu. wl home life^is irVsoiiie. h hoiie. }ie second tliougll ali /.e that; reall no spot on th Loral lohi lie..\ rcsi l ^f big Contracis] uch larger: force lot more demaiijd tor ch farmilies may| ie is iiiot li vacant house In ill' the immediate neigpbPr- curdd a lot . efupJoyed a n lola has had houses in Wh The live hoPd whdro the writer lives s as li C merit • A Ruiil llict :(.' ku F. tuB-? h th] wit htrujclion ciimb ove t- to Sun iay vi.iit and -Mis. U. U ThiLd stniet. stated blingf^, -M I 'll with wasi thought .symptoms but la rel the Whc .Mrs. oil! It i»i Mli in I Kan last wteeli Soul ;GC chas d tl G. V . strer;. begii the crwi »6rc hous^ es a Tl to think aho esai CO is not the icil V ith inferior com a oinmon uilmcnt Wlljlis 1 ill, who ik enipl le oil fi -Ids neari .Mad vi^me home tbe| middl week an I remained over onil wiih his family at Keiitucl y street;' i)rge|Pags who rciicnily Briner it 103 South Ko|nrth wijll, V o understand, rem Mleling of ithe h by phtting! on fi new roof and ;e repairing and aijding on ii iprov Be ause houses for] lola inve.= Th have residence menti lur an ii pie i^it wi,tli :i tivity briKlik ligiits. j<•abarct^: and build thouiiiuds come their a hre; ion |use the biptvl' VOotHRbw iT «'^» VOO. WAMTCt) Vi BACK'. VNl^orWiW^A CljsiNESs leA -r -MiAH"? !A4 >r FER -TftlKKiS UKfe Ai./>oV! pouroo LWk»f*T.yr. khwantdkwBHKt.'me. I I back stalla convcjiien there there atipliil is, bn big < : Art Hicha good:-, are m ed til North Mryi over South Art tiickv the C South Mis Kontu! iting home Of held i •aft; I we App ffllc quit wen (ipse licen con s jld South Ejist I her ty ito ithbir Soiith fiator- njrjat viHit- i\s I am leaving Allen County. I will old Glaiborne plate, 6M Strcit road.l 1 inil4 west and 1^ mile n H (J [KSES -4^2 heail of hprses If not sold before day of| sale' lola on? ;h and mili s .'east of CarL^'.. desc bnci; toiigtie: 1 .No. -iVii .» HEAP t 'AtT ^:-l red lielfcr.lfie^aiiator: IS months old;il i^cd heifer. i:s m6s. t Soinc. ki. did: I red heifer. 12 mosi old: 1 red ! anil .ither aHicIes heife •. 8 mds.lold; 1 bull calf. 7 muntton. nio.s. old. ! ! 1 i ! : ' . ' j ^ L HflUS— 3.;ro(l shoats.i wt. about. 1I «|ISKH0LO « 100 1 JS. each. i.H »LEME>T.S. :TC.-: 1 wagpn: r 12-Hn. walking plow; ,1 i -.shoyel joriail: Perfecijiou Walking cult)vatori Terms ('a ^li. : 1 2-sectiori liar- li' cre<il( Kideiiired wrote ;1 told t. a|: a I earlh lik Bl E. mo\)eJ lo| of t cupy the South Fourth] hals emplbyni Woik.s. Si?ice tjhe ijnited Iron Workj ^ice and family from the ioiinti osho river. Th» lence propertyja .street. Mr. iJo nt at the I'nitei C. W. GE I. S. Blis 'itoP, Aurtlou^er hoiidl scwin iljed property: 1 i igood, buggy Hutterfiy icreaiji set V ork harness, kailfir' ^'ter, unheadedj; • tojpi numerous tju |U<ji>.»v— Washing ine ami; wrin ^el"; 1 Uxl2 irug; k iniachine; safe:, oil stove "'and ind that's the t e, who has emjiiloy- fe Thogmartin conibiany at Fort Scott, lola Saturday \iith !iis liareritf Tussle of 41!'i South ietore in ns. .\pple9auce is afr- liferipr compIe:f tist week that somewhat ab itiiig came on and aibw [s almost e residence properl lid another room to us ing. of of ttrad last lola keeps. 1 the demand fa'i^ilies to live i'l property is a loisi It tiie It i it ionly :)Iex. Grey, romance nng t .naimj "skin-tightening thriller ! ;iiiri huart-i ling" mark iof outdoor entortainiiieiit in th , '.1.:., = . , one. iWlth a cast "thai j;ii:ini thing.s ii|-ij)inise^l by the story. ADDED^COMiSDY AND NEWS.! , JWEUAKSJIAV and Till K.S 1».|Y JOm >/NIE HINES ih "STEPPING AU NO' !ie I 'Stcr- o^ Zaiie pp^aling tlhc jgreat the big city Ition for .some I of its feverish witii aJI of . itsi -glailibr. ngs tirei 2x4 th d jt is losing its grip iij of 'people who] have being cooped ui{ They want to ll of flat r frc that dlie only fay to get it i.s td o ciinnt of e .-es i tall Ijion he- ill h air and they kikow y life. Since the cctricjty with all if briug.S. to farm louder is rite isola lis. Wilhjielectr tho radio, farm ri .Kllt to the door of ii'i oncje w iughtl iy. Ilo vay made two trips to J'ds. .Mo., for the hoiisel old of . Ir. : ud .Mrs. Scott, i.ho Dvini to lol^. They have r< nt{ b re ideii L -e propertiy at 1214 Buckeye street. j RhPdes from at thd Adams r Lallkrpe nail is a Fou Kenijucky Howley c street, is W. kiriii locatiiin at 15 Uuih ky .4trec| rrierids on t)ie i Sundujy nifirnii Mr.^ house to thti of I.aHarpe c.i loming house at ^traet. f 16 South K! busy today niov •r family from th-Odireet to their i; A. at beliter d he ihe .nitiil 'States lawn ten champion three age \dlien arc 1 C:unp] Wrenh. werp under twenty year.^ they; icha^rd lell S 'ortli Third .street.} owey of 16 .S( who had ibeeii Wichrta.i arri iiosicr Special e;j g- .M. 1 rees has opened 7 St iiih Kontiuiky st la.«s ot roomers. eventeen men who litiive hip and n singles .since IjiSl won the tiile. They !l). Sears.' 01 ivci Ihe late Robert i lithe lUfe :bn (iafl life the IniL" dest! ;!n-i ngi e.wn litit, . I Icr, ei,'t IMS! tif S. 1). BADBREAtll Pcpiile a^ict^ with had breath ^nil quick elieflthrojigh Dr. Edwards'O ivte Tablet;, the j^leasant, sttgar-coa£d t^t4 areltakdi for bad breath by aO whoknow thenv Dr. idrards'Olive TaWets act tly. iki Krmly o 1 the boweB and li stnmil Oini thi in to natural; acti d^uir ^ thb bio >diand gently purif\ the en ire kyste. n.i They -ad that wl , dange ousx:a]o: lel does without an; - of tbe oa iafteref acts.; Oli\: Tablet; bring no griping, {jajn orim) disagree ible effects.! I]^ Pi M. E d«irai;ds dii^vered iuaafter2( years of practice am m; a^lictcjd ivitb bowel and 1 ve :tendanl|badbte itt). vegetible : T ike oonipi itnd know henii night li I Comjiar^y (Indi- tHeory. [This (Jotijpany i* les and It IS gpv- and) is a cor- otfit - Company ;£3 5yi% of the iorganiaJd on democralSc jpnncip jemed by a denrocratic spirit: The: Standiard Oil (T.krnpcny ( poratipn'.'in nolv/ay jifatW to ai jof like ftanif. 1 It- is oined bv T> one of the 50.067 owns rc.ud l/usiness. ! : I 1 Thif Sta.^dard Oil Compixny (IncianaJ ^; truly a Company—a dorapan.y of iiidivitiuai's of •.aried ca- pacit:| and varied interests, bouncl' tog< t ler by a common loyally. j | ; Thi thoit.salitis of |stocl:l:okit4s ?or,'n the Stanclard: Oil Company'(Indiana; bc!( to no particukii: place hr cr|ed o.- slaticln in t fe. You will find them j in every sialc, in'eVcry riiunty, in every city, inirurDl sect ions and Jn small towns' throughout th^ Middle; West.- : , i The rerords bf our si )ck books show 'i njqncf the stockhjordirs of ihe Staadard Oil Co-nibari! (Indiara) are men -and wpmen of various racbs an 1 rMigiohs and professiprisj Every nc jme group is re si^nled. WaRe-earner^, slore-o' n •n,. 5ai:ir;( ti woi lai, farmers, individiialspf jnoderSte'means .oT .'J; Iki SUsndani Gil Companv (Indiana). I '< i ! i , • ! . ! Thq widpw who must prov :<l£- kx the fii uii' of hec diildren finds iStandard <Jil' Cij :i::;)2ny (Indiana)l stock a safe :jndisecure investment ' . . j i The working man whL is intius .ripuslj .IjuUdiris;; tip his small forttinc invjsts liis mdriey in Sfiandard) Company i (IndianaI stock, ciobiifieni tiiat.hjs; investment will earn forjliim a rca^iable nittim.' • I • ; ' !''•••; • i 15,.325 r.f the 29,57.'? rtr.ployes of the .Sta nlat^l CKl; Company i Indiiria i arc hho owncrj of tht < ;dmpany,; • a'cquiring tlieir stock bj; the gcner JUS tcriB of the; ' linipil£J>-es'Sto<.^k; Purch i5in« Flans. : | I A stinstsKiliaf part oB the capital behin' 'the vasti.' biusincw' of the Siandjrd Oil Cdmp.lriy fjnrtiana); represents l!:c liard-ca^cd savintt?- ^fthr ;fcand3 pfi; individualB. The "capitalists" who furni* it area: I4rgc and'detndtratic g^oup. | I A democratic spirit prevails thr lucho^iii the or-; ganization of the Stan<fard Oil Con pany D-.diana). \ Opportunity for advancjf ment is Um tetl o ii|y- by.the' ability and industrious jcffort of t!ie ir.divi I Men hojdingithf! h]f;i«5t notiiionrJin the Oil Company (;Indianaj hhvu v.T,rl;e:| t'ac ,'jAay up ; from suchi-huraWe jobs hs office boy jhd n Ahiiiirt s ^ helper. 1:1 i All men hav<! rqual fharccs in tjw Sra ijiard Oil' Company (Indiana) ami this'Icmryrijatir .fiirit acfs; ai an incentivcto sust^ijnd rfiort and effi ihncy. ! i , Finally,: and=mo-f imrnrtant, the S'a ;i^ard Oil • Company i (Iri' isl dcn-.fic-atirin it^ purpose.;' To serve faitHfuUy ana weil the w'.'M anc he rich, i the inhahitantj ofErcat cities and; if) far-ofT country plajes—ffrve lijillioh people of the.^liddle West highest efficiency and skil^ is pose bf th^ I hose the uniraYodrig piitT Sta Oil €ompi r i > i ! i lua!. :andard' j»ho live i 0 ,7. ,tKe Jhjrty ; \ with thevciy' "Si ::1 - -I HaU You a Doi^ f'priRent? Qr. iipi-^Salle? ^ aoytning? illsd tne Classified Columns! : ^ • i ••!> •;KM|

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