The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 21, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1927
Page 3
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-a iti|eKt "Mr[ trl I .Ml ii Hct day : JlrsJ RachierVillllar o t in i the iKbnie oi Ralpb' ; BellJIg neajr If JTHE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONTJAY Toppka IH her MiRtQr, *lola thiiM R« liable ladles wa^teil to din [it«| ctrcularsi ^ floo I pay. Call rwtn; thU-eveiing. Kelley Patlerson of Tulsa came Sa lirdbyjniglit for, a fe v days visit •wi I HiendBj • He i»ays centei- field •will tpe; Tnlsa ;ball t ;(ini in th« W4!te»n lieague.' ; ' Din't fa5I ta.attendPeter- lanld NeiVton farm a^ie. Wednes- rpbrulify 23. T, Robert McClIntpck Oklai. who hasj jhel" daiughteiy Mrs. a I of Tola! f6r thd ipfllSajturdair niglit for where! she will R 4 af'if Kaiisd iri Hf wa |9 wi Cr ([•^rlfton.Crick, aistud^... _ honie for ai^over |?iiijday. visit hks parents'iMr. arid -Mrs. r.B. k bf ,112 Ea-^t 'Madison :ivenur>. h |k t<el: with other reiati |x4' cord tires, .Shop. 116 Canatsey. ! Mrk Alice Caldwell wa«-.a between trala fikiainesB visitor in Ipla Saturday. I —Try It dnce—yon will bar* ao other. VBD ^jHoozer'i Bread. If Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Heath, ^nd I'ioh, Jack, of Joplin were giuests over the week-end of Mrs.. Heath 's inofher, Mrs. W. E. S arks, ,^24 South Cottonwood street. i I — Jnatj like Angel Pood Cake, !7an Hopzer'a Bread. 2 (or ISe. r" of K^ng- been visit(Bernice Mc- pist week, ^anaas City, sp^nd two l-e.s." Sl-a-IO. . Tire Eist -Jnickson. -Mrs. .1. H. Round left Saturday i^ff for an over thlff week-end •ith lier IJii^ee ilauKhtPrs in C:ity, M6. ; j ffRdyable hujies wahted to dis- circulari. iGoah pay. Call Krwio tblfl eved r.s. R. D. Va Mrs. R. D. Van Orstrand and sons; Philip and Lawrence, -of Schenectady. X. Y.. who have been gue.sts in the home of Mr.: and Mr.=. C. E. .Marsh, started this for their home. aftefnoon in jr. Kelle.v lent at K. I'.. 4 m * » m 4 » n \ouAfh»mea(U Iff [-•y/jur old overrpail? .N'atur- " lly. thei best tif ifabriiH wiir tJehgth become solji'd ami ihaibby lOTklng. |If ^ou kn.-w lOW 8plnndid|y! we i-ould re- t«ij-e If. you 'ii ^n>l IjeslfoH' a Imfihii 'Ut in KeiidlURi It hi'T>: : —SOxVi- cord tires. $7.9ft. Tire Rlepoir Shop. C. Canatst-y, Prop. IK East Jackson. . i The of Mrs. R. B. Porter 8l.>.Nortl) Sycamore street, which y?as repbrted in Saturday's Regis- ier, is considered quile grave a; iier advanced age. She has a severe attack itS influenza.- which is j-'bowing symptoms of pneiinionja. ^he 13 too ill to see aiiyuneat present. A nurse is in attendam-e upon her. i^Mrs. I Porter's imany friends trust he sooa iie wdL,. MrH. W. Friik <-H of KIk J Fills. Kans.. arrivetl thia afteriiooii frir p visit with the llbrvllle familloij at Hof-vjlle Ranch. —Dr. MoDtsomerr. Chlropracjtor. tola Laundry BIdi. Phone 138, .Mrs. Walter Kowler and ion, Homer :Murlon. rcliirned to tfii.-lr home in B'arllesville, Okla.. t^i lay after a visit with Mr. ahd .Mrs. H. P. Kowler in .Moran. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Oeteopkth. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Mrs; y>'. C. .Moore of Bron.'on today for .•Vrkansas City to lier ston,'AV. L. Moore and far ily. Mis 1 Rpse Crosby of Kansas ( ity. Ij who has been visiting friend Bronslon over Sundayand attem ing: snpper and program on Friday ev- the dedicatory services of the lewjening in the basement of the par^ Baptiit church there, retui ned; so;"age. hom° today; .Miss Crosby tai in thei Bronson sclindls for years. —.\me,ri<an I.«gion meeting at .Memorial Hall .Mmiday night. Mo- rnn jdass to be iii'itiateii. Kiiter- tainmeut ;!iid eat.s". Kverylio/ly put. 1 U. T. COOK. H. John .Moody and family spent •terday afternoon in Clianute witti relatives. Dr. and .Mrs. O. I.,. CO.T of itigton ypsterilay to visit with C|ox's fufhcr. Sj'rvices at the Free .Methi church on North Third street (•Scj'llent bqtii- morning amf liiUK yi-sterduy. tJervlcm* wil lielil each evening this week winning at 7:30 o'llocki jLon .tbleKoii, i\ Plione! flean "rs lo."; Ijlpr.shey: 'h Moinei ilowa for pagem drome •lit with th Circus. ; ' as gpne to Des p aiif weeks en London Hipp<i- —Dir. iFred foot IsnHciallst. Trl ions, weakened archeis charK«1 tor residJenl 311 West .Madisoti ano. a Mr-, of 421 burg with WoqdbuW; graduate 4orns, bun- c. No extra Is. Phone r drdve jahd ^Ir.';. . South Che: ijillie Kreuge yesterday anil spent -._ .Mr. .-ind Mrs, • " and .o |her relalivi beth ^ijiith ; act'oni Pitisbiirg wheriv. Jhe TfaiLherK Coil L. Cox, M. " E?f e, Eiar. Noee and ats 1. e ice-oh! illiaWi Dingman itnut street and o Pitts- Ithe day Loi'etf Webster Miss Eliza- pan Jed them to ^he ' ge. s attending I -B. P. O. E. .Social Club card jiarty Thur'sday, Fell. 24. at cMt hionis. Cafils promptly ai SjOO. I'lione Mrx; Louis Srlilanger. i'M, or .Mrs. L. I'. .Stover, IIHSW. 1 ' —- » Blllie Hurlock left on the noon raiir today for I'ort Artliur. Texas. 0 visit his ."istiT,' .Mrs. (Jeotge Stephens. 1 -—If you want to buy or build a home, Tli'e Iidu Building a I^oan Association . will loan you, the inoney.-easy terms, • no commissions. Organized in - 18S.'.. Now located Southwest corner of square. Ci. E. Poes, Secretai^-. " 1 I Mrs. .T. C. Coffield and 'granddaughter; Winifrt«| Ann, are speiid- in';"this week in Yates Center visiting in the Fred and Louis Cof- tield lu)mes. i —(iiniberlnnd (.Md.) I>allj X* *^i'o|iifeiiiIit;i iMMi- M iua<>l4'rl.i n tion of un uuu*iUiilly dlffieuH irrnni." Ileur bini Thursda.v. 54. Flr*f .M. K. rhurch. under Jiu«- .Mrr. J. J. Ford returned li| Saturday night froni Koiht .Minn., win-re she has been for past three weeks. Mrs. I'>rd derwcm an operation at ttie ^^ lu>s|ii(al there for goitre. left isit IlECTURERFOR W.C.I'U.HERE Mrs. Sibbks AViU Speak! kt Trinity M. E. Church Wednesday Night. Services at Trinity, and Gas City wjere normally attended Sunday.j The Gas City Qongregation sur-| prised tlie pastor by prejienting; h m with a new choir. i , Wednesday evening Mrs. Blbbits.^ national lecturer for the W. C. T .j fp will lecture at Trinity/church; at the prayer meeting hour. in ; = M. I n EVE: NING, FEBRUARY 21. Strotig Man <?o«iquered." Sonic of thi> |il .'4sonH (irMiUchl out ncrei "Tliu Ketrtt of the CjliriBtian's sirength. the MOUne o'e lil* Strength, the danger of his iosliig, his CO iNe<|railon and t<trengtl. [u^nd lu.stly, tl(e dls- graoj that jionto.H to th( follower of CttrlHtWI^) has once b -en a (rue disciple of ^e -jul-t. but foi sakcs. his .Master In oj^dtr to enter the pathway of slh.' REUGIQNi BASI$ , i FOR M. E. SERMON At [the Sunday morning servic; at th C. I. First I Methodist clibrch. Re, Coidsniith^ pastor, sprjke on Ihe .subject.i'Fe^r iind L >ve lin R^ ligioii." Hel pointed out that' fear and love aiie in all religions and The stewards will give a pie: I as we apprbach the higSier; forms ght llSext Sunday will be the last „„r Siinday in the conference year/ j The Boy Scout movement has I been reorganized and the new: jr^iuncll haia been installed. The; boys are very enthusiastic in their ' Work of scouting.. 'Albert Alley is the Scout .Master. SCOTT ADDRESSES I tJHURCH AUDIENCE of r«liginiusj expression tlien fe; r take.s a subjordinate place and tie love ,of liiani toward fio 1 and tl C0Dseir >usnes3 of Hrs- loi-e foward usi becomes th»^ dominant' note in the religiouji life. Ai;tlie eV^niiig servic > the pai tor spoke o|a titW gubjec . ':\ .\ew Hearf tjikeji from the experience of SUuI as lie ll^d been annotntt^d i by SamiielJi' A:): he tu ned frn]|n s 'amiiel -tioil give ' heard.' ' bini EVOLUTION WI a new CrowpJI. Mrs. G. John Ro] —Phod 42-.' I There was a fine increase in at-- tendance at Sunday school and a( ^ the morning service at the Pres-• , . »>\Ter :an church. The ladies of the , .Missionary .society held theii- semi- ; T"* annual praise service at the morn- i ^'.'•^''i hng hour. MUs Viola Dalgarno j "jP"'] sang as a solo. "Teach .Me^ to Live." BE DISCUSSED south walnut strebt dro.- to .*|r.- Vj;;?;; J"J^l^^— ""'.lif Christian missions there, j (i.'osed with a summary, or^ what I,, i Has been.accomplished by the \Mia!- sions of the Presb.vterian lihurch , ill jChina. II Y'"' : -^t the evening service J). C. '"^ Schaffner. trea.surer of the CoUegfe '"" Of Ktnporia. addressed the audii- ; en<|e on the work of the oollege. .'lie! laid stress On the fun<<lon of "^.*^tli<« Christian college in fiirnish- 'Evoluiioiijns It Is Tiught .Towill Ihfidiscussed lA- Dr. So«at next I Sunday nitht's ser- at lhe| Baptist chijrchj Last lie discussed. "The iDivine lihap|e in Man."i Because oif: iack ;(Of heAt. no Sun- djjy. jniorning s«irrices 'rere helii. 'nl I Addreses My. I)r. Sowerbj onj evolu- tii^n.; incliiding tl:e one; nieht, aije treating a igrcat d^al of discussion. |'""j;itiB recruits for the chun-h and its K"-'; priigram of spreading gospel In the r«'''-' world. pice- of .Muniehls . MU-UMI t liili. ; REVJVAL IS SHOWING PROGRESS Di. Speclallet Throat .Vot< rsj of i Oswego ^ill be askej to express them»< Ive.s jthrougn th( ballot ah to whe^ner they want tli^ city 16 {sell its 11 ;bt plant. It was virtually; assured ivhehia check was made Ion; th<( nunjber; of signers of a; pel It ion. startedfther- Isyit SSfuti- dayi iTJn per ceijt sf ihejiquplirieji F.L.B. LEATELL. «. ». Special attention given Dii- ) eases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. ; Office lola State Bank Bldg. Phones—147 and 705; lome ter,; the! The revival at the t'nlfed Breth- un -iij -en chiin h continued lo grow In :'.v<i, iHK -resf and all the Sunday set;- j i ylt^es had an increaseil attendance I i>'vf(r previous Sunday services. | "f I The meetings will continue all day ; week. I visitors Liberty Hnin-hes will attend in a body and i will .sihg a special. The orihestri . Mrs. Glen Cloud and son Ho\Yard: will play a special number and th^ and .Mr.s. John^ Hildebrant were'lnialf quartette will sing. j gi'iests yesterday of'Mr. and Mr^j! Tuesday night will be Fnited Mr; and .Mrs. . \V. H. Stoni) K.'insas City drove down Sat'u night for a visit with .Mrs. Storilii | .Monday night will be sister. .Mrs. Ciil I^anyoii ami f-ini- night. "The Salem anil ily. " P. S. Heath of near Piqiia. IjBrethren night, all members and '! i'ornier members of the Cnited Mr. and Mrs. George Newton; re,{ iBr«>t,hren church are expected to turned to their home in CoyfiilS be present. Wednesday night will yestorilay after a two weeks here with their daughter. M. L. Taylor and family of Basf; ett. .Mr. and Mrs. Taylor acr' panieil them home, returning • i evening. i I isiti^e Sunday school night, all teacbj Ir.-^. lers' will be present and sit with itheir respective classes. [om--1 last • CHRISTIAN CHURCH ATTENDANCE GODD • i Mrs. C. H. McClure of .-,01 .Shuth j Washington nvenuo. who has jieen \ ill most of the winter, is now jahle to he about the house a little while .•VII services were;well attended at Mri vnierH' i^f fh«' <ll •would >< sr.— tlje liiuniihf'r nt-edei on ih tiim. ! tl| Is said iiiivi) heU placed H -adyj i U ih nti< iif thejclty ar^e. dly (ill Ion] hot many bn til,!.' p<-ili Amprl<>an Borijiif II bolt' '.'•' JiaiiK Ion » |erst(|od resldi-niis Ided iin the iropi FKKE TMK 1| T»I! Leirlnn .MH (rb ;H I Anyi boy under jl2 years old who),Sella t vo adi it tickets t'o ihe iAmericin •Lplon Bbxini4Matl-h Mar :h Isl will be gtvonjhis tlcHet Free of Charge. Full detail (•iired at li may' be seJ Cook's oii • • • Frys Dru ; Stdre. and J: V. Mi>(hant;'if Jew*-' elry; Store. Adult tI-kef4.|*i.HI • • » •: {Baldwin News in La|wrenc* Jotir- niil-World: Dr. John Maclea i. pajsj tir of the BaldWin IfiNt Me hodlst cturch, for the past Jt^o yea -s, anj nbunced at the | quarterly *onferJ ence meeting held oh .Mondt y ew lilng that he wolild ask the bisbpi at -the lieve h ai lie t..*- annual cjoiiference li Topekal the firs of j..<r.^ ..|m of his duti!a as pastor oi: the chiirch here, as they hiveiiel- tlome ,tpa hea\7 for lini. Di Mac' lean niay retir! fr im the act^ ministry at the conference or ]l» inay take a li^btei charge Th .Macleans are s ilen lid peojie a have made, many jfi^iends duri| their iaojourn here March, who reiret to 8e4 them go. Dr. Maclean i of the cu tured pasto s tl c-hurch has everl known and he ijeiTved it most faithfully. .1 Mrs. Lee Veteto and diiughter, Miss-Beuliih Veiein. lefi today for Vir/?il. Kiius., (-alle.l there by.ilhq denjli of Mrs. Will lilai Uburn. -Mrs. Bluc'Kliuni Is a sl.-<ter of .Mr. Veteto. .Mr. Vi-lelo liii.s l»i'(-u III Virgil .several d:iys. FoIlonliiK mil- fit Ills ir.aiiv" i-.m- flrtiK'i/ Kii/id !i,-(li/H Mr. lieorge L.- WJIIIaiiiM, 1 iiriil.Hliin niariiiger of Il'i-; l(i-ui;iler. ha.- liivlled the- I{I-K(HI <" ciirili-r- 111 !('• liU giieK(>< tii- IIIKIH III illllliei' III Ihe .Saiii|li<r Illli.. ami .•irieruiirdN in KO with Itlni lo see Ibe pirliii'i- al fl|i- Ki'lli'V 'ljle||. ire. Mr. wnilaiB" \iu» made, p'ren> (-arefiil luiiuirleH and he ii willing j to wauir a fairly lurce jiarkiiK'' of : peunuliii there Ixn'f a d.illy newsTuijier ill I lie I'nlied .States 111 a, city an large as loin delivered as pri)iuj)i'y .-mil ifgularly to' it'* '<ii!)- j scribers as is tlie Kegister. It Is not uncomiiioii fur a whole week to go by without a single "kick" from a subscriherj.who had been missed j —and be it Ijnown that when a subscriber misKcs the Register he .MiS.SKS it and he i-ertainly lets this oftice know it:,: And the li»-! tie dinner and the little show are just ways Mr. Williams lias of letting-the kids know he appreciates their gooij work. the Chrisnian church Sunday. Francis Anderson conducted each day. She took a short, mo- I hi* devotional .services, and six tor ride veslerdav and todav.! igirls sang "The Story of Old jGljir.v. the Flag ^ye Love." Thfl the pas reported on i the r •i' ''"''^ "t:*^ |orfi of Joseph. The nenlor Kn lidijavor meeting was led by. Slis.4 ,., , i Fifrn Bittick. This was a tiatriotic Mr. and Mrs. H .Nrlev ( lark wer.M „ n„n„„.r „f Interest il uner guests .venlerday of Mr, and ; talks were made. The subjeci Mrs. Hersihel iM'tunik i>f Hassetl.;,,,^ evening; sermon wu«: "Th^ _ , IGIhr.v. the Flag We Love.' Mrs. Vesta Reno of 22:; >^"rth j ^'^V^' "''''^'?r''"='''^.Tl Second stn-i-t is reported on i the r^.S J sick list." Mr. and Mrs. Kred Kreemai and family of Chahuie and llert Hat' grov Jif Ga'i dlnnerj viiexis yeNierdiiy of .Mr. and .Mrt., Kred Wiiiiillii. .Mr. ami Mr''. H. T. Ityker.l who have bi-etl liJllfilM'il to their pillie for several Weekx, '.Vere able ,1(1 1 M out yenli-rday. Mrs. MinnJ.' Uowen .\llen. dsslst- ed i.y the jeai-her« at Gi^rfield school. haSe prepiired a . (leorgc Washinstoii: prngruin to be givep at the school hoiiso tomorro'i- afternoon, Iieuinii^ng at 2::iu njclocli;. (eld |iti to ret^ -j-There's alwjay to end cdlda si <>ffU:le:nt, so con pleCe that vi ll.DooiOOO for t. jThat W IIILL'S . It Btopi coljds In 24 chkkH fever. )pens the 1 todea the entire ays ^tem. Tl • r^o knoW; Ijt oIway|« 6nl It.; Gh start it npw- ,f CikiiaHririirqilrfM je paM hourM, HoweM e mil! re I liT DpP INTO fliONIA Persistent coughs and colds lead to serious trouble. You. can slop them now with Creomulsio^ an emulsified creotpte that is pleasaiit to take. Creo- mulsion is a new medical discovery with two-fold action;' it soothes and. heals thcr inflamed membranes- and inhibits gerin growth, • Of ^I'khoi«-n drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities 'as j one of ihegrealestheoJing agencies for pcrsiMent'coughs and colds and other fonns x>f throat, troubles. Oeotnubion contains, in addition to creosote; other healing elements which soothe and heal thai infected nqaibranes and stop; the irr^ltioh and inflammation, while, the creosote goes on to the stomach, is ab-- sorMd hito the blood, attach |he seat of the tniMp and checks the jgrowih cf the g'eiins. | i Creomuision is gturanteed satisfactory in the, treatment of periiii^at coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other forms of rcsfiira- lory diseases, am is excellent for b.uild* ing up the systemaftrr colds or,flu. Money refunded if any cough or cold is not relieted after taking accurdini to directiona. Aak^ourdruuiM. Udv.) INFLUENZA I As a prsVsntiva, mslt and I inbals night and moraine—. , VICKS FOR INSURANCE City and Farm Phone 131 or 820 Ray Investment Co. .Hri. Philip S. Kay i.? jvidenced by light colfJR? In Ivlcs. Attendance at the recent phasized modes—and: our pfehenisive choice of the .rtiore Thi.s .season in footwe^rr a •number of novel Chicago Style Show .selection offers a con popular one.^. . L'nu.^uajlly f jri^ values here this .sea.>>on. $7 Value $4.98 Pastel Parchmen and Black Patent Leather. BILES FAN LY SHOE STORES I |.< llM'liasbMntUs •^nceJ889- III \ .HiTlIn^ of .lint I iVnier Clrcff. The Alien C*i ter Circle "^let Thursda> ull diiy with Mrs. Geer. The time wals. Is lent in piecing blocks at d listedi if over the radio At noon a lOunLlful dinner jvaa served bi the h<is ess. iAt .1 oc^ck the nieeding was called to otider by the (resilient | Uoll call was ah.swereil by teltl i% in what slate and iti V hat jfcarf you were bprn. KoU call nest tin e| is to be a funny .story .Thfe next nii ?eting jwill be all diy Fe|)ru iry 24| with ^Irs. J. fc. Hut ter. |Th is 'e present were: .Mrs. Hunter. Mrs. Fox, j Mrs. G. T. .Mr.«j. j .Ml Keever, Mr., and ^arrcw, Mr. and Mrs. •del -fCI th Reporter. i and Wal P •L E The Outdoor (^irl : • • ;, ! : . i t , -Will find si da.shing notci in the decisive: lines of ihe iln- nerim Ar«»hell Specta • e. Just the thing| for motor ng, ithe light weight rims an not in the way when glandn^ to the side. 1 Our Service)^ at Your Di^gsal pt recei We have ju -ijDto them Let us help pi'ic(;s range fi d|)uM|e roll to a? It is not nccessarV Paper to ^et wha We have .i ic (J! vfHi wish ved a niost complete stock of iievi nute patterns lin spring Wall Haper. you m£|kej ;hd "Home Walls Sr^ile.'^ Ou dm the ridiculously low^ price 'of 6c pe high as you Would to go. to pay an cxhoiibitant p^-ice fo t yoii Want. I | > - -ist whj^t you have in mind ;it just thj 'j :o pay. ore, I I ! ^ 6 READ -TlO-W?:AiR rs Cl^ahl-llii Sale Days 6£ fjas^ Sjeilln^ EVERY DAY a BARGAIN DAY Jl' WUI II fit JOM W le, coniiorl nnd "jer SVV.Vl \ Ide 'Outlug. EXTRA *iM) Hooter ,lpr <i •in-. I(f duct Ion on (•iirniento ifor anil :>piv raal .i* and lire^ses onnirr* In orj rifxy In In. . »yjhlte Bejitfle lalnes Ml* re ill l»r«fs Lttlle I heril See the new HIark Itose Coutv. Extra sijerla sV«?s for.this snif. rholee «9P.9. •-Sie* up to *l,9.7."». choire urline and Classy Jane Itirsse' exclusheij. SAIN COATS \^6J0O Ladles* Rain Coals, sewed arid ce mented. H\terbii i(4ja>i. I iiTUW (fhildren's liuin Coals, .^i erial t ir> jl'er. Cenf Redaction on all Ci rtuli HalerlaK Cretonne i and Fancy Draper '*!*•• ' • i»2.S5 Wei Star 27.ln. Diaper Cloi jiiriN. siteelal ic'lUM' boll. our hte line bf all wool Sweolerii, ' placed in this «ule—- One-Half Price nil SILK UNDERWEAR $1. to SIIU Teddies, iuiir 5 SilK VesK eaich...... >|0 .Silll Short leM It Disroutil on nil SUk Hi t .Silk >r rjnt h. in $IJN «IJN Ips, hll Diitinir iiownti, spM-lllI - l.i .-i l-adiesl Knit IM) Fancy jKtix l^. Suede (;ioi Ml'' lleduclliin Of •iJi:, Knit Sto<-kiiir jCl ^'iO all wool Coiiiiiirt i|j!.-i 3.|b. While >perlHl - I .-.C .ICin. Bieui^hM iiir Sli-ln. BlenrHed STAPLE DEPT. | Xtf Xvimi .Miiy I'jiniree i'rin s, yard-_2.'»c 2 »r Keli'ast Snitiiigl yard 4 _2 :tc Mr Indian Head, ."jfi-ln.. sperial.^..;.. 1.1c 20r Fail Coltir I 'l rP !»les.-spe«jlal, yard ICc 2«p Comfort: (lia iMs. yard - i -Ue Kir FejiJherprool Ijlrking', jiird ^._3Tc ."jOc best ITHMIP S ileen, jard ,—39e i-ic heaTy .IB-in. Outings. janL -j -i»c: S.'ir Mngerie Far cjj Crepes, yard 2Sc| ."wc Brown IVpp rell Sheetirn;, 9-1 spiw-; - .cial. i yard: .1. --L.:-.::- :S!»c; 4.> Bleached »-* Sheetinp, yard ZXc, I5r .Ifi-lii. Brntifn .Httslin. jaid -J --ll| l«c 3<».ln. Hronnj .Muslin, jsnl J-TUc SPECIALS n^,| special Dr. Denio i'' Itlldren. laliies ni> to .STORE .NEWS I .live h:i)| tfojihie In obluining real corsel comfnrl l|^ Mb a ne.^ |lendersoii Corselet one lhat MlllgUe yt I und "ierfiie. ! , 'IOM0»M'j^** i'Tds Light; Yard 111/2 per jahl Sleepliigi *IJ10I i|nl»« Sulf _ fIJIW lliindkerch ei's...J«l.|l»n special |ialr...Jj«lJM» iill I.udie* ilandhuiirs. 1 Caps, s! eclal .-.-"rV iirt Bills Stitched C I- • !.n .eclal i« 39| Idton kitt"- ,»rd —,-.i.J_4, irtlliLkNEjRiY .Huslln. jard--.i I 'iiV .Muslin onr s^ierlul) »w ilul< nrr« ir »e and exflushe. will lie found l|i+re, $1.9 »00 LIHIt MH««i4' Hals Hie lots 'hi and ready for tii $1.48 eTPrjr ,\H.tlie lo $8, ilaj—dlstine.| lewest >tjjles: 75 Just niarkedi to trj tin }• 50 .HOSIERYi SPBCIAlJS <>dd 1ot« liti ArWiwheniL Allen .<{ Dlilf Silk llpsf. ex^ra special. 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(.eorsehes. ^LS.'! yd. .' lO^liij I'arislan Isre ^pes, sjfSJXt riiliifs, special iil.^., •'• ' W-in. lelJ^A .Vilosh^en for slips. ^liecial 81.29: yd. ' i {^•muiiiroy all silk l|«n>rep, extra .|M >rlal. tiSr jyard. ' ' •iKUMt. 10-i sjieitial W^** P*'' T**^d. «», . , in, wide .|«.4S yd. , !(!l|j»;», alii wool Senres and SHi|iai ?s- special. iSc. yd. ' ' ; SPECIAL! 311 half pieces of itaynns carrlejij orer; ; from last sprinir—.'illi- value- j' uliJie ils'liists, yard-i untiled itaihable. Sperjial , HOUSE PRESSES! heiij ijnes^T^rj newest style i ^nadej of Mist, color prlrts and pongeesl: rlh KUO. 23ci $2,391

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