Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1972
Page 26
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Bison meat's great When was the hisl time you were served a buffalo '['-bone steak, or roasl sirloin of bufalo, or a buffaloburger? Unless you've traveled through the mountain states, the chances are you've never had a chance to" taste these treats. And treats they are — buffalo meat is "tasty, tender, leaner than beef and has no trace of wild or gamey favor. This information comes from Bill Staudenmaier, chef of a lodge In the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. It's there that the largest herd of wild buffalo roams. 5 o Chef Staudenmaier. qualifies as an expert -- he's able to obtain about five quarters a week and has made buffalo meat a specialty of his kitchen. Along with the buffalo, the region abounds with wild life making it one of the oustanding vacation spots in the country .— a mecca for campers, hunters and fishermen. Each year more than 5 million Americans take to the trail blazed by Lewis 6 Clark. Wild Bill Ilickok and the gold rush miners to enjoy the natural wonders of the land and the magnificent Mount Rushmore Memorial. Barbecued Buffalo was the high point at the recent birthday party for Senator George McGovem who vacationed in South Dakota after receiving the Democratic nomination for the presidency. For the celebration, Chef Staudenmaier prepared four hindquarters — 450 pounds — of buffalo with his special barbecue sauce. The guests obviously relished the feast because there were no leftovers from the meal which also included 60 pounds of baked beans and baked potatoes and 30 different varieties of salad. Of course, there was also birthday cake, but the Senator preferred his favorite rhubarb pie, specially baked for him by Chef Stanndenmaier. At 29, Bill Staudenmaier ranks among the best game chefs in the country and probably the only one who is also qualified to teach history and political science. A native of PesMigo, Wis., he began as kitchen helper at age 13 and became second chef while still in high school. He continued up the kitchen ladder during his years in college. After graduation, he taught school for three years and donned a chef's hat during the summer months at the lodge. He gave up teaching to work full time as chef in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and in Palm Springs, California. Here is Chef Staudenmaier's recipe for barbecue sauce which he says is just as delicious on beef as on buffalo steaks, as well as his recipe for rhubarb pie. CUFF STAUDFNMAIFR'S BARBECUE SAUCE 2 cups catsup 1 small onion, finely diced 2 tablespoons ground barbecue .spice 1 tablespoon corn starch 1/1 cup water Combine first three Ingredients in a double boilor and bring to a simmer. Mix cornstarch with the wator and add to catsup mixture to thicken. Makes about 2i,i cups. RHUBARB PIE Pastry for 2-cnist 10" pie 4 cups diced rhubarb 2 cups sugar 2 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon cinnamon 2 tablespoons butter egg Wash: See below Prepare pastry and line 10- inch pie plate. Blend together rhubarb, sugar, flour and cinnamon, and turn into lined pie plate. Heat oven to -100 degrees. Cut vents in pie crust top to allow steam to escape during baking and place over filling; seal and flute. Brush with egg wash and sprinkle with sii{;ar. Bake for one hour until pie is golden brown anil juices bubble through vents. Kdc; WASH 4 tablespoons cold water Pinch of salt Sugar M i x the first three ingredients toother well. Brush on pie and sprinkle with sirar Tin' pi^ u'i'l brown e>(a!> and I In. 1 t,u;j,ar nuke,-, tlii. 1 crisp. Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Aug. 23,1972 C-7 LIGHTNING LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Macaroni & Chee*« 7>/ 4 .o«. AA« Kraft Dinners »• ZO C Country Club Ice Cream Vanilla Chocolate ."•* ,\L | Neapolitan ft Strawberyvj. ; Gdl. Fudge Martfltf-.y- *. Welch's Grape Jelly Aunt Jemima Syrup . . . Btl 16-ox. Kraft French Dressing . . ""' Skippy Peanut Butter . ."" Hellmann's Quart Mayonnaise . . . . Jar 20-ox. Heinz Ketchup . . . Btl 24-0*. Realemon Lemon Juice , """• Tang Breakfast Drink . . Jar Baby Food Gerber Junior . . . . Jar (Except Meat*) le . OJt Musselman Applesauce Can 32-ai. Sunsweet Prune Juice . .'"' Welchs' Welchade """ Wagner Orange Drink . '"• Campbell'* 46-ox. V-8 Juice ean Kroger £ 7 '/4 Mac & Cheese Dinner 0 pk< Carnation IB-OX, Coffeemate Jar 29 AA 05 f""i O/ 65 *V|Aj 14 A A OO rt% 00 AA OH 4 *9 If ^ A 10 I? IP 39 35 48 For Baby 30-ct. $4 £ A Pampers Daytime .... Pka I Sweatmllk or Buttermilk B-oz. fk f Pillsbury Biscuits • • . pk " 3 Kraft 16 Slices 12-ox. ^ Mf American Cheese pks 14 C Chocolate l-ll Hershey's Syrup Can Philadelphia Brand 8-o(. Cream Cheese pk0 \ -The Kroner ...PLUS TOP VALUE STAMPS LIGHTNING LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Ken-L-Burger Dog Food "" 14-ox. Hunt's Manwich Can Del Monte Sweet Peas Ca " 12-or. Confadina Tomato Paste Con freihllke Veg-AII 16-01. Mixed Vegetables . . Con Freihltk. Vac Poe 12-oz. Whole Kernel Corn . . Can LIGHTNING LOW DISCOUNT PRICES All Flavor* _•• 200.e». A Aj. 2-wy jy« Hawaiian Punch . . . Print* or White Scotties Facial Tissces Swansoft Facial Tissue Shortening Crisco land O 1 lake* Salted Butter Glad Sandwich Bags . . . . Heinz Strained Baby Food ..... Carnation t 1 *^* «•••*) Instant Breakfast Purina A IF Dog Chow £3 No Deposit — No Return Big K Soda -83* -35« ~10< «* 65 C Lb - $099 Bag ^TT '.r ige - — f* —Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Lasagna <a " Chef Boy-Ar-Dee 13'/j-e«. AJF« Spaghetti & Meat Balls Cm OD C Creamette 2-lb. M A> Elbo Macaroni .... >ex 4S C Hunt's ••oi. Tomato Sauce ean Peter Pan 18-ox. Peanut Butter Jar Package Drink Mix Drink Aid pk ' 32-o lux or Joy Liquid . . §H Dlihwaiher S2>« Cascade Detergent . . pkl Arm & Hammer 1-U Baking Soda ...."" Corn Oil 32-ei. A^j Mazola Oil Bonu Ql { Wesson Cooking Oil . ." r Jiffy Cake Mixes . . . "^ Prido Shortening . . 3 Con All flavor* 3-or. Jell-o Gelatin Pku ' Van Camp 15-oz. Pork & Beans . . . . Can Open Pit 18-o Bar-B-Q Sauce . . . B " Vegetarian Vegetable lO'/j-o*. fVTf Campbell's Soup . . . Co * lfci LIGHTNING LOW DISCOUNT PRICES Del Mont. 16-ox. Fruit Cocktail . . . . con Quart Heinz Cider Vinegar . . ""• Green' Giant Whet. 15-ox. Asparagus Spears . . Can Whole Kernel or Cream Style 17-or. Del Monte Golden Corn Can 28.01. IT A- HyPower Tamales .... Can Du •at Spam Luncheon Meat.. Car Homeprtd. 100-tt. PA. White Plates Pk " S8 C Italian 8-ot. AO« Wishbone Dressing B " 38 C Regular or Diet Shasta Soda • . . . Big'K Soda Black Cherry Colo 1O ' Lemon Lime LL~\JL. Orange Root Beer Grape *>"8aid i-ifc. AA« White Bread .... IQ Z8 C Chicken of the Sea 6V,-or. Chunk Lite Tuna . . . Con Underwood 2'/ 4 -ox. Deviled Ham . . . Con Krey 13.01. Brown Gravy & Beef . . Can Campbell's 16-ox. Pork 'N Beans . . . Can Mcnill't Regular or Smoked 24-o Bar-B-Que Sauce . . " Armour Beef Stew.... Big "K" Soda Assorted Flavors Liquid Plumr .... Bounty or Gala Towels Some stores say they give Low Prices.. some give •'\:^.'-}i,' k '-'• •- '- '.-'•• : ' -^ ' ; • -'.,-' you Stamps.. only Kroger gives you both '' ' ' ' '• • '

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