The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1954
Page 2
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•LYTWTMJ (AW.) couim THURSDAY, JUNE IT, Anglo-British Unity Likely to Be Topic Of Churchill Talk By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — British Prime Minister Churchil ma? appeal to the American public for closer U. S.-British teamwork, possibly in an address before Congress, during his viiit » Washington for talks with President Eisenhower. hie visit HI Washington for talks , development, Churchill, British ¥.8. officials raised the possibili- Foreign Secretary Eden and staff if of a congressonal addres to- aides are due to fly from London day, and al*o thr alternative that next Thursday afternoon and arrive Churchill might choose to makt a major speech befora an unofficial body such as a press group. Diplomatic sources noted Churchill hai spoken before Congress »ev- eral time* in tbe past in the course of eight visits to the United States ain.ce the beginning of World War 31. However, they said no invitation for a congressional appearance ha* yet been issued for the visit, which, begins a, veek from tomorrow. Th* other possibility was suggested, by JOisenhower himself at his news conference yesterday. He said a British friend had reminded him that on visits to Washington Churchill was Always a luncheon guest at the National Press Club. Distinguished visitors often speak there. Plan* for the visit, announced Tuesday, ar* *tHi in process of Soviet Chess U.S. Players KEW YORK (ft — A team of Russian chcsc masters, Hie odds in its favor, romped to a 5-1 lead early today in the first round of a match with America's top players. The Rucsiftns, playing on U.S. •oil for the first time, won four of the«r game* and drew two in an encounter thfct I««tc4 weH past midnight. Two matcfcfes, beteg played by American Donald an* Robert' Byrne, were not finished when the time limit of five "hours ran out. They wiJl be completed today. The top America player, Samuel Reihevsky. played to a draw with tbe No. 1 Russia, Vassily Smyslo, and another young: American, Arthur Bisguier, duplicated that feat against Tigran Petrosy- an. The teams scored half a point for each draw. One American chese official said in a speech of welcome that the Russian team represents the 'greatest aggregation of chess masters ever seen in the history of the world." in Washington sometime Friday. To Ljuit 3 Day* The talks between the chiefs of state will begin Friday afternoon or at latest Friday evening, informants said, and will go on at least through June 26 and 27. Churchill and Eden are expected to remain as White House guests through Sunday. If there is then reason for their remaining in Washington one or two days more they may move to the British Embassy. Diplomatic informants continued to insist that there will be no fixed program of subjects for discussion. They said Churchill's interest in coming here primarily is to have a series of private conversations with Eisenhower. If there is any formal conferring on world problems to be done, one Informant suggested that it probably will be handled by Eden and Secretary of State Dulles and their top advisers. Eisenhower told his news conference his main aim at the informal meeting with Churchill would be to strengthen America's bridge of friendship with Britain. There is no fixed agenda, he said, but the talks will deal with virtually every urgent world problem, including the Southeast Asia crisis. Authorities discount strongly any speculation that the 79-year-old British leader will ifcjge Eisehow- er to agree to arrange a conference with Soviet Premier Ma- lenkov. Jordan River Talks Progress CAIRO. Egypt (#•)—President Eisenhower's special envoy in the Middle East, Eric Johnston, says "substantial progress" has been made toward working out a plan for joint Israeli-Arab development of the Jordan river. Johnston announced yesterday after four days of conferences here with representatives of Egypt. Jordan. Lebanon and Syria that "an acceptable plan may be formulated" in the near future. He said Israel's Arab neighbors had rejected an American plan for the Jordan watershed. Alternate HP, MMK ANY Ilrfl- DISOBEDIENT-Parking restrictions don't bother this swarm of bees invading downtown AHentown, Pa. Police couldn't do a thing with the "lawbreakers," but a beekeeper solved the situation by rounding them up. been proposed. Johnston leaves Friday for Tel Aviv to officials. hold talks with Israeli Lutheran Synod To Discuss Birth Control Report LO6 ANGELES (£>) — A report favoring birth control comes before delegates to the Augustana Lutheran Church 95th Synod for discussion today. The Executive ouncil ha$ recommended its adoption. A vote on the subject was deferred last year. The report on 'responsible parenthood" was be- jrun in 1952 by the Commission on Social Relations of the Amercian -utheran Conference, a federation of five church bodie* including Au- gustana. and has been revised since ast year, a spokesman said, to emphasize the scriptural basis. The report states in part: "To enable them the more thank- ully to receive God's blessing and eward, a married couple may so plan and govern their sexual rela- ions that any child born to their nion will be desired both for itself and in relation to the time of its irth. "The means which a married pair ises to determine the numbers and he spacing of the births of their hildren are a matter for them to decide with their own consciences, on the basis of competent medical advice and in a sense of accountability to God." 77 New Books Acquired by City Library; 5 6 of Them Donated FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT Keratolytlc action la * must! T-4-L, * kerntolytic lunRlclde, sloughs off Infected skin to reach and kll] germs and fungus ON CONTACT It not pleased IN 1 HOUR, your 40c back at any drug store. Today at Klrby Bros. Drug. A total of 71 new books hove been added to the shelves of Blytheville Library, including 56 memorial books, according to Mrs, Ira Gray Librarian. Memorial books donated were: In memory of I. C. Adkinson— "Story and Verse for Children" by Hyber, donated by Miss Mary Hallmark and mother. In memory of Mrs. L. P, Anderson —"How to Draw" by Gerard, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Smart. In memory of S- J. Cohen—"Gar- Browne—"The New Treasure geek- cr«" by Nesbit, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Williams, In Memory of S. • J. Sohen—"Ol- dening the Small Place" by Clark, Mrs. F. G. Reichel; "What Men Live" By Cabot, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grigsby; "Stars in Their Eyes," donated by Farmers Soybean Co., "Story of American Roads" by Hart Mr. and Mrs. Dale Briggc. In memory of Hugh Cunningham —"River Boy, Story of Mark Twain" by Proudfit, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Partlow. In memroy of ROM D. Hughes— "Power of Positive Thinking" by Peale, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hamilton; "American Home Book of House Plans" by American Home, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor; "Business Executive's handbook" by Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George Spaeth; "How You Can Play little League Baseball" by Martin, Mrs. M. O. Ursey. » * "A World History of Art" by Cheney. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCalla; "The Reason Why" by Woodham— Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Porter; "Secret Dairy" by Ickes. "How to Make • Your House A Home" by Hardy, Federal Compress Ware- nouse Co., "Life With the Met" by Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hallsell 'Future of Agriculture" by Wright, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Smart. "Make Your Business Letters Make Friends" by Bender, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Old; '"Mind Alive" by by Overstreet. Mr. and Mrs. John Caudill; "The Story of the American Indian" by Radin. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cure; T 'Coins of the World" by Ramon, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Garrigan. "Cotton Production, Marketing and Utilitication' by Andrews, P. D. Foster Family; "Complete U. S. Stamp Album" by Denhof, Mr. and Mrs. Tom A. IJttle; "Wild Flowers Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away.... NaKsrintr bmckmch*. lone of pep and tnerfcy. headaches and dizxineiw rnny be du« to •lowdown of kidney function. Doctor* aay good kidney function is very imporUnt to (rood health. 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'2 s ?* MERCHANDISE (Food Storei * S«rvic« Stations Permitted To Giv« Only $2.25 Trtd« or Cash) Of Tow Own Selection Except Food and Gasoline '2« CASH flw Cmtar l«7 E. Main ftemember: OeVUn f taffe Stamp when you bvy ii like retting a,n extra loaf of bread in your marttat basket ... ar a free qnart of oil hi your oar ... without eo*t ar obligation. Buy Where You Get EAGLE STAMPS EXTRA SAVINGS fman; "PPA's Boot of Quotations" by Adams, Mr. and Mrs. 8. Jerry Cohen; "Epic of Latin America" by- Crowe, Mrs. S. J. Cohen. "Woodrow Wilson, A Biography for Young People" by Huber, Miss Mary Hallmark and mother; "Personalities Unlimited" by Dengel, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shanks. In "memory of B. G. West—"The Bobby Jones Story" by Keeler, Mr. (and Mrs. Lloyd Stickmon; 'Terenni- jaLs for Every Garden" by Wilson, i Mssi Irene Crowder and Miss Eunice jBrogdon; "Handbook of Games" by ] Bousing, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Coppedge. , circulation are: "A Hit and A Miss" by Young "Tornado Jones" by Dick; "Royal Box" by Keyes, 'The Long of America" by Rickett, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Stacy; "American Antique Furniture" by Miller, Hezikiah Highfill; "Triumph of Love" by Buckner, Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Terry, Jr., "Stillness at Appomattox" by Catton and "Stepping Stones" by Clark, Mr. and Mrs. George Hubbard, Sr.. and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hoke. * » * In memory of O. W. McCutchen "Elementary Photography" by Quarles, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCalla; "The Theatre of Our Times," Dr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Odley. In memory of Russell Riales— "Garden Guide by Months for the Midwest" by Andrews, The Womans Club; "Buying Country Property" Moarl. Mr. and Mrs. Tom A. Little. In memory of Mrs. J, W. Stallings —"Color Schemes in Modern Furnishings" by Clark, Louis G. Nash; by Clark, Walter S. Marble; Laughter on the Stairs" by Nichol, Mr. "In memory My Mother's House" and Mrs. Alvin Huffman. In memory of Dr. Floyd Webb— "Occupations and Careers" by Greenleaf, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fender, "Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat" by Seltzer, Joe Evans and Clarence Johnson; "William H. Welch and Rise of Modern Medicine" by Fleming, Miss May R. Dixon; "Memphis and Midsouth Garden Guide" by Memphis Garden Club, Miss Norma Cothren; "Eleven Blue Men'' by Roueche. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Terry, Jr., "Doctor at Sea" by Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Reichel; * * • "It took courage" by Rogers, Mr. nad Mrs. R. H. Klrby; "Electronics Mrs. E. W. Kirby; "Men Without Fear" by Floherty, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend; "Guide History of Art" . by Hillyer, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huf- Adams Appliance Co. IHC. "Pink Ballett Slippers" by Dehkes, "Case of the Runway Corpse' by Gardner, "Time and Time Again" by Hilton, "My Dearest Love' by Loring, "I Led Three Lives" by i brick, "Stub, A College Romance" iby Bro. Finns Hear Graham HELSINKI, Finland (IP} — More than 10,000 Finns massed at a Helsinki arena last night for the open| ing of a three- day revival crusade I by TJ. S. evangelist Billy Graham. Other books added to the library's Current size of the World Health -------'------ -• - —•- - - • - ~- •• Organization, the third largest UN agency, now totals 84 nations, which shows that the nations of Goodbye" by Chandler; "Boy Trou- 1 the world put health above every- ble" by Du Jardin; "What's Your! thing except communications. |PQ?" by Daly, "The old Country! Store" by Carson. j "Of Whales and Men" by Robert- j son, "Faulkner Reader' by Faulk- I ner, "A Joke on Cinder" by Gay. "Se- | auction of the Innocent" by Werth- j am. "Face of Fear" by Crump, j "Childs Book of Dogs" by Henderson. "Childs Book of Flowers" by Wilde. "Childs' Book of Insects" by Barlowe. "Tomorrow" by Wylie, "Barbecue Cook Book" by Today's Women,. 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