Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 21, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1927
Page 2
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No To k road thall l«(^ls all wanderers home, f Md! b'ou must tread' ^•pH,a3 I, i the woilld, tliat:) olden hon, icomb. • j ;" • A4d; this inorcdiblls bfight shield .. tsky. : ; I Btin^ I a friend to joii •Afjicrc, r iAsic idr a iguJde,r but y *jl i |ilpne;i- ' TaKCjj either staff iioV iiyol prepare j . i^t^ei fifial' (east fiir i Jb' stone.. ; ThbA) or hcjl i ball f .the Here s no Higiipopt aijd no sing- IB bird • iead the, way out ilalnd N'bw, .i ebfjlienge' and no nterchangc ';b!t; word, l. i ' n4rk updn the li itel or the ipough pwu the lonely w iiiust wend;; I ^(•^' er unatcljmjwni C lUl. - i tf-HaroM V'lnul Si nict Eb|6, h Inn that JDJ<kinson apthc pifno; piano Hlfcs L^uiipp Cana C.|,H. he road as I ncy to this ju must go scrip nor will turn |ay we all d to the riltidj lUuiiBfclal 'l'if4t|?lfrW' Party ' , • |ir« giam and banimk wjair Riv- cday nifelit l>y th mcinhi-is fbla United (fomniarclta ili3JrB club. progrini an<l rci- iri theJKnlK'hts i* pi'icodiiiis I ho l)iiu »^ I lei vcd at the Sannti png ni> wa^ as follows hy\ a ^ ale (jiiartctti^ roknpose<l of Mt ss -8. . Frank ' Anjlei 5on, .). C. » .: >\. E. i fiaifrisbn md X.' C. Ke 7 :'violin solos by \liss.Uose Pi^iniii ucconipiinied on the piano byj \ iis I Bnola (.irepu: 'ocal solo, Mlqs ij^yon I-^islijjr' wiih '.Mrs. Bor !by Miss |id >5on. . ' iTrkte l)anq!ict jjias SCI vod at 1(> solclqplc. trhj- tables at fjie Sannlt-r Kathryi .Ml .1. W. Hludsjin liiadt^ atlrac as and the serv cot Id he deairi'il. TljerB wcffi covers for •Mrs -iF-IW. Ah<ierson, Mi the Uaip. •ptioni was Pythian net which r Inn. The Numbers tsey:, and Cok, Mi.'is ry. • lionise TUB llbsetto — ^ - TJ'Albert Robert? Schubert tBillbe ive wit Ii :o was all ; Mr. aiu! and -Mrs. ttanU, Wr/and *r.s. W; U Cox^ ^^ sS ; Kathryn Coj. Mr. and Mrs. TL; 6.^Canatsty, .M SH Uuijille CaiMLtsey.l Gerald CanaL=|y, Mr. and Mrs! Copeninp, Mi A. 3JL 0unlap,-Mr. J. C. A.!IF. <ir|»nt. liiirSoii (J Griait. JMr. aird .Mr.;. C. Mr. land .Mrs. H. H. He; . and Mrs. Neai, . arid Mrs. T()<ilinnn. lindi^rH. I.. K. ^Vilso^i, .Vfr. and r. iGoests Fbiwler and of Fort Scott, dayl iuqsts in the home H. 0 BOb, 615 East Btrie^t. *>: • mc I. llri Oollejn, Mir;, t'. "WalursI were hostesses afternodn fn the home <if the for- merl 1615 ;berriJoJ!|th| rthe Crd^r I Thf di iTheUfti ily iaini'ia Ikrnch. waskcr Tit Mrs T. JS. lapi, Mija. E. !;tirlls. Mrs Wi 7J Sh ^nian, .' ,S. A:.K8Iis |Son4 Conceilto Mrs. \ I Mrs C. -V Hiibhard'. Er ban . > r. and Mrs. .1. 1 MiBi .A)n a fl»ds6n, .Mr! WJ «- .K nsv Mr^ and ' •Marih^ .Miss Mary Loii Mr. |an4 Mrs. t. (5. .Maj( •MraiJ C. .». M <a .>ll:iiid, M y> c^;ny.:Mrs. O. It . Mrji. i\ 'si. Uochl, Mi tjlflrs. -Mr. \. \.. ana n rs. i^. v. wns M I t. Laude, Mr . JiriwlHtt, IMisti I^ola and /Mrs. lelle Jew- Mr aid Mrs. -A. C. 1^ luibb. Mr. iMilii. (3. W. Sbcnvod I. Mr. and \'| liJ. Hree|i jind jdaufihtcr. land: >Ir«. H. M;'Cr cory. .Mr. Mjnntents Mnsrcnl I'inb Fro^m i iTbo regular mont ily program of Mnmonts Musical cli b will be given tojmorrow afternoon at .*J o.'clock in (Jbraryhall. at Uue close of which Mi-s. U V. BowluBi chairman, assisted by. Mrs. S. • A. Bixby. Mrs. Lduis Schlangcr, Mrs. Herman ;riiolen,jr., and Elizabeth Apt. wi^ll he hostesses at tea. The program: .jlipemnnde. Gavotte, ' Miss Margaret .My Abode. Mrs. Dene Tiirkish March (2 pfianos) L Beethoven Mrs. Waltei King .Mrsl J. E. CorniBJi t|u|inmer Wind -„ Bischoff KaHry Cradle 4 Curcw .MIsB Ruth -Ijiggins yii|lso Caprice <2 pi inosi.-.Spross Mrs. AVnitei Wipe .Mr. Lloyd J rowh Tjliio Gypsies .-1.- Hrahms .Mrs. Martin iJrown Mi;s. .\. A. ichcll .Mrs. Dene lillbe •Noburne (irU-rt j Mrm. Ralph Hlov««r Hi'pr Yc Israel, from Elijah .-.L . Mt'ndclssohn Mrs. £. W. I u^liind .Mat(k' rnde and DnmlisJiing ._i _.J.- .Mnskowski Miss Mildred Thrall Itoinance from Seconl Concerto.. .L_ ^. WIeniuwsUi .Mr*, i.loyd irown Acccmtpauisljf: .Mi s Hess'.Mart in. Miss .Margaret Roberts. Mrs. U. KolcniK. .Mrs. Ralph'fetovcr and .Mr. IJoyd Ilrown. " • I 'iis :iitcan (CnM snys: " was ci nr«lod by all nli'u heard him Ibe lH >st solnts) of (lie sonson." Hear liini Thursdaj nJiihI. F C I U I L M. alflrtif Methodisl church, nnder aiisi»lt PS »i .Momenls Mii\!rHl <;iiii(. , I : ^ • >{' WrddiUK: Annouiicem Mr. and i Mrs. Fol liaHarpo, annoiuice iif their daughter Rl .Mr. Fred Miier, F»f)ruary Vl at Ktiiisas ('ity. Mo. 'Mr. and Mrs. .Miirii will cotilinuo lo^ reside iif Kausa.s. City for the p!<'.-;enl. j,_ I ; • • .itfendl World Wide Convention ': ,Tlii.' following iloleKatrs to the State iVorld \Vide Guild convention which' w;i,s held at. .Kansas City, Kansas, Saturday and Sunday liuiniiiiK returned home Hi'iii- flay <'Vfiiing.,,The .MJssrs iV-arl I.ucllaMrKarnin. Kuth Higgins, Irene .^Ielton. .Ar.i Stout, Vi^la i>(!wnian, Rachel Gard, Marjoric .Mather, Uora Davis, Elizabeth Led- er('r,: Friiiices ; .Mi.irshall. Audrey j\I:Uni'y. ran line .Andre and tlic .kpon.^ors: Ella Hall ;ind Mrs. ir. .Mr. aniljjj. i. .ji,,iu..v Two niembers of tlie l<ila. guild wlio utteiidcil the rally liiit who nojv reside in Kansas (Jity were: .launlta Woodburn iind Mrs. Lena Hddklns. i I The World Wide Guild is a :tnission:u-y or) animation for Hap- list yonng woifieii and ftlrls. The S5 l -uro Chest." MisS Marjorie >(a thei^ of lola was one of four win responded to a toast, taking as hc» topic "The Gold of the Treasurt^ Chest." Two hundred were pros eat at tlic banquet. • • • G POIUP >V]iKiiIng1on Birthday Party .Mary Margaret Reyuolds's fom tl| hirfhday was celebrated tliis moi n in.:; at the kinderg:u°tcn schfMil o M'sK CalherJno with u G<'oi g' Washington party. Miss Coss gavi} (he c^iildren small silk flags an red and white pai)er hats to-wear Little hatchets were;favors for t|it; .boys and pin wheels for the girls and to ail she gave favors jot George Washington liat candy I KJX es- filled with cand.y. .Mrs. Fio};( f.,ynn assisted Miss Goss and M^s Logan Reynolds, mother of tin honor guest, in seiving :ce clean: and individual cakes; , \ The <-hiIdren at flie iiarty. were Helen .lean Lynn. Shirley Fry, Nan fV Helon Seneker.''HaroId Page Louis .Joseph Sclilanger, .\ivlii( Cl'-veng.'r. Francis Guin. Gordon Hair, .liinmy HaiTisoii, Lucille . M4V Parkening. Mary Ellen. .N'ortbrup Harold Heck. jr.. Billy Enliehl. Lufi P. Stovcr, • jr.. .lean l';iiil. Eugeut Shaiiahan and Eiirl S. Hunter. •> • • OLX DAILY REGISTEIR. MO^IA son ^vho is now living in .\e HAS RESIGNID FROHUBR^RY iiiftcr Yeai^f Fa thful Service She Will, Je Succeeded by Misjs Varner. Feeling that she does n< onger to . be separated from her kitd yielding to his entreaty .Mrs. t wish kv York the po- 'hirteen a Pub- I'iirs n Siirprlxp Party A number of: friends suriirisetl -Mr. and .Mrs. H.; F. Gordon SallU-j d:iy night with a parl.v., in theirj houor. The (Veiling \Vas 'si'ciil s.)ri:"iU.v and re-freshinents were served. Til" gui'sts , were: .Mr. and .Mrj {'. .\; .Anderson. Mr. and .Mr>--. Ha Icy Clark. Virginia Clajk. Mr, at .Mrs.'I*. .1. .Southard, Mr. and Mr Terrlll .Iloiiii ai^d son, Terrill .1 PitL-^burg, Kiiiisi. Mr. and - .MiK' Clyde Gordon; Laurence Gordo (;cra1d fiordon. Gi1:ice Si >uth-| ard and Mr. and .Mrs. Glen Cloijd and son. Howanl Cloud. Florence Cass has resigned jiltion she has, held for rears as Librarian of the lo ic Library, the resignation io lake tftect ilurch 1. Sho will be succeeded .Miss :,.uella A'arner, duaighter lif .Mrs. J. F. Varner, who has accepted the ju^pointnient unanimously tendered her by the-Board. Miss Valrner is ^•xceptionally jwijll prepared for his work being a graduate cif K. I.', vher • she also took a year li-f imsti irraduaie work, and havintd taheii ,1 course of lll )rary training) at thd 'niversity of Colorado at lloulder \here she later was employed ii| (he University Library. ; The departure of .Mrs. Cii^s will he iu>ted with regret by a |inst of frieiida and the sentiment jof the entire cotnmuiiity was we 1 <!x- i presBcd by the Library Bdard at i ts >nieetiug last Saturday nlighl in he; unuikimous adoption of tjhe following resolutions: J WHEREAS, .Mrs. Floreij C:!ss ha.** for thirteen years the Library Hoard of the lola I'ub- •)"•>'»« I r from Office ; ot«^ Abstract Ca. * (I ^ hnsba 12. to s wards and .Mrs. Glass, Mr. aut. Betty K. Hcnr.v. s, :Mr. and gene Hub.;Hudson, iind .Mrs. Irs. (). (}. se Miirsh, Shidok, Mr. and Mrs. Mrt a lid .Mrs. Ralph md Mrs. W. 0. Wile Sli aarj-isoii, .Mf. and MJsfj Rose Frantz, w. Mlis Lavon Fishej E: U LoChine; Mr S^aii. of De.t .Moln ilaitin, Mr; and klrsj Bej;nice Lynn and Mr Clab Part .j Olson and Nellie Saturday St street, tolthe mem- Past :Matroi s club of 3f Kasterni jSts r. rations were sfveet peas. oniwaft swent iMrs! iBpri^i))-! <;(iii Mr Viol^l ^imfJ Oh 'H( :rer. Funk ni tlio' marriage -riha Amy (<> f lohn Ura- IcKlnnoy, Mr. and and Mrs. |\lrs. N. C. iliss Enohi Mr. and and Mrs. .s, la., Mr. \Jr.s. J. E. Dickinson, and Mrs. [daughter. Were Sun- of -Mrs. a informal- ed. Mrs. B. Heath, tRidgeway niXTKU >VI't:H KLKC- TRiriTV. M'iiUer evenings hold |grea(vr jiossibilities. so fi;r ;aH farm life is ijincrrneil. than most any other . jierioi aiiywhenv rotiiid the year. | •• ^ Pie ity of good liriphl light. Tffo*'' ofteii that is tlu^ one tiling lacking. ce P served I as li- Li- lic Library and its patronsf hruriun for the lola Piibll iirarj-, and I WIIEREAS, During all of that time (he ^liis rievoted herseH solely jo this service, giving to ihe U- ; xary Hoard and to thi; com,niunity nstihtingly of her time aiid her j, ami \VHEHE.\«. She In^ ex| iiiisual judgiiunt in .biiyin •rcised ;: has' ivenj to the comiMuniiy tho^ hcne- lier kecii sinse of literary j in seliM-ting hooks and niagu-' .Many farmers are licroining inter- !./,j ,„.s^ and the full benefit of Inr e.«led in elecirirliy lor lighting jvJiluailJle training in librarv work farm homes and many thousands of them have adopte<| electric sj ^Kleins within the p; few years. In the niajoriiy of cases they get tin eirciricity from iheir own individ, al electric, plant.s. ^ \J.'iiiler evehings in the where tliese eleetri<- plants an homes I ij, ill cakalognin^ and ih the jiinieml care kif the books* ami otln-r property leoniiniJied• to the charge of tlie lola. Library Hoard, i THEREFORE. He it the s.nse of iitlic Library Hoard of tlie tola Pub j lie Library that Mrs. Floreme P. -jC|i.-s, who at this ti|nie of her i. own nccord ipiilting the'service of | IJie lola. Public Library, is entitled | to till" heartiest appreci;iiinn ahil ^jl the ^rHiitiide not. only of the brary I'.oanI but of thi'. patron ^ of the iola Pi>blic Library anjl of. thfi in stalled are speni under the brjl- Jiance of electric light as soft iijiil :jradlaut as thai enjoyed in any <(ity home. The chores about the barii are (Ioni> in hall" the time, becnu'se the barns and the yards siirroiinil- ing have electric |iKht:j. to.,, and ; ,.t.„u„„„i, v for the .service Ihiil she I the inenfolks lMirr .v ;.l .oul from f^ne , ^ ,.-iideied in buildiug up the' -i she has giver, to libiaiy property 1 . i!io;her sits iu the ev.fii-^i.t;,] the individual service she | iiig. under the rc ".tfiil glow 01 eij..-, ,,J,^ rendered to Ihe ihoiis.vids of in.: li.'Ji:s. ii-.l. only enjoying hi -:;„J „r„„^ „.|,„ ,,,,vp „.s,.,i ,)„. library; (omrorts or i.leniy of light bnl e-,i„„. ,.,„. |„.,.„ ,j.. inu'imr nvi !• III,. I:;cl lli:it llil>rn .1. r joi<',ijig ov( r I I K : ,,l'::<t that "'j"re , (,ijj,.j;,„ will! be no .smoky cbal oil lamps | I'p],,'. lo <leau tomorrow. ! | ,., .M iTIie Lilirarj- li-gaiilzalioii id ten years old and ihore are now liiu (rliairtcrs in Jvaiisas.' iTIie lola chapter has 18 hii'inlJers. ' i'l*.vo rullies tire held In the state each year: jonf for jlOast ,ern Kansas and one} f <i >r Wefetern Kansas, the lattdr bclnij; held this year at ; fng played tin Hutchinson. At these rallies rewards are offered t<i the chapter excelling in the ,foll :)Winp attainnienis: the best stat ? guild song: total number of mile: ge covered to tile rally; best postc^ exhibit and \^^hite cros.s display. It will be Interesting to know lola brought two of, the above prizes home: a pennant for the most mileage covered and a book for the best state s6ng. which was composed by Miss Ilachel'Gard. ';A three branch candelabrum also is. offered each year to th© state chapter winning' the most points on tts "Point Standard." The Topeka chapter has won this H.VNS Till) 4 0MP<».SKIL \ Haiih. :-on of Mynli-er llertoccn- bosch an.<l a vt .Ty snecessful cojin- poser. W I H ) ap )ic ;irei| In Ihe cast of the "Whidmills of Holland" Frir ay niKlii at the iiiUior high sclii ol. was inadvertently omitted from he slorv of the operelta. Ha'pcr Htlld-;; jiart to pcrfectJon j i Hoard liereliy %\- \ Cass its keenest'l ipreclatioii lor ihe service slii>-i baji rendered iitid wiih the best'' sites of every member of iln- ; lani, hopes ilial she m:iy filidj an ; po>-|iiiii!y for, continuing in H- |ary scrvlie with profit and with enest enjoyinent of the work she so well fitted to do. . Kenbfethl Fbust, Tvfrs.' W. of JJ3 ]illi .and Mrs. H. G. wer^ Igit ^stis.. , emboij,s. attendiig were: Turner, .Mrs. J, F. Dc^. A. McMillai, Mrs. W. .Mrs. O. I.*nhart, Bartels, y.x^. W. H. Irs. A. A. Mo iher, Mrs. Mrs. C. ! L. Whitaker, Mrs f. (7. (Major, .Mrs. R H. Nich-; ols ^«i|d!Mijs. C.C. Thorn IS. • • •> Toi ll|»ld .«|porg »i VVashlnkton Tea M « ; Florence Hobart and .Mrs. li. 'w ^immoris will be hostesses at J. G<orine Washingto 1 teafor :the Ida N'nslc club at the homo •oT plr*. P. |E. jWaugh Tu -sday aft- ern<oi, .MSsSj Luc'llo W; gner and Mtei 'Ohcpjiin<! Coghill ii Colonial cbBt II leivVill'assist in icrving. At : OK-lfijik a iirogram 'if Moz-nrt and .^ CI de saohn ipimbci K will in» Bivc I asl ftjllows: in F maJoT Burney Mill?r B Meidelspohn ^. Ed Danfort i (vocal).---. .-Mozisrt Mifis Lucilo Crnr k 1v tics of Kong __-M« ndclssbhn li*s- (pertrurie I .,eit2 lach Vcn ^tlajn BJoBt Song...Mi ndelssohh i\l !i83 I Roberta War ner Capijkol'in A ihinor —Mtndelssohu I lifis Gertrude Leiti Itach Llri Tl^ie'Bj-es" from 'Elijah {v)(af| trio): Mendelssohn 'Miss i Iarjbrie> I Mather, Mas Lucilo Ofook .MiBs- EvalvTi Bretkenridg* Koiiqo Cipriecioso __-Me idelssohn iMJss Florence Hpl art Song|' (Without Wotids.Me idelssohn ' 5. Li; \V. "SlmihOns ' tho Night (vocal )„Bohin M^s Esther Schafjfer , in 9 i °>ianr i% nianos) _ Mead^lssohn for six conaecutiTe years but th s y^ar the' CRndelabrnm comes o the lola cliapter, which turned n 1335 points, the largest number M points recorded hy any chapter n the state to /this date. The lo a. chapter; of which Miss Viola Le\ man is president, is very proud of its attainments; esiiecially for tl e candelabrum for which thei lo a chapter "has heen competing'veiy closely for the last three years. The banquet Saturday evening w-as one of the most interesting parts of the rally. Dnringl this period the different delegations put on special stunts and sang-{ songs appropriate for the occasion. . ' \ jSmall treasure chests wereuscil jis place cards and theJ toasts were built around the subject of "Trcas- and directed the.first chorus on ihei|''\ stage.- His "musical (-ompositiolis were ajinonncedas having bin';i cepted by the critii-s of his conn an<i'bis st^fre work was' well ceived i.-y the large audience. ae­ ry, i —Telephone your Class^ified to 18. Emporin will celebrate its sev- ii^iy-fiftb birthday anniverstiry niixl ^Tuesday. The service <l|lbs will sponsor Ji dinner and pjogi'am inmoring the city's pioneer seltleis. I Miss Hszel Hollingsworlh of iliimboldt was .'in over Sunday visi- , I tor witiiMlcr sister. Miss Ruth Hid- I ds I lingsworth of "•IZ South Buckeye -Mozurt naiifonh Mr.H 1. Waugh SAME PRICE Sor over 35 Years KC BAKING POWDER Gtiordttieecf I use less than of ' higher priced brands i ' • ' • ' I M I U J I OSS o POUNDS USED BViTHE ojoVEkNMENT t .JFATIXKES 2:(M) i». Dally m. street. i Eifi Saturday 1 to 11 MtJliTS 7:00-9:00 ]i. ni. Home of Better Pi'.tm-es — Elite Orchestra TONIGHT— AGA I N TUESDAY Aesop's Fables — Topics .M»ll.\ GILitKK 'r, star of the Piinide," and (he most ron iiiijtie t'icrnrr on' (he Ncrren today, las it role (ha( i> c'u>( h|s siple. am (hat »inli<>nre« nill low. in ihh fjiim hitr narratiie. .\:N .lhe man nho t'l^'Us nil llie-lfing friendshipc hon- nr.' e«en t'.ic- on Ihr nllar of a iniirels to bjs film trininphs. nnNsi«iiiiif(. linr. (.'III HT I adds new llr N Inilj iningiiifU-fut. sind bril- Hanl as (he sirnl flirhter and 4r »>;il. er l«>irr In (his plrtiUT of cr/lMiing cnnMixes. soul-I • ! GILBERT Corned V—"Hello Lufa- cite" !S PF:GIAL llii i)or,soti. toll;; how ft i,s po.s.sil)li; to .slay aw'ake I . i • 150 liour.s. phy.sical tiai'n- pn a made iiid his experience long drive such as in lola. See and hear'the world's'champ­ ion auto driver, tonijjlit, igain Tuesdaj' night. No Advance in rrice-L-ChiWren ^Oc; AdiiHs .{.'ic . Wal er Vils^ik and pJEBiiuARY 2i; im. iy 19.1192 17. J ilc li. Li ne and J u>ie Lane, id aiid fe to: I'annic T. CaiJuTliell.'lots If 2, 3,14 aid 5 Mock: Fai-me-s Aid. to Lalarpe,:$l. H Fiiller a id Cora 1 J. tis wife anje, lots 1 J, 3 in bl>ck.3. Ed- Add, to .AHarpe. $25.00. wife &lary to satiie, lot 7. block |1, Edwards Add to.LaHa-pe, 110. Cbaa. U Wilson! and wife, Car;| W..,to i^e, lot t block 1, Ed wards AiA. to. LaHarpe. $10. E. B. ^ford i nd wife Ella ltd Billie W i)d. W. H of SB. 12-24 20 and r . % of S\ ^ 7-24-21. $1 Allen k>ant]r to Mrs. E. J. Rotis selo, Mil leral res( rve and oil ahi: gas rich s on E. % of SW. jW )8 -24 -l$. $36.24. L. C- Cnrry aijd wife. Era 'td Anson V FUnt. lets 3. 4. 5, 6 amf 7. Bloick 2Si Over trcet'a 3rd Add to daStC Ity, $100:( 0. Rosa I^lshop, vri^ow ct al to XJ J McGee. Wijdow. part] B'ronghton ~ ifChej^teij E. Smock 0 Estetia 2. block lU, Higiilabd.piak Add. to lola, $1.00. C. Smpci and ARMY i Washinijton. Feb. ditional a of militarjl oiit .the c«! was nskefll untry to in a biil] ihg Chairiiian Jainep ol thj nJilitary c imniittee. ot- 1 peorgia P. Huslkcy. .lot QUAl^tERS [IS A^KED 19. (At*)— Ad- niy quartiera in |a .score establishknents thrbugh- [cost $8l491.O06. today [by Act- bonac •I (Jlratified, It thej face powder y doeis nijt stay on longj—jdoes not kee shlnej away Indefinitcl make ypur skin color tieach—thy; this ; new Special iFi^nch Process der called! .MELL()-UL(p. • iRcmim- her the name MELLO-( nothing ilike Store. it.—Cook's Yet they offer eveiy ne\V sty! are; Flat Crbpe, Georget 3 feature ft bes, (!anton Crej 11.75 use |)Uj now nnourii tp.- iiat -4docs- lugly not ul like a w.onderfol. l-iicc Pow- iLOI Therc'.-i unci in higher prifced frocks. es, etd 1 ^ Materials mnc£ on SILK DRESSES At ihe ridiqulbusly low priies 3 only Silk Frocks, formerly priced at <gQ ^71 $29 .75, on sale tMnorrow__ J_t. ^7/'*' 5 only Silk ii'rocks that soldia t $49.5 9, e t D 7^ Jji skle tomWrow at .j........l..J^lV'*^ Come in ejriy tomorrow moi-ning. We Ibclieve ijuoted on these beautiful Dresbes they should sell jout duickly tomOiTow ihornidg. Prayer th6 most wonderful col half what has been asked for them in p -evious years. BARGAIN PRIJGES! See thq display in our two III ai and $65.00i liiiw L_ ' ! '• ' • ' I • i Your .size maf ib'e among these wonderful bargains. FOR THE FIRST Xitiful ;} only Silk Frocks, $37,50 and S39.75 values, on.'sale tomorroiv at___^_--_Silk ! I Frocks Ithat sold at $59.75 m $24 i TIME IN IOLA! Riot of Reautifiilt Cok>ripffs [Are Now Being ^hown.di Group of Rec^fArrlviJs lit; : NEWEST SPBINGj SGA EtFS geqrgettes, InclUfiihgdoubje width hemetitched blockl pointed, floral designedt ar d o|mbi| in atHjrqctive colors.' BVinged ^ni cmbrpit^ered stjyles ection ever Shawn by any .storciin lola.i iind at prices ljes.s than bne- DIRECT FROM BfRANGEi come to [you at R^JAL arge north wintlows—a price ticket on every one. Any [Winter Coat Le#t in tJ(e House, I ON&HAlLFPm piie Ra^ of Winter Diredses at (Fopner pricte disrdgai[ded|) 10 (jj)zen, beauiiful hand made, h^nd and all purelin^ Tontels, r«gtila|- 9^ values; each _. e georgetteK. $2.98; embroidered , etc. FEBRUARY SPECIALS IJN OUR Si)OMESTIC DElPTJ 8 -or. FeAther iTicking.i ACA- p?r .vard 75, 36-iiiL'h Pepp^rel Tubing, jjer yarrf :-r 2i Sheeting -I— no starch- 9-1 Bleached per yard ___J1_ —, —— 36-inch Fine per yard ! Long Cloth. 39c Yard wide Outing— ' per yard \1 j —| 1-_ -25c 12|e 4i

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