Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 30, 1898 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1898
Page 2
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TO NATURE, PECULIAR POISONS. Backache*, Headaches and Nervousness are Mes?ajt« for Yon. BY THB TBLBORAPH PRINTINO COflPANY Beginning of the Trial Margaret Cody The Result of lmp«riect WEDNESDAY EVK., NOV. HO. fears ago I suffered severely from neuralgia and palpitation of the heart. I was unable to do light housework. Nothing brought relief until I took Dr. Mitel Heart Cure. 3 fcottlet removed all trace of my disorder and I now feel like a SieW Woman. Mr.. J. D. Hou.ton, 160 B. Water St.. Exeter, N. H. >' OR. MILES' Heart Cure ' U sold by all druggists on guarantee first bottle benefits or money back. Book on heart and nerve* tent free. , iOt. Mils* Medical Company, Elkhart, Ind. Classics "Th» greatest worku of the noblent minds.'' Olbbon's History of Christianity. "Thl« Important work contains Glbbon'a complete Theological writings, separate from hlsiWsoollanoousworlfi. showing, whon.whero i- h ttdhowChrlttlanlty originated; who wore Ita ';l ,. Wonder J | and what were the sentiments, ober- t. artw. manners, numbers and condition of the 'Wrtnilfave Christians." Crown Svo, S»l PP, Buechner'a Force and Matter, t Or Prlnolplos of tho Natural Order of tho 5 Unlvwie. With a sjstem of Morality based M thereon. A solontmo work of groat ability and <<»«rlt. PostSvo, 414 pp.. with Portralt,oloth81 ', Voltaire's Romances. ri A saw edition, containing 22 of Voltaire's ,-' be*t and wittiest productions, with Portrait and ' ' IB Illustrations. Preface and notes by Petor letter. Cloth $1.60. Visit to Ceylon. By Ernst Haeokel, professor In tho University or Jen». Author of the History of Cres,"-- *••-»— of the Erolutlon of Man, oto. THE most destructive storm that bag visited the Atlantic Boaporlfl in years, prevailed there Saturday nnd Sunday. Scores of vessels perished and no doubt hundreds of lives were lost. The Portland, a largo vessel, foundered, and l.Wperaons went down with her. PRESIDENT McKlnley favors a standing ,'army of 100,000, while General Miles thinhs 75,000 will be uuflH'lont. If the Philippines are to be garrisoned 180,000 men will bo needed. H will be a serious burden, but possibly tho Islands may bo able to furnish means sufficient to pay for their keep. GEIIMANY'S answer to the Czar's peace proposals is a large Increase of the army. It will bo found that nearly all the European nations are in favor of peace along similar lines that la to be well prepared to soundly thrash any nation that interferes with their conceived prerogatives of doing pretty much as they pleano. THE Macoupin county grand jury Investigating tho Virdon Hole, In which fourteen men were killed and many more wounded, will report tc- day or tomorrow. There are hints that a number of prominent people will bo indlc'.ed. It would be a satisfactory feature of the ulT.ilr if tho guilty parties who wore tho real OIUBO of the terrible murders could be cjnvlcted of the crime. TUB United States Senate will bave a Republican majority of 20,the largest since tho early days of reconstruction, Tnegood feature about this mnjority is that it IB for Hound money. Instead of being the hot bod-of advocates of the 40-ceut silver Bryan dollar, it will beaolld for a dollar worlli 100 cents at all times and everywhere. The late election waa a more stunning blow to Billy Jiryaniern and free coinage of cheap dollars than was the election cf 1808. Two such victories for honoet money in two years ougbt to bo satisfactory to the friends of Bound flimn- oial methods—and a settler /or their enemies. tl"6n, Hi«tory of the Evolution of Man, oto. I n With Portrait and Mao of India and Ceron. - ift-iiuUted ty Clara Bell. I vol , poo ?f '«8pp. Extra vellum cloth, tl^,, Ateslier's SuperatttVon in all Ages. Jean Mesllep^ns a Roman Catholic Priest who, »tte->«aatoral service ot thirty years In France, wholly abjured religious dogmas, and I* IMUhM work as his last Will and Tcstame' t to * - bupartshloDars and to tho world. 339 pp.,por- trafi. Cloth $1. The same work In German, oloth,*l. Volney's Ruins of Empires and '£ THE LAW OF NATURE. With Illustration*, Portrait of Volneyand Mop of the A«. trologloal Heaven of the Anolenta. Also, Vol nfcy'g Answer to Dr. Prledtley, a Biographical 1 Notice by Count Daru, and an Fxplanatlon of the Zodiacal Signs and Constellations by Peter Eokler. 248pp. Cloth, 76?. SocM Contract, or, Principles of Pjlltleal Law. Also, A Project for a Perpetual Peace. By Joan Jao- quesRouaeean, citizen of Geneva. One vol., prat 6TO., 838pages, with portrait, extra vellum , The above'books will be sent, pout paid, to , Mtyitddrets on receipt ot price. Any Book Supplied. Corrotponco solicited. ADDHESS ? rederic Dahlstrom, 43 Van Buren St., Chicago, III. DBPEW, it is now said, has promises enough from Now York legislators to elect him Senator to succeed Senator Murphy, the Troy brewer. The change from Murphy, the political boss without other attainment?, to Depew, the elegant gentleman, scholar and orator, Is like going from Egyptian darkness to the full light of the BUD. Depew'g clean, pare life and bis eminent ability are something New Yorkers may well be ptoud of. Depew will be the first Senator of national fame to represent the Empire State eince Oonkling retired in 1881. Dave Hill, of,counie, is consideredj when this statement is made. Kvery living thing, plant or animal, ooiiiniriR withing Itself the germs of certain decay and death. In the human ootly iheno germs ol disease nnd death (called by scientist* I'tomaineo, aro usually the result of imperfect d%OHtlon of food; the result of iridigontlon or dynpepnla. Tho'stomach, from nbune, weak- nenc, .'locn not promptly and thoroughly digest the food. The result is B heavy, sodden man? which ferments (the first process of decay) poisoning the blootl, making It thin, weak nnd Inching in rod corpuscles; poisoning the brain causing headaches and pain in the pyns. Dad digestion Irritates the heart, causln palpitation and finally bringing on disease of this very important or- gnn. Poor digestion poisons tho kidneys, causing Brlght's disease and diabeteo. And this ia so because every organ, every nerve depends upon the stomach alone for nourishment and renewal, and weak (linos'ion shows Itself not only In IOBH of appetite and llesb, but in weak nerves and muddy complexion. The groat English scientist Huxley, said the best start In life Is a pound stomach. Weak etomichs fill to digest food properly, because they lack the proper quantity of digestive acids (lactic and hydrochloric) and pepto- genie products; the most sensible remedy In n'l cases of indigestion, is to take after each meal, one or two of Stuart's IJjspopila Tablets, bitaMHO they supply in a pleasant, harmless form all tho elements the weak stomachs lack. The regular use of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure every form of stomach troublo except cancer of the Htomach. They increase flesh, Insure pure blood, strong nerves, a bright eye and clear , .miplexion, because all these result only from wholesome food well digested. Nearly all druggists sell Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets at SOc full sized package or by mall by enclosing price to Stuart (Jo., Marshall, Mich., but ask your druggist tlrst. A little book ; on stomach diseases mailed frep. Address F. A Stuart Co. Marshall, Mich. UPPERALTON. Frank Ehrler, of Ohlwgo, la visiting his fathw, Mr. L. Ehrler. Mr. Eton Bernard, formerly of Upper Alton, called on friends hero yesterday, lie has been a resident of St. Louis for several years, but is now about to go Into business in Kansas City. The Illinois Lyric Quartette* and Concert Oo. will give an entertainment at UIQ High School, Tuesday evening, Deo. 0. Enos Johnson is moving his real estate oillce into the Stark building. The town council will meet Tuesday evening of next week. Mr. Wm. Clark's series of lectures on Americanism are drawing large crowds every evening In the college chapel. •«..! THE MOVE. We keep constantly on the move to keep iip-to date In stock, qnalitv and price. Our CHINA and TOY Stocks have been plpcked from the creme- de-la-premu of the market, and nothing In Alton or Ht. Louis can compare with them in value for the money. We import onr foreign goods and buy direct from the factory In this country and in many Instances retail onr goods at less than wholesale stores aak for them. For the convenienco of our many friends we have opened our Toys on the ground floor 317 Belle street, and are now ready to wait on you and urgently advise all to come at once and make their selection. We on'y ask a small deposit on all goods laid aside until wanted. We have the clerks to wait on you now and give your attention which later on we could not wait on you with satisfaction to oureelvce and yourself If we tried ever so hard. Nothing has ever been attempted In the TOY line on so grand and complete a scale in Alton and we hope you will not wait until the cream of the stock is picked. Come early, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. HOPPE'S CHINA STORE, 110 West 3d »t. TOY STORE, ,117 Belle at. W. C. T, U. Notes. The Executive meeting waa held at Mrs. E B. Glarkson'g '1 nesday afternoon. Reports of Sup't of Dep't Bh )wed an Increase in work. .A unanimous vote of tbunka was given tho papers of Alton for favors received. An important feature of the meeting was the packing of a box of fancy articles, valued at 812, contributed by members for the Temperance Hospital Bazaar, to bo held in Chicago dor- Ing December. It was decided to push work in two departments heretofore neglected. Snp't Press Dep't, W. 0. T. U. Kat Forming Oxygen. Dr. Bell's flue-Tar-Honey cures coughs and colds and soothes the air passages. It heals the bronchial tubes and strengthens tlue weak lungs. It builds up the tissues and enables the blood to receive its proper supply of oxygen.- Delays are Dangerous. Many of your friends, or people whom you know of have contracted consumption, pneumonia or other fatal diseases by neglect of a simple cold or cough, Foley 's Honey and Tar, a safe enre and pleasant cough medicine, would have saved them. It IB gu anteed, Sold by B. Marsh and 8. Wjss. uar- H. MASTER'S SALE. * State of Illinois, county of Madison, SB. .,» In the Circuit Court, October term, A. D., INS- In Cbuioery. ' JUnuel H. Boats *nd John L. Bruin, partners the name of M. H. Boals & Son, vu Henry . Emma Pauline Mode and Hatt.c Mode. for Mechanic's lien, c notice In hereby given that by rlrtue of e Of the Circuit Court of Madlion conn- fir, made and entered at the October term, A. V,, IBM), thereof, In tho above entitled cause, tfce undersigned, Master In Chanc ry of said f OODrt, will sell at public auction to the highest »nd beat bidder, on SATURDAY, THE THIRD DAY OP DECEM- V BBB, A. D., 1898, S'»t the hour Of ten o'clock, In tho forenoon of day, W the north door of the City Hall ling In tho city of Alton, In the county of '"n, In the State of Illinois, tho following ed real estate, to-wlt: , y-two (03) feot fronting on North street one hundred and fifty-four and ono-halt 1») feet deep off tho north end of the east _ of the south end of block No. tiro (0), In Bter't North Liberty addition to the »lty ot .t Alton, (Hutted In tho city of Alton, In thoooun- j ; ! tyot Madleon, and Statoot Illinois. Said lot, "- M*oe of land, lying ne*t to and south of lot , (1). (fronting on North street) In said block u of sale—All cash on day of sal •. i compliance with ho terms of sale and >roTaIof the report nf tho said master » oourt, a oertlfloa e ot purchasn will be 1 the purchaser or purchasers which will le bun or them to a deed for tho i rernlHea ) exptritlon ot fifteen months from the day a. unless redeomod aocordl-g to luw. JOHN F. MoGINNIS, .<--•• _ Maxtor In Chancery. . I4EVI DAVIS, Sol. for Cjn plalnants. MONTHLY SUFFERING. *T*hotii«nd« ol * women are troubled at monthly luter- T«l» with pain* In the head, back, breasti, •bonlden.ildei MM and limb*. Bn$ they need notwfler. ______ _ These palm are aymptoma of daneerona derangement* that . can be corrected. The wen- v atntal function ihould operate " toakee menstruation palnleit, 'MM regular. It put* the dell- «*tetnenatrual organs in condition to do their work properly. « J «ja that stops all this pain. Why will any woman suffer IBOnth after month when Wine ,<j4C*rduiwill relieve her? It CpeU >i.oo at the drug store, Wbr don't you get a bottle vice, In cases requiring directions, address, giv- eymptoin*, "The Ladles' Department," The Medicine Co., , Teun. "•»*••***» »HIU LEWIS. CONNOR OEflCUL VOTE Of MLINOIS. House Stands 81 Republican to 72 Opposition. Springfield, III., Nov. 20.—When the official canvass of the vote of the State at the recent election was completed by the Btuto officers today, it was discovered that the Republicans elected 81 members of the next HOUBO of .Representatives, Instead of 80, aa bud been supposed. The House will stand: Republicans, 81; Democrats, 71; Prohibitionists, 1. Tho Prohibitionist has been an been an active Republican previous to the last campaign. The Senate will etand Republicans 34, Democrats 10, Populist 1. Majority for Republicans 17. Complete official returns from the entire State give the following totals on the State ticket: For State Treasurer-Whlttemore, Rep., 448,840; Dunlap, Dem.,405,HiOj Hess, Pop., 7e93; Boies, Pro , 11.7S2. Whittemore's plurality, 43,450. For State ^Superintendent of Public Instruction— Bay HP, Rep., 457,818; Stiver, Dem , 388,011). Baylid' plurality, 88,998. For University Trustees--NlKUtln- gale, Rep., 450,501; Seller J)om., 388,- UU4. Nightingale's Plurality, 70,at)8. On Congressmen, the total vote in the State, outside of (Jook county, gives the Republicans a plurality of 72,400. Personal. Mrs. J. M. (Jiberson went to Waverly, III., today for a visit. Mr. Ohas. II, Raudlo of Chicago, is visiting relatives In Alton for a few days. Rev, 11. M. Chlttenden wont toOur- llnvlJle this morning, to ofllolatu at it wedding in bis old pariah. Mr. II. J. Crane has recovered from a tedious Illness that conlluecl him to his home for several weeks. Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Culdweil left for El Paso, Toxus, lust evening, wlioro Mrs. Ouklwell will spend tho wiutor. The IJorsoy furully from Uilloaple, eo badly hurt In the Woodrivcr wreck, ii recovering nicely with no HOI Ions results. Mrs. a. II. Thorpe loft for Ht. JOB- epb, Mo., this morning, after one mouth's visit with her sls'.er, Mis, T. M. Long. Tho Pool for the Alton Deal. Now York, Nov. 29.—It is reported tbat Senator Brlce's proposition to Die Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf inter- oats to include in their Chlougo & Alton deal the Lake Urie & Wusloni property, has been turned down and chat the Alton deal will go through— If It does go through at all—without considering the Lake Shore & Western, Incidentally it Is said that the pool which baa been formed to carry out the Alton deal ia made up ol the Ml- ooiB Trust Company for 912,000,000, John Lowber Welsh and Philadelphia Drexel Interests for *12,000,000, and wsoclftten of President StlllweJI, of the Kaneae CKy, I'ittsburg and Gulf, for $10,000,000, the pool representing at present »86,000,000. Have your jfun smithing and look repairing done at the old river stand of B, Poraett. A full Hue of repairs will be found (.bare at all times. Good workguajranteedV-W. D. Fluent/ $100 Reward $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that solen'") has been able to cure in all Its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a coiiHlltutlonn.l disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thjreby destroying the foundation of tho disooao. and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have BO much faith In its curative powers that they offer §100 reward for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of testimonials. Address F. J. Ohenoy & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by druggists, A Case of Kidney Disease Given Up by Four Doctors. Beaver Dam, O.— My daughter, after being treated by four doctors and given up for lost, a neighbor recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. Today she is able to walk several miles without fatigue. 1 feel we would have lost her if it was not for your medicine. Respectfully, Mrs. J. M. Bailey. Sold by B. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. IS CHARMED «ITH Wrot« l.*tlfr« toOcoi-KP unit Helen Ooiild 8lyli>|r She Hint liiformfltlnn Which Wonl-l Eimtit* Them t.) KflVct * Coin- promise wl h Mr«, Angell. Who Clnlineil To He Ihe FlrM U'lte ol .lay Ootilil — Utnrge mil Helen In Coni-l. Albany. N. Y., Nov. 30.—Mrs. Marprtr- *t Cody's trial un Indictments for blackmail wore begun In tlie Albany county court before Judge Clifford D. Clregory. Mrs. Cody hns IIPPII In the county Jail since May, having been indicted on the charge of blackmail, It It alleged In the indictment that »he It has been fully demonstrated that Ely's Cream Bulm is a specific for nu- eaf catarrh and cold In the bead. This distinction lias been achieved only as the result of continued successful use. A morbid condition of the membrane in the nasal passages can bo cured by this purifylui; and healing treatment Sold by druggists or it will be mailed for 50 cents by Ely Brothers, 50 Warren street, New York. It spreads over the membrane, is absorbed and relief is Immediate. Quit coughing is onsy enough, if you take Dr. Bell's Pino-Tar-Haney. It cuts the mucus and allays the inflammation so tbat there IH no inclination to cough. It soothes tho brouchlale, and is strengthening to the throat and lungs, All good druggists sell it. Try Grain-01 Try Graln-0! Ask your grocer to show you a package of GRAIN-O, the new food drink that takes the place of coffee. The children may drink it without injury as well as the adult. All who try it like it. GRAIN-O has that rich seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is make from pure grains, and the most delicate stomach receives H without distress. One-half the price of coffee. 15c and 25c per package. Sold by all druggists. Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey acts as a balm to the lungs, cutting the mucus, allaying the inflammation, healing and strengthening. It will cure a cough or a cold in one night and exhiloratea the lungs against the Inception of disease. 25o at good drug tores. No cures no pay. The three-year-old boy of J. A Johnson, of Lynn Center, 111., is subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson HKJ'H he ia satisfied that the timely use of Ohiimberfaln'a Cough Remedy,dur- Ing a sevoro attack, saved his little boy's life. He is in the drug business, a member of the 11 rm of Johnson Bros, cf tbat place; and they handle a groat many patent medicines for throat and lung diseases. He had all these to chose from, and skilled physicians ready to respond to his call, but selected this remedy for use In his own family at a time when his child's life was in danger, because he know it to bo superior to any other, and famous tho country over for its cures of croup. Mr. Johnson says this Is the boet nailing cough medicine they handle, and that It gives splendid satisfaction in all cases. Sold by K. Marsh mid S. H. Wyss. When You Take Cold nothing comes in so useful as a bottle of Dr. Bell's Pine Tar-Honey. Good for children, good for everybody. A remedy you can always rely upon to cure a cough, an attack of croup or other bronchial trouble. 25c at up- ta-date drug stores. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children, File Kind You Have Always Bought Bsara tho Signature ol UT». JOHN ANOELU wrote letters to Miss Helen and George J. Gould on Feb. 11 nnd March 8, 1898, respectively, asking them to call on her and promising them that she would give what was allescrl to be valuable Information she had to enable them to effect a compromise or discontinuance of the action then pending against the heirs of the late Jay Gould to establish the dower rights of Mrs. Angell on the ground that she was the first wife of Jay Oould. Oenrge Gould the Flnt tt'lliicm. Miss Helen Gould and her aunt. Mrs. Elizabeth Palm, wns present at the trial. After a jury had been Impan- elled, Oeorgo Gould was placed on the stand as the first witness. He Identified two letters from Mrs. Cody which were received by him in February 1890, and September. 1895. These letters suggested that Mrs. Cody had means for discontinuing the case of Mrs. Angell against the Gould heirs. He never had n personal Interview with Mrs. Cody. Mrs. Angell. who alleged that she was married to Jay Gould when he was a young surveyor, and who afterward confessed she had no basis for her statement, has been summoned as a witness on behalf of Mrs. Cody. Mrs. Cody has been confined in the Albany jail since her arrest In New York city last May. just as she was about to sail for Europe, where she was going to represent American claimants to the Shepard estate In England. DOUBTS AS EXTIIA SESSION. felintor M«ion Ooe» Sot Kxpect Currency or HfVt'lllie I.PBl»lBlliill. Washington. Nov. «;0.—Senator Mason says he does not expect there will be an extra session of congress or any currency or revenue legislation. Referring |o the Philippines, the senator Bald lie disliked the thought of fixing a government for a people without their consent. Asked regarding the sentiment of the Illinois people as to expansion, Senator Mason said: "The people nil started out as they did on many other questions affecting territorial expansion. There are a great many people In Illinois, however, who believe we ought to keep all our promises, who think that a nation's word ought to be as good as a man's and that we ought not to attempt to subject a people without their consent. "Jt looks to me as though the destiny of Cuba and Porto Rico has been settled. The Philippine question Is the open one. I think Cuba will eventually seek annexation, just as Hawaii did, but If she comes to us at all I want her to come out. of love for our Institutions and not because she Is afraid of our guns. I want her to come to us through Hffectlon and not through fear." Dr. A. 0. Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d at To most people n hickacho fteomt * very slfti* § le thlnR, to tx-got rlcl of by "working It off." omptlmes the pain dr* 1 ? "work off '--sometimes It doei not. Whether It does or not thoughtful prnplo fthouM come to understand that a backache t« ft warning thtt In not t> be nCRlwt'-d •stlthout il«n»cr or rontrto !ng » dln- enso that will limit life to a few month», or may bfl v««r« of a ffprlng. K'dnpy troubles hate been better understood of late years, nnd kidney tronWea In relation lo rhoumatlmn and neuralgia l« only beglunlng to be fillip comprehend' d. Ths kidneys are niter* through whlcb the blood passes, ami If they get out of order, tho blood remalna Impure «nd eirory port of the body suffera. First the nerves toll the tale. A backache gives warning. Time ban fully proven that thousands who otherw'se •would aurely hare died, have been restored to health by Morrow's Kld-ne-oldi. Themanner In wblch this medicines acts IK illustrated by the case of Mra. I'cterHellnmg, 702 Race St., Alton, III., whoaaya: "Iwas troubled with rheii- matlam for some time; my suffering wai torvl- ble, at times It was almost Impossible for me to bear It. I had a severe pain In my back; at tlmo the pain In my back waa ai aevern that I could hardly get up or down. I could not Bleep at night or rest any time. I waa told of Morrow's KId-no-olds and wt\*t benefit they had been to othera who had Buffered aa I did, but I nould acarcoly believe It because I had tried everything under the aunthat waa recommended to mo to euro kldnoy trouble *nd rheumatism, and thov did me no good. But I thought I would try Kld-ne-olda and I got a box at 8. H. W'yse' drug (.tore. 1 was greatly surprised when In a day or two the pain began to leavo Ae as If bymaglo, and after a time T felt pirfoctlr well nnd have continued to feel BO ever since." Kld-ne-olda are Yellow Tablets (not pll ajadd mire kidney ailments, nervoua esa, etc. Liver- lax are email red pellets and euro constipation. Kld-ne-olds SO eta; Llverlax 2ft ots at druggists or mailed by John Morrow £ Co., Chemist*, Springfield, O. Bean the Signature of Tli9 Kind You Havn Always Bought R. R. EXCURSION RATES. F ort Worth, Texas, atd return S24. C &A. Dec. 3 and 4. H omesoeVers Excursions.— Nov. let and 16th and Deo. Oth and 20th, via tho Burlington. Fo't Worth Texas and Return—Doo. 3d and 4th. Return limit 21 days via Burlington Kou o. C HEAP EXCURSIONS-To the West, Northwest, South and Southwest will be run via C. & A R. K., and all connecting en Deo. 8th nnd 20th. Return lint 121 days. Tor rates and full particulars apply to O. 0. Norrls, Agent. C HICAGO AND RETURN S3.60—ThoC. 4 A. R. R. will sell excursion tloketa at thla very low rate on Saturday. Deo. 17th. Good to go ONLY on Hpeclnl train leaving Alton 3:80 a.m., and for return on special train leaving Chlc.igo Jl!30p. m., Deo. 18th. Hunters' Rates to specified points In Alabama, 1 * Arkansas, Kentucky. Michigan (lower peninsula), Michigan (upper), Mississippi, MlB- tlourl, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin, via Big Four. For Information and tickets call on u. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. , Tho C. & A. R. R. Is arranging a aeries of 1 Wintnr Tours at low rates to Cuba, Porto Rico and Jamaca via Tarnpu. Florida,. All quarantine restriction against the Island of Cuba have been rained and the regular lines of O-ean transportation will > aye inelr veescla In service at an early da'e. TO CITY OF MEXICO-Personally Conducted 1 Excursion—Will be run by the C!. * A. R. R. and oonnectlot s on Thursday, Dec. 15th. Special train of Pullman cars through without change with side trips to Guadalajara., Ouana- Juata and Monterey. Round trip rate only $16). For particulars and reservations apply to O. G. Nurrls, Agent. The Burlington's Through Car Service—Pal- 1 ace Sleepers and Chair Cars (seats free) to Knnuas City, St. Jcc, Omaha, Denver, Billings, Rock Island, Dubuque, Cedar Rapids, St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tuurlst Sleepers to Han Francisco and Los Angeles, Ca Ifornla, Portland, Oregon via Denver and Salt Lake City, every Wednesday. For rates, routes, eto., call or address J. B. Thomaa, Agent. Cor California Tourls s—The Burlington Route 1 has weekly tourist sleeper excursions, personally conducted (by a Uurfmgton Route Agent) every Wednesday r otn St. Lotus, and Thursday from Kansas City and St. Joseph to Los Angeles and San Francisco. The route la via Denver, Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake City with 98 per cent sur shine throughout the year. Ask your Ticket Agent, J. B. Thomas, for partlcu- i-lomeseekers Excursion ac very low rates "via Big Four,to specified points In Alabama, via £>ig i-uui.iu BUUUIUUU uuiaia in Aiuoama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Ter- rlttry, Iowa, Kansas, Kentuf 1 ™ " Michigan, Minnesota, Mlsslai entucky, Louisiana, _ . . -IISBlaslppl, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota,Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tloketa will be on sale Nov. 16th, Dec. (i 20, Jan. 3-10; Feb. 7-21. March, 7-10. For full Information apply to G. H. Hamilton, Ticket Agent. Homeseekers' Excursions. — Upon certain • 'dates of October, November and December, tho C. & A. wll sell excursion tickets atgreatly reduced rates to points In Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nortnern Michigan,Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, UtEh, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The reductions In rates are of sufficient Import- Import ._. of prospective For particulars call on O.G. Norris, ance to merit tho attention travelers. Ticket Agent T W RUPfiF^^ GROCER, I . VY. L>Ul\\JC>J& 9 Cor. Sixth and Alb.v ats- Best Brands Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits. Vegetables, Buckwheat-, Pancake Flour, Maple Sjp, Fres) Oysters, Celery, Fresh Bread, Fancy Butter, Flour, Pure Spices, Fine Teas and Ccffee?, e'c. Telephone 69. Free Delivery to Part of the City. any *,•!,,,,,I Cain. Allnii. Illn.. Nov. SO.- -Testimony tot thf ilrlVnsr WIIK Blvrll 111 tho Alton Bi'liiinl i.isc. Two \\llni-iisiMi were called lo |>ro\,< ilmt tlirro was un (lisfrlinlna- ll.'ii us JiHiwoii while and lilurk pu. I'ilf c'li rcrliiln polnlM niailc liy tin- pros. (Niitinn The trMtliiniiiy (luKt-rl at noon niul Hie ullnriioyK promptly began thfclp arKiiiiii'iits. I'harli'H I'uliiior of KprliiK- lleM \\iis the flrHt fijie.iliiT fur tin' pros- rrtitlnn ;\ni\ \Vllliiir M. VVarnoi-k ful- lowi'il for the defeiiHe. IMlll-ll Inllllltl 11 ^V|-|M't<. New Voile. Nov. ill.--A special from I'l'in'iilem-i-, U. I.. Hays: Itloclt laluiiil IhiH ln<|.|i lieaul from fur tlie llr^t thud Hinci the bl!//anl lieunn. The Ishuid i| II VMe.U. hnlels bellm ullll I l.-reil allj xv>-!-els lorn to pieces hy tin. Hinrm Tin eiitlie liHhlnjr Heel u( l\\ i i>ly-finii vua. si-Is U it toliil IOHS. 'I'lie Iliree-nuiBlctf Fcliuunei- LexliiKtuii of Muchius. Mo., l( lost. The Hartford DiedslilS com- puny'B plant In gune. NOTICE OF GUARDIAN'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE. State of IlllnolK, County nt Madison, 88. By virtue of a ikoreUl order of the County Court of tho co my of Madison, in the State of Illinois, entered at the November term, A. O., law, of aald court, on tin application of Bar- Liver Blls IJko blllotisiu«.s, ilys|»!|iHlit, Ixmduclic, constl- uatlon, sour Htommli. liullKi'.stloii are promptly cured by lluud'd fills. Tl«-y clu tlwir wurk Hood's eiinlly anil thoroughly. MSB^ • • • lIli.Ht UfUT llllHUT plIU. •••? I I I (B WKJOiiUi. All ilrniuilats. • III 9? l-ropum! tiy ('. 1, Hood A Co., I.uwcll, MUM. Tliu ouly 1'iH tu tabu wlUi lluuU's Haraaparlllu. bars Herb, guardian ot Kdlnun O. Herb and Harrison fl. Horb, minor holm of Charlet A. Herb, dcn'rawd, to »»:l thn following described roal outato. belonging to mid minors, to-wlt: Thn undivided two-bovontha of tho Bouthwext quarter of tho northeast quarter of section No. 'on (10), In township No. aoyon (7), north, ransoNo.ten (10), weal of the Third Pr.nolpil MiM-ldnn, In t'io oounty of Jersey, In the State of Illinois, buhjeot, howuver, to tho dower rights therein of the widow of Charles A. Horb, deceased. I shall, on TUB TIIIKTY-FJIHT DAY OK DECEMBER, A. D., 18U8, Allhohourot 10 o'clock, a in., of said day, it tho north front door of iho Court House, In 'ho oily of Alton, In ilia county of Madison. In tho tHuto of Illinois. Sol all tho Interests of aa'd miners, In and to the said real estate, at public vonduo, to the highest bidder: Terms of Hale—One-third of the purchase money to bo paid, oush In hand, and the residue In Iwo equal payments, ono of which shall bo payable In BU months, and the other In twelve monthn. from the day cf aald silo, with the option to the pure a»or lo pay all cash, at the day of sale. The purchaser to give notes with approved personal security, for any deferred payment i r puyments, and a mortage on the promises sold, to secure the payment of the jmrchasi money. 1'iovlded, however, that no bid will bo rocolv d for leaa than ono hundred a' d neve ty unii) dollara, for said Interest* of aald ini'oru lu said i\ul estate. _ . DARBAHA HKltll, Ouardlanof Edison O. Ilfrb and Harrison U. Herb. Oi'NNKOAH AND LKVKHKTT, Attorneys. FALL WINTER 1899. Ihe most complete line of Foreign and Domestic Woolens for Suits, Pants and Overcoats, just received. Style, Fit, Workmanship and Prices guaranteed. Come and be Convinced before going elsewhere. M. MORITZ, Merchant Tailor, 112 West Third st. Henry Watson, Contractor and Builder. -o- We cordially invite Grandest Assortment of you to call and inspect the CHRISTMAS GOODS We have ever shown. Mexican Hand Drawn Linen, German Spachlet Work. Battenburg Lace Work. Japanese,China hand-painted Opal ward. New "Cyrano" Chains, Pocket Books, Hand Bags, in a greet variety o c styles, aid Rodgers and Gallet Celebrated French Perfumes In bulk. Peau D'Espagne, Vera, Violetta, White Rose and JicKy. Next to Your Wife Your Undershirt is your nearest friend. It may be tomorrow or next day your little, thin un dershirt and drawers*- must give wa tu heavier weights. Where will I buy? you say to yomse|f. I don't like to shop and look in stores without buying, but how else will I know? « Do you know us? We believe we have the best values in Altcn. Will you help us p ove it? Take our underwear home, compare it with what you get from other stores. If i' is not the best, bring it back and get ycur m ney. This jhows the confidence we have in our .underwear. The Outfitter. East Second Street TIMES ARE GETTIM HARD. NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE HONEY. GOING OUT OF SHOE BUSINESS. WANTED ! uiKron wUh Bma U f ? et> 8 i z ? 8 2 ^' 3 - 3 ^ "P to 6 to cal1 and see what FINE SHOES we are offering at $1.75 a pair. These Shoes are made of the finest Dongola and Genet Kid that formerly sold for 93 60 a pair bat as the sizes are small we are closing them out at $i 75 a pair. This Is a chance in a life time. First come, first served. Come early to avoid the rash. In addition to this great Bargain we have 768 pairs ot Ladies' Hteh Grade Shoes that formerly sold for «250 to 3.75 a pair. We are oloaloe them out at $a a pair. All kinds of Men's Fine and Medium Grade Shoes, all styles and widths, going at 6oc on the dollar, at this great sale of irresistible bargains. Also a Job lot of Men's and Boys' Fine Russian and Viol Kid Slippers at a sacrifice. This is worth investigating. ou VV on AJ1 kinds of Ladies', Gent's, Misses and Children's Rubber Boots, Over thi° e8> l A> M| 8tom and Croquet Rubbers, greatly reduced in prices at PFIEFFER & BAILEY, STAR SHOE STORE Harry Zimmerman, Manager. DR. WPOTT'S . hom. re. know They ovorcomo Wi-ulfntsa, h. reKuhully und oinlaMoiiH, In- iTeuso vljor mil' buulkh "uuln* of lucnulruutlou." They art) "Life Severs" toglrlHut, WMimnbood, tiding oevulopmi'ut ut urttun* uua for women enuuU Cunnot do U«rnj llfu bci-omc. Tu uleai. U remedy U«rn m.ll. ,1R MOTTS CHEMICAL CO., CltnliMl, For s»l« by 8, H. Wy w. /VLcAdam, Building Stone, Cut Stone Curbing, Doorsills, Window Sills, etc., etc., Alwcyt on b*od Alto Dealer la Cesnent, Lime, 5and and Plaster Park 5id« Track* Running Into ths Quarrlea. ALTON, ILL Telephone No. 31. 6a8 Alby DON'T MISS THEM0DBLS Sacrifice Sale eor. 3d and Piasa sts. If you have catarrh don'c dally with local remedies, but parity and enrich your blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla, Bt "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED,'' TRY SAPOL1O. Uiatreutng atonucb Duetie Permanently oared by the masterly power of South American Nervine Tonlo. Invalid* need Buffer no longer because thla great remedy can cure them all. Itftaoure for the whole world of itomaoh weakness and indigestion. The cure begins with the Brat dose. The relief if brings is marvelous and surprising. It makes no failure) never disappoints. No matter bow long you have suffered, your cure is certain under the use of this great health-giving force. Pleasant and always sale. Sold by B. B. Wyas. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTIOB. Eititeof Dtnlel w. Collet, 4ooetMd. DANIBt, W, COLLET, Uto of the county of Madlion and BUM noli, deceased, Iweb" -^™" -• ov »™ appear befor* the C.. tht Court Ho the Januar ' moot (o Dated tla« i»ut day ot Nov. A. D. ISNOS.jd HOTEL MADISON, 4. t. IMM0U,

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