Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on December 3, 1947 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1947
Page 6
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THfe POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE SEVEW. ) unoeMTAnoinQ IOUUO cutLDften i»onjO (k £D fcv TUC 10m LEARNING TO GIVE. 'S Shaft! Inhere the Spicy,. sweci fMpvUday goodies fill the air, •nffithe anticipation of good AM |||o'me has its beginning. •Wjafpiom knows that she will MKBII volunteers to help out HI IKipies, cakes and candies %n ItlJftJe assignment is only a Dne. Furthermore, she Spat somehow or other a Wats to miraculously expand I'flpld all the folks, pots and ——ijjMBa] food supplies, not to men- n l|K .kl Vlki extra special china and llwill jthat comes out of hiding r Christmas. J r Bisy to Work In. • But Christmas wouldn't be tY\c im-yrlthout all the extra activity, gjjfcrt does help considerably is' a r tehen Which lends itself easily to ^'^rtoUI Work areas so that mom 'Oft6 the family aren't always get- haiP f5.? Mch other ' s way - That's not • ,i hiti to achieve, say home man- intent specialists at Iowa State QtogC. Even if it's only a tempor- 10 f makeshift there are ways to LJS Ike a blg.unhandy kitchen a, little ji .confusing to work in. f>f course a compact food prepar- on v area, with plenty of storage I Flue And work counter space, is a Ivura3 'help. Also if the dining area fcea^but not in the food prepara- I Jn .fi 'a^Q traffic will not be so con- large kitchen often H. D. COLE y iD e n t i s t DUta 'dver Citizens State Bank - -• - <CB>\g TZ f.W. Myers, M. D. fMBce Over Huebner's Telephones: 0ffle«i88-\V Residence 188-X works out with a peninsula division doing the trick and adding more counter space. Moreover, when the sink is between the range and food mixing center, dirty dishes can be taken care of quickly without too many steps. But now.all homemakers will And a new, streamlined kitchen in their Christmas stocking, nor can they eipect one for some time yet. Construction materials are too hard to get and prices often too high. But there are little changes which can add to kitchen convenience at Christmas or any time of the year. One is to move all the necessary baking supplies as near as possible to the counter space used for mixing, which is next to the refrigerator. They might even be put on a lap board table. Such tables are not difficult to make. Directions for construction are offered by home management specialist of the College. J Another idea, if the line of traffic goes past the range, is to plan to do the special cooking when other members of the t family are busy elsewhere. Hurry and interference with the tasks of cooking and baking often lead to holiday accidents. Many a task can be done sitting down—fixing ingredients for cakes and candies, or preparing vegetables for everyday and holiday mtals. A good chair, with a comfortable back, is belter than a high stool. Correct working heights for counters and the sink prevent many a backache. If you can't make the equipment fit your.height, how about standing on a small movable platform. It helps immensely. As for knowing the correct height for your work counters, there's a gadget to be on display It is the last day of school before Christmas. A circle of shining eyes spot-light the kindergarten teacher as she sits before the lighted tree. She is holding packages on her lap. Why do her pupils' eyes shine? Is she giving them each a present? No! Their eyes shine because they are the givers. They watch her unwrap each gift and read the giver's name. They wait for her to look pleased and surprised (?). They are actually happier than if the gifts were coming the other way. One little fellow had met her half way up the block, waving his present in one hand and the gay wrapping in the other. He shouted, "Look, Miss Ray; I'm putting this under the tree for you. It's a surprise!" <It was indeed a surprise after he had rewrapped it). The child learns through doing. Christmas is an excellent time for learning to give by giving. The child also learns better when he is keenly interested. He is surely in terested at Christmas time for the air is charged with the excitement of giving. He hears a great deal about gifts. The .streets are filled with people who carry packages— not for themselves but to give to others. In our own delight in giving to the children we should not forget about the children themselves. They also have a right to share in the joy of giving. To allow the five-year-old a true share in giving, he should have a part in buying and wrapping. "But you should see it, then !" says his mother and she puts her finger on a practical problem. The parent usually wants to give the teacher a better present than a child will select. Why not a present from mother and small one from the child? The child's ten cent effort is worth more to him. The mother's larger present is well deserved by the teacher. The child learns by his mother's example. He also learns by his own giving. Main Dish Suggestions' To Save Meat and Wheat A main dish a day is one way to serve meat and wheat leftovers, as well as to, "stretch" these foods. You can make them rich in protein and in energy value too, says Jewell Graham, Iowa State College nutritionist. Here'she makes some recipe suggestions: Texas Hash. Two large sliced onions, 2 chopped green peppers, 3 T. fat, 1 lb. hamburger, 2 c. tomatoes, l A c. uncooked rice, 1 t. chili powder, 2 t. salt, Vi t. pepper. Cook onions and green pepper in hot fat. Add hamburger; fry. Mix in tomatoes, rice and seasonings. Bake in greased baking dish at 375 degrees F., 45 minutes. Cheese-Fish Casserole. One lb. fresh fish, 1 c. noodles, 2 c. thin white sauce, 2 c. grated American cheese, % t. Worcestershire sauce, 2 T. lemon juice, % c. buttered bread crumbs. Cook fish and flake. Cook noodles in salted water; drain. Prepare white sauce; add 1 cup cheese Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice. Cook until smooth, stirring constantly. Line greased casserole with \k remaining cheese; add layers of noodles, fish and sauce. Top with remaining % cup cheese and crumbs. Bake at 300 degrees F., % hour. Cream of Corn Soup. 2M c. (or 1 No. 2 can) cream style corn. 1 slice onion, 3 c. thin white sauce. Season corn; add with saut­ ed onion to white sauce. Stuffed Squash. Three acorn squashes. 1 T. each chopped onion and green pepper, 1/3 c. melted fat, 2 c. shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, 3 c. soft bread crumbs, salt, pepper. Cut each squash in half lengthwise, remove seeds, bake cut side down at 375 degrees F. Scoop out centers, leaving shells V* inch thick. Mash pulp; mix in other ingredients. Pile mixture into shells; brown in oven at 350 degrees F. Garnish with parsley. Danger of Inflation Threat To Our Nation Children May Help In Holiday Preparations Increased inflation dangers are the big threat for Iowa and the United States at present. While crop and price prospects for early 1948 are good, further inflation could quickly reverse the outlook for both agriculture and industry, reports Iowa State College farm economist Francis Kutish. The inflation tendencies result from the rise in total expenditures for business and consumers during summer and fall of 1947 and the failure of production to keep pace. The consequence was a marked rise in prices. Correction of this condition is not clearly in sight, according to Kutish. Industry can boost its output only slowly. There is little unemployment, so extra workers cannot be put on the job. Nor is there extra steei or other critical raw materials with which to push output. However, a longer work week would help this situation somewhat, he points out. Farmers are in a similar position. This year's corn crop was small. And, while wheat and vegetable oil supplies have been big, demands for both are also big. Farmers can't step up livestock production on short feed supplies. If further inflation comes, grain and livestock prices will probably shoot up most because they are staples in our diets. But, as history shows, the products that go up the most are the ones that are hit the hardest when, and if, a collapse comes. That is the real danger the country faces if it doesn't do everything possible to hold down the inflation spiral, Kutish says. We have a large selection of CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND CARDS The price will fit your budget. The Vitamin Shop Upstairs Over Western Auto Store BIRTH RATE INCREASE SHOWN BY FIGURES There were 48,104 births reported to the Division cf Vital Statistics during the first nine months of this year, or an average of 5,335 per month, according to L. E. Chancellor, director of the Division of Vital Statistics of the Iowa State Department of Health. If births con tinue through the latter part of the the forthcoming Iowa Farm 'and year at th ? sarae leveI ' the un P re - hr. R. F. Schneiderj jLE VETERINARIAN [ESpfcoae NB . 170 Postville, Iowa MtiCO In Iris Theatre Building ai))W »»»w • • > —— ee low »ph B. Steele >RNEY-AT-LAW er Abernethy's Store lephone No. 240 i « horctW icloB f has H to W int [W.Kiesau, M.D. F. Kiesau, M.D. r Lonls Schutte A Sons )aily » to U and 1 to S FHd*y afternoon*. Sat.—1 to 8:30 p. m. Home Labor' Saving Show which will tell you the best height of- these pieces of equipment for your use. The Farm and Home Labor Saving Show will tour many Iowa communities during the winter months. If it comes to your community, take advantage of the chance to see the new ideas for kitchens and kitchen equipment. TAME DEER. IS SCHUTTE LRD SCHUTTE llrectors & Embalmera vera For All Occasion* 00 » if & Palaa >RNEY8-AT-LAW er Poatvllle State Bank OPSAHL tOPKACTOB Over Abernethy 'a M to It and 1 to 5 Wednesday!, Friday* r, Early last spring, the Gust Larsen family of near Swea City found a young fawn with a broken leg. They took it home and splinted the leg, meanwhile getting a permit from the game warden to keep the young deer. Now the animal is hale and hearty and is a great pet of the Larsens', being so tame it will "beg" for food of anyone who comes by. Place Your Order Now For An .. . OIL HEATER which you can use for heating garages, milk houses or your home. They are ideal for these purposes. Meyer'* Hatchery Telephone No. 2M cedented high figure of 65,000 births for 1947 will be reached. (The figure of 65,000 births includes an adjustment for delayed reporting of births.) The provisional data indicate that a rate of 25.12 births per 1,000 estimated population is to be expected. This rate compares with 22.19 for last year, based on 57,202 reported births. It can be said at this time that final tabulation of Iowa birth statistics for 1947 undoubtedly will reveal more births occurring in 1947 than in any previous year with the highest birth rate since data became available. , Let's not let the "material trappings" of Christmas festivities "get us down," is the timely bit of advice offered by Mrs. Alma H. Jones, child development and family relationships specialist of Iowa State College. Never, she points out, should the actual preparations for Christmas prevent us from giving what is most important of all to our families—our best selves. The children at Christmas may be initiated into the joys of giving as well as receiving. Let them in on the plans and preparations, Mrs. Jones suggests. There are too many parents who with mistaken pleasure work hard to plan the whole Christmas themselves and then spring a great surprise on the' children. A child misses much of the greatest enjoyment if he doesn't share in "making Christmas" himself. If you're one of the mothers who finds the holiday preparations so strenuous you're "glad when it's all over," you may find this year that the children's help is indeed valu able. NINETEENTH YEAR. Dance MATTER'S BALLROOM Decorah, Iowa SAT., DEC. 6 RALPH VICTOR — and his — OLD AND NEW TIME MUSIC WED., DEC. 10 CHUCK HALL and his ORCHESTRA Ladies admission free on Wednesday nights before 9:30 — 13c Fed. Tax to be collected at door. Highest CASH Prices For Your Dead Stock CHARGE ALL CALLS TO US Postville Rendering Co. TELEPHONE NO. 1000 oooooooeeeeooooo WAUKON—Call Sunderman City Service—Telephone No. 242 McGBEGOR—Call Dresden Standard Service—Telephone No. S5-J OSSIAN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 90 ELGIN—Call D-X Service Station—Telephone No. 2111 MONONA—Call Mr. Ziefler—Telephone No. 208 ROSSVILLE—Call Rossviile Locker Plant niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Bakkum Chiropractic Clinic = 21 EAST MAIN STREET WAUKON, IOWA m jj OFFICE HOURS: § 10:00 to 12:00 A. M. 7:00 to 9:00 Wednesday Evenings §f 1:00 to 5:00 P. M. 7:00 to 10:00 Saturday Evenings j CLOSED EVERY THURSDAY I ROY C. BAKKUM, D.G. IKIIUIIIIIUHR The Ideal Family Christmas Gift... At Westside, Iowa, a tractor belonging to Arthur Schoessler is now in its 19th year. Talking pictures were just a novelty and Herbert Hoover was president of the United States when Mr. Schoessler bought the machine, which has done all the heavy work on his farm ever since. *20 ATTENTION FARMERS! Until Further Notice We Wai Pay Up To FOR DEAD HORSES and COWS (HIDES MUST BE GOOD) And Your Assurance of— * Prompt Service on All Small Animals * Free Gifts for Small Animals * Sanitary Removal * 24 Hour Service * Tankage for Sale to Farmers * We Pay All Phone Charges For Prompt Rendering Service, Call ALLAMAKEE COUNTY RENDERING SERVICE Postville—Phone 555 — •or — COLE RENDERING SERVICE Waukon, Iowa—Phone 600 LICENSE NO. 34 -mM WmTn QMCI 30 CUBIC FOOT HOME mm AND FROZEN FOOD STORAGE CABINET floor space . . . 40*x2D*—maximum capacity ... 30 cuMe feet! • Lowest prlco par cubic foot avar offered! • Compressor separate for remote ImtaMatlanl • HoleVovar Freezer Mates... contact freexmgl • Convanlaneo Ity of contents I Here's BIG CAPACITY ... 30 cubic ieet... and finest contact freezing. Here's NEW BEAUTY . . . gleaming white steel cabinet — modernly styled. Here's LOW COST — the lowest per cubic toot ever offered. Yes, here's the Amana you want — it's most suitable for homes, farms, institutions . . . commercial use wherever large capacity and dependability is needed. Come in! Models on display now! Meyer's Four-County Hatchery Telephone No. 231 Postville, Iowa

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