Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1972
Page 24
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Atttm Jetting Trle^'aph Wodnosdny. Aug. 23. 1927 Zucchini is delicious dish imported from sunny Italy \\\ AMCK DKNIIOFF Krom Italy comes a tasty ami interest ing addition to our r c p o r I ii i r o of ve.iU'taWe cookery, /nceliini. 7A'(THINJ STl'l I T.I) WITH Tl N V FISH 8 medium /nrcliini (about It pounds) Olivr oil 1 can to 7 ounces) Tuna, drained and flaked 2 lablosponns ijratrd Pnrmi'snn or Romano cheese ] 1-1) cups chopped sweet cucumber pickles 1 teaspoon salt % teaspoon pepper 1/2 cup Italian style bread crumbs 1 cup creamed cottnge cheese 1 CKS, slightly beaten Wash and dry zucchini. Use a sharp paring knife to cut slice from one side of each squash. Scoop out centers, reserving i/ t -incri thick shells. Chop scooped out pulp; saute in 2 tablespoons olive oil until tender and lightly browned. Cool. Combine wiUi tuna, Parmesan or Romano, pickles, salt, pepper and bread crumbs. Sprinkle shells with additional salt If desired; stuff with tuna mixture. Combine cottage cheese and egg in electric blender or spread in mixer; stuffing. Brus oil. Place 13x9x2-inch in 375 degree 40 minutes tender. Serves tender biking zuccliini cover pan 15 minutes For real eating Zucchini stuffed with tuna flavored with sweet pickles and Kalian cheese, toppcil with co'iia^e cheese and baked. Cold fish dish is cool treat iii hot summer By ALICE DENHOFF Cold marinated fish or seafood is a summer treat that deserves special notice from those in the market for something different. It's a versatile dish, lending it so f to all sorts of menus and to practically any course but dessert. It fits snugly into the buffet spread, it's an ideal cocktail nibble and it's a perfect main course for summer lunch or supper. Shrimps star in this novel dish: MARINATED SHRIMP WITH OLIVES AND MUSHROOMS 1 pound fresh mushrooms, quartered 1 cup water 1-3 cup olive oil 2-3 cup vinegar 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 cloves garlic, halved 1*4 teaspoons salt 1-3 cup thyme leaves 1-3 cup peppercorns % teaspoon nutmeg 2 bay leaves 6 Cup small pimicnto- stuffed olives 2 pounds medium shrimp, cleaned and cooked Combine all ingredients except olives and shrimp in saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook, covered, 5 minutes. Pour into a bowl: add olives and shrimp; cool. Cover and chill 6 to 8 hours or overnicj'it before serving. Makes 6 to 8 servings. The Spanish cuisine cludes some marvelous dishes, many of which for pickling or marinating. There are excellent tisli salads, too. First recipe is: ESCABECIIE DE PESCADO (Pickled Fish) l 1 -^ pounds halibut, v.r.ped bass or other fi^h cut in scinch steaks 1 iKi-|KHtn monosodium dif- or in- fish call thick stuffed olives 2 teaspoons dry mint flakes 01! 1 teaspoon chopped fresh 'mint* '{, cup vinegar Salad greens S p r i n k 1 e fish \\11h seasonings. Lightly brown seasoned fish in healed oil in skillet; transfer to shallow casserole. In same skillet, cook onion until soft and yellow, about 3 minutes; add olives, mint leaves and vinegar; pour over fish. Cover and chill fi to S hours or overnight. Drain and serve on salad greens. Serves 4 to fi. For something really ferent, a nice luncheon dinnerparty job: SEAFOOD WITH SPANISH DRESSING 1 pound raw shrimp, cooked, shelled and cleaned Va pound fro/en crab meat, thawed and drained (I'/jCUp) ii> pound fillet of flounder, poarhed !,i> cup small pitnienlo- stuffed olives Spanish Dressing (recipe below) Lettuce Lemon .slices and , irmionto-sluffed olives Halve the shrimp and combine with crab meat, cooked flounder and (lie V 2 cup of olives in largo bowl. Add J£ cup of (lie Spanish dressing and toss. Chill. Mound salad in lettuce-lined salad bowl or serving disn. Garnish. S e r v e with remaining dressing. SPANISH DRF.SSING }{, cup mayonnaise '4 cup catsup 2 tablespoons chili sauce 2 teaspoons brandy !.'i teaspoon Dijon-type mustard '.) teaspoon Worcestershire 1,4 teaspoon curry powder ! 4 teaspoon paprika pimiento- juice I.', teaspoon coarsoly ground black popper I'.lend first !i ingrendents. AcM l>iv!Kl v . Stir in remaining iii.jrc'dieiiN. Chill. Keeping cool e-nx\ Mr. Bee's WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT Prices Good Thru Tues., Aug. 29, 1972 THIS WEEK'S over tuna h zucchini with lightly oiled pan. Bake s F. oven 35 to or until fork- 4. (If a very is desired, foil or first balking time.) with The tang of pickles also give a zesty touch to: SARDINE POTATO SALAD 1-3 cup mayonnaise 1 teaspoon freeze-dried chopped chives ^ teaspoon salt Dash pepper 2 tablespoons dill pickle liquid 2 pounds potatoes, cooked, chilled, peeled and cubed ^ cup sliced dill pickles 1 can (3% ounces) Norwegian sardines, drained Canned pimiento strips Blend first 5 ingredients in bowl. Add potatoes and pickles; toss lightly and chill. Garnish salad with sardines and pimientos. Foodliner 560 East Airline Drive Rosewood Heights Open »:00 a.m. to 9:.'JO p.m. MONDAY (liru SATURDAY We Welcome Food Slumps MR. BEE'S SO-LOW PRICES 14 B. 25° HtlNZ CATSUP OPEN PIT BBQ SAUCE V 39° PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 3H'1 65 LOG CABIN SYRUP 2<b ! ! 67 C WELCH GRAPE JELLY '-;-44° IGA LOW FAT MILK „„, 79= KRAFT FRENCH DRESSING '£33= LIPTON-DRY ONION SOUP „ 39° LIBBY'S PEACHES nil" 32= NABISCO SALTINES ; a 41 C CHARMIN BATH TISSUE S" 38° Box of lie KOTEX 12 4Tfc GROU BEEF & $5.00 or more purchase. LimiilPkg-Per Family wifh Coupon IGATableRite 'Hunter A/C By the Piece CHUCK STEAKS .....» 79 C LARGE BOLOGNA » 69* IGATableRite Krey A/C By the Piece CUT-UP FRYERS u 39 C BRAUNSCHWEIGER » 59 C IGATableRite York SKINLESS WIENERS "£ 59 e SLICED BACON '£63 First Cut Pork Chops Lb. 79* Center Rib Chops Lb. 89* Loin Chops Meadow Gold Chocolate Milk or Butler Milk... Natures Best Margarine. Regular or Drip Manhattan Coffee ... .. Lb. 99« IGA Ice Milk Pops, or Fudge Bars Ennrl I UUU •••••••••• Friskies Flavorkist IGA LOW FAT MILK Sandwich Cookies.. IGA Ice Milk DAIRY KRAFT PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE 2 80z. Pkgs. TWIN PACK "^Sj^T!™* 5 !! KRAFT AMERICAN SINGLES Mr. Rain Ban el FABRIC SOFTENER.. £ 69' «-«^(^ i pi jh t'lted by Id*. Void otu-i Mr. H«T\ Kraft Reyular 01 Smokio BAR B-Q SAUCE . . 1* 39' Mi. Itt-i-'s PILLSBURY CINNAMON ROLLS CHEF BOY-AR-DEE BEEF-A-RONI, OR SPAGHETTI & MEAT BALLS Bush's KIDNEY BEANS Bush s White or GOLDEN HOMINY Sunset Inn — 4-Sieve EARLY JUNE PEAS Kraft Whipped PARKAY MARGARINE. .. 080z $1 '0 Tubes I C 300 Size 7(fc J Cans IJ 6 300 Size CQc Cans D«r 5 303 Sizi Cans V 59= OFF O'CEOAR SPONGE MOP I E Spanish ovenoues in sln'iiM]> it\i 1.1. ••• r-.ntj.oic ^" bk.'U*OHcd sc\eral hour?, iii in •:•,.:;. !•!•., j i. c iia \ ui- ( d ,. '' - . m f COUPON J* I Ji MfciVliii "TTT" ~(U>'"T' 0 '7!! 1 , " S 'T| Regular or Drip < l| Manhattan COFFEE .2£*}* [\ $135 Bakery CAKE UTS I I Mr. Brc'b Hamburger-13 oz. or Sausage-13'/« oz JENO'S PIZZA l>mit one C^jpoi. p«r family, t-i.ludi-v ,!,..,»;, p, t^U'ud t, la v Ci luu^do, Auguit *'V. IV72. ?,?! ^•MM^K U^_ • 1 1 1 J Send the kids off with By ALICE DENHOFF When you pack the youngsters off for an all - day outing or off to day camp, pack their lunch boxes rich with good nutrition and the tang of a pickle or some pickle goodies. Here are two pleasing pickle - flavored sandwich suggestions — plus a little go- with — that are sure to please any lunch box toter and are fine for picnics. Summer sandwiches must be kept cool, so invest in an insulated lunch bag and-or "canned ice" which can be tucked into the lunch box or bag. CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICHES 1 cup chopped cooked chicken 1-3 cup chopped sweet mixed pickles, drained 1/4 cup chopped celery 2 tablespoons chopped nuts Crii sit Mi lunch that has some crunch Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, Aug. 23,1972 C-5 ; ci p mayonnaise Salt and pepper to taste up lettuce 6 slices bread, buttered x together all Ingredients except lettuce and bread. Assemble sandwiches with chic ten- filling, lettuce M x together all ingredients except lettuce and bread. Assemble sandwiches with chicken filling, lettuce and bread. For lunch box, wrap in foil or plastic wrap. Makes 3 sandwiches. For a variation, add two slices crisp bacon to each sandwich. DILLY PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHES % cup crunchy peanut butter 1-3 cup chopped dill pickles 8 slices bread, buttered Lettuce Mix peanut butter with pickles, spread on 4 bread slices. Top with lettuce and remaining bread. For a variation, as well as extra nutrition, add two slices crisp cooked bacon to each sandwich. Recipe makes 4 sandwiches. CRISCO SHORTENING 1. III II MR. BEE'S SO-LOW PRICES GLACIER CLUB ICECREAM ii,57 c KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP ,,,,55° 10 Oz. JJ C Box «H GENERAL MILLS CHEERIOS MUSSELMAN'S APPLESAUCE fS'17" STARKIST 6'/2 Size . Can 38° Ultra IV TUNA BETTY CROCKER LAYER CAKE MIXES 39° BATHROOM TISSUE Giant Size QIC Box 81' Hunt's TOMATO SAUCE IGA TableRite — Grade "A" LARGE EGGS Kraft Regular or Smokie BAR B-Q SAUCE Kelly POTATO CHIPS With Coupon fflsOz. •!«• • • V Cans W 39° \f\f With Coupon Dozen ieOz Bottle Fanta ROOT BEER Plus Deposit Rain Barrel FABRIC SOFTENER. With Coupon 26 Oz. TIDE HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE SYRUP 21 C KRAFT S24 C VELVEETA ...... . . . . ZEST . . STRONGHEART DOG FOOD .......... 10,, 99= AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE MIX .......... 47 C King Size IVORY LIQUID .......... 74' BROOK'S Nabisco TOASTETTES , FROZEN FOODS - Banana, Chocolate, Coconut or Lemon BANQUET CREAM PIE .. w/coupon & J5 or more additional purchase . S Oil 4 320z. UUC Returnable liTi Bottles W 69° 0 • OvT 2 ^H^^ ^H^^ B Luinf oiiu coupon pc-i family nnj% * «upo,H,. mi .E« lu d«i,.n 1401. VV "™ """ "" l> CHILI HOT BEANS KRAFT DELUXE MACARONI & CHEESE.. 51° CHEF-BOY-AR-DEE SAUSAGE PIZZA 69° QUAKER OATS "£38° MILNOT I Mr. U»-eV Ultra IV BATHROOM TISSUE .'C9< M Linnf oiio coupon pc-i fnintly with 57.50 or nioro additional puichaio exclusive of other • ' coupon items, Exclude* items prohibited by law. Coupon \oid attor Tuesday Augus,t • I ••--\, 1071 ™ • 11, I T / .. ^*- *"»^ M • GRA BANANAS THREE DIAMOND Crushed, Sliced or Tidbits No. 2 Cans PINEAPPLE or Mandarin Orange/Pineapple Chunks 3 '<!<£• 79* • f Mr. IW, l^jj J ?U!J,(!!7" """ • | TOMATO SAUCE . 6 -; 59 C I I In.ui onu Coupon ;>e. KiiL-iy. l.-Ju.U-, ,n..,m p.oh.b.u-J I.,- la,-.. L....[>tm w.J alter ™ l- - 1 '' BUSH'S VEGETABLES Showboat Pork & Beans, Butter Beans, Pinto Beans, Navy Beans, Northern, Beans, Chili Hot or Red Beans. Blackeye Peas - 303 size cans, White Potatoes - 303 size cans 5 For 69° , Auijuit ^-Vth. I 1 )'.', Tops with children Pickles, crisp and tangy-stveet, nuts and bacon are the items that make this chicken salad sandwich so different. Potato cup German goes along with grilling By CECILY BROWNSTONE Nothing tastes better than potatoes with charcoal-grilled steak or hamburgers. Especially if the potatoes are mashed, enriched with butter and reheated in foil cups. To prepare this dish, follow the recipe below. For other go-along vegetables, cook corn-on-the-cob on the grill and reheat a skilletful of squash, onion and tomatoes. To make the squash dish saute onion rings in plenty of butter, then add sliced squash and cut up tomatoes; season with salt, pepper, sugar and allspice and cook until the squash is tender. POTATO CUPS 2y 2 cups mashed potatoes (4 to 5 medium potatoes) % cup milk 4 tablespoons (% stick) butter 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons minced chives Parmesan cheese Paprika In a medium mixing bowl beat together the potatoes, milk, 2 tablespoons of the butter and the salt. Stir in chives. Place 8 foil baking cups in muffin-pan wells. Fill each cup with about l-3rd cup of the potato mixture. Insert about 1 teaspoon of the remaining butter in the center of each potato cup. Sprinkle with Parmesan and paprika. Potato cups may be refrigerated until you are ready to heat them. Wrap the potato cups in foil and heat on the outdoor grill. Or leave the potato cups unwrapped and heat in a preheated 450-degree oven for about 20 minutes. Maks 8 servings. Note: If using instant potatoes, prepare according to package directions to make 2i/> cups. Omit the milk, butter and salt called for in tre above recipe; but stir in the. chives and proceed as above. Ice cream is varied "King o' West' 1 JUMBO HONEYDEWS California BARRETT PEARS Extra Large CALIFORNIA PEACHES Fresh & Juicy SUNKIST LEMONS Crisp & Cruncjiy MICHIGAN CELERY each . , — "znrz.^ — ^nnrzr"^ m popular Mr. IW, \J^[^J (on,,,,,, |_ SMOOTH OR CRUNCHY PETER PAN PEANUTBUTTER. . :;;59 C M I i summer pie (39clb.) 3 Us 1 . . 2 fc '1 , I I Mr. »«•«•%. GENERAL MILLS BUC WHEATS I I I Mr. IWV \A*^y «ou|>oi, 1 I • ^^^^^ • H I I Banana, Chocolate, Coconut or Lemon l| I Banana, Chocolate, Coconut or Lemon I BANQUET CREAM Dlr ' « ' With 45 or itioic- addi PIE . . 2, 3f H itional puichun.-. I M ^J"-- ....... .......... -. H COUPON Poly-unsatui(|ited WESSON OIL ... 38 Oz. IQC || Btl III || CPU P ON I IGA ILt MILK ^33° I .COUPON t'on^ratulations are due the inventive cook who decided to couple two popular desserts — ice cream and pie — into one. For a wonderful example of this dessert innovation, try Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie. The delicious filling is simply made by blending the ingredients the name suggests and free/iii!.; firm in a flaky shell. Make lard your shortening choice for a crust tint rivals the filling in appeal. 1'KAM'T Brrrai ic !• t HI:AM i'!i: 1 baked pie shell 1 quart vanilla ice cream ' 2 cup chunk-style peanut butter 1/U cup chopped salted peanuts Allnw ice cream to sofvu slightly. Mix peanut butter until soft and creamy. Add softened ice cream gradually, mixing uiiiil peanut ljut'ei' and ice crr.nn are tili-nded. I'lace in lukcd pa.-,!r\ sh •'!. Tup u;tli .>a!tcil nc..'ii:l> Slul i' 111 ll iv.'.i r :M'\ ci'.ll lmui> or until lirm. By TOM HOGE AP Newsfeatures Writer Meat is the keystone of the great German cuisine, and if one had to choose a national dish it would be a tossup between the Braten and the Schnitzel, both of which have become famous round the world. If you lack the time or funds to fly to Germany and sample the fare on the spot, the next best move is to dine in one of this country's famous German restaurants, like Luchows' in New York City which has been serving the classic specialties of the Rhineland for 90 years. Braten, or roast, may be pork, beef or veal, and the best German chefs transform it into an elegant creation larded with bacon, stuffed with foie gras and wrapped in puff paste. Such a roast may be cooked with wine, vegetables or cream, basted with broth or glazed with honey. Sweet-sour dishes are typical of the German cuisine, and the best of these is sauerbraten or 'sour roast," which is very popular in the United States. The Germans can perform minor miracles with veal, especially the cutlets known as Schnitzel. They range from the unbreaded Naturschnitzel and the Wienerschnitzel served without sauce to the elaborate Schnitzel Holstein. Germany is a land of many regions and widely varying dishes. The northern Germans, for instance, consume vast quantities of potatoes which grow well in their sandy soil. But in the south, where there is an ample supply of wheat, they go in more for dumplings. Among the best known German specialties are the smoked pork and Westphalian hams and the numerous fresh and smoked sausages. These range from the tiny Weisswurste with a veal- based stuffing to a goose-liver sausage redolent with truffles. The German kitchen is noted for its thick soups made from potatoes, dried peas or lentils fragrant with sausage and onion. There is also creamy cauliflower soup and crayfish bisque made with veal stock and thickened witn egg yolk. Luchow's serves virtually all of these specialties, but executive director Dieter Sauer is especially fond cf that longstanding favorite; Schnitzel Holstein. Here is his recipe: Four e ounce veal cutlets 1 teaspoon salt '. ( teaspoon pepper flour ^ e.L,.',s 1 cup bread crumbs ti tablespoons buUer 12 anchovy fillets S thin slices pickled beet S slices d;ll pickle Wipe cutlets with damp cloth. Pound meat thin, season, dip in flour. Beat 1 eu^. Dip cutlets into it, then roll in bread crumbs. Cook in 4 tablespoons butter until golden on both sides. Fry remaining 4 eggs in butter, licjimve cutlets 'o warm di^li and place fried e.'- 1 on Kich (ianish with an- cho\\ til!.•!.-., Miced ijeet and p.ckVv SelAr-, 4 (loud Will a Moselle uuie.

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