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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 21, 1927
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REPLY ALY FROM READV FORAMERICA fjqvernment Injects Arms ^Limitetion Plan of ' ^ : Coolidb Official: , Report Vow ! Sfat^. irjLno. Fob. M. M»)—Italy l >(iH I)<IH4I for U wmlVityicf JO I (iiiialI «T typeH wan, officially T ItaL 10 HHCOIl^l an rpfuahl s'aylj. Is Italy's .f :i ii jof na annd |po:nt is 1i thfi jsea, be ine. us regards^ nei jposition ot^ nrt locked Iv^ich tan Kofjihy coast, ian ^i! unusual gpogra Uoniniunication. na;y il liefense i important lini'd All irobl Judge non 11.^ Liinls«'y'<j "roni- liaiiiuiiiite iiiurrlaKe'* cure for present niatripioiifal troubles is land her .siiliia-J ii "remedy nurse tlitin the evil." Pieshlent John (irier lliblien of Princeton I'liiverslty saM in I>enver. I,ind«^ey's home. This I' new picture j of. ]|il)l>en was* lioitai existenct^ ra liarw or poli'ticajl colisideralion.s. Th.<^ third ai-guri |nt againKi fiirijher naval limit -iion. ainnd :. Iicductibn in tbi-; nunil).!' srailll<T ships. ^ tiaii Italy lii [ihiH type of veUsel ptishibility of provi "lion and niaintajiuin^ •<iua l)theif j'pju:|fonately ad li-opjpared 'with Jl)o>ver.'-.." I It is alHo pu iltaj'ys i)rinclpjil intedj _ <i pliier Mediterruneai be affected iiy Jitcli would bind ted the Amirica .lu .III re4 sl< Kit erJ iiiit al vescelt. ;it ilired fonipht. on which ^ed. itiu .Moiliterran<^ [all the out blocked:! t|ie pjjpk 1. I lets kti-r Rc^ps Lindsey AMERICA HA FIRMER HOL ONNICARAGIi American Bluejacket^ i nd Al^aniies Have Taleiji Control of Vital National Railway System. I'll MHO WiiHhinRton. Feb. 21. (AP» iishoro Sunday mocaliJK-| additional ntarlnes lies ( liboring sf: of conimer-iiil these make ille FinJ one ••<if la- he'r tlian mil "to nssurf ioniiiR the lii a defense \ \e and usefu^ Sleditenanean out as out] luC |bJections ^lijat powers wiiuld lie inniilalioiu iVr if ^he sclienie ELLOGGS O. K. TO ^ J^PANIISE PLAN ^Vashington. i»an '3 desire^ arms limitatio(i jKiied by Pres Pel), to Identl lie first is liew jBonable" by In view of tt us of the p|rt-p n ^ou disarmuili 21. (Al liefer the niVal jnferenve Coulldsf fa probably will b^- exieiided Ij months, tlfe boldin;; coueurj-ent tal^dn treaty negot lo; clatises of ships i\W iWushingtop t.r i)e jajffecled byj the jofjrt Maid toda^-. • Ij hlghl>; as Veutijely Sec^i|tary Kellogg, iiat the a\}>ry niiiiljiij'- iil I at (ieiieia over sev- ii^riuun plaii i>f [ivfl power linii- atiouM^appiyiti^ not covered by atv would not delay. Mr. Kel-. ,., gra plj I of the Japan ' ' Itbe I whi nius •vi ^riifjb reflects tobiJeration in jiayal powers u |eal solution K<|ll0BB said. FJ BENNETT] < i DIES there are still lolla who kne^- M Belnneti Smith be Ifiert at the re- 'se govern inenl pirjt of frieidly li the pritiiiipal approach t^ie prilileiii of coinpetitive bulldinl; if be found." i-Mr. is ta SMITJH m SiAN DIEGO I! •p. perhaps a tw ; iianyi pp<>plei jn •. aiid Mrs.' F- Itjiough they left v-five i years agi.-and all [who wi It great regret y\ •: Smith which iiiiiilt at a ho?pita <?alifornJa. .Mrs. Siiii compllshed singerj chiirmiiig wonian hukband. who I was LaiWyon smelters f ^r yeirs. were among ill! of the circle ujf wi bin which they :is (hey intist- jliave «)ni> did ;wil|l; learn lif the death of .ahid ilbey wVnt. and the hy will go oiit to r >i her son, Lapdis their great sorrow ClJRRENt TOPICS MEETING riie meeting lof J Ic' cliilr whli h w ey 'iiing al the jKel isjt s lo, be; one of r tflCest. A number o( the cJub have (rs)m the count j-yt< nihd Hie program tijby Fif'lil / iwithoni' di>ubt K^eM as Informi pitc wil ELVIRA HO Mrs.: Klvira rs, passed jaw night at jibe iUAhter. Mrs.| r.e ..' Gtn North K e time of thi^ tu imced tomiirro placo in the lery. Ijl^t da| •n ta c emett •Si til 1 q. Hoi C^RLYLEIW HOLDS -larlyle. Feft. 21. >bltt addressed e of the W'onken mperaince rjiion on "Ten Reasohs t. r.. Should bVERNlViE ^T ANTI-IRU , Kvnshlngton. Feli nnvernineni wen •t today iiv it rj Trenton and ijipanles under t law. ,1 • ai - tukeii there.' FARM RELIEF SIGNAIUREIS bhieJiicketH have bden lunded Nicaragua ^for tin uhnojinc purpose, of kce ;)in f open cofti- niiinication betwten ' Corlrtn and .Mannvua and to piovIJe further protection! for Ainet -I |atV8, and foreigners. iibiil Pleas . to Ij^resident Are Continued, With Many Visitiiig at the Whit^ House Today, , Wasbinglnn. ; Feb. 121. (.VP) — , Picas to Presiil«iii fonlidKc ,lo .^ign the .\lc.\ary-HajiKeii faini relief bill were colli lulled liittay. .'^i-Uator Hobinisijii, l!enub'.ii'.aii. liidiaiia n I'i- ing the presideiii that such jic 'i<.ii wgnld be exiMeiliii :;ly prpuliir jamoiig Indiana jtarniers. Senator IJobirtson said the pn-si- deiit. although [attentive, gave no indication a*< tii bis aclioii. The .uil'iialidn (Was disiii':seil with President ("ooirdge al.-o by (!niy Silver, of the American Farm »ii- reau ' ^ederat•l)Il|( who. hi'iwevtr, Washington. Feb, t21. (APl-f .\tnerican- governmet f.s det >rn liitn to, take a Tirnu r hold on situation in Nicuragi a is be coifii hourly nmie apparei t. . Without official^- icknpw ed|gi any intention to int jrfere ; ir|c^ly between the contending Nicara^u factions, the state and iiavy liarliiienis have agreed upon a li le of iiroiedure which -is e:ptct 'd KciiiTally lo interpO'ie seriius tin-' stacles to lbe 'Sacas .1 troop^ BJee |fc- iim lo overthrow t le An lecopnized giivernnient\ of deiit I >iaz. • ; ; Not only have American ifia i'.iiii bluejui;kets'taken over of Itbe vital national railwt ^v .Managua, the capital' to C but the .Xm'-riian legatioiij at Managua has be4ii moved barracks in. town tolLoma. the ti.r'i which doniinal*"3 the <|ity 111 iirevious Nicuraguan wars, possession of this fort curried with II control of tne tal. , The official explanation iiiDveineiit of the marines from r ^icks opposite the presidential ace <o the I.oma is that it jwa;] order to affoni better pijotei^tij lo foreign lives and property i^ajii- of PRESIDENT DIAZ ASKS NEW TREATY \M>iild hot di.sclose conversation. trend of till* MISSpURi; ASKS FOR SIGNATURE - T .IcffersoiiCity. .Mo.. Feb. 21. (API Th<' house oi t-lie' .Mi.ssoiiri le};is- lature today adopted a resolulion urginB President Cooiidge to sign the .Mi'Nary-Haugeii faim' relief bill, passed by consress and await- iiij? pre.«idenlial apiiroval. or veto. NO HINT OUT ON COOLIDGE ACTION occurred' l*st in San Diiego, iih was an ac- arid a yery .. . she and chemist at , a number of the niost pijpu- ' acqualntaiUies moved in ' ijoja. been when warmesr- .s Mrs. Smith in the lu)ii Iter the ^\'e^ vm- hhd •of ; Manhattan, Kuns.. Feb. 21. lAP) r'Prixate dispaliiheii frtmi Wasbing- j Ion to this offiVe dO' not indicate i President Cooljidgi- has made a i statement leadiils lo the i-oiicliision jlhat he would | veto the .M<-Nar.v- llaiiRen bill.'" Itjilph Snyder, presi- (lent of the Kansas Slate Farm Uu- ireau said here jtoday. j .Mr.' .Snyder said telegrams urging approval of.the! bill had been sent to President (ioblidge by the state farm bureau, ^CoVernor Paulen, Setli Wells, chairniaii of the Re} public.-in slate icenlral coninijttee. ainl-l>. T. Ihisliey, public serlice <oininission .-ihajrhian. flYMNASIl^M WORK / TOBEi^RESENTED TONIGHT tie rurreni Top iltl Tuesday ' ^yiunasiuii 'coliege. 11,1 n be held ey Hotel prijiti- njost unusual Iiii- )f the •members invited frietids he their gutlsis which will be ent Roy Cwi i, he entirtaiiiii IB- .EMAN llES AT H(!)ME HERjE •matr. aged I ^S : at 11 o'clock borne, of her irge \V. Andir- ntucTi'y .street, ieral !wlll be a ii. Burial w(il •NecisJio Falls - •, •-- nigl^ llir- girls of the 1 liaises of; tile junior gb ^^•ll<)ol and junior high scliolil,! will give an exliibi- lioii ill lli( gynfliasnini of the senior high .-cluiol I building. The (>x- hibilion will beifrce artd the doorS; will br- cli.sed h\ 7:. 10 o'clock. Tile eiiierlainlueul will b'e. under' the diri'et.ioii it\ Mrs. I'la (iarrl- .son aiicl .Miss Roberta Warner, in- struitirrs. Over 100 girls wearing white bbxiiners.i white middies ami wliitt! shoT-s and siiiikings will do fancy marcbiiigl Tlie're will be cost lime dance.^l ivaiid drills and dumbbell drills.; A number of .solo (lan<es in fancy r-ostnines will be an added iittraclfoh as the cos- ! lumes will be very beautiful, j The purpose M the exhibition is to show the general public;the nature of the gyiiiiiasiuiii work. UNITED SITATES WINS ITS CASE C. T.U. MEETIN (Speriall—Mrjs. he in.sti- s I Christiid here February Why the i\V< On." C4rry Washin.glon. Fob. 21. (API—The Tniled Slates-t6day won a case in the .uiipreine court* which involved a claim In one-half? of the Cadsden purchase, rontainod in an appeal /bniii.ght in the iiatne of the Puebia 1 of Santa Rosa. ' jr ! The land invplvwl was that oc- jc'ipiod bv the^ Pajiagos ' Indians, 1 "i 'he supreme clmrt; remanded the ^^a.--e to the trial-«ou'it with instructions to «lismiss: • :N IT wm -The Huprt't ^ie If 21. i(AP) the projtecutlon' 2 other potte le S\ierman aijti SEED BILL GOES TO PRESIDENT Washington. I-Vb. 21. (A .N'orbetk-.lohnsoli MCIMI loan ,\P.—Tlie loan bill was passeil by t|le jbouse and sent lo the. president for his - signature TKe vote was 2pS to i'J. Washington. Feb. ! 21. Proposal.^ from I'resiilent .Viiaragua. believed; lo coni new irealy relatioi^^ With tl] ed .Slates have been rece Minliier KberhardI -at and reported to the-.stale nient. ' inpl^it M vei .Manli de THE WEATHER FOR KANSAS—MoMlr fair niitht and Tnesdart Kome rnat Avarmer tunlfrlit in east aiHl sui^th portions. I Ft»B lOLA AM> VlCINm Fair tonight and Tuesday; Inarmer louFght. Weather outlook for thej period February 21 to February'2«. 1927. Moro or less unsettled wei tl er with o<-casional precipitation; tiem- peratures normal'or aboyc fn9st tif the week. • Temperature—Highest yestejr^ay 48. Qt 2 p. m.: lowest i^lght, •J2 at '1 a. ni.: normal for todliy. .15; excess yesterday 5; i excess since .January 1st, 224 deg(eifs; this dale last year—highest lowest 44. I Precipitation for the 24 l^oiir.s ending at 7 a. tp. today, {,00 till foir this year to date, 1:47 ficiency since January iBt inch. Relative humidity at 12 |noon the hi r- ptl- In >n •z lof e !it- ly jua l.a t- to- n. yesterday, 50 per cent; 7 ^ da.v, tiS per cent; baromete^ r^d ed to sea level, 29.81 Inches Roads and Weather Elitewh<jr^. AW clear except Emporia offeyville, Pittsburg, partly roads good except Sallna, rough: Pittsburg,'soft. k-l( WICHITA U. HEAD PLANS TO Q de- £oo, ito- tc- S^liha, fa r udy; UIT Wichita, Knns.. Feb. 21. :(Apb A suit for $2 .'i,U0o damages broukht .igalnsi Will 0. Price. prom;inbnt business man and former piie.<ildent of the Chamber of CommeW'?, .Mrs. naisy C. Hunt for blleked misconduct toward her, wait Irpp- ped today when the plalntifjr.fafled lo aniear In court. The jury had been: Impjaijeljicd when Mrs. Hunt's coutisel i| ed be had been unablo to bis client since nlglil moved the dismissal otUhe Ixtiliin ijocBte ^nd abe WICHITA DAMAGE SUIT IS DROPPED Wichita, Kans., Feb. 21. jfAP)- Or. .lohn 1). .Finlayson. "pite^ieient of the University of Wichita, announced today he would iJitlbe a candidate for re-electIoi». His present term expires next siir itner. Dr. Finlayson citme here jin 1B22 from the I'niversUy of Aftc liran where he was a meml>er jo '. \be faculty, to head Falrmourfl Col- if»ge. He was a leader n p'e movement to change the college to National Ca0tdlSltows Interest in Whhhgtoii Publication of Arouses Interest . And Geo^xe Waphinflfton \ jeiier iJi |KaiisasCity —I etterl Ejcpre ses Lo^e fof King | Res>nfe Re |^l Charges., I Feb Washington. City claimed linsrtpn to his wife sY tion 'of Independence, king," and re.sented r e(|ual interest; here t celebratioiw; tftmorro blKh. I i President! ^'Dl'liilge W a jjuiot section of th< house. vhicJj iwlll be milHona. a letter in . 21. (APJ—PiiblicatioW of to I ave fjeen w itttii bylCeorge sHortly before the] signing of the Deciara- in *'hich he oprejsed '[lovfe he (har;ie 6f bting i "rebelY odaj with plans |for one of t!He w ctimmembrat II |<enal^ broadcast CLARK BEUEVES LETTER GENUjlKE Kansa.s' filtty. Feb. Alfred H. Clark. KunsaH who made ptiblic an old purported tb liave been (Seorge Waiihijigton, lodby sdid he; preferred to ijelieve 11 -f-as a genuine letter |lo| Martha V • In coininent|ng upon < qt historiui.s expressing lo the origjilJ of the le| Baid if the forgery, hej he original letter provtd loped ir Wa.i forgeries addres»*-j—: i'hav and ! tii ^1 (AP)-i iL 'ity irttist; inanibteript writLten byi a.shington., ipinliins ofi iiloitbt aa' to Clark be a I. C. I RATE PLAN ISStlSTAliD one -of known to bpea -ed) during! the cdosing v^eeks [if. tl e I'.evolution.; j I itijend to istund by the] letter ulntil li IH p dved to nly Hatiiifiuction it is" he de<:lar*d. j ••M3^ hope then V 11 le, of bonijse.j thal| it is ope of] I the original forgeriep and Whetij anal! Kbnsuii olj the Iversit tlHty ({ •|r >r. point m eris reftere( Verdict iHanded Supreme Court Todaiy Apprclves The! Valuatibn Method. Down by UlS. Wa.shinglon, Feb. 21. (lAP)-fRall- road valuatioii methods terslnte Commerce Coin rate making tuined in effect today preme court. ; 1'he opinioii held tha axaiuHt the commissionl brought by the L.08 Ai geleu Salt Lake railroad, shjould a t curr ^i hav for I "thy shared an e ng 1 he first; ^i|esi{!ent's alter all has value. oHginoli foj-gery iusejl f'or Britl .sh pi-opag^nda in 11777, |perhapsl it is rarer than If it ;is an SVasiingtt^H letters she wh the ci>pyrighttid exit of the i dis rovery in the City Star, Dr. F. jH. Hjodder liai • oflhistory at the Vtt- ot said the aiithen- thi' letter wu.s{ doubtful.' wid -r point^i oiit th£(t ap- nt if English commission- to in th^ ( 1 bj-fore it • iiaa be« n writte lark letter purijorted plAIlIS KpING AIJL ITSmOUBL Repbrts Sajy 28 Fomeriiirs f Strike Have Be^n iBehealed in City By ('antohesc Leaders. Siianghai, swilrd. wie head strike Felj. 21. 'API 1]! leil swiftly ; III !>' Ifonieiilers wtis ns^ ctions of Sbaiigli todiy to coi iibat the pen of tloiialist pmpaganda. ("ontim dealing progru^i in native s ing staited yesderday, execuiioneds pat oiled tatiig men diti DU. Rel the (lead at Shi sale agita Sun strik city. f,.ct when ILoOL ^o^i Vh tc^ of the. In- inl.ssilin tor Wert- liy:tl HUS- e sii- rotest mejthod.% and have been dismissed by the -lower courl^. The final valuation' >rder» are within the function of t le cojninls- sion, the court held, dnd dp not constitute an iarder which could be interfered with by the iourt-s until after the ord<'r is used! for some improper purpose by tjie commission, j I Should the final value tion orders of the eommiHsion be used to deprive the railroads of any of their rights, it waii added, then \ they would have ample op|>ortun!ty to go into the courts. All of the litigation brought out against the commission over the troublous subject of ra Iroad ation will be thrown o it of (pommitltee of the WhWe Offers Little Pro- and Measure Will Prbbably Pass Top4ka. '^'he bill I rbvlding for establishment:! ' a state jioly technic school at GrHt B nd met little opposition in the day.; the ;hi f^vora |i w. EIou: e of Renij lln csmmitiep i|ise indicated would as a result of today's the opinion of law officers. : vaiu- court lecisibn; in the c^immiHsibn'K MAN IS KILLED IN EXMX)SION to a municipal university, not revealed his future plah .4. hUTCHINSON MA KILLS HIMSELF iia.s (AP) of n^itted Ifutchinson, Kans., Feb. 21. Crienn \Z. .lenklns. :t6. empl^yleej a local oil company coianiitji suicide Ibis afternoon; by st^-i^iow- iug poison. Despondency di health is believed {q have jciu^ed the act. .Mr. Jenkfns came nearly ten years ago front Kiis City, and the body wi talten there. hipre K^n- be Salina. Kans.. Feb. |21. (AP>-^ Mollle Becker. 17. employed at James Bertle.s; waffle Tshop .iRus- se^. died" lastj evening in a hospital at I Hayes a^ a result oi burns suf- feifed in a gasoline explosipnl at the waffle shop Saturday. • .lames Bertles, proprietor, serr loqsly burned, probably will re- coyer, it was .stated today. Mrs. Bertles and Al Kozar, cookv both severely burned jare oi»t of danger. Blazing gaiollne was the thrown all aliout the explosion, TWOKC.CHIIDREN BURNED TO DEATH Kaiisas City. Feb. 21. v(AP)—-Two; children of .Mr. and .Mrs. Olenn! Cavendar. were burned to deatW here today by a fire which- (|-on-! sumed the home. Tl o children! were put to bed with an electrici iron to keep them warn. The iron! Is believed to have cau led the fire.' hop in a deal e streets, decap ifound active, in si- able- sources pla< 2.S. ni^hai. F| behtiadiii ors 'by •huaii -F:i aftiviti But it ill J t:ie Defeil i-b. 21. (.\Pi—Wliiile- Pao^lf'hung's u] am thru ft with lieiids of ; of polilii-al .'^li 'iK oldiers (if .Mar ^bal ig .vester.lay redi Ct4l i<^s today ill 'he n: live lad the opposite ef ^leigli .setlletiK nts. Commissiimer en Were m [igii the streets their heavy, sw agitators Wliei FOR SOON Kans., Fdb. 21. (AP) — ly on the InJea-sure tomor- ture'9 tax burden, dlared a School at inot omorrpw. [esentatives toot the whole, it would vote Bepesettatlve Wiite of Atchison ir ]jtint;', a farn er. made the Miiyt'pe^i against the bill. He sjaid iljt w^uld Increase agrlcul- He aiso de- Oreat . Bend be far ejiough west to that has been JOmTHAN DAVIS i BACK IN POLITICS ToWka, :Kans..| F. ^x-Gdvernor JonatJan a«airi ' has; forsaken help ti^i ihfe terrtoryj asking for! a state (Educational in- titutl in. The bill which ^<'as introduced l.v DaiVKOE of Bartoln county, car- 11 ies a $25 1,000 aprpropriation. tjliis S im. : 17.'i.00U Would be spent for the pi rcliase on condemnation df a s te ai d <he erection of h per- itanei t b illding and suitable !.<qulpii(;nt.' The other $7.'i,000 is ii^tendgd f< r teachert' aaiarlea and ' Other operiting .expenses. •• *Dod ;e City. Kinsly and Garden (|'ity ; i]so had {toiight a state school, but the house wa^s and meam icommitteeich^se Great Bend for th,i hotbr. j b. 21. (AP)— .M. Davis farm for the l>olitii|<!. but tbisjtinke only a.s one (if tb (J early arrivnlji here for the annual Washingtbh Day club fes- tlv1Ue |j of; the i<anias Democrat."* fpmorrow.; Hdweve^. he declared that. II! hals no intention 6t again ijunhing for offitie. .1 "Np.f hei' said ioday. "I have no itjtentibn pf agalii leuvihg the farm ti> satisfy a pers(i)na!l political ambltionl: My rea.soin- In coming liere is toUdo •^•hat l| can to promote liarmpny In the party." (^KtAHOMA LOSES BOtJNDJAljlY FIGHT WaBhlnglon Oiklal piirt ver.s 'yl .or th Panhandle from loma revi with the Feb. iwas . w today Texas|jOV|pr eastern 'boun of Te.xis, ted Riyerl 21. (AP)— r^uijed a supreme in lis contro- j.. the location |lary along the runiiiiig north Appropriakon \f6ir Kansas State Fair At Hutchiimn Approved by House Ways and MeaiisCoTftimittee iAn . Topeka. Kan.. jPeb. 21. (AP) , a year for the statej fair at; Htittjhinaon House Ways and Aleans ctimmitjtee'in its appr introduced today. ! he JtT.OflO-:' The bill distributes appropriation for the nium as follows: Revolving fund $20,0( tl next bien- 0: mainten-: ance fund $10,000: livestock prizes^ $5,000; boys and girls! 110,000; encouragement industry $2,000. I The fair appropriatidn measure- Vraslhe only bill iniroiluced todayj in the bouse. ' . ' j Fair affairs rec; lion in committee of ^hen the house, indicated it would pass tomorrow a bill a iproprlating $39,675 to George B. G ino, Htttcb- {allowancie Ivas appi of .$2:5.500 joved by the •opriation bill; club; work; of poultry ived alten-j the whole.! ii |sonj1 >usiness man the money' who advanced ito the state fair manage- njent so cattle barn|» destroyed by fire could |be rebuil jA third iBailie P. .stt in the sentatives. ing at the and Sjfrs. ' H;i» great Balie P. \yaggener. lajwyet. was one ;pt ICansas He arri Iiome of iVaggeiier Igrand ifatjier, the le ;lsla ure two The tfeconi Balle P. sd a I; iwye is now term In tble bouse. Waggener may Hpuse of Repre- ed this morn- Repre.sentative' in Atchison. the i late a prominent the leaders in gjenerations ago. Waggener, al- serviDg bis (i|-st i eign aut of strik Nutionalis pijiipagandisi canipiijiii to uij Chau of K In wbic w a s deriiiiiie i-Faiig. langsu. the gen 1 was still nuj r|al strike inovei egiin Saturday (li.-^liiict alili -fiM' K.-re were no nti h.lVilll; InMMl UK) day. nor W (|re cPiwideiiable disorders. tendency.] 'I' ' ''rt|igners| riuB th of f( ed-i di any ChuijU'-Fang The I plan W£|s sistahec to ed. li pole cone Ofi ing q1ie ualiv >ssioii. icers of miltedl that behiwlings; truslWorthy aboiit ^thirty. eisecOndJ Suffolk . from,.'il(; numbtrl Ish day tota battalion of the IJrit- {r'egiment arrivec; to- ngkong, brinting the of foreign t|-oois in Shanghai to jndre than 10,000. Tlie Indian brigat e Is now 4.500 stiong. Svfelling t^e niimber of foijeign well above a s cruiser Tenryu ships to [Japanese the ^estroyerp AmzuLsukaze war the rived from Sasebos Japan's liaval base^ Tli next! 1 .20q and Sl»n catic men Cheil and was sitmi ters forei shoii stra with a^ marines avai ere will augitientatiod marined States navy i Stewart BRJITISHI TH Ldndon, Fn over tlj at Hai Captoi iOwen O' modified tibn at Ftiir was e acin hal?i Tl; ar.ri communists ing Tom has la bo the t'lilioninj); poiire fndeceiify. •"til his ViM- liorilies e.^tinialed rs bud reached Koveriiineiil lea the strength of iiler. of tlii.s iirov jlers iSiiii nee lent jikn [brts ei^i-i lere ! Sun \ get ; re- I remained tITe In to weaken bi.s ibiake the way e :Hier for the advi ncing victorious Nation! list troo is Ironi ilangchow. Beheadings apparently have end- ut lieadt still were visibl v on ill the iriiicipal street d Vid- city from tlieFrsncb Sun Cliuan -Fang adhere had been iiine canvass that was ndicated a tota! of pre, and Hamakaze, Iso^aze, ar- hnd Tokitsukaze detachment of able for s/iore d be a /onsitlei oC Americans Thursday when the V States! transport Chaumont is due. Th(5 Ci) es-troyers Preble, \\-i\V anclior ben 300 ity. I able ar>(>ut ited kith ited Xoa rom la at al)lout the same tinke. CHINA ATY SIGN ED b. 21. (API—Gritifi- e signing of an ajiree- kow between IKukene foreign min ster, lalley, Hritisb ;ch irge today hy hews o\ the fShanghai. pressed in some (jiiar- commandersi ol that tiK ign defen se forces, even if Id act ^ ith-tiie grea<c.<ij ht. woul I be unahlf' t.o a. clash betvvjeen troop.s and nesd strikers What's tb agrt*ment prolileni tweij t; is ito • The e D.iily ai at Ilol uso of Rigninij: bout Hankow, ty times nmro e cre.-ile'l at t'Hailg- Ijlaily .Vews asks Kxpres.s reports igkon; of a par {rom .\Io.>-cow. ill !an unna lied American .Mann, v ho in year.: gon leeii proii iiieiuly coiu'ited -trouble) in Kn^land. MAN USES BARE H( Ale.xi ploy gold bare! iaumou't. Domagiiv . today j • n ea^le handed, ed (town on Doniague wa ground on hi but iield the ebgle tightly abou necl5. while p aid. win^ WOMAN hors try. Tl; phy.' dea< ing HAN The ea^le spread. )S ON EAOLE ex., Feb. 21. (API — a shipyard em- the owner of a Urge which he • ca ight .•hen the birdswoop- liiu from'a liail^ing. thrijwn to back by the ;im iissersby came, t({ has an eiglit DEATH ON PO!W!"'^7^ "f^"^*' i"'""''^'''' -San Antonii! .V rijjerless p . here yej M.' Doyle of Doyl» was ins Tex.. Feb. 21. t)Io horse caiisei •Jterday of Mrs. |San Antonloi p threw ilU rider. Captain rencp .Mickel. animal Doyie ill the ij The a(; Infa itry and tean.' RIDES TO antly killed wheti the .aw- of the .Vinth iilfan- bnd plun4ed over a railin knees .strmik {best, and when icians rejicbed her she cident occurred polo game between the a Houston, T 111- O.S.- led liiay tlleii is H <H('« York publisher, v Thi >eW _ - , , riesl lije lhe|cetasorett " drann frjuni >tair| Ol suaiied the l :e not il the were heHirhfs liveright. ho is till ."apllve.*^, Gotham •chaJrKes IJveriirht iier -i cast to reilracf Itsj to I reapifeak" in thej jrhartres | aeainsti |<inushed. t is not; first vent ire into; TO FACECHPGE OFCONTEMPT Citation to Coriie Because Attorney Reaiuses to \ Answer Qu|^iions / ' Asked by Reed W .'Lsbrugtiin Feb. Daniel J. .S( hiiyler, •Sannufl liisiill. Chi magnate, will be cltijd to tlje senate jfoi) coiilnnpl foi* rtifusing today ;to answer (lueslipiis putfto him by Cliajrmari Reed bf thelseiiate campaign funds investigating committee; I After Istate 's Attorney! i 21. (AP)— •atjorney for fjago utilities.- the theatrical rsf venture \ rieal iie|d. Crowei bf Chicago. citraiU, • witnes>^. ha querie$ jput ia him. the Stan' that; Ins iiy to I fund of iFrank L. S i given $4r >,0(iO to til Icouiity BEN LINDSEY LOSEk FOR Dei' Tl foJllK ter of cotirl CIS loit tend (bill tion court de int ly ai; court ioti officej of vo ciict lor a oustiit |A-as de^iii today, be lead ie to prescj d askad ndtic aripe prtr .i who fraud niajoij \v(iul( Biit Attdrneys Announce The Deciiiion Will ;Bej Appealed to If. S. ! S u b r e m e i Court. campaign, an.swer (|ue«tiun» : to iiioiii-y; was paid lo. Additional ii-stiijujny today showed thai .niiiiinni;rti of $227.yJ."i nolsj-Rfiiiublicau pri|iari'. Insuil|who previoasily|had refus-s;; 'iii questions, ;. Roliert E. herj recal-. eplied to Sdiuyler took disclosing 1. and. althcjugn II. who contributed tieav- lie- senaiofial | campaign iiijtb. had also ; local Cook ^ refused to who th» adduced itsiill spent a iji the lin­ ed tojaiswer cert also]^iiaiiged his ni tify.|ngi; that, lie - gaj Charle.s Barrett. tr»i , ctoivepBarrett prgaiiliiation In Chi- i (•ago and J.'i.OOii to as th(j $10,0(10 Schu lied about.; ver. Cob Feb. 21. lea of llii(3ge Beu B. I.indst-'y. tbej re ig hearing of the de-Utny qmislions by U him from bis poKi Denver juv CUNNINGHAM WILL i NOT TESTIFY NOW! AVa^bington. Feb. .1 W. •Cuiiningliaiii, u( (API— jfv(.jsure lof llil; I •nile publi( state com ed today in his ref ;!._! paigji j funds conimiiltee relating toi , .lhe|sbiirce of the %l il by tne suprretue • ,.i,„|ri|,uted to lh( .tudge Liiidsey ;c(in- ; pajg,, Uf senator-KHcl Wm .'s. Vwei not bei-n Kiien. .ijof p^^o .,^.a„i.' Ill hl.s cilse proper-I ; | - , ; Ithat the siH>reine ! T\p * mij rnr^ | reconssidf^r its retent decis- | .''^M IKf ,i )lding him not elected to tjlu; i ' ' ho had bi[en holdlbg because I ; i ing irregularities in one. pre- j V^.,i.„, ^^^^^ 21. . (API—Dealb ol( Attbrneys foti that th«j led to I the ourt i.iiJds(>y's roi; nsel asked that the for hit (just^r bej not isstied they cbujd iirepaire the plea beariiig-b'y the. fi-deral high resentatipu to the orderj uiitil for tribunal for! p Coloriido suijrehie courtl The election vnilS judge|in tb< thiey revert Chi- an if a ueii- the V of lud- and ' P.v with has f ;iid today, tes- ,e i $1(1,00 to iusurer i of the 'rowe as well ier had testl- !2J. (AP)—T.i : PliiladeIphla.J liisylvania Re- rfittee, persiat- ii>il to answer; {•senate cam-;' (iooo which he 'primary cam-; QROR'S i SON HALTS TRLVLi Judge Lfudsey filed ja lialted the Oauherty-Mlllers decision wouldjbe (rj.ji ; I ;^ . / United States «u- Wht-n court mn thi$ liiorning, Judg< announced that be 1 of Liiuisey as ju- ihait a son pf ArtliKi'r Zinn/ Juror No. 12, had died dilBiiig the night of. pneumonia. Tlfej funeral will be held Wednesday' jou n^d court until 1924 wab contested L()jyJQPELLO bv bii opponent, Boyal )\'. Graham 4ontcnd ['d jthat there bad been in the'j ^eliL'Ction and that the cast votes ity of !t'h(| lesally snow him (Grahain) elected. Gri^ham w|asj found dead in his gas-fijiled kitji-hiju more ihaii a year ago and a coroner's jury returned a vetijii-t oi .'^licide. |Since that time offic bam'.-i (lii-t of tfuiciile. [the legal battle for Lindsey's has b<|eii carrie<l bn by Gra- widow;. LAfeETT^ MAN DENIES CHARGE 21. (AP)- Pai|.«on.s% ^aii., Feb. Reverfdy L. MuUins. foriner copnty commissioner jof Labette county, who resigned'two weekfi ago wlien an inVcf-ligatioii was stjarted into cbargl's of f^aud in road contra(its led a ^ta was liiade befo laboiila Cilyi III that be either ribe on" c( ed a li while eoiiimisi-ioner. the St not r eiiient With County Attorjiey Coify here. Thb statement re a notilryat (ik- it Mil ffolicitedl ntracts he lield tjlie offif lie lw(> Weeks ai^ tjnrnedi TEXT BOOK B CO Top Cover! illie stj ifor ptiblic scri(|(d pupils was dts- the I'abi. I lie his f(i{>t CUSSe(| today Kans:iLs Decision ;lgain^ until Thej never house at the opening <|ession hcjre 1 n,p^ory of the Kev of the annual meeting of tlie [3,,^^ ^iliapiin of IhfJ Book Ifealcrs JAssociati(>n. on a plan ol^ campaign t the proposal wjas deferred ! T<)| j Sprint I Cobrgl AP) the •:dna .Mrs. .Afrs. ^rmy was dur- inth observ lies T4 stale lures. .Mr. .Mullins NSIDE ka. Kan. lor P.iul( ;ile fumi^ll RED Feb. fr ('e tins denies or' accept|of any kind ofj comity and left lias I ORGANIZED TODAY Topeka. Kans.. K A hVore of tall Kai; ganiz(|d the Longfellows. The organization, whidi state [charter, is to ). 21. (AP)— wans today or- .Vatioidl' Society of ijirpose of the' i will seek a unite tall men in demanding longer hotel beds, higher doors and 1 more elevated autbniobil'e tops. Only men standipp up at least si.V; fiffft and one incJh are eligible^ for'ni'-mbership. S ate Senator ft. W.jB^brens of Lyni <rt, who is "six was cleciftc^ ipresident. NO DECISION IN COAL CONFERENCE Miami, Fla., Feb. suh|-c(>mmittee- of coiiferenc© after a sion today, sudde^ without reaching a a njew wage scale comp»ititive field, ehajrmaii of ibc ann(ounc(l that tlr woiild; r'eport :i f.-^llpre .to reach LL M TODAY i2l. (APli—: n's prtiposal tliat in iigreenieiil liefor fer»'nce ar 10 o'cl iiioruiiig. SENATE RECESS i I FOR CHAPLAIN te.\t books Topeka, Kan., V> Thej senate afte'rnbon to |iay its! last! five sessijm.s wlitj ilied Friday. aler in l^i<; convention. free text] book jroposal has ; pani^pkVers were reachtid 'the fbjiir of the j a„„j„^ - ,.ha or setial(f. Meinlxs-rs of the sei ale attended in. a b<i(l.v'the funeral st-rvices at the First Methodist chiijr(4h. jHonorary named from I uiii(.jiig the - chai : friends ih the senal SPRING WJEATHER \ BOY, THREE PRO.MISEDTl •ka. ,Kan weather Wasbintton's 1 F..I1. ESDAYj FROM MOONSHINE 21. 'APl-l pitt-.burgh. Pa.. Ifeb. 24 .1 (AP)^ Cor tou'^ht and | Mo(iiishine was giy(jn! as thp cause irthday an- by S. I). Flora, stjate weather er. Northeast Kansa,s coun- (•re the only se<-iions of the reporting] freezlijg tempera- of l!he| death early Solfch three year oDil boy, and the _ f. ... • i :l .1..^.. KANSAN SHOOTS BROTHER IN ROW Ulyises, Kan.'j.. FVb .J21. (API;— Tot Gordon is free oii{ bond here ou'^n (barge bf |?hootiiig his brotli- ier, (:e>rge (Vird )n, with a shot gun after the lattei- is galid to have! kickei his dbg. George was shot In the| face, bnej eye l|eiug blinded. serious illness of Georgf, aged 6. Co Gregor ordered a tion in an effort whereitb(» hoys pbtal SIXTEEN DEAD IN ATLANTIC STATES XfwJ teeit (leatbs and nliljiond 5t doli lar .H cauiei slorim ing tic in properly |a juror's' son ened at 10:fS" jJohn C.'Knbxi l^d just, learned; He then ad- Thursday. N CLUB 31. (APJ—The lie joint wage two hours ses- iy adjourned _ agreement on-. Ifbr the central Rice Miller,, j^ijit conference- 3ub-committea Jhe joint con- i (!k tomorrow - i "I |'li -.21. (AP)—. recessed this respects to the .j. R; Madison, i^enate for the ilUin's clpaest DIES foday ipf Miller •his \ brother,^ oner AV.-J. Mc- igld investiga- tb determine' " liE ^d tlie ligubr. .York. Feb. in piiut fstateii for I2I (4 P)—SIx- diim'age . .were- bv a snow, {sleet and wind that abated iki ({ay aifter rag- tha north an I middlb Allan* .S 4$ hoUra. ^

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