Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 19, 1927 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 8
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p; t „ 1 I •• Ipirl { Kiiocli IGRAM Wagner jMeets Bowers Easter Mill Figh BurcHeIl4Grudge - Fi^ht To Be Stagied. i cott Ciiicag iThe card foi mixing Show Mrch l.'lias nageniciit n tlie niai p of Kort were of tch. . Thcl ighls. laiid Kid nurcjbell ndup. Mill Male.v a • sfx-rouiid i« licra^dcd sl^ould gfvc fur the TU 4- arc wel at'; Memorial 1^11. bcei tpnipletfd tlic ^nncunucd today, boiit, Jolinny >tt, fwill .meet f ijiyd .•agd| in a ten rOniid iiieji: are iUiaior ori |iri Ie*;e<l BOfi belorle HWitlR In reiser: aijaluijt jv 'llen qou th all d jiihlelc, tlie be opcuei. tlie i|\iuerica« L^Rion FORT SCOTT TRLMS INDEPENP Forf rort..St|olt Inddp'en IS defeii i into BcoMi niiddle- Eaatcr of C'l>:t if JXcodeslia rounds' in the t |\vjll ipiect SnuK prelinlinary :a (;rud.g(! e riins fiil^ of admisi KhiH pri erw IfJlii h «3avywe o aijtapn ill the jLloyd [ity Ijl -avywclglit. tail i for 'the ni ticJ c : Hajc prolifibl wl h II a i-r>torl rts coniingj tae Dfjane to! the effect li( New p' to a packed] $i5.000. jwhi ImiJfalonW fd $2UO .(iuo •Jack Griffin anilounred tie! tt«r it'at the tlegh tef otflee laif I % lib When he .1 etnrhed hon|ei tni fold WH wlrV^I she wji t at wr peered bcaose of tlel itaci that Jack i^ifornted in th^ liareHa, "Windiillis of If «l. [ in 1." Jack daTiie Iwckibr quo|l '.Kf the aboTtj coi tparative art piembers of the Ixn in^ committee fomelj of theilr niig they A loi of tlicit •ch 1. Jnliin Srjittl Jii id J jliiKt njght MmjeiMcTlKuct a pot^jilWo niieavy^elg)il c ijiccnipd 10 • Of thO' Shu sketeer-j ibrjf toul^lit 1 liirli« (ichn^l ifonld c ' t^t tlie lolii ojf Jniilor IBl 'c. . • I fhe. rertaihlj- never .iJnlori aerl HTii td gilt fans wjho /kialonsy^d^rini c lit. KhI. clir- Ha^.•l|^•y. jFeli. 1!>. (Siieciall - junior-coiIcfie I handed lence junior cniloRe a 45 to it lieropast night and w ml in the forc-ncO. ie forj third place j Kansas Hunlorj college co :nce NEWBOSTO They Will Meet MarcH SEt TODAY Athletes 0f 33 Ce lieges And Universities l\re Entpredi in Kansas ty Invitati ;ii<ll y iliriic. latiou- cel. rtually indoor en tin tin counec Malo'ney -f i|iat a pop)i ';ity last n iouse and jJack Oela|n jht ten r6nuUs lyonn^r M grade xchui r lilt il- y City Invitation ; J^eet. Kansas City. Fob. lit. (AI' -~Ilep- resentatiyes of jtliirty-llire<' foil rRos and iinivcrsitit's lif ^lie .Mi.ssouri Valloy region Vcre liere U (lay to cnnipete; in liiJ Kansiias cSty AilV- liit'ic CiiUi's 22nil iiiiuiiai iiiv ai indoor trai'kl and field ni Tlie nietit. turnisliing the only opporijunity bi the season lur e 'uiiipJlition betw smaller college j of this sect; the ' dominating MISHOIUI conference schiiois, I cream of the talent o: Kansas college's, in nine of the ten; valley .sciio (|l .s. tli< meet has also ^rawn ciitriet from ijoane coilegci jmd CYelghtciii Viirsity of Nebrjiska. hiiercsl in couipelltion \vr ttred i'liiout a Series-iif twb three team onermiie •reJay> Shannpn-Dougiiifi iiip (Juu-yuid race i^nil till- distanco events. Huge entry lists wer.' rejidy the fifty-yard ,wasli: fifty-ya lf .ui>die8; the:44(j. the S80. tii i(nd the '.2-miIc events. Kans Al i.'(sli the Beatp Light Heavv Winning Sixi RounH^, 4nd (^ettin? D^a^ In Two Ctheijs Of Ten. I|ciiii iwii nunjir.e'l siKirl .fans came ((<i \V Register Office .las 1'" listen In the'blow-1 ri -lKUt of (lie .Maioiiey-Mel; fisiil; lis it was rcceivffl tile jAssocrat.ed I're^s wire! tlireit from the ril ill Xew York. The to 'gatlier almiil S and ^lie froiii office wa we'l j packed whfh the ; go" liuiletins began to • liiiit AiMioiiiicer .Jack Criffip tlie <risiiatciii'.«; Siw York; I-Vb lit. (Al'ij 'llosidi) Siniiig lloy," yNvei Valley as dralvn the Misso iri and addit on to nni- s ceii- aiid til.- IS Ag­ gies. Hask.'ll iniititute. Doanje. Ne- State ie re- .mericah Lejiion certainly work aionday bight they were iii' "-='T tisk. and tills nno ini^d tiie ci in- f gilt card fbr loltt itjurnqy to jfoikuti lUgh !>rhoMl to Pitt.-, clash with Httsbui* An lola wl^ lie an nvwu ctml tell -^look colleire-Parf eollcic jl^asketbuli k6y whip Maloriey. nf talent en.{ Region fltrhf in southeiisl tieem that al- t ith the arkjy ;ri for thft 4 from^Voins linm it mi lid .— - t^WdincP at tl le. f rht iMarih I dlli be exp-pti* nally irood. E khi should brinp a fnllonlnir, U i)m hl.s tinrtit nlaij Utvuu to add weren't lalkihii; he and after talking alitlirt !uk Sharkey contentlc thiijk !that the w McTlgue .firiht Time will t( )V1}HST ^LAYERS IN TOilJBiNAMENilj men I fjion Kobidbux. $LAiNDER SU FILED IN Pi rfe. Feb. 19. puia!jion of jvt^omui writer, Cbi^pin. Loui Sheier tfrantl apes Stt i.Ioseph. M< About 100 wiiist Ipg fSlissouri. . jaskbplllinois. > DakfttjI. are ex he thirty-th i6£ Central ?ruesda\-' to .. F iWaVcrs K ms^s .MinneHota pqctcdj rd Wh Saturday •enowned iiie. will e'case. \vhidh to {[i(i<iu^iit. camel "suit by 'daughter. jaJEial^St Jacques .jiSljeasiiK jaigcsj fpr alicgted KraniImotber's,n i^ded "Tht jcjeoi^^'Sand, tedtion In Fr;j: dnce jrifqilTHREiP' ^ OIL Wed Y^irk, Fl iaffl jiri the oil ward .lames. .MaloneyT binki. .lack Delanei". light llr.-i king to defeut in tuu tiirill onandj"""'' ro iinls last night l>ciiiri| largest throng thai ever i rii .Madisoi _ S<|uare Carilen .M ringside critics awanlcil Maloi' six niiuids. i>elaiiey<tW(i. \-^tti i!Ven. 1 Tlie iiiargiimf tile liigg" I l!^,s conti-iider in Te.\ l(ickard°> li-a .weigiit eiiiiiiiiuiiop toiiriiaiiKhi clean alid decisive. His 1 briiji drives ti) head anil body 'Irok IJelaiiey's attack and tliij Frjoij . Canadian, nailing Maloiiey Jio» d low then witii liis heralded rig! t siii: b mile firaska. Missoniji and Iowa were entered in! the two m lays. Ilaskell, \tilh Philip O iif. fit niuus Inuian di.^tiince runne •. was the favorit" inthis event m well as in the two mile -un. ' The one mile ^elay events were: Kansas Aggie.-* vs. Missouri: Oklahoma A. and | M, vs. Drake vs. Creiglilon: K.Miiper vs. Wentworth: Ilaskcll vs. Westminster vs. Missouri State Teachers College of War reus burg; Kansas Stale Teach-; ers 'vpJ' Emporia j vs. Kansas Slate Teachers CoUeije of Pittsburg; braska vs. Kansas; Baker vs. College of Emporial The f eld even^ts were limited to the higl jumpv the shot |>iit. anil the pol vault. jOnly five sdiools were etltered in; the vault. Ui-ake. tt) the head.'could do little ni< than jac tiie ISoston giant.| Ueianey. popular favoritp. imilil not hold .Maloney's ruslietj as t,hi' Ittiston .slugger bore down! tin lijiii with the full force of his advantage. The victory came as a surprise to a capacity erou^d wjhijfh had mH<ie Delaney a 1:5-5 It marked .Maloney's fourtii will in Te.\ KIckard's eliiliiii;iti tiiiiriiament to determine leuger for (Miampioii Gene, next September. WHE SPORTS ED T Ji^'ck Gr ffin Tells J bout His Idsas of Twili And Bemi-Pfo Btjll; Interview Today: Ii^ fcing a Tl -sked I ranger in your ijhe bird lliey c;i OI I Manager" to give us tlW vklrtve is Floid vii^\ nilildienehrl .ionrhey lo lola "meifl Johnny Wa Sciilt (left) in :i liiMii: a> the ma ill tlirljola .\niericaii iiig shiMv. ed eith ^j r;^lii -j III- lilted )St tKvO Inn ENTRIES FOR TODRNEYARE ROLLING m Mgj lup. Ch, nil • i^sh i re , «er >Ji Chi- Hhfi ! will .1 {lari -h I lo ;n T o'f j Fori li-n round ^t nirtilin oi l .i ^i^ionMx'x- doWii on b:i iplajred in til a ifart of ask-d. ••Siiijuld I clul) this I lea^^ue?" reply. -'Wl beliihed? is city and herewitli is his ravings. F lolai have ^•ear or a Tiji- .{otli." was the atdaya niean 'b Well, ah ind ,y- Several Stiong Teams Arc Entering! Tourr anient Sponsored by lola Junior Collqge Makh 4-; .Vlis.w<T.s III i junior i-ulli'K.! tiiiirnaiiv<!l;it :ir ill froi!i s.'it;ii- i> lijiii This is ihi- fi'uiili FREDONIA HIGH LEADS LEAGU Kansas, Jndepi-ndence. Kans.. Fj (Al'i- Frcdonia iiigli sclioi rules till- Verdigris. Valiey Iiall conference liy diifeat'iii liasi v. ii |t- Missourf. : Oklahoma and .Nebraska. i John JKuck. representing K. C. A. C, ;of two -world's- records in the'«hoit pu|[. Will compete against ia field ot fifteen. • il. AG(5IES W^N FROM OKLAB[OMA A. & M .Mai)lialtan. Feii. l!l, rSpecial) • r)ki[ahonia Aggietj pulled tiie unex­ pected'here last night J defeating iiKtaiiohia: A. & M. from Stillwater to .10 ill a tuiA game., :—I desha in an i-xtra period la.sji nikl 21 to I!i.. Independence. adviinc|d notch liy downing Ciierryvale. '2n 22. (;offeyville previously wi ii f Caney, 2?, to 21. ARKANpS VGITY 1 SUPPED AHEA Arkansas City. ^VI). l!i. topic Arkansas City junior college (iiip|i<|d aliead in tlii- Kansas junior conference liasketbail raci^ last niglit. defeating (! junior college "if, to IS. iirdeii •oil bier T IS FRANC Mi (AI IJ-The moriil; 'rany-'s famoi G(;org; Sand, friedd; de Musset audi rea ive artists <>fi sobn b? aired in ti pj-omises to. I ligh with the fil-j, ^fme. Auroi'e San I.;' of the novelfet.; ^oul^nger. litei^HJy 10.00) francs dan defamation of bcjrl lii^mbijy in an,art Flrit lAiverg attracted widjei i 1 b. 19. (Ai-r represeiJi- [ Iowa. Xe and Sou. in St. Josei^K I xinnual tonri: 1st .\ssox'-ati(' in Hot BIG gROI})UCTIO| by the cont the Staiji Jemey HB dB.v. '^•o suit, he altuatior continuei id a dec rea St ImpoKtltiit oil riel l8, 9. ihdiisjiry (API—N|> In threat! Irlae In vrdr^ pie flelif, olf 'flagle. preijl ^11 Compan interview lie wiMle piedlcllmf [lid bp reme vy riinAump the flow 1' rfuei Siemli ijjl O. |ard d In eeoinmlc liddejlii wo hen a What Is Value j)f Stai; Player? H ow much nioney Is an outstanding Stat like Babe Ruth •wo-th lo his ball; club? It might be more correct to ask the league in jwhlch ho plays, for Ruth as- a: gate attraction means something to every club in the American ;Leaguc. The thought as to the real worth of a star has been inspired by the fact that Babe Ruth is demanding a, figure, reported to be anywhere from ?75,00O. to $150,000. ! It is impossible to say definitely how much any stiar is worth. The form that he is ^showing and the success that his'club may. be enjoying -are more;or less the determining factors. A mere name yill not carry a star very long unless he delivers. Fandom waiits results. Ruth Shooting at Bi^ Figure !r\FF hand, I woiild say that Babe Riith is worth just as much ab he: can get. j 'Possibly, the Babe'is shooting at ^150,000, knc^wlng that he can do a little pruning in order to reach an agrceinout with the Yankees and still'be considerably iilie highest paid player in basc- l|all. i Ruth- lias beoii receiving the rather interesting; sum. of J52.000 per year forseveral seasons. Such a figure isn't to be scorned. However. Rutb'ii sensational- comeback of las^ season, which- aided greatly In- (he'winning ot the pennant by (he Yankees ami kept the fans evhywhere excited all summer, cert;itiiiy entitles iiiiii to a raise. Babe Getting Wfst. TJON'T worry about the Bal o n(r)t| playinig baseball this surini<r. lie will be in the Yankee bmiield when the season opens, once iga lil specializing in the knocking of a, baseball farther than any pthjir human being. Just at present, Ruth is buiy making a-movie that will lie hiin a nice figure. He has just fiii sh< d a lucrative vaudeville en jag ment. The fact that he rccjnt banked $33,000 in the off sefisoii. is proof the Babe Is getting to the fact that he isn't going be a star forever. Ruth has always needed ^mfe- one to direct his varied bufineis interests. I uiidcrstand CI risi y "Walsh, who.has syndicated Rith a sport features for years, is nov in full charge of all of his af airi. Forgot to Cash His Check 'J 'HIS recalls a ludicrous costly mixup which I am Christy will not allok io happen again. About six years ago Ruth, haling broken the home-run rqcotjd with 59 circhit swats, was gaged to make a moving pi for a small cdnccrn. I don't know how much actually ;recolved for the pickur^, but I da''know that his final <^iec{ic called tor «10,000. The-, once showed II to ines He got of fun carrying It around, I dl , playing It. instead oC imnicdijitel|^ ' cashing Mume. ! Tile piitiire was a "flop. Htiiry and iioov filming., V Colonel lluppeVl. owner of tltejHabii finally de ided to cash Ya|i1<qcit. eiuiMeittly jfair in all > <-heik, tlieie we « no funds li< tilings, will see tti that pan of it. Jle may not place as I iwh a valuation oil Ruth's services as the Babe; does, but il will ulitmutely be a figure ibati will .J«aM.siy the "ii«in«-rua SuUau."^ bad he i th» this liank. Ill all probability Babe still h.ik the check and jimlies every im > lie looks at il. Ue doesn't believ) ivef lil worrying. 1 lu^ro uiuuey. al leasi not and suca TO pCH AT CHI iFoniicr Haskqil CAGO I. I i iCoach to IHcad Focjtbkll ^Men- tdi^ at North\v]estcri) University Next YeaK ivilaliiui iiviM! l><-j;ini:i til" <l I iij yea l>< tii f.s li.ivi- iiriiii;r yi| II-- iiiii iir tlia' li: Vale- iiiiini's and .Vein nt'-r lias l-poiijnil^>iirnaiiii'iil li.'. more goiiil ii -ii tuiijiiijig ready M;aii in Teams ili:ii ^^ avdrile nann-iil la>.l y» striji^litii a::swereil an-: m; sqiiail:HIiii- St clikW! and Fn-ilniiiirs Tuhn|L-yi oiids. Yai<-s «< >^i-asiin tills yi-ak- iitid \vi>^i 1)1- a gfKiii i -iini'-nilt-r fn pl :i<'<-' in till' i.iiiirnaiiii; l!i;it • liav l )i-'-ii li-i-n- jii yi-ars ami tliat iir'i- i -al cliiiib up ill! tlie liiiirii: l.allarpe, •whidi i -i.ti -r against lliiiii'ioldt last biilill. last yi-ai-s winii Il is li!ul a vt -iy su '-i rs> tliis; Ciiluny. «hi: fi-n-l I'liiy .-1 (<\\ ili-ii-at -•'111, linil .Mililfil. vvliii -1 ili-fi-ati-ii. only Ihri-u I inn Till-- teams all, .-^f i-.-ii to i :i >::t"iidi-r!- lor lir.-t plai Tiopbi<-s ID 1)1- nfli-n-' an- iii-tter lliaii llmsi- villus liiTiriiaiiii-iils, Tin pliy i.s a largi- n-plii-a ol liall. Till! prize tor :-'-i ;is a slafiii- iif ;r I <-|-iiiii-Iijii ;i; III ; Iiiinl I'lr a tin- winners nl tin rmi-i , .tli.- Iia!-k<l-l.all us.-il ill i| ment. • Xn III'- li' <i - ^^••'•U a ^;^•'•.•|| liinre ti-alii> ai'- p'-il' i |iw«-r as lli'-'i-lVisiiin liate iiry 22 aiMl l lii-i'ii a w iii>;s liiaili- lli<> arit'l 'ii'iiiii III 'I'll'- loiiriia;!:'-:'!: « ill I"on .Marcli Itli ;iii'l .'iili. In Ihi- inla l .as-.,-;l.all ^ lo c -i>ni'' g--r l( atiil; '1 lii-n- a:;'l •utiritl :il- ar-. I !II JIH- toiir- ivi- ain-a'!y . nti-r's lir.-ii [irsi loam ll.l '.s lliail a Kixid III sii-:ii til i -ailii-jr It. Ti-ams previous^ ihr(-at,s :o Mien I ai,(-: till- tiiiait ar; jiii -ii- r. wliii-h ;iu! si-as'i!l ! lia- .s;il- ll :ls '.-i-.i. lias jiei -ii ' iliis y-ar. 1)1- lili '-I .v I-. iliis .\i-;!i|(-ii .Il pT';- 1 lirsi Irna lias!<';i-> iiii'l pla 'i -e la II plav'T goal. -In; iiiiiii go'-s; tiiiirua ' l!i. i -y. m-i. Ki-ii. \<k- Hani 1- and l':)i>ll); I liistiniti-'. I s lii-i-n appoiiitc ii-lii: ilpr'-cliir. (aI li. at .Nor it \var; al iiii-tli i.. "Til 't; T" ril ii-aiii fjpi-ii i;a< il llanley w )f Cli-nn \\ .Villiliv.'.St. ,>-ili I'notliall in timi-. for DK i-rni (iiii liy llanley al| t years old iiiiig'-si <.-ua|he; lanley li-ari^ed jioii Stati n I'.il'.i lie ii^j an iiiiiii.s! iltlT>. i !iri4ii -r jitliletic ill awreiK 'ii Kan- liw lioi: EMP()RIA FIVE llia -i;.- I'l ai;- i-; l-'i-liiiiari: III li" IVI,. Ili'l'l li-i'- yi ar w; iliji- I 'm f' al c- ANOTHER VICTORY KANSAS WES 5FEATS j-ap nt RECORi) AT ASKELI d .St , lli.­ il i-.m .11 I league playjing Twilight ba whiire birdd outjiii t^ie evening and takd -itirjiarii (iiairli at I ly (onjp-anv Alii ingj sevr .Mit|-lieil .youKseif I lave ' of a sal|iirif> i craikerjaek * lieai! loot- j li.aldnce Ifrorp the best in the st '-rn Ini- lu-ed today Wiis 'in. lith- ;i|ke ovi-r I lie tiethwaife, .. , |..coat-h the !'.'.!'.«( Iiv- .March .I'll jHaiJley Is one ill the Big football at riiiviersity, aine'il the .'d Pacific selei-t a on thr^e d n ;in I KANSAS UNIMERSITY TRIMS GRINNELL eball as she is o like you and I few; not^lieij Hiprlito. ohr iiow about lolii in se^iii-pr.o ranks, eiii^ugh .'i s.ijid the genial iwn nie. Kansas (iiriiv S.'lOWl It. triniinitiK drini Fell. 1 rsily's 1 iilenlj .1 (Sliec lliRliting of life; i-W h.-re : Kansas! Ill) — Jav- l:isl inidsi. i:th» iow- was m TO TORONTO 3 Youth Is Acdiyiimed as the : City's tterdl^ Return ^ Aftei- Swimming The Cktalina Chaimel. real light Itilconic ii.' I tifitrial tjball <-^n go u;i) a ,ljelt. Slnit in the old -14 dear. - I ,ai-(|uiesi! his team to rep'f-dsent "Si iiplo Jiicjc. if of these alioiil tweitv of these voting Rocki-relterf will hit ] the jingle lioird w|iih the market pricp jof a fl-*- liari-'ers of black gold lercs th« dope, hot off ttel liat. C{ifty" oil dear. A T iilight i«njgiie V ith four team^ bacled, by foi r or the city's leh^Iing iiidus- tri-s, ih^ fi St four to Ishow gtjnu- Ine IJ^-ISC )ail enthusiasm. Xixtfse- ler re.'iiion! iblc'men~to act jas a tioj rd 6' directors to goverlq rill-.s of play and make the ers live-jup o the rules. lit the n anager'of i-ach iiidns- man to rdpreselit ; his the board of dir4 -'t<"''* siuterested: men. n all, say, Diictors kvell and Ohristi i.ri or Capers Leave jTf day to Battle the "Bjg Seven'!' Conference^ Leadeirs in a \ JBikrfJamb. T erii'Min for iiiei tonteiit. Cpacjli Scott ii takiniC|oiil| eigl, H^ .Mcttuire a( t|ie guar and Capiaip 1 piisition I whi)e K. h\unk will liljl the cent* play i oii;< )Ia team too. ina I battery, a coui; nfielders and picjk tin f.,;:f.:'::niPitTfeBiRG .wins In.... a yearJ I \ ^R^M HAYS F t league. That .is the so to :-ouri pro ilciii- and at the tinij- provides a little liasebail eve; ybody. V >u Know I am a busy birjl and niU! t bd on my way. but if lie (jf ai»y as istance to you id this over give me u riii; and jtrylfo hefp you out." SCHOOL ifiii'-, Kan! Ii;< k" HaJileyl 4liliilc aH ti'l allilet ksliiiigliiii ptrvi-il in ri 'signatit I an l:i>itliii^ |iiiiiii-iii'- fioni j till- Atlantir ri'- t<ia,s|. Till' team this i- iiii'!'-f(-aie'i.i winning! from .St elevens in -fl). 10. (Ai'V - c -ame lii Has- ii-ad foolliall Rector in 1022 lie I'niv^rsity. i: capacity un- Ijiiit fall. j tf 1(1 Haskell i •iiiii lia .s gain- • tslinrg. l-'eb. lit. (Speci Till- Pii^sburj Teaeher.s rennl in tie rnnnii R :for Kansas cojifj^r- (incr basketi) ill honors here nigh . hy\ dcfi ating Hays Teai|h 28 t • 201 T le two , teams here again t< night. Pi tsbilrg ij at present leajding the lOnljeren e. but has ' only mor< ganics o play. I'liless pori I T.ijache -s lose a game will t'ini^Ii a.'''the league lead rill- i ':y. <;itliall Haii'ii r 111'- track s iiiiili-r patj 111 ri oril-: il stroiici In addition to <-pacli- V also' had t.'-am at Has- t'<ains have llie past few Seve I! c feiitii g 2.-.. to l --rnif ,ir";:;. Fi -li. ii'. i.^in-iiall ?iillHiw-.-''ini i:')ili -^i- !t'< ii Ix -fiiM- tli'- piiwrfiil i;.iilli-i;>- i^f Kminirial qiiinlel 2i; III 2.". li'-ri- 1 1; st :niglit-.' i 'I li<» L-alii'- a Kan)a; ilDiifer- eiice liattli-. JESS HAiriES HAS SIGNED CON j liayii.n. Oiiiii,! Ki-li. I'.i i Ji-.ssi- liaines. in!asti-r pit i s:t. l^'Mi s Cardiiiajs. ftis l!i27 .iiiitraft and has ijiafleii il <-U;l> oflicial.s. lie saiii slated 111- rei-eivt-il an-'in s;ilary. FIVE JAP ^VARS RACT I AIM cr-o «li'-i EYAN OTTAWA ^••cli. I'J. (S\ l'-\ian up.set I'-ri- iiigl i Coiifiieiii-li leeiaD—Kan- (Ittjiwai uni: r .i! to "'I in lay. ri-,i~i- HPS eii- tuie hutli lal a GO TO SHANGHAI T'llivn. Feb. t!i. lAl 'i es;b ..-riiiser aiiiii foiir d Wl re i\rder«-d tonigiil to p -•Niianuhai. They will d'-i !l|ii' .Si'-feliii morrow. i\ .lapaii- stroyir.i )-iir(-ed I 'l irt friilii naval liase. iirillialily i -i- i —Tel'-phone your Class to IS. • i . ' fled Ads EMEKTS IOLArkAN.rAX Accumulate CH :Fo Fort 'T Kiiiji im sc <l tlio |.Iay- posjlion. Maiisi-y will fpr^yard. wiiile O. .MijUiiire ur tlie ojlier. Itiie trip aiji! Dortulilson I will start 0th 1 le up Ie of Tlivi- utjion saime '1- le iida Iiigli cagers Itisburg the nig -Seven l< I iiieii. will .sta(l liarlier r meiii wlin make Kenjlp and jl'li "lie lola strojiig eneiiiy oveiy gamij siiuid has i-oi; badlliurk anil all not havi sitii aga Hips, isiiliad r whom will light look so 1; large nie lis and is [nst tliif i^ left; IliN af wluire jthiiv igii^- li';iiiei: iiii;eti!i>; as nttsbirg liasjwii: iliis year Tlie iiol lie out of a !stn?;ik n jwitli-these eight iiior 'lioiniito. Out., jifeb. ip.'_. Ifracticalty unknojwn four. inOnthafj ago' George Younte Catalina .Chait ^i lieljswimming ch^mpron.j today re ^'J turned home to find himself aci^^i claijmed tiie city's hero. L IsJ \ Cheering crowds' greetid him aiv the]station and liued thd rente oicl] the I parade to the tity bail, wherrf speeches in his hjdnor were mad^' froiii a flag-drapeii 3tand. Youn ^t r|)il^- with Dr. Forbes Godltrey, rcpr. resiniting tlio preinier qlj- Ontarior^ aiidi.Mayor ThomabjFoster and rep- ri-scntative.s of Tebreatlonal,;, sport-, iijg. business an'dj ^oeial j^rganiza^- lijrins; look part 1 iteTINGdFliZAAK I iVAL|rQN5i)rUEM>AYi thiiigs. iiloes ad. Scolt not lithe procession. •The lola^chaiikerj of Uhei Izaak xyal'toii leagii.e ii'M ^'^^'^ ^J*" niiaj meeting and :{llectJdn of of-* lifers Tuesday -nlglitl in jtfie Cl^amr !ier of Commerce jroams at(Memorr iijl liall. IndivUlifai ieqnests to aX,- '.lind the meetihgl ja^e being sent^i lilt jtoda.v. n for his|forwarii PoU J^ePHERSONi WINS lightly liaiidicappei tiiil I'ittslmrg guard:- ll 'i \'jever. l|ie Jida forwards hope ti|i. inak'^ up inisiijet -il wlial Jlli «-y laiik ii: heiglit. • most i-i eoiitiuiui for can piit- I.I iih-d Ijist rs nbet 1 VE rtain sisiji of wisdoiij clu-crfnlness. ! I FROM .iMci'l'ierson, Febj jrcPhersjon easily ciinference )M gTEI ; i I last I night, tiin iin A' SO to 20 ERLING^ tSpeclal)— . Kvjin a Kansas basket Ixall game here Sterliig jwaa the vie-"•^ ^ame. \ - t {wi) Km- M 'c.v i;rs. • FORT SCpTT FIVE GOE$ UP A NOTlCH irott. Feb. l!l. . rSliC'-i: ; h5cdlt hirali selionl took a liijlti- ond plac Inthel inferijnce night. Uianuie high school in a fast game. LOCCp INDIANS TblM COPFEYVIL Iia-skillliall I cid Ciiub:|iu lb Chflo«-|-i>. Ok la.. Fell, (i.-iii Till- ("hilo(-i -o Indians d<-l I'd COffrjjville junior <-oIiec'- last niKliti 10 1<> IS in a liard foiji? gaiiK- Fif eel iinni ter s »(>r ^. bo' wAre acc«>illod SHOULD INOaupE T •'O keep heat whprie it Mdianilt intur^et f<ar 'ri^und conffort in: llo.^ tl:irr^« I bc«trc« 1 hufliiintf* he. Idn^s: indoors in :<>Idwea^ or and oiutdoors ifK |ii lijyeatbpri ITti replace other [riaterijats^ 1 prjvidiijig pern>aneiit] strength, ' in thd building strut tiire. 1 ' - ! i • f Tf rcsi$t the condc if^sation of iTiflistiire in walls, flo }fsi ceiling an i rfiof; to deaden soUnd. I ' IIerc,:iri brief, isithd Masonite stc ry. broad smc olfai boards jar^ reiconimended i afisheath- . jing, plaster base/unc dr; roofing land under flooring!, rhey saw 'easily,! have exceptic ipllyhigb ^ad pull and plaster!b -ini. Com- pa^ative it^sts convin :4d u»that Masonite lis a super oi^^ insula* tiok ' ^ - ' •I red di-voli-<-s h mi'ii and wf>^ ted jit the I.aki- Adirondacks holiday. Mod^ iiit 6% } I'll AM) C ome In Ihe Seeu^'ity B lilding: and L 0 'a n Associat ion offer? 'Monthly Iiistkllrnent Sfock payijng six per a nt interestj compounded monthly. No capitalil is needed to buy this stocj^^ You sirtiply invest a sn^all sum monthly and each dollar earns ; six per cent frjom tlje time deposited. DON'T I'A^S UP THIS A-1 knd Talk It Over W th Uk Npwj. S^cujrity pldg. & Loa^ Association Ida, Of |^t •c Kirs^ National iBank bf »|ij«rkvii for yoiir .«oiie}, WhjrNol .^alie it V 7» /. >/ usfurahhyoua samilji, ^md tdlf you mire., about thi^ r;MriaM>.: - .I^fVEJ^TMEfs'T Kansas lorli for Voui •s ••:|. mm \Y INTEREST Cjapital $tock: Siilrplus 1 .. I.. ] TJHi WEiP S. H. BO IXTltRKST IVLIS, l4es |(ieut! (})N TIME DEPOSIjI^ ; . JJ. $5()|000:00 ..... j4 ]q0OiOp <;. It- BOWLf^ Casiiii^ l,i>I.A,! K,t .\S4s JK^tabiishejIa (^garter of a! Cabital Stock J .|. Surplus and U^div. profi^^ Deposits! P.llil) 0.\ TI.MK I»||FOSIT8 , il I Cent try ..$. .3fl|,W)0. ... isoLoiooj 1,00 .SAFKtV DEjPO^lTl B0XIE8 JJOJIf I^EJNX

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