Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 20, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, July 20, 1961
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County soil conservation district Members compete for national awards Soi ' Consorva- that district, will he an expense- has entered the na- free, vacation trip to Goodvear's tional soil conservation awards fabulous winter re-, rt the'Wii-- program sponsored by the Good- warn Guest Ranch on' Goodyear year Tire and Rubber Co.. .of Ak- Farms. Litohficld Park Arizona ron, Oh». it was announced to- in November or December 1962' day by District Chairman Alfred Members of the Payette county ^ a 1 °? 1W ~ in ' district governing body who will Members of Fayettc County compete for the Goodyear award District will compete against are: Carl Lueder, Hildor Gilbert- other soil conservation districts son and Alfred Stewart, chair- in the state. Non-partisan judg- man ing committees, selected from _ ___ Moirf «f of Hist. & '-s Moincs, 19 ( Iowa The Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland ™»onare. will determine the state's out- Stationed in Fayette Volume 47, Number 29 Thursday. July 20, 1961, Fayette, Iowa May 1. 1961 to April 30. 1962 on and'Slder^ank' W^n? wT.'cS a basw of total points scored in arrived in Fayette this week to performance of regular district commen-c their work as m'n" «-. 1CS 'j j . istc ''' s of lh '' Church of Jesus Grand award for one member Christ , f Latter-day Saints, more ..f the winning dwtricl governing commonly called the Mormon body in each of the 52 compel- Church ing units, and the top cooperat- Both'of these young, me-n are ing farmer or rancher named by a pa rt of the vast missionary sys- r-r=-^=---=..= .-.-_•_- tem of the Church of Jesus . Fayette House story ^ rist of , Latter-day. Saints, i . * They are two .nil of nine thou- BnngS back memories sand young men and w omen Our story about Fayette's lhra ^' hwl »"<•• world who have- famous old hotel 'Fayette House' res P° nd «l to the call to serve for brought back fond memories to tw °- °'l ' CC yt ' iirs awaiy fn m at least one person in last week's I?, 1 '"' h " mes representing their issue of the Leader. CI L U . . Their purpose in coining he-re Following is a note received is to meet the people- of Kaye-ttc- from Mrs. Charlotte Ranney of and to declare to them the- Mcs- Maynard in regard to the hotel: sage of the Restoration. They in"When the Fayette Leader tond '•-' cal) l| P"" •'••* '»•'"!>• peu- came yesterday morning with pl " of Fa . yette ns P°s«blc. the picture of the Canfield ho- ..^f'T ' s " nc lhlng " n ' q ll ° tel and article, it brought back -*out these two men They per- memories of the bitter cold Jan- for , m thcir labors cntirel - v WIth - U«ry of 1892. Minnie Canfield ««» ™mpensat.on As a matter was quarantined in the north- of .J"V S " " lhc '' east bednDom on the third floor cl as and her mother was the nurse. They were short of help, so I was pay their own ex- scs. They ask that it be made clear that they have nothing to sell and are riot soliciting called on to help. I did chain- " * lu ~ ' u " u , L; " Ul . "•""••'""B ber work and waited tables. I f "" db - . They only * es ™ a fcw „„ 1— \*. __j »»-_ T-u_ moments of your time. Six Pages This Issue H«: y cutting or grazing barred On feed grain diverted acres use diverted acres for i;r..;'irH',," Chairman M.-ikmg hiiy, graxing or har- sion vo.slin.n of ;my crop, including '•-. •><• Mr-!-:l, are prohibited in Iowa on i 1 lomfj . n declnred, "but no such U:1 ' .le;i",ii:it;-d MS "diverted -, rn^si-on has been granted to ,-i<-rt's" in Hi- p vcrnmcnt's H)(il Imv;i fanners. There has been no I'-t 1 i'lirn program, it w;is em- change whatever in the feed j.it ni/t-I this week by Ellis W. grain program rules for Iowa '1,-ioti-iNoM. ehfiirrnan of the Fny- farmers. This means that Iowa '•''' ""i'ly A. 1 -" C. committee. r.irmors may not cut hay, harvest ••I)i\v.ud acn.," are those any crop or gra/.e their diverted la!;en .i.it of prodii-tiim this year a; res in (he feed grain program." in .H-.- .-ilaiu-e with a farmer's Chaii m;,n Thompson stated agreement i.: nduce his 1959- that participating farmers may !.'!(M) av.-rauc acre;ige rt corn or make hay or graze livestock on grain sorghum bv at hast 20 per normal ••conserving acres" which ''''"'• t.i:-y arc requireei to maintain "Fanoiis in parts of North i.mler the terms of their feed and South Dakota, Minnesota grain program agreements. In ••" I :i ''''w other drouth-stricken 'j. , n e r a | , nc.rmal "conserving ai-e.-.s have been gi\-t-n permis- ai-res" eun^ist of land in summer , fallow, i ..ition pasture, estab- ! _'cns club, Chamber (Jf Commerce plan for Family picnic meetings lished s.-i.'dings of grasses or k-sjuims and new sec dings. In addition to his ''diverted acres", a participant in the t'e-e-d grain program must maintain in 1961 Graf and little Zinita came Id aho"Afte'r there at noon itor dinner. They his high as a lamp cnimney. Two family picnics are planned :ls ™i\ny conserving acres as he for next week, one for mem- averaged in 1.059 and 1960. lino is being laid for the natural nas which will soon bo here. Watching the op«ation"abov. P «e ' JW 'f " l "",', Kaj ? Ut: U °T club ; r Chairman . Thompson urged any Mayor Jack Beck at the left and Cliff Haves, manner of Ihciocal office. The operator of Ihe ma ?,"' U> \\ {] ™ ( °\ mcmbc ™ » f armcr havln S a W**™ regard- Ch ^^ H ° Udek LJ^^ Ho,t,n an i. sho^ looking on 'at ihe „.*." " l £ n *^"° Ch " mbcr of ^ ^ S™^* ££%£££ The I,ions club family picnic '''-' Ket in touch with the county will l,e in Id Monday night at A ' S ' C ' officeJnJFayotte. Klock's Island beginning at 6:30 p. m. Members are to bring A *|* " x II their families and the food will AUXIIlOry HISldHS be furnished by the Lions club. The Chamber of Commerce OrrirorC' I nnifMI lf\ The Fayette Cubs and Midgets family icni( . wiu bc held Thurs . URlCerS, LBgiOO TO each came out on top Monday, , . , . , .,, , , , . , . the Cubs winning over Westgate d:ly n '« ht al Klock s Island ' al(H . m Molds arrive for plastic donated in Plant? NO definite date Cubs and Midgets Set to begin operation 01 Win double header Work with youth „ , „, L ., au . v ... .„.....,„ ..... ..... ..„,.„„ Tha Midgets are undefeated dish and sandwiches. The drink Tnt ' Fayette American Legion Ethel Clark as co-chairman. ^"'-* '« *»'""" " , ^',V"«" .so far this year with a 7-0 record. will b( . , um ished bv thc Cham- and Al ' xi »«ry met jointly in Kenneth Nading was chair- ^ ncsf ^ nd ln ' n oul lhc bu ^ be- whil( , lhu Cubg ve will bu lumished oy the Cham )he on haU Thursd Jul of the drive in Randalia. f" rem l , hc machines can actually fjvc j and ber of Commerce. « for their regular monthly girls worked there by o a the names of Mayme Lieghe and the°per'iod of"dne year where he 1 ' "V i "- Y> -":\ " l " ll = H K . i 0 ,. u i D j. m t Nell Markham. I wonder if m^red in Electrical engmeer '' Ccent ^"/""d raising cam- 'Vwevei- Tho they are still living. I also re- ing . H e resumed his studies the ^Sw...^ 0 -. l ?!£, nf tM^ in operation, and no definite "7 —7 7'"''•'.'«'-- ™*™ ..„.„=„., ,. ,., 0 _ m Each mpmHpr T crw*nf vorv MiiiotKr mtr *. i_i *n *-n t. COntriDUlGQ i\ lOliu ot SZU.ou. , , . **i«*n- ^ j ;tnfi tlH 1 Mid Pols wirmmf n '/ ( -fi"l' J J'J/-J «H o.«>u p. m. J^aLli mcinucr x spcni very uuieily my next ^chrt^l vpar nt tho C^hiirrh «. . . . rinin Vi'ic Vir^nn *;f>i l'f\i- i t tr\ Koc»in «in«i im.. ivnu^v.i.i w HUUIIL, *t 18 5 ? rt »- fc I M r cXgfo? Ha^ :Ur hC \e h spen h t ^™^^? £*&{ ^"^"t^'^in t'^ » r %™ *™™^»™*.M. f^i.y should bring a_ favorite fl.i^^«^tat C K - i XtaI ir th ' bef °" C C ° ming ^ h!S ^ ^ Gl Clark SrclSan: — "* .«™o»lh out the- rough following summer she came ov-J After their ministerial serv- M '^ tu 5.5M Sfjf uimaifJK*T l^v^r''^:^ ta r ss^rssa 1 - ,„., „ —«.- <- ™.««. h *» — -»-«. --»«-,. tend to continue their education. c h ^rf' M£ Tlov^ ^Arvm ••—' w —~ -* •" "" « J —* — IV U > ltt r F al innimi of the Kame - an<i ' hLS ' ° 1 ' anyonc L ' lsc inlorcsted , O P c '» ln B ceremonies were con,, r y> -,, ™ y »» Mdr ^ in - b( . holcj .sometime after thc ma- thl! J «!»dinc hitters were Steve in the Chamber of Coinmerce is ducted by the commander, Larry frvwa rtftart momnrial %"*', M ? CCt 'wi,-.»^ »» a chinery is put into production. Bwllw-s. David Homcwood, David illvjl( .,, In ;uu .,, u . ' ' Farley.., John Fay presented the iowa ne&n memorial Goodor, Mrs. Joy Whitford, Mrs. .. ... , *. . Swehla, and Lowell Voshell colors ana ieu me giu ut , ... ».— The premium books for the Gifts near $24,000 mark JJ v • ^jark Mrs. E. A^Billings, w m^ u n'thiSor'viSs'to S In the Midget game Rollie 2 64 enroll for^ond l^-dge of allegiance and the pr«1961 Fayette County Fair have Heart Memorial Gifts in L 3 wa „,.„;/ Mrs . „?„„•„, Hubbell , and ( too n*ny visitoi, could ; dc- Stonenian led the hii.ors , ;;; ,h .^^ gummer ^^ Jujy L who rccent . ted in/Tom Butters on the mound Rc « isll . alion for thc 8reond ^ ^ ^^ o ^^ won his seventh game r;/ the sea- (ci in of simmtrT ii-lmal 'it Unner A -,• < . , s u i m Hi stmiinei ^(tiwn <u uppti Auxiliary, was present to speak • so "- Iowa university closed Friday, On July 10 both clubs defeated with an enrollment i;f 26'4, ac- Arlinglon, the Cubs winning 7-4, cording to Registrar Wilson C. of and the Midgets squeezing by 1-0. Gill. Fayette county fair Premium books mailed been mailed to all previous ex- totaled $6,625.86 for the final Mrs walker Briggs Mrs Lorenz l;iy tho W01 ' k which is n hibitors, it was announced this quarter of the fiscal year, April, W jike Mrs I D 'sha'fer M-s to get " 1C machlnt ''T rci week by secretary E. T. Alcorn. May, and June, bringing the to- Frank'Miller, Mrs.'Melvin Holtz- , , ..: ~ The most significant change in tal for the year to $23,795.60. man Mrs Howard Popcnhagen. Jane Jerrerson CIUD the book this year is in the de- "These gifts", according to Wm. Mrs . B 'etty Strceter, Mrs. Har- T 0 m ~ p * ^ YVaucnma partment of arts and crafts where j. Province, Jr., M.D., Dubuque, ,. y Brown Mrs Howard Burns, lomeetat vvaucoma the division of painting has been President of the Iowa Heart As- M rs . Gene Singer, Mrs. R. K. Tnu JilllL ' Jefferson club Lamphier only from third for the me-r, he added, are elementary run. teachers from area schculs who — an.- comjileting requirements for di-gret-s or certificate renewals. Some 71 of the students will f ...... .,,,,,, . , ., receive- their bachelor degrees county president, will preside at Club won ever eight other teams n| , x . ( , n ,,, )tj) during the -mnual the business session. in ihe 4-H Agricultural Soflball C( ;, nlnt . n , ( , muU L . XC rcise- s . Dr.* women, headed by Mrs. John C. Balk, are- '~ " in charge- of the meeting. Fremont club champs Mrs. L. Schullcr, Oelwein, The Fremont Jr. Farmers 4-11 crease in premium money has cen t of the deaths, showing the rj on Smith, Mrs. Ralph Gould, man been allotted as well as a larger great need to do everything pos- Mrs. Eldon Otterstein, Mrs. Doris Waucoma Democratic space to house the entries. sible to bring under control this fann, Mrs. Jack Beck. There also has been an increase No. 1 health enemy." ' L of $300. in the amount of pre- The Research Committee of the p orrner If I IT arad mlum money earmarked for the iowa Heart association has al- v/.t.w. ^gr u junior livestock show. ready approved research grants To teach chemistry Anyone interested in exhib- In the amount of $58,764 to sci- D id H Boh , 195g d . itlng at the 1961 Fayette county enlists who are working m the uato of UUDCI- Iowa fair who hasn't received a pre- sta te of Iowa. Additional funds retui . nillg 'i 0 Ull! u. ,. „. UB1I11J11 ., mium book may get one by writ- w m be sent to the Research Di- this Ial , as a membcr of the fac _ mg to E. T. Alcorn, secretary, vision of the American Heart as- ..,.„ . 1( .,.,,,.rii m i tn rir ifprshi-i » .. i West Union. sociation for national and inter- Sd^Tcan oV the University. Attend reuni ° n n at '°n a! Projects. Bohlcn, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Relative.'; numbering abjut 200 other teams were Unkin Eager Memorial Gifts m Fayette c Bohlcn of Lans i n g, m., is mar- attended the Gardner family re- Beavers, Windsor Spark Plugs, T D D' U JJ J » county totaled $235 for April, ,. ied and has onc son> David SmU union held at thc Fayette park, Eldorado Eagles, Illyria Live- * • K - Kicner added to May, jind June, nnd^were^given Aftei . graduat i ng f rom Upper Sunday, July 9. Guests^ were s . tod{ ;lnd Fairfie-ld Indians. English department r „ ^»_ ^^ cooperation of the 4-11 ilen, a 1959 grad- The meeting is open to all Tournament held at Die- Fayetlt- Knf , cnt , K Garbee, U.I.U ' presi- owa University is Democratic women over the high school recently. The Cler- ( , ( . |U wi)1 Address'the graduates - u - L U - campus county mcnt C.imets were their final ri- (ll , | . i ,;,, t|u , Commene-eine-nt cereal ancj Scott won OV(T Smith- he held on Thursday, field Live-wires in tin- consolation A ,, KU .' l , 0j il( tlu . C olgrove--Wa!k- game. er Memorial building. Date *et for Maynard Old Timers get • together The Maynard "old timers get- in memory of the following: Mrs. j*'^ Boh1cn"rttended"the"irni- ri -'KisteVed from _. .„ Jm . L . uulJt , ia um, », »•>: -,-,, ... ... ,,.. ., . together" will be held August 13 Emma Wardell, Archie A. Steb- v<jrsity of Wisconsin, where he Waverly, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, members, leaders, county officers, ,.,. A ]l rnu ' l] . Maso " Cl ^ resl aeni, {Q (he ghe fl ^ .u. ^ ,._„ , : _. ,, r „ „>.„_ rwe .^ d h . s maatcr of snicncc do . Mochanicsville, Oelwein, Fayette, alld ,,, any fl . iends made it a sue- 11 , 1( - OL , ! T !!; . R , 1 ^.? 11 /.. ^ »^™ interesting report on the activi- DCS Moines, Judy Langerman this year at the Community hall bins, W. G. Carlson. 4n Maynard. Registration wiii begin at 10:30 a. m., with dinner SEWING CIRCLE TO MEET at 12 noon and the program Immediately following. Everyone is welcome tend. Cowles. gree in 1961. Gilbe-rtsville, Hazlc-ton, Ossian, coss f u i day. He served as an aid at the Ar- Stockton, Wadc-nu and Randalia. mlm- The Bethany Sewing circle Ro ;V¥ntronarLabonrtory''"d"irr- The 19G2 reunion will be held v , V _ { K V club rf «' by Ur. lierschel Hendrix, will meet Friday evening, July f n g the sumintr of 1959 and was "»«•' «^° n d Sunday in July at the VoI 8 a Vaiifc y ClUb mel d( -' iin ' ;f lfl( -' university to at- 21 at the home of Mrs Park g . tn V,. summe F,»t ua», ana wa s ' ' Th y] Valley Club met "Richer graduated from high to at n, at the home Mrs. *arK a teachmc asslstant at thc Um . same park. Thursday tfternoon with Mrs. school in Mason City, and receiv- {.""^h' r'^nh"""" * Th T^'oT Leonard Anfinson. Eight mem- ed his bachelor of arts degree £y Esther Johnson. The new of- added to the faculty of Upper ;nterestm 8 , re ' :i: . . . . Iowa university, it was announc- tics that took place during her eel by Dr. lierschel Hendrix, wc lf at G "' ls Statc \ ' - Meeting in separate session, :w officers of the Auxiliary for the coming year were installed Tax, license fee on mobile Homes changed by law a teaching assistant at the Uni versity of Wisconsin while taking ~ his graduate work While at Up- Frederika boys win in ^ answered roll call with "who from the University of Minne- rr ^tS 3 ££?£ ctm^ Finals Of talent shows ^ojdjjket ^ot a nd wh^ ^ He was awarded .^g ^[^ JD-uJgr Lange = . for two years. First prize winners in the final M ?• * ld , n " 1 " °*} b ™* /" i Q-? SHteUnversitv of L-jwa^ where 8tt ' ond vice Pr«Went. Mildred Bohlen will ;oin the U. I. U. hc- talent show last Friday night ^ l ^^L° l *^^,! ^^.^Tf.'lllshin' in^rSve **K -ec^tary, Virginia Lewis; ulty as an instructor in chemis- were try. of " ion Attend funeral Of n,.nAnn T nnrlno rl',,,t/h(n,. nf UOSaie-e jyilCKeis, duyi:e ueiuu-iB, jxjuum anv.x ..,o ™. tt »..< ,,.^.^ noint pj Mr^M^la t"^" 3 ^ ^^"^K fe wKi^TuS afl'n %£*» ^homas; child welfare, ;. won the second prize- of te^ A ^ lnLraddBdald """ M "' ssi it Zs.s!^ of English fsthcr Johnson; membership, lie will also te-aoh in the Univers- Emina Downing; publicity, tor- ity's extension program. All mobile homes and house home tax rate has increased to trailers must now display a mo- $3 per month for a trailer 30 feet Nephew who drowned bile home license plate, accord- or less; $4 for 30 to 35 feet; and Mr3 Afines Green of FaycU e - - . . ing to D>ris Springer, county $5 for over 35 feet in length. attBn ded the funeral services §4, and Becky Sue Krapfl won treasurer. The new law, which Mobile home park owners are held t rj u buaue for her nep- honorable mention. .~~ , . , , changed the regulations on lie- required by law to collect this hew Roeer Hardin. 18. who Th e weekly talent shows were Honored on birthday ciiaugcu me (CBumvtwiiD «j«i **\.- »v»ji.»««».>« u f I«.»T w LUUCCV uiia hew Roger Hardin 18 who ll * a wuujny iiue-m snows were »»"»«"•*•«• »»•• ^.....-.— j rasing and also the amount of tax and remit it to the county ^^^^ while sw i mm ing near sponsored each. Friday night by Thursday evening, July 6, a N . f Dean'* list monthly tax on mobile homes, treasurer. Dubuque tne Fayette merchants. group of relatives went to the Named to uean ft lisi became effective July 4. Man occupied mobUe home id ,R 0ger ' lived at Eastman, Wis., Arnold Heth home as a surprise MAYNARD — Marcella The fee U $5 and the plate harbored outside a mobile home atten ^ ed school at LaC rosse, and Mission circle meets to help him celebrate his birth- goon of the- Maynard arei must be purchased before Aug. park, the owner of the mobile racentlv emnVived bv the »» j- , ™- • • ,- day Those present were: Mr. been named as one of the 1, to avoid penalty. Miss Spring- home must pay the tax to ..the ^'™ iLrS? Industries. ....^"Ll?™ 1 ^ _'?.. ? lge ^ a and Mrs. Walter Heth of Fair- students attending Bemidjl othy Wilke. During the joint meeting the Legion also voted to make the Legion hall available to the Fay- Ma- ette youth center group. The area has Legion plans to install a new must be purchased before Aug. park, the owner of the mobile ««"^n'thT'emD^^'"^^ "the "VTT", 7^"" "*™ day """Those "pVcsent" were: Mr. been mined as'one of the 185 gas furnace as soon as possible. 1, to avoid penalty, Miss Spring- home must pay the tax to the Mrrre«fr- iLrtronlc^Industries Med .J cal MIBBIOIU in Nigeria ^ Mrg Wa f ter Helh of Fair . students attending Bcmidjl State — er said. The fee is charged re- county treasurer semi-annually. £0 of McGreeor ' ^ VT to P lc0 P5, esented bv the bank' Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Heth, college, Bemidji, Minn., placed Applications returned gardless of'Whether or not the Under new regulations of ap- u^ i a snrvivnH Y>v hi* narents Hev -.-N 01 'man Betke at the meet- „ , ' . c j f Hawkeye; Mr. on the dean's list for academic ,.JT „ , .. «, lm w or onn ,; na mobile home or house trailer is portionment of fees, the county M f ^ Mr^ wlll^m HardTof '",? o£ / h %? race MisTsi , on flcil ' cle ' and Mrs Paul Heth and Clem- honors for work done during the t - 3n ^S ebs ° mce ± v l PP lMl" used on the highways. treasurer disburses the fees te.££ Wi. one siltor and Thursday afternoon, July 6. a £° l d Mrs Douglas Everett . spri ng quarter, according to Dr. ^" snma £ ui"* a ,^pnmn,Zt' Mobile homes and house trail- the public school district where- SJeTrthSS' 1 ,o Ro11 C u 11 WBS answered bv the A lunch of cake, icecream and judson P. Martin, dean of in- w »» "«. J« ^onoicd, Commanders presently licensed as trail- in the mobile home is located aS^Sa?'In the Linwood ^^mbei-s Present Q.Seo was served at thc close of struction. in Wa^inuton D 6 safd ?odav ers for the year of 1961 under.a in .the amount of .75 per cent,, ^^ w*^™ J'J 1 ^ ^^f^^ g^» U/e evening. m^^nrt^^olrto^an" 'term "AwuSnS ind' money senffn cancer film. Other guests were: „.., , ' , . tn „__» wiTh° a T o^r better average "« to regiater Iowa boatii after that Roxanne Franks, Oelwein; Mrs. Birthday club to meet « » o fo( . ^ dean , g Usbt date will be returned," he contm- William Kaufman, Randalia; and The July Birthday club will h ued. |T '"' C "" * v ""' >< " ° f Stanley. meet on' Thursday, July M, at TQ n<) j d fun gh(>w '"*" grogs weight registration, will be .and 25 per cent to the city required to be registered under the mobile home is located. If the provisions of this new law, the mobile home is located out- « » c- • j and payment cA the $5 fee. Ap- side a municipality, then the en. <° meet rnday pUcafion for this license is made -gj — «gj«** — *» ~ with the county treasurer where owners of camper, vacation, Priday,'Jfuiy" 2l""in "the" Sunday TO MEET TUESDAY ,„..„__ - - - ,.»*... » i«. .u « * the mobile home is located. and mobile home trailers may School rooms of the church. Mrs. The 49'ers card club will meeted at noon. All women with hold u fun show on Sunday af- later their craft with the Coast In addition to the license plate obtain further information from Amy Buckmastev will give the Tuesday afternoon, July 11, at birthdays in July are invited to ternoon, July 2d at the Carroll Guard to operate mfowasboun- requlrement, the monthly mobile the county treasurer's office. devotions. the home °* Mrs. Lizzie Bigelow. attend, ''"•"°" fnvm rinrv wnters Pot luck dinner will be scrv- With the Iowa boat numbering system in effect July 4, 1961, lo- The Volga River Riders will wa boaters r.eed no longer reg- lurner farm. dary waters.

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