Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 29, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 29, 1898
Page 4
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It is the only medicine which makes til* coming of baby tafe and comparatively, cuy. In a personal letter to Dr. I'uree, Mrs. Marguerite Collln, of Cutler, Al&oma Co., Out, says: "I was > sufferer tnd was cured hjr Dr. Herce's wonderful tntdlcine. When I commenced the medicine I could neither cat nor aleep. My haudtt aud f^C't were constantly cold. " L id a wasting, troublesome drain for tlirec itbs, and my monthly periods were taeVfr regular. > look Dr. Plerce's I'avorlt? ptrscrt|K tlon and It cured me. I fetl vrrll. I tliank Utt World's Pltpeasary Medical Association FOR SALE. r property corner Bth and Alby feot; with 2 dwellings. •• Ing on Eaaton street bet. I0th 45xlM feet. Price 1700. "of pep. Xlrsoh on Belle street; 8 rooms and bathroom; Jo good re»lr. • , The 10-room-rosldmioe of 8. H. Nichols ot Lengdonst. Lot 70x170 feet, A fine location. A Ones-room dwelling (nearly new) wlthbatn room) neated by furnace; In Mlddletown. —Th» die lot of Dayld Doyle on Bluff street With 4-room brlok dwelling. The J. H. Tensor homestead containing about O •ores: fine 10 room dweulng;frult ot all kind. Some Ana lot* on Bluff street wltb brlok par lot *nd tewer; no grading, In T. L. Poulds add A floe 8-room brlok dwelling, heated with eteam. Lot 120il20 feet) fine fruit; half block treat Henry street. . DA desirable residence on Prospect street wttn 'rooms. Heath with furnace. Lot 90 feet on Prospect street. A fine property on thenorth side ot Second street, west of Langdon street. An 8-room dweUlng with lot 190x120 feet; flnc Jtalt. One ot the finest location In Middle Alton • dweUlng with about 14* acres ot ad. Floe fruit and shade trees. 1 blocks oar line ID Upper Alton. ,e lot on 4th street, •al flog lot* on Bell* street between 15th _ two story brlok star* and dweUlng and a two story brlok dwelling on same lot corner of tod aad Vine its. A good Interment. ~Bne lots on 4th street near Mr. Qarstang FATAL OCEAN HIGHWAY. English Channel Has Long Been a Watery Lane of Death. DANQEB LUEK8 OFF THE LIZAED. A frovrded flfltewny of the Aflnnflu Wbrrr Fntrntid Snnkpn llnrk» Ifnve Clnlmeil Mnn> Victim*—The Dnrk nnd nrvadi-d Jlnnnclcn. No ocean highway is moro tmvnled •nd few of much importance nra moro dangerous thnu tho English channel. Lying o« it docs between tlio north noaet of France and tho xontboru flioro of England, it IK a sort of gateway to •11 the moro important European ports. Into this gntawuy tho greater part of the Atlantic t radio converges. Southampton, the homo port of a vnst fleet of (teamen and sailing ships, is only reached through tho olmnunl. Through it go the Bremen bout a nnd thorn for Hamburg, The Haguo and Hnvro. It is the door through which the Atlantic open* upon t lio North noa and tho populous Bultlo on beyond. Although tho channel In IfiO miles wide in its broadest part and 20 miles where it is narrowest, thoro ia seldom an hour of tho day when tho passenger cannot count a down hulls or trailing pinnies of smoke, and by night tho binnacle lamps twlnltlo like fireflies on tho horizon. The French call it La Mnnohe, moaning "tho sleeve, "from its peculiar Blinpo. Entering tha English channel from the west, the llrst bit of England to be seen \» Land's End. Thon thorn comes a deep indentation of tho roust until Lizard head isnmclo out. Buy on d Kennock cove are Pouolvor point and Blackhead, both well,known to Bailors. Noxt comeo Manacle point, and off thin, lying just awash at low tide, aro tho dreaded rocks .called tho Manacles. Between the Manacles and tho Lizard is probably tho inost dangerous spot on tbo wholo Oornish const. There tiro snnken rocks, reefs, currents and nuvor ceasing waves to make it so. ' In this vioinity, where the ill fated Mohogan was recently lost, have occurred innumerable ocean tragedies. Most of them we hour nothing about. The shipping men read tho monthly record and shrug their shoulders. The loss of a tramp steamer now nnd then is not worth a cable item, especially if the crow escape, which they often do. It, is only wheun big liner, with hundreds of passengers aboard, comes to grief on these rocks that tbo landsmen a <fi>tmo fog *t 10 o'clock on Friday evening, Mnj 7, when film struck the reef. Khe ponndod on tbo rocks four times and then Rettlpd. The fog bells of Bishop's light could not be heard, nor foil Id tho light bo seen owing to tho oVnw fog, although thu liKlitboupe was only Jjnlf niUo nwnr. A violent pen was miming nnd tho tide was rising. Tho waves lipgnn to broiik over the vessel. Everybody made a rnsh for (lie boats. A gront many pn«> songers nnd pome of the crew wore intoxicated, having drunk too much at a birthday feast. Captain Thomas at first fired his lovolver over tbo bunds of his cowardly crow to drlvo tboui out of two boats they had seized. Then, finding this in vain, he IIrod point blank at them. Ho could not dislodge thorn. All discipline was gouo. The falling of tho funnel killed Captain Thomas nnd many others on tbo bridge. The iron mainmast went by tbo lling of Mr. R. Oaritang. Hut** fey steam with modern ImproyemenU. •.. 'A rerr desirable 8-room brlok dwelling, el: Belle street, wltb all modern ImproTements, > Tbe Plata Foundry, everything oomplete: ndlng 10 lotsi swlton connection wltb C. « ' Alton Novelty Mfg. Co. property on Id stre •eluding 4 lots. 4 flnelots la Highland park, eaob 70 by about Aitti room dwelling on State itreet. Prtc< good 8-room duelling on Second street. fwo fine lots on Alby street: Tie double brlok dweUlng, corner Third uu *!by streets, one of the finest locations In Alter A too* 7-room dweUlng t good lot and flat A new ten rooB dweUlng in Upper Alton, good ' A food* lot Wxtor feet on Baston street. , ' rood brlok dweUlng wlthlVk lots In Middle- i. COBTeolent to motor Flos IcoaUou, / I iDTattment • One residence of Albert Wade onBeUt rltb 10 rooms and finished attlo, batt roams, Oood oeUar. Qas and water I carriage house, Lot It t aet front. lO/jfttt, o$w ty&aplii property net on William street fwlth dVeUUif xjmdwettUg with Jn» rtrertlr,*, FOR RBNT. Vka two story brlok dweUlng with 8 rooms.on BeUeriew srenue now occupied by J. Moulton. A>-room dweUlng on Ird street with kath 1 with modern fixtures. r store room and, two 4-nwp taaamenta End BUBOI MAKINri OFT TUB TIIANNFI, LIGHTS. bonid id fi o'clock in tho morning, Henry Stern, n Now York prodtion merchant, was tbo only ono of HO bo- numbed men on it who was able to swim nway. Twenty years previous in aluio^tho samo spot tho emigrant bark ra% ashore and ui'n'y 200 lives wore )OR?» ninny of tbo unfortunates being wot^on and children. The officers of 4he John, like tboso of tho Mobogni.volaimedthuttboy could not moke o;^» tlio light on the Lizard Tho \«Ksal was bound, toon* Plymonth t>^ (Quebec. Many wfr tho channel ttu^etTios have been rinsed by collisiow/i, »s thick fog^ fi'jijnontly add to t,W terrors of t,ljj» crowded ocean laii*. Tho steamer Jjtfbo, which went dowi, in ISiM with <ywr »00 souls, bad u.i>D outetcd tbecUftV,««l wbtju she was stouck thati fatafc Wow by the, Cruithte, bat sao w.(»s jttst npproacjhiug its eastern end. Tho «mij;ta)i» ship Nortl'.flee*,, •which sailed trw» London with 41 & passengers —• hoard, exclusire of )]#« crew, was What Shall We Do? A serious nnd dangerous prevails In thin country, dangerous because no clc coptive. It comes on eo nlowly yet surely that It in often firmly soated before we ore aware of It. The name of this disease which may be divided Into three distinct stages la first, Kidney trouble, Indicated by pain In the buck, rheumatism, lum- bflgo, frequent desire to urinate, often with a burning sensation, the flow of urine being copious or scant with strong odor. If allowed to advance, this reached the second ptage, or Bladder trouble, with heavy pain In the abdomen low down between the naval and th» water passage, Increasing desire to urinate, with scalding sensation in pnasltur, small quantities being p*se«d with difficulty, sometimes neeMMrjr to draw it with instruments* If nrto acid or gravel has formed it will prove dangerous If neglected. The third stage is Bright** disease. There IB comfort In knowing tbat Dr. Kilmer, the great kidney and bladder specialist, nun discovered m remedy famou* for its marveloae cures of the most distressing cases and known as XV. Kilmer's Swamp,Hoot. It is sold by all druggists. As tv proof of the wonderful virtues of tlito great discovery,. Swamp Root, a aample bottle and book of valuable information will be sent absolutely free by mail on application to I)r. Kilmer & Co., Binghamto», N. Y. When jwritlng kindly mention that you read this liberal, offer In the TKt-KORAMI. I.IHIc Fainiilo run into at midnight o* Jan. 2!J, 1878, in tho channel, audi 325 persons wero lost. The Spanish, vessul whicli caused tbo qollision did not attotnpt to save any pnsseugt'L-s. Tlio Huniburg-Amarioaa Pitoket onu- ipauy's stfiaiuship Pommernuin, ttfan Now York for Hnmbucg, was BTxfei in. tbo Eiiglieh ohunnol, off Dover,-. Eng- Intid, at midnight ofi Nov. 25, ltf7S, by tbeBritifih bark tSsa) Eiliau. 'JaoPom- morania's loo^attt,' it was reported, fiigbted tho, Vrk six tninntcs L-eforo the> colliaiou, Tho night was dark mid. eat there WHS no fog worth g of. Tho stoaruwhip's ofllcors that the balk had been sighted. [iSbfl run bow on into the steamship |;ami[lBhip8 und out socb a brond und deap I; hole fcbnt tli» Poiumernnia sank \vithiu |: BO minutes. On>tnitt H. If, SoliwoDson o» dbo b«WgB and gaire tho rcnutUs r<itlf.K<t Ifurned. llin-K. Ark.. Nov. 2IK— Ohlloway i-uUvKc, located nt 53ear«y. was ilpstrnyoil liy Iliv nt 4:30 n'rlwk In the ninrntiiK. The (Ire raiiRht, r rO rn some myMli'rlous cnns«> In the fourth story. Tlirre hunilrcd and t(?n Rlrl studentd nnd the rntlro fiuuilty were In tlie bulUl- ItiR iisli-i'p at UK- t,i Wl but ali e uninjured. Voli.t;*!! Aflnr Dend. Now York. Nov. 2».— {'hartes- W. roul- dtK'k. Mio .vclernii m-tor. '^ bieatcl. He was SP, jrrai-K old, and w*a sixOj- years ou >V "InKf. The dl^vasu from which 1(9. ihwi u'»s [Jmjisy.. JHe passed nway. fcnrefully, nuiTDiudud: by Ills friends;. at his reslaeno<y r,16 Kast Nlnety-thladi street. Clarence Ki-y of Baltimore, graniteon of thn author of "The Star-spangled Banner,"' died In the Clry. of Meilco In So mucb. rfepenrfs upon . j a j diCfewnt" dleeaees t purity of the b?»od tbat by taking Hood's SarB&parilla many ar.e cured. What do the Chatton Drink? Don't give them. ten or coffey. Have you tried tho new food drink called QRAIN-0? It j» delicious and Bonr- JBhiug and talxaa the si ace of coffee. The more Grata- O you give tha children the moro- health you distribute through their pystems. Grste-O is made of pare grains, and when properly prepared tastes litre the choice graded, of coffee but coats about oue- half SRI w neb. All grocers sell it. 16c lots . '.tl.l-. lib Motion room i Snd s The L. J. CUwson ttrt&Md In Upper Aitoo c With 10 rooms, bar» ud garden, now occupied r, Oeo, Le^U. Pouoeslon glren by Juffl. OHT8. of umny uft^o^i«alizctbo peri t» which beset tM* or«\vde(l thoroufthtore of the big W«twa The Lizard In n Mdi bleak bendland Which jnts ont into »tw channel from the Gornwoll const, 28 miles east of Land's End* Upon tiioruggocl bloff, 200 feet above tho snarling waves, aro two white, lighthouses bearing flared lights. The first officers, who keep the bridm. from the moment their steamers enter. tho channel until thalmrbor pilotB;qf>xBa" aboard, wheu tboy lunko oat thes# J4gb,«s tell UM heluismen to "p t? the sonth-aontheast, ' Oon>lal> rooka aa wide atble. > oul|lTaUon;"one-liJM*good pasture! A bargain, kM>w two atory brick modern dwelling near r ot-TWrt «id Oeorge streets. ^ *welll»g house wltb large lot on reet. l street soutB of Twelfth streel i story frame dweUlng No. m it/for f 1WO. LoTwxflO. aood.treei •Ml Ilia frame dweUlng house and another , all on one lot In good location u Renu for SH per month: rt-jroMDresidence on State street on ixlUonOak street between the Ig Four H. R. tracks, suitable tor > or manufacturing purposes. ialde ot Alton street, bet. .u Jersey obunty, bait mile .Jlon by rail or rlrer. business property, corner Sni) it*., on easy terms, ble frame Ksldenoe, new and al Tsmeou, situated on fourth St., v r building i neat the pos- _ some un.wslpiiiod teasoo. the Mohegan's ufllQ^iMifli not, BOO the warning fingers r$ ijgUfc thrown out on tho darkucirs, '^;y w t wiu Ittnip8 burning on, ; ^.ip«ft How thfcy could niifia thero. a, giJoblom. Had thoro boon & Ijghjti Qn^ the MhiiRolos the disaAteC' iu.ig44 have been averted, but tli«i«i»ito, tight do this dremlocl npot. At intervals for many years tho British nuthorlties, •tirred by BQUIO cUtuuuel trngody, have talked about putting a lighthouse tUoro, but they havo uover cluno it. Now tbnt nn/otiieif wreck line beou ljurted In this ||iM| QOQB.U graveyard, poiWu^H tb« long seeded light will bo pnt to position. One of tho greatest diuaflt(ir« which have occurred iu the Eugliah channel during the last quarter of a omitury was the loas of tbo Sohiller. Tbe KiiKlo liuti, »toam«hip Sohillur waa lost on tho K$-> tarrleio ledgo, near Bishop's rook, Soi|ly, islands, off tho southwest count of, CJpriir Wall, at 10 o'clock 011 the nighti nf.Miiy 7, 1875. Throo htmdrod nu^i dlovett lives wore lost and 44 HHTJIOUB wore laved, of whom only M vi;ire pajsou- gerg. Only 0110 woman \iiti«.Nuvod. John G. ThomaH, the cujitivip, iv bmve sailor, W4H iwoptfrom tlm Mdgo mid drawnei] oftor (our (lays tUKtnightsof uoiiUnoons duty. His crow twtfld like a lot ot cowardly iuur(lor«rs, The SohtUor, was bound fan HuinhurR tjam NQW V|or,k and hud bouu prooe**- ca,iMiioiis|y, through, fog Ion threo dnyi ie iJiBjdiwiiter. Dqfiu^all that time ««niAbi«d on the uhlp waa half a inllu ont of her course aud xuuuiug at half uiwed iu ' ReMriuUt Rescue. Mra. Michael Curtain, Plain Held, LIU, make* 'he atatemeiit that she oaurit oold, which settled cu her lungn-. ahe WM treated lor a mouth by her family phyelolan, but grew worse. He tola her she waa a helpless vIsMm of oouiumptlon and no raedtolue coulU jure her. Her druggist aaggestod I>*. Kfng'e New Discovery for Oon- lumptlon; «bo bought a bottle and to ier<jellgbt found hersell benefited from the flmpdose. She continued Jt« u»e,and after taking six twuiue, fo»nd her»e)f sounq and well, now does her own housework and IB- M well a» she l\is orders \vere not heeded. Many of the Bailors draw their hnivjig, rushed for tbo boats and drove av«y Uie pae- s*i>g6rg. Onptain Solvwentwa wlujod to leave the ship in nuy ofr tiia boate. Ho, sunk with her, but was, uroufitit to surfaooby alifobBlt, Hfc was picked np/ by the crew of the.,8{Baruar CSty of Am- Btordaui. Forty-Hovou. Jfywworfr lost, and 20 bodies of dr<jWHea passougeia woro ro BTKAMSllir (IKMCK AKTKIC A DIUAUfMI. covered, It is n Hignifioant fact ol those drowned wero member of th« oiow having Ha*txl lidx own life. ThoHo ace only KQUIU of tbo wi ut notable of tha uhiuinol disaHtora. 'JJie list ii>a long oiio, uud tlio wrook of the Mo- hogun mlds uuothttr truglo clutptor. OVKUH ever was. Free trial bottles ot thm Great Discovery ab B. Marsh's •tore, toge bottles 60c and tl. Robued tneOrave A atartllng Incident vt which Mr- John Oliver, of Phllidotohla. waa the> subject, la narrated by Wm aa follower ''I waa in a most drovdfnl oouditionv My Bktu waa almost yellow, eyes- aunken, tongue coated; pain ootitlrw- i ally In back aud aidwy no appetite— i gradually growing weaker day by day. Three phyalulana bud given me wp> Fortunately, a friend advluod trying "Electric Bitters,'" and to my grwafr joy and surprise, the fl«t Uottle modw a decided ImproveMent. 1< oontlniwdi toeJr uae for three weekajand am now a well man. I know they aaved' my lire, and robbed tb» frrave of anotftex victim." No one Bbould fall to try them. Only 6»f per bottle at K MarsL'a drug atojre. Mr. N, N. Ottnurn, well knows at) Wood»t<Hik, Mlob., waa troubled wjtn • lame back. He waa oerauadcd to How lo Cure Bilious Colic. I suffered for weeks witfe colic And I pains in my stomach caused by biliousness and had to take medicine all toe while until I used Ohamb arlain'B Oolic, Obolera and Diarrhea a Remedy, which cured me. 1 have shtce recommended ic to a good many people.— Mrs. F. Butler, Fairhaven, Ooon. Persons who are enbject to biBone colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as soon as the first symptoms appear. Sold by E. Marsh and 8 H. Wyss. _______ $100. Civ E, Deletion's Anti-Dinrctlc May be worth to you more than $100 it you have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water daring sleep. Cares old and yonng alike. It arroa'cB tbe trouble at once. 91% Sold by 8. H. Wj SB, Druggist, 862 Second st.-eet, Alton, 111. _ Inflammation Rheumatism Cured In 3 Days.. Morton Jb. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., says: "My wife had inflammatory rheumatism In every muscle and joint, her suffering was terrible and her body and face were swollen almost beyond recognition; bad been in bed for six weeks and had eight physicians, but received no benefit nntll she tried Ibe- Mystic Cure for rheumatism. It gav.« immediate relief and she was able to. -walk about hi three days. I am aure> it saved her Mfe." Sold by Si ffl. Wy«a, Druggist. Alton. You Can't Alford to Chcmcv It. A.heavy cold may lead topneum*- niiter consumption. FoLey's Honey aoi'Tar taken in time affords perfect security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wysa. A Queer f?) MeaJcme. , There is a medicine whose pnopri*- to rs do not. claim to have discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient* or tbat it is a cure-all. This honusft medicine only claims to cure oerbata dlaeases, and tbat its ingredients »re recognized by the moat skilled pby- uiclans as being the best for Kidney and Bladder diEteasea. It is Folej's Kidney Cure. Sold by E. Ma.rab lad 8. H. Wyss. How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when you feel a cold coming on, take a dose of Fotey's Honey and Tar. It never falls. Bold by E. Marsh and 8. H. Wysa. He "waa perauaded to use OhanibMlaio'a Pain Balm. It gnv» him relief Ju one night. Tbli remedy le alio famoue for Ka rarev of raenma tlam. For tuUe \n B. — -- • - Wya«. "Tbo worst cold I ever bad in my life was cured by Ohamaerlaln's Cough Kemedy," says W. O Norton, of Snttor Oreek, Oal. "Tito cold left me with a cough and I wae expector- atlgg nil the time. The remedy cured me, nnd I want all my /fiends when troubled wltb a cough, or' oold to uae it, for It will do them goyodl" Hold by ". Marsh nnd 8. H. Wjev. It has boon fully demonstrate* aflat Ely'a Creum Balm is n apeoiQo (br Nasal catarrh and cold In tbe bead. This distinction 1ms been uonleved only na the result of continued eu*~ ooseful use A morbid condition at the membrane in the naaal passage* can be cured by this purifying and healing treatment. Sold by drug* " ;U or it will be mailed for 60 oentB jy Ely Brothers, 66 Warren street. New York. It spreads over tb<» membrane, Is absorbed and relief ia> Immediate, Texas. The Missouri, Kansas & Texas Hail • •way Uo. will aell low rate round trip tickets on Nov. l, 15, Deo. a and 80, with dual limit of return to 21 day» from date of im!e. An excellent opportunity for boraoapnkera, tourlat» and Investors to view for thenaaelvea the great roHourcoa of tbe State. For further Information address Jobn L. Wllllama, P. and T. Agl , 103 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo. CASTORIA For Infante and Children, Hit Kind You Have Always Bought tb» JZabies Thrive OnM GailBorden t . ^ Condensed Milk. TOftTCmED BY THE LAW. t"rt*»»«r» Arc Nvarljr ftvttn In • Pillar? Mxl Th»» riOfffd. WllmlnKtom, D«f, Nov. 29,—Two men stood In the pillory fn the Jullyard at New Castla for one hdur. They wer« placed on the pillory platform, six feet above the ground, «t 10 o'clock. In the midst at m driving snowstorm. They were cwrired with blanket! and mittens were put on their hands. When taken down they were cold and stiff. These lw» victim* were Cato J. Pen- nlnKtoBi Jr., who had been convicted of an attempt to commit a felonious assault up«B a white woman, and. Joseph H. Rtmell, who had entered a house vtMhj Intent to commit robbery. Later P*nnlngton received thirty lashes on hla bare back, the cat-o'-nlne-tails being wettded by Sheriff Fllnn. Pen- nlngton 'will also spend ten years In Jail. In quick! aueceatlon five otb*r men were placed *p«Inst the posts, their wrists being held by clamps on either side. Then* victims of the law's wrath were AVIlll«in Deaton, who stole'some rope, ten tashea; John Poster, who committed robbery, twenty lashes; Alexander WltMam, who stole a bicycle, ten lashes; Frank Pryor, who stole a watch, ten lashJes; John Callahan, for theft of a bridle, five lashes. Callahan w«s the only white man whipped. Snow fell Heavily, yet a crowd of men and boys stood in the jallyard for two hours. SAYS FRAZIER OWEft MER. 80 JLottl* StoiM F«ld Harwtf tra«F«ndo Id H»r Han*. Lansing, Mfcli., Now. 29.—A young •woman arrived at tbe hotel Downey after a carriage drive of fifty miles from Lake' Odessa- A Jew moments after her arrival Chloll of Police Sanford was requested by the Lake Odessa officials to arrest : her for the larceny of $2,200 In currency. This amount of cash was fouttd under the pillow In her room. The woman Is Mrs. Lottie Stone. Her story Is that for several years ohe was housekeeper In the family of Oeorge Frnzler. » farmer residing near Jackson, receiving no pay for her services. Fraxlet** wMe left him. Mrs. Stone Bays that last' week she started out with Frailer to look up a new home. At Lake Odessa, she says, he gave ber $2,700 to ke*p for him, He drove out to look' for a farm in the morning and she decided to" leave; as he waa determined to loc*t'e there, while she wished to go farther away from th*.old home. She left »BO» with the hotel clerk for him and brought &20Q with bee, which she claims belongs to her for services rendered. • Samuel B. Duncan; of Arcola, Ills.. Pemocratlo polltlqlam .Swallowed. chloroform by mistake.- For .a tlma his life was despaired of. A hacking;' ooogh ta' a' gravtvnrd cough; the Booner You get rid of ft tho into oonflump^cmT r bSF ns^'tTlie^ brated Dr. 5o*3 ? W. Bnll's Ooogh Syrup at o»lo«. 'It is a wonderftl remedy for 'alVtnroat and Inng-aSec* tiona, and; •will cnr» a deep-aeated cough or oold la a few daya. »••' Dr.BnlBt DOK> rccoi Will oureV Hacking CotMlT « are tauli and pltuumt to Uk«. ibcton immeiid It, frice as C*». A> XI dtugstot*. ; WlUUms'lndlaa Pile ut will cure Blind, g and Itching _ »Plle«. Ii, »b«orbs tbe tumors. aU*j>- lb» Hcblngkt once, acts lag-a'POolMoe.'^'*" luunt re- ft. Or. WlUtomj'l»d.l»n Pile Olnt- lent Hpn«irW(o¥;ni«s andlloh- '•tbe wlrat? »»rts. Every box Ii A COCAt. Discast A Affection. NotMog but • It is qul. airesR Opens Jft**"*! Allays l Hnais thOMMM iJoMer Trial Kt MADE ME A MAN for tinny. Philadelphia. Nov. 29.--The rnse of Senator Quny and others charged with conspiracy In th.» mlsusn of tin 1 money of the state on deposit In the Vpople'H bank, came up In the court of quarter session, .TmlKe Flmllctter. presiding. The defendants wr-re not In court, their Interests lielng looked lifter by Attorneys HllfuB E. Stmploy and A. B. U Shields. Immediately upon the opening of court Attorney HhapH-y ft led demurrers to four of the live Indictments found against the ilefendnnls liy the grand Jury and also filed a motion to quash the fifth Indictment. _ Mj.Urloil. Dentil nl PltUtmrd. Plltslmrg, Nov. 29.— Miss Kdnn West of 422 Flri<t avtnue complained of a severe headache. i.UiIng to a drug Ftore. she purchased some headache pouders. Returning to her home, she took one and went to bed. Shortly before 9 o'clock her mother he ml her moaning She was unconscious and frothing a the mouth. Three physicians were called but the girl died In un hour. An au topgy will lw lield. Three years ngi her father died suddenly. Her aisle Mattle Is the wife of Mark Baldwin the former base ball player. (liven n Wnriilng, Lansing, Mich., Noy» 2D.— The senatorial fight has not been waged very vigorously during the post week, possl bly for the reason that flovernor Pin gree ban been out of the state. The most Important news In this connection IB that the latest Plngree move has been to serve notice on the federal ad ministration that If It expects to ge ( Michigan's twenty-eight votes for Me Klnley two years hence It will have to keep Its hand out of the senatorla squabble. Cliihhrmtn Divitruyntl. Cambridge, Maes., Nov. 29.— Fire de stroyed a four-story block In Urattle street, whose most noteworthy tenan •was the famous Dickey club ot Harvard university. The club lost everything In Its apartments, the value ot which can only be estimated. It had manj valuable paintings and pieces of brlc a-brac which had been presented and collected by the members of the club In years gon» by. The financial loss $30,000.' That Tickling Beos&ttoa in the throat Is instantly relieved by Dr. Bell's Plne-Tur- Honey — u wonderful remedy for coughs und nil tro«l>len enured by tutUiiiuniiLlon of tho nuirotis mem- bruueu of the throat and respiratory organs. A purely vegetable conu- pouud, it oontaliiH nothing but h lu g-arid I. ertles. It Is guaranteed to cure the moot Htubborn coughs as \vell as- aathina, bronchitis, sore throat* La Grippe, iv hoop Ing cough, and croup. DR, BELL'S : Pine-Tar-Honey \ Klm»;" ItUalte. Is Bold everywhere nt 2i .V)c and I1.IX) u bottle, or will lie (*cnt upon receipt of price by The]!. K. Sutherland Medicine C'ompHDy, I'adupah, Kentucky. \WHnmvwiwiawHiw J)rs. Q* and H. Taphorn PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pikc Building. Cor. and and Easton sis. Pbonea 138 •nd 171. P. SCHUSSLER.M.lJ, HOMBOPATHIST and SURGEON , HOTEL UAD1BOV Telephone 100 Qrs. B. C. & H. R. Lemen UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICB HOURS: 7 to 9 a.m; H to 1,«to 8 TELEPHONE 87. DR. C. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OSoaHovrai I a.m. to II SB. nd 1 to p ta V. THIRD RKKT DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCV In Short Time. Yager St Yager. Attorneys 308 Belle Street. THROUGH SERVICE BETWEEN —— ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY AND TH!______ PRINCIPAL CITIES OF TEXAS. ViaMEMUFFETSLEEPERS FREE RECLINING m CHWH OARS ' .V|W, •UOERIOM MEAU8, t.^«^.FjrrY CINT& James Purker, ° IMf |{ l> £S i '«Si ( | The Kind You Ilavo Always Bonght, and which htt* la use for over 30 years, has homo tho signature , and has heen inodo undo*' Hw Bonal supervision slnco its iuftt Allow no ono to deceive yoii w All Counterfeits, Imitations and Snbotltdtes are b^fr perlments that trHlo with and endanger the health of Imlmts and Children—Kxpcrtcnco ngiiliisit Experiment* What is CASTORIA Castorla Is a substitute for Castor OH, Paregoric, Drops nnd Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its age Is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms and allays Fevcrlshnoss. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. BEST TRAINS ^^^^^t^^^i^-^ TO ~- iNebraska.Montana.PngetSounr Henry Meyers Butcher and Packer Ani iuttt la FrMb ia4 Salt Mull and Lard, a«d •«• ladsnr •! Saeurt- 55» EAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. Laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. <UiO beat o( Teas and Chtnete NOT«ltteo 01 band. ALTON TIME CARD 624 East Second at. 30i State «1 Edmund H. Blair, Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Puhllr OFFICB 106 Market st KUDHC. OTW xitonRy. & m' B co, WM ARMSTRONG, Dealer tc Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster Prices to meet competition. Qoodi de- Urered. elepbone 161- Office 107 West Second Street Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHGR. Graduate Ontario Veternlary College. Offlo< orer The Model store. COR .THIRD AND PIA8A BTH , ALTON ILI T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Map* Profile! and Estimate Furnished. 305 Belle Street, Up Stairs. Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1808, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as follows' For Chicago,North and Eaet—*12:3Si m,*8:10 am, «8:<7am,*10:06pm. For 8prlngfleld-*12:83 a m, »8:10 m, "8:47 a m, *6:20 p m,' "10:06 p m For Peorla— 4 8:47a m, «10:05p m. For Kansas City and toe Weat—» '47 urn, (6:20pm, *8:GOpm. •Dally, t Except Sunday. [See joint C. £ A. and Big Four time t*ble tor trains between Alton and St. Louis. 1 CJfl.t FO Between Alton & St. Loufo. LT. Alton For St. Louie. Ar, St. L. 6 13am C4 A dally ; 7 SO am 820am Big Four, daily 780am 860am C4A, dally.. SOOur inn.m Big Four, ex-Sun .. .800am 816am. 8 11, am. 1240pm 820,-m. 4 16 pm. 643pm. •• Sun. only C4 A, dally . .:. B!g Four, dally.... ..file Four, Sat only... • ' T " ex-Sun.... daUy . dally 10M«* . 9 24 am lOKam 140pm 420pm tS44pm aw pm fflpm C. C. C. & St. L.—Big Four. Granitoid Paving Co. W. &.H. BEISER, Prop's. 813 Batt Sixth Street. • Alton, II*. All kinds ol Granitoid Work: Sidewalk), Steps, Flooring, eto,, don* and the belt quail- tyof material and work guaranteed Ord*r> tj» Ball wlU receive prr-Dpt atWMIoc ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, tOt BBLLB 3TRBBT. Monty to Loan on Improved Property RKNT8 COLLBOTBD. iy t Bzcept' Sunday. (Sun only, i Joint Big Four and C & A time tabl* foi between Alton and St Louis.) Burlington Route. **' 1W8 LeayeAlWn (Suburbanservloe) ArrlTeSt.L 660am Q 710am 800am 1006am 1230pm 1245pm 245pm 446pm 428pm Ot 708pm Leave St. L. 741am 821am 1020am U BO am 800pm 608pm 6 fil pm 760pm Dally Dally ex-Sun ,i Sunday only Dally ex-Sun Dally ex-Sun Dally Dally ox-Suu Dally ex-Sun Uallyex-Snn Chas A. Strittmatter Merchant Tailor. 704 BAST SECOND STREET Owtlanun who appreciate Bnt-olm M TAILOR MADE CLOTHES -At MODERATE PRICES, You we loTltsd (o otU and eiamlnt n> NtW STOCK OP GOODS " •*"• y ITralns connect at Langdon street S?P9,Y, Q . Arrlf e and depart fro ana Kldgo sta. t from Union depot. St. L. K. & N. W. Through serrloe. C. B. &. Q. (Ridge st. Station) •, Through sleeper and ohalr oar to St Paul and 8t. Louii-Peorl* Line (Bt. L. C. *8t, P. Ry;, On and alter Nor. U, W tralna will le ?• Alton as follows i U»Tt"8t. LOHl* •Dally. tB«-8«B, tSun oalyj

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