Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 19, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 6
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PAOESES lOLA •Wteted DAILY 4HAS. F. at the _ , Second Claim Trtephonie ..........LLi.. ;.....« tPrivateiBranch ExcH; Age Connectihr OfTiciak Offlciai Official Papir Qlty PapwrCity, Paper! AHan REGISTER ibOTT ter. (r Ibla. tf Saaaatt. Caifity. - S^BSCRIPtld Byl Carrier In IrtlU. q !• • • IJ ' and Basi One We* One Mo^ith ev MA14 putildciAUeA One Tedr 8Ix Hon^t on til« In Alien County One Tear Six ^Moti'thn i.. fhri-e Honllis Pn^ MoMh ......... Mehtber >r— ! v I National Editorial U^^iociatien, Kantaa Preta Asao^Mtidn^ The K^nsat Daily- Audit Bureau of C|( LiatlUt. jroulatlon. Press pongrets of thd World. Inland Dally Press lAitociatlon., j MEMBIER AssociA-n^ PRESS. rti« Ilofflster caiTlpj: !3fr«-ss' report by tpei nthf, Asso' {tltl<itl to "i hpws Ihh AHCOciated rlpa^ed wirp. "JtOlUKlVPlj- «i^ pbl)Iicatiiin of dispatches ifrt li^ed to It or • • » -• <^ ithls paper. mblUhed here- jAll rijfhts or repu^il ration of npe- iii'lod Press the usp for rbti oth«Twlsp' di^dite^ hdl also-'the local new dl;«pa {i-hn herein 1 : $iblc Thought 1 jj |LJ-l llnj Tvortls of ni Itlic'inciIilHtion of ins i Ircj -ptablc ilii tliy siglilj 0 b :H. • A (ilL \Li.K.\(ii-: \ Tli;' ;mnounceniciit Uoeislpr the Chi )4yc«" Coin- r zc of $10l> :; e yield of; on jAllen Icountjy ipla id and ije l»e;t five- bottom »e; farmci's I hey cff- .iiiierje • wotild-' pay a for the • bifegpst, five ti'tjrn! : Himilar prize tor 1; lid. vi II t: inl yield on Allen is a thalleiiKc 'tb^ I? ci)iinty lo wlilit \vi|ll rospcind 1w i : : I I he! first plac-^ thicmK''vos nro worthl l-ni i iln One will jhuntfrcd' doilarKj nniu in handy tol nui ,ct| er I'luvi' iii the iniiddlb ten and .s<;cond in'uin jr the prlzca arej jv-t^rtli uorkp infe f)r bk-ans.:" of tht tijuis pal that; will be ina<;l(j ilitic's of Allen iiroperly fertifize ly iNorlted. iU i alibut i »ATes. ••• Cltb^. lAHarpe ,tt-i , . I |...'....1B Cents ......70 Cent* County J5.00 K-M TO .-il.^o reservetl. III' ! may nol Hjti'd anything eady for the mar\ in, the tlM j....iiM ......:....«.?» 50c : THIE¥E|S t)l»EllATtl IN THE COl|XTRY. Doubtless thei* are more casws of larceny in the Howns jthan in-the conntnr becau.te property mor ( easily hanilled is apt tio be yvtthin reach of the thiev<^ an^ iiecauso it docs not take so niuclj and iH not ho Dii |ch like yet it -is e-stimaied ahat prope valued at to 2 nii,l is stolen from ^terprise work. And ertly ion doUatjs farmers iteen • Today. I ] mouth, and lieirl. ht ac- Lord.—I'sa. ALLEN Thursday's Kansas every year. Thdt is a Rood deal of money when onejstoiM t(i think that Ht 'tbc price of $»7 an atrc 1'.^ million dollars would buy l|)0 farms of 26n acres each, j The Kansas ^•'armer ' has looking into thi .sl matter and finds, as a typicar cxaniplc of condltionH In Kansas, that ihcfts of livestock alone arc costiiig SmiUi county fai-niers from 125.000 to $50,000 11 year. Losses allSover Ihc State in- cliiilc thefts of poultry and hogs as weH as cattle, wheat, corn, fruit, vcgetaitlcs and oilier I 'rops. machinery, tools, autoiiiobiies anil other personal property. The heaviest losses are in poultry, hof^. cattle and n-heat; In the temporary absence of, the farijicr and jiis.^fam­ ily It farm may be raided aiid a whole truck load of loot carried awa'ji and this has happened In innuVncrable caseS. Tile Kansa.s Farmer is organising a Fa'riner.s" Piolcclive Servlcoj in the iiope of to do something to aid the farmers in either ^ircvcntin^' these iheayy losses or detecting and punisbiiigithc Ihlcrrs. IHJE IOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENJNa, FEBRUAR "i^ 19, |l9>7. UaUAI^ WE WERE WRONG enthus- hc prizes ^rkiiig for. $100 aiiil ilcarly any 3f winter |ki[t. • >!a.:e emonstraj- cf the real |:ounty soil ind propr i this latter idca'llijj cdl tlie C'haniber of (bjnl initial e this £ompetit|(li . o);(ls |slio\y 'fl: , I that the iay ofj corn in' Allen cbuiity half what it was T-his falling off age njay |)c due in paiitl <^f that forty years ago tiuch of the cojrn Las grown iin Ik ttom lands aiia the yield natuia)l)| was higher when large acres ge's of up- not| -so fertile v\ thej plow. But^t thiin land.s unWiT son is ^ ^ befcn ! iiffici<;ntly Iprtil the Pluol 'food inniie si t«^l. \^re'r brought main rea- |hHt the cornflel is have not ; tlcplet The iii.-'m who ente^ "til(lift witliout doubt tbeir i-aue tracts arid spV^iaj citltivaliOn. |w also ijipyj will. gr()>y r yiiiids tliain other ficlfl izeri ot specially tijted CImmlx'r' of C'omin^rct that when ihc retuijns a - be mai e aiiparent that, fertilize .and cultivate If tesiis iJlmost certainly ; it cliii be shown, as' tr ninrei corn can ln| acres •way call wo lIoV sel t prompt- nicr^c to Tlie rec- eiage ykld )w is jiist rty years itiie- aver- t{j) the fact ed, and so il has bocn liis conipc- ill fertiticc give them hbiit <loubt iich larger Jjnot ferlil- iwhat the hopes is elin it will )ST l'AYS"t6 'oijn fields! these con- wlll show, grown on l> TIfE UAJY'.S SEWS. j • Frank H. Funk; whpsc ajipoinl- nicnt to the vacancy on the Interstate Commerce; Coihmissioii Is urged by those Who jbelleve that agriculture should have a spokes- ,njan in thaf body, is now completing his third term asi representative In Congress of the. Seventeenth Illinois district. For years Mr. Funk has been' recognized ns ,an authority on the etonrtmics of agriculture. He i.s jU man ot large means, the owner of 28.000 acres ofj farjn land in Illinois, which a^ op- erat,ed lit a scientific and practical way. In I0J)2. with his brothers be organized a seed company, whjch became the'largest growers of seed corn in the world'. Mr. Funk .at- teiidcd Illinois Stiite .Normal Unl- ve.rsliy ?t.d subsequently went to Yale, where he whs graduated in. 1891. During-liis college career h^ tvas celebrated as a football player. ''''' '\ — The extent to which niotor transportation enters inio conipelilion with the railroads is made clear by, a recent report _ of the Inter-! s'ate Commerce Commission which shows that there) are 19,0D9 motor blisses, with a" mileage of ,''.3»,522 miles, carrying passengers, and J-!,207 trucks wi|h a route mileage of 607,029 miles carrying freight. In addition to the foregoing which operate in. direct competition with the riilroads there kirc 1,253 motor busses with; a mileage of 11,440 miles, and 225 trucks with a mileage of 4.226 miles, running in connection with railroad service. The fact that in spite of <his heavy com- petllioti the railroads are doing a constantly iticreasing business is another evitlcnce ;<>r the steady prowtii of the businj-'ss of the country; man. (JKANT \illT DILL. 1 liefer lo V. S; Grant as I have always tlioug him the dullest-of great u Ed Howe. Thit is the conventional al lowaijd (Jeneral Oiant. thai h u dull inan. Dut how can 'Ij accoiinieil for on that theory? a dull man have started in :jt tlie begin hing of a ; four years without any friends or any iiolsiical pull. combjid with imlitics, aiVd wlithin thiTe chief lot ol Grant were —Poll cock. in an army that was h|>nc:j- years have attained tq command of that: army men were-tried but finally had his day. never thought of as dull le. Mct'lelland. Hooker. the k b •foire rhey men la .1-Meade and a score of otaiers. But bne by one they all ste pa and Iduli. prd Incb froin you .^0 ing ^rj to 20 bushc! figiire how worth to. tin 8 iper 3icre, ^lueh jthat couiitry? I) it would injcrease- the re of farm tirjcc of eyery ac lanflJnJthb county? TJ'lierr are something farms in | .Mien connty- 2.(>(\(i of tlvem; cor4 sreaien of Icssext Ihambor of Conimer least to a like ^.500 Upon at is gfown What b hopes isj lie owner,s peast, will It will be_ at one prize is ^f feret f for upfapd anil one for bottomj land. So lihe prairie fermer his thiit iseVeral hundred of ofithesj. Arms. 506 at enter, into this contest. note that j giv chaince. ingi j ^ouht* will he no thii 40 th: yoi Inrj 'wo An th<' coi thn he'il tivo or three ydars all the projierly taken i care of .1} m 1€0 acres half tend.-'d. cat) I fig ire how many thbuHand dol- lliit demonstration will i^f Allen coiinty tvory yeai:? 1| if IS ji result ofthciti contests live race yield of coin In Allen lity shall be: increalie 1 within 6n!- of the amendments added to Ihb Mc.Nary-IIaugcti bill before il passed'the Senate provides that before the equalization fee should he put; Into force with)respect'to any product, a majority jof the producers^shall declare fof. it. Isii't a fine bit of ^tate'sitianlike Icgi.slii- lion; According to' the advocates iof this, bill the eiiniillzatlon fee is aside while Grant walked them. Quiet he was, certain'ly taciturn in public. Out not It waj not a dull iuan who i^te rupted a fellow officer who fiiced a story he was on the ioli^t of Vcl ing with the reinark. "S there arc no ladies present, tjie instant rejoinder. "But tlicrb arc gentlemen present." It wa not a dull man who sat, down at i table at the other side of which wak the leader of the armies he ha I been fighling for four,years, an 1 without hesitation wrote out II terms of cnpilulalion .•-<) ckarl .that not a word or a line lie mI.WI to be addetl or erased. It was noL a dull man who dirtaied bis ^ cm oil's without the aid of pers)nal diary and with but few refcre iceji l ^lo -official documents in langiiag so simple and clear as to criD$! lute a model for such literal rlynes S. Giapl was plileKiiiaIi |i: (fii i a degree, without <loiibl. He talnly was uol voluble. But h.; not dull. the crux of tlie *! hole measure:' and- yet before If'cin be levied In any o^e product a refcrcndumi of all the producers of that ^product sliall be taken to si-e If, a majority 6f tiicm are fpr it!. Imagine taking a refijrenduni of all the t;orn growers, all the tobacco growers, all the hog growers on such a 'que's- lionins that! A chijd ought to ccc that: such a provision is :impr:c- ticalilc, and yet the:august Senate of the United Statesjvoted for if OUT OUR WAY ill:-- will be nb.ted but quantityi [that noth- iso there disappointmehl over any posKijble chemical aaalys ^J And it will be lotjed finally, tbatjjthe whole contest: so far_as thewiirking out of thie details is concernedi will be ' In {he. ban is of the Parlji; Bureau. All^the Chimber of Commerce will ] do Tvlll bje to put up the ifloney. The Jariiiers jh« mselves will ,d|) the res^. ItVllI b^itlieir representfcUres who will||incajsu!re the tracts Wnd oversee ijbe fathering and wjiighing in -Of tilt ctrnl. So eyerybbdyj will be Rtvei ||an alUo.lulely siiiKirieldcaL Anil St— tet's Go! When you find ybiirself agait st a certain prograim br project tl at is before the cbihntunity did y »\ ever stop'to reason ,1t out ^and see whether'in ]>oint olj fact you arc against it on the merits of t le thing or be»use somebody ypu don't like is fjjr-itt \ . A grand juiy soon is to begin ih- vestigating the reqords in t\ro bankii whtcb failed la few weeks a ;o at Kansas City w*th inotes ol C. J. Peterson for, larg^ sums In their vaults. Some more '.'Peterson pejr- secutlon." .The world was not I told what tl e troAble was between Kenneth I. Orniii^ton, radio man for Mrs. Ainr c lyl^cPheraon. and j hib wife: b|it yhatever It was Mrs. no trjoulilc in' ij«>iUi froni liini.° OfQiIston h! d ifl a «llvor<|.' WOO c.A*-/ ' FOf? SOPE. I VA4T FOUR '. MOO.Nf'S .A-foR VA-f ? Jk jilODDlKlK' Wiks Kwiiig Ilt^rlicM has made, up his mind that the plan of calling it ihe "Kansas Press .\s.soc5atIon" instead j of the "Kansas Kditorial As-xocia- tion." jifld.having a paid secrclar^- I' iu|c!''•"'•'•'•si'OuilinBly heavy dues oi^ jthe members, has not worked and should , be alianiloned. This plan e I ,'ou war "•' has b.-en in oiiersttion but two yearj. Id and perhajis thai is not long enough |t(i give il a decisive test. It woiiljl ppe|d I •er The trade unions in Uusisia be- (iiuse of benefils which they e.v- teml to their meiuliers in tin- shapi- iVf, reul anil tax icituction.s. Iiieluile about nine-teiilhs bi" liie Uiissian vv.-ige-earner.-! and tako in Jarp WOO DiOmtT T T seem as if. three years would Iw time enough, however, for a fair iry-out. .\Ayhow the Register will be inciiii'-d lo stiing along with the Hiawatha man if at the end 0'' this year its lirxiks have nothing'to show to (he cri>d:i side of the %:ir,M) dues it paid at the beginning of the year. Berkel jiustice o las hi! )unishni(j ichcnie The ji^i (j-hines la .lO-day ad' beetil t lolation^ ill worli ry jail I^risonmeii' • . ! + <• REAL ESTATE TEA.VSFEK8 * •> Issued Daily from Office oi; <• •3* lola Abstract Co. ; (February is, l!i27i Wllliu'.ii proughton and Klla nroughton 'his wif.- to Dean (). Broughton and Uutli (). Broiighton. of XWi tl-25-21 .i ?;i. E. E. Sinclair atid Geneva Sinclair his wife to Klijabethi I'liiiiili. lots 5 and C block 12 Highland I'lace Add. to lola. $1-. ' Klizabetb Plhmb ami \Viiliai!i 'a I'lunil', wife and husband, to II. E. Keclo. lots "E"-and "F". in Whipple's Sub of part of ::6-24-lS .North land West of Elm creek in SW<4. ?1. A|Xew York legislator wbjuljl ta.\ all ^ti.^itor^ If New York 25ibe day.j to lie ai ded lo hotel billij ard lo convin'ce werily yesjrs| werfl men uboiJ wouldii't iil pboiile wl!<t iJave visited .N'bw th|:it|such 'il iaw was |)a.'<.sid ago -that, is, ilf fact, that' tlii^ tji.x n't for t ioned t f f. "('.jirls put clijlijes . . .' Oli. i We ill on pfiiiil - til) In Clerl] wifii diseiisH livi>.-e«ff'.'^ s dog We Iriimii liiibliy 's >n paint and t.^k ' -says Dr. .1. U. it. They iliin'i usi' rouge. if * ^ l^g liieaiis of pre Uf .\"ew York men nol to sijiei lave be iiiarkb matlb. • I .\1 bet w nier luateiy *lii,i)(ilO auo'lher cocki .Moiiliij ( en, i-(W-ki|, Avonj, 21' irli). in ten Inill|ill(^s ails, one- .liilei; teg- iMKi francs, appioxi- -1hal v.iiuld |ia.\ for il. evi 'U in America. * » « ' Ml :|. Olvitar 's row that; kit ki-il ovi 'r :|lic lilnli'rn ha.s should red iiniveksul ol)ili<|iiy as having l|e< blanu; for tie I'liicrago fire iif l|s71. We liuderstan I that' inipioii |4 •'' ' ' • ifow suggesting t the cow ihiiikers aixj Hie fly Ihaij h blame. PALU'ORNM JUDGE JAILS THE CM NOW i% Calif.. Fel " Peace Olivei- Y new sell nt of traffic violators.jTbe ather tMdn the drivet^. to jail tlu tlce ordered l ^en over by t |)eriod after found giiilt)[ He believe better than ntence of a f«-w le hei! o 'S ihfi t of erring drivers. OMDian— loRi Bell . Cora l<ell Schruer 4as iitralia ii<U. l.sfi Ifebninrv f 2S 'hri.«f iaii fjiffeen y rat I'd j .Missouri oi y and nas.-<ed the 16th. 192t IS. She unit jehureh whil . -ars. and liv<^d Cinlstiai! life eafh. i She was marriei "p Full be leav rtway. hef father and liiotDier:; Air. and Mrs. iJrothers: :-o her ajiid fiv(i Herlba., V Hoblson. v|-. hiive no t'i:il she ou July the to mourn Adam Schnie Ra.v. John chruer Of Yates Center. husband, Ev^re children: [arren. Richaijd ind Jiick ;e latter son bcfng by a :-nier m ^rriage. .She wa^ II devoted (hhrbstianl a ithfulaiul true wife, aiid a gei tie id lovii j; mother. sSie will be reatly-n (sse«l by her loved ones, they jiftrrow not as| those i^ho |h(»po. feclind Confident Chapel. R of the Ch •bi.sse.s of office employes and | .\rnsjc wajlj by .Mr.«. Raid eaehers. i|octors and other pro-i aiid .Mrs. fessioiial peo|)li'. h !io are a|it lb i HoIph Col be outside the sphere of organizril i «iere: labor in other couiitrie.s. The to-;'i ^loiight," fal nieinlieriiiip of tli'i? Iliissutii i (in Mine.' Trade IJiiion Congress is now e.sti- ! PHllbenrei mated to bo clos'.- lo'i. 'Hllbenrer :;.>n. W. r „ , limes RH —I'or prompt results uaothei.ij A . Frc 'las.sificd Columns. • jlfighiand ji ,4 now safe \ihi d npss. soribw, pain and never kno|u-n or,leare'l. iser.viqos wcrel conducted Krida>. February the IKtli p. m. frott the Adams iiftl 'V. .1. E. Reyni istian church C. A. Barber (y as pianist. •One Sweet I 'The Touch o an<! "So Nigiht i were: a wo ;nia- lioliee for r drivers traffic hut jtbis ciisljom- days'im- j hei' Id One woman to inquire a!i( She \yantedi were ifighting ut the know ^bout. (Ah — liungj Jr.. fori the itoniobile There' a I individuals Vb ineansi even money! lb doiiit Feb. LIBERTY Ulis.l born in pril |lhe j^way I on the |agt' iwith ithe girl of I conse- nhtil .'her I 10 Everett I 'jth. 1 D 2 o. taking 17.-Rigi into Spring. [\ grass grew an the sciirb!! bit air ring willii;t Sunday scliool every ; Sunday o'clock; I 'asloil Sunday niornln tnd three aijd \ Aildic' Kansas. ; Fi^its. rtlizabbth. ing. a rodds the m'Het s\\ home lolil, Fi large ^ i- j^et belle Willinji ith .Mri«. r iirsi •bruary Hiijiry iioon. .Mr. Will Wil Zink'ttciit ijili mo or • shb th (IW re sick- ath jire a I 2::::0 I lesser pastor officiating. 'oblehiz th .Miss Tljie soiigs Solemn His Hand There." Chi^rlfs Able-, Seueker. D D. I^ng, j "uby atiteiided hanan. B. D. pniith, and I"' •^'•'s. l.yilt'.<- to BucS^cr i\i Foster ^ind .\ir The Misse,<|t .Seai•cy.|l.urill|^ John jjike Col .Seany spent: with Lucv an<i Mr. ajid -Mrs. ibreil (lowii to tiietr daiightei- and.Mr.'(.: Ballah The Ladies' Kugene er. Interment | •jemetery. meet w||h .Mrs weeks. .Mr. i^iil .M<s sciii. Howard, Hillbraiit. .Mr. hail spc^l. Wii l.'ie pairthlal llei Airs. Will Wj Lujty |aii(!^; send anfl s^iiii jN; he daughter aii Ballah. IVf -diie.'.d .Mr. a oil of: LeRok- vlsitfc-«j parents.[.Mr. ajtd son .Sunday. .Mrs. (leorgi Healll visitors V. S. .Scliooll iKincai •Kel.v sey .school Tiiesdav Lewi- Jenseni. -Marion Cb.x. Lo^ir Mrs. Con jer vl^' dav. • '1 Mrs. riiiaH In school Fr|(lay aft 'Ir. Foley aii< the ni'W swin ernoon". DISTRICT 7J (fiiadys. Robert.?. 1 Emery Petersbi made a Ijusiness trip to Cnanute ;aturdav. i Mrs. Miry Roberts and Gladvs called on diy evenint. Mr.-i Mrs. Johnnie Cation Sun-^ ed on Mrs Liane A\ Roy Rol day with family Snflday. Mr.~aiid |its a It most Ybrk btiut it 26 lents iiiStedd 1of I urges wombii' ui it ace in a bridgtt g iii|« rd less lensiblel re- Was : I called us In ! ;bt hi." icy Off riit- Fl'il Cihy Thrfee men , _ Btrejets of Mciadvillc, Ffa., and crashdd Bicmc^- as oictu'rcll here. t <• •:• V V I i»ii> voir I'VKK sT <>r nt IHIXK Edson R. Wai ree hilt to • • •> 1. I'OOIl. THE .\jiAi:i.\ii: 1 V.NV- OF, CO.MI". SAYS: TIl.A am pr siderei j'l' one ofi tlie ni:;.st iinimrt- [)l)ienis winch is t(i he <-!)ii- rlain high niiniu manuficturers of the rnil».'(l i;iatvs is the tionshi countries, AVashington pifbmiilgat- ) live within {tlieir I hey have to IiOrruw j great il It out of will e are inloriited illie Id le nch last iiigjic jls are inakiiigj t eii" ifielodiesi at I,ib<'rty cliiir inoriiiiig at Vezie was p. We ai\- ngregaticn ;i-> Till. '•" : are no! :u.'< jiroperl lU'orkers clul! jw Castatov :it I t lien Castatbr; I-! Mrs. IC"h:>s. < albii on i ^lij Warrisii ^—' t- ' r.;iiu!jli( refutati Wednesday- iafiel oil and ,Alr- I'enfy o K'-ns'i^ Cit.vj |o Sunday ami tin isil .Mrs. (!( hrui|(^ Foster. essie and Iliillu "ifeeters and .\ie.s.4r ns ami Chuuivee Saturday evei;in^ ^'atlian Wii :bn^ \V. V. Wi!:^oii hifj Humboldt Ji tiud hu-sbaii;!'. M • 1 .Mr id met Willi Fisk WMiiesday and wi jOrval Cox . in tw Glen Cloud an^l .•V^r- and .Mr.s. Jbli ;id .Mrs. .Mi.-<'lana esiiay evening ith home, on and daughter.^ Irs. Mamie Town ^than. visited wit si.s-ter, Alrsi Fay i;.v. Arllinr Towiiseii Airs- Towiuicnd' Mrs. George .Wil |\Vilson and Alis he f. G. l\ I In Irisl week. '• ° i Ponca City, lokiii tie parental .'jeariy Ray Searcy < visilang at! home iSi.Ht weelc- f.>oyd ^nd Clia sbuekii^ corn f,: Horscslire Benil. .Miss lassie !? th- week enil with home folks. I'rior Heath Ini < hered hogs! .Mob- I day. Mr^ Steive Glelt Roy |uncey Searcy ar< r W. P. Heith jiii 4«rry visileil over ^it of lola and Mr, were wcek-eiid Heaths. Notes. was ab.-(iit: frol i nd AVedliesilay. George Harrison', lis Cfevengei- ami ed school Satur- id Thyla visited rnooir. Wilson Heath t UP Tuesday afl- ed ed the have n foreign! •such al] hi ; countrv j eil aiiotj I resist I lie alf neiglibi: trine, il SI ell I eriain bli- for and thi l!y Shawnije; Oklahoma le ; I V ! p .'Cl • lis ii •:•; rigii • in • i sliould , jnj wild tin H'*' into the honi© ofJQUeudeU ici Ol" <)l 'i;r I (ijiijtri 'W. iitbliii'iv iiei<'.sls;irv jtli but it.' III tlK#: .c^()u^ rilizei.'4 wlui [iiivcsl u I; i ii-A:ii£ri< in coiiintrie-s-. • i 'M ti" ail:i>!i of i're.-iSdenf C< 11 poll ' PRES11>I::.\T A.VK AiVD Till ST .NEW uni,i -:A .\s. • shi;iii(!| n- .Vi( :iracii;in "ni!i! iiiiliiii- '•eivc Ihc OF j bi;si|:eis iiii-n .u^iier: iC-'p.Vi-itdil. Tiji- driiKoii ny i l)acK{\v;: forwiir lis ill' thf s I.s. anil le re- tolidge based and >f *)Ur ijair is ' jiiolicy liiilAirl illy. i >ralde: lo -fly line s|rr by the- 3Xpansion >s with' jusinesc iiiicn aiid of our triide reia- Lat;n--i\'niericnn Lisbon, ihi- •Piirtup^ese c is^ie ;.>r r !iv inoie -lmporiani itit'nlial eeiilors in t doctrine b entangli nations' liaiices at ksve tr.idel lliat we! aiiould iig alliaiiris with | nor do ^ve ii.eed . this datif. but «i' relaiion.s. if tiiis j ^•i world! is to propcriy tnlfiM its estiny. Al ed as npital, com-' If w onrov proinuiga!- Iier doctrijiie that .^Iioiild any foreign interfert-iue in iiirs of our Latiii-.-Vnuriciin acieiit llliat doi- we IJave ace. i< .me ^iial ^we ; Is. jtnd "Xlvnt. ai least, the presj'rvatioii riglits of forei.1,'11 ii'riean\ < Iieople Ol' the (nit in favor Ol" aci|ii 1 foreign (7)i:nn"i in tiics^ Latiii-.Ai Of Cuba )n of till tain uiitiliinking pfnple. Ihi' i tryins; tjo force oiirielve.-; i Our altilud is or charge.'- •pl«!d ir. : r,-. lo a , >f o'rrli-r I citizens i iHiitriis. li Slati-.s.' iition (li I s. and : •ill .till.' I |iifl"i.;iiiit . Ill" ri,'l'- : we i\vi pon tilK' A roiuliiiij^ f H-'I'! ii^ t!:cr.onth- in;^ rtllit*f or Ciirim'^ienliiin's C'oogh j Reir.Dd;,'- fc^r-Vi; ili'thonbkvo relied:^po'i it. L ••. it hu'jy.iir ciliid , I to-nigji.l- .'i .-:k y;.-:rfir'j||.<j:.i;;. Mother;—vrit' : It f .-j i; lK>o!<l-?t : . c.-> ••(Jtr.. (;." 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Ji 'M' Ijiiy. |i( ;;!.',, ;inil IiiilIK T'-il •. ;!IKA!» OF ( tni.K : • IHM SKBOMI <;|«i»i »s •1 uoodj milk i-owl:. :.ll Ir. sli nov.. j Kii^Ji.-.i. cai.iii.'r : < i^|dif):-id: .2 ; .••voracc -1 ;,':ir !<>iis icacli f"'" dav'; I !'Is \\ iyearlitiK iWliiiifBc-fi l .iiil rail'. ' >V.uU\v ;k{ iiiivi* «F iio<;s ""• rli.'^i- liarriAv*: pjiir of- iiiirjibs.: IT 2- • i!-."S' liJlc-ii: •jv. f; Th; ni;. i ^};y: Z\ si-ts i .1 1 sinnli- ij'; i;t| liedg" riiall fool .s. M ChDsicr : Vv'hi brwl lo taiio-.v in e bvof:d • sow .\''ril: 22 h-.\:\ -lifiitin illi oiniiiK.-; and ; inattn-s.'-e:!: room I:Jilr : (Ijf.-^Mr: rarliaiis: i'"^ .y'"vi :j (ii 'ik sl'ov;; : .-luvr; <->'ikici: liteii^iin: !iiii!»> rt<'iH fitbir ic^^ll •i^ of la'l .sho:i:s. ueitiiing iriui fip to' f-rnfit iind i'ci-d Abiltii • 7ii(i (n so lbs. each. i F.\|{.>I I.MI 'J,l -MK.\T-S, KTI. j 'I'wo via. 1-0M.S.; 1 1 narrow ; tin;, wii^i- lini: bay rai.k: 2 ridin;:'cil- sri(,i hir. i-f f ci n : 'i or b' ' tC'V : aho'lt 111(1 li-;. oaH J. ,{ 1.0 i.'xz- I 'un p 'nie'K; . V. U'.n 1 .itivalors. (l-sliovel: iJanesviH.' milkv : l--Fboir" lo^ •plow. Hj-incli: IJii!i!i walking, Ford 'i'o:i lui •ploiv: Diiin mowing niaeliin.-. .".-fi. ati.-i 1 :'; ciil': hay lak-. Mcli] diiinri; I:airow: v.-iid -l,. lon.-i tame i r M' i>od Whit -t" in V. i TEKMS ( \Sn[ i. ' •I r.! •I an pair iai-d < «M,. (ILLS. UK W f crtdll i- ile>iired M -ij jbur .'<,rai bin K -r, T. it. JACKSON 5lll .I»REI> SI,\TK |{.V\K. rierl.. (M>, Auelioncer. LadiesJAJd oi l|ps{ey Chapel Will Serve I iini'b. i: Catiofi Wednesday, sburgi has the npeiisles-j rt.s ati 1 wife spfnt Sun} 0. C. CTunninghani and We hav«j muddy roa| Bernice the week Mrs. I - Roy Bogg^ call- nther Ciimmings of Oklahbba. .ijje visiting ; their nephew; 'k W." fioberts and! famr ily. Granima Ro lerts is also visr iting withj them.! \ Airs. Roj jBoggf called on; Airs; John HiteA an We inesday evening. *-—I been !l aving.extrbmelv as in til is neighborhoodJ and Vligil WMlc spentl nd wttfi home folks. a building ed a.s acid properties iuice of pok:! REGISTERED SHORTHORN GATTLE '' . " I will or'fet' at Ifiiblic Auction jnv entire hl 'ril of ReffKsteretl SHortiiorn| cattle, at my farm, bne-Jialf mil<? ibf Savonburg, Kan., commenting at 10 a. m., -'\ THURSDAY, FEb[?4, 1927 ! ? So HEAD OF UVEJSTOCK \ new cement i< eveloped by tbt- French military % igineors diiring the war has now It ome Into uic as materia. It is deserib- nnd fiiri proof, witl^ Ibe Hfj steel, ind the apriear- Twelve h^ad of Scotch cow.s and heifer.s. Eleven head of Scotcli top cow.s and heifers. Four head of Sc6tcii bulls. Two grade calvest bull and heifer. Eleven head of hiorKes and mules.. ' ^ ' 'fchina shoat^'' Ten heacJ jPoland Term.s of I Sale: .Savonbi nr ,'<tnlb i|iink, <]Brk CASH. O. A. WEDDLFi JLS. II. \\. SMOI 'ii and IKA XILLE|l^. Auctfower LbnHi .Scried on f. LIU irui ^ndH! Ifl

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