The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on November 28, 1891 · Page 2
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1891
Page 2
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Tito Postville. Weekly Review TOSTVIILB, SATDAY, NOV. 38. W. N.BTjaDIOK.Bditor. Mntftd attht l'ostofllu*t Posttilli at luni-tUf.Vaifr. IOWA OPINION. THANKSGIVING THOTJOHTS. I BOARD OF B UPEKVIBOltS- MAKEE OOTJNTY. ALLA- Thoro ii no question but tlio paramount interest of the people of low* la now centered on tho forthcoming Iegts- latura on tlio prohibition question. Other issues aro dead for tho tlmo being, ami the republican party i» almost dead temporarily tn this state M a result of ongrafling a moral question into its politics. What shall be dona is now the upponnost question Although the day is past and (ho festivities and reunions ccnsequcit upon its observance aro now only pleasant memories, wo feel like saying a word on the su'iject, although It would have b«on mora opportnno lust week. Wo hops our entire family of readers hayo not only enjoyed tho day, but (hat each have csntrlbuted their mite towards making some ono else, not perhaps so fortuneatcly situated as themselves, a littlo happier than before. At this holiday season, the first of whoso anmvor- sarios havo just been observed, and tho others so soon to follow. It is meat that we should romember, oven more forcibly than at any other lime, lhat to bo happy ourselves wn must mako some ono also happy. Humanity is Ion,; in learning this most patent fact in lifo. This philosopher's stono soctns so securely buriod In tho rubbish of selfishness that we seldom find it until it Regular November Session, 1891. The board of supervisors of Allama- keo eonaty. Iowa, met at tho eaunly auditor's oflieo nnd organized as a board of •otinlr csuvastere, at twelve o'clock noun, Monday, Nov. 9, 1891. Present J. Leas and J. U. Meier. On motion board adjourned to one o'eloek, p. m. Board mot ns poradjournment; mom- be if all present. On motion board proceeded to ean- rass the votes oast at 111* last general election, held on tho third day of November, 1891, ns shown by tho poll books rslurnod from the soveral townships In Allamakee county, Iowa, whioh vntss wsru as shown by official table ordered published. Uu motion board adjourned to eight o'clock, a. m., Tuesday, November 10, 1891. county attornoT is hereby ordored to ollecl the same by law. Ordered that tko countv auditor cancel n judgment against 8. N. Stafford recorded in judgment docket B, district court, psgo 120 upon payment of $110 into the county treasury by said Stafford. Tho board allowed themselves the following por diem and mileage: ' LeaB $13.80 H Meier 13.44 H. Froelich 13.92 On motion board adjourned. J. M. C'OLUHS, County Auditor. TUMIUY. Nov. 10, 1891 Board met as por adjournment; members all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings road and approved. J. F. Dayton having received the greatest number of votes cast for the ofllco of representative 87th eistrict, was on motion declared duly elected J. V. Dougherty hnvlng received the Ono thing sooins to run through all, or guCM( ,,i i n ' t i, 0 | r undortnUlugs, but just I KrcMost number of votes cast for tlio rather a large portion of tho replies. ,„ „,„ ratlo of th , |r >UCMMi 0 „ lhe, "" l ~ -'~' '~ nnd thnt is the bolief that in some bM , s ()f go i fli | lnc „. J( , e , i^ppi,,,.,,, nml contentment flee away. And then wo with tho leaders of tho parly, and tho great dallies aro sending out inquiries j, t 00 into \ 0 extract as much hsppiness with tho ylew of securing a concensus j ronl j t ftg w , ou gi,t. \\ 0 .,t r j T0 to llnd of opinion. The repllos to these que- i )t j, p | ntts for ourselves by aconninlal- ries arc almost as divoren as tho par- lng moDtr gaining popalarily or ties to whom they aro addressed, no torlety for oursolvos, regardless of scarcely any two of thorn ^gracing. lho f 00 |i,, gg 0 f t i m80 ar ound ns. A tuvr Phillip'* Pacific Coast Excursion. Pur the above naniud excursion the Burlington, Codar Kapids and North- rn Rnllway will run a Tourist Car every Thursday from Albert Lea, Minn., to Columbus Junction, Iowa, connecting with C, It. 1. A 1*. Pacific Coast Excursion Tiain, and this car ill go through without change to San raucisco. For rates and genoral information apply to any agent of this company, or J. K. 1UN»EUAN, Gen. Tk't and l'ass. Agl. manner tho qnostlon should bo again submitted to the people To us this sooms to bo tho veriest bosh. Just as if tlio quoslion had not been rosubniit- loarn that it is aooro blossed to give than to rocoivo. Thoro is something that tho human organism calls for that ted to tho people every yoar slnco tho monoy will not buy or that tho applauso adoption of tho amendment, but direct- 0 f t | 10 populace wilt not satisfy. Kellg- Jy so in the last two gubernatorial olec- i 0 „i it s t on ii it the longing of the soul tions. The last election was oorlainly as fair a test as any non-partisan clee- tion could give it, only that it largoly favored tho prohibition side, as is evidenced by the fact that while tho democratic governor was elected by about 8,000 plurality, and all the state ticket with him. the house.was saved to the republicans. Do you suppose tho house was saved on tho scoro of .savingJ prohibition P Wo bavo too much rospoct for tho good sonso of the people to belieTO that anybody thinks so, although a few of the replies would indicato as niuoh. The house was sav ed regardless of prohibition to prevent tho stale from being "Michiganizod" ami redislricted in Ji* interest of tho democratic party. Had it not been for this thore is no doubt but lho house would have been as'rallcally demo cratic as the rest of tho tioket/nnd nil this talk that on this account tho state is still for prohibition is stuff and non sense. It is simply a ruso to try and save the law two mora years at the exponas of the life of lho republl oan ; parly. If tho republicans in the lower house desiro to seo the last vital spark go out of the party they will con stino the voto as abovo dolined, and fight ropoal, favor resubmission and overy hindrance thoy can, and they may be suro of accomplishing that which they sock. From a plurality of 70,000 they havo seen tho deoadoncu of the party until now it lias suffered throo conseoutive defeats, this year a Waterloo, nnd slill thoro aro those who say tho people have not yet spokon for repoal, and It would bo aowardly to act before they have spokon! K tho life of the republican party is of loss moment than tho reteulion of an unenforced law on tho statute for two years, then the way of the republican legislator is plain. This year there will be a chance to onact a good, stringent lieonso law. Two yoara from now there will bo no such opportunity, and no opportunity to eloct a republican United States sonator, it the matter is delayed mitil that timo. Even the oilrenists admit that the next legislature will be deiuourallo If prohibition is not now repealed j but rather than take auy "backward slop" thoy are willing that this should bo done. This only provos that those men are not republicans and their proper place it in a third prohibition party. They know as well as thoy know anything that tlio only liopo for cither prohibition or a*y praoilcal control of the traffic always has bean and .will be with the republican party, and yot they are willing to seo it die in tlioir behalf, when its death means death to thorn at well. There art soma stages of Inoon sistoncy that seem inexcusable, even in an insane person, and this seems to be one of the stage*. Tbey havo led the republican parly down to ha open for spiritual food, for the higher lifo that exists in every human breast although it may bo in embryo. Did you last Thursday reinerabor somo poor neighbor, some widow or fatherless child, whom the world in its heartloss rush had never thought of, and chase the shadows from tho bleak hearth stone nnd causo n littlo sunlight to lin" ger oven for a few moments where darkness hud long been denso and sorrow reigned supreme? If you did we know you feel a quiet joy you nover felt boforo, if it was your first losson We know, as you sought your pillow that night you almost felt the rustlo of angel's wings, and hoard tho whlspor luasmuuh as yo havo dono it unto one of theso yo haye dono it unto me." Whon we understand it by praclieal demonstration, what music is thero in tho term "brotherly love-," and especially so when ww widen Its scop* anfll- eicntly to tako in ail Immunity. In our selfishness how wo slrlro to forgot that our poor neighbor is our brother or our sister. Hut thoro is a monitor within that will not quite lot ns do it, and once in a while, whon our good angel presides in the citadel of our hearts we aro led to bo tho men nnd women tho Creator intended us to be for a little while, and '.hen what gleams of glory stream down upon us from tho gales ajar! No matter what our faith may bi, or whothor wo havo any well deflu od faith or not, wo do know that thore is a compensation for doing good right here and now that far outweighs a littlo sordid gold. We were pleased to hear Uev. Burton speak so broadly and kludly on this Una In his dlscourso at tho Lutheran church last Sunday afternoon. Of nil men those professing Christianity ought to be tho broadest and most loving. Thoy aro trying to walk In the footsteps of him who went about doing good. W* believe that sermon will do muah to break down tho barriers that to somo ex'.ont haye existed botwean tho. nationalities hero. For this wo aro thankful, as we are for everything that has a tendency to unito us tn ono common brothorhood. What matters it whether our community is made up largoly of Germans, Scandinavians, Irish or Amoriean born cltizuus? Lot ud all be friends and brothers only intent on the best interest and good of alt. This is tho Ideal condition, nnd whatevor of influenoo we possess shall always be glvon In favor of IU* brotherhood of man; and to this ond wo extend tho right hand of fellowship to overy brothm and sistor of all nation alltles with whom wo coma In contaot W* hopo to mako none of them worse by the contact and desire that we may ba made better. And thus with malice towards none and charity for all lot us be thankful for the blowings of a bounlifnl harvest and the prosperity lhat has baon show utiles of county treasnrar was lion declared duly elected. J. B. Miaert having received tho greatest number of votes east for the ofllee of sheriff was on motion declared duly olected W. J. Mitohell having received the greatest number of votes east for tho ofllee of superintendent of public schools was on motion declared duly eleotod. W. M. Kelly having rscoivod the greatest number of vutos cast for tbe oflieo of county supervisor was on motion declared duly elected. Joseph Fabuy having received the greatest number of votes cast for the olllco of nounty surveyor was on motion declared duly elected Win. Noppor having received the greatest number of voles for the office ot coroner was on motion declared duly elected. Board examined the jury lists and mado the necessary corrections on same. Wm. Werhnn, justice of the peace, Franklin township. Jno. Bacoa, justlco of tlio pease Iowa township. U. P. Kulls, justice of tlio peace, Lud low township. W. O. Pladson, constable, Conter township. A. 1>. Bonder, eonstablo, Trankliti township. Win. Cordon, constable, Iowa town ship. I. E. Nash, constable, Ludlow town ship. J. J. O'Brien, constable, Taylor township. James Conner, constable, Waterloo township. The cerllfleates of votes cast for lho state aud district ollleors wero duly signed. On motion board adjourned as board of county canvassers mid organ ized as a board of snporvisors. Road case No. 54-t coming up for final action and it appearing thai th costs are all paid by petitioners in com plianco with a formor order of thi board, it is hereby ordered that said road be and is heiebv oslatiliihed Consent highway No. 545 petitioned for by James Dunn and Anna Dunn, coming up for final action, it is hereby ordered that said highway bo aud is hereby established through the south oast quarter of the southwest quarter of section twolve and northoast quarter of lho northwest quartor of section IS, all in township ninoty-sovon, rauge three west, lands owned by said James Dunn and Anna Dunn. Oniuial bond of Finley Lena, as cler of Linton township, approved. Township trustoos of the following named townships, examined and ordered placed on lllo: Lafayette, Franklin, Taylor, Hano vor, Faint Creek, Center, Lansing and Waterloo. On motion board adjourned to oight o'clock ft. in., Wednesday, November 11, 1891. grave, and it thoy now had the heart ered upon us as a people, evor romom- of a Comanche Indian they would call a halt and say as Christ did: "All ha* beeu done in my vineyard that oan bo dono." "You have followed our for tune* to the Inst ditch and both you and wa are overpowerod. You have kept the faith and fought the good light. We now abiolve you from further effort* until suoh time a* there •ball bo some littlo hope for suoosss, la tho mean timo we will do for you baring that whatever wo havo la only given to us in trust for tho betterment of the world in which wa live and the furtherance of tho designs of tho Creator. Thus shall we not havo lived in vain, though our possessions bo not oouutod by thousands or our influence be not fell in the state or nation. Thore is one felt, and which we live, and In the homo that I* WBDNBSDAT, Nov. 11. 1891. Board met as par adjournment; mem bors all present. Minutes of yastorday'* proceed!* gs read and apprnyod. Couu'y clerk's roport of foos for September and October, 1891, showing $168.10 charged and $373 95 collected and paid into tho county treasury examined and ordered plncod on Bio. On the petition of Frank P. Adams it is ordored thai if said Adams indom uify tho county by a snitablo bond approved by the county auditor, said auditor is lieroby authorized to pay said Adams tho amount of redumption monoy claimed by him. Petition of Mrs. S. IIulso for n refund ing of $1.00 poll tax for 1887 and 1888 and fifty cunts dog" tax for tho year 1887, orroneously returned against her, granted. Tax petition of Goo. M. Hays, not granted. Tax potiiion of G. P. Eells, deforred Petition of O. H. Monserud, et al, for a bounty on gopher scalps, not granted Report of J. if. Collins, committee on wood for court house and jail, examined and ordored plaood on lite. The committee appointed to examin the book* in tho sevoral oonnty odious completed their report whioh is 'as follows: To the Honorable Board of Supervisors of Allamikeo oounty, Iowa: GKNTLBMEN: Having completed my labor* in examination of the offices of county auditor and sheriff <>f said oovin- F. J. BECKER, M.D., KCO MBOPATHIO rilYSICUN AMD StmOEON. Offlen on Second Floor of 1'itrker'i nnlldtng, no«r l'o»toffloe, 1'otlYilU, Iowa. DR. J. S.GREEN, rnrsiciAN * SUKOCON, Office and Residence Southwest par *f town. All sails promptly attonded J. SHEPHERD M.D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, v. s. ramioM axmiiau. Offle* st reilil«non on Green itraet, •••olid boan Itll ot Hoy A McNell'« Hardware. BANISTi A. JERALD, 3wEerclxarLt Tailor, Poitville, Iowa. All work A warrantod io glTO satisfaction. A full lino of tho latest styles n samples. ©. F. GMNTON. A complete and fall stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills- Best of grades only handled. STORY OF A NECKLACE. . tlrnvo of A reruvlilll Vrtnc»M:» npnl -t* I I,)- Amor enn Oflloerf. Tho wlfo of a woll known naval of- !cor. whose homo Is in Washington, wc-.ira about ho • throat a very beautiful gold necklace, the odd pattern ot which IKIH attracted much attention end o.wi.e.l much comment. A great ninny of lior timid friends would bo horrified, ill U'K1OS-J, If tlioy know that for p ;i'H:v.).i :i ontiiry that ncoklaco hud nd :rnod th.- mummy of a Peruvian princess. Some yearn :i;vo. while a vessel bo- loiicluj; to tho United Mutes navy wnB cruUing olT the coast of lVru, her of- fleers urgani/xd uu u.\; edition to dig for mummies. "Inrn-hunling" has been for many yunrs a favorite pastime In tho Amuivc.Mi navy. Hardly u vessel bus gone to tho South Atlantic station who e ollleors have not organized a similar expedition, nnd iniuiy of the graves of tho dead rulers of Peru havo bo-n opined and despoilod. The expedition which resulted In the discov cry of the noekluci was most fruitful Not one, but a do/.on graves wero found. In the center wns lho gravo of ono who had ovidonlly boon a princess, and burkd about hor in a eirclo wero tho remains of thoso who had boon her attendants. Tho mummy of tho princess Wiis in a sitting posture. All of tho others wero doubled up lho sumo way, but, while tho nttltudo of tho con tml flguro ivoro tho calm expression of death, tho others expressed tho most hopeless despair. Thoy had evidently been burled alive and some wero In tho attitude of tearing their hair or rending their garments. Only the central figure was adorned with ornaments, and chief among theso was a necklncj of gold bondi). Ono of tho officers in tho party covotod tho necklace, and undor an arrangement with lho other members of tho expedition he bocamo proprietor of it and brought it homo to his wlfo. Another officer brought homo a mummied arm, and there aro many other ghastly relics of that voyago now decorating the walls of amoklng-rooms and llbrurlos In Washington.—Philadelphia Pross. WM. •HSrBBBD. >• i. miiiui, BHKPHinn WIOTIHRII, ATTORNEYS -:- AT -:- LAW, Iniartnco Agenta »ml ColUtlon, Aqthorlml »o prutlot in kit the courts otHi« •tale. OflUe oTfli I.ten'1 itor«, brlok block. POSTVILLE - - IOWA. The Old Reliable Meat Market, OHif B. HART, Proprietor. Opposlto - Postvlllo - State - Bank. Noiio but the best meats purchased. Everything in lirst-clast shape. Courteous treatment to all. Prices nlwajs the lowest. J.A.HAVIRLAND, "S7"etexln.ar3r Stxrgreon, l', IOWA. Office first door Kast of the Coinmer ciai House, Green St., Postville, Iowa A fine set of surgical instruments. All necessary medicines kept on hand Thirteen years successful practieo Calls promptly answorod TRED. N. BEEDY, NEW REL1QION IN SPAIN. -PHOTOGRAPHER.-: And Dealor in Picture frames. Postville - Iowa Postville Dray Line P. J. BEUCHER. Prop. Having purchased the origina. Post- villo Dray Line 1 am prepared to do all kinds of" draying promptly, carefully and satisfactorily. Good teams, good drays and careful drivers always at tho service of tho public, at fair prices. Ail kinps of light or heavy hauling, in town or country promptly done. place that our iuflttonoe maybe ty,wi\l oftm^he following n*mv report: id that !• in tho - iml«-iihoi-i..inri in wltu J - Lon, > chairman ot the board id ttiatl* in tlio, tiol*;nooiliood in , . unul . vIlovli . ..,i,t.„t. B v»mlnod of supervisors, as assistant, examined —h.t „ ,. JI • , ... • . , tax gale Indox of lands redeemed from what you did for u*. hold up your «• to onjoy. Let us seo to It that November 7, 1,872, to August, 1891, also hand* fn your battle for ropublioan 'M* «p!ioro bo respleudaut with certificate stubs of redumptiou to said the suallght of smiles, kind word, and d ,* te ' mE P, n, i n0 'l roiul «>n<l«r No- 3. senerous deeds r. „„ t i „ olwlal bond rooord from January genesis deeds. It matters not whotu- 1881, to January 1891. Compared ei our anal re»liui{ plao* bo lurtnouot- auditor's feo book with oonnty tre*»ur- •d by a marble or granito shaft, if, °. r ' . woelpt *tubs from January 1881, to Evorjr Womnn Convert Glvon thn niffht to CllnoHO u llUHimilil. A Btrnnffo soot has oorao to public notlco in Madrid, Spain. It litis lis hoadquartora In tho Culle del Sombro- roto, a poor but central part of tho town. Thovo aro about 1,000 members in Madrid, and tho membership In tho provincos is increasing dosplto tho united offorts of tho government and tho elorgy to check its growth. Tho largest branch is located at Valencia. Tho two loading doctrines of tho soot aro the propagation of tho human rnco and tho bunishmont of disease. Tho loader is a formor workman namod Jetnina. who is called "Tho Groat Pontiff," and at whoso houso tho mombors moot Aftor prayers and singing at those moctinffd tho pontiff blcasos tho sick and administers doses of holy water to them. CrowdB of sick pooplo I'.oclc to him to bo healed, and thoro scorns to bo n particular desiro to submit sick ohild- ron to his miiiiBtratlons. The gatherings tako place at night. The striotost morality Is enforcod as a part of tho tenente of tho new religion. Tho dootrlno of tho propagation of tho raeo is carried into practical offoct in this WIBO. Any woman is entit'.od to riso in mooting nnd cry out "I wish to murry" so-and-so, naming tho favored num. Tho, man upon whom her oholco has fallen is doomod to beoomo a husband. It Is USOIOSB for him to protest prior t gagemcnts. Tho pontiff marries the eouplo then and thoro. Over 800 such marriages havo taken plaoo and tho popularity of the pontiff among women desiring matrimonial partners la unbounded. Their benefactor Is undor a cloud, having been thrust into prison on the ohargo of practicing modlolno without' legal authority. Scores of women show their dovotlon to tho persecuted pontiff by gathoring outside the prison and uttering lamontatioua and oppressions of sympathy for him. SHBRITO't SALE. Granite Oometery Work, Iron Fence*, Curbing &c. Those intending to purchase Monu mental work for future delivery will Hud it to their advantage 11 oxam'ino M V. Kidder's Granito Work in Cenicto ries, as ho is doing lirst-class work at low pneos as can DO procured in tho country. If ho has not called uponyou drop him a card at Uecornh and ho will bo pleased to visit you with Designs and samples of all kinds of Graulte, at tho lowest possible prices. M. V. KIDDER, 34md Decorah, Iowa L."STROEBEL & SON, — rnorsiiTous or — • Postville Boot and Shoe Store (AT AB1IST110NO 1 UOLTSa'O OLD STAID.) Have a full line of Boots, Shoes, Slip pets, Rubbers and everything kept in a No. 1 genoral shoo aloro. Custom work and repairing neatly and promptly dono. Every pair war ranted. We keep no shoddy. I R E C I P R O C X T "2" Is a fair 1 exchange in which neither party has any advantage 3 over the g other. t- This is our position • with • you. RAILROAD TIMK-TABI.K8 On and after Sunday, Juno SO, 18'J0, trains on tho C. M. & St. P. Ry. oave Postville as follows.* GOING CAST. Passengers. No. » 4 :6t p. to No. 4 (night) 8:32 a. ui. Freights. No. 7 Way Freight 11:05 a. w No. 9 Timo Freight 6:10 p. ru No. 11 Tlmo Freight... .S:J5 p. :ti tiOINO WSST. Passengers. No. 1 night [J.10 a. iu. No. 3 10:2 .')a. tn. Freight*. No. 10 Chicago Slock 11:05 a. r* No. C Way 4:32 p. m. No. 12 Milwaukoo Stock .6:10 p. ». All Freight trains mcnliomd. eicepi No. 12, carry pnsspngurs when r»*pTii)cul with proper transportation. No. 11 between North McGregor and Cnhnsr ii. E. WI1IPF, Agsnt. 33. C.E.&U'.R.R. We Give You Your Money's Worth Every timo you buy any goods of as. Wo would bo much pleased to havo you call and inspect tho Now Suits and Overcoats for both Men, and Poys.that we aro opening up this woek. J. H. G-RAY—THE TT. T. K. CLOTHIER. Hoy <& McNeil. I)*COHAIJ Division. Timo Table in cITccl Nov. IS, 1931 Passenger going North... S:10. P VI " South. 4:10. " Freight. " North 2-.4S. P. M J. E. PBUUT Agent. 5 Aik my menu for W. I,. F)««sl»«.f':n>«-. f not lor onto In yoar yloeo n»k your nalor lo •eud for cotatoso*, BooHra thu Hgeucr, and set them for jroo. ITTAKIt NO Sl'USTlTUTK. 8 a u o o e*- WHY IS THE W. L. DOUGLAS S3 SHOE oBKT'flLW I THE EE3T SHOE W THE WOULD TQfl THE Vl.KU? It U a •efcmliu iliot. villi no t*c.» or r*x •! tn hurt the f «ot; undo vt lb* btv.t (Uo cMf, •>•) -J and ex 17, x.u-1 Itotuiss 1>« muW mir* thott «y t yr«(f# (him ti'\'j oVitv motm/ii-'/tirif, It u»n k»»IT «'1 Hn 'ii cmtliif fmm l J >1X*. Cjn OUtirnnion llnnd 'karrjtl, ii »Bi«lwW alwo ortr t?fT«ro <l tor »^u*U n Itnporifl ih<>c» vhtcti colt froiii »i.v: \-> »:;.;«. C*J3 (JO l !Kn <l-:4vrrat( W *» 1 c ltU««, CJI •«", *P*^!'J fcljrliah, comforiRlilo A-ul il'iiAilt. tXuto Ajvtr t>iYui'oit ni. Kill prtca : «t.iii« tr.*.J« M *<•>• tomiuu'lo Btioai coattnc from It W tn »>».W. 33 I'ollco Him* | Kkrir.jri. IUJ1r««'.l lien *i)%9m *nd Mtt«r<*ftrrl9ri»ll TTCUP thim; Cno*nir, lr?»mlBil, itnuolti tticitlt, l.tirj thr«« «ul»*. »ilt>- •!<>i. *"U«o. «Jno inlr»*lllTT«xr*7«»r. tfjifj) 50 flue) c-tft ii» l>*lti,r ilio» «T»r p?ir»i tl iDiZkm tli!i prlr*; ono irJul T*]|) e<ja*.a»a t«*.i nlio unit «t)ina Tor cunftjrt tnd *«rTlc*. C\ 'J3 anil 'o'J.ffO \\'orlili;'3 §*r>*a %I><l>*j «ra y*ry stnutg «ml tiuiilili. Ttio>* < nr*\> li *vi gWen thflin a trlnl will ITCH- no I ;|!WP i.uV p. tV>r \Wc' fc '«5»0O 8l.9.*i •th-.u! »t« CJVjf O worn liy tho boyanrertfnlitiro; tin/ i*.l en tticlr nl^rlt», an t'-.n Inrrcniln,; i»!ci itiow. B Carl i AC 1*3.00 Ilniu!-««\TPH ih b.;0 rauU l\^«> lioiirrola, ten ityll-ti;f<iuni». v r£uvi lmti'iriotl fllioL'i pititluK fi-tim st.iu tn i^.iO. >IlaKoiaru tho liosi flniiDoiiKuta. MyllihiUHl ^Itirkb!'*. r'aullwn.—Hoe that W. I.. lidtiifUV iintuj HUJ prlc« art itainpod »u the tK )tt«mi uf «ach khes. W. h. UWULXH, UroekUm, iinu. SOI.!) l\T LUHMAN - & - SANDERS. All War'fd Fir©k@©p©rs< =9 •A'.'I-HilM ELECTION IS OVER STATE OF IOWA, :1 •I. i .i u . . .< Aueu»t 1891, ami found all of said , d*ep down in the hearts of those wo ft00 ' ount8 correct. Kxamlnod school national and stato control and suoh ttmperanco msasurss as th* people are prepared to receive." Thi* would bo not only the part of gratitude but good souse. But ot course it will, not be done, and the only thing left for ropub- leave behind lotlng memorle* linger fund lodger* O and D and ooroparod llcna to dob to organise purely on <t and an oco Ml onal thought of affection ^XATJX ^O OOS national basis, regardUw of local Issuos. goes out Into the spaces for ono who Amount of sohoolfuud Ootobor 29tb, wa* tho fnend of the human raoe. 1891, $5,872.7tf. Interest tine on same Marble soou ornmblos to Its original January 1, 1891, 13,095.65. Amount , . . i, .. i ,,, J* ot morteages and contract* duo oounty dust and gvanit* dissolve, with time, , untU .• r «.j M( , 1 8oW by county $1,but a good duod, a kind word and an OO&.OQ, uusolttsh action will endure while Cod. The auditor Is entitled to much ered- thelr Mithor, »IU on tho throne of the « or ^° and oorreot llgure* i • M -in »»t • of tho tUotiMnUs of entriea made in tho universe. Ho will take oare ot hi. own; iohoo i lttn d and otUw aoeouuts. J and beyoud tho November clouds \y« have proceeded to examination I whioh environ us hero we uiuat believe of tho *h*rlfr» _reoord» during the MIHSBAPOLI* secured the republican national convention and the 7th of I June Is the lime Used for the convention. Now something will be sa'.d a*) te the prominent oandidatss at au early day, as It is only #!x months lo the I meeting. Wo boliove that Blaine and MoKlnley nre the men wHU tbe Urgeit there is a .unlit «horo, an oasis lq the J»<»>n» b enoy of J. B, Mlnorts also'found following »t this time, though it i« pro- desert of the- eternities, whero nil ° r R.j» P ootfully lubmltted, ,->•:•, H, O.JDAfTON, COW On motion the report ottbe,ooromlt- desert of the- oternitles. whore nil bfcble that neither ot them will be can- wrongs will be righted and all loan didate*. Thixt would m»k« r grm »hall h« wiped ffom all faces. May It ti«k»t though, and n sweeper. ' !d|«^ftsl ,t>« MM 4|«Mer< i ' -A, D«h»i>te towlten-(ryiDt- ^' m KfHtipvs » bearer tho itdyontap! •'-'^i.m^m, V)ido( the gro*t bonMt be ours, encb and all, to clasp hands tee was nopeptedand ordered published on that evergreen shore" and together oWt72oUor wplovq the wonders of the creation BO ig n , without resource,'' the »h ,enflra whoM w«*ker and bu|l4«r li Qui, oertlflpate held by tho oonnty on Jots t and % In lot 9,.b)ook T> YlUage, flweki; to;;;»ayton,; *nji,i |)ljf |^'#po^i^^ •..:-.>-.•i.L---.^-..-_._-*^--—— ,11... s „m^ : M 'J $ CtAWKBOH was choisn ohftlrman, into tbe-. oounty .treasury the of (bo n,t.o ? a ,« pi ,bllt, B »tlho ta uaot|D/( vi ih« eopimltuj. :ln #,^JSU^thjpouqtyfor ' «M*Pr)l)l>l4 ««i oV«*w H W*v< ^ » ot P* M ^' Jmw H l > 189,1 ">° uSS«W' *7'iSSfV»K fit. ii™*rw»i<I ' •>. Allamakee Co, By virtue of a Special Fit'eeniiun, to mi* tllrpolnd. inueil by llin Clerk of tlia IJ^ti'ift Court of laid eotinij, hi ,'-ivur o( II J. Clark aud against PuViuiiiA S'.iillotu and Jako. Stillion*, 1 havo Jur upon and will sell to tho hlglioBt bidder, at puhlia auution, at tko front door of tbe Court llotiue in Waukon, in saiil eeuntv, uu Mm ISili day of Decern- bor, A. 1801, til-9 o'clook, A. M your Interest In mid to the following desoribnd pmpertr, lu-wit: The N. i of N. fe. \. ss*tion 19, Twp. 98, range J; E. j S, E J of N. K. J, see tion 8, Twp, 9B, range 6; S. E. part W } 8. K. } N. K. i, section 8. T<r|t, 90, range b, situated in Allamukes oi'inty, Iowa, it- Taketi ami lovloil upon am! lo bo sold, to satisfy said writ of uxoouiion and all' aooruing <m«ls, Dated at Waukon, Iowa, thi* 6th ilivv of ,N'ovemb«tv A. D., 1891. J. B, MIHERT, Sheriff. By OTTO HAG»!«, Deputy, R. N. DOUGLASS, PRES. J. F. SMITH, V. P. JAS. McEWEN, C«»mm. CITIZENS STATE BANK, POSTVIttB, IOWA. PAID UPCAPITAL, $25,000. Do a Genoral Banking Busiuoss. Buy and soli Foreign and Domeslio Exchange. Accounts of Farmers, Merchants and other* received and carefully protected. Interest paid on Time Deposits. Investments made for outside parties on favorable terms. .Consumption Cured. an East India missionary tho formula •peedy and pernwjmt ouvVot Oont •nmpfion, Bronohliw,, Catarrh. Astbm* and Lang Aaeollon, Mso^ S and radical onre for Nervoul BL t ....... . f»4Wervous Complaints. ft«0r¥«> hop*] aud Travelioir '--T«^ . tested It* wondorfttT ouratlve po#enrh? WANTED-Salfcsmen •100 per tb> right man itoulfii WP^^F to . Apply quloktstatju^a^^^ tiitni>ut«n *-l4iiblB aud Sn«>llluuM t ' 'MM* send Ireeof ohargo, to all who desire It, this reolpo, in- German, French, o* English, irilb'tuU dUfwHow tor, pre- parlpg.'.aiiflHislog, Bant by_m$} i frjjr addressing with stamp, nanjlng IhU lp«Mr*V.5Vi r -A,T'JSQTKS, m fpm'ii And "we ore elected to show the people of Postville and vicinity the finest line of Ladies' and Gent's "Watches, Jeweliy, Silverware, Clooks, Artists' Materials, and Optioal Goods that has ever been displayed in N. E. Iowa. New Goods arriving daily. Pine Watoh Repairing a Specialty and all work warranted. Also Sheet Music and Mnsio Books of all kinds on hand, or obtained on short notice. Call and see us at Gray & Oo's old stand. Yours Respeotfully, W. J. HANKS &: CO. • i * if NRAB THB POBTOfKIOK. I cordially invito new patronage. Give us a trial for a month. Learn our manner and.tvny of doing tho business, I believe we ean please you. T, PAHKIH, Prop,, Postville, Iowa. mm CENTRAL MEAT MARKET! S0HX7LBR BROS,, Propp. We havo ppened a New Meat Marks In tho Mott building opposite tho uost- pffloe, where wo.HQall keep a full a»» sortment of the best of meat* at the lowest prloastbo market will aftord, We solicit an Inipeotlon ofonr stock and manner of doing-business and invite » (ajp*bwe Pf yow paijonago, WONDERFUL 1! The cures which are being effected by Drs. Starkoy i.Palon, 1529 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., in Consumption, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Bronohltis, lthenm- atiam, and all chronic dlieasoi, by their Compound Oxygen Treatment, are indoed marvelous. * If you are a sufferer from any disease whioh your physician has failed to euro, write for information about this treatment, and their book of -00 pages, giving u history of Compound Oxygon, its nature and effects, with nutnorous testimonials from patient*, to whom Jyou may refer for still further information, will be promptly seut, without ohargo. «*, This book, asMo from Its great merit ns a medical work, giving, as It does, lho reonlt of years of study and experience, you will find a very interesting ono. Drs. STARKET & PALEN, 1529 Arph St., Philadelphia, Pa. 120 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. Plevse mention this paper. 4m BTATIOKBUT. Don't forget, when you want plain or tanoy Stationery, that the Review office is the place to get it cheap, wm> MILLS. O. P. DARLING. (Successor to Darling & Stiles.) —DKAI.EU IN — Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks, Feed Mills, Corn Shellers &o. In wind mills I furnish pumping and geared mills combined, and both steel and wood pumping m'lls. Olllco and shop first door south of Hoy & MoNoll's 'hardvraro store, Post- lloy i filfo, Iowa. POSTVILLE LODGES OLIVE BRANOHtLOBQEKO. 119 KNtailTS OF PY'MIAS. Meotiou tho soooudMHl fourthrrld»y*f«nl» u eaob month. Valttng brstlren In |ood il»<t always weloojao. DAHIUS OKB, O. O. OSAS. SKat,T0N, K ot It 4 » NOBLE LUDOE Mo- 51. A. 0. U. W. The Loyal Aaelont Ordor of United Workmen meets tho Second aud fourth Saturday ovonlngs in each month, in tho Mnsonlo Hall over tho Brlok Drug tore. JOHN WKLXII., li. W. JAMKS Pannr, lUeorder. BROTHERLY.1LOVE tLODOB, No. 204, A. F. * A. M. Regular meetings on Tuesday'ovsn- Ing on or before tho full of tho moon. AU brethren In good standing ave oor- dially invited to attend. B. D. STILBS, W. M. WM. MOTT, Soo'y. CHURCH DIRECTORT. COKQBEQATIONAL.—HOY. N. Ii. Barton, j«s- toi. Froaobhig; ovory Sunday at 10:30 A, M. and 7 ISO PM. Bahbath Uohool ImmedUttly alter nvornlag servle*. Y. P. B. 0. E. mtsts every Sunday «vsning»t 0:15, Prayer M«»t- lus Wodae'sday evenihgu, *l»THO»J8T,-Jtev, B,y, Lockwood, Fattet, Preaobtug servlood every Sunday at lOiHA M, and 7:80 P. H. Sabbath School immediately after morning service. Vb« Xpnettb Leaan* every Sunday evening at 6:00 o'slosk, Prayer meeUu| -tvery Wsanssesjr »V»»(»a 7 too g'eletk, Yuu ate e«uc|Hy:t»ytt«d,

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