The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 19, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 5
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.r . XVImt Hi(s (ion^ ^ Dpath Ktrikps •S UM wliile s^vihimii Aftfi •llowu.. X. .1. (iinctorily exitniined tlif |l )0 (ly is 1)! .\laj(isa<ra. w\ Ml. siiirl Folsom's •oiiglit cri;- ail \. Wliiit Hiis iimie Before i i /* ' Bad been batliin?.! noc.ER ms. HKUE^ (shed Ilia la hi I'ore known a? tlif? c-ippeln ' Thfn 'the ^tartlin},' that llis ileat!|i, had next tti BAR: CarolynMfeUs RIOTT at 0 (!fan iiiK per-i l|yi la d()< lorJ I the Hotel; ln(niiry i.s .'«)n'panious: and' nienjt is I nia'd bi.'eii slai)bei; ko ileal li<rr| KOSS. ilisi valjP^. xtionJHl.. as iii;o Baiit< vifcL Uut, no Jji ^iiit i.s I ix'Hterv lA.VASTASiA you^l trU' and ; niasl'^rfiil •ile.ail . iMiin, iirrlves ^ALD (1^\. It is HS- Fols^iii, jiist be-i K'eii stand-i IJAKRoN .i liins. I a:iiiounre.-| fol'oiii had' in the wa- is ijnps- n am! his hed on the oinniund. Ait ihe. iki(|uest it is: iali the icliaq, tit :ii - stablishi'd tl noni wasj a iiife. an'fl lb ar<^ lia<i; Iteeii piiri-l: iiiandwalk. - ; It lis also < lON 'iden Seai> xisj hniv-s. •ifirrs iticr ork iin I hi' < ishioii liim i^iauls eflX-cts.i .\on fill (In >V»li tJie Sf<iry is la fa Anas! S. iau ase. ;)M. e <:ft4-; nioi cif the and takesi Healli wea- in Oriental liil its scab- Sfd <<n the that one Iciei- of enr-: ia enpa^os' in-liiteM. to ji- asks per- llirouah the dead CIIAPTKU XlXI. 'Of; course. niO do, iMr. luFOl'^oiK. vcJir I iin fiijiil' aiiyiliiiin Viilliier where 1.1 that's KiKKs.- I '.uli I ,vh:it. 1 wanj >aid Anasta iini l<-e| iha( btive III iilcil all I llinriiK aMij rlioiiMli I I'iliiilii it I liiii 'i iindervtaiijl. 1 ih li S'-einiMl. ill III'! ba li ijiv ! wbUb way jib.' '^'o. I noi. halvi- itold UH'. I Wjiai 1 )1 !liiiisc iioiis?" \ I'liey slirjirise Jlie, laiioj.v^'Jhal they art- a ^' Ai d! 1. know I bill tllie i iof Hid li <'st: and tines i'jy.| 'riie.V (binljliesj^ I 'llris; Bull they dont lililni; Jii iiie till tbiy | XM. I <:an't; .-ay ti HHt ii is a slninKe tasl (II .\lr, IMIUOIU'S tyru <r • of ••villeiilin laileji. I'yl li >'lonKin4^ III of thill);, ^yw noibiti;^ I, a straw K jyi-ind iibiws.' Ir y<iii woiili |o yini niaki TTTi^ Tm.AibATLY REGISTERj. SJ^TURD I Y EVRNIlfcj FFyJRUARY fkil PROBLEM ^ VERY PUZZUNG No General Agreement as To Which Type Is The Bfest. AV wQmo "(III, I iiick iiji news liy liiMii|<;l." Ciin hine the**' l^js. Aiiiille.'" Of course I e|| fervi^nlly. "I don't wajil yoti- ^o' troin handsome.- His pale blue eye Ijwere a ti'lfle proinineiit. bis pal .. li. jus! now, •j„.„.jy„/..j,yjp ^^.^j. ^,..^my j,,„i his lim ;.!|.st<-p olf. Aunt Stasia, forll'm r ills bell- are liiiij,, fi„g,.ys a way o.f niovinlttii fond of yon. lint whenj you French ^T** i i restle.s>ilj,- aboiil, :js if bi.s n^rvci .i iK 'nt dt'liijiiidi-il soniii ptij I'anii' fniii f^ucK'-st any) voir.'" - i -alinly, at I'ase. <• si:|iid bis hiivinK l|ieni in I'ari ,iit !(Tbrin« Ibem home \\iib him :aii'd tir.'n to .lii!iii«l tlicjii down li '-ri iidlbc <'art libetii about wherever \u\ W^'Ilf." •VVJs. some :of »he:n. Uiiss lob| inJ- that' four ''>r f (vi- lif Ibeiii wen? ia>i." paekeil wiMi • ibjs j Illl;^;a^•'! mf-nipcra ;:sical outlet. ii V<'t hi' was a| they do. ;,.,.,„ ,„r i.js .-. e fojr 7i luai) lij,,.,.^ .„„} ,„, i.iuked at, his aunt will I can iin- .j jj,„| ,-onipi -i -liensiiin. ".\nd you'ri- not far oiil." be to -I sole III on aiii w: Uier. •"wlii-u yon say : llllicb. .About : I'licl-f most <-crtainly expect tli be jyoiirj heir." < ! • i "You're a ciild-blooded 1 J;I)aii. but your piospci'ts depcn •as.-lrs.-^Iy iiiovinjr f ill - i "''ly on your nieciinn my w |l )';so \t'UH as r am alive to ex ' ih -iii." "Here uo'-s then. What do! \v;int nil- in do fir.-t I)an I 'l -lion was not roalljj I ilon't (-a«ei (larrv's los I inean. I'ln.shouki.'d and all tlt:Jt. en he went awtiy." Qlieer, Jo Say !th'e least." eotil- ni <!-d- Kitiiis.; -i i i-jh I.'eHon ] an -jved iSi nday. - . ! ' ie. Went straight to ijri ineiii amr fi )!>ind| aWaiting Iiiiii.; Piixtoti lioveriiii; iibout, an lisniissed ber a:V hi 'i- iiepiiew. • } j 'HOW are yon. llafi'.' hj 'r.-i • Smoke; if' yoij [Kotn (isoti: jiboiit noon lii.s aunt's her llu-re the iiiaiil, ii Miss K.d- be .rose to all the manni'j- uf bis lakiUK oijf. ibiil. as' you Kno^-. there was love' between ns." "I know it, ami resent it, aiid Te'seiit your presifm-e here -" "Of course Voir dii, and you r seni niy inberliance under iiiicUi AviJI. and you ri-sent iii.v beinK.ali|e ill alU I!ut'. yon: know. .-Xiint St isia. all that doein 'l lut any i( Kvith nie. We Kolsonis are all pri ly much alike, ••acli devoted to li|i iown interests. Uncle Carreii w ilike that " - "lliisli : .\'ot a >vord au ;i .inst,hi ^ii.| j Sit over -1 tell you, iJan I'ellon. you,'ll oil liitc. Xow.-|sorry if ymi lake;ihat attitude—' ilierejs siiiall :in jo ir talking: ^; "rin not tafeinp any attitude. 1'•» yoj'ii 've noihins to sa| pf interest. n,.v,T had but one ftieliiiK towa-il i 'ljl't*-ll >^<ii there i-j !to know. Kvbereiipon sbej laii !i <|bed into a fiijl n-eiia! of ihe;cir <*ii«ii <tances of l.sonr's dealli as sli. kilew theiii. the imiiiest ami tb< iferdict. anil n jiri'ctji'ded loiniit ii ^e ber plans tlir- future. : '. Tiii Kdinti 10 rih <l 'ji 'l brute who bitl't be liiili ii a ieve yiiti <-:irij two centjs r iVoil.silf t leri- lik( l(ij| sayij;^ i^otliinK! - : 1 u „ . , ' 1 villi HI. (1111* till led f:ai7ett )f ll al|e.-. my whole ;„„^ |,.'„i,,, ,„ ,„ •titiie and i«y whole fortune i-.- ^.^^^ hui-sonitf and .My ) oiil;. V , ; : 1 ilii eailb I loved iioi'd f 'M- ' „•, ,' i. . I'nclc (iarretl. and that is in \{: way chaiiKeil by lii.s,death. Hut ll in talk is usel<--;s. aiini. ynd. a.s I only (tame down for tile fiiueial. I'll s; i.vj for lh:il and tln -ii I'll so baik o .New York." ' You'll 'slay here as iiine as| l! want you _to. and no loiiti.r. Coni iiie. I'm vely terribly u [i- lall:." I really want In -li'elp you. iiiit you I kniiw "unci/ and I 'never hit it off, :iinl y.u ( an'l e\peii me to (ha'iiK ail ill oiici'." I all.i sl^ndei; yoiuiK i bin you can and nniSj hel)i (li.i and far 'IK'. lM >ssible, ic> find and imnisli his murderer. You aje the man of jthe f.-iiiiily- now; in fael y.fii anti I iare ike only nionrbers of ili.' family Il-f;. and we-'-jinist not iiiianel." : "W.-ll. Ill ilo all I can. I sav. -^for'' "I knew 'ii. Auni t^liisia. and J'elloii ri'tnrneil. "I si "You bef I would." he t-xclailimid.! ally <lo| I rule II eil-l slie^ inls!^ i I ytiii brille he ;'iiied. Inn he!hail ^!ou>;lily disliked bis uncle, whi was friendly with -his aunt. Mjonev W'jl.'t sept was bis Kod. and at heart be I Klad that .circnnistanees had , 'I liiiii a winVlfall. Hut he also lo|okj'd mi's the* h(fr e b« There never has been general i agreement among manufacturers, and engineers as to which type otj rear axie is the best for motor cars. The senii-fioating type is the most popular, judged from the { standpoint oC the uiunber otltiakesj of <-ar.s I employing it. Jlowever, pniminent ear makers adhere to the floating type which may be three-tpiarters seven eights or full. i. SoniCj types referred to as full ,1 floating are nothing of the sort, being jnerely something that ap- pioximate .4 it. . The principle of the floating type | I this: The bearing ia inonnteil | pround the end of the axle boos-i ing and inside of the wheel. The' axle,- then, revolves inside tl^e hous- I iiig and connects with the wheel outside the end of the uxie housing. The axle does not support the^ Wfigbl of the car. hierely at'ling-as| , a power conveyor. If it breaks.; ;the wheel will continue to revolve' land the ear'can be towed. In the semi-floating tyjie the hearipg. is located around the axle and inside the axle bou.sing. the wheel -being supported by the end of the axle. The argument 'agaiii .st this type is that if the axle breaks.] t!;e;WbeeI is thrown out of cojnmis- sioii loo, Hut there Is a reaso^^ for using this tyjie of axle. In fait there are several reason.-^, but one is easily apprecitited: the hearing is not sir directly effei -ted by the ^.Vifigs iiid ;Ioe^; „„. shock of the wheel bitting road „j |i,„p:.r, ,|,e bumps. *^ 19. 1927J B I Fond of Horses LE PRAIRIE ROS Feb. IjS.—Clyile I'ook wa < called to'KlOo^ailo Satuijday" by .ll e ileathi of his! filher. Gilbert Deineri it Eastwtaoil attended School ijlass part: Friday j evening in the liasement i\l the I'l-esbiter- ian church. Edgar, Rogers ilav afternoon at E aiul a^ S PAQt FTVjEI ws Everett JUNKi HEAP T INPORTAN' .^b>st niiitori.sts do nit^ keep iheir • [• 'u nday'cars i;ong enough to spent Saturday night with home fplkri returning to; liis work near I'niontown i Sunday '• afternooh. Mr. and Mrsj >tinor spiint ?un- weaknesses and stroi designj intorporated iii erty. But the junK h storie^. iThe. manwhoj or fourth ow^ner of a c, "lyde t 'o ^ik 's. Ed Wood wa.s helping Beii Bacon Tuesday Ivts been Irs. An- with the road jdi^gging afternoon. ', , Mrs.. Flora SyWester 1 speeding a few days with na Fordi Florin e Mercer I spent I ibod.v j'.iieiios. fhiiaso^ i'aiiaina. HOOP BE LACING EASILY CAN FbUND SALEM ; fllazel .Markley) Fei). |H>.-^.Mr. md Mrs. J. Jloofe \ Illriod lacing caii be bJ .iiglil at Ihe of Sivonburg sijent the weekjeidj hai it i* a lV"""«'" , Mlaxol Nliirkley ="!'•'• '"."'-! burn.' lir a lew off the lold j rivets wtitli ' i-e.-^sor;!'; stores and •'^ini'paratiively simirie n; seal) it <i|i the car? Itii l/ciiig aiiil remove the a tjck lifter. I'uncli I irougb .lacing and li f aiig •'' ' the cowl and prologs anartiwilh a pair Toniuil rods can lie cfir liiJ -Int Hjitcbkiss d rtiea'ns oiie tliat drives OLD CARLVLE (Ida K. Kellyt Feb. 16.— .\ large crowd enjoyed the all (liiy meeting of the '•"Workers" at the hom^ of .Mrs. S. E. Riis!;ell last Thursday. (Christine I'pshaw and Ralph , . Stepbcimon went home from church | how' well it retards the Sunday .with the Hill cliildren. " ' ~ .Miss (Jlive Reeve of Colony spent ....... .. .,i I imparl the ui; cJiattsis j() tjie Ixulyl? car I becomes too loos \Vith coiiHlderable jilay (>f llle riiar ^-ml when if let in- <>r tl)« brakes the I addition jof torqm eJinjinatfjia iiuinber of [ One o(l tini best wa the power of an engine the wet • .SiephenHoii. The forward to the time when his a fortune should be bis. too. Jbhn^li not Willi si'cb greedy anlic\|i itfoi] that be desireil her ininie liat<»- de.atli. 1 II.' was biiiiiaiily shocked a hi; uncle's fate/and uiore than willinr 1 j^jj! "I'l" x 't 'D'sh-iw lo help his aunt ;in lier effortf.. Isji ; s:,„„,;^n^„„ loni: as It .li.lnt int.rfere Too milcl : ,,a,„m with lii^ own comfort. "You :s.'e." be said, seriously "pi i Ocean Town has risen as one nniiii | ^ in indignation at this outrage OKI ]l don't mean the bathing po nijar ;lion. the frivolous beach crowr . ^lu^ i-tlie iiiiporlant people, city fathrjrs. ; landbol.d'.rs. hotel men and all tl^al!. 1 .-^nd tli'e police, though up analnsl to t >iisi?V iii've Are it. are iryinj.' to; do their befi ;ge( at Ibe iiittb Of the niatu "How do you know all laskeil his aiini in surprise. "Y I only just arrived." Oh, 1 pick up news by insl|n<lt. iPelion returned, lighting-an '<-igaret and walking about the as UO took up and scrutini7e( •loll can after another. [li;ive'l'ies«! toys. (To He ('•III 'I liosp dolls In F U'l al ' siL 'n!|'irHPee !>»< nii'iin; Tie firoiindhog Club, compb.sed i ol. II • j i —iK'aiis.njsl - JC6 chance tor the s i ,iH at ea^je ini .Sfced f,Thla nuifiuinflnt.- ji ; ertnyc.v .'j Skedees nir bn<i Jio .sp^iialjty Tl inoVntingj lt'>^^arc ih AVaiters- gkeilee piorjfjer. ai lii '.rtnn nind! -India: <rlc IJacon Kind! ylndla: ifliat part of the coi^r Lieiiown In the flesh, iLelow. Itiset Is Ba^er, Bculptiiess Aviial are all, lbi> dolls Uiey yoiir;^?" "X«>. llii^- were Onrreit 's. •'Wlii-w: "Jiid be carl tUeni around jw 'ith -bini? For tiiey donjt look liku Jibe .sort that ;:rir .v dowii here." ' "Tlii'v are Parisian, tliai 's (le .iv. I Hut ibey i -oiild have bi'en boiigbt| here at that. Few things<airi bf; ',aclii ..veil in Ocean Town.'i However.' lie dill briiii: rliijse with jliiri. Itoss; says he usually tiiok Ibein wberevcij 'be" went." ' i : • j ' ] \ "Oh. "Kiiss. th.'it firsi-.cla .=s ^ m;ii^ he bad. I don't 'see why I sboiildn" 'fall heir lo Ross. Where is hff' " "Here. He 's ill niv eijiploy now but if he 's willing'you can take bin liver. I've no real use for :i niar; seivaklt. except as a sort j of co^irie t;> lot k after uiy liiimage.; jintl that'i ' ,ric:irc'ly necesv.iry. You knowj. i [Dan. .voii will have'aboiil atbirtl <)f (Jairy 's money--" j I , ! ' "Yon bei I kufiw •']>'. \ And you; have a third and old .N'eville has a 'lliini. Aiinl. why does Roger .\'e- vill" ;;et so much?" ! "They planned' it. I'jin. , Their, iwil 's 'were made ;it the same time.; .;ind whichever one of ijhem lived ; I longer inheritctl a thinl^if the oth: er 's fortune." : "Then what price Neville as the i niiirdercr'.'". i ; "Don't be absurd. Well, as 1 wap s .Tvinj.'. now- that; you hiive :i fair! foriune if you like to talti' on Itos-- llo Sil." . * • ' ' I "Al! right, and I 'll t.-ike ihe.<e'. i rooms, aiint. Ytiu'cau pet otiiers iiiiifiiie social organization ' wJiich has year dim exi.";!!-!! in St. Louis for s. . The annual meeting."? ers of the club are hel "flroiindhog Hay." It "I snppi auntie?" In lied) (ilsnniV niofn.j do fhe.r It "liv does Ilaii i'elton wani U 'n born on February 2. k end with .Miss Fern lill, Upshaw. Percy and faniili<^s have butchered Kelly late V .M sji Daisy Applegate attended a pie -sappe'r al Gas CMty last Friday night and took part in the program. ... Mrs. Hideout recently visited a daughter ii> Kansas City. ' Robert Roe retnrneil home after spending several wt -eks in the Keowji home. Carl .Marvin of lola is workiiig eaj" when descending t^ie lengiiie idling? Ili^h iioij shows, up as a bt| hHn. tlielt :ar is pushin as ^11 dft-icending hills this' high' compression liasis of J power for climbing tlusi? s*me bills. is working at ithi- (•opnX (in sti ild. .< a V, and M you (iaiiiiol i- a p thcr proilii»-er. iiiiildleman liiul pass aloiii* th« things of life. r point of continiions existetictf tile lleiLver Cookf; Local .\o. Or gaiized in ISS!!.'; is said to b({ r,hi! eli!e-t union of tooks in Ami^rifa If be a! gooi Some of the school boys went to Upsbaw's Tuesday morning and wntebeil the'tow tester'make liis ; m!!k tests and the.v gave an inter- j estijig account of jsaine in the ag-' riciillure class. .Mr.i. Cladys Kettle and-Shirley' .\nn spent Tuesday night at the | Weber home ami Cladys attendeil I Ih'- play at Carlyle. .Mrs. STbbetts. who wasi here to speak at the W. C. T. 1'. instiliitu Tuesday afternoon, spent the night ' with Mrs. S. K. Russell. Toilay j .Mrs. Russell accompanied her I'o Lalliirtie where they are holding a local institute. Nearly everyone,from this vicinity enjoyed the play. "Deacon Dubbs," at (Carlyle Tnesdaj? night. The Fred Stephensoit family is moving, froni this district but Ruljili iiitemis lo |itay at Edwfn Kelly's | until school|is out. i j The girls. f(>r their sewing Ibis j ; wi .'elv. have been hemming saub, i j ciirtjiins for the school room. i Tljere will be a program and pie ' supifer at Old Carlyle Friday night.' Feb.' 25.- Remember the -date and i !icome. Don't be afraid of the lane; (lip to the schoolhoiise. It.has been •worked and in much better than in i late years. If ".necessary a team' and wagon will meet .vou at the. ••ud <.f the lane. The \yprd China is the tjhinese tbemselives. of. horses thiaii A. F. Tschlffely, fofl ..„ils riding hlr ^^hack from that cityUo laLu when h\ iiad got as .far as CpWn,] ibe two sieeiL-i that a ^e carrying, him. iu)w" rivets 1 the Bill SJlelll tint ;W"eeK tal Kalhi lioiiie. Mr. and'Mrs. nrkley Jiom icconipaiiied lays visit. jl Kal^n of Lane, Kan elm 111 me l>|i>< slireati Ibe j f;,niily it lola, ai|d .Mrs. Anna Lyi . )»t(«IIIIJ Vfc bf pl :i IS. |„f Hunibolilivis adiled t(> a [ough ro(U 111 of IWliere in Hi. tir. t which Stiitevill Claude Mrs. dren. ofj iiif.'-ilay Kalm. .Mr. and'Mrs. L.... C!.. ted Sunday at tl home. Latvrencj-' Kalin and taia ii<>iir llii with Mr nbclill spent AVeji and .Mrs. E. clulcli appl ed. dlrtve Will di^icultles. to jntige •ly noting ;Jr in high liill Vith compifes- jakiing fcirce i; tile engine And it is tlilat is Ibe al the Mr. ;'iid <;< rived Tt in the lack lid' .Mrs. lie of Da tiesday •< [par.ontul Latbain. the w'ej'k end a ey Aliint wi-ek. .iK-vef 11 Mr.-. Cl:i the Cetrgtji afternom.,' "d \ Ligh< i less, it 'Char Tsl tlii .Mr. ;ind, Mrs. T'lestia ."• night .1.. .M'Hi e tii' Sav • lie lifra ; giks ratnitt bil iMi ;th( Wright Lytlei ai ^. .1. .Markley at day dinner gues leorge .\^arkley hnim!. .Maynard Carn .'cnport. Okla.. a veuing for a vi.'j Fronk, home. ! of Chailllte, ^ipe home. -rl is. on the sii(k lerl Markley .spe [vith .Mr. and .Mi] nburg. iituteville called .Mark'.ey home Tuesil is all rigllt:-u night wi,lh Margaijet Eastwjood and, in thei eyeriing. finds be! can no longjer repair,- it without rebuilding, caa pointj eut the weaknesses withoi tj hesitation. While'the original dwnerljmay not bii sittYiousIy tr^iil led byjpoor ilesignl nvncb of the n jiiori trduWe be ex'berSenced diiubtl'^s yrasi due to eeriain badly desig led parts-, of the car |4 '«'rting to g>!wr'ong. Monday I attendpd jthe high schoiUpie pijpper I LLS STORY llscoverl the g; points of their prop- t!Jp-^ teli the js the Ihird lajr. anil jwho Graham BrotKeij Cotiunercial Cdrsj 8 Trucks ai id have alwi>*. bejen prefeijed tiy jdrivers. (IIASSLS fort inl all weather-l-andtheicori- fort of th6 tnian ion the truck I hecome an increasiiigly imfxinti fit factor in; depetidlable truckijag service. I .SG7(J 1-TON CHASSIS ill 215 CHAStsIS S1515 (K. OJ I'i-TO^ CHASSIS cUham Brothers Truck, eaisy to haindle. They have am^Ije power. They stay on the job. ' T^ie proof of thJir exceptiodial valine la their stieadily mounting sales. 'I'M ' ' " i • • I Graham Brothers Trucks and CommAdal Cars meet 91i> o/allhuulingrajwirementt. ELLIS MOTOR CO. B. North A^^ashinston Telephbhe 301 Jit Eeomomieat Tramffriatiom The Chinese civilization is the oldest. Wh^n the people in most j parts of Europe were going about . dressed in the skins of wild animals, and using pieces of stone for tools, the Chinese were a skilful and highly "cultured nation. i lo suit you. Anil I nij) iose I tan have Tni-le Cari'A"'s perjjonal lie- biuclng.s." I_niean.bis marnish traps tlie on.'s that you-tran I use.". I'.elton gave a ji |ilick. |appraislng elance iit bis aunt, realizing siid- City r.ure.m [ang^r to feel Oklahoma! ronipleted; ''i7enlv that' with her.own mannish jape'or amity | effects, there mich: be a jfew <"if her i figures sur- I bf.iljjer's things that slie|.nuld us •.' irtit she gave lljlb- bjed to the' '^'iliject anil ac(|ili,esceil ill llis plans^: fur 'reiilng berse.lf another suite. !i .."liiil you're to lielji niej Dan." sbej.! saM. gravi'ly. "It you don't 1 shall eiii vOii out of ipy will, and-then Hit' dar \\\\V ctime when you'll re- 4e of Col. E: and Chief rlebi'ity of try. who are Hakii^-; hands! I 's. Kmelleoii »ho designed gref Jt." il i V.h ;»i "Daro Devil I'ivf lois liooi), he wa.^ ph^ctically exhau.sted. but hi.s U.S. a.-; tmoti as wlieii-lje iiitimi llii.s batter.v \V|I .'J 'ip. tciitit A I'. S. F.. Daltei dill Warner. Battery .sj.nrted. Without further at- i-tvuly to start another .«jimilar 202 N. Washinjjlon Warner fini.shed hi.s 120-hour y will .serve you a.s faithfully a.s iH.DAVISEII€TRICSERVICE Phone 1379 ReducbU TheTouiingor Roadst 5r | The Coupe The Coa TheLandatt Sport Ca jriplet I -Ton Truik (Ckduironl %-Ton Tr4ck Prices! *525 '625 ^595 *745 '715 •495 *395 BoUooaTltn Naw Standard 0» jSJiModclt Ml8 W. Jaeksbii a u A coiac imaker'^ar^theC^hev' rolet Sedan withits bcjpy by Fish' :r!reveals a disdnction usually found only on the cpsdiekt custom'buildlcrea' dcjn!. It is literally inlt that no ft mr'doorjenclcis^ car, pria d so low^ ever'exhibit' ed £1 ich marvelous beauty of! li^ej and color. L.I T]S ,i '-.ft It is finished in richiMarine Biur-^ ^- ^ aiid tioni Duco, gold {striped, its handsome lpi|opor- are emphasizci|d by newl full-cro fenders an jwn one-piece d buUet'type lamps. In addition it oflSers the host iicnproveme njts which helped make I he Most Beautiful Chevrolet the greatest sensation bf America's greatest ihd lis* . try. AC £ur cleaner, AC oil filter, large 17-inch steet ing , wheel, newfriame'moun ted i tire carrier! ^lasohne ga ige and inany^ n^ny others, | Come in! You need on! r to see this new supremely beautiful andmechanic i|ly finer |sedan| to realize what amazing vsdiie it represc tits at its greatly reduced pr [^e.

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