Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 19, 1927 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 4
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ALL mm Statiktic^ Show J- Ifdmes Were Country ainprpv4. iBAill^ Then, R'ashington, D. Cl. Feb, l^CSpe-j biild L i \ 3urqly to tl e fact iient'. , w|li be re- iiikeruKliMl 2i |l )-M3radually, ^ut CO intry Is iwaklng;iip th t building is nolt-i^cesskrily se Carnal industry. I iTl^lis awakening Is aipely a resultibf 8 ! isomai operation in Ihe bQnstruc it industries malic i i 1924 by the thij»ltte<ie.'of tirc!pr«sid€n|t's con tse oh. uncnip|oyt; jietary Hoover, i m ^lni^ !re(l, wan gf-fuiiy inVcKtiKiitiqn jivlilcl made (rejujrt imHttlbii-; jlie mipoliilod oniini too, uiW Wrote a tarf>- lo tJie rt'port. itUir,, rtiien'Jt BUbliKbcd. 'I|'lie ilnvot ligatlun fondiicted byj iwij off cors of tparlmcat of j toinmorrp, Jolin hlcB, chief of jtlK-1 dlvl «lon of ng ^ind bomiltig i and hiH aH- Ir^t,^ Jlimos Si ; l ^^iyJei. The S ittct! was ^oniiwi-'d cf archl- ehgitteers," liuilc ^iTs, bankers ^^)or leaders. ! , TTjIf^ rcSport, l)roiightj out ilie in- teWsting faclH that cuitom, not cli- mi is maihlji |rcsj>6iisi lie for Be i^bfial idlene .'^s in tiie cnnstrpict- iqi tndustrieif; suih Ijllencsgs was ob iW red In 'the so ]Uth land dalifor- Jiii d iring tiie ^yinter Jnoiiths to as in :r |lc >d a degree as m ,t]i> states ixUnJs the .Canaldian border. i The CO hinitieee] poiiiteil' oi.t tliat such ee: lal. fluctuation ii the buildinj: industrj- was not n icessary and .thit|# -*drked a hKrddiip oh em- id ^W aiHl the ipub ic. | chiefly. 1>U: ^Ist) on nian^fa^'tu pr.s uhd dis- tri Mrt )ra which therefore coiild be e !i nil dtedj The conu littj;*! jcalled oh ths' geiieral phjilic to sijipport thi jcnstrnction in((usi |ries iil their cfJoft; to solve 1 l^d prdbleml I f'tie cbuiitry bujid!? in the winter, tils radical rtuctu^tion in the orgaauatibn will be. avoid(?d, and prodfifctlon will bl'ifiepi nipre near ly:-^lW-_ : «i; • j tno^t interesting j denionstra- t - i_ • ]. Everyone may fagree that th i^ronghflm ia ' a rery convenieh [model, but there j certainly is nt lagreement about Bow It should b ipronoiinced. Some proho)ince it a jif it were spelled I *^broom," other •say "brome"; and still anothe group is satisfied'to use "brum." One popular dictionary suggest I 'brobm" as correfct and speQifie: that this type of; vehicle; got It; name front ^ord Brougham, Brit lis lord cancellor,' statesman an Writer. I i ' i' Then,-it cbmplicates matter Jnore;tlian ever- by] giving "bro-am' jwith long "o;" stsithe proper jiro- punciation o^ the | lord's name.' bouraAJlAPLE GRQV 36;Year-qid ^jlligator Hi^^ tOLA! DAILY'RI T in jUi tlia Ah i •w< •Wii; th bi I id sii I al CO 1 111 tlpi'cfa home bctual|y b in( tl e wJifter mqnth.'i is luj. 01; In 1st: Paul. :Miiin. I. .Ml 111. i -Ml F; Lei ;hton wlio has hi on i(hai|-man pr thi {Belter Hfiiies in Anfcrica Calniiikee for thlc/hiast three^yeiirs, 1B inlH I ic1ii »lrmau| if tli( l'ii>net'^ Cl- vld ie«gue,'u Br<n>ij.ofj iMiblli->p|r itijil rftlidns intijriHted r ghjim Of their cit i: vij ill] tnCereslud }1< inci cQmpalnh •; Hp mil If jit. and jt _rai hltf jltat wluKi ho nil! ou ino n(ctil iiirt mh\'. i vr r «i dWIculllcM-iiol , . in th« BukiinuT J ni «?rei v^ilre UIM grihl advttut(igoj< o onsik i)if!n. r |io Inftmbcrs Uic k ;ivlc loaguo lie metier | ohici cnmmiKpe II nl].| ItiterviiJwcd llho;i\i >adH ofj i-|> fit bUKtliMH fUu in cooijerat • inj; It bori niatcriiils, . Jn<>nt n biiiild a vinter • tl«jin h ^me[ Thcj lipiine altfng toifjirds ccjrtiplet ofijihe isdViere wpjgitber thl^ winter. lilt nov dur- go- M *8. E. ; 'I'^lf 10 !IKU«),iH In. (in< )«h( In: th l\V the piio- Hetter loleil 1 to he <'(im- cf^st •[idlon of iMiHlble. but ittCiUl Itiurd exiiprlencod ID lUlct who Imlpply- , . equip- ilemonsiiTi- in iijdw well |on, jin spite In ISt. Paul I allowed igera Uie itJ: S. ^60(1 Foreign to •] carryj United ioJD^Wund- reroMto. W Wi^kAfldre^ liie fflibtroidtier reached ' fine a ressela Bureau ;t jjamdr Bel- WJ;G .f Mc- landi two atj Hono" go %-er^^eht has be- Mrs. , , ..^ the California; where >fecom.ellL.' tuiKaas she Antbiesi f Feb. 18.—Mr. and Mrs. Clar iWllbur and Genevlbye spent Sui lay withjMr. and j.Mrs. Frank Oil "in. •]. • \\ j .Mr. and ^Irs. Frank ThoinpHoh ncre Tucsday—'^ovcnliig guests At rtr. luid .Mrs. F. 0. McMlllaij. Sunday visitors at Oeorgo '.\lcl yro 's were: I Mr.: and Mrs. WI red Mclntyit!, fatty and Uiinin Mrs. Russell ll)arnulil, ..Mitchell aiild .loyd Thoniiiiioii. ' ' Mr. and-.Mrs. Hunr.v lloelil callt It Kil Barnhurt 's ^ .Monday ufte loon... ..Mr.! and Mrs. Oapt I'ugh spcijt jiuU Sunday-with "Air. and Mrs. (1 \). Cunningham and family. Mr. and Mrs. Enierson were Sui iy visitors at the Will .Slartiji ome. , . .Mrs. Parker aiid.Biljie .spent Frj ayiatCernoon with -Mrs. Clark iWi ur. > .MitchelLl Thompson cajled on M 5 nd Mrs. F. O. McMilla^ Thursdaj <vening. Mr. and »Irs. Feed .C^nning^am I.iane and Junior silent Sunda >.ith Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cunnin; 1 am. Sirs. George Mclntyre spent Moij < ay afternootn with ' Mrs. Eth iiiibler ancl Jeiinie;Jones. Mr. andpirs.' K. O. .McMillah < ailed at Frank Thompson's Moi <ay mornidg. Mr. andjjrs: EJd Cibson and fan illy, and M*. and. .^Ir8. Albert Las; tnan, spent! last-Sunday^ at Clark ^Vllbur's. ' Mr and JWra. F. t). McMillan le t Tueslay morning iTor Kansas Cit khere Mr. McMillan will recciv treatment for his eyes. Lieo:Thopjpson spent Sunday i j^rank Thompson's; .Albert ihd Walter Mlttendoi f ind WilHitfi Michuervisited wit-the .Maftin Iboys. family, Mn*. Aby. L Mrs. Kennct Sharp und (.lonnic Ba .Mr. and jMrs. C. 'W. Ueonian ad children, .Mr. and .Mr i ur and; Mr. and Mri ilenry Nor^t, Sr.; iiiid BImer spei Sunday at ('Ed .Sordt's.. Vereii|a iMiurchlU (ifillod Infthe nftornnoii. Mrs. Krdmer anil ohtldreii, .Mrji, Travis and' Mr. Uiijilflrwood of Foi t fiiotl kpoiit last Siiilday at Heiirly HlivliigH. ;• i rMmmjult <Hb«)n and Mrs. A f iert Tinssitiun callad on Mrs. ('Iiiijk Vllhu'r an 1 (IcMicvJove .M'onday ii ernoon. ' Zoo kccners always have «ald raclorlly; but Theodore Owll thati alligators couldn't bo tamed a of New Orleans has proved wise. -Thirty-six y^ars ago wJ lie on a hunting trip with Sarah hart.'Owln. a hunter artd gujde, caught a baby 'gator and v. naminj; it Aleck. This piiclui Ul-tempered than he isj'jand satis- other-. Bern- namlnl, it Aleck. This ^U^'^TA\;C:'TJ.O^^^^^^^^ |Owin today. Aleck, says Owin. is as Umeias a dog. * • + + * * * THE OLD MECHANIC SAYS > get:are iser-i It's goin' to be a tough job ting motorists to believe that of the shackles of the car iS:-a ious matter. They're just shac deiq to the idea that when th© old] bushin's wear out it's a siijiple, matter to install new ones. The average complete shabklej job on a car is an expensive piece! of work. It means takin' off thej springs and goin" to a lot of trouble, not figuring the cost of the parts. • Rubber shackles would be more! popular than theyiare it ear cjwn-i ers really appreciated how cdstlyj it is to use metal' shackles and neglect them. Too. often |thei shackle; job is Itft to the seoondi owner ot a car, the original rtwn-| er merely bavin.' a vague Idea ofi what was wrong with his car. Hei found it "to be entirely too nbisy; and traded it in before he discovered that his trouble was his neglect. A lot of people are greasln't loIr shackles and neglcctin' them just the same. It Isn't Just a niatte: of lubricatin' things us it is of mbrl- catln' jrroperly. I've given the ub- jpct plenty of thought in my da^ and Ivii about conclude^ that t|io only lubrlcuiit for n shackle cjr|u spring bolt IH heavy oil. Grease simply cakes. U Is lard to force In and It Is seMohi bht the old grease can bo fprcod fiut. Then you've got to ruu "the -lik or a Hhorfago of lubricant; as vifll IIS or havin' .vniir lubricant too old Id be UHemi. Many .a car uv n >!" ItilHirs wtlh u greiiHe gun ht r g i- liir Intervals only to have the c lai- SPRINGS COME FOR NOTICE M never sis wear out a.^ fast as if h| touched It. Oil 'is ideal for lubricatih' tight places because it work.s in easily. It spreads out unilcr pressure. The old oil either leaks out or is} forced out by the new. My theory of it is that whl-n they find a way to use grease ti-hiliri-' niinlijl driving feature. © M LIE One Inventor Says Any Kind Is AH Rjgrht If Deigned Rjight. •[!• — II - . I Aiitoqitibile springs ire due f6r a great deal of attcntit n iiitdifi donliectiol The i U said! io have madrl ssting story isj nventor and ni superior spring cMitrol de ijieiit thai if the spi;inits on a li.this y] told in L -ar. this anufactiircr the .St .Ice ite- . , car are pr<i|ierly dcsigncdiland ar(j ia aoni cohilliion, aliniiHi| any siiriiiK flon rol ||device or slu(Ck absniliiT U s itlsfactor.v. lie ch^ims that the .'tprlnf.'.s irti the car's original slrurk njbs(^rber|s and that tin conirul di- viceii' in^Tcly are aid.' to iin-M-iit )!•• !sj)rliif;s from goliigl Willi on Ji.-iO rr:ad8. ^ 1 • \\ It! haiti been demonstrated i,[iat cijiily lln |j springs can ifiirnlsh that fine riding nualily whilh Is so |nii- .((•oible ;ih new caijs of any ihak;e anjii .so totally lacking in |i>ld inacliine|i^ The control deviiu.vs iind sho( k aliMirhers are spring pro,t<'<--' tors so to speak, and tliey do guard the .passengers agiiinst throjwn to.the top of the car wlici) hitting bad holes or bumps. Only the [springs, however, iihe WE w s me is turnin to \ the #1 1 cate the bearln's of the eng will be time to try grease shackles. I'htil then let's lijave oil. : of t PARKING POINTERS ARE GIVEN TbDAY ne that [.Motor (•ntliusia.sts will be ani.iz- in the ••(j i^t tlKi riding qualitk-s of iii^iiy i le liew cars, but: they shnnld ' k(>efj in iinind that not all u-ill|l )p| a )le to ticep up the pace of ROOI! Jrdiig because not all the springs will he idesigneil for! lusting lid-i ing fiualftiea. I j There is an old rule wlikh up- Snring^ sfttle after a year or"r\v<i' plies particularly well to the prob- of ii'r-e. ;knd whesi thi.s; happens no j lem of finiling a parking sijuie. If i •;|J."_':MJ'':t'LlT-!?'''.'!f.?^ i I ASID]$ fi^m the overwfaelWiog — /iLbyOic PpndacSixjprolablythe _ cant comp iimenu padd to th ; carare the Attempts being mad^ tb Imitate lu ap ttaiL Yet fob all the ConsctentiOtM and capable ei brt expendea in tttar dlrcctlo^, *o (itUc saletjcont noe at recorU 'break' ing figure* ai^whatUinoTt tihporcant, tl^ tide i$ CHmingiftr nger to the Ppntii c Sixl U ytii^t f servicehasbieeacbmplcted— with g cpio ttltbol Tbeinan ber of actua owners Is now yre^ above largett eV«r won you don't; sHcieed the firtjt liine. try again. The lesson tai glit by this rule Is to go urounl il^- bioik once more if an avuiiulil is not found oii the first thp. is often surprising to see ' shock absorbers will \ compen.'^ui ( for the Ipssj of natural! fiding tn •ties. The I'luality of thb Ktcel u in the Ifjaves has much, spun' the liernianeney of the in It i pi-cities ^f .i car, but as what ;i I wlll'demonstrati &! complete change there is ,,ark- j f'"^^'?]'•. ing conditions on the sunn to do \vjiih riding the cohiliitt design stri'fi after the passing of a few iiinulos 'i«l"f. fioiii Sirius. tb. required to go around the I While it is the rule In tu(>*l ritii s to allow at three feet of space bet*"een each parked <ar and tho one ahead or in the rear, it is permissible to lUlve up (rloU • ut I star.; is eiiiiivulent to itboiit f(>!i timef; that given off by; our sui: y next I'bls Is car which Is parked ilirei l to a "street interserlloii. because the^car iihijiiil. tin' nhe ne.xt to the Intersectliui. has not Its way. It can pnici -i -ii i lt.s space witliiiiit ilirniuli though tluTo l.s, a lar paiki -i ly behind It. Trying to trace ilnlr at puts many people mi' a 'ii The .Swedish 'wnrkiiiK •said to he the In si paid in It was to create than Dodge Brothers distiiictioh. more dependable "car preyi(i>usly had been know.. This envi ible leadership; Dodge rigidly ma^atdined. Wherever and tihe Brothers of service quently it throughout tw •I 'siiirs i^ian urope. '.elye years ago, i^jits price class Brothers have difficulty conditions try stjjmina of motor cars, you pi oduct foremost in favpr. the souls of men will find Dodge You wUl firid also that six, eight and •s even ten years |are not exceptional for the car; that fre> deli'vers milieage runnirig well into six figures; ajod that maintenance cost is' remarkably low its long and useful life. These fads powerfully fitness Doidge Brothers constantly bettering a product that was exceptiohai even at the start Tf Cc St ind S|) • I)c urinjur Car : upc , ard Sedan •. rial Sedan Luxe Sedan F. O. B. Detroit - STflS -$895 ELLIS MOTOR COMPANY 211 North We Washington Telephone 301 serf DODEE MOTOR Can Li i I 210-21 Dr. OJ bya nJwmafceof car during a similar, iiek^lod.. Pontiad SIX design h«8 proved itself—for p •rform- • 'u^'' j"^ '•^liability, for ebonomy arid oj- the ability t^o|endure the pitiless pounding of to lipeed driving hour after hour. And wheti alow -pHced .siic a.s beautiful, tul and comfortable a* thdPontiacTsix lo provci Itself to be- righ —it is only natural that biiyeri (hould p •o itrongly over what the market affords! at /oc^.. Bodusby l^er. Easy to pay on theliberU GeneratMotorslnU PaynQ^t Plfc liOBAHT-SI^EElLs 2 Nortl Washington mom A nother lfhqnei865 Havonburg SEDAN r: 30wer- • cli^arly ;f«;r;lt CO. arners )rive feSuct™! Test for Wcitn^^ StJti StJfi ill • .• r Two ^h^mpiopiSf Tested and TiEJuci The 120-h'oiir er durancje run lu llben a severe iesv. for bot i 'jDjii! I|)evil'" Warher' and the Sjtar ^eda ujhich he dijove. j I Both came thniugh vvith flyintjj colors. . ' I ' i Ii c aln Warner, upon tjie comi)lkij)n ( his job, was ready |or bedi.| iiThei Star which he droxi^e cou start i upon I another similiir tr without further kttentibn or vb- liairs. h i' - i I • jiThe test i]€^lly demonstrates tne sliamina of l|he Stiar motor an{cl t^i'e (1 The The ni tl|e comple ^ Nor wi !)t()r of -ion of 11 it be \> itlic tiriv lopiJC 'll .-^ (^ai- \va.s- not j^lniiped iipijrj ^ It will he kfjii i-iiiiiiiiitr ai at a. m., .Momiay. rjioriiin!., tlii.s .'^;;iiiic car \vill .start on 100 Mile Ruii in I Lclw Gest da VS! 5 c'Hr as a whole. .Within five,-.,.- a'nd nights, garner gave t^K^ cai api much us( tis the averag^ owm;! would in several months. iDurir a jlarge par; of the time the Sti. \\as driven at a high rate of speed jRdugh roids, stormy :\teathe high speeds, heavy loads^—thelSta Mbtor successfully wifnstOodj th'^se hard knocks of the rpad. Results of Gonitestj ! Tie final re.sultslolilhe tjon- lest land full details! of Ithe dri\$ will be liublislicd! as 800i;i| as the winner!^ are i determined anl full! results of the idrive ar i known! i ! Thi.s i.>< one of tjie mo.s (.•s known. Ordinar ly it u be m prepared for .jii.-il .•^uc! Of!; .stoppirlf,' the motor, tl W irner used in hi.-j 120-!) siipmitted jto thi.s jj-riicllin;' t(^•^t. 211 Wes Street i;irasti<- tfstsjo triiu! only whi ! a (Irivii. In ill • ' sanii.' Star I ur end'tiraniij aniotfir lh-A\ In the car hay i.-; ia.S(\ with^ iBi'daii whicij rivf will I* Ride iti Warner's Star ^^ou a ilorrow. a^e and Ix b« re inviti;)! tohi* <• in Wiarn^'ris Anyont jjiven a .stoppeti at any <nday. Car any'tinEO inld-i;s lid may call Mlljarber's Gai rideUoiinon'ow. iviotOr!.jwill ni inu; junllil ai'iKi- tln-i low! gjear te.- lowcdst Transportation t. BAliBER Phone .=515 Re.suhs of Contest.] 'i'iif (in:il r <-.«nlts .(f the i ;iii'I fiiM ilet.iil.s oC ilrivf \vili be \ publisJiedl soon as Ti )i>- wihiiens are teniiincd the lirivf and fiiH re.~ult.s} are known. i Ojl- t|ie jis idje- Pf 11; •! I A 1 i I

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