Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 19, 1927 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
Page 3
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bW >tlHT. Oily. MOltlK Mo. ! veil^ with hij*" .. Prtjj ^llce In- KUJIHUH i'oi'liund llotfl.l Prof. Paul tl'wliiliiK. iHHiHttinl :oairh and utlilotic jdirccldr lit (he -'Orti, SCOllj hlgl) H (3 >OOl, lllsll<!(l II Hhor( time' in lolaj y «Hi ^r<lay cii ^outtt to Thayer^ KamsuH. Wliero ble Wiii jiijiend tlie^ w^ek eiiil with rrltlnlds. 4Jliut like kng ^l Vnn 1 Hooter's Bread i i Miss Irene WIcder City,', Mo., is visltins a. l^ellly and Mliliij , VWPIUI ,-- , r bild: fPvenlnif. . Hofr^ Dlnlnfr iRoplii lihd Cofi'^f Sh6]». \?1S8 Hazel Fyrgniton, a n tlie LaHarj)e.t;flioiils. is he ;week pn<l ^vitli Iioin^folhs ..er6y. • i ' I ' t ! i _ '•• Fnneral of; .f. M. Hercer. A. :R. Sleeper] went (o to condiu't rhj funeral of .J Mercer, which >waH held at home of hia Hlnltr in Ilumbo! afternoon. Ijuirfal waJi made in DrouHoii fitniotery. iMr. .Vie died tit hln huMu In Okla. Food 2 fori 15c. Cak«, nan. of Kansas her aunt. Mrit. rvlativ ?s. Sunday] IHiiner noofi teache r or a -"honK-ioOkeil lu linner Sunday j go <'ate.! across fronf Fjir«' Mri. A. G. E^gle.sou. of 'vas k guest ^yesidrilay (laughter, Mrs. C|has. Xisel !loi4h Jefferson bveIi^^e. i ! Chickeik Lewman*^ SiUtiou Ottawa^, of ker . lit 5l»!i . —jAnieriian IJ^gloiv nie'ting uti ?reniiirial Hall Jlondfiy nijhi. .Mi) I an c'lass (o Uv^ inltiiiited. Knter-| tjiiiiiient and eatls. Everyhoily oiit II.IT. j.'OOK. P. C. Mrsi. a. \f. Sltjeis of Ifi Nor<lij /.'urjltere Hi 'reei expetJs lo leave to »iorT<>w fiir Chljago 110 sp^nd sey «ral!weeks with her ^luuKlteer, MIH» }:ilz «Het )t Sifer^. .Miss Slfers i» lie jof the InHii'lictaifs in I]IUHIC II( 1 hw Hlierwooil Srlioo ChfeiiKi). nud ix iilKii < tuidei* there. "nr-AfuwIt'. (Ill tin liliiX I -ri -Ifiyou wautjto liny or honiis; The Jola AsMoierfttlon Willi :1( iling an Hiirnlj|)ldt. .M. the Huik >b (>Idt |tlilH the •cer .Muskdkee. Il he^ llUlId ij ^ Ixjai >ioii t h Ifl:! North Fourtlj. dug... J. NI. Mil. and Mr-s." J^. il; (it^origijina Kirk will morning for AVi<^hita Mr. Kirk will a,tten(; drand 'Lodge mejfeting ther|. —^ipipclal Siinljay dinner itioufxj eu«> tel'tni. j no i.-onimlH lijonil. i OrKanlZ(hl iiij 5 mL No^ loeadeii Soutliweii corner (if siiuani. 1;. >4 I'C'"'' '^'^•'•#'""yl ' • \ ' • i'^ i , . • , • .AliM .i E.. nWiw'n. Who has hejen ; ipcnilihi; several days Iher ^e with 1ier daughter. M>s. (ilia-l-les A. Cliff. : nd Mr. Clifl. Returned yeslerdji to her home in .Vltooha, Kansas. ' ' —iverything &t buli.s'^evepgreeiis 7!lirujbery. berryj plbnits an I ireek; IfI.50I Delicious bppTe'-" " — f ., (Jnc; peach tree «i, Iflack berries, PjSQ trfees. h and;6l •>hc md iiO<-:| [per iiundre'd ford *.'ursery fljione 1037. kirk and Mrs leave in the for tlie weekL the Masorii^ Pbrtliihd Hole!, 1 • • »5r. MiBkJGoldie Riisselh a rigisterefl <»niise fronrt'hariute. fetunited home as.'nifeht after! several ddys h(iH' n" |ilie:Clifford Murphy hdine cat; Dg foi- their litjlle dhiight^r. Lila Jlear, who has bl-en (ijii'c ilf" VR¥.V. TU KpTS! , -i-to- AnierUau Li K1<)» Buxh f; Miiftch • MAiKCHil : Dralb of Kenneth sifliile}-. Kenneth Stanley, the year old son of .Mr. and Mrsl Harry jStunle (if 204 North Kcnliicky street, pa sed away at 6r.W o'clock lasit evei log of pneumeinia. ; Burial jwas n ade •hi.s afternoon ajt 3 o'clock In H gh- land cemetery; ;A short grave s -rv- Ice w -a8 held, cohducteii by the ^tev. J. H. Sowerby. i , Hugh Corr ofi the Corr Transfer Co.. weiiL to Wlohitu today on h isl- ness. . Are You Ashnmwl m,IU —yniur old overcoat^ \ Natur ally;' the bes| of fabrics wll at length beconM> soiled ah( shabby looking. If you kn^'v how splendhily W6 could re store it, you'd not hesitate :^ inoinent in sending it herej \A Meson Cleaners • PhiJne lo.*i * rie- Ihi; The Rev. \V. K. Miller preac led to an Interested ("rowd last n ght at the Free Methodist church, t dal F .lng4ng is; a feaiure of meetings. —Individual chicken pie. with all the trlmmln's, for Sunday dii^iier at Saunter inn; Mrs. Uuth fUstmuBsen of "n 'ar Colony has moved to lola to m ike her home. Sl|e ;iia« traded for ihc Winder properly near the ('(^111 iry Club. ^ —Kpi^cliil .Sniiilnv illnner nl PoHlunil Hotel, [(I.Vf. rst |lay ty. eM, Aril iirl iK- live he Isa »t iM *. * • t « \\\y Imy lilidcr ilild who Hi'lli* I pickets lo: the 1 |.ii',(<iii ItiixiiiiKr.Mai M.wlll lilt given I i Kree Of ("111 i:i J (Ai) a AiiH'r ;h his II (•Kc. IllltV ok Killl dclalis loicd all <"(>' t'ly-H HrUK .1, V. Mciliulit elry Sloili Ailult Tickets, fl.lf Fiiends will bv H hat •Mrs. a. H. Por.t, Mir< •ars lull can h kel lie j.f- s or '. ui;i<i !4 . .lew- irry ler is (it sir» iNorlh Sjt 'aiiKJre slh sale. ^Vedne.<j- —Dob't fall to att son aniji Xewlonifarn layj P(»bruary 3;^. Ifarry Conley. .llajgman for the jSanta Pe at Chanuxt. has a record pf having been, fo; fy-seveh years in he emplpy of th ? Santa Fij in'd Df havihg been |cpn !tantly| jn service during that^tim? o knoiv (|uite I ill eet. nd the Peter- jgraduate No extra Phone' corns -i^r>r.; Fred •Wflo(|bur.v, foot^sp^cialist. Trekts: ions^ weakened atchts. etc jcbarge ,for residence calls jjoa. 2l;7iWest Madison.. I Mr6.!;Ge<Jfge J. Marr p ^ittsbuf-g yesterday for rviilt with her potner, ' We fj Cole. Mrs: Maln|^ Sy yay: of Girar^ia id brolught ^er jsistlBr, Mrs- Fred Cojwari.bick with " " perc. visit registrat Cleifk a few days iKeglstration >*ot]rf. -j-For the. pui-pos€ qf the office of the- CJ y <_ Citjf- o^ loia, Kansa will Iwmi Sjo'clock ai m till l b. ip. beglnnlngiTebruary kai closing Fetirnaify: 25; ibofie who did nlqt vpte at ^risl %:iection hietid lastly f riio have cban fed , i> [since, mitst; registtr jt^ein to vi^pte ajt th^ ary to be h^ld March f pJty Election to I be ffi. 1927, [1 • -i . drove to a fihorf Min- back J^rs. came on of ihe be oi^en o'cldcjc 16. 1927. 1927. All . the Gen I^ovemfte resJ- . to eri- comlng 8th, and held on Clerk. tl^elr The ntat<»gull^ rally of the F liaptlst church m )>eing held Un and tomorrow jal. KnuHns (.I KansaH. Mr. and ^rs. ii. I. .ian Miss Violin Lewijiaii. .Miss , Stout, .Miss Dora) riavis, Miss IN McKnrnIn, .AUss iLueltu .VlrKuri^in. .VtlsH Irene .Meltqu. .Miss Huth I gins and .Mr. T. K. Shanahan dr to Kansas City lyesterday for meeting and Miss Klla Hall. .V •Marjorle .Mather, .Miss Uaetiel ^ Card, .Miss {Kllzabcfh I..ederer : nd i \Ilss Frances Marshall wont tjhls morning. i -MJ. li. Cox. ;M. D.1 Bpeda^it. Eye, Ear, Nose and Thijoat. Mark S. Revard and his attornley, A. Piatt Carr of Pawhuska. Okla. were Imsiness visitors in lola |today. , f —Tr^ It once—^ou will fcare no other. Van Hoozer'a Bread Mrs. C. S. Bishop and daughtjor, Ruth Bishop and -Mrs. Car.'on Glore and daughter. Mary Isabel of Chanute went to Kansas City to visit Fred Bishop, wh<i is appe ring at the Pantajjes Theatre, l-'n m Kansas City, Fr^d will go to N w Vork. then back' to lire wes((^ru coast. , ; jdNMr M^pEFtLlil "Flesh AndThe Devi Be Therd Monday I Three Days. One of lh(i world 'M nuiMt tlve screen cliarnierH -lieiUK violent ilove to liy the clii lovemal ors of two nations— the iin!li|ue conibifiation screen in "Flesh and the which conies Monday for thru to the Elite TJieairc. (ireta Cui ^io, blonde c the screen and famous '.stai- Europe, will know fon-ver lerenid between American a ropean luveinaking us a re: her role in lln- new .Metr^i wyn-.Miiyer picture—in lac had to aitt as! a sort of JHd4 battle for supremacy betwt lovemakers 01 Hie Ani-ricat the Swedish screen cliaiupijln? One of her screen lovers i Gilbert, hero of "The BIK P; "The .Merry Widow." and for his romantic roles - tin- oj Lars Hanson, the "Swedi.sli more." cliarmcji Ihe K. B. Anderson some weil s reslgni"d the agency of the I'rji liii Life Insurance, company, is now reported that U. B. yl fey of Paola will assnimj agency here. .Mr. .MclJuffe; move his family ;i6 lola in ili^- future. T. N. .MagrUder lui.s re!i from Kansas Cit.v- where he a few (lays a'f^o on business. A reiMirt i.-! current upo 1 street.s today that Kidiert Tnu-; Paola, Kansas has bei-n seiiii i- manager of the HariiMlall O and tiiat he will tuke-cliai^'i' their filling station mi WashlnBt(iii the first /if next .1.). v. .Merchant went to •Vtii ('enter yi^ierday on liusiie:-j;. j T. <;. Iliiw.ird is uir.ilib' tojlie Ills .place of business, tlie lljiwa ('aiidy Slio|i, today on accoi>ii|. llltiesH, liiirilerliig (III flu. Will. Silllelcller, who IiJis coniiecteil Willi the DiaiiKui licr shop for Ihe yciii} leave .Monday for .Maillson, I Where he has a (losltlon in ; there. Mr. and Mrs. Itl C. Reed of Kahi- sian City, .Mo., are over .Sund ly guwits of .Mrs. RIHMI'S iiiolheir, .Mfs. K. ^F. of Oas. ; Mr. and .Mr.s. (I. .M. Crover of ih) JlVest .Madison avenue relurn'd yesterday fnjiii a.few days visit in Kansas City at tin- aiilomoli sliiiw. .. .loseidi .Nedi'ii. an evangelist if Ihe Church of (!(id, has hoiighl t 10 property at fiUC North Second sheet and U niiivlng his fumljly here from Slrawji. KHUKIIH. Mrs. (leorke S^iewarl, who his been III Aduir, lllhiolH for Ihe piiit iieveli weeks. Willi iller IlloHler. M ii. ('. A. Hull, wiiM etpi'cied InTiiio ii day. i ! Mora Llvlugstoo will arrive 1 night from llayard, Texas, wh( he. works In the oil fields, to vlij his fotnily In Laliarpe, Kansas. it Mr!?,. Laura : Montgomery if BlacKwell. Oklaltoinu. who h iR been with her mpther. Mrs. Lcw|is. Boner of Neo.slio'Falls during h recent illness", returned home t day. • F. Li B. LEAVELL. M. ». Special attention given Dia- I eases of Colon and Rectuin. Electro-Therapy and ; bysloiberapy. J Office • Qla State Bank Bldg. P]io49a—147 and 705.1 : i ^ ^ Mrs.- Gladys Beasley; went to I i- .depenffence, jKansas today to visit her motheil. LMrs; N. H. Smith. I' f Jay W. Hesser; who is in. Ced Rapids, lojwa on business is, e pected home today or tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. ' E. C. Pigg. wljo went to Ft. Scotit a few,, days at o for a visit with tlieir. son and fan - ily. have returned home. Mrs. Ralph Lee will go to Fit Scott thisevenlng on the Sunflov - er Special for a week end vis t with her husband who is there qn lodge w^ork. It Is rcporttd that a coU' "fbrceably" struijk a woman on tl ^ head with -her • (the cow's) hea 1. Wonder If The ijow has been of- reated? « .Mi.-;.s .XviSui Aiidcr^Oii .'i ai-i'()in|i:iiii .st. tWO: ;i(ls wiiKiiiiill (.Mrs. ,1;. 11. Kiiijilil .MOIU.V. f-'.li. IS.- .1. loiir wi'll known i-iti'/.t-n I lii'.vii is \v)iliiii{ a lilsloiy j days i'ri(ii{<'il ••t'<itiiiriiiiii(y \ Olil." l<ii' I '^iir liiciil |i:i|i(<i' ran ll'-rald. iiml the fir ' .scrds of .•irticles .ifiiJ i-.Hiie. ,.\|r. .Vortiiu r.'ci;ii ciu la !•II nr. W. II. Porter r.turiinl 'ili!ls iiKirning from .Kaiisa.s City w u-j-e he had been fiir two or Ihn "1 a -s on business aiid attiinliiig the l^ig aiitomoiiile sh(lw. .1. W. Cochran, district inin;|B-r for Ihe Carpenter Service t lalii^ii was 111 lola yesterday on bi -sii with Elmer Sla< k of the Le ih t: Co.. here. .Mr. tJjiriienter's in'ad (luarters are at Ottawa. Kai .-iiiiS it is rumored on th" street; hat the Continental Oil Co.. Is o establish il service station in l|<)lh.i —Speciu! ('Iiic'icii dintier Siiiidav al Krause".^,' Cafe. 50c. .1. F. SwouKer. .Ir., is in (i';irtu' today on business. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 19li Wlma Dicklnkou. who is .itteini: ing junior college, is speiidiiig jlli] week 'end with Itoiiiefelks in .iii ran. '' I • • - . I I., —Dr. -Montgomery, Chiropractor, tola Laiindry Bldg. Phone 138.' prize for ilie rir-t <iiri>'<i aiihwt-r In the iiuirilhui. "Wlieli |oi)« (IM what -is now loiiK 10 Virginia.'" Thi awarili'l Id Mrs. .Iiiliii . .Vorton. • '.vest of (if e.-irly Titles of the .Mti- t of the I in till:-. V offercil licit llollutiil with iii;^il'' by tlii. manual :iii(l iiperaii'il l.y i-I.^ .silti' (if lllr . .\ri: of tl!f ."lim" V. a 1 It ti'Ui's V.•M"'- hliioiiiini; ' .lacli lliitliu. j: . w;'- :iii ••\r(|l!-iil' Hiril.Iir. ,rc!'r«'>'tii.i'i\<• '.l ;i I, .\inefi.-)iii i|i .)>iiiiiK ;y ;.t oi-s III) llll.s on \\\ 1( h.'iyiinl. wliosH iln^wer conii't. alilioiigli not all the history iti what t;liilc (luriiii; the lliil liiWal il <'VOl <ip;iient of iilie o^ and how |\in.-:is lic- jirize was lethir. of is ni'iiri'sl iiitalning now our th- i-n.- wlui are left of tlial cla (if I'lie iiifoi Illation In "'lluriinei" ivlio -rol] III lloljiiinl. . u:| . >;.j(iil and he w lis :i>, lliijiiii H'-iiiiiliK .M j iili;< V 111 i ,io ;;iii|ii,: il l.iiKi! fiiliiily. in a ly w.iy il, h.i-- il ii!»;!i lil ;il III!; .iitin;^ ..ilioWi .1,1 'tk iilid Dolpll liiillx' roiiii'ily teiittl. l.eilii ';:jne ii-.viiii.-^' lliTi'iK''nl"-;'li mail" ;:'i>ilii r MV - •-..•r il:iiiK bifi|ii^rsiiJiaT('i 'l Lnii" .1 I CiMiiKi-y Siiites., .Mr. .\orloii I'MK i -ts lohiivo; prinl<'(l ill hook for.ti I i-t arlii • when coiiipretcd ;inil ni iloulit it; will prov^-very iiiteic.-;!i:ig lii.rtory.[ espi'cinlly'.so to,! \. Iwi aft .er 11 while will he left to t. I the Old Stories ani;w. ^.Mr. Xof i 11 is not one of our comuiunity's oldcstj sci- ilcrs and is lieiiundiiij; !i| oh.tlicj few ', ! !*e S to Kive Mr .s. .1. B. Spencer and little Ih liny ro w ti e ly, will go to Plltsliiirg 111 visit two week.s wit Mrs. Henry Smith of l!ii-|li <' Ki n.-t . who hiis been here Visit III r ilaiiKhtcr, .\lis. A. T. ItiiUi-r la iilly (>t ol'ii >^(iuth Thfnl sir re iinii'il home this, atii-imjoii Mr .i. w. Htuiihn'd of H i> IIIIMIIIIKM Vlsi^il^U I Wii moriiliif',.' • 'l'(l<|ihoiie your tTlasiilfl Id l.s. • Itoiiii n 1 .1 II liiiih d AdM .Mr and .MIM. (ii'orKi- .\l( \iiil .II;.. of I'linporlii ciinie this aft'i tiooii fur :i HIIOI'I visit wit 1 .\i 1 VlrKlnliv's sisler. Mis. P It. N y man ninl fiiiiiily of I'll!) .N 'oV li l>ii tiinwoiid Mrei 't. -Mr. iiiid .Mrs. Walter Cm :e \x\^ diiuuhter, Deiihinore, left on i li aflerniioti train lor Kansas 'it.v t<i attend the funeral of .Mrs. 'ruHi mother. '.Mrs. KJorene DeWijrt C. S. Gammon of .lin South eye street, who has been c to hi-? home tor •sevei>il (la' grippe, was able to btf up ft day. .r .ujk nfliked s wiitli wn to .\ Resisler reporter hoard sa.v this morniiiK that he further use for the big city as the KcRister carried all portant. telegraphic news world, hesides all local ne«1s Miss Elizabeth Smith; <svh6 is jit tending the Kansas State Teai h ers College at Pittsburg. lansis came home Thursday night td spend the week end with I home fo1k.s. Mr. and Mrs. H. .M. Palm T w'il| leave tonight 'for San A|ntonJO Texas for a .'iftort vacatioii Leagie Tlie South .Atlantic son will get under way April Knoxville- playing at Ore Macon at .Charlotte. .Ashev^lle Spartanburg and Augusta Iiiin .riiiich will use. .Mrs. Williite. who ha.s vi-situiK hei'' liriilher. J. anil family, wii.-; quite i ilays last week, bin recoven-il. news h are glail to learn. ('. ilalslon, "Chuck' lard and T. E. Whitlow tiiose ulio attended the in Kaii.siis City this weeli. Kreil liniwii of lula. w'hs l.s Wilhelnii :>jii an llilihi. \v at hiiitie ill i;:^-ir i r.i ll-'on -Vi"- Well \K rt lU' lu'.i! in liioliin: w 1(1111 iie had no hf iii lii Alilia Kimisey n~,|i-iii:i I.retty ,(liiui;hier of a •WiiKlniiH" ilioru ••Dr.irii"' 1 horns n.Or's Daitirliter," "Pi ppy" cl 'FORLOFf RIVER' is KEliEY FILM la^•^ 01:.• roil I aiili Za^wi Grey m Shown I And Kr.eih iroin '.itiii' K'lTfV con; Il elcitrical , (linl to hei iilly l^lllch li .iii'i |ierf«' liji:li Production Hjere Monday Tuesday. roll <• look the gliirlifier a fla.iliiiJK gliiiijii 'l' lleloil- u eil ill 11 Tim! p cture w and villa nori! u'l II M' Till eS n tioii. la-.^ •.\^ K'row a plrfect rs. Uuille and Katli- IMiit.-.tly ts. Frimiv cho^eh i fori llie for a t-'!l" ilin;:. waji .th. illill •"UillMl; n' ."^lliM iiiii-li.v v.eie altrj ycn '.i -.l.' . • y\\0 e".-Il!;il(S Wc! •etlitiv.'^. the Itil. 'rhursilay on Inislness short visit uitli |-elativt .|ione.| enjoying v I rill last weeU to the Valley in Tiias. and wasjs ly iiiipi-e.; V. ith (lie coiiil lie made .III i iiivi'stiiu-iit j .lames l.illle .lWho leCelltl}^ of Ilis Iianlwaie lin';iiie.<^s made :i pmihase of ;i teii-a III' itiipiiiv.-il Viilli !y laiiil ami .\lr .s. I.alie visited 1 1 Wei'li. They » ill Kel |>i alioiil .liiiie lir>t. I here for il i> n- ich hi- Cniinl- itliiMeiU. ry iliiii It liimi llsposeil here re trill 1 r.'lieii lie re ia ..ii ^ser isii>;.! true to I liL -hts .'elK-ss ( • Was pi^cked te in riol- iidd- • the been ^here ^1. Seller I a few i^iiw fully iilii'i'.l siyl.^. ami the si" lids here jed iniiell !o the eifeel jilay. The auditorium Broiiil-' and llitre wiis not a sl3w mini aiiiimg liie entire perforuiiiine. lOlo show . '111.' Jiroeerds from 'the two! per- fnpiianc—i ' .\ e: (• v.-i;. piiiiifviiit:. TIfe iiiiitiri...' aeii,.,| f: .-,.(111 and ilf pe|rfor-ii:!ti::( l.isi ni^lit $I.S'i.eo niak- iiif^'ii, tola' (if .'!;:;l.'..I'll. \ IKMI iif th. re<(i; ts will he Used ill Inlying ii viitr.ila iiiid remrd-: lir the .-i-liool and .some of tie- niomy will ;{n 1..- vviird pi'oliiotiii.; alhletie With "l;.il.e" .\il I'ittsliiii-)^ pl.iyer. at 1 .lOllllsloUIl I 'ltlll llopt IllinI iiiii-e.iiiiv. I.eiimie p.iiiiaiii ihl.- .Mr. .1. a. Cramer has I ill lor till |iii;t nexei al -d luiw liiiprovi'd. wliiili is n III hill,Jl|i<illd:.. His' (liiii);|ii; >l:iryle .-<•; 'raylor. whit I): llel (' villi inn. I'el Hilled lO ni SironK.i'iiv l-'riday.. .\|i(i. .h'ssii 'I Classified I'oliiiniis.j Joiie.;, iiii(iili"-r diiuKhler iiiiiln lor ii lew days IOIIK .Mr. and .Mr-*. Kliiii/id (! iiiovltii; lo their in-w hot Wi'llllle 1 lli'l mil'<. 'I'll! foiiiierly /iwneil liy W. . jtisl iioitlnyeMt of town .f.|i qiiii.-i: _.,s„^, reM^lts \ :t lull II • olid |ii\s.|' er. .Mr Ill-el li-r lioiiiii will. I. )1 lion are:, as tli«-; I|ajiii «.!•;! Wili;hi' mail jiad I^^ptr{; i|hc i|m f Mr.s. (JuIIett's Itbms A woniiin came tliriiiigh ,allari sea t»l with nviUel !al t Cbl illill siliil she never" ciiii ^a^x'd in a towu'wher tliciir wi -r iik iiiiiiiy old jie 'iiple living alone- idd men and women. She said ;llaHarpe Jiiusl snrlt-y be a safe plaise to live. W(^ll Laliarpe wnsj ijine day a (live wire, i1iey built biiyund thej t(Avn. -J. ! . i s iMr. Akerion's are having la sease- of the measls. 1 :\lr .i. Maggie Thompson aind Mrs. darvey accompanyed .Mr.^. | Arnold down to litT Hons on SoUth Wasli- "inglon and found somel ^CMiy had- don a lot of damage to Che inter- ioriand it would cost htri twenty dollars, and if she fount out the parties as ihe parents ^Imld be tjhe losers. ; We sur^ felt sorry to lear of 1 .Mrs. n. n. Standley'.s dijakh. She j was our Sunday school teiiiiier and was sure well iiosted on thi; Scripture, and a "'good woma 1. They lived on Mr. Clayborn's.fa tp in the Prairie Hall neighlwrhoo^l, ' .Mrs. Holder rf<.-eived letter froiii \ her son in Bfec|{^nridge, as 'fine! to the Tcxajs. and the weather |w and ii numiwr wer a goiUgl coast; AVe. £»re sorry Maggie T^hbmpson isy wo- has. to move, she is a bu miiiJ. The House sold. Mi-s. Hasting came yp tofwjn early a j Mcjnday morning regardless of tho fog—February fog wil^ kill a dog-4is an old saying. LE Jones T JONE DO IT! 1 Electric Wc PHONE 193 s irks 1 '• • • il. ;i faj-na-r.' "I .oOkiuK I' oru .1 y .i ;e jire- I ;ion!.s it-'ivelv day. TliiflKriiit il reail-;i-|;i iind ill liiiil iiti opiiorljii lilte.-^t I pilM-e it ajiiili-areil [ii<it'tl:.U hack l.iidii'-t Home .liileli .Holf- i| Illill^ jigure ill (|iffi|riiiiL fro.II ii!ipi!:lts as an from Jiislice, witli- a gang Ha.rmond lliitt SiunOhj'r. provi and cjihiedy tl iind emphasize and, ijlniiualif Miiri'hiil. fanioijs who* ,M-nr>d "Mcni: lo the nine ilead am ciiusi' ;of all th lUirn.'ji is happ iiiiglo'in tlie li le ,virilo pen another outdil Itiver." in wh' Wi gives of the roniaii iiy thill flotiri .t cattle (-0 llie shijwii at biiiliiy; and Tu Ol or ch ifH i injj of .Mr. Cri -jy'-^ iC(-r .s iiave iilrei dy lijty to '."iiniplo il^ ificiion, pi" really Just a I jvy 11: h" pages of hji; iduhial. i . |.2 ;ain Ihe lea^l role refrcshin iisuitl. Here law and fnglt u'plfiosedly in catti iis a ir:»ilip ci: Ted "Kid" I.( i;:ii. in ddidwei^ht lieen engaged ii'ti le'am for t!| hoSing chanipi llei liii. hf! vp leadue rustldrsi. iWr lesj much of the- ^im at bala<ice on serve-' to tli| crai-kling act tjensiou. r 'rench" beii sensationally t." has the tliei rtiniii fightiiii^.' Kdnvi cast as the th| triangle. cVrlttte llltVi in feJni- iirit wii, the fiirmer BHt- chaiupioii, lias o train the HitngLr- t'.iiropeiin aiiiiitj'ur in.sliips to b(> be|(! in Tfiel ynung( I'.eld i'lie riilKji j-liani|)ionshlp hell, who wasl • •Id . vyho -wio when he ill-:, the le h. llil. i 111 will .Mill .\tjlalll-i |i ill-. ' oil lln- ils the I'hun^ Mr*. Cities fervice lEat-hingg 1926 In Ai)ril, 192(1, Citie? So j net eai'ninM's ibached the lighcst peak for • • ,245, ' - " an>[ month in IM yedrs— they rose to S2,251,000. " ^2,641,000, 56 per cent! December, 1925. A new high fdr net earninisjalso was Fear 11926—$24,462, share in Cities Se t jilayer who hcis 1 States lawn tenuis U ()liver S. i;ai ui- (inlv nineieen ye irs (iiii the title in l^UO Ft)R INSURANCE City aiiid Farm 131 or S2» Iijvc.Sjtmend Co. hiHp N. '»') in •vice J)06.iInMay n Dcjcembei", to higher! than in set if or the.: You can paiiy's ear^ing-s moh stock by investing ...V... . . at itfe present pri -yoii a yield on your mor^ey of ^ i cent in casK and kdck dividends.! • B62. ice Com- its compel; it givei> oyer Sp^i" TJ E . OTl^hertj & b*AMt.i'CS HI ' .«end. wi:hoiit oWigJ^tioni Cities Service cii'inimoi)'i stock. j Name ' Adtlress .—-f- PfitflC ..•ij C(j)mpany's invited ride in! e compainy. , announced at the lion of; WJarner's [drive tha.t test.s- of the car, will be un- n. The present i^&xi is lidt the mo;tor. unless mej- 1 trouble develops, until the a IDU mill' run in low gear ' started Mouday rrow. dealers, ciJr ownera, [iitid others who ire interested are Mason IClty, lowk—f'jf i In Tcry , poor beslth fiirj more tlan two".^ years. I jecame jw eakland palle-and,>:?t thejdqctjrs mtfel bpmpljtily to-|i benefit m 9. I tri^ all jtbe i anedies I cdula get and thtey to »*.fafle&:. rfcard of j Piei cefa Pa -=r Pifescriptl9n sjrid de Bided to I Tben vorite , try thsft whei noticed qmt> ian ment sb [ continned spd 1 in llealtli iintil sounii in 1' well. I I 4 ^er ^ye ex- peri^nc H . any of | t|id aetes pains s 326 ad Bti S. W. Yoiul^ if yoju of D^. Kdrce's atljioar Hear to inspiect the dai- arid to It. Moi^day miirhing the low .gehr drive, will staj-t at 8:00 iiliout r^n hours. tor will (hat hah not been] .^uch a.-ij to he lirobabiyi require I Whether or nok pe stopped afte^ decided. A drive planned ijor MOnjlay Is said very severe teijt for any motor ind doublylso fof one that; has iiedn in'con'staint operation for \ i;(rven (lays and n'ghts before start' e- i . ,. ; I• ' -I Warijer saiil th|it tht| car per- remarkali drive; driive at •overing >|ly wellj jthrnugh- Karly tihls morn- \ lii)p spek'il for, lUO, he dUitance In Z ' ind miniitcs ai 'un uver|- •ed of 11.-l| miles |iei- hour, j det.-Uls of the (lilvo apjl of the [guessing 1 contest^ nnnnuncfdi as 8i)()n us th (>i have be|ni comillhid. .•(irmed out th Ing he mile.-*, hours iige Kail wlliller|l will h risiills nave nejn compiKid. y The Vernon t|r«|.xa«) Daily'Rec­ ord of Feb. !) haH fi special sectloju dedlcii (Sd to Ihi^ completion of [a fine 111 w hotel lihlch built by the I'liderhlll (.'ohstructlon COih- pony. It is • Inlefesting! to iiojte that the superintendent for this compn ly. who hid.actual charge iif the (,o latrtiction! w'ork, is Mr. .0. 3- |.;obb:i S; formiii 'ij 'i of Iqla. He is :i son- ri -laW;of S.iAV. Stewart, S26 lavenue and was 'a tola high schof ^l. nie."— Mifs talced it loner i •'— linproves-r be on thf 1 ^0^ tdi health 'ectly|:. and lll&ooijiEardeD, Iption"; dms4. erinteiil —Te to 18. .N'orth llefferfeon gradnaite of; the Although buj; 27| , „ has b^'-n superin[te|ndent derhill Con^trucf' the jiasf thrie yd C. O. Ilobbins, is ilent.of tliSe years ;or age. he of the Union <:oinpany . for a|rs. His brother, an assistant sup- company. ephone yoiir Classified Ads Yoi^ aren't lejiing right, can't [enJtJy d rtiea Stomach's'all Voiij can't eat in 'v ^'.PARioHS • KANi •t-L ditics full information about \-^--A t <ocal JReprejsehtatiye. insafel up.set. iti's rocky how ytju this, aiid you can't eat that; .Verges alljuiMpy, don't: know where VouFre Uoil't need ajnew stoniacb. just needi nprv^ CbippractOr'^l do that^ beyond belief. | ' (Copyrlf^ed lMt7 hy .1. T. I -Elecff-o4 Adiiistmehts rlhrup m ^g, DRliUCY E. POL SON Ahd as you drink jtjieijfi you uliit vyonder w|hy Fryer Bros. C<i>I always tastes so good. The ans\yer is siiip Bros, is ro|a!sted fres i alwayp has the| |ull aroma arid arid e: F ^ach streni^h of the c^:^f e4 bean I-l

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