Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 13, 1961 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1961
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De* Motnof Drpt. of Hist. & Archival !)'•••• MYiincs. 1ft, loxva I he Heart Of Northeast Iowa's Scenic Wonderland Volume 47, Number 28 Thursday, July 13, 1961, Fnyctte, Iowa Six Pages This Issue THE PICTURE ABOVE shows Ihe semi-trailer truck which tipped over on ihe detour north of Fayelle, recently. The truck was carrying 5,000 gallons of liquid fertilizer, most of which spilled out. The driver of the truck was uninjured. The picture was taken by Bill Wendt. of Upper Iowa university. Fayette House still live on By A Former U.I.U. Graduate corner a block west of President precision. These- he used to .show two days. Mrs. Huniiston, then that .some of the biggest days Name Not Available Smith's home. the guests to their rooms when a girl. 1'irsl went around hur- for Fayette Me use (and the town) Ever since I came to Fayette Now let us go back to the they were ready to retire at bud- ricdly to all the tables and Rath- were the annual Harvest Home last fall as a "Freshie" at Upper "horse and buggy" days and see time, and they were left with ered the silverware into a bas- piemen, which ceased to be a- luwa University I have wanted what was happening at Fayette the guest as his tv-le source of kvt. All the carpets were rolled b: ut fifteen years ago. On these to know something about the House. For one thing, Mr. Can- illumination for the night. Later up. taken nut. soaked with water, days people from the territory history of the town. But alas! field had u livery barn behind this row of candles was replaced ami hung on the north side of around Fayette came for the day Where could I begin. Fayette the hotel. This he used as we do with kerosene lamps. Of all the the hotel tr prevent it from and enjoyed a fine festival and is an old town and the history, our taxi or bus — to take people stories I have been told of Fay- burning. The fire had broken out "get-together." The present-day if the proper resources are sou- from one destination to another, ettc 1 House I like the ones told i" a harness .-.hop and burned entertainment for the hotel guests ght out, will be found on page Beginning in 1873, when the first about old "Cap" Kingman the from the dry-goods store next consist mostly of listening to the after page and in book after train went through Fayette, Mr. best. (How I wish I could have to the hotel to where Campbell's radio, visiting, reading, playing A new quarter-of-a-million bread manufacture. Listed in book. And a college student has Canfield went to the depot with known him.) But the following garage is now 'ocated. In those bridge, or going to the movies. dollar science building for Upper "Who's Who", Dr. Baker has no time for a hobby tn extensive, his bus to meet every train, cue is my favorite: days there were no local fire Fayette Hotel contains twenty Iowa University was assured this published over 40 scientific ar- But when an assignment is given This bus was enclosed, or cov- "Once upon a time" two men, engines as there are now, so in rooms a i ar g e percentage of week with the receipt of a $150,- tides and was recently designut- in some class whereby one's ered, and was drawn by horses. ,. n ., hot summer day, were driv- tllat ( '" lcl January weather the ' OOP ., n ,pd ~> me bv 000 gift from Dr. John C. Baker ed as a "Modern Pioneer" by the knowledge of such a subject can Kids were kids then as well as in{ , through Fayette. The tern- Fayette citi/.ens formed a Buck- ™ ,. m " ', roomers 'it has not of Alhambra, Calif. American Association of Manu- be broadened, why not seize the row, and Mr. Canfield used to p0 rature was over 100 degrees et Brigade atxi threw v/atsr on v * . , in ' thp World The gift will be added to ap- facturers. opportunity. And so I have. Of- have to seyerly tin-eaten them so they ticd their horsos in R ob- |1 > ' "><• UIltil il w;is fina!1 y st °P' w',, ,vhen it stoDDcd this t>rac- ' a "" both sldl ' s - In thoso ciavs ' ' ' California alumnus gives Upper Iowa large sum of Money for science building w tcn when I have gone by that with his whip when they tried ertson's Wo ds i .r- .roner 01 uccoran. in liiiio, in the state ol INCW many ouier ining. 1 . aiso wcm leu nis coai on me KUUUK- in H.IM:<'.> in n. m. m.-mn iun .->uuiv ^j^ ^ 1350 as f a r a g room, etc., be Also included on the ground York was born a certain child, im ut Fayette House. It was the Robertson's Woods, and "Cap" standing upon the floor to see a ,. e concerned! never having'been is. floor will be four laboratories, a boy In I860 at the age of 25 icleal P lace for P<"' l ' e - s . as the Kingman allowed no man into the pages, look the liberty when ,. ( , m()clelod . Light wiring, water M-- three preparation rooms, work years this boy now grown to third fltv;r at that time was a the dining loom without a coat the olfic-e was deserted one day ^^ , wd such nu)doi . n o^nven- room, storage room, and lour of- young manhood moved to Iowa. duncL> hal! - Merry makers had no on. What was the coatless man ol placing a i<hair in position and jollcos ha ve been installed with- And in 1874 this man, wlio was '^io "»' nickelodian but they to do. His appetite was already standing on it to rolve the mys- uu{ altcl . a t ion lo thc building. seating capacity of 100, on scenes, as i nave never reany mc-u ai»--un.-i afiyn.u, ../, .,„..•.(; selves by washing tnc clust »•••""••* "- •••- •>"- -•-•• •••«•- . , unbleached muslin 90 University the bulk of his estate, the ground floor The vestibule ki ,:wn, (until lately). So, follow- people (and old ones, too, no f ,. om thoil . faccs alld nands . Then c '- ;llld we ca " Wl ' u imagine now • Mrg ' Hu _ to be used for capital improve- and hallway will feature display ing is a bit of uncensored his- doubt, although they might not tlu , y proceeded to dinner, both ' lu '.v nl " st havo struggled. mist on manage the hotel' by ment. cases for items from the Univor- lory and information about that admit it) enjoyed sleigh riding. with an amazingly large appetite. O. W. Stevenson tells of an themselves most of the time It Dr. Eugene E. Garbee, U. I. U. sity's museum, including the building which is so dear to the Perhaps they even "park"—who But at t h c dining room door one experience with the Hotel Re- is hcatcd by a f urnnce a nd is president, stated that contracts famous 60,000 specimen butterfly old timers of Fayette, the Fay- knows. Anyway, the Livery was of those "tempests in a teapot" gister when he was a child. He modcrn j n every way. It stands for the new building, which will collection dr.nated by Dr. A. F. i'tte Hotel. well patronized. struck them. One of the two Imd u. I iced many men writing their p| . a( . t j ca n y the same today as it probably be known as the Baker- Porter of Decorah. In 1HD5, in the state of New Many other things also went left his coat on the saddle in names in it. He. being too short ^ in ,„',,,. nQ f . n . na rnom (! t P .. Hebron Science Hall, could be let within the next two months. Construction should get underway early this fall, he said. The new building will be lo- fices. cated just north of the present The first floor campus, and directly east of the laboratories, three First Methodist church on prop- rooms, work room, erties purchased from Ida Burns preparation rcom, „ ~ „. ,,. 0 . ^ c>llllv .-, u ...u..^ ..v u .^ ~ - . . ., ... and Madge Benton. Baker-He- fices. his wife had but one child, a behind thc hotel; the dancing those days everyone wore ul- with pen in hand, the north office ~ meH aro f rcqucnt gue sts at Fay- bmn Science Hall will be the pi ans also call for the re-mod- little girl. She was about three f l°° r h;ld had to bc made int)3 sters during the dusty seasons to <', or was opened. After what ette Hotcl _ Somc of t h e well- fifth major new construction at e ling of the present Science Hall years old when the Canfields rooms for guests, but the fun protect their clothing. His own the person who entered said and known peop i e who have been Upper Iowa since 1956. into a chemistry building at a bought Fayette House. Later on w <-' nt on out in the E'-wery. Most black ulster was hanging only a did he was firmly convinced that gucsts al the Fayette Hotel are: Dr. Garbee said that the gift cos t of approximately $50,000. i n her life, when she had grown ° f the dancing then was waltz- few feet away. Quickly he rolled the big book was for guests only Q p Reod) tho writer; Mr. Gook, from Dr. Baker, a 1910 graduate "This will relieve much of the up to be a big girl, her father in 8 or square dancing. A modern the sleeves to the shoulders and to use. the d i scov erer of the North Pole; of Upper Iowa, was in the form overcrowding," Dr. Garbee slat- died and she inherited Fayette "Jitterbug" probably would have slipped thc coat onto the victim. [ n Uiis old Hotel Register I and a pas t North Carolina gov- of 40,000 shares common stock of c d, "and will give us a chance to House. Today this "little girl" been considered a maniac, and "Cap" Kingman was a tall, cor- saw ., pa ge containing the names ernfir . the Wallace-Tiernan company, spread out the departments and an d her husband, Mr. E. N. Hum- th e Livery hired to escort the pulcnt man and the wearer a O f about thirty-five men who had There are pieces of antique currently quoted at $37.50 per operate them much more effie- i s t t) n manage the hotel. And in poor unfortunate fellow to Inde- very short thin perron. So said rciiLlti-cU. th(y:a on Ian.-4. i lMl.._^«iw~^r»-»j*^_W'5^V:7?} r !«*« =KOVO . ;»„(!„» --^.r.-^r.TT, T^rr-rmn m-rnmr-nau- • r^A^r-ow- snorn aure rarmr ntrwn TO in* ei- f,- :r ; , Masonic Lodge dinner. are of interest. One is a mahog- with -horsehair shore. ientl.v. Dr. Baker, noted educator and scientist, holds over 50 patents dealing with various phases of T_|. M i flour bleaching, detection of in- | UlGllT fection in milk, sterilization of fruits and vegetables, controlling T i I IJ C "J fungus infection, and methods of | Q Qg nGlQ I MUdY -cncocrtti par,-onc oT-mciraau FIRST TIME GRANDPARENTS f\ L--L Mr. and Mrs. James Levering- Ull DulllV . , - .. to sons. The Levenngtons near Maynard. M nnH «,. DAUGHTER Towel! Miller are of a Taufihter born " •ut one hundred brought from Fayette in an Over- no railroads in Fayetta built in 1856. into rest is the And something had to be done, cons" were discussed at" Fayette about evenly divided in react- ,, f th j s t .f ly J K a |j ve . The other 0 "id"hand bell which "Cap" King- So a stock corporation fold House. Ttfie Telephone system :ons between amusement and thirty-four are deceased. man usc d to ring. Although it is shares of stock and built Stock was discussed there. Electric pity. Pasted on the blotter-sheet of old and has been used much it "- lights were discussed there. A In later years "Cap" Kingman this Hotel Register is a bell is still a beautiful and unmarred water system was discussed became less active, and story lei- which was distributed to the specimen and possesses a won- the time of President derful musical tone. A 11 Here I might add a little bit asked to about the Humiston family. Mr. 8pm according to me, a Mr. *'ox, ana Mr. sev- of the mgnt in rayeue riouse lor eite Mouse reoruary 10, JSJIM, dose between ihe Hours o-f one and Mrs. Humiston have six •J.VUH.C1 1 chairman crance, who owned it in 1863. election returns, as it had one of and is buried on the hill in the an ,| f our on September 19, 1901, children, several of them having taYonTsnows have been a Severance traded the hotel to H. thc two telephones in town, the Grandview Cemetary. and everyone meet at the Uni- gone to Upper Iowa. Mrs. Humi"" funeral ser- ston has had piana lessons at Iowa under professor They have a number of one were married in the hotel and have ^^ talent shows have been a everance rae . , . an everyoe e - I weekly event sponsored by the S. Bronson for a farm just west depot having the other. These Another interesting character verity Chapel for funeral ser- ston has ha Fayette merchants for the past of the Isaac Claxton farm in returns were telephoned in from who livcd in Fayette and who vices for President McKinley. It Upper Iowa six weeks. Each act that took Center Township. I believe it West Union. . used to WO rk at Fayette House was al.-o asked th«t public and Ruggles. The " afternoon Julv 2 at the "part in the weekly shows receiv- was from Mr. Bronson that the Built out on t h e front of the was Susie Collins, a small, black, private buildings be draped in grandchildren (11) and llninn hosnital The baby ed a prize of §2.50, and all win- Canfields bought what had been hotel was a platform on which bright-eyed negro girl. After mourning, and that flags be great-grandchild. They joins two sisters and' a brother: ners are given the opportunity to known as the Stock House- but was the town pump (force working at the hotel she worked (lraped_ at half-mast. - --' - "^ '- 1 " 1 ="•< GRANDMOTHERS TO MEET The Idle Hour Grandmothers' ClUb n V r!Ji vn i^ et at' h the S a home e of range "the" talent "shows, besides Farren's farm. About one year Hum'fston says that old timers died, and left her possessions to before it was yet completed, grow up." Walker Brifigs Mr. Rainer, were Mrs. Robert later they traded back again, and who re turn say that Main Street help her school. There were no beds in the build- Mr. Oliver V ' _______ Lamphier and Jack Beck. Jack Mr. Canfield then kept the 'hotel doesn 't i, 30 k thc same with out Mrs. Humiston tells the story ing yet, so he slept on a pile of that if one wi Gift standing — _ — — . ... - ... . . , •. i completed, grow up. W. Stevenson says Lamphier and Jack Beck. Jack Mr. Canfield then kept tne noiei doesn - t i oo k thc same with out Mrs. Humiston tells the story mg yet, so no siepi on a pue 01 mat. 11 one wants a picture of Howard served as master of cere- until the time of his death, when the old Cottonwood tree. There of a fire, which occurcd about shavings in a corner of the office, small town life, or of a small • iJJT H\J W ai \A OWAV^-W* Wf »*» ww vx,i.v»»*—»*- »...._. - • |,iiuv/J>VAVVSVbi-'AJ**wviv*X'V.i *.»•*.••«. vy*. u » •• v) ..-. -, i i l_l_'J A 94 hmir old eraduation pres- monies for each of the shows. it was inherited by his daughter, js a picture at the hotel which the year 1886. It was on a night The Humistons were married college town, the stories behind ,t ™T« Hammed to the tune of All contestants for the finals Mrs. E. N. Humiston. There have shows thc tree> the town pumpi when the Knights Epithias Lodge in the hotel 47 years ago, and Fayette House alone will furnish enT-was damaged to the tune of All contestants for the finals $600 recently in a dent. John Carstens the damages occur Chevrolet. have looked a- platform with its usual was taken out of the notei, tne i coma ima no ieierencus iu DOUI ruyeuu nuusc wu«;u pre- 3'h. A sizeable audience al- routh windows were broken out births in Fayette House, marriag- cede this, I believe that his state- and EUxawfowrry Point! Marilyn Molln, Manchester; Dayna Dum- Mote than 385 young lowane took put in the band, muiio camp, which tnd«d Jut Friday. ways waited to welcome the and the tables set out into the cs and deaths have been a com- ment is true. And there's really coach, the travelers and the streets, where they remained for men thing. Mr. Humiston states nothing like small-town life. weekly mail from Chicago. The travelers were usually a ;nore fruitful source of information and news than were the city newspapers. Every time the Stage Coach P'I .pped at Fayette House 'Cap" Kingman met the travelers and carried their suitcases to their rooms. "Cap" Kingman was the hotel clerk and also a dominating character about Fayette House. "Cap" Kingman was an i '.d sea captain who had been around the world many times, thus being an interesting character. Many times he had matched wits with others to see who could tell the most sensational r'l-ry. From "Chats With Old Timers", I quote the following description: "Many will remember that ' Cap" Kingman was large, rotund, bewhiskered, with frog-horn voice, •. '.ling gait and seemingly "as busy as a cranberry merchant.' He was often called a "tempest in a teapot." One of his duties as clerk was to ring the bell lor dinner. Alro if there was an auction he would be seen (and heard) going up and down Main Street ringing the bell. A/t the end of the counter in the Fayette House office sticks set in place with military northout Iowa.

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