Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 28, 1898 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1898
Page 4
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Business Men: Let the Telegraph Show What it Can do to Bring Customers to Your Store and Bigger Balance to Your Bank Account the Imbecility ot fow* Aftn is niwaft tavKIn* the embrace BfrVnth, II is the delight of such men to boast of IBW»" they are, anfl tell how they overwork themselves and how tMytaegleet little Isorders And Kttle illnesses that put other people on their backs. It miy not sound nice to •ay so, but It U a feet that the average man in just that kind boastful, cheerful Idiot. If his head I. uuccnui luiui. it fii* ncau . it isn't worth paying Any attention tOi if he feels dull and drowsy during the <tay, it Isn't worth serious Consideration ; if h« ia troubled with alecnlMiinesa at fltaht, he dose* himself with opiates, when he suflera from nervousness, he ,1ralki Into the nearest drug store and orders powerful medicines that even a phys- ld»n prescribes with care. He is a very • knowing fellow, but without knowing it, he it hufnjinfr death. There Is a wonder- All restorative tonic and health-builder that will keep the hardest working man itt good working shape; It U Dr. Pierre's Golden Medical Discovery. It Is made of ptire native roots and barks. It contain! : 96 minerals, no narcotics and no opiates. It simply lids nature in the natural processes of secretion and excretion. It tones op the ftomach and facilitates the flow of digestive juices. It makes a man " hungry mi * horse " and then sees to it that the life-giving elements of the food he takes •re assimilated into the blood. It Invigorates the liver. It drives out nil impuritiet >dd disease germs from the system. It Is the great blood-maker and nesh-bulldcr. It is the best of all nerve tonics. It cures bronchial, throat and lung affections a* well. "I had Indigestion and a torpid llrer," writes Mrs, A. I. Gibbft; of RtlftftcHville, l^ovrt County, - — Medical Dlncovtry He Would Enlist the Natives Our New Possessions. of THK SECIIETAUV.S AXXUAI, IMPORT "Dr. Pltrce's Golden cared me." If constipation is n!so Pierce's Pleasant Pellets shoti •They never fail; they never gripe. srlste sell bpth medicines. present, ltd be taken. Dr. :en, Drug- SALB, pf- Tk«B|r. H»rdy property comer 6th and Alby M »t«. IX)t UtaUdfeet witB 2 dwellings. B , A 4-rr>oindVeUlngonEa8ton8trool hot. 10th ,«£d 4)tb tts.aiflf 45il20 feet. Prloe $700. ,' Hi* rraldands of Oeo. Klrsob on Belle street; ', tjooins and b&th room; In good re air. , The 10-room residence of 8. H, Nichols 01 Uafdonst. Lot 70x170 feet: A fine looatlon. ^ABooS-room dwelling (nearly new) with bith WOmi heated by (urnaJe; In Mlddletown, JPhe flna lot of David Doyle on Bluff itreot l-room brick dwelling. > M, Tonsor homeataad oontalnlng about jams fine 10 room dwolllngjfrult ot all kind. BOme dnd lot* on Blutt street with brlok psT- Mwer; no grading, In T. L. Fouldaadd g-room brlok dwelling, heated with Lot 120x120 teat; flne fruit; halt block rorystwet. ,L 3 A desirable resldonoa on Prospoot street with s-'rooms. Hoath with furnace. Lot to footed «ot street. . A flne property on thenorth aid* of Seoopd -—- weaf ot Luigdon street. m dwellhjg with lot 130x120 feet; fine» finest looatlon tn Middle Alton ofi dwelling with about it) aores of FmefrSltand shade tree*. 8 blooka n 0»r line in Upper Alton, 4th stieet. between IStH store and dwelling and a nok dwelling on same lot corner of . . ._ssta. A good Investment. t lota on ith street near Mr, Oaritug s'doable dwelling of Mr. R. QanUng, 1 by atoam with modern Improrementa. ,ry desirable 8-room brlolt dwelling, SI! » street, with all modern ImproTementi, > Plasa Foundry, ererythlng complete] In- 110 lota t switch oonneotlon with C. * A. i Norelty Mfg. Co, property on 3d street, in Highland Park, each 70 by about room dwelling on State itreat. Prloi L good 8-room dwelling on 8eoon4 street , flne lota on Alby street; lonble brlok dwelling, corner Thlra sot. U, one of tbe finest ttottlQBi In Alhn 7-rootn dwelifngi good lot and Dm We r#pm dwetUac In Upper Alton, gua> tlottOilOCfeetoa Eastoe aireet. ' ' lok dwelling with W» lo(i> Middle- Venleot toi flolor Fln» loottloL. f, nent l«npe of AlbMt Wade on Bellt > rooms and Ojil>k.*i s.ttio, batb tabroema. flood oellar. ebu aa« water landoaarlagebpuse. Lot M (««t (>c«t. '•orrenT, otker4 n'lrtak d,w.l#Bg o* >Sw»ltogwm> '» good Jotaon Firtt itolRldoe ati*A. PTloe, fl.tOO. i;ooBiSrlok dwelling with i lota oc- ___ ?»bom dwelling with Ane rlrerrinw, 1 by hot water. FOR RENT, > story brlok dwelling with 8 rooms, on r aTenue now occupied byj, Moulton, S ; A»-room dwelling on 8rd street with batb 0 wltb modern fixtures. •tore room and two 4-room tenamenta " room; 2nd street near CUerry . L. J, Clawson homestead in Upper Alton 1 10 rooms, barn and garden, now ooouplod Kr, Oeo. Lerla. Poeseaalon «tlT»n by Jufir 1. II Will Auk for nn Arinj- of 100.OOO Men —8*y» CulxitiK, I'nrlo Illcmn nml Fill)). Innn Wnnlll Mflka Onnll Hdlillrm I'inter AftlAflfTAli OIHp.ord—I^mlro It, ltf*1lcvo Ynltintpnr* from Mart-limn Diily-.An In- tereillng History of tho War. Washington, Nov. 2S.— Tn hln annual report, which will be iniulo jnibllr In a day or two. flecretnry of War Algt-r will rerottiincnd Unit tho strpngUi of the regular army be flxr-d at 100,000,aml that natives of Cuba, I'orto ftico, nnd the riilllpplnnB bp piillRtpd. The secretary will ri'vk-w the liiHlnry of tho war,• shun-lng that with mi nrmy of 25,000 nion, and enliimcntH sufllclpnt only for that number when the prcnl- drnl callod for troops, tli<> nrmy wan InrrcaHi-d to 250,000 men, mipplU'd with arms and equipment, rations nnd mcdl- cnl mippllpB, pluppd In the Held, nnd H0,000 of tlidin Kent out of the. rountry lo ptiKfiRe In war with n forplgn power; that thin waH donp, and In 1111 dnya from tho dntc of prcHldont McKlnlpy'n cull for volunteers Spain acknowledged our victory by alRiilnR the protocol of poat'ff. Hcci-Rlary Alwr will give the detailed hlBtnry of the war movements and thn equipment of the great army placed In the field. It will be nn Inter- eotlng hlfltnry and will lirlng out the olllclnl inovements and orders about which there has been BO much speculation and inlHreprcHenlntlori. TVn Kcllnvn Vnlllllt«orft. In his reeommcnrlatloiiH the secretary will urse eonRreBS to InorenBc the regular army «o that the war department may aa wpeedlly as possible relieve the volunteers who arc now In the Phllip- plnea nnd Porto Rico, and will bo In Cuba within a month, lie will pay a tribute to tho volunteer army and ahow that while tho volunteers enlistee! for the war and nre willing to remain through the two yetir« at tbelr enlistment (hey Hnd garrison duty Irksome, and many of them are men who have business affulra at home and families to support, which makes It a hardship for the government to compel them to remain. He desires to relieve these volunteers as rapidly UH possible, but con do BO only by Increasing the regular arms' to n, numerical strength that will enable the government lo keep a sufficient number of troop* In Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines to insure order while these islands are In the military occupation of the United 8tat«» a» the result of the war. Would Knllit thn Natlv.-n. The secretary will recommend that he be authorized to enlist the natives of these Islands for the creation of a part of this army, that there, shall be acclimated troops In each of these possessions under American officers. He will represent that mich a plan Is preferable tu IncroanhiH the army from our own oUlieni; because It will belter In- 8WT0 the health of the Iroops and make them more serviceable, bceatiue they will be better received and will umltjtv stand the language of the natives, bo less liable to misunderstand U)(:m urnl create friction. This has, been found a necessary plan for ovary government that has colonial possessions nnd has been compelled to keep large bodies of. troops In distant countries, where climatic conditions constantly threaten tho bq^lth of foreign troops. Only t'ruulloul rinn. In View of; thp contused knowledge wo have; regarding the Bhllipplnus, and oyen of Porto Hlco ami Cuba, which se^ni to, Inevitably point to military occupation (or a year or more, the •secretory, will point out that our volunteers ftr,e euUstttd only for the war, or two years, and that any extended military occupation, of these Islands will necessitate. r.«»e«ll»lment and sending fresh and unacellinatetl troops to relieve them. II« therefore urges as the only jiraftk-ul plan for military occupation «n Increase of the regular army to 100,MO men. mid that a part of this army sbtUt be recruited In these Islands, where the natives have demonstrated that they make good soldiers and cqji. be made most serviceable to the government under American officers, Farmer* In a Filial lincmuij^r. Tuscola, Ills., Nov. 28.—'IMfreu farmers, neighbors, engaged in, a* encounter near Hlndsboro, Perr$ Grosser and Nick Thomas beliif; fatally Hliol by rteubon Piles. Piltfi* met the moh on the highway. tf» alleges that ihey threatened hli» for crossing their land. Realizing that n*. WUH unsafe In the neighborhood, iniea tame. t,«i this city at no,on, and delivered hlmHclf, to Uie sheriff. 8h«rirc Moon Is i/repared for qtnw«<;.»c,lsB. JtM|f>B ulalnm hu was JuBtl- th« f»-leiirtH of the, vlutlMia BB- khftt, the shooting was without What Shall We Do? A BerlotiH nnrt rtnngcrous dlscas prevails In this country, dangerou , bromine BO deceptive. It ccmon on » j slowly yet nurely that It is often firm ly seated before we nre awaro of It The name of this disease which may he divided Into tbreo distinct stages I first, Kidney trouble, Indicated by pain In the bncfr, rheumatism, Kim bflgo, frequent doslre to urlnntp. often with a burning sensation, the flow o urine being copious or scant w glrong odor.' If allowed to advance, this reaches the second stage, or Bladder trouble with heavy pain In the abdomen low down between thn navnl mid the water passnge, increasing desire to urinate, with scalding sensation It pausing, nmall quantities being pnsiec with difficulty, sometimes necessary to draw it with Instrnments If uric acid or gravel his formed It will prove dangerous if neglected. The tliird stage Is Height's disease Thore Is comfort In Knowing thai Dr. Kilmer, the great kidney and bladder specialist, has discovered a remedy famous for its marvelous cures of the most distressing case* and known as Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root. It is sold by all druggists. As a proof of the wonderful virtues of this great discovery, Swamp Root, i sample buttle and book ol valuable Informiitlon will, be sent absolutely free by mail on application to Dr. Kilmer & Oo., Binglmuilon, N. Y. When [writing kindly montion that you read this liberal offer In tho TKl.KriRAPII. HUGE COLISEUM PLANNED. I<« Urrutlon on Mlthy I'rlnnn Site rr»|>»i!c<l h> n Clilt-nKO Altlcrinnn. (JbinnKo capltnlipts lioadnd by Aldor- man C. F. Unutbor have on foot n project for tho removal of Libby prison and tho buildliiK of an iiumciiHB aoliraam on tha site ut Fiftaauth streut and Wn- bush nvonuo. Whilo tha project is in tho preliminary stiito, Aldorniiin Gnu- thur says thut tho mnttor will probably bo piiHlmd to a succossfal termination. "I nm not ut 11 borty to disclose all onr plans, nor tho unmet) of tue gentle- mou interested," Air. Guntbsr snid tha otbor clay. "Brinfly, wo Intend to erect a strnoturo larger than, the Madison Squnro Gnrdon in New Work. It is to bo modern in ovutty \yny uud specially donignod fox; an amusement and convention hull. The grouud ia about 800 by 17U {<j«ti ia dimensions—mnoh Jnrgor than the ground covered by tho Madison Sqnnra Garden. It is thoiaost centrally located plot of ground of its size in Chicago^ being convenient to all linos of transportation and within ousy walking distance from the cantor of tho cit$ The ground in hold tinder a 80 seat- lease by the museum company whioi is now in my bunds as receiver. The museum is for sale, and ns eooft aa it cau bo disposed of wo will be^ia tho erection of tho new coliseuir,,. providing our plans do not iniBonrry. in event of bo- ing uiiuble to sell Ota prison buildup wo may remove to iiuother looaliion. a« it is uot by auy moans a paying venture in its present location. "Justus BOOH as onr pluimare a little further/ developed we will have aa nrnuilect draw up sketches and plans $pr, the now structure Our aim is to furniHh Chicago wi.tb. a building which will supply nlj wants of conventions, exhibitions uud large entertainments. I know that such u building will be a BUCCCSH in this location, which is the best for tho parpens in the city. I cannot suy how HOOII. matters will bo definitely settled, but J expect to aee.the plans drawn by the first ot tha yeaiv,'* £} Chicago Inter Ocean. ' . " HI'IH»KNt.V (IIAXJKI) IIKK MlMI. l»niililn Wmlitlitf; I'l-nerniimir Sfinllcil l,y Our "t (In- ililili... Cnilvlc, hlo., Nov. '.'".- riiplrl lO.'iycd mmi" |f<n;i;ir | in.nltfi nc-.'ir OTnllon, west or IhlM i-lty. Fi-Ml nnd Ilei-nmn Hoelli"-her, l>ii.llif-rH, had siald attention In AllHMcs l.nlu nnd .Snnili Btnn». A double weddlm; wn« nrnnmeil. liolh young men hnd Iliiwl up cnmroi-liilile houses for i heir wlvr« to be. Many Ritesls were IIPKI mble.l to ivltnos-s the \vedillmrs nnd n Kiiinptuoiis dinner was ready In nnothpr loom. The Itpv. Mr. flwe»npy, pnstor of the Methodist ctuin-b In Trenton, w/is there lo lie the nupllnl ktinl-!. The minister hnd I alien Ills position to nfTlnlatc, the wedding march was being played, and the Iwr. niiiplps hnrl r-ntprod the room, when MI»H l.nlu Stone ci-ralcd a sensation by announcing her Intention nf rp- FliiBlc. All pffni-ln to persuade her to prni cf'd with the cnrcniony 1 wpre of no avail. Slip simply did not wont to got married, nnd that settled It. Herman and Pnrnli were united, Just the S.lllln. IiMftilry Into Mnlirgmi Wrprh. Nov. 21.—Tli* board of Inquiry into the IOPH of the Atlantic Transport rompuny'H Kte:imer Mohpgan, which was wrecked off the I.lzard on Oct. 14, 1ms been concluded. The judgment of the hoard's commission was that the ship was In n good scmrorthy condition and that Captain (irlfflth was n good health at the time the disaster occurred. I be stranding of tho vessel be- caused by a wrong rmirsp being Btccrcd after the Mohctran bad passed ICddystone light. Tbe commlMslon also 'ound that the great Iras (if life was due :o the extinction of the electric light* m the »t"ninor rt5l(-r she went ashore. Magoivnti I>|PH tuSkfp Out. Krle. I'n,, Nov. as.—When ex-Mayor Mngownn of Trpnlon heard that Governor Hastings hud granted a raiuif>i- lon ratunilng him to Ohio IIP tried to lire a tug to take him to Canada, but •ould find ni> owners who would rent a vessel lo him. He next offered to buy tug but wa.s unable to stture one. When it was learned that Magowan vas trying to leave the country he was arrested and taken before- Judge Waling, who sent him to Jail:. Magowan, Mrs. Diirnes and Mra, YVyrvn's ball have icon continued until 1 , next Friday. Mrs. iVynn is In Torouti*. The directors i)C tbe Cleveland, Cin- Innatl, Chicago and St. Louis railroad have declarer)] the regular quarterly Ividend of 1% per cent, on the pre- erred Btocfe^ payable on Jan. 20. So much depends tipdn the purity f the blood that by taking Hood's arsepnrilla, many different diseases rw cored. »»»«»»»»«»«*««*»«»««»»»»«»«»««»»»»»« Advice to Consumptives There arc three great remedies that every person with weak lungs, or with consumption itself, should understand. These remedies will cure about every case in its first stages; and many of those more advanced. It is only the most advanced that are hopeless. Even these are wonderfully relieved and life itself greatly prolonged. What are these .remedies ? Fresh air, proper food and scon's Emulsion of Coc£Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites. Be afraid of draughts but not of fresh air. Eat nutritious food and drink plenty of milk. Do iwt forget that Scott's Emulsion is the oldest, the most thoroughly tested and the highest endorsed of all remedies for weak throats, weak lungs-and consumption in all its stages. > joe. and $1.00 ; «ll druggists. SCOTT & UOWNE, Chemists, New York. SpnnlnrdH Tnrn, Lc Aocording to a lotter roqglved by the Clovelund /fuin Donlw; ceoenUy from Edgur i\ Bosse, a Oltiwlfcnd boy, who is uow with the JfQtrrteenth United States infantry l» Manila, tho condition of affairs Q».y» inland is terrible.. He writes tbut t th«» Spaniards bava released IB lep^wfrom au teolated part of tho mojKitaJiiB for the purpose of Bpraiidluadisoafie nmoiis the American troops. Oouti/juiDg, he saya: "These lopers are awplal ta look npon. Pea can- upd descriha thorn. U'hgy have been kept away in the interior, and until now none over esonped, What the outcoaia Will be God only knows." Bent* for ir«ald«noe on and tnotae ood looatlo per montai State ttnot o on Oak atreet between th ur B. B, traoka, .ultabla fo iuaoturlng purpoaei. A»W« ot Xlton diroet, bet Jsraey county, halt mil* ...byrallorrlTer, I budneu property, corner lod tit*., on ea»y terau, e train* if. id«Do«, new and al tDMti, altuated oo Fourth •(" LOAN. Tickets I?|iy Ajilm for Cni'i Hfcrlln, Nov. 28.--TI|ij Vnlhtd ^busHy bus recelMud, a, llv«-liunUred " olphur d|Hi;i|t<|l» from Judge Day, 11 of, tJm Vnl.tQd States peace qqhinilwlqn. ill- VarlH, asking lor tht «urrcHpoiulcuc(j ct the Utatet) (iinbaHHiuloi- here, Mr. >Vndi»w, IP. Whlto, from last summer 49 bolOit ot vital Importance In tbe noaoo negotiations. This curruHpond- nng» was known lo Judge Uuy when he •wau secretary of slute. The eorrcspon- (Jenco was iminedlotely forwarded to Paris. Vila Knl8<r lluiiiilipii I'ouiliini. Potsdam, Nov. 21—The Kmperor and Empress of liermany urrlved here ut 11 o'clock in the morning on their return from the holy hind. The church bells were ninu ami the public buildings were dcc.oraludi will Hags when Kmperor Wllljiwu PUHSCC through lierlln. The Ddrti-smi _ sayg his majesty's tri|i,u» th.e hqly Jam has cost 10,000,000 rmv:k». A few of tlu |)rlnt i H^IcomliiK articles. Gluui HVenoU Soldier, Paris had a ohanoe jrucontly to eeo the ' soldiar in the Fronoh army. Ilia ijiune is Bureau. When bis regiment •went by on the innrah, Buruuu was no- ticocl tu roach up ns high » s tho chin of his ciilnno) on lioraebHcki. Tho «iant is only 80 ye»rs old. Uo enlisted a your.- ago nml booauso of iiiw iuiuiciuw) lieiBljIs is imrtimilnrly iiinbitfouH to b«ooai&. drum major. Hu Nuyn that ho did, aat bugiu |u «row prodigiously uutilj hia fifteenth year..- Now York Journal To Al><ill«li the Hnior. A company IIUH Immi JucorjmrHtecJ lo nbollt-'h tliti ra/,<ir. liiHloud olaliaviug » ninu, tlni Imi lior will dnnb QMBT his faoo n luthur (lint wj]l rnniuva tho bristles. The oumniiny R,, 9 „ oupibUiof {300,000 with which to utitrt buaiuess. As noon us it Kuls its charters it will open u "parlor." whuro praotioal dBmonstra- tiona will bo nivvn. tjpeoimun men will sit iu B show window on a crowded Uroat and lmv» thoir beardH- nublioly and painlesslyt removed by a. gontlOjuan- ly Irotnrtir, Xho motropolitun barjiars; snoer at tjiia nntiruzor inouaoe, buteoulU' hairy pooplu who have iuvestisaUd tha. new whjskor killor doolnro that oHiJscnw 1 will BOUU b« doing their own sharing im tho olovatud curs and other public nlnoeu. - " Vork apooial Pittsburg Binpatoh,. , What do thfr Children Drink 7 Don't Ri vo them tea or oofloy. Hs ve ou tried the new food drinlc called 3RA1N-O? It is delicious arid nourishing and takes tho slaco of coffee. The more Grnin-O you Rive the children tbe more health iroa distribute through their tysteruH^ Orain-O is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the choice Kradeu of coffeo hot costs about on»»- halfasmuch. AH 15c and 2Bc. How to. Cure Bilious Colic. I Buffered ior woeka with colic and painu in my stomach caused by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the white until t ua<jd Ohamberlaln'a Colio, Oholera Bind Diarrhwa Remedy, which cured me. 1 have since recommended it to a good many people.—Mrs. P. Butler, Fairlmven, Conn. Persons who ore subject to billons •colic can ward of the attack by taking this remedy as aoon as the first symptoms appear. Sold by K. Marsh and S. H, Wyss. $100. Dr. E. Deletion's Anti-Diuretic May be worth to you. more than $108 if yon have a child who soils bedding from incontinence of water during sleep. Cures old and young alike. It arrests the trouble at once. *1. Sold by S. H. Wyes. Duoggiet, 652 Second et.'oot, Alton, 111. Cured in 3 Inflammation Kheumatism Days. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon, Ind., says: "My wife had Inflammatory rheumatism iSi every muscle and joint, her suffering was terrible and her body and face wore swollen almost beyond recognition; had been in bed for six weeks and lad eight physicians, but received ao benefit nntil she tried the Mystic Ctee for rheumatism. It gave immediate relief and she was able to walk about In three days. I am sure It saved her Mfe." Sold by S. H. Wyas, Druggist, Alton. Lukn (jtf^^u^Ui^s Ailiora. Frankfort, MivJi., N«v. 28.—in tho heavy B^o'w^BVoi-jn tho steamer St. Law- rencp, lo/ijltt^ with corn from Chicago, wept, iv^mr« one mile south of Point **, A heavy sea wan running when stouuier struck tho beui.-h, and In uff the crew by the point Iletuey Itfe-iuivera, one man, said tu bu the K und winjlnncr, wan drownc-d. Remarkable Rescue, Mrs. Michael Curtain, PlaJnfleld, III., inAkea the eUtemeut that she oauwht cold, wblob nettled on her lungs i abo waa treated for a month by her farui- y, pbyalolan, but arew worse. He told her ehe was a helpless victim of oonaurnption and no medicine could inre her. Her druggiat upggested Or, Klog'sNew DlsooTery for Oon- WWPMpni ihe bought a bottlo a,ud to leMellgbt found herself benefited from the flran doae. Hhe oontluued Its aw and after taking six bottles, fo»nd 'terielf wucd and well, now does her wn housework and i« as well as 'be vwway:. Free trial bottles of tbm 1 rent Discovery at E. Marau's drair tow, large bottle* OOo and «l" * Hoboed thelirave 8t ^M Uiog lno 'dent ot wbloh Mr.. ,m f a 9 ', ver ' of Pbllldelphta, was lae< sabjeet. Is narrated by him as follows: I was in a moat dre»dfu'i oondliibni «,^i, 1 Was alm08t Bellow, eyes, s inkon, tongue coated. paJn oou«Jiii> SJdliiW^ *"*•- »°«pp«««*- ' Electric ° 1U tbelr ittera, You Can't Afford to Chance It. A heavy cold may lead to pneumo nia or consumption. Foley's Hone; and Tar taken in time affords perfeoi security from serious results. Sold by E. Marsh and S. H. Wyss. A Queer f?) Meotcme. Tlmre is a medicine whose proprietors do not claim to bnve discovered some hitherto unknown ingredient, or that it is a cure-all. This honest medicine only claims to cure certain diseases, and that its ingredients ace reoogulzed by the most skilled physicians aa being the best for Kidney and Bladder diseases. It is Foley's Kidney Cure. Sold by B. Marsh and S. U. Wyss^ __ How to Prevent a Cold. After exposure, or when yon leel' a cold coming on, take a dose of IFoley's Uoney and Tar. It never fail*. Sold by B. Marsh and 8. H, Wyss. "The worst cold I ever had In my life was cnred by Chamberlain's Oough Remedy," says W. H. Norton, of Sutler Creek, Oal. "This oold left me with a cough and I was uzpeotor- atlgg all tbe time. The remedy cured me, and I want all my friends when troubled with a cough or oold to use It, for it will do thorn good." Bold by K. Marsh and S. H. Wysc. ' OILLET smr, MISSING. ^VhercnboulH of tliu KutiMit Calllo Feeder Arc Unknown. Kuns*« City, Nov. 28.—The whereabouts of Grant C. Olllot, the blp Kaneas cuttle feeder, whose failure bus been announced, arc s'.ill unknown. Probably twenty-Jive different Kimsap City live stock commission linns are In- dorsers of Glllet paper, which is said to be scattered through tbe banks of the country from Denver to New York city. All of the local firms declare that the paper they hold is amply secured and that there cannot possibly be a single loss to any holder. Of the cattle In tbe feed lots, .something: over 10.000 head Vere purchased from one Denver firm, that of Dnke & Keeler, to whom Gillet Is said lo have given a mortgage of $208,000. These cattle are 3-year-old steers and cattlemen assert a low estimate of their present value Is $30 a head, or aliout 510 a head more than the interest in the cattle held Ijy the Denver firm. Another lot of cattle Is about G.MO head, which Gillet and another dealer own in Oklahoma. These' cuttle are said to be mortgaged for $12D.OOO and arc snid to be worth a third more than the amount against them. A remarkable thing about Glllet's methods of doing business was that he kept no books and took no one Into his confidence. All the details of bis enormous deals were carried in his head, nnd tills complicates mutters. Gillet is described as a earless financier, and those who know him best now say that sheer luck carried him through many of Ills heaviest deals. Many local stockmen declare that he would not run away even If he knew his debts would wipe out his herds and ranches because lie believes luck will ill- ways attend him. Nevertheless there was talk that be had imirlerugi'd much of his cattle twice and left to avoid arrest. Marliivn J.uiMli-il In Chum. Washington, Nov. 28.—The United States navy lias landed marines in China. A dispatch was received at the navy department stating that the captain of the Boston had landed bis marine guard at TlonTsln. The dispatch was taken Immediately to the White .House by Acting Secretary Allen. LUNG Trouble Lung troubles, such as pleurisy or acute inflammation of tho lungs, should be carefully treated to avoid Borious consequences. These affections aro quickly overcome by the prompt UBO of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, a wonderful remedy, which always gives relief, eases coughing, allays nil inflammation, and by its healing influence soon eflectea thorough cure. DcBull's Cough Syrup 'Cures all Lung and Throat Trouble. l>osc» arc small and pleasant to take. Doctors recommend it. Price 35 eld. At all drugglst& rselpt ot Dr. Wlllluius' Iiuliiui I'llc- Oitltniciit Will cure HlllMl. HluruniK and Itclilnj: I • ••Pilt-.s. iLnlifiorli.s the tumors. I Bulluyn tlio Hcliiui; iu IIHI-I-, niu.s I HBSufl a pnullli^o, rrlvcH iii.'-toiii ro- • mont Isnrtjparpil for PHoMiml lu i li o( tlto prtvdio pur!n K,vcry box i;- •rAiitoil. Hv (Iriirgl^i'M, by nmll on re irk-e. fit) conn ntiil SI.oil. WILLUfiiS "n. I'rotiH.. GMovolaml. Ohio . NNYROYAL PiLlS OrlclaalaiKlOnlrOcnulno. *. wtja rrlluble. LAOIKB uh A\ for Ctttkaterf KnalUh fl<i-jn\\ Haul Irani! h, Itcd and lljd taculUg\\K> oi««. tp«jaa 1*11)1 Mil* rititon. Toite vv 10 other. Rtfvu dongfnHti niMfUv* ™ Horn iMd fmftoilMM. At(lrauUti.orMAd4«, la lUnpi »r r-wlUalui, mllownUU «t« Air r.adlr*." In ttutr, br ntlra M Par". » I'JJro " Itcllcf M»IL ll> It lias been fully demonstrated that Kly's Uream Balm is a epecitlo for Nasal catarrh aud oold In tho head. TlilH dlutlnotlon has boen uonkived only ns the result of continued uuo- cessful UBO A morbid condition of the membrane In tho uaual pasaageR oau bo cured by this purifying and advlHnrl tnvlii» l»fi«llng treatment. Hold by dTug- ' to mVSJat j {?'«»« or Hi will bo mallarl for 60 c*nts iLi&maH(4' b y ] ' 3lv Brother*, 68 Warren eUeet. ooS*S«»rti New , Y " k - u »»*<"*» over the ««"""wen I membrrtiii', Is absorbua uud rt-llef is luitnediuto. them. Texas. Tho Missouri, KUMHI.H & roiua \vay Oo. will Bell low rate round trip ttahetaon Nov. J, If., Deo. 8 and 30, M ., , with final limit of return to 21 <!»>» S\»t!™, 8 ? ura ' well known at \ from date of Halo. An excellent up- lamA hnni « ' " waa f "'Mbled with portuuity for homeHeekers, tourirts uBRniinrnkf^i ,"? ,y as JP?*flu»ded to i and Investors to vi«w for thomaolves ™~^S?l b ,! rlaln '»l J «lnBaJm. Itgave the areat resources o'/ the State. For further Information address John I., ilm relief In ono night. This remedy ?- ° Fo^Mle ?P J "°"- ree ° f Ttlen ^ DcUyn ire Many of your frleiida, or people whom yon icnow of have gomr8o(ed a 0 iSfb t 'l >0v iw mo ota « rot " e '"»t«« sS^Ss" fl a5 f SSS s would have saved them. It Is LnSr anj«ed. Bold ^LVMnA'&U^ Willlarna, P. and T. A,gt way, St. Louii, Mo, 103 N. Broad- CASTORIA For Infant* and Children. Ibe Kind You Have Always Bougll the Inviti-il In Kill tin- f:!irl»llnn«. Crtiioii, Isliuid .if rrotr, Nov. 28.—Mur- ItiR tin 1 trial of II"' murderer of the T/niiunl'.l fniully. the deposition of a Mu.iriuliimii u-ns rend. It Is said thnt nt the time nf ll"i' mriHsncrcit Kdhem I'asna. the Tttrk'sh rnmmnndcr, assembled the itilliientlnl MIISSII inaris and Invited thrtii lo mnmnrre nil the Christians fniird In Candln twenty-four hours nfler the meeting. The pasha's remarks wnrr ntti-rcd In the presence of Mnjor Churchill, who protested strongly nnd \viis ordered by Kdherc I'nph to Iriivi' tbe mum. Knllwil.v AVivcU In C'onnrcttcut. • Wilton, t'onn., Nov. 28.—The PuttB- flcld express for New York, on the Danbury and Norwalk division of the New York. New Haven nnd Hurt ford rall- rond, has been wrecked No lives were lost, but the ImgKfwmiiHtor and several others are seriously nnd perhaps fatally Injured. Tbe accident was caused by the breaking of an axle and n llange on tho baggage car. I'liynlrlnn Kill* l!lm«cir. Philadelphia, Nov. 28.—Dr. Mark H. Lincoln, n woll-known physician of this city, committed suicide at his home here by Inhaling Illuminating gas. No reason for the suicide Is known. Dr. Lincoln was a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and was for several years physician for the Carnegie steel works, PlUsburg. ninnon'* Sm-iwiiiiiir Tiifccn Clmrge. Havana, Nov. 28.—Marshal Blanco, tbe retiring captain general of Cuba, lifts delivered his command to General CnslellanoH, his successor. The civil governors of the provinces of Santa Clara and Mntanxns. nnd the mayor of Havana have resigned.. Chlof ronlnlllco Init|iector. Washington, Nov. 2S.—The ipoatmas- tcr general lias appointed W. E. Cochran, now postoffk'e inspector in charge at Denver, to be chief Inspector of the postoltlco department. He succeeds George B. llammltt, who Is assigned to sctvlcc In Uic field. Mine. l>n>yfn» I'roMtrittecl, Purls, Nov 28.—Mine. Dreyfus, wlfi of tbe Frenc-h exile, is seriously prostrated. No one but tbe members of her I'.otuehold are allowed to see her. iiniiiiiniiiiuiuiitiiiiiitiuiiiinnuiinuiiiiiiinuiiiuiii As tho bell-buoy cnnbles the i nuiriiKM- lit uvold sunken rocks and slum),-, no Dr. Uell'B Plno-Tur- Honey \vnrdK nt)' the nerloilH coiise- (juotu'ow of a coiifili neslo<!tod. It stops tliei'ougli nnd ourew "1 wait H4T:ous!y allt.*ct(Hl \vItlmrouRhfor y> yonrx. TitUI liiindrt'tlH of (lollara tudoc- torsand (oriiicilk'lr.t-. l)iit«vpryt!ifn«riillc ¥ d until I t.ii"'l HP. Hull's l'Ine-T»r-Honey. Tlilp u-oiiUei'fill roniwly biivwl my lifo," J. B. UOSEL, GrantBbarg. 111. DR. BELL'S line-Tar-Honey! In a guaranteed euro for .ill tliront, IUIIK and chest troubles. Including oHthum, < bronchitis. Idi Grippe, vvjioiiplni; cough, umup. AlMrmwiau—25o. lx,ul<» or Hitiit ii|ion moclpl or price by Tho K. K. SiMhfrl.nJ UriUi-Iiip <•„., Pnilnpnli, K;. The Kind You Havo Always Bought, and which has 1)CCU lu UBS for over 3O years, has boriio tho signature of, r and has hocn nmdo tindei? his i»cr« sonnl supervision since Its Infancy'. Allow no ono to deceive you In tills. All Counterfeits, Imitations and Substitutes ate but Experiments that trlllo with and endanger tho health of Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment. f What is CASTORIA Castoria is a substitute for Castor Oil, Paregorle, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Harmless and Pleasant. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Its ago Is Its guarantee. It destroys Wormf and allays FeverlshncHS. It cures Diar-rhooa and Wind Colic. It relievos Toothing Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Tho Children's Panacea—Tho Mother's Friend, GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS 1 Bears the Signature of The Kind You Have Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years. BEST TRAINS •ay-r-Tg^Waaj.; JriBHiaSSStJ TO • i iNebraska.Montana,PiigetSouiir £)rs. Q. and H. Taphorn. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OFFICE in M'Pike Building. Cor. and and Easton sts. Pnone* 138 and 171. Henry Meyers " Butcher and Packer Hat tutu Is Pnth ut Salt Metis >od Lttt. nt nut fsdonr of Sssssr*. (5* BAST SECOND • • ALTON ILL PANG SUE, LAUNDRY. laundry Work Carefully and Promptly Done. Alao but of Teas and Chinese Novelties or band. 624 But Second at. 306 State £t P. , HOMEOPATHISVknd SURGEON OFFICBfAHD RES'DENCK, HOTKL MAr TelfDhonn 100 [)rs. B. C. & H. /?. Lemea UPPER ALTON, ILL. OFFICE HOURS: 7 to 0 a.m; 11 to 1,0 to 8 p.w. TELEPHONE 87. /)/?. C. B. ROHLAND, DENTIST, OBlooHonri: >t,m. toll* a, nd t to II W. THIRD BBKT #.*; DISCHARGES OBTAINED IN BANCKRUPTCY In Short Time. Yager & Yager, Attorneys 300 Belle Street. Edmund H. Blair. Real Estate and Insurance Agent. MONEY TO LOAN. Diihllf OFFICE J05 Market st FUDHC. ALTON TIME CARD Chicago & Alton. On and after noon Aug. 14, 1898, trains will leave Union Depot, Alton, as followB- For Chlcago.Nortn and East—*12:8!i'J m,«8:10 a m, "8:17 a m, '10:03 p m. For Springfield—»J2:33 a m, *8:10 m, «8:47 a m, *6:20 p m,t *10:OB p m For Poorla—*8:47a m, *10:05p m. For Kansas City and tbe west—* '47 am, t8:20pm, •e-.&Opm. ' 'Daily. (Except Sunday. ISee joint C. £ A. and Big Four time table (or trains between Altoo and St. Louis.) WM ARMSTRONG, Healer It Cement, Lime and Wall Plaster- Prices to meet competition. Goods d»- Urered. elephoae Ut. OMIco 107 Weit Second Streec Veterinary Surgeon DR. D. M. MAHBR. Graduate Ontario Veternlary Colle««. f'fflor orer The Model store- COR .THIRD AND PIA0A BT8 ,/T,TOV ILI NO SKIPPERS. NO NOI'll.AJH.tT. Boi,oDon«b li.rtoi l!».i><iit-i»lil,un n.i-uii.t ol coo. " mrv.Ili. • Co.. U Cedar Sr... H. Y. A LOCAL. A Climatic Aflectton. Nothing but a local u-ornedy or change of •cllmato will ou-elt. Cut a woll-known CATARRH ItlniuioklvAbaorbod Kellef a« ooco, m and cloantea T. M. LONG Civil Engineer and Surveyor Mapi Profile! and Eitlmato Furnished. |«g Bell* Street, Up SUIrt. G.y. and BI§ Four Joioi lime Tame ol Trains Between Alton & St. Louis. LT. Alton For St. Louis. Ar. St. L 813am CAAdally 7»am 8g>am Big Four, daily 780am 8 60am C &A, dally.. SOOur 'OOarn BlgFour, er-8un .. °" 880am '" " •• 810am " '• Sun. only. 8Uam C4A, dally . .... 1240pm. Big Four, dally.... ?20>m Big fow, Sat only ... 4l5ptn '« •• ex-Sun. ... 643pm " " daily.. 62V pm C.&A.dally,. 803pm C4A, dally... 820pm C&A,dally.... LvStLUS For Alton 708am C&A, dally. . 'JJam BlgFour ez-8un. 10 40am...'..'..'.'.Big Four, dally I™?™ Big Four, Sat only * 20 pm Big Four, ei-Sun '05pm C&A, daily .. 5«P m Big Four, dally. Blit Four, dally. ,. 800am . 10 00 am .. 924am . 1026am .140pm .. <!»pm .. 644pm .. 6 M pm ..082pm .. 706pm .. 024pm Ar Alton . 810pn .. 910 am ., 847am ..1140am 260pm 635pm : SJS pm WC4A and Big Four Uo'lceU/Alton aud Upper Alton to East St Louis and St Loul? vloe HS»- Y. 0 -.?, 0 .1 d .?n »ny O & A. .nd^U'p3ur o G NURRIS. c & A Agent. 0 H HAMILTON, Big Wur Agent C. C. C. & St. L.— Big Four. •Dally Sunday. ^^.. _ . . ....... • COli 'l_HIA.e Jlsalsan! Protaoti tb i Mambrano. Bestores Ue Sotmea of T«t« «nd BmotJ, No CooalVo. no Moroury, No Injurious driiii. Pull alia eon: Trliuisp 1D(«, »tDruKBl«U or bv trail. , New York. THROUGH SERVICE - BETWEEN — ST. LOUIS, CHICAGO, KANSAS CITY Granitoid Paving Co. W. &Ji BEISER, Prop's. 813 But Sixth Street • Alton, llf. ill of Qranltojl Work: Bldewalki, Burlington Route. tralna «m leare AU Btepf, rtoorlng, etc., done and the belt quail- tyol •aterlal and. wurk guaranteed Orderi b» Ball will m«lT« cn>mpt fttentlen ANO PRINCIPAL ROBT. M. STAMPER. REAL ESTATE, Loan and Insurance Agent, Ml BBLLB STKBBT. Money to Lotto on Improved Proptrty BENT8 COLLBOTBD. On *nd attar Dot, 1st, 1888, Alton »a follows: Leave Alton 650am Q 710am 800am 1006am Sunday only Dally ei-6un (Suburban service) Dally Dally ex-Sun 1246pm 246pm 446pm 426pm Q I 706pm Leave St. L. 74lam 8 21 am 1020am 1160am soopm 6oopm 661 pm 760pm ITralna com Depot. Q Arrive St. L ?es i?£:s \f.VV Dally ex-Sup Chas A. Strittmatter ?< DJOpu 8Wpl, Arrive Altol 8(E»BI gt ?iS.S UUpIO S Ufa Q ) •« *0 pra ipeot «t Lapgdon itroot (or Union Arrive and depart from Langdon tFooci Union depot. K. & N. W. Dally Dally ei-Suu Rally 01-8110 and Ridge ita "all * St. L. Tbrougn iorrloe, For Burlington, Codar Raplda, St. Paul and polnu north, dally, la 16 pm and 8 06 pm. n^ Denver and polnta For Kaiisaa OH; wont, dally 6 am IVIEAMAN AJAX TABUJT81'OHITIVKLY OUHI • - A->rn>u« ,(Mu**~-lftWn, Mi CITIES OF TEXAS. WiaNER BUFFET SLEEPEH - AND - 1- FREE RECLINING KATY CHAIR CflRJ 704 Mtrcbant Tailor. BA4T SBCUND ATRCBT. who *|V^atf Ortt-olMv u TAILOR MADE CLOTHES. -At MODERATE PRICES, Voa are iDrttel to o*U and nualat tu NKW STOCK OF GOODS OPERATED BY THK COM PAN V SUPERIOR MCAL0, ••fcito..RrTY Jaraea Parker, St. koun-poorU Lto« let, L. 0. *Bt. P. R/., On and after Nor. l» im train* will lew Alton

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