Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1972
Page 13
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B2 Alton Evening Telegraph \\odnoMl.-n. Au-usl 23, l!)7J Alton school bus schedule announced for year Bus schedules for the 197273 school year has been announced by Alton Community Unit School District No. 11. Station ivigon. van 3(1, and buses 21, 52 and 56 will handle special education students only, and parents will bt» contacted concerning pick-up points and bus schedules. Transfers listed in the schedule refer to particular grades who will be Inkon 10 thr* *iov* rondos' '*' [•''•'V Tbe bus srhrdul"" ,?••(••: HI'S 2? — TiTil VIMV-P Smith • R i 1 e y Avenue to Milton. 8: IP (fiih grade transfer and Sth): SMS.' Sain Park to Lowell School (4th grade transfer'). RUS 23 — 7:T5. Roy S.-iut • Rivrr A ire to r.ji^nii ftrovn: 8:05. Sto-e'-l.Td lo \'tcn '" 'li via Humbcvl Kond stops; h:«h school at S:?0. BUS 2-1 — 7:in. West .Junior via -State and Elm Stree's to Alton High: 8, Onku'ood Housing to Milton School, 8:25 (Sth and Oth grade transfers) BUS 25 — 7:30, Star's at Onized Club Grounds aiv.l Pierce Lane to Pil^on and to St. Ambvo-o School; R:10, Storylnnrt to Lewis and Ciark; 8; 25. Ingram Lane- South Branch-Davis Lane to Godfrey School. BUS 26 7:50, Wickmoor- Storyland-Villa M a r 1 c to Lewis and Clark at 8:10; 8:15, Villa Marie to Lewis and Clark School. BUS 27 — 8. Gilson Brown to North Junior; 8:20, Struabc Lane - Tremont - Springhaven *o Lincoln (6th grade transfers). Ping-pong marathon BELLEVILLE, 111. (AP) Four Belleville high school students claimed Monday night that they played a continuous ping-pong game for 500 hours thus breaking the world record set by four Australians in 1970. The four, Kirk Williams, Sandy Meyer, Steve Etzel and Tim Lee, said they began their game at midnight July 31 and have continued to play in two-man, six-hour shifts. Lee said the group must have at least one disinterested witness present at all time to verify the record. He said more than 20 persons have watched the game, which was being played in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church in Belleville. "We Intend to continue the game until midnight Friday, upping the record to 600 hours," Lee said. BUS 28 — 7:10. Starts north on Seminary to SK'anhe Lane, Godfrey - Fosierbiin: l!o;ul !o Fos'.orhnrt: to AM on Uii'.h School ;il 7:5:") lo Central Junior at S; S:20, Washington School to Milton School '(5th and fith grade transfers). BUS 20 — 7:22. Woods Station lioad to Harris Lane to Wo;>ds School loop lo Fosterhurg liond. Pulp Lane, Slut/ Lane, to Fosterburg School: 7'.TV Norih FT;!?--. bur,-; run to Foslrrbwg. State H.vijtn] lo Horace ?';tmi: R:35, Horace Mann School - Tiunbar School (3rd grade transfer). BUS 30 — 7:35, Sunset Ten-nee lo Cliflon Hill and C>i' f 'ii Brown Schools; !•'-', Gilson Brown to C.arfie'cl 'Mb i!; ir !i'f transfer'-. I5US 31 - 7:23, Starts al While Oak lo Godfrey School and North Junior; 8:10, White Oak to Godfrey grade school. BUS 32 — 7:30, Starts at Straube Lane turn around to Lewis and Clark School (high school and junior high only to Lewis and Clark School''; 7:55, Salem Church to Lewis and Clark via Godfrey- F o s t e r li u r g Hoad. North Junior to St. Ambrose to Gilson Brown School. BUS 33 — 7:30. Fovterburg to Alton High School; 7:52, A 1 I o n Hi;;h School lo Fosterhurg. BUS 34 — 7:35, Starts st. Boy Stout Lane to Gilson Brown School; 7:45, Gilson Brown lo Allon High School express: R:12. Dunhar-Horare ? T ann t'^fers: 8:20, Horace „!,, 7:15, Stalls at -<:! n>;i vj.i nine Rkl.qo Bond and Godfrey- Font erhurg Road to North Junior at 7:50 to Alton High School at 8:P5; 8:10. Oakwond Housing lo Thomas Jefferson Starts at RU< WANTED 8 HOMES THAT NEED PAINTING ALTON, ILL. — EtRht home owners In this Rpnornl nroi\ will he Rivon the opportunity of ImvitiK the new Siiw-Korf Super Stool Siding by Lnito-l States Steel applied to thnlr homes with optional docorti- tive worli nt a very low cost. This amazing new proi'uot lias captured the Interest, of home owners throughout the United States who are led up with constant painting and other maintenance costs. It can last for 30 years and provides full insulation summer and winter, as well as flro protection. Our IKMV product can ho used over every type of home, including frame, concrete olook, stucco, etc. It comes in 7 colors and Is now going to he introduced to the Alton market. Your homo can be a sliow place in your vicinity and we will make it worth your while if we eon use your home. For appointment please write (including name, address and phono number) to <I n c k Johnson, U West Third St., Alton, III., 62003, or cull 462-8775. Our representative will call on you without obligation. Mi'" 0 -"n on I'ivor T!oncl lo Clifton HiV-Cilson Brown at 8 lo West Junior High School. BUS 37 7-10. Piasa Hills to Gilson Brown: 8, Gilson Brown to Garfield School (6th grade transfers). BUS .18 7:50, Arrow- Wood, River - A ire • Drew Dell, Gilson Brown to Garfield School (15:h grade transfers). BUS 3!) - 7:25, Pierce MID-AMERICX-, THEATRES Open 7:00 Start dusk BEL*AIR HWY 66 All) TONITE IS BUMPER STRIP NITE • Now thru Tues. • ADULT WESTERNS F F ••••»•• 1 IL orF G PC R ••••i ® M RATING GUIDE 'arents and Their Children GENcRAL AUDIENCES All Ages Admitted ^£2? 5 PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some Material May NotB* —* Suitable For Pro-Teenagers 3!3& RESTRICTED 1 Under 17 requires accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian rfJETySk ^SliS"** NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Age limit may vary in certain areas) Printed us a public servlci! by *j?> — ALTON KVUNING nU.i:i;KAI>H ~ 2M> tl)l LTIIIT- FAYEDUNAWAY ft DOC II CAPRI 01 U ST LOUIS RU Open 7:oo Start Duik TONITE IS BUMPER STRIP NITE Now thru Tues. •'s a family affairg Hit Alton's Newest & Finest Phone Order Service 466-5995 v/etft : NORTH 413 W. Delmar PRIZES 466-5995 1st $25.00 Savings Bond 2nd Blender * ^^ 1^^^ A< •^ -a •"* .v ov<>r Only 3rd Toasfer NO Pl'UCHASU NUCKSSAKY THURSDAY SPECIALS GRAND OPENING ROUND UP BUY I GET 2nd FOR Ic BUY I GET 2nd I FOR Ic DOUBLE BURGERS 55c FISH SANDWICH 49 c BAR-B-Q SANDWICH 60 c SOFT CREME FLOAT 35c FISH DINNER CHICKEN SNACK Fries, Hl*w, ilic ' kt '"' PRIZE DRAWINGS — FRI., AUG. 25 11:00A.M. Lane, Stamper Lane, D'Adrian (S<h and flth only lo North Junior; 7:30, Stranbe Lane to Lewis and Clark; R:in, S]n-inghaven to Lewis and Clark. BUS 40 - 7:45, Rte. 100 Market to Gflsrm Bown School lo North .Junior at S:05; North Alby to McKinlcy and Deltnar Schools. BUS 41 — 7:45, Lewis and Clark In Alion High School via Godfrey Road and the B el 11 i n c : 8:10, Oakwood Housing to Holly Hills, North Alby to North Junior at 8:25. BUS 42 — 7:10, Fosterburg east loop to Fosterburg School at 7:25 to Stut/. Lane to Alton Hifth at 8:10 lo Central Junior at S:l r .. ;UJS w 7-'0, sfor-'an:! to Lewis and Cla"k School at 8, Montclair to Lewis and Clark at 8:15; 8:25, Villa Marie to Lincoln School (6fh grade transfer). BUS 44 - 7:30, Norlh Fosterburg; 7:40, Fosterburg School transfer high school students to BUS 33, pick up junior high students to Central Junior High School 8:15; 8:20, Washington School to Milton School (transfer). BUS 45 - 7:45, Clifton Hill School to Gilson Brown School; 8, Gilson Brown School lo Alton High School; 8:35, Dunbar to Horace Mann transfer. BUS 46 - 7:33, Montclair to Lewis and Clark; 7:57, Millsprings, Terry Drive, .Minn, Oakbrook Lane lo Horace Mann. BUS 47 - 7:25, Starts at Nilo Farms to Montclair to Lewis and Clark School: 7.40, to North Junior; 8, Greenwood Meadows lo Irving School 8:25. BUS 48 — 7:45, Montclair to North Junior; 7:55, .North Junior to Alton High School via Alby Street; 8:20, Lowell School transfer to Horace Mann at 8:25. BUS 49 — 7:30, Hill Station turn around to Clifton Hill School to Gilson Brown School at Alton High School-Express. BUS 50 - 7:40, Texaco Station on Godfrey Road to North Junior; 7:55, To Alton High School via Rtes. 67 and 111 and Bcllline; 8:10, North Alby-Storyland t o Ninth Junior at 8:25. BUS 51 - 7:40, Starts at Piasa Hills turn around to Clifton Hill and Gilson Brown; 8. D'Adrian to North Junior (Sth and flth only); 8:10, North Junior to Alton High at 8:25. BUS 53 - 7:10. Seminary Road to Godfrey-Fosterburg Road to Fosterburg; 7:50, Fosterburg east loop and return to Fosterburg; 8, Fosterburg to Alton Hijjh Scrnn!; 8:25, Alton Hic-h School to Marquetle High BUS 54 - 7:11, Starts Ingram Lane, South Branch to North Junior; 8:03, Straube L;mc to North Junior. BUS 55 - 7:40, Union School - Seminary - Godfrey - Fosterburg Road to Lewis and Clark School at 8; 8.10, tarose; 9:15, Springhaven and Wickmoor, Storyland, Rock Humbert stops to North Gale lo Dunbar and Horace Junior; 8:35, Big Arch to Mann. McKinley School. BUS 57 - 7:40, Onized BUS 58 - 8:05, Gilson Club-Country Fairways - Brown, D'Adrian Gardens to Gilson Brown and St. Am- West Junior at 8:20. MID-AMERICA THEATRE! Dining Room 1048 WASHINGTON AVE. — UPPER ALTON • Steaks • Chicken • Spaghetti • HOMEMADE RAVIOLI AND PIZZA Serving Bar B Q Ribs Every Thursday Reservations for Banquets & Parties Carry Out Orders — Phone 465-6281 FREE PARKING IN REAR Q* Open Till I 0.111. 7 Days a Week ]) WEDNESDAY THRU SUNDAY THE SAMMY GARDNER snow From - Lodge of the 4 Seasons - Tan Tara - Stoopla ' .. Chase- Mr. Yac's, Etc. in the ROOM BOWL HAVEN HUMBERT ROAD OPEN 6:30-Shown 6:45 & 9:05 ;***** BEST PICTURE BEST DIRECTOR WINNER N.Y.FILM CRITICS AWARDS The best film of the year. It is in his total vision that Kubrick's mastery of every phase of his art is displayed in bravura style. --Judith Crist, New York Maijarine 'Some movies are so inventive and powerful that they can be viewed again and again and each time yield up fresh illuminations. Stanley Kubrick's, 'A Clockwork Orange,' is such a movie." -TIME 2ND BIG WEEK! STANLEY SUN. OPEN 1:30 P.M. Shown: 2:00,4:25 6:45&9:10/ 1 STARTS n TODAY! 2 Disney Hits. Comfortably COOL GRAND F I R S T R U N MATINEES DAILY-OPEN 12:30 laSTINTHIWILOERHESS! fwo young runaways and a guardian lion ...AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE! Shown 2:40 6:00 9:15 WALT DISNEY productions' NAPOLEON-SflMANTHA Michael DOUGLAS WillGEER &WHITAKKR ,; MltnDrtawvlAMfU 90)04 tj ftrilrjirtSUR fri;t?1 ^ 6r <V3 Uc-'itUf Ofl TCrUUinn •ftmtf * MMffiU WUffluto* co. *£ < er; n^ :.vr, ^ : -"<r* 2ND HIT WALT DISNEY production!' ""BAREFOOT EXECUTIVE TECHNICOLOR* »»jm*SS*SSB?« KURT 11USSEIX —.Shown 1:00, 1:15, 7:10 Tonite & Thurs. — "2 Of The Best" "SUMMER OF 42" (R) 9:00 Jane Fonda "KLUTE" (R) 7:00 .^f= Comfortably COOL WILDEY Moditon County'i Finest! NOW! FREE PMKMi! JIT. 111. ROXANA 254-674* md WHATCHA GONNA GET AT BURGER CHEF.? EVERY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHT —4 P.M. TIL CLOSING. 'SI Nightly at 9:26 (73 Nightly of 7:30 Zeppelin DOLLAR 3500 COLLEGE AVL. ALTON 462-4921^ Open 7: StaftS OUSW Where "WILLARD" ended... begins. is on his way and this time, he's not alone! SUPER SHEF. > FRENCH FRIES ANYSIZE DRINK The super-duper one. A full Vt-lb. of lean beef. It's flame-broiled and served with sliced tomatoes, fresh shredded lettuce, melted cheese, crunch/ pickles, onions, catsup, 'mayonnaise on a hot toasty bun. Hot, golden potatoes... cooked to a perfect brown. The great "go with" treat. Choose icy cold thirst quenchers in your favorite flavor. DOLLAR DINNER • ^K PPFR'<tTPFAT OmrrCnO mCMI ' ' New! Larfler fish flllet sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tartar sauce on a toasted bun. • FRENCH rntNUn 1 ANY SIZE DRINK nil i UIC.L UIIIHIV • APPLE TIIRNflVFR f, ul , cy applfls wra pp ed In crls p. HI I LL lUnilUVCn m and ""*••• cooked to tlon. The great "go with" treatl !* cold thirst " uenchers ln favorite flavors. ,, . flaky pastry. A delicious way to end your meal. DOTH NIGHTS JUST 490 HAMBURGER A pure beef pattie, open-flame broiled in natural juices... served with catsup, pickles and mustard on a toasted bun. FRENCH FRIES SMALL DRINK Tender, golden potatoes ...done to crisp, mouth-watering perfection. Pick any one of our icy cold thlrtt quenchers in a host of delicloui flavors. ~ .burger cher* Come Into BURGER CHEF now where you can cut the high- cost of eating out. Where you can feed your family's appetite from small to large ... and still save. Where the food is always hot and waiting. Where the service is fast. That's our BURGER CHEF Family Restaurant, you can't beat it! 727 E. BROADWAY-1639 MAIN ST. —ALTON SOUTH STATE ST. — JERSEYVILLE 8URGER CHEF, BIO SHEF, SUPER SHEF. SKIPPER'S TREAT «nd WE ALWAYS TREAT YOU RIGHT »rc m»<k« of Butg«r Chel Syslemt, Inc. • Copytiohl 1 1»72. Burger Chil Sytttmi, Inc.

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