Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on November 28, 1898 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1898
Page 3
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THERE I? MORE REAL VALUE IN OUR $3.50 LINE OF Ladies' Shoes Than any similar price line in the country. Turns and Welts. Sizes 2# to 8. Widths A to E. MORRISSEYBROS Retailers of HIGH GRADE Footwear. BV THB TBLBORAPH PRINTINO COMPANY. MONDAY EVE., NOV. 28. OFrtCB: TELEGRAPH BUILDINO, CORMaft TBIRD AMD PIASA Stl. THB DAILY TBLBGRAPH In delivered by carrier* to all part* of the oily et Alton, North Alton a&d Upper Alton, (or 10 cenU per week. Mailed to liny addrert at the rate of W cents per month. THB TBLBORAPH hu the largest circulation of any paper In Alton, and l« the beat median) toradrerttiert. Coaxm THIRD AND PUIA BTRMTI. TILI- NOMl No. (8. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR % . * Special Good Values -IN- Ladies' and Children's Jackets, " Children's and Men's Underwear, And Good Cotton and all Wool Blankets, You can find them at H. F. LEHNE'S, 113 West Third Street. OUontnnder, for paliilegs extraction. Dr. Rogers, Third street, over Booth's Daley Oresswiok spent Snnday in St. Louis. Mr. J. B. May returned from St. Joseph, Mo., last evening. Louie Gnthrle, who IB at the hospital with a crashed foot, will not have to have his foot amputated. Try Nelnlnger's Magnolia and new Improved Fig. 2«b Lapelle arrived homo from Dai las, Texas, last night, and will leave Wednesday for Washington, where he Will take a lucrative position In the government prtntmtt office. He passed the civil service examination on* year ago making him eligible and he was appointed a few dayo ago. The position Is an excellent one. any Ad- Copying letters or writing of kind, addressing envelopes, etc. dress "V. P." this office, \ , Have you Seen the New !n LARDER STUD It is the best Shirt Stud ever produced Post in' center back makes it suitable for shirts with either button holes, eyelet holes or a combination of the two without the annoyance of coming out of shirt or fear of loss, Only made in 14 kt solid gold, and only can be Mr. Olark MoAdams has been promoted to assistant editor of the magazine department of the St. Louis Post- Dispatch. For a good shave, hot and cold bath go to Maul & Hall, Plasa at. Turkish, Vapor and Plain Baths at Frank Bauer's barber shop, 305 Belle st Mr. and Mrs. John Huebner were bereaved by death last evening of an infant child. The funeral was this afternoon. Shampooing and vapor baths new barber shop, A. J. Zangg, 210 Fiasa st The funeral of John Lammis was held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from St. Joseph's hospital. Interment was in the city cemetery. All kinds of dried fruits at Casper Horn's, 416 418 east 2nd at. The only place t'o buy GillespIeOoa 1 is 814 Piaea street.—Dorsey Fuel Oo. BJA tramp arrested at Godfrey this morning by Special Officer Sattgast was fined (25 and costs in the police court for carrying concealed weapons. Johnston Bros. & Faught on Saturday, purchased tbe Litchlteld, Onr rollton & Western, at master's sale, for 985,000. Tae road Is 60 miles long, and It is thought that the purchase was made in the in'e-est of the Pennsylvania line. The senior member of the firm of Johnston Bros. & fought is Ben Johnston, the recent Republican candidate for Congress. No clue ha i yet be$n obtained to the Identity of the murderer of George Harrison. No reward has been offered yet although several Interested relatives of the murdered man iiavo volunteered to head a subscription list for a private fund to bo offered as a reward for the capture of the murderer. Governor Tanner has not yet offered the State reward of 8230 but will probably do so. The meeting of citizens of tbe three Altons who are in favor of organizing a Citizen's Protective Association to assist in put; 'Sg down tbe burglar nuisance, will be held in tbe council chamber, Tuesday evening. By offering a reward for bnrgtars, dead or alive, interested citizens propose to make the burglar bunt so interesting that tho nuisance will end. With $100 reward standing for each burglar, burglar huntlug will be a profitable business. Don't lose your bearings and go to Belle street when looking for Dorsey Fuel Oo. They have moved to 314 Plasa street. WHO DON'T WANT A WARM BED? 10-4 Blanket weighs W Ibs, Grey, Tan or White, per pair, 11-4 « « 3 " " « good value" 12-4 " extra heavy " " or White, « 10-4 Wfel Blanket, White or Red, very good, " 11-4 Fine Wool Blanket, extra heavy, best in town, - 50c - 75c 41.00 - 3,50 - 5,00 11«4 and 12»4 White Australian Wool Blanket, very fine, indeed, per pair, $6.50, $7,50 and - - 8,87 HOME-HADE COMFORTS. Well made, of good goods, each $1,35, $1,62 or - - . PIERSON & QARR D. G Scott is the busiest tailor in town. For Bent—4 -room house, cor. 7th and Henry sts.—H. Wm. Bauer. Ice made its appearance in the river for the first time this season, Sunday morning. Large flees were running and steamboat traffic is at an end unless the weather turns warmer. Northern Potatoes at Oaspor Horn's, 416-418 east 2nd at. H. Sawyer & Keiser, Madison Bid*,, Phone 185. S hurtlett School ot MUSIC AND ART. UPPER ALTON, ILL. W, D. ARMSTRONG, Director. Flint term begins Sept. ffind, 1898. For course ID Initrumenul tod Vocal Muilo, Elocution tod Painting. Send for catalogue Q. E. WILKINSON, M. D. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON, Office—Cor. and and Market sts. Residence—3*7 Bast ta'h at. Office Telephone 305. Residence 1903. How Do We Do It? By bavin* from. 145 maonlnef only $17. Complete with all attachments Eaual to any machine aold floe our price. Call and aee Head Machine and others 10 years guarantee. JUH«~ — -.••* -rr-n---*~^..* through agent* at twice ourjrlpe. Call and see our Handsome Drop Head Map at the office Front and Henry st HAPOOOD PLOW CO. It Pays to bay the Best. BeitOMd* Prleei Right A TrUI Order Cwvlicu. T. M, ANDERSON, GROCER. Phoa* 173. • oj8 Unlen StrMt. TEMPLE THEATRE. CONCERT. MONDAY EVE., NOV. 28. By the Famous Boston Consisting of The program will be selected from a large rebators of choice music. Solos. Miss Mattie Ritter, Coronet Miss May Tortorina, Baritone Miss Clara Ritter, Trombone Miss Dauntine, - Violin Miss Adaline Meba, Soprano Admission, SOc and 35c. Gallery - • I5c. Box office open Monday. Alton Conservatory, Eighth Year. Third Term. Per. 1st. Vtaitc, Art, Elocution, Dslurte lad Special Studies. Mlu AlloeB. Marth, Voice and Piano. Seminary street, Upper Alton. R C Mil I . c. miuu S»nd tor Catalogue. Sound and Alb» «!«., Alton, III. Go to M. Moritz's for your collars, W, two for 25*, for your cuff a, 36? per pair. The beat (or the money. Go to M. Moritz's for your winter headwear. Tbe largest stock and atest styles. Gun and look repairing done by Hubbel.—Jarrett building, e. 2nd st. 'Skating on the ice in Burlington pocket was superb yesterday, and several hundred persons enjoyed it. Down on the slough behind tbe glass works skating was fine too. Have your gun smithing and lock repairing done at the old river stand of Bv Dorsett. A full line of repairs will be found there at all times. Good work guaranteed.—W.D. Fluent. Miss Annie Oonlon has had a war • rant issued for the arrest of Curtis B. Hayes on the charge of breach of promise. The srory of Curtis' desertion of his to-be bride Saturday morn- Ing was published Saturday evening. Dr.A.W.Kne, Dentist, Hpaldiug bid. Miss Adelia Randall's music pupils gave a recital Saturday afternoon at the home of their instructor on Henry streeet from 2 to 3 o'clock. Miss Gertrude McOreery, violinist, from St. Louis, assisted in the program. Dorsey fuel Co. nave left Belle street and are now located at 314 Piasa street. Give them a call. Mr. Leo Lewenstein, a prominent jeweler of Cairo, and Miss Helen Dwyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Dwyer of Hlllsboro, were married by Justice .Qnarton today. Tbe couple came to Alton unattended and their marriage had the appearance of an elopement. Choice Country Butter 201 per lb., at Casper Horn's, 416-418 east 2nd et. Henry Renter, a young man living near Upper Alton,. claims to have been held up and robbed Saturday night by two foot pads near bis home one mile'north of the village. Reuter says that be attempted to flgut tbe two men, aud in the souffla lost his coat and hat and «9 In cash. Llndley & Dickinson, Jjentists, Nisbett bldg., opp. City Building. Miss Kate Malloy is visiting home and friends for a short time. Miss Malloy has just returned from Reading, Pa., where she has been employ- ployed tbe past year as stenographer for the Keystone Cycle Co. An Interesting matrimonial event is likely to take place before Miss M. returns, in which a young druggist will be bett man. Fresh Baltimore oysters, cranberries and celery Just received at Stanton & Yeakel's, 2nd and Market. Judge Early has several applicants for the appointment of Coal Oil Inspector in this end of the county. Among those after the place are G. P. Crowe, Gus. Head and S. F. Connor. It is said on reliable authority that the first named will be the lucky man who will capture the sinecure. Oil Inspector pays-about 9400 a year and there is uo work whatever attached. An Upper Alton man, 0. L. Coats, is the present official inspector. Buslnes Men's Dinner and Supper. The ladies of the M. B. church will serve a business men's dinner and supper Wednesday, Nov. 30, in the cbnrob. All good things ot the season will be on the menu. Special attention paid to business men. Anti-Burglar Society. A meeting of all who have signed the call soliciting signatures for the organization of an antl-burglar society will be held in tbe Council Chamber on Tuesday evening, Nov. 29th. All interested in such a society and who wish to join it, in all the Altons, are invited to be present. E. M DORSEY. THE SCHOOL CASE Defense Offers but Little ntents Taken Evidence—Argu Up. Coroners' State Convention. Coroner H. J. Bailey was in Chicago, yesterday, making arrangements for a convention of coroners of the State with a view to bringing about some State legislation affecting them. Mr. Bailey is chairman of the committee on arrangements. It was decided to hold tbe convention at Springfield Dec. 15. Among those present were Coroners Taylor, of LaSallo, Baer of Sangamon, Carson of McLean, Berz of Cook. The laws governing the office of coroner have not been revised in hundreds of years, and are extremely unsatisfactory. It is proposed by tbe coroners that tbe law be modified so thac a jury will not be necessary in every inquest. Wherever a person may be found dead ov have died without medical attendance, and the attendant circumstance do not indicate violence, it shall not be necessary for a jury to be summoned. In such a case the coroner would be empowered to make an examination and issue a death certificate without the assistance of a jury. The change would be a good one and certain it is that no laws need modification so much as those governing the coroner. The coroners will offer their suggestions to the State Legislature and will be backed up by public sentiment. The ruling of Judge Hartzell, whicl excludes all evidence in the schoo case except that intended to prov the Bibb children alone were exolud ed from the public schools of Alton has unquestionably out short, tbe tria and turned a long tedious hearing o testimony, Into a battle of argument Tne ruling out out some of th best evidence the prosecution hat made same of tbe .local leaders of th colored people lose all hops of secur lag a favorable verdict in the Circn: Court. Oae of the colored leaders to day stated the verdict would nalonbt edly b» against them, a? the attorneys for the colored people had been able to Score only one point under Judge Hartzell's rule. The prosecution had witnesses to testify that the children of complainants had been obliged to pass convenient schools in going to the school to which they were as signei. This testimony the attorneys for the defense: proposed to oppos with the fact that white children, too, were obliged to do likewise. The time of tbe court was occupied this morning in hearing of motions for other oases and shortly before noon the scbool case was taken np. Little progress was made at last report, bui indications were that tbe attorneys would begin arguments this after noon. The afternoon had been so far spent in legal sparring. 3:30 p. m.—Miss Logan, of Washington school, testified for the defense. After which tbe arguments were begun. Chas. Palmer of Springfield, spoke for the prosecution and was followed by W. M. Warnook of Edwardsvllle, for tbe defense, who Is now (3:30 p. m.) talking. Messrs. Baker, McGinnis and Travons will follow for the defense, and Ool. BrenhoU will close for the prosecution. If all these gentlemen speak the arguments cannot close before tomorrow. Buy "LaBelle The best, 94.00. Trading Stamps. After Oct. 1 we will give stamps to cash customers.- Fuel Oo. trading -Dorsej , Banner Bargain Month ot Fashionable Fall and Winter Woolens. These aro price values positively without n precedent. SUITS TO ORDER. $16 oo to $20.00. This Includes all our fine Fancy Worsteds, CuovlotB, Scotch and CasslmereB, In Cnookfl, Plaids and Stripes. Black and Blue Worsteds, Suits to Order $20.00 to $28.00. Theaelno'.uloallour flne Imported and Domestic woolooe as flne an SU5. Wo are heavily over loaded with a big Block of Fall and Winter Woolens and wo must reduce slook to raise money before Jan. 1st. i no time to buy Is now. Everything at cost. Call and bo convinced. L 0. Brueggeman Tailoring Co. 221 Flasa st. The BOYS should be kept warm. Take time and come and see what a nice line of r Boys Suits and Overcoats We can show you. We have them in ages j to ij years, and all kind of prices. H. M. SeHWEPPE, Third Street Clothier. Every reader of tnis paper should see the sewing machine advertisement of Hapgood Plow Oo. in this issue. It will interest you. Mississippi Valley Ordinance Vetoed. The much talked of Mississippi Valley Railway Co.'e ordinance granting a francbise to the company to operate an electric railway on the streets of Alton has been vetoed by the Mayor. The reason assigned by his Honor for S3 doing is the fact published in the TBLEOBAPH Saturday night that the signatures of property owners representing a majority of the front feet along tbe proposed route had not been secured. The Mayor would not permit the Mississippi Valley promoters to secure additional names, but vetoed the ordinance Saturday night at 11 o'clock. The Mayor waited until the eleventh hour before re- fuaiug to sign the ordinance as it would have become a law at midnight. Mr. Lowe today stated that the Mississippi Valley Oo.'s petition was short on Milton road, Vine street and Third street. On the Milton road the nemos of all property owners were secured excepting the railroads along the street, and these corporations are prevented by law from signing the petition even though they were willing. On Vine street all property owners on one side were signed, the only one not secured on the other side being the Alton Oemetury Association whose property fronts the entire length of the block. On this street therefore only one-half and not a majority was obtained. On Third street the city claimed that 30 feet less than a majority bad been signed. Tbe promoters saoured 100 feet more and with their petition iu this condition H is more than probable tbe ordinance will be passed over the Mayor's veto. Corporal itice home. Corporal Rico of the 10th U. S. regulars, now at Huntsvllle, Ala., but better known as plain Percy, will arrive home this evening for a short visit with his family iu this city. Percy left Alton last Alay In company with half u dozen other Alton boys and en- ll«ted iu the 10th infantry. He went through the campaign at Santiago without Injury and at Montauk Point became a corporal. Percy looks well and army life seems to agree With him. Jlard Spring Wheat. "Cream of tbe Earth," |4.00. ALTON HOLU«H MILLING Oo. Co«l. U»rd or soft ooal at B. J. Lookyer> office at quarries. Telephone 1691 r S^v^^XJ PAUL BROS., { Prescription Pharmacy. Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paint, Glass and Oil, Sponges, Chatnlos, Toilet Articles. Fine Toilet Soaps. Henry and Second Sts. SANNER GETS THE VERDICT. And Will Proceed to Make Jchwettln." "Dot Skelly The jury in the case of the Oity of Alton vs. Alexander Wegener found a verdict Saturday night in favor of the Alderman and dismissed the charge against him. Oity Attorney J. P" Thornton prosecuted the case and Ool. J. J. Branholt was for the defense. The defense proved conclusively that Mr. Wegener bad been given permission to quarry on Easton street four years ago in consideration that he construct a sewer on Eighteenth street to carry off city water. The lease given Mr. Wegener was for five years and was filed with the Comptroller, but was mislaid and has not been seen for some time. In addition to Mr. Wegener having executed a bond of $500, he had signatures of ten aldermen to a paper giving their consent to continue quarrying in the street. The jury was out only fifteen minutes, returning a verdict for Mr. Wegener. The Alderman says now he will proceed "mit dot schwettin bitzness and make dot Skelly bard to find." On all sides the whole affair is looked upon as a piece of petty revenge and Mr. Wegener's attorney is authority for the statement that a suit for damages will be instituted against the official £who brought the charges and stopped work at bis quarry. Star Course. Get your seats for the Redpath Qrand Concert Oo. Wednesday even- ng. The plat is open at the Y. M. 0. A. and seats should be secured at once. No one nan afford to miss the ledpath Qrand Concert Oo. Reception. Mrs. Scott Cunningham and her daughter, Miss Caroline Cunningham, held a very pretty reception Saturday afternnon at their home on Euclid .venue. The reception was between he hours of 3 and 5 o'clock, and dur- ng that time there was a very large number of ladies who called pay their aspects to the hostesses. Those who assisted in receiving were Mrs. D. Miller, Miss Barnett, of Edwardsville and Miss Moorehead, of St. Louis. Chocolate was served by Miss Schiees and frappe by Misses Alice Bowman and Constance Robland. Miss Rose Miller presided In the dining room where dainty refreshments were erved. The decorations were of milax and very pretty. Try the Best, "LaBelle," 84.00. To spring any Good Cheer Chestnut on yon We Don't Care Once a Year, or But we Would be Glad to have every one to see onr Holiday Stock of WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, CHINA, STATIONERY AND FANCY GOODS. 10 Per Cent Discount on all CASH sales from $5.00 and over, np to. Dec. 10th. This is to help onr sales before the rush of the last two weeks come. E. H. GOULDING'S SONS, Alton's Old Reliable Jewelry House. . COFFEE Patronage hangs on a thread; that thread is your satisfaction. Treat you honestly and it's as strong as a cable; abuse your confidence and it may snap like a cobweb. We are striving to build cables; therefore we handle teas and coffees imported by^Chase & Sanborn. This name means a great deal in these days of cheap everything; it is a name that brings you a guarantee and satisfaction that no other line of tea and coffee will produce. TH©S GOUDIE, Agent for CHASE & SAVBORN'S Importations. j- -j . Telephone No. 26 West Second st. Dr. A. 0. Barr, dentist, 113 W. 3d st Hard Spring Wheat "Cream of the Earth," 94.00. ALTON ROLLER MILLING Co. Penonal. The Misses. Ben.ll spent Sunday in erseyvllle with Miss Vivienne Smith. |Ulsa Minnie Boals returned from erseyvllle last evening after a short rlslt there. Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Oaldwell will eave for 131 Paso, Texas, tomorrow, where Mrs. Oaidwell will spend the winter.. Dr. B. K. Sohusslor sang a bass solo It is Enough," at the golden jubilee t St. John's Cathedral in St.;Loula ast evening. A number of Alton peo- >!e attended the service. If yon have catarrh don'^ dally with ooaf remedies, but purify and enrich, our blood with Hood's Sarsaparilla. The New National dank. Mr. August aohlttfly of Oarlyle, and Mr. Ferd. Krebs, of Breese, two of no gentlemen interested In the new atlonal bank In Alton, were iu the ity today, and held an Important eoting to decide upon the question f who la to be admitted as share- olders In the institution. The promoters are flooded with applications or stock. An Important Difference. To make It apparent to thousands who think themselves ill, that they re not afflicted with any disease, but bat the system simply needs cleans- UK, is to bring comfort home to their rto, as a costive condition is easily ured by using Syrup of Figs. Manu- aoturedbythe California Fig Syrup Oo. only, and Bold by all druggists. DO YOU KNOW It BECKWITH' Genuine Round Oak? Ii is (he most famous stove on earth 1 It will burn any kind of fuel I It gives more heatl It takes less fuel! It holds fire longer! It will last more years I It is more cleanly I It gives better satisfaction I It is tbe most popular! It has the greatest sale of any beating stove ever made! A. L. FLOSS, Third st. opp. Belle SEASONABLE GROCERIES Simon pure Buckwheat Flour and Maple-sap Syrup, Sorghum and fine table syrups. Extra fancy canned whole tomatoes. The best grades of canned Corn, Peas, String Beans, Asparagus Tips, Mushrooms, French Peas and Lima Beans. Fine grade of canned Peaches, Pine-apples, Raspberries and peeled Apricots. A nice line of Dried Fruits. Choice variety of fine table apples. Oranges and Nuts constantly on hand. J. H. BAUMAN, No. 400 Belle street. Phone 187 TOYS! A large and complete Hue of TOYS up-to-date Just received. Which we are ready to show to all. Wagons, from lo* up; WUael- barrows, W up j do; Carts, 26? up; Doll Cabs, M? up; Chairs, IV up j Tables, W up; Banks, W up; Tool Chests, 10" up; Dolls, If up. Sleds, Hobby Horses, Peaks, Black Boards, Easels; Doll Beds and Cradles, Bide Boards, Stick Horses and Chimes, Lauudery Bets, Drum*, Pianos, Trunks, Baw uud Saw Buck, etc. All kinds .of Games. A great variety of Penny Goods. H. ft. BETZ.650B.2dsi

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