Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on July 6, 1961 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1961
Page 7
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J5 counfy 4-H youths Attend Ames shorf course Fifteen Fayette county 4-H'crs from the annual Boys' 4-H Short Course. held last week on tnc Iowa State University campus filled with ideas and inspiration after a jam-packed three day schedule of events, according to County Extension Associate Harold L. Boulton. Taking part in this year's events were David Jellings, County 4-H President, serving as discussion leader, and James Fric- den as usher. The delegation included: Steven Arthur, Lauren Ameling, Ronald Hilsenbeck, Bill Schafbuch, Gary Bro.wnell, Robert Rothlisberger, Darwin Streicher, Bruce Mulford, Thomas Als- housc, Duncan Gross, Joe Gibson, Everett Rowland and Richard Fritz. Emphasis at this year's short course was in the area of citizenship. The boys were urged to begin with themselves — building their own character and tho image they twnvey — in working toward better citizen ship. Delegates sensed the firm belief of Dr. Robert Ray, dean, division of special services, State University rjf Iowa, that citizenship is a job for all individuals. "Citizenship is not something vague or magic," he told the del- LEGAL NOTICE QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT OF FAYETTE, PAYETTE COUNTY. IOWA For the First Quarter, July 1, 1960 to September 30, 1960 GENERAL FUND BALANCE ON HAND JUNE 30, 1960 —S 3,432.07 Receipts from all sources 25,612.33 feeds people by the hundreds in less than one hour. Other convention delegates fn:m Fayette county clubs were: Linda Niles, Fayette; Linda Dempster, Arlington: Anita Bahe, Orhvein; Frances Hurinig- tori, West Union; Ann Gilmer, Maynard; Mary Wilbur, Hawkeye; Elva Jean Sanders, Fayette; Eileen Kuhens, Wadena; Lorraine Koch, Hawkeye; Sheila Sullivan, Fayette; Judy Wichman, Waucoma; and Annette Meyer, Elgin. LEGAL NOTICE Budget Estimate Fayette Community School District NOTICE:- Tin- Board of Directors of' The Community School District u! Fnvclto, K.iycttc County, Iowa, will meet July 24, 1961, ;it 7:'.H) 1'. M , at the Ili,;h School. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning July 1, ISXil, ,-iiul ending June 30, 19G2. A detailed statement both n;ist and anticipated will be of receipts and disbursements available at the hearing. RONALD F. KOCHER District Secretary FUNDS O $ •d o Disbursements General Control .... Instruction —_ Auxiliary Service .. Operation of Plant Maintenance Fixed Charges Capital Outlay 1,602.21 24,306.41 2,344.79 4,631.17 1,182.93 1,340.14 9,102.48 FAYETTE COUNTY'S 13 girl 4-H delegation and leaders, Mrs. Marvin Ingcls ol Randalia and Mrs, Leo Simpson of Maynard. returned home recently from Iowa SJate univorsily, Ames, where they had taken part In a variety ol activities in connection with ih? 32nd annual state girls' convention. Lefl to righl in the picture, they are: FRONT ROW — Linda N^les. Linda Dempster, Anita Bahe, Frances S 2'2,1B0.2G Buringion, Ann Gilmer; SECOND ROW —Mary Wilbur. Elv a Jean Sanders. Eileen Kuhcns, Beverly Morse, Lorraine Koch; THIRD ROW — Mrs. Simpson, Sheila Sullivan, Mrs. Ingels, Judy Wichman and Annette Meyer. •o c ft * W O) C n 6 cu 5 2 £ .c 5 c o Balance on Hand September 30, 1960 SPECIAL COURSES FUND Balance on Hand June 30, 1960 $ 9.113.45 Receipts from all sources 520.08 Disbursements - $9,113.45 Balance on Hand September 30, 1960 SCHOOL HOUSE FUND Balance on Hand June 30, 1960 S 6,271.80 Receipts from all sources 311.28 Balance on Hand September 30. 1960 S 44.510.13 —S 22.329.87 520.08 $ 6,583.08 Total Balance on Hand September 30, 1960 —S 15,226.71 I, Ronald F. Kocner, Secretary of the above named school district, do hereby certify that this is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the board of said district, for the quarter ending September 30, 1960. RONALD F. KOCHER Secretary Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3rd day of July, 1961. Kathcrine Gross Notary Public QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT OF FAYETTE, FAYETTE COUNTY. IOWA For the Second Quarter. October L 1960 to December 31. I960 GENERAL FUND Balance on Hand September 30, 1960 Receipts - —S 22,329.87 70,904.37 Balance - -— Disbursements General Control $ 1,573.05 Instruction ----- — - 35>8 °.?- 2 3 Auxiliary Service - - 5,989.37 Operation of Plant — 5,145.04 Maintenance —- I- 0 "-" I** <*"*« — — sStS $ 48,574.50 Balance on Hand December 31, I960 --•-•-•-•SPECIAL COURSES FUND •Balance on Hand September 30, I960 $ 520.08 Receipts - 4,201.13 Disbursements - ~~ Balance on Hand December 31, I960 —-.-.SCHOOL HOUSE FUND B-Jance on Hand September 30, 1961 $ 6,583.08 Receipts .__ - 2,514.50 Disbursements $5,380.85 Balance on Hand December 31, 1960 $ 53,568.54 —S 4,994.04 $ 4,721.21 $ 3,716.73 cj;:iti s. "It is a kind of membership. It is a process — we bocome part of the ongoing stream when we're born, and leave it when we die." In an opening clay speech, Dean Floyd Andre of the College of Agriculture stressed the imp.rtance of opportunity and told how an institution such us Iowa State university provides opportunity. He urged the youngsters to continue- their education throughout life — ret just to complete high school or college. Also at the opening assembly, club members were challenged to return to their Imnt's with the idea of doing something about building better citizenship. The challenge came from the four Iowa representatives to the national 4-H conference in Washington, D. C., last April. The four are Kathy Frankenfield, of Charles City; Fred Elling, Latimer; Florine Schulte, Norway; and Hcb HuddlesUru, Williams. Dwelling at length on the responsibilities of citizenship, the Rev. Raymond Lott, pastor of the Oakland Methodist church, raised the question. "What are our primary allegiances in life and to whom'.'" Our first allegiance is to Cud, our second to the state, he said. "As citizens, we must recoK- nize the worth of every other citizen regardless of his social status or educational background," he said. Dr. Martin A. Anderson, associate director of Iowa Cooperative Extension, summed up the conference program theme with: "Make Good Citizenship Your Responsibility." The 4-H delegates got what win probably be their first and last chance to see the inside workings of the new National Animal Disease laboratory. Livestock and grain research and the operation of new equipment were discussed at the ag engineering, agronomy and animal husbandry farms. Iowa State agronomists told of co«i research and plant breeding, while performance testing and quality production of meat animals was observed at animal husbandry A gas turbine engine, an system lor County girls participate In 4-H state convention $1(>4.7H7 $1WU)98 F.iyette counts'- in yirl -l-II delegation and it jilns, Mrs. Marvin Ingels. l!.ni<l;ili;i, and Mrs. Li'o Simpson <if Maynard, returned home I.it week from Iowa Stati- university, Amos, whore they took p.iit in a variety i:f activities in I'linnectiun with the 32nd annual i;irls' 4-H convention, June ti - it. Beverly Morse of Kayette attended pre-convention activities a.s Fayette county's president. The entire county delegation ease Laboratory the 4-H'ers were shown the strict sanitation measures used anil wore told of some work the huge installation will perform when it nets into full operation. The laboratory is slated to close to visitors after open house during August. Initiation of Honorary member Emory L Ket tells. Des Moines, and presentation of alumni awards to Doyle E. Hampton, CfnKrville, and M. Deanne Rinner, Cedar Rapids, were part of the program. Stevo Wolkt.n, MontluuUo, WUB elected president of Iowa 4-H Boys clubs for 1961 - 02. Other officers elected and installed were Gary L. Nilan, Oakland, vice president; Ted Reis, Greenfield, secretary; and Richard A. Eggers, Slate Center, historian. participated in small discussion group sessions Wednesday and Thursday nv.-rnings following major talks given on "What is Citizenship'.'" and "A Young Citi/.en's Responsibility in Politics". The convention theme was "make geod eili'/.enship your task". Keynote speakers at the convent:. :n included Dr. Robert Ray, clean, division of special services, State University of Iowa, Iowa City; Dr. Charlycc King, professor of home economics, University of Oklahoma; and Mrs. Herbert Arthur, Ames, president of the United Church Women of Iowa and former president of the League of Women Voters. Floyd Andre, dean of the College of Agriculture, welcomed the girls to the convention. "High school and 4-H education Just begin to open the drx)r to today's learning," be said. "Whether you go on to college i:r not, part of your job as a citizen is to keep on learning. Today's person may be educated in terms of 1901, but the real question is whether she will be an educated person in 1981." During their week's stay, along with 1,700 delegates, the 4 H'ers had an opportunity to learn about dormitory living "college" fashion and food service that 5,01*7 11,320 0,580 5.591! General $I(R7H7 SIKH.09!) Transportation Text Hooks and Supplies TOTAL GENERAL FUND Old Anc Surv. Ins. (Federal) Public Emps. Hot. (State) Si'huolhouse (Voted) L5c lids and Interest Special Courses Fund TOTAL ALL PURPOSES $100,207 8219,589 Secretary's balance July 1, 1961. GENERAL FUND Less Unpaid Bills Less Balance Reserved Net Unencumbered Balance (G.F.) . SCHOOL HOUSE FUND SPECIAL COURSES FUND Est. tax per 51,000.00 assessed value Number of persons of school age Taxable valuation, 1900 Moneys and Credits, I960 ... $I6T>,327 2,529 757 $108,609 3,525 4,112 7.181 S 63,834 S 63,834 19,319 18,805 $202,232 $ 63,834 —$ $101,403 2,525 757 $104,775 3,525 4,112 7,1H1 18,805 $138,398 6,715.49 S 1,554.81 8,270.30 — 6,715.49 0 4,376.87 1,193.49 57.8 505 2,744,243 065,292 district, for the quarter ending ^•EarrsSrJttSEy'i r*«—ws* =•- -<<= i-,^' 1 .,!- ._-_-.— certify that this is a true and correct statement ot farm tractois ana a Secretary At the National Animal Dis- Subscribed and sworn to before me this Notary Public O* THE COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT OF FAYETTE, FA.YETTE COUNTY, IOWA Tar the Third Quarter. January I. 1881 to March 31. 1961 GENERAL FUND Balance on Hand December 31, 1960 ._ —* 4.»»*-"* BJiceipts .._ ...... ----------------------------------- Balance on Hand March 31, 1961 ------------ Dlsbomments « - ....... " ..... " — " Acillary Service Operation of Plant Maintenance of Plant Fixed Charges QapUal Outlay on .Hand Qpbursements Balance on Hand SCHOOI* flWUBJB fvn*r Balance, on Hand January 1, Wl $ 3,716.73 Receipts ' ' ' on Hand March 31, 1961 -~-—- turw>ments ...$4.573.80 IN A MONCIUEF $ 5,406.14 5,152.88 % 579.48 WBW» *ndin« March 31, ™fc ALD p KOCH1ER Secretary Subscribed and sworn to before me this Notary Public Y«i, Mr. Homeowner—It eo»t» a lot Un than you think to «n|oy tun- Ilk* warmth In your horn* all winter long: A Moncrl.f heated horn* U |uit Ilk* living In tropical lumhbw. You're •iwayi |u*f a* cozy and warm ai you want to be, no matter what th« weather U outdoor*. And you'll delight In the economical, carefree tatlifactkm of aMoncr' I GENE WM. 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