The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on February 19, 1927 · Page 1
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February 19, 1927

The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 19, 1927
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t \ wti«liliigtoii. Feb. McI 'Met( Kavl 'lay k^arricd jip Today io Measure Was V^ite ilouse Heceivc! Hib Veto Or Ai)pi oval Soon. li'ary-IIaugcn rutliii \ n-llaf bill acetl before e itbUay fqii his jii; bocu'jsinn \\t Vice I?icsi<l( Spcjikcr Lon^w]orth. imcnt ^vas Mouse'; earljy lli iaenj;c|rw. , • T lerc bas betii Kfllt S ilKl when hic presijeut Aiai lie I 'vpf od to iict on t6e ni OJmi lie Is foijferri Ijera of his cdbine yvhiic those at (lie c: porjed 'or fougl t th Ispc^ulatc on hi^', dc( I The bill will I be dent Iiar^niejit of agjicilijiut secretary .1 ha nt-'ViT ali­ tor the perusal] of <Iln«j. j The .secretary .vbcsiteti JtH enactment, j ' Tjie ilcNary-Haug n billl w:as lUl- 1 eus9e (l'.bi' Presideui. Co ilidRt- ijii!:'' 19. (AIM—Tlu! 'reHhlcnt Coo- appr.oval or a j' . •d slali- ycstcr- nt.OaweH aiid the ciigrosHCd Uic-Wliii.-. ruing by nit'H- "'• Acclaimed HI i indicatiuii : ;ig'. With niti and otlu piUil who .sup- ; bill can. (i ily [isi<in. to the <!(}- j latt! UMlay i. Iir- U. S. SENAT BOULDERD FIGHT STA Senator Johnson Rctus^s To Believe Fin^l Action Can Not , Be Taken Thiis ! i Session. I . In IhctmUtHlly of Wiehif ill UldiHii. liaiu thfrc Is noii more lirautii'iil than Maruari* • Mirkev of .Morrill. K^n .Thii astire. Mejin-' • Is aci-nprflntr lii an nnofiicia^! «oti>.taken by'the male ^liHl (iits. • I rH.i _ jSentttiar Uoodiiig. Isfpubliiiiii. |< idalioi In i u lcnj;thy HayJ Tilt senaior iclbse I'lic trend of jtioiii eixiue'pt to jiay jdcni ijad not given :ta Wliat his alcion .the jhi|l. I - President CooIidK* jBpiirove thd bill by Hon - - - and Mas urged t'ft a. 11. Tboiiiii- ofjX'hlcaKOE Klhvard O'Neill Chfester Gray o t'tLTtn pureau Fjalerjjtion. ,f |Sf;nakior McN^ry. ihreponj, cb-authbr o it<>day lie had ricc.'i\ ijnfqrmsitlon frotn ili did not J<npw :" pl'iihncd tfr dol Ifl the preSidoiijt rbc forces! beh f bjuk slroiiger Jtet^nsp the "pi bill rcihnoi.' be 'dow itrlal." liiifdj , idem 'tha< bill ron; iyea KANSAS'HOU Icohfeienn- !( .•oiilil not (liSr I the; couverHii h'at the liny 'inkling as winild bL' on JAPANGIVES APPROVALTO ARMS PLANS not bo oblaindd lion i-diild .-("ssiiiii. • U<- df.m ribi'd iho bill as ca^cij- , Ijifi'd to li.irm,s.s Ijic f ilora lo. 'IT for water power, for irrpgatiiiii land reclamation and for floid e|Oi Itrol. and also lo carry w^ter t |0 ilmper-al Valley by an all-Aiieriiajn icaiial rather tlian tln'ough 4 Caiiu 1 by way of .Me.\iOT. Sn inv.sion of .Arizona's ri intended, the California ; said, roralling the inieresi ( fiiniia in llie Ynina. Arizoiw m.-tif>ii project. lie! dedarpd Ihe a^- nici pnibleiiis to be solved' by the lire outweighed all control-eriileis 1 1 Government i Is for Plajii, Commtinication Says; Great Britain Is I Expected to ! Affree. the Anie .•riqaii • WaJ-liiiigton. Feb. 19. (Al fip :in 's| ac -ceplaiiiiC (if the .\l eilirer between individu l -.slateH. •"In your life time and- Senator .lolinson continued lias never been a projecl pr<j of siii'li iiiagliitiide or.siieb lillitie-:. W" endeavor liere the ery.slallizcd studies : <il1 years iiiio action. NO BOULDER DAM , , MEASURES jkOW ti>- nioaif- al Wa.sliliigton. Feb. 19. (ipeniiig the fight for the H(jiil|d<(r Canyon dam bill in the seiiiio day. Senator .lolinson. Uepi^bli California, co-author <if tin lire. refu.«ed tii concede firf Ills pbt enati^r f cai - h- Is mir ••thijr sen po.-l to f le. I m Is Big Hitifor Child Grade School rroduclion I.»$t Night Showed Extcptionjil Talent AmonWi Stude.njis of I ila Junior High Sch6ol4-i>Ii.s8 Bifown IJ Director. ' Holland," presented by stud ii At... .1: A : J_ _ ^ -^.r; . _ /^i "The Windmills of, , junior high .school, un^lcr the ^ircctitj .supervi.sor of music ini the grade .schools, went ofer big night in the .school ai]i(litoriuml the n of Miss CJara. Brown, 4 . Ipnts of The Windinirts of Mol and." pre-f- sentcd by students of he junior high sihool. under the ilirectlon of .\l:ss Clara Broun, siiiiijrvisiir of music in the grade s<hti< Is. went it went over big last night in the .scluHil | that it for be:i leiigl li. prodiii Thive was nd ^lon to become off in the snaij auilitoriuin. I clicsi,ri, .Miss Urowir shows I raining as aij the ga singer but as a ;direct<ir ettas she shows u|i vilijaj The play was cxcellentljf of oper- lly well, chosen Mi;,H .1 music (Con iity of scenery, scon adequate lii singing, wa.-i ifanette Kalis, n the high scl^ool am Jnued on I'ag^ ?>, No time f <i tir'esomj.' and py, light wily last and r th' itie suggeslJed. The «r- accoinpaiiy directed by ^uperyitjor of jun- 1) DEPARTMENT IN lYFLIliRS SOONTOEND Liy» Measure Drafted I^y Com-iFour mittee Would Make It Part qf| the S^ate Penitentiary at ! Lahsinji:. I of Planes; Arrived A^ .Santiago, Chil(f, Last Night — A Fifth IsBiing Repaired. i -Topeka. Kank. Feb. Iti.j fAlM- i.Saliti: (ireation of a .'^lati; vohiciel depart-j Tivo innnths after thcjir startifrbin Washington. Feb. 19. jfAP Senator (/ameron. Ilepulilicaii. / /ona. who called at the 1 \V1 Mouse todav. asserted afti-i-wahlk (.\IM- Jja-! that wouhl be no IJoiildei-j automobile re ban ever tHSi in<ripl«' in i;l|e led witbouli n TJipqka. Kan the berrt. tlio kan.sals Hi sent] tion «iKi^ Uof W'ai-j jnani ASKS Republican, (if pr (il>i >.sal for a naval liiiiilation d the bill, s ill I < ussiiin at GcIieV.i iccei v<;d Jo-i ed no definitive I day at the slalAr depaititienl. ' While Hous^? The (•oniniunicajinn was mil ii);i hat the prosl I Publii-. but plans w <ie m.-nle i <i gi lie! declareVl !""i siiiii|Iiaiieoi |sly in Tokyo a vetoed 5lie Wasbingti^ji. probably tomorrow, nd if would I "y/|lbible information iin ' cated IliiiV' the .jap.iiii 'se govei ment had'- oflciefl full co-uper tion t <i. I 'hi'sid'-iill Coolidge ill effort to luy dowii some agre 'eliie supplcineirtary to the Waslilngt treaty; but; with Iho details left f^r futurel delernilnallon at (leneva. It was the second rejily to Mir. I Coolldgo's propo.sal to reach W .'i ington. and the lirsl ai -ireptanc iiiidiiiii legislation at Ibis ses s- 1 Congress. JSE: ri SIGNATURE use of Itepr<!-| jailjtes adopted 1 iday ii resolii- urglng Prdsidejit Coolidge IP M\\. The [resolution . Icount.v. cbaiif- f''^raSiT ic:i:iSCHOOL EXAMINERS 18 [of Sherman o the agrjcult recfjivcd 7.1 vot^s. i-encntt : Niles opened bill jhyi lives vo^ed a;ainst it. of Coffejn;:ot nly. a farmer. fire on t ;hc A| calling 3t legislation." "It. wll jeviljand it probably Hhe 'lcvH we alroisdy ll Fisbnian of Gjrecljj isajd 'h^ is tlio opera lond; large.^'l wlieat HTnltcd iState.s. SjUppfj lution.:j r Jackson of C unai farriicr, declare<| tht ken ibiil will injure ajg W'MIj si mulate the fcerfal,ti crops," he sj^ ^urpli,s output, wi farmer worse oi "f th I -A pt ^a to "let t Inside, the prollpctl^je made I y Gcbring. bounty, a stockt ^an [ B^rrjnian of Clarjk »he j aicXary-Hauge r ^cononiilKiall .V lins ^l jjeveiileeii rep-: The' following- hav been a pyiiited by County Superinteiideijt. I of public instruction to condiK I c.Var.y-Haupen I jjploina exaiiiinations for rural and retty jdoubtful • gr.-,,],. school of Ajlen county Apr 1 ' not cure anv ' j,; ,f, v;. .„„i M:,y i:: and H: IwiU agpravatp i hisses Vid'> anil Anna Fctberil laye." he saidlKiU. .Mrs. W. .1. Alger. .Mrs. (V [y biuhty. whii;(.i;irk. .Mrs. Iva f'^rrell. .Miss Win 'gented-i that PresidiWit woirl4 Use his own spite jii resotutit 'U If'o^n the Ka4i- sas legislature. THrtEE MEASURES BEFOREiPRESlt)ENT (AIM OviT, - i . , i k , _.„_,„„,„ ! France reiecled the ,Jnvilatio,.. ... « ...m ......^ ''^'Jlf l°L".t ^ i« expecie .1 1.1 .III likewise. l4t jered western Kansas wheal fielijs.! KANSAS COLD WAVE] Great llrllain lias . indi('aled .si would accept. ire coiiunitteo.; ARE NAMED TODA I or'oi;|the seci: Tln .rnt.iii. MISS Oiml Tag-gar farm | in the !-.-\ir.^.. M .: Chan.- V . ill. '.A. C.rii;fitt rled the res.^- .-viiss Kahiryn Hr-;iii.ih, .Mrs. Ualij i j Cokino. Mrs. C. H. Sawyer, Mi che (ounty. a clarii llprlman. .Mrs.. 1.. W. Cu .Mc.\'ary-yaiirP,iiiigliam: U. C. Wellborn, Miss Ge jriciiltui-cf'Mt ! trii.k' .^|iss I.eonu: „Mj production of i IMierson. Miss .'Melilieth'.Mer.'lla Then the lan Isaac. Miss l-imma 7.. Long. I. make the A. .Siarr. Lois llile.v, Kn d now." Si;tiil(<y,. Irl llaynes. Mrs. J. fariner get Mimrf-. Miss Helle WaJlgren., .Ml wall" waii TiiiTcsa M. Clark. Nellie' Wailiingtiin Prolliiiger.: .Mr. "and .Mr.s. \V. Iliiffniaii. .Nfiss (Nara MalbeVt. .Mi ciiani.v said Ilollle W Adams, i.Miss Florence- |I. plan Uounil. .Mr. .md Mrs. 1.. II. flet d" i^nd sua-! ing. .Mrs.'.I. K. Giffiii. .Miss lllanc Coolidge' Ford. jjidgnjent de- FLAPPER EGGS ARE jveck. rther clear its ' Was linglon. Fjeb. . three najor measure dent 4Coolidge (|nriiJg this cong-ftss hopes Jo fi rther t legisiativc Vlcck.f' hcf ire ii.-i session •fades Mart* -1. ( Coi iiting the enacted Mc.Vary;naug« nJ farm relief. McPad|den brahch ba ' idio CO Urol bills! as iislallfon. the senitc hallas. -IVx.. !Fcli. 19. (A;Pi j Flaiiii'-r • eggs an: the latest! ^ i riel;. sorveil in Texas. \ 9. (.\I*N—Willi i -Vs a speciiil f.-atiire Of the Tex sent to Presi -i Hutter. K^g f ^ed with ^Ithe long controvi Ota legislatiibn ai a major task | -in f.'tci a i iei less than tv liilg in the sessi mid • Poultry Assoc hotel cbcf gave the various wab' he (iiokefl eggs reiiii,niiie nam anil tolil the waiters to explain was sii the delegates couM rrmejti-| nking and ra-iber Ib .-ir liisl girls when orileriif inportant b /t!- (Jip; ileli'^ate tliilikillg li) 'stui nd'house now ' th."' chef orderedi a "flapper egi untangling of' I" minutes the waller filif irted Boulder-Ills'r. It wap a lo-m-nute e vi-rv o weeks ro-: The delegafe t>n. . • ! eggsractly filled. ] ard boiled egg id the onler wlas WohertJCtirti.i 13-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ct v-\"^ Mountainview. Mo. She also tis 1 JK^S aSS^i ;9rmerly bf lola. \yas awed^yesterdjtj^ alimony of $5,o»u. j •ifWiri he wis Visit^ by Cortiniander Richard E. Byrd. while wn^n,ne «f.^,__„J:^ Robert's aircraft, a tiny "Curti " SNOW PROMISED KANSAS SUNDAlY ion AI i -h (I .-s a! ment at the slate peiiit.'iiliary at [ San Ahtonio, Texas. Lansing was proliosed today in ai States bill introduced j by the hiiltse-coni- miltc(f on stat<i'affairs. new department wo The rv oni the fun. iCtion.=: of the gist ration bi o^ lei Igii i oH ' the sccreuiry • of; ||„. „,„ Topeku. Kans.. Feb. 19. The sudden iidd. wave wliij scend'-ij 111! Kansas two da bad lifieil I his ini^riiiiig. but k sniw storm following on iL-s ' | It ! threali-ned another napleasaiiti n I Sunday. Snow- fell in western Kansas lliis niorning ^and tlui sloiiinl was expe<-led liy S. IJ. Flora, stalte weather oliscrver to reach ijie eastern part of the state t^nlgbt. A thin snow blanket fro n oiic quarter to a half Inch thick coy- iild car- presenljl'"'^"; reaii in! army ayiator .sl he end of theJ secor their sorld will lltghl tral and South Am Four rived 1 |lcs for esial)^ishmrni| ii-nse lag fa tory at) rmaiory at H^itchin-i IS FATAL TO f)NE I 'l iSalliia. Kans.. Feb. Ip^ jT.iiii Crawi'ord. well known liachle- -ilorof .S'aloina. was found [frozen lo death liMi yards from a bor's home near .Vatoma Fr He had been out on the [neigh- day. iSalihe river sevpral miles from home'and il is a-ssiirned. caught, by the sudden severe snow stonn Thursday ev( ning. turned his horses' loose and started to walk home. Mis body lay in a ditch. Iijdicijt- ing that h'' was so paralyzed with cold he wa.s unable to g(jl oiH- Hrifled snow almost covenjd the body when found next day. the (iffice slale.i An(>|in-r bill now In-fore isiatul-e provi of a motor li| the slate refi son. . • The ward(!r of the penitentiary would be ex officio state | vehicle commissioner . Convicts at tliej . iiiteiiiiary voiild <lo the {clerical! WO".I; in registering autoni<>bile H-l I iiAi'tonijii which had |lhe leg-! hind at [iioliile ownrij would he reiiiilr"d t|| have with liim bis registration cArd while driving llic censes. Kvery autii ("ar. License pla oij the front ;* a motor vehi every ye.i-, al r^-tiirneil lo t partmenl. Couniy trea.' to collect the Another bil affairs Oommi snancp ifs would bt^ilaced Is! well as thcfr<!ar of 'ago. Chile, Fe of the hydro er^ last even iiu time as the I. 19. (API — PLANS ENAtE SOON Amcndntei tsj Help Make Ctfmplet i State .Roadj Syste: n Planned By th! Highway * Coiiniittee.: Tojlika, Ka Amen signiM the -ifcile high bodied as .1 measi state sist funds iiig stf-eets ovj ways the United | are lujaring d divisibn of I uver tlicj (,'en-, rican coun s.. ;Feb. 19. (Al hnents-.^.i (%Krsliug jlaxv.s t(r fac litale cnnipleliiin Iway^ .systent are < in a Ijill lo be iiilro.lii senate highway liummii] re next voek. A "(-oanty ree fu'n^" is proposjed lo |ounti<?s having insuffici id for ciljies in |maint :i r which slate hi ted.; iin increase Ithe : state iiid n; are roii $2.(liJOiOO0 in fund upop to coi; highwi of-tncj tee is Cit> share hd coii|fcrring of pow highway c(>miniss c.>i|ncc!iii.< of SI lamiing ne\| featii which the comi^ I be state ipel ihe| liys an incasun prepariij s. 1 wou bf the nil lion lee. Of |d blso be giver jtori vcbiclc registji Ihci twenty-fivi« feraaiiiinp in the rounty that o be appoj citv s nt; to t! broiiglj cent origin would lo lb per c A" sui Hutdiinson t- the city unde is pcidihg ill ELA iWoAdrnff. S .; beiligl tilanned airplamfs ar- ng aiin(>st al fifth, thp San been left he- •je. At the lold plates w li- stall- vehij iircrs would cjontinuc llcenf^e fees, . also by the. state lee. provided! for is- of cehificales ofi iille to aiitoniobiic o>.nprs. The: purpose of- the measnrei is 'to prfjvbnt the sale of stolen j motor vehii les." Hcen^ing of • liaiiffeiirs ahd other tiperalors r<jf iiiolor yelii. les owned liy jot^drs also wu.-$ pro posed. end of mill be :le de- TWO AVIATORS BElitEVED I WORLD DAY OF PRAYER MARCH .Milcbell Field. L. I.. F^b. 19. pub: id Tbi.s paragraph is lo call attention lo tb(> approachin'g a|n-| nual- Day of Prayer for .Missioiis, "Good-will Toward all Men."jPrjJy- ing people cannot but he tnrillpd witli anlicliralion, for h\'e> is llif first time In liisiory whi/ii ['hris tians of alllands will |o unite jiit I prayer for the work of' Christ }il '. around the world. . I ' ll will he literally true on tib« i fourth of .Maixh thai, ^-froni Khi inCj l^illlliOl r li >IJ..: rising of the sun unto.the koiiJB down of the same," the : name will be praised. As the ;i- I begins her journey around tl on that day. groups of Chri s.jin Japan. Korea. China, and .1 .orirs eajtli e .sliii 11 i^hif 1 -1 Orient will be wending their'wjaV lion conve7ilion just cio .sed. o|io j to places of prayer. Kjirojie (AP) -tine of the airplanes whi< b sear(-hed •through the night for Ll. Wm. A. Gray.' ::s, and Ll; Willard .1. Harris, 3R, army aviators who fift the [oast Tliiirsilaiy, re- and repoilf'd Hie r. Forked River.; .N. .Africa, the Lslands of the Sea. sina Anmrica will follow, and the vvhji^ woj-jd will be eiicirijled \ w th ] a "Garmeni of Praise and I Prayer." J.. I Plans are being made \ tot ^he p [ observance of the <lay in tola. \Ait er announcement will bie 1 mad*- Ilirough piilpii and press. letilma Youth Is Awed When his Vhited By Mail, Who Flew \()vef\ South Pole^ At K: C Friday AGED MAN DANCES; WIFE GETS DiyORGE Springfield. .Mo.. Feb. 19. ( Charginjf her aged husband 6y4d was .i iteres . ^ u •which Robertirectntly sailed across his front porch. I -Tiiia moriinE's Kansas City*:* ^ j—i '•— , , .•flmNlcarrie^ ^Ipictire of the bp >j ^^J^,j^.. i | i|W Roberl's liny •Curtis" pial : gave the commander con.siderable ^'d tb ,'e comtiiander | looking over > Bob ;ct's plahie. ; 'I I part the-accoi ipanyiijg artir|'iojie in the lutiiie of ^le wld: "Theiman who flew a;''/P''*'"- '•^u: airworthy Wlaneli 'OTer the top if the eartlj • ''' itop few ^dini tes yesterday aftenioon to m <^^t t|^* Americl craft." Try it ou ,tlie South Pole] Robert was born fn lola and the.grandson iH Mr. and Mrs. \V hoy who flvnv I ningiiian. -12^ South Chesiniit, AF)4: Willi I going to dances with other vonien and naming three of their bom; townspcojile co-responjdetiti. .Mrs. .Mary K. Tiinnoll. 62. yesi erda^- was awarded a divorce in WJes Plains. Mo., from Joseph ".Tt nnpl 171. president of the People's Bijn^ an WOMAN SUES FOR EAR "BOBBING Washington. Feb. 19. fAPil-f oman has legally recorded ; her ibvasion of barber shops here.! |- I Mrs. Katherlne V. Walsh h is jfll; ed suit against a tonsorial Establishment for $5,000 damage^' the loss of part of her ear for Is j district court. The barber cit ner, n.'she alleged, while "bobbing' h^r hair. the missing nj Tlie Ih .^ory their lives in generally acc-f) EAD disappear.-d iij a dense fog New Jersey < ['turned ' today wreckage, neaj J.. was''part of,the plane flowit by en. liiat the in>|n lost il the accident! now isji pled here. ers,' Viii and liarv Tiimaco Colo nliia. until its engjni!^ i could be ovrrhtiiitcd. reached j Lima, Peru. It is 'likely the Saii JAntonio will join thejother,! in st planes I jiere, when the^ re-iiiitedC Fiine. Rquadrhn wilj procecd^i Vajldivias f'w'< and tficnce turn eai tward across'of th .Argentina j to Hahia iilanca. Then a ri-(| Ihe flljjht will, conlitiue Jiortliw.frd ; Irajip with 8i !ops at cenlch the cast-f «rrn pak ol South America. The! planes }are about two wijek .H behind | ing tl| iierles after JAIL CELL WAITS FOR "DARE DEVIL" Wlilpn "nare I»e»ir IVarher airak|>nK t'rnm his Inntr sleep In IHri window » Slet'pei's Furnitkire vtorp. l.A liuni'ep,, niidpijslcriif, or Shi riff Sniork! Mill M>' naJtJnir in- liiin mA will jjiport hini to the roontj- jiiil ti||l'»ce n rharsf of e.vrepd. inR 'tlje Bitt*a limit <<:as Citr.: (H coarse Warner prohnlily will not M\ Kent lo jail. I tit lie miKt fare Hie speedinir -.hiin;e and Iimbuhljr will lie flijed. . DES MOUSES MAN TO SHRINE I STUDENT MOpALS BRINGS HEARING SbroveiKirl. -(.a., Feb. 19. Percy K. Hoakjof a Ga Zig fjes .Moines. tcMlay was eleclnd president of the Sllrine nirecfOrs" As- .sociatipn ftt ."^jorth America at: the j concluding se her^. POST .\ew (jjrleans. La.. I^eb. 19. (AP). (API-- A piMii hI 'arinB was called by the fr <>nipU). |(.V.ew Orfeans 'school Ijoard late to;day to Cnvestigate chf rges of gambling. Mariuana smoking, drinking 'and othir alleged evil < among .Vew h.-iion of tho jnieetiiig liOirleans school children. The meeting will be held Wcdnjesday nijihl. , Unriamed Woman Mail Robbery in ^laska, Ad^sAn Elemnt in Fed^-al (Trial df Tm Fairbankji, Ala.ska, Feb. 19. (AP)4-An. unnamjed worpaij, accused of lAving beijn involvi'd with Nellie Bates and William Schemeyer, TOyeiar old -•'.la.ska ipkeeper. in the ?i3.3lO0O dail robberV hear Flat lAlaska. four y^ars ago, ad( ed another element to thp trial of Miss Bates an^ Schermeyeif in fedjeral court here to<lay. pwn as-: of the iifor is'ol Miss Bate:). "Black Bear." gold camps for better kn a follower a quarteridf a century, and Scheiimeyer art- [charged with taking th|e JJ.l.OOo: n gold, from a mail sleti . Scherme^'er. who federal authorijies said |had confessed, in lefitifying lyesterday against Miss Bates, declajred the unnamed woman had h>en involved. ] i SchenneVier. A well kno^n Alaska figure sinc-e the days 6t '9S was indicted with "$lack Bear' on the y Accused ir San- wita they of .ilajor their s|.-hedule becauije of a Of mlRhaips which began soon the fUxft. Wheij the idiines aijrived -it tiago from .Me(illone>t. Cliil a ; brie^ Slop at Coiiiiimbo. compln e<i almost -•5 .:oo inih (heir 26 |OOn mild .aunt. Hcrber^ X. Dargue, o 1 landin'g declared I (lie machine 4 functioned perfectly during the entire flight through Chile. I The fliers jwere welcomed by William M. Ctillier. the An crican aniba.s>ador. r.nd an enthusiistic ci^owd of Cliijeaiis. They \yiil remain hi ro for day. Yestflrday's flight of thej San .\ntoiiiewas from.Pi.ita, Perjii; lo Chlmbole and Tnijillt} and then to Lima. done with llie I s iin^rifrtain. I Neighbors are i at! it be [liiirled in I lie cav tTHE WEATHER three spftled MPalhrh- (linighl. snow 2S, at 18, al d COSS grees Pre endin for lli ciencij llel sea le Sun All ita,, fair good: sas C of |lipg. red rescued early Riiig was tji Inlbed to monii. |yesterd bronj lilt, to a lablisjbment. e le whib iiys will den inl, f :i.\. kil (I. It will ll it lei' I igiiiating in cilie .s; ^tiofied fifty per i reei fund and t e cbuiity roa'I I 'uiid. t by the city of; objaiu a "cut" for , tlif present statnl.-!; the supreme co li-l.j BORATE RITES FOR DEAD D(j) 'Round Wdrld I'l- of m- cil I.-- nd is- lit 1:;: to ail I -rs.| on '• lite'l •<\s-it-! l'o!nimandi-r jl-'rancpsc^ dc'l'! nediil Italian airman, uho 'hii set <( th take enfs kforld niitht. ithirh is to and many American citiej>.i COSTSTUDY lit fty ul froiu h 'ln (ner all the aly on u rounil cuntiii C..i'Fi-li; '\•^. 1 Ai Klalioratc meiiiorial exenisi-s by he KeJly brij •y. ovi-^- 11 ox iioiind thai ^bursday. \ kenioiil alive bii an iattai-k lof pi) -The body ocal iindertiaking [iiblanieil and has hundreds vieweil nr.- th- t 'dy .vas 111.-li- Nv:is al exerilis^'si within i the rtext III • held at the 111 I Wiiich; Ftiiig ch:{ ed i U and later KCA.ST FOR KANSAS: y warm! |r partly lola anil r lonli^hl:; Sunday paHlHwiih rof.renco ito lermitial costs and atti-mpl to Ishow the' amoifnt !.liKht Sundi For wiirni cloud Tenjneratun 4 p. ni 2 a. in •ficiehcy $ince Ja this d^ |pr in ea.»t | iM>rtl| rintady. Viillnity: •IG; loSvcHt. IS. -ipitalioiij : at 7 a is yea I* since J five litiiij for the \i\ bo ^i m.jloday, ;i)ii; lo |dale. 1.17: d inuary lst .,.S9 i idily al 12 iioon ^ terda.M. •;•» per com 91 peif cent; liiromeier ri(diice( in.: 07 rises, 7 B:05 n. m. Ron is and ^eal Itawa, Lxcept: I Salina, MARINES FOR San i Witli Big Oiego. C llif. llDO mari les base i ind seve foiidst lifts and ag.iian board the Unit stroyejr tender tempoC-ary: duly as a troop s5ip. [<" 'n^"''"'"'^ th- Lmnexaiion of shortly tor Coriipo. Nicaragiia. deslroye n av sailed rying squad j -on II com KoHs Kowell an offu-pijs. eigliU Sllavil expec nd pbsenvation planes. later loda passeng Whilel jguests led Idilarod Jdistrict jmin- |ing caji^ps. "Black lear' was a r on the maj sled. Duffey ami , the fiber jiat around r? 0 roa-ihouse jflre. Schermcyer weni to the rear '^f the Inn with "Blacc Bear." and the unnamed woman, he told the jury. 9hd stole the nfail pouifhes. containliig 1 .1.1.000. The aged Innkeeper was arrested jin Los Angeles mon ihan tjhree Ijyears aifter postofficiE department robbery ?hirKt{ liiit has j not been : investigators had trailed him ^rom brought to triaU i .-Vlaska <o'Mexico and sack to Call- iHe testlfiled.that on the night of j fomia. | In a' confess! m, he iippU- Pecember 3!0, 1922, •Willlad Duffey. government dog: team drivfer. stopped at Schermeyer's roadj house near Plat with: th<' montlily mail cated thie "Black Bear' bat refiised to name the other w >man, whose part in ihe case was pot di«cl,o?ed until ycjderday. MOSCOW SI ' Miaiii, r><?adiri the 0(1 ing otj wbrld Ameri first. tempt not w body iniern dered' in ; I at a h'j'aring in Kansas f;lty Apajil Till- road.i ilien will | presf lit nil i llii'ir (jata (ompiled in a ('.).-^t sti^dV -llSghest yeslerj Iciwest last ni n irnial for Ini yef terday.ill: nark- 1st". 222 lijst ye;ir,- high lay • of espl .! ling o I av. .\ \<\i- s . •uses attached to the haild- shippinglin that Kfrritorj posiiif:^ the iinri asr-s priipbsed.; At- a hearing of the- interst ('•oninii'rce Coiniiiissi.m al Om; .laniiafy 2.'., rep-esenlatives of shippers, demaniied the railroa.d compelled to make a detailed chnt study iis a basis on whiclij the nrw rates aro demanded. Today's cijiii- ferenc > wa|f called with tbu In lie Ihe si ipirers and railroads w()i|d agn-e on the complicated co its ll-! stiidiejj. • ' jind i The difffirencfs will bO argi^fid iit;li Slid Kas 't!y rg- 7 a. III. to( lies. I. m.: Hun s ier Klseinheril. ' cloudy fttcept Salina. W artliy cloud.v. rojiils ii»c|iinsoii. i Topcj Coifeyville.; Ark ty, rough. Pitt.sbiirg frozi SET SAIL N CARAGl A! Fell: m (Al from 111'' ll iai hundred! ton.s| supplie.s for .\i( expediitiontiry . forces ?d SlateK navy Melville. I: servj lefore midnight tender Allair. ( ation expedition anded by Ms h cohsisiinc of ei men an.) six d to sa MOVE IS LY PRQPAGANtI Fla. Feb. 19. (AP B bperatbr conforcfs at' parley here said soft C( al wage day t ley rega tion issued yes^ mmunist miners to rally ban mine ing agreement (IS "a sil to butt jinted." SHANGHAI CORPS IS Sliai gliai. Fe cautio lary tno{ Shang: lal voldn f(ir ev !ntualiti( Chlpese wofkm v .'Brorse to gro pathiz rs celebi Ilangcpow vici 1. also fur; Coriri Tcrnjimar Cost Plan Ur DeljcrininiiiK Rate Hiliei s Offet-ed =at ihe Chicago Rate Hearing. | i (:hii iigo. Feb. 19. (.\V)~rt\ lerhti- I nal ciisl study and a; class nuc. 'traffic test, to provide'a Iscieiil f^c ; basis if ilete'rnijning. proposed iji- '<T »-as '-k in cl.-is.i .freight j rates hi I wesii-rn trunk lino railroad; lei iti- i l(ir.<-. keri' infrjiiliieed at! a be 'ij I ing III the liitiirstate Oommi-' am it. Premier Poincaiye Be D id to _ Isposed tb Sb|rt MaLing PayiieiitM TMheUri States Parb? careful debt Washiiigto] channel leli. 19. (A?)—A ;ivoiding ri opening [ietlUement ' q rier tht seftlfen^en The the be? timatio'n .\merican Fraiicej the Jin Gayfjt, mord f(j officii. Ther Ibis ha •for ure I channelsj^f th 1 forefgdr ?. any artangeuenta ot^ to be madU wll^.tjia.han- a.-i piirely a trehpuryj-matter.- .eiplahation canj^ toaiy after" Ihe foBeigi office had eijressed surprise oirer a puljlishea report- that 'a llebi pa.vmqnt hioTe was under way arjd had denwd kijowledge died This of any ncg WASJHIjNGTON-NOT TALKINal TQDAY ^yasl ing on. Feb. It; (AP)[-Botli Ihe tnasu-y and thf > Freiuih embassy i-ert iincoinmiinicatiir ^i today regard ng 'remier Pi mcar i'a over-^ tirrei; or; in arrang >ment'f!or in- creasei F'ltench : payments war Rob»| attach' has jbden in confcrcftice jW Coniinlssiiiii. r(;« I; relary i-atioii nounci: ly. \ II is thill' some nien|t may be Shiljpers of ille niiiiwesl are. jip-I the \ n ed Ktiltes iinrati)tied ment. He from Tarisl intere; ARMY RATIONS HIKED TODAY, Feb. 19. ,^f| , .Vapoi.-ji.n's -dicluiii tliat ii i-Say. ill (AP un artuy Iravehi oil its sl|)iiiacli." has fpi new r<;-ciii,-iiiiioii I in a decision izive Aiiiierican sjiddinrs bigger i^rid li<-lii-r |li<-lpint:s af mess. Ii!ipn'-.s.-:ei| hy repeated urgii^gs by arijii' officers. Presidrnt Cojo^r jidge lias raised the army Ration '! lowaniji' per Inah to fifty; lay. ft now is .'.'iR rents, new aimy hill make.s fund ble.for ne.Vt year lo raise ty cen s. The president. .de<-id»-< even f'lrtjy was no enouj ^h. an'l by exe<-utiye order made il j< ven Iiilf dollar beginning next |!y firs^. An- additional $C,OtJO.I will tiave to lie provided. h- Ika. ii|- !N0 REHEARiNG ON K.C.KS SUilT 4- centii ja !ind lie s avai lain to fhf- howe^ ei". an Ht )(10 ical j of. ;,!rl i ' Tniiika. Kan.. Ifeli. T9. (APt—' on 1 siipr<»ni<'• court l^iday denied a jflo. i hearing of the-suit brought by ng I state against Kiinsas City. Ka^ l);ivi repritn dinni-r saying Ll-yeaij-old rushed herself I She w: Tlie Ihe. seijond venpor yearfol RAlTL 1 throiigjiJ dibltomaUo 'remicr Pi) derstocjd l|o he disp4fed payments hi "to the Uii rt jacour-C.a o'f the ^mb; .Mel Ihe w French bijdgct for >vah-debt t-etofore t inHtallments DAVENPiORT JUMPS T w !l lit life afder renning a descriqing leath as and urging ikstioh in carte begiii o the Unill^d Sllaljcs un- jhedule coi f,aine Ij in the prelnier. it is said,- t longbt t m jans of 'oi i'eyii ff an In- this inl htioii-to the . povernmenijwas tftrongh.^ financial repcesentatlve la itet States, B6bert Laconr ralier than throijgh the btiaticins along that line. ,'et, jfitiaiicial i^sy.; fi-ecently on and ipi'ere Idcfiiile an- Ussitlelshort- understaii (ting yre that along lh<{ debt setlflcmenR have be«0 nporL Iowa, FVb. Iffl Angerrtl belause. heri nde 1 her for labl' |ast liirfl; grai e.- island high from the hoifci| in tront ofi a s killed instJ h.ahdilinler gi student bin' a we days! aio GiJorge AV. (fannpi (Jr.; 16- - ventur read! "'i'he ffteturn o Caniior am^ Miss Cajt^thu class niatei <r.SNAHES •linek con brary^genSfs, eWed |il8 hougli the with tin her ith Sev- Indi- nroTldies' ifii Unit- lof ,tW agree- lie isfymeritB nped to ;ran iiaother, jsjngii gllat the., t. it stead joC Ga i^iholex, sbhool ^iudQnt. ! an 1 hnrTed; reigpt train. Ifs depth, is iijicide Iin Da^k. j Several ^arev ^U: note. ii"cuiibua ad--' hia fimfly to iPetef |Grim.•• er .were he re- hifl last ja 'TPS of f:iVm apd industrial: pi rip-1 J^'^JHR erty to lh(- (-ily.; The »-fMirl lad , i ;,r-i previously iiphetd a commissi iti- ,ry''er 'K findings in f ;|iVOP of I .Ue liiunii:- ;ijor !'P:''il>'.' ' I . :hf 1*0 o. ho o- de.l the procla,r la,- erday in Moscow bj* int'ernatjonal. c-j.ll- [anii workers of! Into the -support of. s when th<ir wo k- expires on Ai|rili jly in where they, MOBILIZED I. 19. fAP> — P| lilization 1 of eer corps, ii defeAsi lomposed of residents of tipnal ^fettlement, jwas this eve ling in preparat s in the strike n,-which ^ontinii pry. BANKING BILL ISTUR>JED DOWN Tnpeka. Kan..,KeIi. 19. (AP)—-The , hiiiise rejected today a- bill wf ich ; would have perm tted banks lo ) ivc A i federal, state, cojinly or jnunic pal ; bonds as seihiritv for county funds. | escapedi AimeeMcPherspn VisitiNew Night dllubs afti DanciAg Over it- New York, If 'eb. 19. fAPjl—Aimee Angele.s, ttured the night -. night jand found their patifons "dahc ^ ;of helt" •. I I ! • ."Vlrs. .McPhfjr.s-o 1. who arrivet in<J.- New Yc*rk yesterday to open a 11 ree day, evangeli.sUc campaigii, tnadie her night liti topr after revival rservic-e. "Look at thosii cy.-s.": as she one of of Gr'ei spied a as Xationalist sym-iare lost. Here yj-.t sea them, SVJ.WJ at^d the Canton s4."-» I bav.? s been with the r .caping." Sh Aiist n. TTex.. Feb. i9: (K^il-B&i- t.Icsnakc'rattles so irattlea the house (If the Texas i^slatjilre today lb; t a bill was Hthdraifit for adjustment: Stall ig : t person! ihad|d|ed In Texas n tl e jta^t ye: n from! rattle- . snake hies Represc ritative | J. K. B(jggs ntr iduccd a irifasnielfor a bounty iOf '• 1 for eacl snalcejkilled, upon presentation of tjie rattles as corpus! delicti. An j wnandtpeat; was lofferul to reqiliVe the [Bead with' the rattles. Ijtdpref^iitatiTe Boggs fouj hi the an epdnu ii ing he 'would hot tojidh ai^iil hoad.fot %imr TO AIR S.lm; . Alia.. Feb. l !>.|(AP >f |Calrt. c. T .;ni [ekiier of Fair'ipld, OWol ta- jiir -'d vfheil his airpjane cijaahed near I here local'hi^spifal today, gain eld jury. Ala., iat (I;Sd^s mtrqns Are Trap Doors w Semple McF hjers( iri jLos clijbs of NeM Yoi -r ' ' ing over th^ jtrai you PS :Woman^ her Srsit 1 j she ."iiid. in the ."..Tioi^y ccUari cabaj-elb nwich viri.«f-,e. Thet are hard, hopete'ss. llhej- r.-onoejjn'-d had an escortinig, party of elkht Girls Bottom of th |;n1 satin . — , ^ caped. I ec( gnition un Q si le aboutj 11 ll ave when :4r6 gfrEs a man as led to! her Mid a: had heard assured slumming. ES FATAIU dAPTAIN last -Monday, di re- jconlsciousness ifterj tli^ fn- (["api. Buckner and l.fajnt. O. O. Niegartl were enrc tde fr >ln Ohio to Maxjwcll Field at Men!«]ii|ery. th J time. L €5ut.: lliegartli uijhurt. - • I • • paiL-been dant iijg tt e[ \ ar lund her I able 1 iir h id openly ^irtepl two Ttietib srs of her >s|cor ty. Attire I in a fur c 3at i bfimi hat. the Hang^''- her in Los hirthey tod RATTLE TEXAS He. nfeyie ji-.:%tM^'gi i^giii were say- tier's last loors pars; ^raa and ' bnly

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