Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 23, 1972 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1972
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

A-12 Alton Evening Telegraph Wednesday, August 23, 1072 Wednesday, August 23, 1072 Nixon says he assunies there's hard fight ahead Editor's Note: Wliat course will President Nixon's re-elrr- lion campnign follow? Gaylord Shaw, who covers tlie President, outlines the way that Nixon hopes will lend him to victory in November's presidential election. Dissenter Rep. Manuel Lu.jan, chairman of Hip Nr« Mexico delegation lo the Republican National Convention, oasts 13 votes for President Nixon and one for Rep. Paul Me- Closkey during the hnl- loting tor the party's presidential n o in i n ce Tuesday night. The one vote for McCloskey, which ho \v o n in the state's presidential preference primary, was the only one recorded against the President. (AP Wire- photo) Man booked for failure to yield Cars driven by Steven James Phillips, 25, of 3216 Franor St., Alton, and Debora Tchoukalcff, 17, of 1506 Paris Drive, Godfrey, collided at Franor and Milton Road Tuesday night, police said. Miss Tchoukaleff was driving south on Milton at 9 p.m. and Phillips, who had been traveling east on Franor, was turning onto Milton when the two collided. Phillips was charged by police with failure to yield right-of-way. In a Tuesday afternoon accident cars driven by Frank Whyte, 20, of Blue Ridge Boad and Mrs. Irene Tinsley 62, 2811 Residence St., both of Alton, collided in the 1100 block of East Broadway. Both cars were traveling east with the Tinsley car in the lead. When Mrs. Tinsley stopped to turn into a service station, Whyte collided with the rear of her car. In another accident Tuesday cars operated by Mrs. Viola Autrey, 44, of 2509 Bloomer Drive, Alton, and Mrs. June Cook, 37, of 5105 Staten Drive in Godfrey collided on the Beltline at Bloomer Drive. Both cars were headed west on the Beltline with Mrs. Autrey in the lead. When Mrs. Autrey slowed to turn onto Bloomer Drive Mrs. Cook collided with the rear of the Autrey car. Mrs. Cook was ticketed by police for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Cousley explains news policy in Khvanis speech "The greater the distance at which an event takes plate, the less important it is on Hie local scene — except to the degree that the event directly effect? the local .icene." Stephen A. Cousley. editor of the Telegraph told Alton Kiwanis Tuesday. "Only the Telegraph sounds the community heartbeat," he said, adding: The Telegraph shows "what it is, where you are,'' Cousley said. "Our presence may be taken for granted but it took the combined efforts of 18(1 people to put your Telegraph on the doorsteps; reporters, editors, makeup men, advertising men, pressmen, photo-engravers, printers, paper handlers, drivers, circulation men, photographers, and dozens of other highly specialized people — and over 400 delivery boys. "The newspaper is the diary record oi history unfolding: the shock of tragedy, the sweep of man's goodness and kuidnesb, the glow of his successes and the bitterness of Jus failures." B> r.AYi.onn SHAW MIAMI BKACH. Fin. (API — President Nixon, leaning over the wide desk in his White House office, set the tone for his re-election campaign strategy. "Regardless of what the polls show, whether we are attend or behind, this will be a close, hard-fought election right down to the wire," he told a group of newsmen three weeks before his renomination at the Republican National Convention. "People who mako predictions now could look very, vpry bad later. We are going to assume throughout this election that we have a very hard fight on our hands....We think it will be close and we hope to win." Translated, the message Nixon is flashing to his political lieutenants is this: We're running scared. We're ahead now, but. we expect that lead to slip. We're taking nothing for granted. The Nixon strategy is keyed to combining victory in large, electoral vote-rich states with sweeps in the smaller Midwestern and Southern states. If he carries four big states — California, New York, Texas and Illinois — Nixon will have more than half the electoral vote total he needs. But his advisers say he should run so well in the South and Midwest that he could afford to lose one or two of the bigger stales and still ride to ;:n easy victory. Nixon himself has indicated to aides that he considers California crucial to his reelection chances. That is one reason Clark MacGregor h'as made (wo trips to California since taking over as campaign chief July 1. The President won't campaign in all 50 states, but. instead will concentrate on the larger .states with fatter electoral vote prizes. Vice Presi- dent Spiro T. Agnew, Cabinet members ami other administration officifls will carry the campaign lead to smaller .states. Ten days before the GOP convention began, a Louis Harris poll showed Nixon >vlth a 57-34 per cent lead over Sen. George McGovern, the Democratic nomtnte. But this (Jidn't 'budge the Nixon camp from its avowed caution. "We were Way ahead of Hubert Humphrey in '68, but we almost got beat," said one Republican [strategist who, like most Nixon associates, remembers well the fast- closing Democratic campaign four years ago. Nixon himself has decreed that he wants the campaign to be "a good, hard, clean fight on the issues." A key factor in the decision to focus on the issues Is the recognition that, Nixon's policies seem more popular than Nixon the man. "Let's face it," said one GOP strategist, "our man is not the political charmer that Eisenhower was." But he ticked off polls which show strong public approval of Nixon's actions, especially in foreign affairs. The centerpiece of the President's record is what Republicans view as Nixon- initiated steps toward a new era of peace. Specifically, the campaign will. make heavy use of the President's break- through trip to China and his follow-up journey to the Soviet Union. Democrats see Vietnam as a flaw in Nixon's image as a peacemaker. McGovern, in h i s early campaigning, '.Titicized him for failing to keep his 1968 promise to end the war and he seemed to place Nixon spokesmen on the defensive. The campaign plea for understanding on Vietnam likely will be coupled with a sharp attack on those, McGovern especially, whose statements on Vietnam are viewed by Republicans as undercutting Nixon's negotiating position. Even before Nixon's formal renomination the President's forces were striving to put McGovern on the defensive over his economic proposals. In a harbinger of full- fledged campaign attacks, MacGregor resurrected McGovern's $1,000 per person income grant suggestion and .harged it "would split America permanently into a welfare class and a working class." Nixon is expected to charge that McGovern's economic proposals would result in massive tax increases or require major, inflation- spurring budget deficits. At the same time, Nixon will recite favorable economic indicators to contend that his administration is winning the war aganst inflation. Nixon also has signaled his intention to make a campaign issue of the Democratic-controlled Congress' lack of action on major administration proposals such as welfare reform and of its tendency to vote more funds than he requested. One Republican goal is to give Nixon a "more tractable Congress" if he wins a second term. As part of this effort, t h e campaign's radio- television advertising budget was cut by $3.5 million a few weeks before the conventioa and the money shifted to grass roots organizing where it can have more impact on congressional races. 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